Pollination: The Next Harvest (4)

By rubbrsome - jacketrat@hotmail.com
published October 13, 2019
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Another trucker makes a chance encounter to pollinate somebody …. until ….

Ken Chaffey had been on the road for several hours. He had been entertaining himself by getting to know his symbiote. He had long since unbuttoned his pants and opened up his fly. Between keeping his eye on the road and stealing admiring glances at his cock, he had alternated between steering his rig and stroking his shaft. He also cupped his heavy balls, relishing in the sensual pleasure of literally holding himself in his hands.

“Oh yeah?” he said. He looked down towards his inflated balls. “I can’t wait to show you.” There seemed to be a pause before he continued, “That’s right. I’ll be sure.

The conversation continued. It was like watching a person talk on the telephone: only hearing one side of what was said. But every time Ken responded, he seemed to want to make eye contact with his balls. Several times, he gave a broad smile while his face flushed red. It was almost as if what he was hearing exhilarated him and yet seemed to cause embarrassment at the same time.

Several more hours passed. The conversation between the human and the symbiote never stopped. Neither did the smiles or loving glances between his legs. But then a new sound was heard. It was the low rumbling from Ken’s stomach. “Yeah. We’re hungry. I know.” As he said these words, a deep look of concern came over his face.

The truck stop was just off the interstate. When Ken pulled in, he parked his truck next to the only car in the parking lot. He still had plenty of gas so he didn’t plan on filling up. He eyed the American made sedan that he had parked next to.

“That’s weird … not the car I was expecting,” he said. There was a brief pause before he answered the unheard voice, “well usually it’s some luxury piece of shit. They must’ve hired somebody cause I just don’t recognize this car.” Again, there was only silence, as Ken looked downward at his exposed cock and balls. Then he nodded a few times. “Yeah … okay. Sorry I got to do this, buddy. Just hold on tight while I go grab us some grub.” As he said this, he carefully tucked himself back into his underwear. Then gently zipped up and buttoned his jeans.

Before he exited the truck, he glanced behind the seat into the extended cab area. There was only one of his offspring left, all fully grown and ready for harvesting. Its cock shaped bud rose half-mast into the air. He stared at the shape of the flower with admiration, fully seeing the beauty between the plant and his own cock. “God! You, boy, are lovely.”

When he entered the gas station, he glanced quickly to the counter. The attendant looked up as the door’s motion sensor chimed. And when the young kid, who couldn’t have been more than twenty years old, caught a sight of Ken, he literally fell off his stool.

“You okay, kid?”

“Uh …” there came a voice from the floor behind the counter. “Yeah. I … must’ve … fell.”

“You be careful,” Ken replied jovially. “I’m just going to round me up some food and drink.”

The kid had already appeared again. He stood up, his eyes like wide saucers and stared as the muscular truck driver began to search out for food. The kid had never seen a man so big before. He had heard stories. Christ … everyone had heard stories. Everyone had been warned. They were like ghost stories, something to be scared of. But as the kid watched the driver, he found that he wasn’t the least bit afraid. Instead, he was curious. Actually, he felt more ……

“You got any cans of Pringles or something? Jerky too?”

The kid pointed to an aisle on the far side of the room. “They’re over there. We’re running a buy two, get one for free special.”

“That sounds like a good deal,” replied Ken. “Thanks!”

When Ken had rounded up a big armload of food and drinks, he returned to the counter. This time, the kid did not fall off his stool. However, he made no effort to actually look at the items Ken wanted to purchase. His face straight upward into Ken’s face. It was glaringly obvious in how the clerk seemed to recognize Ken’s condition.

Ken smiled. He couldn’t help it. He knew full well the effect he was having on the kid. For good measure, He unbuttoned the top three buttons of his shirt, exposing the dark chest fur. It appeared as if a thick carpet, and instantly his man musk filled the air. “You okay, kid?”

The kid inhaled slow and deep. His eyes lost a little focus before he answered, “Uh .. yes, sir!” But again, the kid made no effort to begin ringing up the items. Instead, his eyes slowly looked over Ken’s body. His focus seemed to fixate on the driver’s powerful arms, which rested casually on the counter.

“I got to tell you, kid: I sure am pretty happy to see you.”

The young man looked surprise: “Oh?”

Ken smiled and shook his head slightly. “Yep. I’ve been here several times before. And every time I gassed up, or came into to buy some food, there was this honry bitch of lady working here. God she was one nasty broad. So what happened to her? They fire her or something?”

Immediately, the young man’s face reddened. Ken couldn’t tell it was from embarrassment or anger. But then, the young man seemed to mumble. “I think you’re talking about my mom. She the owner … she runs this place.”

Now it was Ken’s face that turned red. He felt genuinely sorry. Not for saying horrible things about the kid’s mom; everything he had said was true. But still, no boy needed to be told how awful a person their parent was. “I apologize. I shouldn’t have said those things.”

The kid had begun scanning the various items that Ken intended to buy. He didn’t look up; he only looked downward as he ran up food. He shrugged. “It’s okay, sir. I know my mom is …” he seemed to look for the right word, “ … not the most friendly of folk. She’s had it kinda rough since my dad left.”

In his head, Ken wondered whether this kid’s father had left or perhaps fled. The mother really was one of the most horrible people he had ever encountered. But as the kid tried to make excuses, he couldn’t help but notice that the boy continued to look downward. From what he had seen of the boy’s face, he was a pretty cute thing.

As the boy continued to talk, Ken reached up and began to scratch his chest fur. Even though he hadn’t been working out, there was a fine layer of sweat. As he continued to scratch, the trucker riled up a batch of pheromones and released them into the air. After a moment of scratching, he began to rub his chest. Using his fingers, he massaged his massive pectoral muscles. In doing so, more pheromones were released.

The boy’s voice, that had been a continuous and nervous stream of idle chatter, had suddenly trailed off into silence. He actually tilted his face up, as if suddenly catching the scent of something. As he looked toward the trucker, he seemed to become fully captivated in watching the man rubbing his chest. “I … uh … I … uh .. I … ummm … what? … what was I doing?”

Ken chuckled at his newfound power. “Well, I think you were about to start bagging up my food.”

The boy’s glazed eyes blinked slowly. “Oh yeah. You do need a bag, right?” And as the boy reached for the bag, he began to slowly place each item inside one at a time.

Ken decided to help the kid out. The poor youth simply had no chance. As the kid was reaching for the next candy bar, the trucker reached out and took ahold of the boy’s arm. The trucker’s muscular hands seized the kid by the forearm and held onto him for a moment. The boy looked down, somewhat startled and amazed at being touched by the large customer. He stared in fascination at the massive hand holding onto him. And then, the trucker let go of him.

The boy stared at the wet palm print left on his forearm. He watched as the sweat droplets seemed to instantly be sucked into his skin, as if a dry sponge soaking up errant moisture. And then suddenly, the veins along his arms suddenly bulged.

The boy could feel it. A distinct and unusual warmth was flowing up his arm and toward his body. Whatever it was, it was in his blood. He continued to stare down at his arm, watching his veins create a distinct pattern along his arm and bicep. The sensation felt so unlike anything he had ever felt before.

“Do you like that?” the voice said into his ear.

The boy jumped. The large trucker was no longer on the other side of the counter. As he was looking down at his arm, the muscular man must’ve come around the counter and stood next to him. The man reached up and placed his massive paw on the back of the boy’s neck, spreading more of his sweat.

Ken looked down at the captivated youth. “I think you and I are going to have some fun.”

But the kid just continued to stand there. He seemed fully entranced, standing as if he had been hypnotized. Ken leaned forward slightly, allowing his burly beard to brush up against the boy’s nose and mouth. He bumped his own nose against he the boy’s nose. For several minutes, he slowly moved around the boy’s face. In moments, Ken heard the distinct and unmistakable gasping. The kid was panting; he trying to take in and breathe everything that Ken was offering.

Ken smiled broadly and withdrew slightly. He had a knowing Cheshire grin on his face. Again, he thought to himself that this poor kid never had a chance. These symbiotes make it just too easy. But he wasn’t going to do all the work. He looked the kid up and down, taking in his entire underdeveloped body. GOD! What’s he going to look like when he transforms.

Finally, Ken was ready to find out. “Look kid, if you want this, you’re going have to take it. I’m not doing all the work.”

With that invitation, the kid raised his hands. They were shaking. But he didn’t stop as he buried his fingers into the trucker’s matted fur. Then his fingers curled, seizing the hair and pulling the beefy man towards him. It was like trying to move a mountain. But Ken allowed himself to be pulled. He was smiling the entire way, allowing himself to be lowered down towards the boy’s face.

The kid was just too willing. Ken saw that the boy wanted to kiss. Probably had never been kissed too … by man or woman. Well, Ken wanted nothing more than for this boy to have the time of his life. As the two men approached, ready to lock lips, their tongues began to extend ever so slightly outward.

And then suddenly, as if a knife slicing its way through the air, there was a voice: “What the fuck are you doing to my son?!!!”

Ken held onto the boy, but tilted his face upward. Standing in the door of the gas station was that same bitch he had always remembered. She stared back at him, shocked and wide-eyed at what she was seeing. As Ken let go of the boy, he suddenly stood up and taking on his full posture. As he did so, the boy’s mother suddenly gasped, as if recognizing something monstrous.

“Oh my God!” she sputtered. “You’re … you’re a … you’re one of them!!!” She sputtered out the word “them” with such distaste, like it was the cruelst of insults. Ken felt the word whip at him as if the insult had been physical.

Ken came out from around the counter. He made no move to collect the food he had intended to purchase. As moved towards the exit, the nasty woman stepped sideways to avoid him. She began to frantically rummage through her purse for something.

Ken continued to make his way towards the exit with his palms up. “I’m sorry, ma’am. Didn’t mean to upset you.”

But the lady didn’t seem to hear him. Instead, she finally seemed to find what she had been looking for. She pulled out her cellphone and seemed to brandish it in front of the driver. “You better get the fuck out of my store .. RIGHT .. FUCKING … NOW!”

Ken only seemed to nod sadly. “I’m leaving, I assure you.” And then he looked solemnly back toward the young man. He looked very alone behind the counter, and he was sorry that he was going to have to leave him with this horrible woman. But Ken knew that if the kid was going to have any chance, he was going to have to do it on his own terms. “You take care, young man.”

“Don’t you fucking dare talk to him! GET OUT!!! NOW!!!” the woman shrieked. And then, Ken walked away. He moved fast, making a beeline towards his truck.

The lady watched with pure hatred as the trucker exited her store. But she was instantly activating her phone and dialing the appropriate number. “Yes! Yes!! Of course I want to report an incident!”

This seemed to snap the young man out of his trance. He stared in horror as his mom handled the phone. “Mom! You can’t! Don’t!!!” He came around the counter, trying to convince his mom to hang up. She was trying to keep an eye on the trucker, but suddenly she began to use her purse to beat her son. “How dare you? How dare you, you little shit?! After everything I’ve done!!!” She continued to hit the boy with the purse until the strap broke and it flew across the room. Suddenly, she found herself grabbing at nearby items and throwing them at the boy.

“Yes! YES!! I’m still here!!!” it was as if the voice on the phone was suddenly talking to her again. “Sorry … I … yes .. he’s still here. He’s trying to get away. He’s in a truck .. white .. “ and she began to relay all the details of Ken’s truck. “Hold on. I’m going to use my camera and take a picture of this asshole. Yes, I’ll be sure to get his license plate.”

Ken had just gotten back in his truck when he noticed that the lady burst out of the gas station. She had her phone extended outward in one hand, in the obvious motion of trying to take his picture. Suddenly, Ken began to feel real scared about what was happening.. He quickly got his truck started and in motion. As he backed out of the parking spot, the lady began to shriek.

“You can’t hide!!! You can’t hide!! They’re going to find you. You hear that, you fuck!!! We’re going to find you!!”

The truck was moving quickly. Ken looked into his side mirror, watching as the mean bitch tried to chase him as car as possible. All the while, keeping her phone outward, taking either pictures or video. As she disappeared in the distance, he couldn’t help but mutter: “Jesus Christ Almighty! That is one crazy old bat!”

Ken wanted to laugh, but he couldn’t. Looking down at his fingers clutching the wheel, he couldn’t help but notice that they were shaking. It took some effort, but he was finally able to release the steering wheel with one of his hands. Then he placed his hand on his bulging crotch and patted gently. “I know … I know. Can’t be helped now.

As Ken continued to pat his crotch, he felt suddenly scared. And he knew, this fear came with good reason.

Back at the gas station, it was several more minutes as the mother yelled and berated her son. She threw a couple more items at him. She would have thrown more until she realized that everything she was doing was being recorded on cameras. And she was suddenly nervous if the authorities were going to want to see her tapes.

All the while, her son … HER GODDAMN SON … was trying to calm her down. First, he tried to plead with her. Then when that failed, he sniveled away like the coward that he was. Just like his father: always running away. When she had enough, she yelled: “Go! Get! Go home! And I’ll deal with you later!”

The son didn’t need to be told twice. He quickly gathered up his things and fled.

As the boy made his way to leave, the angry mother started to talk. The boy looked at her in astonishment because he instantly saw that it was an act. A performance for the recording cameras. “You know I love you. Everything I do is to protect you. You have no idea of the things I do.”

Once out of the store, the boy wiped at the tears streaming down his face. He mumbled a few things now that he was out of his mom’s range. And then, mustering some courage, he turned and gave the middle finger. But of course, his mom couldn’t see that. He had just turned the corner and was out of his mom’s view.

“God! Fuck fuck fuck!!!” And he kicked the ground. When he reached his car, the pounded both of his fists on the roof and continued to yell obscenities. He had been close … so close to feeling something for the first time in his life. If only … IF ONLY!!

He had never felt more powerless in his life. Not against the trucker. The had been the opposite. In those brief moments, it was the first time that he had felt anything. Power. Choice. Anticipation. It was as if he had suddenly come alive, and been on the cusp of a new life. Ready to start something. Ready to live. And suddenly that life had been ripped from him. For the first time, something that he desperately wanted was taken.

There were more tears. But he wasn’t going to let that bitch see him cry. Maybe he would … YES!!! He needed to go warn the that trucker. Maybe he could save him. He had to try. Standing next to his car, the young man quickly got his keys and opened the door.

And then, it had hit him. At first, the young man didn’t understand what had happened. Something had just splatted against his face. He couldn’t see because whatever it was, it was sticking to his eyes. Reaching up, it felt some kind of slimey-blob-thing covering his face. And now, whatever it was, stuck to his fingers. He brought the substance to his nose and sniffed. Musk … odor … just like the trucker. And it smelled so good

Like a blind person, the boy opened his mouth and sucked on his fingers. It only took seconds, but he managed to scrape off the pollen cluster and ingest it. He was already feeling the buzz. The warm sensation was coursing through his body, making him feel more and more alive by the second. And as he scraped away the sticky substance, and sucked on the pollen, he could finally see again. And once his eyes opened, he saw the most beautiful thing sitting on the front seat of his car. It was a flower, weirdly shaped like a cock, but still ever so beautiful.

The man jumped into his car, and with the utmost care, carefully set his flower next to him. He drove out of the parking lot, choosing the opposite direction the trucker had taken. It wasn’t the direction towards home.

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