Re-Orientation II - The Professor

By Blufur -
published February 23, 2008
21278 words

Professor moves on to “bigger” prey.

NOTICE: All the Standard warnings about being of age, being aware of your community standards apply to the following story! Please read no farther if you are underage 18/21–or live in a conservative area–or are offended by explicit sexual stories.

This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to anyone is strictly coincidental, all rights are protected and the story cannot be reproduced without permission.

Re-orientation II(m/m, hypno)


The Professor smiled as he looked down upon his hot studs. He had two football stars, a wrestler and the one who started it all. His work was progressing well. With this start he should be able to get a good majority of the male campus under his sway. The Elders will be pleased. With this stronghold of male slaves, they should be able to take over the whole state and from there, who knows. But, the Professor felt something missing, these were boys, he wanted a man. He wanted a big, beefy man to become his total slave. After one, he may go for two. He always wanted one of those macho bodybuilders from the club down the street. They thought they were so superior to the rest of the world. Well, I will bring one of them down hard, make him beg for my cock and then use him as bait to the rest of those smug behemoths.

The Professor decided that he needed to scope the gym out and pick his prey. He had an idea on how to “bag” him but needed to choose the right victim. He had some experimental drug he wanted to try out and there is no time like the present to do it. So, the Professor changed into some sweats that were not too tight and put on his sneakers and he loaded his gym bag with the rest of his gear.

The Professor walked to the gym since it was only a few blocks away and it would give him a good warm-up for his exercise session. The day was bright and sunny and the air was clear. The Professor was in such a good mood that he started whistling. The tune came from the back of his mind, but he could not remember the name. He finally reached the doors to the gym and went in. He was assaulted by the smell of chlorine and man. He loved that man smell. He took a deep breath and strode towards the locker room. The attendant behind the counter smiled and nodded at the Professor. He was about 5’10 blond hair and blue eyes and was nice and trim. The Professor thought that he would make a fine addition to the stables once he got his man.

He walked to the locker room and paused at the bulletin board. He opened his bag, took out a piece of paper and mounted it on the corkboard. The flyer basically said that if you were stressed out, needed that extra edge or needed better concentration to achieve that bigger look, to call the Professor on his private line. The flyer had some tear-off number tags so the men could easily take the number with them. He took out another flyer and placed it on the opposite side of the board. This one was for massage services to relax those hard tired muscles after a long day at work. This gave another one of the Professor’s numbers on those tear-off tags. This was to set the Professor up with two legitimate cover for his dealings with all of the so called “muscle gods” at the gym. He’d get the beast he wanted, sooner or later.

After hanging the flyers and admiring his work, he went into the locker room and put his stuff away. He took his towel and went into the gym. He was always amazed at the amount of gym equipment was in this room. The chrome, steel and weights were all over the place. This was a place for serious muscle. The walls were decorated with those standard bodybuilding posters and the one wall was all mirrors. It looked like any normal gym that serious bodybuilders hang out at. There was some music coming from somewhere. The Professor smiled, he could use that to his advantage.

The Professor decided to scope out the room by using one of the cycles at one edge of the room. It gave him a good vantage point without letting him look too suspicious. There were all sorts of men in the room. Some men were of the bodybuilding size, some were more like him with a good build but not monstrous and then there were the wanna bees. They were either skinny or fat. But hey, at least they were trying. He had to give them that. As the Professor was working up a sweat and mentally cataloging the men in the room, he noticed a really, really big guy enter the room. The entire place became silent as this man-god entered the room. Even in his baggy clothes, you could tell he was huge. He was about 6’2", with a massive chest and arms that was highlighted by a 32" waist and then flared out again at his thighs. The Professor could only guess his measurements. He quietly leaned over to the man on the cycle next to him and asked, “Who’s that?”

“That, my friend, is Bruno Gamborelli. The current state champ. Impressive, isn’t he?”

“I’ll say. I think I should get some pointers from him,” said the Professor.

“I wouldn’t if I were you. He’s got a mean temper and has hurt a few men in here for looking at him funny.”

“Funny? What do you mean?”

“He can’t stand gay men looking at him. So whenever a man looks at him for too long, he yells and screams at them and then forces them out of the gym. Stay away from that guy if you know what is good for you.”

“Thanks. I will,” said the Professor. But the Professor knew he had just found his target. It was a perfect setup. He couldn’t believe it. It was like some bad movie script that just makes things easy for the hero. Oh well, when opportunity knocks, he will be there to answer.

Now that he had his target picked out, he had to set other things in motion. He kept his eye on Bruno and noticed whom he dealt with. As time went on, he was slightly annoyed that Bruno kept to himself. Only asking some other big guys to spot for him when he needed it. There was no pattern to his choosing. Oh well. He decided he needed a spy and he knew just who to get to play that part. And he was going to waste no time.

He stopped riding the cycle and went to the locker room. Instead of taking a shower, he opened his locker and took out a bottle. He splashed it liberally all over his neck and face. This cologne had been in the laboratory for years. It made the man wearing it instantly attractive to any other man regardless of sexual orientation. It also made the target male very susceptible to suggestion. The professor put the rest of his stuff in his bag and headed toward the door. As he went past the bulletin board, he already noticed that one of his phone number tags on his flyer had been taken.

He sauntered up to the front and noticed that the clerk was still at his post. He walked right up to him and smiled.

“Yes, sir, can I help you?” asked the attendant.

"Well, I don’t know how to say this but I think I pulled my neck in the gym. Can you take a look at it?

“Sure, nothing to be embarrassed about. Come into the backroom and I will take a look at it.”

“Great. Thanks.” Said the Professor.

The Professor followed the young stud to a small office behind the desk. He had a great view of a tight ass in some lycra shorts. He must be an aerobics instructor or something because he was so trim and tight.

The “aerobics instructor” pointed to a small stool. “Please, take a seat. My name is Sean.”

“Nice to meet you Sean. You can call me the Professor.”

“So, you must teach at the University. What do you teach?” The young man positioned himself behind the Professor and started kneading his neck.

“I teach Psychology. Oh yeah, that feels real good. Do you see any redness or swelling on my neck?”

Sean leaned in closer. “Nope, looks good to me. You know, what is that smell. It smells fantastic.”

“Thanks, it is a new cologne. Why don’t you take another whiff. I can’t get enough of it and I am sure you can’t either.”

Sean leaned in closer and took a deep breath in. His body shuddered slightly as the chemicals in the solution were reaching his brain. “Yeah, sure smells good. Makes me feel all tingly.”

“Yeah, I agree. Sean, why don’t you stop massaging my neck and come sit on the desk. I want to talk to you about something.”

“Sure, Prof. Whatever you say?” Sean walked around the Professor and sat on the desk opposite the stool. He had a slightly droopy look to him. The Professor smiled. The drugs were kicking in. He noticed a slight swelling in Sean’s shorts. Now to make the first step.

“Sean. What time to get off work?”

“In about an 1 hour.”

“Okay, Sean. You find me fascinating and you want to learn more about Psychology and me. After work you will come to my house. This will seem perfectly normal. Once you get to my house, you will find it natural to follow my directions. You trust me like an old friend. Do you understand?”

Sean blanked out for a second as his drug addled brain took in the message. “I understand Professor.”

“Great. Well, you fixed me up so I am going to leave now. Thanks for the massage and I will see you after work.”

“Your welcome Prof. I look forward to talking to you further about Psychology.”

With that, the Professor walked out the door with a smile.

Sean looked at the Professor and thought to himself, What a nice butt! Whoa, where did that come from. If Becky found out I was scoping out men, she would kill me. Oh well, no more of that anyway.

Sean went back to work, looking forward to his “date” with the Professor.

For some reason, Sean stayed in his “work” outfit of a lycra one-suit while walking to the Professor’s house. It felt right. He finally got to the house and was impressed with the size. Must be provided by the college. No professor could afford this house.

Sean went up to the front door and rang the bell. The door opened and there stood the Professor in tight black jeans and a tight black T-shirt. It showed that the Professor was in good shape.

“Sean, glad you could make it. Come this way.”

“Thanks, Professor. I really want to talk to you about Psychology and maybe how I can get into that field. I don’t think I can stay working at the gym for the rest of my life.”

“Smart thinking Sean, why don’t we go into the study.” The Professor loved how tight this guy was. The lycra suit showed off his package well. He would make a good addition to his stable.

Sean walked behind the Professor and took in the house. It was very stately and tastefully done. Lots of mahogany bookshelves and the like. They finally reached the study and the Professor motioned for Sean to enter the room. The room was large with two distinct areas. At one end of the room was a chair with a lot of electronics attached to it. It was surrounded by a desk with computers. At the other end, it was your typical study. Floor to ceiling bookshelves surrounding a large messy desk. There were two leather chairs in front of the desk.

“Cool place you have here. What is that contraption?” asked Sean.

“That chair is used to test subjects on their sexuality. It rates them on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 means they are totally homosexual and 10 means they are totally heterosexual. Most people fall in-between. There are few absolutes in the world you know.”

“Whoa, how does it work?”

“Well, the subject sits in the chair and the machine shows the subject different pictures of people in different states. It goes from fully clothed to fully nude for both sexes. Based upon certain physical responses, the machine can gauge your sexual preferences. It can even show you your perfect physical fantasy.”

“Sounds cool. Can I try it? I would love to tell my girlfriend how it turns out. Maybe I am one of those 10 people.”

“Sean, it is not really allowed but if you are really sure, I won’t tell anyone. But you have to do exactly as I say”

“Yeah, I am sure and I will do exactly what you say. Let’s get started.”

“Okay Sean. Why don’t you take a seat in the chair?” The Professor motioned to Sean.

Sean eagerly got into the chair while the Professor checked the computer. The Professor then walked back to the chair and put some belts over Sean’s chest, waist and thighs. He also strapped down his arms and feet. He also placed some electrodes on Sean’s head and earphones on his ears.

“Hey, what is all this for?”

“Sean, some people tend to get a little excited during this experiment and I want to make sure that you don’t fall out of the chair. The electrodes measure your responses and the earphones will keep all of the computer noises from distracting you.”

“Okay, whatever you say. You’re the boss.”

The Professor then went back to the computer and picked the conversion program. Little did Sean know that the machine was going to turn him into a little gay boytoy to be used by the Professor to get that hunk of a man Bruno.

“Okay Sean. I want you to relax and look directly at that screen in front of you. Just relax and let your mind go blank as you look at the pictures.”

“Sure Professor” replied Sean.

The screen came to life and started showing off women in all different stages of undress. The music was classical and could hardly be heard. Sean relaxed and took in the splendor of women before him. He was getting hard. The women started to get more and more naked. Sean was becoming more and more aroused. He couldn’t take his eyes off the screen. He had to see more. Every now and then, a picture of a man would be interspersed with the pictures of the women. Sean could not make them out but when they came up, the music changed slightly. The litany of pictures continued and Sean was getting more horny by the minute. After awhile, he was in such a state of sexual arousal, he did not notice that the pictures were changing to those of handsome men in suggestive poses.

The music was still pounding in Sean’s head. Underneath it all, Sean could barely hear the subliminal messages that were being programmed into his brain. “Relax Sean and look at the beautiful men. You want them Sean. You need them Sean. You love looking at men. You love making love to men. You love serving men. You have always been gay. Relax and let it happen. Women mean nothing to you. You hate women. They are ugly and mean spirited. You can never understand them. Relax, and listen.” This continued for about ten minutes more and then something happened.

In a split second and for some unknown reason, Sean snapped out of his sexual stupor. What was happening to him? He started struggling but he was strapped to the chair. He could not believe he was enjoying looking at men. He was trying to fight this mantra being piped into his brain. He knew what was happening to him but was unable to stop it. The Professor smiled, the reprogramming was working. This was Sean’s last ditch effort to stop from becoming homosexual. They all did this and that is why the straps were on the chair. It was almost time for stage two.

Sean tried one last time to get out of the chair but he did not have the strength. The professor pressed a button on his computer and an ear-piercing sound was emitted directly into the earphones. This froze Sean for a second and then he relaxed into the chair. His eyes were firmly on the screen and his ears listening to the words coming form the headphones. Sean’s brain was now readily accepting the messages being sent through his ears and his eyes. The heterosexuality was being stripped from it by being bombarded by homosexual images and urges. The mantra on the earphones continued but was getting loader and the pictures were getting more sexual in nature. Finally Sean could not take it anymore, he gave in. He just let go. His eyes took in the splendor of man before him and the message was telling him over and over that he was gay and loved men. After about five minutes, Sean was repeating the message. The heterosexual Sean was no more, the gay boy lived.

The Professor knew that the conversion to homosexuality was complete; he now needed to bring him into the fold. Since Sean’s mind was so open, he took the opportunity to put the final tape into the machine. This would make Sean part of the tribe and willing to do anything for the Professor. The Professor flicked the switch and the message began playing in Sean’s ear. His life as he knew it was over, he was part of the tribe run by the Professor.

About 1 hour later, the Professor undid the straps and took off the earphones and the electrodes. Sean was slowly coming to and the Professor wanted him to be free. The Professor was horny and he wanted to seal Sean’s feelings to him.

Sean stirred and opened his eyes to see the Professor. The Professor saw quite quickly two emotions, lust and adoration. The Professor took Sean by the hand and led him to the desk chair.

“So, Sean, how do you feel?”

“Oh Professor, I feel wonderful. Thank you for bringing me into the tribe. I love being gay and can’t imagine why I ever was with Becky. I hate her. I love you.” Sean reached for the Professor’s crotch and started feeling him up. “Professor, can I take care of this for you?”

“Go right ahead my boy.”

Sean opened the Professor’s jeans and lowered them to the floor. The Professor was not wearing any underwear so his dick flopped out and hit Sean in the face. Sean immediately started licking the manhood in front of him. He loved worshipping this cock. He couldn’t get enough. He licked the head, the shaft and all around the balls. As his mouth was working the Professor’s tool, Sean’s hands were roaming up the Professor’s stomach and chest under the T-shirt. His hands could barely reach the Professor’s nipples and he played with them.

Sean slowly lowered his mouth over the big dick of the Professor. Sean had been trained to suck dick via the tape so it was very natural for him to be good at it. He could deepthroat like a professional. He would take the rod all the way down and use his throat muscles to massage the dick. He would then slowly rise up and lick away at the dickhead making sure to pay close attention to underneath. He knew this was one of the most sensitive areas of a man’s penis.

The Professor loved every minute. Sean could take him to the brink and then ease off, thereby postponing the pleasure but heightening the need. He had to have that ass. That sweet tight ass was begging to be deflowered. The Professor pulled Sean off his dick and had him stand with his hands on the desk. The Professor got behind him and started feeling that beautiful ass. He loved the feeling of lycra and how it made the male body smooth no matter what was underneath. He felt all over Sean’s body. His hands lingered on Sean’s chest and played with his nipples. Sean was moaning, he was overcome with pleasure.

Finally the Professor could take it no more. He took the straps off of Sean’s shoulders and peeled the lycra suit off of Sean. He then positioned his dick on Sean’s ass and dry humped the crack.

“Get ready baby, the Professor gonna fuck that tight ass of your.”

“Oh yeah, fuck my tight hole Prof”

That was all the encouragement the Professor needed. The Professor lubed up his cock with Sean’s copious precum and shoved his cock up Sean’s ass. Sean screamed at the pain but was soon overcome by the pleasure. He was programmed to like it so he did. The Professor rammed his cock in and out of Sean’s willing hole. He was focused on giving Sean the fuck of his life. He knew Sean would fully belong to him after this fuck. He had to make it a good one.

The Professor was piston-fucking Sean and also playing with Sean’s nipples. They were so small on Sean’s trim chest but they were standing out. Sean was lost in a sexual frenzy. He couldn’t get enough of the Professor’s cock. He started backing up to get more cock in his ass. His cock was ramrod straight and yearning for release.

The Professor could take no more. He reached down to Sean’s dick and starting jacking him off. “Sean, on the count of three, I want you to shoot your load.”

The Professor pumped harder into Sean’s ass. He could feel the itch building. “Okay Sean, one…..two….three.” On three, they both shot their loads. The Professors went deep into Sean’s gaping hole and the Professor continued to pump his cock in that ass. At the same time, Sean’s cock spewed forth a volley of cum that landed all over the desk. The Professor continued to pump his hand on Sean’s cock in time with him pumping his cock into Sean. The cum flowed from Sean’s tool all over the floor and the Professor’s hand.

Too spent to stand, the both collapsed on the floor. Sean’s mind was flooded with images until all he could think about was the Professor. He lived to serve the Professor for the cause. Anything he wanted, he could have and Sean was willing to give it to him.

As they both drifted off to sleep, Sean could hear the Professor say, “Sean, our next target is Bruno Gamborelli and you are going to help me get him.” And this made Sean instantly hard.


Bruno Gamborelli walked into the gym looking forward to a good workout. The state championship was in a few weeks and he needed to get ripped for that contest if he was going to defend his title. He passed by the front desk and grunted at Sean. Bruno noticed that Sean was looking at him funny and Bruno did not like it.

“Sean, why are you looking at me like that?”

“Bruno, you look great. I just can’t believe the changes you have made.”

“Thanks man, I thought you were going queer on me.”

“No way man, I just know a good bod when I see one.”

“Okay. Well, I gotta go work out now. Keep those pansies away from me or I don’t know what I will do. I need to concentrate today. I really want to win the state again.”

Bruno swaggered into the locker room and found his locker. He opened his locker and took off his street clothes. He loved the way he looked just before a competition. All cut and no bloat. He put on his jock and then some baggy sweat pants and a loose fitting T-shirt. He put his stuff in the locker and sauntered into the weight area.

He went right to work and did not notice the stares he was getting. Today was chest, back, shoulder and arms day so he went right to the bench press. He loaded up the weight and proceeded to lift the weight. He wished he had a bud to spot but he couldn’t trust anyone here. They all looked like fags to him especially that group in the corner. He looked at the four guys there. They each were somewhat big but wore that faggy lycra to show off there muscles. They had short peroxide dyed hair and skimpy shirts. They also had earrings on both ears and more then one. Bruno thought he saw that at least two of them had rings on their nipples. How disgusting, he thought. He would take his chances alone. He didn’t want to be associated with that bunch.

He grunted through his sets on the bench and then decided to do so back work. Again he loaded up the weight. He proceeded to pull on the weight when he felt something rip. He dropped the weights in agony.

“Argh…Shit, that hurts”

The whole gym heard him and stared. Sean, seizing the opportunity, ran over to Bruno.

“Bruno, what’s wrong?”

“I think I pulled by shoulder. It really hurts.”

“Here, let me take a look at it.”

Bruno felt Sean’s hand on his shoulder. Sean started to massage it and the pain was somewhat lessened.

“Thanks, that feels alittle better.”

“Bruno, a man is advertising massages on the board. I know that a few of the guys have gone to him and swear by him. They are new men when they come back. Stay here, I’ll get the number and your stuff and take you over there. The sooner you get that looked at, the better.”

“Thanks man. I’ll give anything a try. I gotta win that championship.”

Bruno saw Sean run off. Bruno tried to self massage the shoulder but to no avail. It still hurt. Before he knew it, Sean was back with his stuff.

“C’mon. I called him and he is expecting us. He is right down the street. It will only take a minute by car. Follow me and take it easy.”

Bruno got up from the bench and followed Sean to the car. They both got in and Sean started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. He just drove ¼ mile down the street and made a right into a side street. Bruno noticed the large houses on the street and wondered how a guy who makes his living giving massages could afford a house on this street. Before Bruno knew it, he heard Sean say, “Here we are.”

Bruno took in the splendor of the house. It was huge.

“C’mon Bruno, stop gawking, we need to get you fixed up.”

Bruno followed Sean up to the front door. Sean rang the door bell. In less than a minute, the door opened and Bruno saw a man in his early thirties wearing tight black jeans and a very tight black t-shirt. Bruno could see that this man was in shape but no where near his size.

“You must be Sean and you must be Bruno. I am the Professor. Come on in and we will take care of that shoulder for you. After I am done with you, you won’t even remember the pain.”

“Hey Prof, I hope so. I gotta be well for the State championship coming up.”

“Bruno, I will make a new man out of you. Sean, thank for bringing him. I will call you when we are done.” With that, Bruno saw Sean leave. That’s funny, thought Bruno, he did not say good bye.

“Follow me to the massage room.”

Bruno followed the Professor. He noticed that the house was decorated in a very distinguished fashion. Not that he liked it, but it had a certain charm.

“In here. Please take off your clothes and lie on the table for me.”

“Sure Prof.” Bruno walked into the room and noticed the massage table in the middle of the room. There were medical cabinets around the walls and a funny aroma that permeated the room. When he found a chair in the corner he took off his shirt and sweats and laid down on the massage table. He placed his face in the open hole.

“Great. Now Bruno, I am going to talk to you throughout the entire massage. It will help relax you and speed up the healing process. The more relaxed you are, the faster you will heal.”

“No problem.” It made sense to Bruno what the Prof had to say.

“Okay. I am going to be using a special oil on your skin. It will tingle slightly but that means it is working. So don’t be alarmed.”

“Sure. Whatever you say Prof.”

Bruno did not notice the Professor smile.

Bruno felt some liquid hit his skin and made him twitch. He then felt the Professors hands kneaded his muscles in his back. He Professor spread the liquid all over his body except for Bruno’s butt which the Professor had covered with a sheet.

“Okay Bruno, I want you to relax. Feel my hands on your body and let your muscles relax. It feels so good to relax…..”


The Professor continued his mantra over and over. Little did Bruno know that the oil had a hypnotic agent in it which placed the subject in an extremely susceptible state. The Professor was going to take advantage of that.

"Bruno, you are in a very relaxed state and only hear my voice. You like the sound of my voice because it makes you feel so relaxed. You love to listen to my voice. My voice tells you the truth. My voice is your center of being. It makes you so relaxed to listen to my voice. You love to listen to my voice. You love to obey my voice. "

“Obey your voice,” slurred Bruno.

“Bruno, my voice only tells you the truth. Feel my hands on your body. You love the feel of a man’s hand on your body. It makes you sexually aroused. Only a man’s hands can do this to you. Feel the oil on your body. It is special oil. Wherever it touches, it makes you gay. The oil is making you gay. But the oil needs to seep into you to make you gay on the inside. Right now you will only be gay on the outside. You will be aroused by men when the touch you. You will need to be gay on the outside. You will change your appearance to be gay on the outside.”

“Gay on the outside,” replied Bruno.

“Yes, Bruno. Gay on the outside. My voice is telling you the truth. The oil has made you gay on the outside and will seep into you and make you gay on the inside too. This process will take 5 days. Each day, the oil will make you more gay. When the 5 days are up, you will be completely gay and love it. You will come to me and become my lover.”

“Gay on the outside, gay on the inside in 5 days, become your lover.”

“Yes, Bruno. Very good. Finally, you will choose the path yourself on becoming gay. There are many colors to being gay and you can choose. Leather, Lycra, bottom, top, rubber, foot fetish. Whatever you desire. But you will become gay. You always have wanted that. There is one rule though. You will not allow anyone to fuck you. That is reserved for me. They can rim you, but no fucking. I want to be the one to bust that cherry with you begging for it.”

The Professor continued the programming for a good two hours. Bruno would become gay now and then part of the tribe and then bait for other macho body-builders.

The Professor put a post-hypnotic suggestion to Bruno to walk home and go to sleep and wake up feeling fine and not remember the session but remember the oil. The oil of gay.

BRUNO – Day 1

Bruno slowly awakened from his deep slumber. He couldn’t remember the last time he slept so soundly. That massage by the Professor really relaxed him. He flexed his shoulder and noticed no pain. That Professor really knew his stuff. Bruno shifted his feet to the floor and lumbered into his bathroom. He turned on the shower and let the hot water run. He lazily thought about the day ahead. He had to go workout and then practice his posing for the big tournament. After that, maybe he would go scope out the chicks at the beach and try and take one home. Yeah, that’s what I need. Bruno’s cock rose slightly in anticipation.

Bruno felt the hot water and then adjusted the water to the right temperature. He got into the shower and let the warm water run down his body. Bruno reached for the soap and proceeded to wash his chest. He loved the feel of his heavy chest and the silky smooth feel of his skin….Bruno’s eyes opened wide in surprise as he looked down and noticed that all of his hair had been removed. When had that happened? He examined his entire body and could not find a trace of hair anywhere below his neck. What a minute, he thought, oh yeah, now I remember. The Professor used some special oil on me to get rid of my body hair so I could be competition ready. Whew, I thought I was going crazy.

With that crisis out of the way, Bruno continue to soap his denuded body, relishing in the feel of his smooth skin. He loved the way it felt and it was turning him on. His cock steadily got harder as Bruno caressed his muscular body. He continued to feel himself all around until he could not ignore his throbbing cock. He lathered up his cock and proceeded to jerk himself off. He loved the feeling of jerking off in the morning. He felt his chest as his other hand worked his cock. He even played with his tit alittle. The urge in his groin grew and he quickened his pace. He thought of that bimbo he had the other day and her big tits and it was too much. He blew his wad as he continued to stroke his cock and buck his hips. After 4 good spurts of cum, he leaned against the shower wall and rested. A contented smile was formed on his face. Ah, what a great way to spend the morning, he thought.

After this morning workout, Bruno finished taking his shower. He turned off the water and grabbed his towel. He toweled dry his body giving it a mini-massage. He loved scrubbing his skin hard, it made him feel alive. Once he was done drying, he looked at himself in the mirror. Unfortunately, the steam still had not cleared and he had to towel off the mirror. He looked at himself and liked what he saw. He was a stud and he looked great. The world needs to see the work he had done on him and how far he had come. He was a muscle god and the girls should worship him.

Bruno quickly shaved his scruffy face, brushed his teeth and finalized his morning shower ritual. After he was done, he topped off the routine with a good hair brushing. His dark brown hair hung down to his shoulders. As Bruno was brushing it, he noticed that his hairstyle didn’t quite fit him while he was in this good mode. He needed a new look for the competition. It was time to get a new ‘do. Hell, before he went to the gym, he would get his hair done.

He strode into his bedroom with is cock swinging freely. He wanted a change today and he wanted to show off his body. To hell with the world, no more hiding behind baggy sweats, he was going to go for some good old tight lycra. He went to his dresser and pulled out a jock. He put in on and admired how good it looked on him. It showed off his prominent dick and highlighted what a big beefy ass he had. Now, he had to find some lycra. It had been some time since he used lycra. He always hated to show off his body but today he felt it was time. At the third drawer, he finally found a shiny black lycra singlet that he had worn for Halloween. He had dressed up as one of those WWF wrestlers.

Before Bruno put any clothes on, he looked outside to see the weather. Well, it is another nice sunny day. Great, I think I will shock everyone by just wearing this. Bruno then took his gear bag and loaded it with some jeans and a t-shirt so he would have something to wear after his workout. He then put on his sneakers and gathered some other necessities for the gym, grabbed his keys and went out the door.

As he was driving for the gym, he looked at himself in the rearview mirror. Yeah, I need a new look to go with my great body. As if on autopilot, Bruno drove through town to a section that he never frequented. As he was getting nervous, he noticed a man’s style shop with some pictures of men with trendy hairstyles on them. He was fascinated by the new looks. He knew this was the place for him to get his new look. He parked his car on the street and walked to the store. He walked with a powerful gait and accentuated his musculature. The men on the street that passed him stared in awe. Behind his back they gawked at his awesome butt and marveled at his body.

Bruno entered the hairstylist and was greeted by stares. He loved this feeling. He was so in control, so powerful, so sexy. A young man walked towards him.

“Can I help you?”

“Yeah, I want a new look, like one of those pictures you have on the window.”

“Do you have an appointment?”

“Naw, I was just driving around and saw your shop and the pictures and decided to come in.”

“Well, you are lucky, we are kinda slow today and for someone like you, we would be happy to fit you in. Enrique is free at the moment and one of our newest additions. I am sure you will be in good hands, he loves to give people a new look, especially your kind.”

“My kind, what do you mean?”

“Bodybuilders. He loves to give them a new outlook and give them a new masculinity.”

“Oh,” Bruno shrugged not really understanding.

“Enrique, I have someone for you!”

Bruno looked passed the young man and saw a Cuban man walked his direction. He was about 5’ 10", deep honey complexion, short dark wavy hair cut close to his head and whiskers that framed his mouth. Bruno saw the man give him the once over.

“Wow, man, you are huge but look at that rug on you. And where did you get that getup?”

“Uh, I wanted to show off my new shave today and this is all that I had.”

“Well…hey, what is your name?”


Enrique chuckled. “Well, Bruno, you need to get yourself some new duds. Once I am done with your hair, I don’t want it being spoiled by that getup. I’ll give you some names of some stores that should be perfect for you and they are not far away.”

“Thanks Enrique, now about my hair.”

“Come with me stud.”

“What did you say?”

“I said come with me stud.”

“Hey, I ain’t into that shit. I ain’t no faggot.”

“Okay dude, I was just playing. And we prefer gay not faggot.”

“Yeah right.”

Enrique motioned for Bruno to sit in a big chair with large arm pads. Bruno sat down in the chair and got comfortable. He adjusted his dick since his thighs were mashing it when he sat down. Enrique placed the smock on Bruno and started playing with Bruno’s hair.

“Okay, what will it be.”

“I don’t know, something different. I want to look different and cool and sexy.”

“Great I know just the thing. Now I want you to sit back and relax and let Enrique take charge.”

“What ever you say.”

During the next half hour, Bruno went into a fog. His mind kinda shut down but his body did whatever Enrique ask him to do. He felt Enrique wash his hair which felt really good and if Enrique looked beneath the smock, he would see that Bruno was very excited. After washing the hair, Enrique got down to the business of cutting. Bruno felt his hair being cut away and then shaved. He then smelled some chemicals but was so far out of it, he didn’t question it. He felt hands on his head again and let himself feel how good it was to have his scalp massaged. Just as he was drifting further away, he was jolted awake by Enrique shouting, “All done!”

Bruno came out of stupor and looked at himself in the mirror. His long mane was gone and in its place was a peroxide blonde on top and dark fade on his sides. The short hair on top was cut like a short Roman style. It made him look very sexy. He loved it.

“Man, this is great. I love it.”

“You look very good with that cut. It makes you look like a different person.” Enrique chuckled to himself.

“You’re the best. Thanks.”

“You are quite welcome. This is my gift to you.” With that, Enrique took the smock off with a flourish and bowed deeply as if Bruno were royalty. Bruno actually blushed but he played along by standing up straight and pushing out his large chest and walking regally towards the front. He got his money out of his bag and paid the young man and returned to Enrique to give him a generous tip.

“This is awesome, I will be coming back again.”

“Great. I also wrote down some of those store names for you. This one is right around the corner. I am sure they have the things you are looking for. They will be glad to help you.”

“Terrific. See ya around.”

“I can only wish,” said Enrique under his breath as he gave Bruno a big wave goodbye and admired the beefy butt walking out the door.

Bruno felt great. He loved his new look and even though Enrique didn’t like his unitard, he did. But hey, since he was so close to the one store, he might as well go take a look.

Bruno walked around the corner and looked at the stores around him. There were art stores, coffee houses and antique shops. He finally came across the address that Enrique gave him and walked in. He didn’t even notice that the name of the store was Club Lamda. The store was quite empty but there was a commotion in the back of store. Bruno quickly walked passed the clothes that hung on the racks and the walls to see what was going on.

“What do you mean you are not showing up? I have to work on this catalog. I need to have it finished by tomorrow….What…fine, just fine…I hope it falls off!” said the main behind the counter. He looked to be around 25 and was wearing a tight white see through shirt with a faded pattern of a rainbow. He also wore very tight leather pants.

“Yo, bud, what’s the matter,” asked Bruno.

“Listen man,” as the man behind the counter turned, “thank for the uhhhh…, wow you are huge. My names Neon.”

“Bruno, what’s up?”

“Well, I had a model coming in to do a quick photo layout for the store. I need to get the pictures to the printer for processing and so I can create my website. I need some visibility so I can get more customers into this store. You can see I am not bringing many people in.”

“Sorry, man. I just came in to look around and buy some more clothes. I am going for a new look. Time to show off instead of hiding behind my sweats.”

“Cool…hey, I just had a thought. Would you be my model? You are way hotter than the guy I was going to have and I think we can do each other a favor. Here’s the deal. Any clothing that you model for me for the catalog, you get to keep. Plus, if I get enough pictures, I will give you $500. How’s that?”

“Wow, that’s some offer, I would be stupid not to take it. Neon, you got yourself a deal.”

They sealed the contract with a firm handshake.

Neon escorted Bruno to the changing room and started taking measurements of Bruno. He placed the measuring tape on Bruno’s chest, arms, waist and snaked it up his thighs. Bruno was getting a little excited by all of this attention and it did not go unnoticed by Neon.

“Okay, I got your measurements. Now, I need you to strip out of your singlet and start trying on the clothes I am going to get for you.”

“Great, I can’t wait.”

Neon walked away and Bruno took off his singlet and adjusted his cock. He willed it to go down and slowly it did. Neon returned with a huge assortment of clothes: Pants, shirts, shoes, socks.

“Okay, why don’t you start with the vinyl pants and shirt?”

“Cool, whatever you say.” Bruno put the vinyl shirt over his head and brought it down to his chest. It felt warm and snug against his expansive chest. He then slid the pants on. He had a tough time getting it past his huge thighs but after some time, they slid up. Bruno looked at himself in the mirror and liked what he saw. The outfit made him look like some futuristic, hot bodybuilder. He loved it and his cock twitched in his pants.

“Bruno, come over here so I can take those pictures now. You look really good in that getup.”

Neon proceeded to snap pictures and give Bruno instructions on how to pose and look at the camera. The day continued with Bruno trying on all sorts of outfits showing off his body and Neon snapping away, marveling at this muscle god before him. All the outfits had been shot so now it was time for the underwear.

Bruno was high on the attention and the way he looked in his clothes. His cock was half hard the entire time and now he had to try on the underwear. He loved the way he looked in the skimpy thongs. He can’t believe that he used to think this stuff look faggy. It made him look so hot.

Neon handed him the last piece of underwear. It was a leather jockstrap. When Bruno’s hand touch the jock, his whole body shook. He never felt anything so wonderful. He had to have this on. He quickly took off the zebra thong he was wearing and lifted the jock up his thighs and rested it on his waist. He loved the way the leather felt encasing his cock in warmth. He could smell the leather too and it made his cock rock hard.

Neon was snapping away. He loved that this muscle stud was getting into it. He wanted to have him right now but he was almost finished with the pictures. This was going to be a great catalog. Worth every penny he spent on the clothes for Bruno. Neon directed Bruno a few more times and took a few more shots. Something wasn’t right.

“Bruno, I need to oil you down alittle. The leather needs the shine of your body to really highlight that. Is that okay?”

“Sure, Neon, I do it all the time for competitions.”


Neon got the bottle of oil and proceeded to slather all over Bruno’s body. The two of them began to rub it all over Bruno. Neon massaged Bruno’s back and then down to his thighs. He was getting horny from touching this hot stud. He could tell Bruno was enjoying it too because Bruno was moaning to himself. Neon went to the front of Bruno and started working on his chest and then the stomach area. He noticed that Bruno’s dick was hard and big and could barely be contained in the jock. He got down on his knees and worked the oil into the big thighs with his eyes never leaving the big cock.

“Looks like you have a problem man. Anything I can do to help?”

“Neon, you’re a great guy and such, but I am straight. I just need to relax alittle.”

“Bruno, let me just jack you off, nothing wrong with the that. Just one bud giving another bud a little hand.” Neon raised his hand and started rubbing Bruno’s cock. Bruno tried to take Neon’s hand off but Neon brushed it away and Bruno really wasn’t trying. He loved the feel of another hand on his cock. He just went with the flow.

Neon could see that this big hunk was his now, he reached into the pouch and took out the 8" cock. He rubbed it all different ways. He stood up and keep one hand on the cock and another worked its way to Bruno’s tit. He started playing with it. Bruno did not put up a fight. He was lost in a sexual stupor. He had never felt like this before but he did not want it to stop.

“Yeah, Bruno, you like this. You want me to continue don’t you. You like my hand on your cock and your tit. You like it when a man touches you like this. You can’t get enough.” Neon continued the onslaught on Bruno’s cock and tit. He then took his hand off of Bruno’s tit and started manhandling Bruno’s ass. “You like it when a man grabs your ass. All that hard work at the gym is for this. You want to be touched by a man.”

Bruno was lost. The feelings he was having were overpowering his weak resistance. He just let Neon have his way with his body. He loved the way Neon had played with his tits. He liked that Neon appreciated his body and the time it took to keep it this way. He couldn’t get enough of Neon grabbing and kneading his ass. He was so close to cumming.

Neon could sense that Bruno was ready. He started to pump his hand faster. He also reached for the shutter switch and quickly snapped a few pictures. He wanted a memento of this event. This hot, straight stud yielding to his touch. A few more strokes and he felt Bruno tighten up.

“Aarrgh,” yelled Bruno as his cock erupted with his second load for the day. His whole body shook as he was pumped by Neon. Bruno spurted 4 times again and then just collapsed to the floor. His whole body covered in sweat and oil. He was very hot.

Neon took a few more shots of the spent stud and smiled.

After about 10 minutes, Bruno regained his composure and stood up. “Wow, that was great, but you can’t tell anyone.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t. Why don’t you go into the bathroom and clean up. I will get your stuff together here and cleanup.”

“Thanks, I think I will.”

After about 20 minutes, Bruno emerged from the back room in his singlet. He now felt funny in it after wearing all of the other clothes. He noticed about 10 bags of clothes waiting for him and Neon looking right at him.

“Well, these clothes are now yours. You did a great job. I am going to send the pictures out to the lab and have them processed. Why don’t you stop by in two days and we’ll see if you earned that $500. You definitely earned the clothes.”

“Great. I am spent and wow, look at the time. I missed the gym and everything. The whole day I spent here.”

“You were fantastic. Go get some sleep and then come back in two days. I will have everything ready for you then,” said Neon with a glint in his eye.

“Thanks Neon, I had fun and the clothes are totally hot. I can’t wait to wear them to the gym and out on the town. I know the chicks will dig me in these sexy clothes.”

“They certainly will.”

Bruno and Neon walked out of the store with the bags in hand and packed up Bruno’s car. Bruno shook hands with Neon and got in the car. As he was driving home, he wondered what Neon looked like under those clothes and would he be willing to jerk him off again. Once again, Bruno got hard as he thought about Neon’s hands on his body.

He parked his car and went to his apartment. He was so tired. All he could do was think about sleep. He took off his clothes and decided to sleep in one of the thongs he got from Neon’s store. He found a nice white one and put it on. He looked in the mirror and loved how it made his ass cheeks more pronounced and his dick just bulging in the pouch and snaking up the sides. He yawned and decided to give his dick a rest for the night. He couldn’t wait to go to the gym tomorrow and show off his new look. What new adventures would await him tomorrow?

BRUNO – Day 2

Bruno awoke with a start. He didn’t understand why but he had a vague feeling that the dream he was having was an erotic one and he had just gotten a shock. His dick was hard and had leaked a little precum on his hard belly. He laughed to himself and got out of bed.

“I need to get this out of my system. I need to have a hard workout today.” Bruno said to himself. Since he was going to work out, he skipped his normal shower and just decided to get dressed. He put on his jock and then decided to try out some of the clothes he had received for doing that catalog. That was one hot scene with Neon. Unconsciously, Bruno started fondling himself. He went to the bags and took out a pair of short black Lycra shorts and a tight blue tank top. It let his massive chest show through. He went to the mirror and admired the reflection. He looked good in these clothes. He wanted to show off his body to the world. Bruno packed the rest of his gym gear into his bag and left his place.

Bruno arrived at the gym and sauntered in like he owned the place. The attendant at the desk just gawked. He could not believe the changes in Bruno. He looked so hot.

Bruno walked by him without giving it a second thought and went back to the locker room. He opened his bag and took out his belt and lifting gloves. He then put the rest of the stuff in the locker and left. On his way to the weights, he grabbed a towel.

As Bruno walked into the weight room, a hush fell over the room. Everyone stopped what they were doing and just stared at the changed man. They could not believe that the man who hid behind his long hair and baggy clothes was now strutting his stuff in tight fitting clothes that left little to the imagination. Bruno took it all in and puffed up his chest. He loved being the center of attention. He noticed that the group of guys that usually stare at him the entire time he is working out were here. He decided they needed to be thanked for all of their devotion. He walked over to where they stood.

“Hey guys, normally I wouldn’t talk to you since you are always staring at me, but I have had a change of heart. Instead of hiding my bod, I have decided to show it off and share it with the world. You guys have been giving me the once over ever since I have been here and I wanted to thank you for your admiration and support. By the way, my name is Bruno.”

The four men looked at him with awe. Finally after 30 seconds of silence they chimed in.

“Dan,” said the man in the group who looked like a bodybuilder but not the size of Bruno. He was 5’11", blonde hair, blue eyes and not an ounce of hair or fat on his muscular body. He was wearing long biker shorts and a loose tank top.

“Uh…Jeff,” said the 2nd man who was 5’10, brown hair and goatee with a body that was more lean than muscular. He was wearing running shorts and a tight T-shirt that showed his great firm chest.

“Hi, I’m Drew,” said the short man in the group. He was 5’7", but built like a gymnast. He had dirty blonde hair with green eyes. He was wearing tight shorts and a string tank that showed off his tight little body.

“That makes me Blake,” said the final man in the group. He was 6’ with almost black hair and brown eyes and was more of the swimmer type. Trim but muscular. He was wearing ankle-length tights and a tank top.

“Nice to finally meet you guys. We should hang sometime together and get to know each other. Gotta keep my fans happy,” said Bruno as he chuckled.

The four men looked at each other and at the same time said, “sure, that would be great.”

“Great, well I gotta work out and then maybe we could go out tonight. I need to get laid real bad and the ladies just love to get their hands on me….”

"Sure Bruno, we would love to go out tonight. In fact, we have been invited to a party. I can’t guarantee a lot of chicks but there will be free booze, " said Dan.

“Sounds like a plan. Say Dan, could you spot me for awhile? I need to work on my chest and really push myself.”

“Yeah, why not?” Dan said as Bruno walked away and Dan mouthed the words “yes” to his friends while he took his fist down his side in a victory sign.

Bruno and Dan worked through the entire set of machines designed to push a man’s body to the limits of endurance. All the time they were working out Dan was checking out Bruno’s hot body. He wanted it so bad, but couldn’t touch it. He loved the way Bruno’s legs looked in those hot shorts and that you could tell that Bruno was hung like a horse. Bruno just exuded sexuality and knew it.

Unbeknownst to Dan, Bruno was starting to check Dan out. He remarked to himself how good Dan looked in his clothes. He just needed a little more muscle and he could give Bruno a run for his money. He was a well-put together man. Bruno even checked out the outline of Dan’s cock and noticed the hardness of it. He smiled to himself knowing he was turning another man on. Once in awhile, Bruno even had to check himself because the closeness to Dan was making him hard. That was odd.

Bruno said goodbye to Dan and Dan gave him the address to his apartment. The gang was going to meet there first and then go to the party. Dan walked back to the group and told them of his plan.

Bruno walked back to the locker room and put his clothes in the locker and removed the tight material, which had gotten soaking wet during his work. He sauntered into the showers and turned on the water. He lathered his body up and down reveling in his tight hot body. He loved the way he when he was all soaped up and slick. He was so horny that started playing with his cock and started working his hands up and down. Without even knowing it, his left hand moved around to his ass and started fingering his whole. He started thinking about chicks and their titties and it was making him more horny. Every once in a while, Dan would enter into his fantasy. Instead of disgusted him, it added to his horniness. He felt so good that he was close to cumming.

“Wait,” he said to himself. “I wanna save myself for tonight with one of those hot chicks.” And with that, he stopped working himself over and rinsed off. He walked to his locker room and changed into some clean clothes.

That night Bruno was getting excited at the thought of getting some pussy. He knew he had to look good so he could get the best women. He decided to wear some sexy black g-string, his tight leather pants and a sleeveless turtleneck that showed off his broad shoulders and huge chest. He looked at himself in the mirror, and liked what he saw. The leather felt good against his skin and his cock showed prominently in his tight pants. He also liked the smell of leather, it was so sexy. It gave Bruno a sexual charge.

Bruno sauntered to his car and got in. He drove to Dan’s apartment and after a few minutes found a parking spot a few blocks away. Bruno had never been in this section of the city and was surprised to see so many men on the street. After locking his car, Bruno started walking towards Dan’s apartment. He noticed that all the men were checking him out and he kind of liked it. In fact, he started walking with a sexier gait and thrust his chest out to show it off. Once or twice, he even checked out another guy. He thought to himself, that all these men were good looking. Whoa, what’s happening to me? Despite this inner struggle, Bruno’s cock was stirring and starting to harden in his g-string. It created a nice bulge and it got him a few whistles from men sitting on their stoops. Instead of stopping to kick their butts, he continued walking by and adjusted himself.

Bruno finally got to Dan’s apartment and for some reason he was very horny. He rang the bell and heard the door buzz. He walked up one flight of stairs and came to Dan’s door. He was about to knock, but Dan opened it.

“Wow, you look great. That t-shirt shows off that chest and those pants look like they were painted on. You are gonna get lucky tonight. C’mon in, everyone is here.” Dan said.

Bruno walked into the apartment and noticed it was done in a very modern way. All whites and blacks with photos of men with great physiques decorating the wall. Jeff was sitting in a recliner and Drew and Blake were sitting on a couch with a cowlike material.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” asked Bruno.

“Looks like you are. Why don’t you sit down and relax? Have a drink.” Said Jeff.

“Yeah, I am really horny. I can’t wait to get my rocks off.” Replied Bruno. Bruno looked at the men in the room. They were all dressed very sexy. Dan was tight black jeans and a see through shirt showing off his great bod. Jeff was in some shimmering purple pants and a black mesh shirt. Drew was wearing some tight shorts and silk electric blue shirt. Finally, Blake was wearing your typical preppy outfit; some tight chinos and a button down shirt.

“Well, man, we will make sure you get some tonight,” said Dan as he brought drinks into the room. The conversation focused on weights and diet and such. Dan kept bringing drinks but Bruno seemed to be the only one really drinking. After about 2 hours, Bruno was almost drunk.

“Well, when are we going to the party Dan?” asked Bruno.

“Bruno, this is the party in your honor. So, let’s get down and party. Blake, why don’t you put on some music? We need to do a little dancing.” Said Dan.

“Hey, I thought I was gonna get some pussy. I am outta here.” Slurred Bruno as he struggled to get up from the couch.

“Whoa, hold it there stud. Here have another drink. We can have fun without any women. I think it is time that you learned that. In fact, I think you want to, don’t you?” asked Dan as he pushed Bruno into the couch. Drew produced another drink for Bruno but this one was special. It had a special drug in it that would lower Bruno’s resistance.

“What are you talking about?” asked Bruno as he drank the drink offered to him.

“I see how lately you have made changes to your appearance. Making yourself more sexy. You even talked to us. You haven’t done that since you started at the gym 2 years ago. Now you get hard looking at us. C’mon, admit it. You want to have sex with a guy. You want to know how it feels to have your cock in a man’s mouth. You want to know what one tastes like, don’t you. You want to feel another hard body up against yours. You know you want it.” Said Dan. “Go on guys, lets give Bruno what he really wants.”

“No…I don’t want that…get away from me,” slurred Bruno.

Blake, Drew and Jeff all gathered around Bruno and start feeling him up. Blake concentrated on Bruno’s right upper side, Drew took the left and Jeff started at the bottom. Blake and Jeff started massaging Bruno’s man tits making them hard. Jeff ws rubbing Bruno’s cock through his pants and feels it get longer and harder. Bruno started moaning because it feels so good. He never knew this could feel so good. He ddin’t want it to end.

“See, I knew you would enjoy it, Bruno. You want to give. Look at me Bruno. Open your eyes and look at me” commanded Dan.

Bruno forced his eyes opened and saw Dan perform a strip tease act to the music playing in the apartment. Dan peeled his shirt off and started playing with his tits. At the same time Blake and Drew were doing the same to Bruno. Bruno’s chest was covered in a sheen of sweat. Next Bruno watched Dan slowly remove his jeans to reveal a black jockstrap that could barely contain the meat inside. Dan did a slow bump and grind and showed Bruno his ass that was framed by the straps of the jock. The hunk in front of him mesmerized Bruno. He had never been so horny in his life. He did not even notice that Blake and Drew were whispering in his ear sayings like ‘give in’, ‘isn’t Dan hot’, ‘you want him’, ‘you want to feel him’, ‘you want to have man sex’. They were bombarding his subconscious with these sayings and it was having the desired effect. Bruno raised his hands and beckoned Dan to come to him.

“Not yet stud, the show ain’t over and I want you to beg for it,” Dan said. Dan then proceeded to remove the jock and show his manhood. It was about 8 inches long and pointing straight up. His balls hung down and he was totally hairless. As the music was coming to end, Dan gyrated to the beat and moved within a foot of Bruno. During the dance, Jeff removed Bruno’s shoes and his pants. Bruno’s cock was tented in his g-string.

“Ever the slut eh Bruno. You have to be gay, no straight man would wear a g-string like the one you have on. Now, tell me what you want.” Taunted Dan.

“I need you, I need to taste you. Please let me have you. I need your mouth on my cock. It is so hard. Please let me have you.” Pleaded Bruno.

“Alright, since you asked so nicely.” Dan replied. He motioned for the 3 other guys to move away from Bruno. They did so and started stripping themselves. They got together and started making out, all the while watching the scene unfold before their eyes.

Dan approached Bruno and lay on top of him. He ground his dick against the g-string. He felt that it was wet with precum and that Bruno was hard and big. He started licking Bruno at his neck and his ears. Bruno arched his back. He never felt so erotic and horny. As Dan went to kiss Bruno, Bruno balked.

“I ain’t ready to kiss anyone yet.”

“Okay stud, but you will soon. I promise.”

Dan returned to the tongue bath. He lowered himself to Bruno’s tits and start sucking on one and pinching the other. Bruno could do nothing but sigh and let himself ride the wave of pleasure. Dan continued to work Bruno’s tits for about 30 minutes. He knew he was getting Bruno hot and bothered. He wanted to break down that resistance. He next proceeded to the hard abs of Bruno and worked his tongue on his belly button. While “rimming” his belly button, Dan reached down and removed the g-string. Bruno’s hard cock slapped his cheek. Dan then proceeded to work his mouth around Bruno’s cock and suck his balls and also lick the inside of his thighs.

“Ah man, that feels so good, come on and blow me please.” Bruno pleaded.

“You don’t have to ask me twice. You don’t know how long I have waited to do this.” Dan said.

Dan decided to take it nice and slow. He licked the outside, then the head back to the outside. He slowly lowered his mouth on Bruno’s cock. He worked it up and down. He took various paces and rhythms to bring Bruno to the edge without letting him cum. He loved the sweet torture he was bringing to Bruno. The other three men where now egging Dan on to let him come. They were all masturbating to the scene and were helping each other out. After a good 20 minutes, Dan decided it was time.

He renewed his efforts on Bruno’s cock. He took it all the way down and back up. He worked the back of his throat and sucked Bruno’s cock like his life depended on it.

“So close, c’mon Dan, finish me off, please.”

“Alright, but you know you are going to have to let me kiss you when it’s over”

Bruno thought about it for two seconds. How bad could it be to let a guy kiss you? It didn’t make you a fag, Italians did it all the time.

“Alright, just bring me off now!” yelled Bruno.

“As you wish.” Dan took Bruno’s cock in his mouth and bobbed his head up and down, all the while sucking like a vacuum. He worked the head of the cock, which caused Bruno to tense up. It wasn’t long now. With one last effort, Dan took Bruno’s cock all the way down and did some tongue action on the cock. This was the last straw. Dan felt Bruno tense and then hot cum sprayed in his throat. Dan took it all and continued to milk the cock. After a few minutes, Bruno was spent. Dan knew now was the time.

He rose up and took Bruno’s head is his hands and pressed his lips to Bruno’s. At first Bruno resisted, but he was so lost in the stupor, he gave in. Bruno opened his mouth and accepted Dan’s kiss. After a few moments, Bruno got into it and started returning the kiss. He felt Dan’s tongue go in his mouth and it had an odd flavor. He then realized he was tasting his own cum. Instead of feeling disgust, Bruno intensified the kiss. He grabbed Dan’s head and passionately kissed Dan back. This was too much for the men in the room. They each came in torrents and got the rug in the apartment soaked in cum. Dan’s cock exploded all over Bruno. Bruno didn’t care, this felt good.

Dan broke the kiss and said, “now that wasn’t so bad now was it? It looks like you enjoyed it. Can’t wait to see what else you have to offer.”

Bruno smiled at Dan and with a hungry look in his eye said, “who knows what tomorrow may bring?” And with that, the exhausted Bruno fell asleep.

BRUNO – Day 3

Bruno awoke with a start. Where the fuck am I? How the fuck did I get here? His head hurt. As he slowly gathered his wits, he looked around the room. Slowly his brain cells registered what he saw and he remembered.

He remembered Dan and his seductive dance, the great blow job he got from Dan and the final kiss. Without even thinking about it, Bruno’s cock was hard and he was stroking it. He never knew a man before could turn him on. Now, instead of thinking of it as sick, he thought it was not that bad. He still loved pussy, but that mouth on his cock was the best he had.

“Randy even this morning aren’t we sexy?” asked Dan as he stood in the doorway naked.

Bruno looked at Dan and was more turned on than before. “Well, I always wake up with a morning woody,” explained Bruno.

“You were one hell of a hot stud last night. I hope we can continue what we started.”

“I was shit-faced last night and don’t remember much,” lied Bruno.

“Well, let me refresh your memory.” Dan walked over to Bruno and brushed aside the blanket. He quickly brought Bruno’s cock in his mouth and proceeded to blow him. Bruno just leaned back and let the sensations flow through him.

Dan worked on Bruno’s dick and slowly moved his hands to Bruno’s tits and played with them. Bruno felt the electricity go from his tits to his dick. His dick got even harder. He just let himself go. Dan quickened his pace and started fondling Bruno’s balls. He knew this would get Bruno to get off quickly. Bruno started moaning and tensed his entire body as he shot into Dan’s waiting mouth. Dan sucked greedily as Bruno shot his morning load into his mouth. He swallowed the bodybuilder’s juice and savored every minute.

Once Bruno was spent, Dan licked his way up Bruno’s body and planted a kiss on the lips. Without thinking, Bruno reciprocated with so much passion it scared him. He sucked on Dan’s tongue and couldn’t get enough of him. After a few minutes of kissing, Dan just lay on top of Bruno with a contented look on his face. Bruno looked at Dan and could not believe how he had done it again. He was straight but he liked what he was doing. A thought entered his mind on how he could make this last.

“Dan, I have to go over to a shop and look at some model shots of me. If they are good enough, I will be getting some cash or the owner may want me to pose for more. That’s how I got my new cool clothes to wear. Do you want to come with me?”

Dan was in shock. Here was this straight bodybuilder asking him to pal around with him. “Sure, I would love to. What is the name of the place?”

“I think Club Lambda…it is run by a cool dude named Neon. Do you know it?”

“Know it, I shop there all the time.” Dan was confused but ecstatic. How did Bruno find Club Lambda, and why did he pose for a catalog of gay clothes?

“Great. Let’s take a shower and go over there. I want to see the photos of me.”

“You don’t have to ask me twice!”

The two men went to the bathroom. Bruno started the shower and got it good and warm. He stepped in and started soaping himself. He was so lost in thought; he didn’t even notice that Dan had gotten in with him. Dan started washing Bruno’s back. Bruno was startled but it felt good. As he soaped himself up, he felt Dan wash his back and it excited Bruno.

“Here let me get your back,” said Bruno.

They both turned and Bruno stared at the beautiful back of Dan. He was quite muscular and well put together. Bruno started washing Dan’s back then moved down. He looked at Dan’s butt. It was so muscular. Two huge globes of muscle. He never realized how sexy a man’s butt is. He wanted to touch it. He moved his hands down Dan’s back and started massaging Dan’s butt.

“Feels good Bruno, don’t stop”

Bruno continued to manhandle Dan’s ass. He loved the way it felt in his hands. He wanted more. Slowly, Bruno’s hands moved toward the front of Dan’s body, bringing Bruno’s body closer to Dan’s. Bruno found Dan’s dick and started playing with it.

“Oh man, Bruno, that feels so good. Don’t stop.”

Bruno pumped the cock in his hands. If felt so different to feel another man’s cock in his hands but somehow it felt right. Meanwhile, Bruno was humping his cock against Dan’s ass. It felt so smooth to move his cock up the asscrack of Dan. He was so turned on. His hand moved faster on Dan’s cock. He felt it stiffen and after a few seconds, he felt it pulse and shoot cum all over. His hand became covered in cum as he continued to stroke Dan’s cock.

“Oh gawd, that was great….that was some handjob. I really needed it.” Said Dan.

“My way of saying thank you for blowing me.”

“Thanks. Now lets finish this shower and get over to Neon. I want to see those pictures of you in all of those hot clothes.”


With that, the two of them rinsed off, got out of the shower, and dried off.

“Bruno, do you need something to wear?”

“Yeah, what do you got?”

“My closet is your closet. I want to see what you come out with.”

After a few minutes of rummaging through Dan’s closet and drawers, Bruno came out of the room wearing some denim shorts split up the sides and a wife beater T-shirt. He also borrowed some work boots. He looked like the typical gay gym boy you see on the street.

“Wow, you look great.”

“Thanks, let’s go.”

Bruno and Dan walked into Club Lambda at about 1 pm. There were a few customers in the store just browsing. When the two big men walked in, all eyes were upon them. Two hot studs had just entered the building.

Bruno walked towards the back to find Neon while Dan followed. Bruno found Neon in the back bent over a table.

“Neon, how’s it hanging? I know I am a day early, but I couldn’t wait. Did the pictures come in? How do they look?”

Neon was startled by the interruption and turned around. His mouth almost dropped to the floor as he saw Bruno dressed up as a typical gay stud. What had happened in the time between the photo shoot and now? Neon really didn’t care because he liked what he saw and he would try to use it to his advantage.

“Bruno, calm down. The pictures did come in and that is what I am looking at. You look as great in them as you look today.”

“Cool. I brought my friend Dan over too to see them. I hope that is okay?”

Dan walked into the room. “Hi Neon, how is it going?”

“Great Dan. Nice to see ya. I was just telling Bruno how great he looks in these pictures.”

The three of them went over to the table. Neon was on the left, Bruno is in the center and Dan is on the right with his left hand on Bruno’s shoulder.

“Wow, these are great. They should help you sell a lot of clothes Neon.” Said Dan.

“Yeah, I know. This should really help me move my inventory. Hey, I just got some leather stuff in. Do you guys want to see it?”

“yeah, sure” said Bruno.

“Come this way.” Neon walked further to the back of the store. He then stopped and motioned to racks of leather goods: Harnesses, hoods, pants, jock straps, cod pieces, belts, gloves, hats and boots. Bruno stood in awe of the stuff in front of him. He didn’t know what half the stuff was, but the smell alone was turning him on. Dan, on the other hand, was turned on by the stuff because he knew what to do with it.

“Wow, what is this stuff?” Bruno asked.

“Just your typical leather stuff that any leather loving person wants. Hey, I got an idea. Since the two of you are here would you do me a favor? Bruno did so great in the first photo shoot, I think I could use the two of you in a second one to showcase the leather. What do you think?” asked Neon.

“What a great idea. C’mon Bruno it would be fun trying on all these clothes. You may never know, you may like it.”

Bruno was too mesmerized by the smell of leather to disagree. All he could say was, “Yeah, sure” in an awestruck tone.

Neon squealed in delight as he led Bruno and Dan to the dressing area.

“Okay guys, strip out of those clothes and oil each other up. I need you guys nice and shiny for all these shots.” Neon said.

"Cool,’ replied Bruno.

Bruno and Dan stripped out of their street clothes in the small confined room. Their skin touched many times and each time Bruno felt a tingle where Dan had touched him. He saw Dan reach over to the shelf and pick up a bottle. He squirted some stuff in his hands and Bruno realized it was the oil.

“First, I’ll do you and then you can do me.” Dan said.

“Sure, I do this all the time getting ready for competitions.” Bruno said matter-of-factly.

Dan started rubbing the oil on Bruno’s muscular back. He could see every muscle and ridge and he loved the feeling of the strength beneath his hands. He slowly lowered his hands to Bruno’s butt and gave the twin globes of power a good covering of oil. Dan squirted some more oil on Bruno’s butt and some slithered between his ass checks.

“Ooops, sorry,” Dan said apologetically.

“No problem….” Replied Bruno as the slathering of oil on his back was slowly turning him on.

Dan parted Bruno’s ass checks and spread the oil all around Bruno’s hole. He lightly brushed by it and heard Bruno gasp. Dan smiled to himself and thought that there was hope for Bruno yet. He continued to spread the oil on Bruno’s ass luxuriating in the feel of it, the smoothness and the firmness. His cock was hard and leaking a little precum. He had to move on.

Dan put some more oil on his hands and proceeded to cover the powerful thighs and calves of Bruno with oil. Dan loved the feeling of hard muscle and knew he had to have more of this muscle god.

“Okay, all done on the back, turn around.” Dan ordered.

Bruno turned around and saw that Dan had a hard-on. He smiled to himself knowing that just having Dan feel his body would turn him on. He loved that feeling of power he had over Dan and he thought of ways to use that power.

Dan put more oil on his hands and started covering Bruno’s chest with a nice sheen. As he passed by Bruno’s nipples, Bruno had a small intake of breath and his dick twitched. This did not go unnoticed by Dan. Dan worked his way to Bruno’s hard abs and was mesmerized by the ridges. The oil seemed to pool in the valleys of Bruno’s abs. Getting this close to Bruno, he started smelling the heady man odor coming from Bruno’s crotch. As he lowered himself down to work on that area, he almost got smacked in the face with Bruno’s cock.

“That always happens when someone oils me up, but you are doing a better job than most.” Bruno remarked.

“I have a good subject.”

Dan proceeded to finish covering Bruno’s crotch area with oil and then quickly grabbed Bruno’s cock and covered it with oil. Bruno moaned as Dan worked his hands up and down the shaft and worked the balls.

“Hey man, that feels great but we got work to do!”

“Yeah, I understand,” said a defeated Dan. “All done, my turn.”

Bruno looked at himself in the mirror and could not believe how hot he was. The shimmer of the oil did something to make him look bigger and better. The glistening made him look more powerful. His cock got hard and he thought he was just one big sex machine, ready to take on any male or female that he wanted.

“Yo, Bruno, snap out of it, we need to get moving.” Dan shouted.

“Wow, yeah, …., gimmee that oil.” Replied Bruno.

Bruno decided to start on Dan’s chest and let the oil drip onto it. He quickly slathered the oil onto Dan’s chest but then realized he loved the feel of Dan all slick and muscular and he slowed down. He savored the feeling of fullness in Dan’s chest. It was similar to a chick’s but harder, more defined. He thought he liked this type of chest better. He lowered his hands to Dan’s abs and marveled at their definition. He loved the way the oil glistened and made the abs look like a little mountain range. He could tell Dan liked the attention because Dan’s eyes were closed, he was moaning and his cock was standing straight up. Bruno decided to let Dan get lost in the feelings. He lowered himself to his knees and starting oiling up Dan’s hips and crotch. He slowly touched Dan’s cock and covered it with oil. Dan moaned and starting pumping his hips into Bruno’s hand.

“Wow, their bud. No time for that.”

“But it feels so good.”

"Bruno then covered Dan’s powerful thighs, knees and shins. He then swiftly stood up and turned Dan around before Dan knew what was happening. Bruno then drizzled some of the oil onto Dan’s back and massaged it into the strong muscles beneath. He made sure to cover every inch of the large back and lowered himself to stare directly at Dan’s ass. Why did it look so good? Bruno could not believe he never noticed how sexy a man’s ass is. So powerful, so grabable. He covered his hands with oil and kneaded the ass cheeks. He plied them apart and ran his hand through the crack of Dan’s ass. Dan moaned some more and Bruno saw a puddle develop on the ground in front of him. Dan’s hole was fascinating. Bruno decided to look closer. He noticed how inviting it was and it smelled so good. He got his face up in that hole and sniffed and exhaled.

“Bud, if you keep doing that, I am going to shoot right now.”


Bruno thought that the smell from Dan’s ass was better than any women’s pussy and thought he might like to go for a dive. But, he was not ready for that. At least, he wasn’t YET. Bruno quickly worked the back of Dan’s legs and stood up and said, “All done.”

With that, the two men looked at each other in a mirror and smiled. They were two hot studs ready to pose for pictures to make other men hot. Their cocks twitched with excitement.

They both exited the dressing room and found Neon laying out the clothes and contraptions on a table. At the far end of the room, there was a dungeon setup complete with a cross and a sling.

“What the fuck is that stuff?” said a surprised Bruno.

“Oh, that is just the scenery I want for the shots of you guys in leather. It adds to the mystique.” Replied Neon.

“Well, er…I gotta go pee, so I will be right back,” said Bruno. As he walked away, Neon and Dan started talking, never taking their eyes off of the bathroom door.

Bruno returned and found Dan in a full leather outfit. Neon asked Bruno to put some clothes on. Because of Bruno’s size, it took him some time to get the leather chaps onto his legs and Neon had to help him with the harness. Neon also handed him a hood.

Neon led Bruno to the cross and had him stand against it. He shackled him in.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

“Don’t worry, we won’t hurt you. In fact you will have fun.”

With those words, Dan came over and posed for a variety of shots. Feeling Bruno up and getting him all hot and bothered. The afternoon wore on with each of them taking turns on the cross and displaying all of the different leather and bondage products. With each outfit, the hunks were getting more turned on. Their cocks were hard and it was very evident in the shots that the men were getting off on wearing leather.

“Break time…you guys are doing great. I have some food and drink over there so help yourself. I need to set up another shot and close the shop.”

With each guy in just a leather harness and jockstrap, they sauntered over to the table and saw a nice spread of cold cuts, salads and some alcohol.

“Hey man, want a drink?” asked Dan.

“Sure, how about a beer, I am very thirsty.” Replied Bruno.

“Coming right up.” With that, Dan went over to the cooler, opened a bottle of beer and poured some liquid into it. He walked back over to Bruno, and handed him the beer. “Here ya go, one cold one. Bottoms up.”

Bruno took the beer and proceeded to gulp it down. He finished the bottle in 10 seconds. “Boy, must have been thirstier than I thought.” Bruno then walked over to the cooler and grabbed another beer.

The two of them got their meals and sat in a corner. They talked about a variety of topics until Bruno started slowing down.

“Hey Bud, what’s happening?” asked Dan.

“I don’t know but I feel funny.”

“Naw, you feel horny. You liked my ass so much you want to fuck it, don’t you stud.”

“What..naw…I just …” Bruno’s cock got rock hard as his mind filled with the image of Dan’s butt and hole. It was so perfect, better than pussy. He really did want it.

“Bruno, look at me…I know your horny I can see your cock through the jockstrap.” Dan started massaging Bruno’s cock. Bruno moaned. “I felt the way you held my ass and how you liked the smell of it…you want it…you want my man pussy. You want to eat and fuck my man pussy. Tell me and it is yours.”

Bruno stared into Dan’s eyes but he saw nothing but his ass and his pucker. It looked so good to him, it smelled so good to him, he had to have it. He had to have his first man pussy. He was salivating and his cock jutted through the top of the waistband and it was wet.

“I want your man pussy. I have to have it now Dan!”

Dan smiled. He was going to have this straight bodybuilder eat his ass out and then fuck him. He was in heaven. He led Bruno over to the sling. Dan got in the sling and looked over Bruno’s shoulder and noticed Neon setting up the video equipment. This was going to be good. Dan grabbed the hood that was hanging on the chain and put it on his head. He didn’t want to be known in this video.

“Bruno, look at my ass and do what you always wanted to do with my man pussy. You know you want it.”

Bruno gazed at the beautiful ass that was in front of him. He knelt down and spread the cheeks. He wanted this so bad that he was ignoring that small voice in him telling him he was straight. It was overwhelmed by the voice of urgency saying that a pussy was a pussy no matter if it belonged to a man or a woman. He breathed in the aroma. It was heady stuff and made him even hornier. He dove in with his tongue and worked Dan’s hole with a fervor Dan had never felt before. Dan was lost in sensory overload as Bruno attacked his hole.

Bruno continued to lap at the manhole of Dan. His straightness losing the battle as it fought against the drug and the hypnotic condition of the Professor. He had to have more. His mind was being imprinted with this smell and forever wiring it to his pleasure centers. He would always love rimming a man’s ass and this was just the beginning.

The need of Bruno’s cock was fighting against the need of Bruno’s ass lust. But, as you know, the cock always wins out. Without even thinking, Bruno stands up and starts dry humping Dan’s ass. He loves the feeling. He continues to do this until some unseen hand, covers his cock with a condom and slathers it with oil.

Without a second thought he rams his cock full force into Dan’s ass. Dan screams and almost passes out from the pain but it slowly passes as Bruno’s fat cock hits his prostate button and Dan is in a euphoric, sexual bliss. This hot, straight stud was fucking his ass with abandon, and it felt great.

Bruno was lost in his own world. The man pussy was much tighter than a woman’s pussy. How could he have not known? It felt so good as Dan tightened his ass ring to heighten the pleasure to Bruno’s cock. Bruno pumped faster. Again the drug and the hypnotic suggestions were assaulting his mind. Bruno would find no more pleasure in fucking a women, it was man pussy or nothing. How could he ever go back? He continued thrusting into Dan until he could stand it no more. He felt his balls constrict as he gave one final thrust and came and came and came. It seemed to go forever.

At the same time as Bruno thrust into Dan, Dan’s cock exploded cum all over his body, some even shot over his head. As Bruno slowed down, Dan continued to pump his own cock, lost in his own pleasure.

Bruno finally could not pump anymore. His whole body was reveling in the sexual high of his first fucking of man pussy. He collapsed on top of Dan, forming a cum sandwich between two hot bodybuilding studs. Dan, feeling the weight of Bruno upon him, hugged him tight and enjoyed the sexual bliss. The two hunks fell into a contented sleep.

In the corner, the video camera stopped and Neon slumped to the floor. He had his pants down to his ankles, his cock out and it was covered in cum. He couldn’t believe what he just saw. Not only would he sell a lot of his clothes, he may now get into the porno business. Neon started planning his future as he drifted off to sleep.

BRUNO – Day 4

Bruno slowly came to consciousness and noticed the smell of sex permeated the air. He likes it. He also noticed that he was sleeping onto of somebody. When he turned his head to look at who it was, he found Dan looking at him with a huge grin on his face.

“Hey sleepy head, that was one hot fuck you gave me. It wore you out. You have been sleeping for 9 hours. Time to get up and seize the rest of the day!” said Dan.

Bruno shook his head and pushed himself away. As he did, he noticed that he was sticking to Dan. He realized this was dried cum and his dick got hard. The events of the evening came back to him and he liked the feeling.

“Wo, you are one randy motherfucker,” exclaimed Dan.

“Hey, I can’t help myself when I am around some hot thing like you. Boy, last night was hot, I never did anything like that. This leather stuff is hot and boy your ass is tight. I may never go back to pussy again.” Said Bruno.

“Wow, Mister Macho Bodybuilder is actually getting to like getting it on with guys. Be still my cock. I am going to have to send a bulletin out.” Chided Dan.

“Now, you don’t have to go that far. I just went with the flow.”

“Hey guys, glad to see you are up. I took the film to the film store and put a rush on it. It is a shame that I won’t get them back til tomorrow, but boy, you guys are going to make me a lot of money. Anytime you want to do it again, just let me know. Anything you want, you can have.” Beamed Neon.

“Well, since you put it that way, why don’t you give us the stuff we wore during the shoot and pay for a night on the town. I heard that Stallion is having an amateur strippers night, and I have just the person to perform,” said Dan as he winked at Bruno.

“Now, wait a minute, I can’t go to a bar and strip. I have a reputation to maintain. Plus, I am not ready for it.” Said Bruno.

“C’mon Bruno, you know you want to wear the leather again, plus you could wear the hood the entire time and no one would know. And the added bonus is, there will be more hot men than you know what to do with, begging to be with you as you whip them into a frenzy.”

Bruno thought for a moment and felt his cock twitch. He closed his eyes and imagined himself on stage; gyrating to the music and seeing the hot men get riled up because of him. He liked that thought and was sold on the idea.

“Okay, I’m in. But I want the full leather outfit to go along so I got something to take off. I am going to show those guys what Bruno can do on stage. I am going to whip them into a frenzy til they all blow their loads,” ranted Bruno.

“You go boy,” said Neon.

“C’mon stud, we got to get ready for your big night,” said Dan.

And with that, Neon watched the two guys go into the dressing room with harnesses and jockstraps and smiled. He had a gold mine here and he wasn’t about to blow it. He gathered up the leather gear and put it in a bag. He then got on the phone and made plans for his future.

Dan, Jeff, Drew, Blake, and Neon were all in the audience awaiting the arrival of Bruno on stage. The current guy on stage was cute and all but they wanted their big straight bodybuilder to “come out.”

“So Dan, what does he look like tonight?” asked Jeff.

“I have no idea, he came here on his own and would not let me see him. He said he would just show up for the show.” Replied Dan.

With that, the music stopped and then stud on stage was done. He was left on the stage with nothing but nipple rings. He was cheered on by the crowd and walked off. The announcer, a hot number dressed in full leather, got up to the microphone.

"We have one more entry tonight men, and I am sure you will not be disappointed. It is his first night here at the Stallion so let’s make him feel welcome. Heeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’s Brock!

Dan, Jeff, Drew, Blake and Neon all looked at each other with surprised and mouthed the word, Brock?

As the music started, Bruno walked out in full leathers. He had his hood on so no one could see who he was. He had on a leather jacket, tight leather pants with zippers up the leg and thigh high leather boots. The bar went crazy as the stud took center stage and just stood there as the music blared. Finally, as the music got louder and got a good beat going, Bruno started swaying to the music. He was moving his hips side to side and slowly picked up the tempo.

Dan had never seen anything like it. Slowly, Bruno unzipped his leather jacket and revealed his torso. It was covered in a harness that highlighted his massive pecs. He had chains all over it and his arms were banded by wide leather strip. The most amazing sight was that Bruno was wearing a studded dog collar. The whole scene was so erotic as Bruno picked up the pace and started his seductive dance.

The bar was already in a frenzy and some men were rubbing their crotches. Farther away from the stage, some men were fucking each other while watching Bruno dance.

Bruno pawed his chest, played with his nipples the entire time he was dancing. He even gave the bar a double bicep pose which stretched the armbands. Bruno then turned around and gave the audience a view of his back crisscrossed with leather. But most of the audience was looking at his beefy butt encased in leather. He bent at the waist and started moving side to side showing off his massive cheeks.

Bruno then turned and faced the audience and undid the zipper on his left leg and teased the audience with a shot of his muscular thighs and calf. He then undid the zipper on his right leg. With the leather flapping, Bruno did some more suggestive dancing and with a flourish, took his leather pants off, to reveal a leather jockstrap barely containing the man flesh in it.

As before, Bruno gave a wildly erotic dance showing off all of his body parts. When he would turn around and show his butt surrounded by the jock straps, the men in the bar howled. By this time, most of the men were mesmerized by the show and all had hard ons. Some had wetspots on their jeans, others had hands down their pants and still others were giving hand jobs to their neighbor.

By this time, Bruno was covered in a sheen of sweat and oil. He was so erotically charged, he let go of all inhibition. He slowly lowered the jockstrap and revealed a small leather g-string. His large cock was protruding from the top. As he danced some more, one could see his large nuts almost fall out of the sac and his butt was displayed in all of its glory. The crowd went nuts.

Dan’s mouth was opened. He could not believe that a few days ago, the hot stud on stage was a homophobic bodybuilder ready to punch any guy out just for looking at him funny and now, the same guy is getting off at guys looking at him. What a turnaround this was.

Bruno was reaching the end of the dance. The music was reaching its end. When it was time, Bruno dropped his g-string and hit the double bicep pose again, just as the music stopped.

The crowd gasped and the place was silent for just a moment. It then erupted in applause and loud cheers. Bruno reached down and brought his g-string back into place and started bowing to the crowd. They would not stop. They were hooting, whistling, shouting and cheering. Finally, the MC got up on stage.

“Well, it looks like we have a winner. Brock, that was some performance. You are one hot man. Congrats and here is your check for $250.”

“Thanks, I owe it all to two people who are here tonight. Neon, of Club Lamda, for the clothes. And Dan, who showed me the way.”

The crowd cheered as Bruno left the stage. Dan and the gang ran backstage to congratulate Bruno.

“Bruno, that was totally hot.” Dan said.

“Thanks, I liked it now get your ass over here.” Said Bruno as he grabbed Dan and gave him a big kiss. They started groping each other when they realized that the other men were in the group.

“Don’t just stand there, join the fun.” Said Bruno.

The gang looked at each other stunned that Bruno would say that but who were they to argue with the winner tonight. They each disrobed and started kissing and licking and nibbling whatever was near them.

Bruno was lost in his own world. He loved the feel of Dan in his arms and really wanted to thank him for everything. He slowly lowered himself to Dan’s crotch and undid the leather pants.

“Bruno, are you sure you want to do this?” asked Dan who secretly didn’t want to ask.

“Dan, I have never been quite sure until tonight.” Replied Bruno.

With that, Bruno reached out and pulled Dan’s dick out of the pants. Bruno studied the cock. He couldn’t believe that he was ever afraid of it. It was beautiful and right now, he wanted nothing more than to suck it. He slowly licked the shaft savoring the musk flavor. He purred to himself as he felt his rod stiffen. He couldn’t take this anymore. He cautiously lowered his mouth onto Dan’s cock. He started at the crown and flicked his tongue all around it. He even gave the piss slit a nice cleaning. He loved the flavor but he wanted more.

He lowered himself more onto the tool and savored the tasted and texture of the cock. He loved how it felt in his mouth. It felt right. He always wanted to have a cock in his mouth, no more pussy for him.

As Bruno was lost in his cocksucking, Drew saw his opportunity and positioned himself under Bruno and starting to give Bruno a blowjob. Bruno felt the warm moist mouth on his cock and let it continue. He just sighed erotically and Drew gave him the 2nd best blowjob of his life.

Well, not one to let someone else have all the fun, Blake knelt behind Bruno, spread his cheeks and started to rim him. Bruno moaned loudly as new sensations hit him. He had never been so erotically turned on as he was right now. His mouth was full of cock for the first time, his cock was being expertly blown and his ass was being rimmed for the first time and Bruno loved it.

Just as he thought it could not get any better, the gang maneuvered Bruno onto a table onto his back. Dan was kneeling and giving Bruno his cock above his head which gave Bruno a great view of the ass and balls of Dan, Drew was on Bruno’s left and continuing to give him a blowjob, Blake was at the rear and rimming Bruno for all it was worth. Now, Neon and Jeff were working their way up to work on Bruno’s tits. They were so inviting in the harness that each wanted a part of this fun.

Bruno was lost. The sensations were overriding his brain. He was just a sexual being with nothing to do but give and receive sex. Dan, looking down on Bruno, could not believe the past days’ events. He looked at his friends using Bruno as a sexual plaything and it caused his cock to expand. He was ready to shoot. He started to pull out, but Bruno stopped him. Bruno pleaded with his eyes for him to leave his cock where it was. Dan could not believe it. This sent him over the edge and he came and came in Bruno’s mouth. Bruno felt Dan’s cock expand and then the cum hit the back of his throat. He swallowed and swallowed. The taste of cum sent him over the edge and Drew felt the impending climax and withdrew his mouth and replaced it with his hand. Bruno shot and shot while swallowing all of Dan’s man juice. Drew continued to pump Bruno’s dick as it shot all over his chest. The rest of the gang stopped what they were doing and started jacking off. Within 1 minute all of them were cumming onto Bruno and he loved it and he knew he would want more as he surrendered to unconsciousness.

BRUNO – Day 5

Bruno felt someone kissing his cheek gently as he awoke from his sexual stupor. As he opened his eyes, he saw it was Dan.

“Hey, stud, its about time you came to.” Dan said.

“Well, all of you just wore me out…how long have I been out of it,” Bruno asked.

“Only about 15 minutes, it is just about 1 a.m. in the morning.”

“Wow, I can’t believe I did all those things but man, it felt right.”

“Bruno, you have come a long way in a week. I never thought I would see this type of change from you.”

“Me neither, but I guess I just needed the right incentive and the right guy…and Dan thanks for being both.”

Dan blushed. “No problem stud, you are the hottest man I have ever met and I just wanted to be with you once.”

“Hopefully, there will be more, but right now I just gotta get home and sleep. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a big day for me. I don’t know why, but I do.”

“Well, I hate to see you go but if you must, you must. I think I will stay around with the guys here and see if we can stir up some more trouble. That hot little number before you is just too cute to pass up. See ya soon.”

“Y’know Dan, you are insatiable…but I understand. I wanted to fuck him while we were waiting to get on stage. But, I gotta get home since I need to train for competition.”

“Don’t forget these!” said Dan as he handed Bruno his leather gear.

Bruno, took the clothes and put them on and instantly he gave Dan a hardon. Dan could not believe how hot he looked in that outfit. Once Bruno got his clothes on, he walked back out into the bar into the river of Men. He was like Moses as he sauntered to the door. The throng of men just parted to let him through even though a few men did try to touch him and feel him up. Others, even placed their phone numbers in Bruno’s hands and down his pants. He smiled, he loved the attention but he needed to get home. Just as he was about to leave through the door, the men cheered once again. Bruno waved to the men and left the club.

Bruno had a little trouble hailing a cab but after a few minutes, one did stop and then took him home.

He took in his apartment and smiled. He really liked his life and knew that it was going to get better. He took off his jacket and walked into his bedroom. The phone rang.


“Is this Bruno,” questioned a deep voice.

“Yes, it is,” replied Bruno. And the night faded into oblivion.

Bruno awoke in his bed naked. He did not remember how he got here or what happened. The last thing he remembered was walking into his apartment.

“Well, enough of that,” said Bruno. He got out of bed and took a shower and shaved himself from head to toe. Today was the day he went to the Professor’s for a week of specialized mental training and he wanted to be ready for it.

Bruno went to his dresser and noticed some of his clothes were missing. He frantically looked around the room looking for some clue as to why. His eyes landed onto two suitcases. Oh, that’s right, I must have packed them last night Bruno thought to himself. As he continued to take in the room, he noticed some clothes on his chair. It looked to be a lycra singlet and some short leather shorts. Oh, I put these out knowing I would be fully packed.

Bruno put the singlet on without any underwear and adjusted his cock. He looked in the mirror. He loved the way the material shined and showed off his buff body. He then put the tight shorts on and sized himself up again. The leather shorts showed off his powerful thighs and his big beefy but. Bruno started feeling himself up and was getting turned on. He never realized how hot he was and how much he loved it. He snapped out of these erotic feelings realizing he was late getting to the Professor. He put on his socks and shoes, grabbed his suitcases and walked out of his apartment.

He went to his car on the street and put the suitcases in the trunk. He was getting some looks from people on the street so he decided to strut his stuff by puffing out his chest and showing off his big beefy butt. A cute boy walked by and Bruno growled at him. The boy looked back and smiled but continued walking.

Bruno got in his car and started the engine. He was late and knew the Professor would be mad if he got there too late. He pulled out into the street and raced all the way to the Professor’s house. Once in front of the house, Bruno took out his suitcases, shut the trunk and walked up to the front door. He rang the doorbell.

The door opened to reveal the Professor in his standard tight black jeans and t-shirt. Bruno’s cock got instantly hard as he took in the handsome man in front of him.

“Bruno, come on in, you made it right on time. I can’t wait for us to start your mental training.” The Professor said.

“Yeah, thanks, I had to rush right on over here. I am so excited to start,” Bruno exclaimed.

“Well, put your bags down here, I will have one of the boys take it to your room, I want to show you our training room and get started right away.”

Bruno put down the bags and started to follow the Professor down a hallway. He loved the way the Professor’s butt cheeks moved in the tight denim fabric. They were very fuckable.

“Here we are,” said the Professor.

Bruno walked into a large room. On one end was some gym equipment, a massage table and some weights. On the other end was a desk with some chairs and a couch around it. It reminded Bruno of a Psychiatrist’s office.

“Bruno, remember the last time you were here, I gave you a massage, I think it is time to give you another one. Why don’t you get out of your clothes and lie down on the massage table over there. I will get the massage oil.”

“Great, I could use a good rubdown. I am sore from my night on the town last night.”

“Oh too much partying with the ladies?”

“Not exactly. I went out with some guys from the gym to a leather bar and we got a little carried away.”

“Oh, I see.” The Professor smirked at the thought of how easily the straight macho bodybuilder admitted to going to a leather bar with other men.

Bruno hopped onto the table and lay down on his stomach. The Professor walked up to the table and squirted some oil onto Bruno. He started rubbing the oil all over Bruno, even his ass. All Bruno could do is moan and he felt his dick get hard. He loved the feeling of strong hands giving him a massage.

“Bruno, I want you to relax. Remember the last time you were here. Remember the oil of gay.”

At the trigger phrase, Bruno went into a deep hypnotic trance. The Professor could feel Bruno relax once he said the phrase. It was now time finish what he started 5 days ago.

“Bruno, I want you to realize now that your whole body is sensitive to my touch, no matter where I touch you, you become sexually aroused. You need my touch. So, as I touch you, I want you to tell me about the last five days and how you feel about your changes.”

Bruno’s cock was so hard it hurt. He wanted more of the Professor’s touch so he recounted the last five days. He talked about his new haircut, Neon’s clothing store, the sex with Dan and the guys, and his show last night. He also told the Professor that he liked what was happening to him. He liked the gay life.

“Thank you, Bruno. It certainly sounds like you had a good time. I will have to get in touch with Neon, Dan and the guys so I can bring them along too. Now Bruno, you saved your ass for me and now I want it. You feel an emptiness in your asshole that needs to be filled. It will become unbearable, and you will beg me to fuck you. And once I do fuck you, you will become 100% gay and belong to me. You will become one with the tribe and my personal gay love slave. You will want this. But I do have one test. You will have to beg me to fuck you while you are your old self. When I say the words, “Remember the past.”, you will revert to your straight self, but still have the desire to have me touch you and then to fuck you. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” sighed Bruno.

“Remember the past.” The Professor said.

Bruno’s past memories came back to him. He was disgusted by what happened during the past week. As the thoughts were coming into consciousness, Bruno realized the Professor was giving him a rubdown.

“Hey, fag, get your hands off of me. I don’t want this.” Yelled Bruno.

“But Bruno, I think you do. Feel your cock get hard at my touch.”

As the Professor said that, Bruno felt his body shudder with an erotic rush. The man’s hands were giving him pleasure he never knew he could feel. He started to give into the feelings and actually enjoy the feel of a man’s hands on him. At that moment, his straight side fought back.

“Huh, what, get your hands off of me. I don’t know what you did to me, but I am straight and I am going to kill you.”

“I don’t think so Bruno, by now, you should feel an emptiness in your asshole. It burns with desire. It wants to be filled. Only I can fill that need, and all you have to do is ask for it.”

Bruno tried to get up from the table but could not. The Professor was holding him down. He tried struggling but each time the Professor touch him, he became more sexually aroused. His dick was leaking precum all over the table making it slick and that more pleasurable each time his cock rubbed against it.

During the last struggle, his ass did start feeling empty. He needed something but he could not figure out what. The Professor’s hands felt so good.

“That’s it Bruno, give into it. You know you want it. Feel your need, ask to be fucked. Yeah, feel my hands as they massage your hot man butt. Feel the pleasure. It can be yours forever, all you have to do is ask…”

Bruno tried not to listen to the litany the Professor was saying. All he knew is he had to get out. The feelings he was having were so foreign yet so good. He loved the feeling of the Professing kneading his beefy bubble butt. He loved the strong hands relaxing his hard back muscles. He needed this feeling, he wanted this feeling. His cock wanted release but it was denied him.

He felt the Professor ply open his butt cheeks. He was too far gone to even care. He felt cold air on his asshole and then he felt something wet. He realized it was the Professor’s tongue. The fag was rimming him and he loved it. His whole body shook as the new pleasures rushed through his body. His straight self was losing the battle. The erotic feelings were overwhelming him. He felt an emptiness in his hole. He needed something to fill him. He needed a cock in his ass.

With that thought, Bruno lifted his head off the table and yelled, “Fuck me hard Professor, make me your bitch. I want it bad and to hell with being straight or gay, I need your cock in my ass and your hands on my body.”

“As you wish, Bruno.”

With that, the Professor pulled the bodybuilder to the edge of the table and pushed the cheeks apart. He lubed up the whole and rammed his hard cock into Bruno’s waiting cheeks.

“Aaaarghh……….it hurts.”

“Bruno, give it a second. Once you wait a little, this will be the most pleasurable experience of your life.”

“Oh fuck, oh fuck…” yelled Bruno.

The Professor continued to fuck the hot sweaty bodybuilder. He wanted to make this last but he was near the edge. At that moment, he felt Bruno thrusting back on his cock, actually trying to get it deeper.

“Yeah, Professor, give me all you got, I want that cock deep in me. I want this cock every day. Give it all to me. I want you to fill my ass pussy. Oh gawd, it feels to good. I never knew it could feel so good.”

“You got it stud. Here it comes”

The Professor continued the pounding and positioned his cock to hit Bruno’s prostate. He felt Bruno shudder underneath him. He reached around Bruno’s neck and had him stand up while his cock was still in him.

“Yeah, Professor give it to me…I gotta cum…I am going to spurt…”

The Professor gave one last lunge and pumped his cock into Bruno’s eager hole. His cock erupted into the bowels of Bruno and continued to pump his cock, each time pumping more man juice into Bruno.

Bruno yelled as he felt the Professor’s cock cum inside of him. He was so charged that this caused his own cock to gush a stream of cockjuice across the table. Each time the Professor thrusted into Bruno’s hole, his cock spurt more onto the table.

After a few more pumps, the Professor leaned Bruno back onto the table and they both lay there breathing heavily but sexually exhausted. Bruno felt his mind go fuzzy as the conditioning took affect. He was gay and proud of it and would server the Professor in any way he could. He loved him.

"Your mine now, stud. Welcome to the tribe. We have just begun our journey together and this is the start of a beautiful relationship. Sleep now and dream of me. We have lots of work to do but we will have fun along the way…

With that, Bruno drifted off to sleep while the Professor walked to his room with a big grin on his face and thinking about how to use this new boytoy to bag more men. The Elders will be pleased.

The cop car pulled up to the house. The cop thought smiled to himself when he realized that the car in front was the one he thought he lost after the speed trap he had set. He loved seeing people squirm when he gave them tickets and this was going to be no different.

The cop got out of his car and walked to the front door and rang the bell…

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