Pollination: The Next Harvest (1)

By rubbrsome - jacketrat@hotmail.com
published August 15, 2019
5435 words

The next chapter from the Pollination series.

“Hey, Pa!” called out Joe Jr, “Come take a look at this.”

The seasoned rancher climbed out of the pickup truck. Joe Senior groaned as his boots made contact with the hard earth. The ride out had been hard. He wasn’t even sure whether he could say that he had driven on a dirt road. And now his back was killing him. They were several hundred miles from their ranch, and for the life of him, he couldn’t understand why his herd was so far out here.

Joe Junior looked up as his father came around the back of the truck. He instantly saw the worry on his dad’s face. He knew that they were in the middle of nowhere. They were getting far too close to the Badlands, and a bit too close to the Rosebud Indian Reservation. If the herd crossed over onto Indian land, there might be a bit of a squabble getting their property back. But now, he knew he was going to have to give his dad some even worse news.

“Hey, pa,” he began, “what do you make of this?”

The rancher looked at the ground next to his boy. For more than a day, they had been following the trail left by the herd. And all around them, they was mucked up soil created by hundreds of trampling hooves. But as Joe Sr. got closer, he could see exactly a new pattern in the dirt that wasn’t typical for cattle hoof print. Suddenly, he felt like he had been slugged in the gut. “That’s a wolf.”

“A wolf?!” cried the boy. It’s what he had feared too. He looked down at the unmistakable impression in the dirt. “But it’s too big for a wolf, right? I mean … this would have to be one helluva big wolf!”

“Watch your language, son,” the older man chided him. He squatted down next to the impression and examined it closer. Using his index finger, he felt along the inside of the print. “I’ve never one this big, but it’s still a wolf. Fresh too. Probably made a few hours ago. If we get moving, I bet we’ll catch them before dark.”

The boy looked worried. The father could see fear in his son. “We’re not going to give up on our livelihood on account of some beast. You got your rifle, and I got mine. The trail points northwest: directly towards the Badlands. We got to catch ‘em. Got to protect the herd. Now get in the truck.”

The boy obeyed without question. Opening the door, he climbed onto the seat. He watched as his father slowly made his way back. His pa had an all-too obvious limp in his step. And he wished things would go easy for his father. The missing herd wasn’t helping things. But he hoped that once they found the herd, things would get better.

It was several more hours of rough back roads. But just as the sun was setting, the truck slowed atop of ridge overlooking a vast valley. From this vantage point, Joe Sr knew they would be able to see for miles. But with the sun setting, they needed to get a look now before the area got too dark. As he climbed out of the truck, he turned to his boy and asked, “Grab the binoculars.”

“Sure thing, pa!”

As the older man slowly ambled up to the outcropping, the entire expanse opened up before him. As he thought, he could see for miles. And as the world came into view, it took him less than a second to find his herd; they right there, located in the middle of the valley. There were nearly a thousand head of cattle, perfectly herded into one large group and peacefully grazing.

Joe Sr stared for a moment, trying to understand what he was looking at. The large herd appeared like a dark cloud on the land: just as any herd should look. But what bothered him was what he was seeing on the periphery of the herd. There were shapes stationed all along the perimeter, positioned as if sentries or guards. “Now what the hell …” the old man reached up and pushed back his hat.

The boy had scrambled up to the outcropping carrying the binoculars. “What is it, Pa?”

Seeing his son, Joe Sr reached his hand out. “Give me the binoculars.” And it only took him a second to confirm his suspicions. “What the hell!”

Joe Jr watched as his father moved the binoculars around in a circular motion. He seemed to be gazing around the entire herd. Several times, he watched as his father lowered the binoculars, rubbed his eyes before looking through them again. His father didn’t look angry or sad. In fact, he was having a bit of trouble getting a read on his dad. Finally, having felt like he had given his pa enough time, he couldn’t wait any longer. “What is it?! What are you seeing?”

“Wolves,” Joe Sr said. “Lots of wolves. I’ve never seen a pack this large.” He spoke while continuing to look through the binoculars. Most packs are less than a dozen. But I’m counting over thirty wolves down there.”

“Christ Almighty!” cried Joe Jr, his eyes wide with terror. “Are they killing the herd?!”

“Watch your language, son,” chided his father. “And no. As far as I can tell, the wolves aren’t killing the cattle. No. They’re just sitting there. They’re positioned all around the perimeter of the herd, just sitting there and making sure the herd stays where they want them to stay. They’re acting like trained ranch dogs. I ain’t ever seen anything like it.”

Joe Jr wanted to say something, but at that moment there came a strange sound. It was a roar, but muffled as if coming from a far off distance. The boy was going to ask his father what that was, but the older man had immediately pointed the binoculars towards the direction of the sound. “Jesus! Mary! And Joseph!” whispered Joe Sr.

“Watch your language, Pa,” chided Joe Jr. His father turned to him, lowering the binoculars and with raised eyebrows. The look told Joe Jr that his now wasn’t the time for sass. That something was very wrong. Seeing his father this way sent a chill down Joe’s spine. “What, Pa?” cried Joe Jr. “What’s going on?!”

The old man turned back towards the activity. “I ain’t ever seen anything like this in my life.” The old ranch stared intently ahead, trying to understand what he was seeing. He began to describe what was happening, but never stopped looking through the binoculars. “It’s a bear. There’s a bear out there. And it’s surrounded by wolves. A pack of really large wolves. Looks like eight wolves. The wolves are almost as big as the bear.”

“Are they eating the bear?!”

“No,” Joe Sr continued describing what was happening. “They ain’t eating the bear. They ain’t even attacking it. They’re herding it. Like we do with the cattle. The wolves are flanked around the bear, herding it ahead. Herding towards that area yonder … the green area of brush or so. The bear is trying to get away from the wolves. It trying to attack but the wolves are too quick. It’s like they’re working together. Like they’re smart or something. They’re staying just out of the bear’s reach, but always making sure it’s moving towards that brush area.”

Joe Jr had never heard of anything like this. “What are the wolves doing, Pa?”

Joe Sr slowly put down the binoculars. He stared with an expression of confusion before turning to look at his son. “I don’t know, son. But we got to rescue our herd. Go grab the rifles. Make sure they’re loaded and ….”

Joe Sr voice trailed off. His nose started sniffing the air. And seeing what his father was doing, Joe Jr took a large inhale and sniffed. The smell was invasive. It was the strongest odor he had ever smelled. It was musk …. A deep, overwhelming musk. Like when they had let their dog in from the rain. But a thousand times stronger. As both of them inhaled the pungent odor, the hairs on the back of their neck stood on end. And Joe Sr whispered, “Don’t move, boy.” The father, moving very carefully, stepped forward and in front of his son. He positioned himself in front of the boy and between where the smell was coming from.

Suddenly, there was a low growl. The sound was so deep, it felt like rolling thunder. From behind the truck, four wolves stepped out with their teeth bared. Their heckles on their backs stood on end and they moved slowly toward their prey.

Joe Sr gasped. The wolves were huge. The tops of their heads were level with the top of the truck. Wolves didn’t get this big. Ever! But regardless, he was seeing not one, but four of these monster wolves now. And he didn’t have his rifle. And even if he had that rifle, he wasn’t really sure if he would have had a chance.

Joe Sr turned very slowly towards his son. The boy was frozen to the spot. And the father saw the unmistakable wet spot appear on his boy’s trousers. As the urine stain grew, Joe suddenly felt a rush of anger. It came from nowhere. But he knew what it was. It was anger at the hopelessness of the situation. Anger knowing that his son would never grow up, never know what it would be like to be a man … to be a father.

In one quick motion, Joe Sr threw the binoculars at the nearest wolf. The beast was so large, that the small object bounced off his head like a pebble hitting an elephant. The wolf didn’t flinch, it didn’t react. It kept on with its low, gutteral growl as it slowly moved forward.

But Joe Sr wasn’t giving up. He stepped forward too. With his arms raised, trying to make himself appear bigger than what he was, he began to shout: “Go on! Git! Go! Get out of here!!! NOW! GO!!!”

But the wolves weren’t intimidated. Very slowly, three of the wolves began to surround Joe Sr. He recognized the tactic immediately. He watched as the three wolves began to surround him, as the fourth wolf zeroed in on his son. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. He watched as the fourth wolf jumped toward Joe Jr. And as the wolf leaped, he screamed: “NO!”

Then there was the most excruciating pain; one that he had ever felt before. He wasn’t sure whether he heard it, or felt it. It was probably a mixture of both. But Joe Sr knew his back had broken as one of the wolves leaped onto him, pinning his body to the ground. Joe’s face was in the dirt. He couldn’t breathe. But there was nothing he could do about it. He had no feeling, no sensation of his body. He couldn’t feel his legs, or hands. It’s as if his entire body had gone numb.

Then there was tugging. Something was tugging on him. Rolling his body over. Like a rag doll, the wolf rolled the elder man’s body over, allowing Joe Sr to breathe. The old ranch lay there helplessly. He was able to roll his head from side to side, but that’s all the movement his body would allow. He tried to see where Joe Jr was, but his son was gone. “Son! Son! SON!” he began to cry. His eyes darted back and forth, trying to find his boy. But both his son and the fourth wolf were gone.

Then suddenly he felt the wolf’s hot breath on him. And the foul, pungent odor that had signaled their arrival. Turning his head to look upward, the old rancher’s eyes went wide as he saw three sets of sharp teeth looking down at him. He was sure this was his end. He knew this was the last thing he would ever see. He was sure that he would be brave enough to meet his end. But fear overpowered him, as he closed his eyes and waited for his death.

Joe Sr screamed as he felt his body lifted off the ground. Opening his eyes again, he stared in disbelief at what he was seeing. He was dangling just underneath the monster wolf’s jaws. The enormous beast had Joe’s belt perfectly clamped in its jaws. And Joe’s paralyzed body dangled helplessly.

The wolves stopped growling. Joe felt his body spin around as the wolf turned and began to carry him. As the world spun, Joe suddenly saw his son. Just like him, the boy dangled helpless from the jaws of the fourth wolf. The wolf had latched onto the back of Joe Jr’s jacket, and his son was helpless to escape. His feet hung several feet above the ground. “Son! SON!!!”

“PA!!!” tears streamed down the boy’s cheeks. “Help me, Pa!!!”

Just then, the wolf pack began to run. Both father and son were carried with them. Joe Sr continued to hear his son cry as they were carried into the darkness. Then he realized that he was crying too. His broken back was excruciating. The pain was too much. Tears erupted and streamed down his cheeks. But there was nothing he could do. His body felt dead … paralyzed … and he could do nothing but let the wolf carry him off.

Suddenly, from the darkness ahead, came a terrible roar. It was nothing Joe Sr had ever heard before. He knew it was the bear. But at the same time, it was no sound he had ever heard a bear make. The roar carried through the night. The sound seemed to penetrate him like a cold chill. And then, just a moment later, the deafening roar came again … and again.

And what made all of this worse was the knowledge that the wolves were taking him and his son directly towards the source of the roaring. The wolves never slowed. Their paws beat against the hard earth in perfect rhythm. And with each passing moment, the roaring became louder and louder as they neared the source.

The sun had long since set, but there was enough light from the moon to get an idea of their surroundings. But there was no mistaking the bear. If the wolves were bad, then the bear was their worst nightmare. No wonder the sounds had chilled Joe’s heart. Because when he finally saw the bear, he could have sworn he felt every hair on his body stand on end.

Saying the bear was enormous would have been an understatement. Until now, no bear had ever existed. It clawed at the ground in fury. It continued to roar as it felt its body expand and grow. The beast didn’t understand what was happening to it. All it knew was that it felt suddenly alive, as if infused with some new energy. The bear roared, and then for a brief moment, brought its nose down and licked at its fur where it had spied some more of that white sticky material. As the pollen was injested, the bear felt more energized and roared again.

Dangling from the wolf’s mouth, the entire world appeared upside-down. But the old man knew what he was seeing. Joe Sr watched in terror as the bear grew and grew. Even though the moon was high in the sky, Joe was all-too aware that he was actually in the bear’s shadow; the bear was that big. Suddenly, and without warning, the bear sniffed. It seemed to have become aware of the scent of human prey. The bear charged directly towards father and son.

Joe Sr’s eyes were transfixed on the horror before him. As the bear charged, he watched as two of the wolves suddenly launched themselves between the bear and himself. The wolves snarled fiercely, threatening to attack if necessary. The bear, clawed at the ground, trying to intimidate the wolves away from the two humans. But the wolves were determined in protecting their prey. The two snarling wolves advanced slowly on the bear, seeming to herd him back towards the area he came from. Suddenly the bear seemed to lose interest in the two humans. The bear’s low growls suddenly diminished as if it had remembered something. Then Joe watched as the bear turned around and walked back towards a small tree.

There wasn’t enough light to see what kind of tree it was. But the bear seemed very interested in the tree. Joe watched as the bear buried its snout into the trees branches. But then the strangest thing occurred to Joe. The sound wasn’t right. There should have been snapping sounds as the branches moved or broke. But the sounds were soft, and far too muffled.

Then Joe seemed to look around, taking in their surroundings. The wolves hadn’t carried him and his son to a grove of trees. They had been carried to a meadow of flowers. Giant enormous flowers. Each flower was roughly four to six feet tall, and their blossoms were larger than beach umbrellas. Joe was dumbstruck by the sight of these flowers.

But then he heard the bear. Turning his attention back, he couldn’t quite understand what he was seeing. The bear had positioned its body directly over the large flower. The bear roared as the flower suddenly appeared to attach itself to the underside of the bear’s body. And then Joe understood. He could actually see it. The shadowy outline was barely visible through the flower’s petals and stem. He watched as the massive bear’s cock slipped down into the flower and ….

Suddenly the world spun. The wolf that was carrying Joe moved. But Joe tried to turn back … tried to see what he thought he had seen. Because just as he saw the bear’s cock slide down into the flower, for a split second, he would have sworn he saw something rise upward out of the base of the flower. But Joe couldn’t see anymore. A split second later, there was a massive roar. Louder than before and infinitely more terrible.

But Joe couldn’t concentrate on the roaring. Suddenly, a new image was taking up his view. It was a massive flower. It was the strangest flower he had ever seen. If he had to describe it, the damn thing looked like a giant cock. The thing had an elongated body just like a thick dick. And following its body to the earth, Joe even spied two massive bulges at its base that gave the impression of enormous balls nestled in the dirt. The wolf was carrying him directly toward it. And now, things suddenly began to click into place. He didn’t really understand the finer details. But he got the overall impression that he really didn’t want to be near this flower. That this flower was more dangerous than the wolves and bear combined.

Father and son walked slowly across the valley towards their truck. Their naked bodies were coated in a thick layer of dirt. But they didn’t seem to mind. Each of them had large smiles on their faces as they thought of their recent experience.

As Joe Sr walked, he couldn’t help but flex his muscles. He marveled at his perfected body. Just hours ago, he thought he would never walk again. And now, he thought there were no limits as to what his body could do. He felt so happy to what he had become. To what his son had become. As he flexed, it felt all the untapped potential and power within him. Then Joe was surprised to realize that his son was no longer beside him.

Joe Jr had stopped walking. Looking down, he gazed affectionately at his enormous hard-on. He reached down and carefully cupped his balls. A ripple of pure pleasure coursed through his body. In his hands, he felt the creature move. His delicate balls pulsed and throbbed as his symbiont reacted to his touch. Again, more waves of pleasure coursed through him. Joe Jr crooned: “Oh God!”

His father stopped and turned around. For a brief moment, he was stunned by what his son had become. No longer was he the small boy. Joe Jr’s body had grown. There was now solid muscle where there and been a small, feeble frame. Joe Sr couldn’t help but admire that magnificent specimen that he had produced. And he felt immensely proud.

He watched with immense pride as his son cupped his balls and revelled with the joining of his symbiont. It was a magnificent sight. His son was taking pleasure just by holding his balls. Joe Sr watched as his son’s cock grew and thickened, just by Joe Jr cupping his balls. Not once did his son touch his cock. Something stirred within the old man. And not fully understanding how he knew, he took a step toward his son. The effect was immediate. Joe Sr’s own balls seemed to extend downward, and his cock began to thicken. A massive wave of pleasure began to overtake him.

His son began to breathe hard. Between gasping breaths, he cried: “Oh Jeez, Pa! Are you feeling that?!”

Joe Sr’s eyes were closed. He focused on the sensation radiating throughout this body. Holding his swelling ball in his hands, he continued to step toward his son. At the same time, Joe Jr began to walk toward his father. As they walked, they both squatted slightly, given their balls the freedom to move and expand. When they were only just a few feet apart, the two men pivoted on the spot, turning to face away from one another. Then they took the final steps backward, allowing their bodies to press up against the other’s, back to back.

Language be damned. Both of them began to shout louder and louder: “Oh God … Oh God …. OH GOD!!!” In their hands, the symbionts were in a frenzy. They assaulted the two men’s body with pleasure none of them had ever experienced. And their minds could barely handle or comprehend.

“Oh, Pa!” cried Joe Jr. His heart felt as if it would burst from his chest. “I can’t …. I can’t … it’s too much!!!”

Joe Sr knew exactly how he son felt. He couldn’t take it either. “It’s … okay … son. Give … in … release … and submit.”

With their backs pressed against one another’s, both men’s cocks exploded simultaneously. Thick ropes of cum burst more than twenty feet from them. The thick white seed sprayed against the barren landscape. And as they continued to shoot, father and son began to turn their bodies in a clockwise circle. They continued to shoot their cum, hosing and spraying the ground as if they had become human sprinklers. Orgasm after orgasm coursed through them, and they continued to turn and spray, turn and spray. After nearly two minutes, the pressure from their cocks had diminished until the last remnants of cum leaked pitifully from their still hardened cocks.

The two men, completely and utterly spent both mentally and physically, collapsed to the ground. Their naked bodies lay just feet from one another. Both of them tried to catch their breath. After nearly five minutes it felt like their heartbeats were finally coming under control. And Joe Jr opened his eyes and stared into his father’s face.

“Pa?” said Joe Jr with worry, “Why are you crying?”

Joe Sr hadn’t felt the tears rolling down his cheeks. He reached up and felt the wetness. There was no sadness in him. So he immediately turned toward his son and smiled. “I’m crying because I don’t know what I deserved to have such a wonderful life. I am so thankful for you.” And looking down at swollen balls. “And thankful for this. But most of all, for you. I love you so much.”

Both of the men rose to their knees and were able to grab the other in a tight embrace. There was no embarrassment that they were naked and aroused. They felt only happiness and love. And as they held onto each other, their balls hung freely and bounced into each other. And in doing so, the two symbionts were able to connect with each other. When in close proximity, the creatures could connect with each other more clearly and powerfully.

Both Joe Sr and Jr gasped. Their minds had suddenly connected. As their balls had touched, it felt like their minds had, for a split second, fused together. There was no barrier or separation between them. The sensation was indescribable. Both of them yearned for the moment to be extended and continuous.

Father and son hugged and held onto each other tighter, trying to make the connection stronger. They struggled, trying to get closer, bringing their balls more and more together. They moved around each other, trying to reposition themselves for the best connection. At first, the two men had been chest to chest, rubbing their crotches into the other. But very quickly, Joe Sr had repositioned himself behind his son, allowing his cock to press against his son’s buttocks. Joe Jr dropped down onto all fours, and the old man quickly followed. The older man mounted his son. Using motion, he humped his son’s ass, allowing his balls to swing like a pendulum and his son’s.

“Oh God, Pa!” groaned his son. “More. Please. Again!!”

Joe Sr felt compelled to do it. It was instinctual. There was no other course to take but this one. Without reservation, Joe Sr slipped his cock into his son’s asshole, pressing hard. Joe had forced his cock in all the way. Joe Jr mouth open wide as his felt his asshole open wide and penetrated. He breathed out, groaning as his ass was filled to its limits. Both of their bodies collapsed onto the ground, Joe Sr’s cock still buried deeply into his son’s ass. For a few moments, both of their bodies writhed and spasmed. It appeared as if both were receiving gradual electrical shocks. Joe Jr spasmed the more as the rapport between the two of them was established. Joe Sr wrapped both his arms and legs tightly around his son’s naked body, instinctively locking on and holding his son still. With each passing second, the rapport between them grew and grew. And finally, the full connection was made and the two lay perfectly still.

As the two men lay on the ground, their balls were in direct and continuous contact. There was only one movement between their two naked bodies: their balls. The proximity of the two symbionts had created a reaction. Both father and son’s balls began to beat and pulse; their scrotums inflated and deflated as if they were breathing. The balls swelled to extraordinary size. They ballooned outward until they were the size of small melons. Then they would deflate to the size of lemons. The pulsing repeated again and again; the symbionts relished in their connection.

The two men closed their eyes as their minds became one. The entire world disappeared as they moved beyond into a new plane of existence. Their consciousness was drawn inward towards what the symbionts were telling them. The two men sensed each other with absolute perfection. And at the same time, they could vaguely sense the presence of others. They sensed the wolves and the bear. But there were others. More of their kind. The two men reached outward with their symbionts, trying to connect with the others.

But there was no connection. Something was wrong. Again and again, father and son scoured the earth, searching for others. They found the others. There were many of their kind scattered. But it was as if the threads to connecting were severed. That the others were muted, or being silenced.

On the ground, the two men lay frozen. Their bodies joined in the tightest embrace. The only movement was the throbbing pulse of their balls. The only other movement came from the ground itself. The hard soil softened at first, and then turned green. Around the two bodies, a massive green circle appeared as the ground became fertile. The two men took no notice as the earth around them began to change. They lay for several hours, taking no notice of the wolves that had joined and watch over them. The wolves sat silently, watching them with intent interest.

Finally, as the sun began to set, the two men opened their eyes. Very slowly, Joe Sr withdrew his cock. His son groaned. His father spoke: “I’m sorry son.” He wasn’t apologizing for any pain because there was none. He was apologizing for severing their connection.

“Can’t we … just a little while longer. Just …”

“No, son,” chided the father. “We have work to do.” Joe Sr pulled fully out of his son’s ass, and rolled over on the ground. He wasn’t the least surprised to see the pack of wolves guarding them. He had felt their presence hours ago. But they had been joined by something other than the wolves.

All around them, new flowers had grown and bloomed from the seed they had earlier expelled. Dozens of flowers were growing around them. Still laying on the now soft earth, Joe Sr reached out to the nearest flower. It was so beautiful. Its body was just that of a massive cock, with its two balls nestled safely in the soft soil. Very gently, the old men used a single finger to caress the two swollen balls of the plant. He felt the movement of the symbiont inside. Though there he felt no connection with this symbiont, he knew that the creature yearned for a host … yearned to be implanted.

At last, the older man stood up, looking around at both the wolves and the flowers as if considering. Then he turned toward his son. “We need to create a new pack. A more powerful pack.”

Joe Jr was climbing to his feet. His entire naked body brown from the layers of dirt. He made no effort to clean himself. He looked at the many flowers that were surrounding them. He marveled on their shapely cocks and seeded balls. “A new pack? But what’s to stop them from doing what they did before?”

At the mention of that, the wolves growled. Their heckles stood out and their fangs bared. All of them remembered what had happened in Nebraska. The pain of it was too great. Too fresh.

Joe Sr considered for a moment. “We could stay out here and hide. Nobody would probably ever find us. But there are others. We felt them. They’re out there. But they can’t connect. They’re being used. They being enslaved somehow, and denied their full purpose. We owe it to our brothers to find them. To free them.”

By now, the wolves had stopped growling and sat in quiet attention. They listened to Joe Sr as he spoke of their lost brethren. Several of the wolves nodded in agreement, as if understand what the human was saying. Joe Jr listened in captivated silence as his father told him what they were going to do. By the end, Joe Jr was ready. “Okay, Pa!”

The two men took off at a run. Their new powerful bodies able to sprint without tiring. And it was only a short time later they returned to the green fertile area with their truck. By then, the wolves had scattered and disappeared. And Joe Sr was careful to park near the green circle without actually driving onto the fertilized ground. As the father and son got out of the truck, Joe Sr was thankful that by some lucky miracle he had brought two shovels.

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