Re-Orientation 2

By Blufur
published January 19, 2008
7038 words

The Professor builds his stable with another college boy

Re-orientation 2


The Professor looked at his three hypnotized slaves seated on his couch and smiled. His student Jack had gotten his football jock of a roommate, Rusty, to become gay and his lover. Then proceeded to get the quarterback of the team, Kurt, to become their gay love slave. This was done all through the power of hypnosis and Jack’s imagination. The Professor could not believe how well this worked out. Now onto the next part of the plan.

“Kurt and Jack, I want you to take the earphones in front of you and put them on. You will listen to the tape carefully and follow all of the instructions. When the tape is complete, you will take off the earphones, strip off your clothes, and sit back down on the couch. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” Kurt and Jack replied. They both followed the instructions.

The Professor had created the tape to indoctrinate his boys into his mission. The tapes basically told them they now belonged to a secret society whose mission it was to convert straight men into gay men and that the professor was their leader and they found him immensely attractive and sexy. They were to follow his commands and the mission of the society. They were to keep their bodies in shape and always wear clothing to show it off. They could only have sex when the professor told them they could or if it was part of their mission. It also gave them a crash course in hypnotism so they could use it whenever they could. It reinforced that they were gay and had no moral qualms about converting straight men into their society. They would use whatever means necessary and provide the professor with ideas and opportunities on how to achieve the goal. Their life was always this way and they liked it. After listening to the tape, it would no longer be necessary to hypnotize them, but the professor always left it as an option.

“Rusty, since I only have two tapes because of Jack’s little surprise, you and I get to have some fun. You are now completely in love with me. You love everything about me and you want me so bad you can feel it. My touch makes you hornier than anything but you cannot cum until I tell you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir”

“Rusty, on the count of three you will awaken and desire me more than anything…1………2…………3”

Rusty’s eyes opened and took in the sight of the Professor. He instantly got hard and had to have him. He ran into the Professor’s waiting arms and gave the Professor the most passionate kiss he could muster. As their lips met, Rusty’s body was shaken with erotic desire. His cock was so hard and dripping with precum staining his shorts. He proceeded to kiss and lick the Professor all over his face. The Professor was in ecstasy. Here was this hot stud passionately making love to him. Rusty immediately got out of his shorts and body hugging lycra shirt and stood proudly in front of his master. His hard cock pointing straight out and leaking pre-cum all over the floor. He moved forward toward the tall hunk in front of him and started unbuttoning the shirt. He kissed the gorgeous chest in front of him as the buttons were undone. He slipped the shirt off and reveled in the sight in front of him. The man had the perfect sculpted chest and nice protruding nipples. Rusty proceeded to nibble and suck on the nubbins and they expanded at his ministrations.

After licking his way down the tight stomach of this ideal of masculinity, Rusty worked on the belt of his new lover. He quickly undid the belt, then eagerly opened the pants and lowered the zipper. He was met with a large bulge in some nice white underwear. Rusty’s tongue proceeded to lick the large cock through the underwear. He was salivating so much, the material soon became see through and Rusty could see the veins in the monstrous cock before him. He could actually taste the scrumptious pre-cum that had soaked the material. He proceeded to suck the cock through the material so he could get every drop. He quickly lowered the pants and then ripped the underwear down to release the prize inside. The cock was beautiful. It was about ten inches and had a large circumference. He had to have it. Rusty made love to that cock as though it was his last meal. He sucked the head, he licked the piss slit, licked the shaft and sucked on the large nuts that sat at the base of this phallus. Each nut was perfect as he rolled it around in his mouth. He loved the feeling in his mouth.

The Professor was amazed at how good a cocksucker that Rusty had become. Based upon what Jack had said, Rusty had only been gay for a few days. He certainly learned fast. “Whoa, that boy just deep throated my cock, no one has ever done that before. God, I am so close but I want to fuck that ass,” thought the Professor.

“Rusty, let’s go to bed, I want to fuck that ass of yours.”

An evil smile crept onto Rusty’s face as the words penetrated his lust-ridden brain.

The Professor kicked off his shoes and left his underwear and pants in the living room and led this college stud to his bedroom. The Professor had Rusty lay on the bed with his legs in the air. He wanted to see this scrumptious stud take it like a man. The Professor spit on the asshole for lubrication and proceeded to work his finger into Rusty’s butt. Rusty writhed in erotic pleasure. The finger felt electric as it touched his rosebud and raised Rusty to new heights of pleasure. Just as he was getting used to the finger, the Professor placed his cock on Rusty’s ass and pushed in. Rusty moaned in pain and pleasure. He had to have that cock buried deep inside of him. It felt so good to be stuffed with his lover/master cock. He was so turned on his pre-cum had formed a small pool on his stomach. The Professor saw this and scooped so up and placed it on his own cock, lubricating it more for the hungry hole it was filling. The Professor kept pounding away at the tight hole of this hunky jock that was now begging to be fucked harder. He got his whole cock into the stud and was now fucking in a nice rhythm. The jock on the bed met him and tightened his ass to add to the pleasure. He was one hungry slut boy now.

The Professor was close to cumming. He started to jerk off the jock’s cock to bring him higher into his erotic stupor. Rusty could only moan loudly as he felt the fantastic touch on his cock. He was so close to cumming but felt he could not. The Professor was pounding away at his ass when he leaned over and kissed Rusty. This only fueled Rusty more to meet each thrust. The Professor was so close now that he wanted to enjoy a mutual cumming.

“Okay, Rusty, listen to me. When I cum, you will cum and have the most erotic and powerful orgasm you have ever had.”

With that, the Professor gave one final push, shoving his monstrous cock into the willing jock and came. As the youth on the bed felt the cum in his bowels, he exploded. Cum came pouring out of his cock and shot over his head and hit the headboard, the second spurt hit him in the face and the remaining cum collected on his stomach. Meanwhile the Professor continued to fuck the jock and emptied about 5 shots of cum into the welcoming ass. He never had such a hot experience in his life.

The Professor pulled out of Rusty’s ass and fell on top of him. He proceeded to kiss him passionately. Rusty returned the passion as the two lay on the bed holding each other. As the afterglow faded, the two of them drifted off to sleep.

The Professor woke from his sexual stupor and quickly looked at the clock. Those boys should be done by now, he thought. He walked naked into the living and found Jack and Kurt naked on the couch waiting for their instructions.

“Jack and Kurt, at the count of 3 you will awaken and remember everything that was told to you by the tape. One……….Two……Three”

Jack and Kurt blinked their eyes many times before focusing on their new master in front of them. They reveled in his masculinity and found themselves getting excited. The master always did that to them.

“Kurt, I want you to bring Eric Simmons, your roommate here. I think it is time for him to join our society since he has tasted your manhood. Jack and I will prepare for him. Think of a good excuse to bring him here. We will take care of the rest.” The Professor said.

“Yes, Sir.” Kurt replied and started to get dressed.

“Jack, you and I need to prepare but first I want you to bring Rusty in here from the bedroom and have him listen to the tape. He needs to understand our lifestyle now.”

“Yes, Sir,” replied Jack as he went into the bedroom to fetch Rusty.

The Professor was very happy how things were turning out. He decided he needed a shower after the hot lovemaking that he and Rusty had. He also needed time to think how to put the pieces in place to reorient that wrestler Eric and make him part of the society.

Part II

Eric Simmons was sitting at his desk reading some stupid shit about the Revolutionary War. He couldn’t believe how boring this stuff was but he had to take the class as part of his study. He let his gaze wander out the window to the common. He took in the sights. His eyes zeroed in on a cute blond chick with tight pants and a T-shirt. Just looking at her made him horny. He started to massage his dick through his shorts just watching the girl cross the grass. He had to get his rocks off. His mind wandered to when Kurt sucked his dick. It felt so great to have that hot mouth on his cock. He just could not believe that Kurt would do such a thing. He was so caught up in the pleasurable feelings that he actually had sucked Kurt’s dick for a few moments. Well, that will never happen again.

Eric decided he was too horny not to beat off so he got up from his chair and lay down on his bed. He took off his clothes and started jacking off. It felt so good to beat his meat. He pictured that blonde giving him head. Having her lick his dick all around. She would take the big 8-inch dick and deepthroat him. It felt so good. Eric’s hand went faster on his dick and before long, he felt that feeling and he came. Cum erupted all over his naked wrestler body. Again and again he shot cum all over his stomach. Slowly, Eric came down from the pleasure high and quietly drifted off to sleep as the cum puddled in his navel.

Kurt came in a few minutes later finding his straight prey quietly dozing on his bed. He had come to bring Eric to the Master but an evil thought came into his head. He knew he had a chance to hypnotize Eric while he was sleeping as it was taught to him during his re-programming. It was a special technique to catch them right before they fell into deep REM sleep. He wanted to take the chance.

Kurt grabbed his desk chair and placed it by Eric’s head. He sat on the chair and proceeded to take in the manhood before him. Eric was very well put together. He was about 5’8" and about 175lbs. He had muscles everywhere due to his wrestler training and you could see the beauty in each one. There was not an ounce of fat on his body. And boy, that cock, even soft looked very tasty. It would be wonderful to have him as part of the clan. He looked at Eric’s eyes. He had not yet begun REM. It was looking good.

Kurt bent forward and quietly whispered to Eric, “Eric, can you hear me? It’s Kurt your roommate.”

Eric stirred but did not answer.

"Eric, can you hear me? It feels so relaxing to listen to my voice. Can you hear me?

“Yes,” Eric whispered.

“Eric, feel yourself floating and listening to my voice. My voice is so calming, soothing and relaxing that you want to listen to it. The more you listen to my voice, the more relaxed you get and the better you feel. Just listen to my voice and remember what it tells you. You trust this voice. Relax and listen. Relax and listen.”

“Relax and Listen,” Eric mouthed.

“Very good Eric. Feel yourself going deeper and deeper into that relaxed state. The more relaxed you are, the more you want to listen and obey my voice. Relax and listen and feel good. Relax and listen and feel good.”

“Feel good,” Eric said.

“You are going deeper and deeper and are now ready to listen. Deeper and deeper and you are now ready to listen. You will obey my words. You want to obey my words, don’t you? Only by obeying can you feel this good. Obey my words.”

“Obey your words.”

“Now, when you wake up you also now will think of yourself as a great actor. The greatest in the world. There is no part that is too hard for you. You love your work and will do anything to prove how good you are. Finding yourself the way you are, you will go to the shower and clean up for your next scene. You will come back to your room and put on the tightest, sexiest clothes you have. These are the clothes you will wear for the next scene. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I am the greatest actor in the world”

“Very good. The movie you are working on is the life story of a famous porn star named Brock that must make money doing gay prostitution. You love this part because it is so opposite to who you are. The scene calls for you to seduce a man with all of your wiles, suck him off and then let him fuck you. You will think you are on a movie set and when a man walks through the door, he is the one you are to seduce. Do you understand?”


“Now, as you progress through the scene, you will find yourself actually becoming this fictional character. You are such a great actor that you are getting totally immersed in the role. The longer the scene goes, the more you become the character and enjoy what you are doing. By the time the scene is over, you will realize that you are this character. You love being a gay porn star and having sex with men. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I will become the character I play.”

“Very good. Find yourself relaxing more. After you have cum, you will return to this state and await instructions.”

“I understand.”

“Excellent. Now if you ever hear me say the word ‘pornstar’, you will immediately return to this state.”

“I understand.”

“Very good. Feel yourself relaxing. After about 20 minutes, you will awaken and follow the words that you have been told.”

“20 minutes…”, Eric said as he faded to slumber.

Kurt was so proud of himself. This was going to be good. He decided to call Master and fill him in on his plans. The Master will be so pleased…

The great Eric Simmons awoke from his nap ready to take on the next scene. He was anxious to show people how this straight, macho stud could play a queer whore. It would win him the Oscar. He looked down at his naked, studly body and decided he needed to take a shower. He grabbed a towel and went to the shower.

After returning from the shower, Eric decides to wear something the whore would wear. He decides on some short shorts that he had in his drawer and a nice tight white T-shirt. Yeah, that is what a streetwalker would wear. He put those clothes on and heard (in his head) the director yell, “Action.”

In through the door came the stranger (Kurt). He looked confused and apprehensive. Eric was ready to begin.

“Why don’t you come over here and sit on the bed to get more comfortable?” asked Eric.

“Uh, okay”, replied Kurt, playing the reluctant lover.

“Yeah, that’s it. C’mon over here. I can give you a massage to relax you. It will make you feel like a new man. I have great hands that will make you so relaxed.”

“Okay.” Kurt moved over to the bed, wondering what Eric saw in his head. He sat down slowly on the bed.

“That’s it. Now let me start on your neck.” Eric started to massage the muscles in Kurt’s neck. It felt so good to feel Eric get into this whole seduction. It would be interesting to see where this goes. Kurt sighed as Eric'' hands loosened his neck muscles.

“See, I told you this would relax you. Why don’t you lie down on the bed so I can massage the rest of you?”

Kurt lay down on the bed. Eric sat on top of Kurt just below Kurt’s ass. Eric proceeded to slowly massage his back but was having difficulty because of his shirt.

“Hey, can I take off your shirt? I can give a better massage that way.”

“Okay,” Kurt replied.

Eric’s hands lifted the shirt over Kurt’s head. “Boy, he has nice back muscles,” thought Eric. “Hey, where did that thought come from?” Eric continued massaging the back. He slowly made his way to the Kurt’s lower back. Eric was enjoying giving the massage but he needed to proceed with the scene. “I need you to remove your pants so I can massage those legs of yours.”

“Do I really need to? I have never done anything like this before with a guy?”

“Well, you wanted a full body massage and I need to get to your legs to give you that full body massage.”

“Oh…hmmm…okay,” said Kurt as he undid the front of his pants.

Eric slid the pants down Kurt’s legs but got caught at his sneakers. Without asking, Eric removed the sneakers. He then jerked the pants off. He gasped at the beauty before him. He never knew a man could look so good. This stud had great muscular calves and thighs and a butt in cute “tightie whities” that accentuated the power in it. Eric’s cock started to stir. He didn’t know why but it did not bother him. He just let it happen. It was all part of acting. Eric sat at the edge of the bed and started massaging Kurt’s calves and then his thighs. As he was reaching the upper thigh, he let his hands wander to the base of Kurt’s ass. It felt so wonderful. He then inched his way up and started to massage Kurt’s butt.

“Hey, what do you think you are doing?”

“Just giving you the full treatment. Just relax you are going to love this.”

Eric proceeded to knead the tight muscles in Kurt’s butt. He loved the feeling but he wanted it to be skin on skin. He placed his hands at the leg openings of the briefs and went for it. He massaged those butt cheeks and loved every minute of it. But he wanted those briefs off now so he could get to the prize he wanted.

“Okay. I need to remove your briefs.” Eric said nonchalantly.

“I don’t think so.”

“C’mon. Have I lied to you yet? I need them off to give you all you asked for. I won’t bite…hard.”

“Okay. But watch it!”

Eric slowly lowered the briefs and took in the beauty in front of him. The ass in front of him was milky white compared to the bronze skin around it. It was stupendous. Eric’s cock was hard and it started leaking precum. He was not even aware how excited he was.

He got back onto Kurt’s calves and started massaging his butt. Kurt could feel the heat from Eric and a slight bulge in his shorts. Kurt smiled. Eric started doing harder massaging. He started to reach for Kurt’s hole. He slowly parted the ass and let his finger slightly brush the hole.

“Hey, what do you think you are doing?”

“Just relax and enjoy.”

Kurt decided to play along. He wanted to move this play along so he could bring this stud home to the Professor. What a hot stud he will make!

Eric started fingering the hole. He was mesmerized by it. The script called for him to pretend to lick it. When he originally read the script he could not believe any man would do this to another man. Now, all he wanted to do was lick away. He lowered his mouth to the dark entrance and started to lick the hole. It tasted wonderful. He had to have more. He started to lick all around. He wanted to taste the cherry. His tongue started to invade the hole. The hole relaxed enough to let his tongue in. He darted in and out. He was fucking this guys asshole with his tongue. Well, he paid for a full body massage and he was getting it.

Kurt was in ecstasy. Eric was giving him a great rim job. His tongue felt great up his ass. He groaned and moaned in encouragement.

“Yeah, suck that ass. Lick my hole.”

Eric was turned on by the trick’s sudden turn to liking this stuff. All men were the same. They liked sex from anyone who would give it to them. Although Eric was turned on by this ass, he wanted to taste this guy’s cock. He got up, took off his shirt and shorts, and stood there in the nude. He loved being gay and making love to men for money. He got paid to do what he loved. It was the best. Wait. There is something wrong. Oh yeah, this is just a part I am playing. Well, time to turn him over. Eric slowly turned Kurt over and his eyes widened in surprise and lust. Kurt had a great cock. Eric’s cock twitched and leaked more precum; He had to have it in his mouth.

Kurt looked at Eric as Eric lowered himself to take Kurt’s cock in his mouth. He looked good and his cock looked even better. His 8-incher was at full mast and leaking profusely. The plan was working.

Eric lowered himself and lay between Kurt’s thighs. He started to lick the cock in front of him. He loved the taste. He had to have more. His hands wandered up to Kurt’s chest and started massaging his chest as his mouth engulfed the cock in front of him. Eric proceeded to give great head to Kurt even though he never had any practice. He was an expert cocksucker because of his desire. He had to have this cock in his mouth. He also loved the feel of Kurt’s muscular chest in his hands. He started playing with Kurt’s nipples. Kurt was lost in a sexual ecstasy. He let go and fell into the passion. He placed his hands on Eric’s head and proceeded to push it onto his dick. It was getting to be too much.

“Wait! I want to fuck you,” Kurt said.

Eric barely heard him through the sexual haze that had descended upon him. Once he heard the words, he had a hunger in his ass. It was an itch that only Kurt could scratch. Without much thinking, Eric got up from Kurt’s cock, placed his knees to the side of Kurt’s midsection, and slowly lowered himself onto Kurt’s ass. His sucking of Kurt’s cock had lubricated it enough that it slid right in. He started to lower himself on this cock. He wanted it so bad and he wanted this john to experience the passion and expertise of a good whore.

“Yeah, ride that cock. You want it. I can see it in your eyes. You want it.” Kurt said.

“Oh yeah, baby. You have such a big cock. I want it deep inside of me. Brock wants that big cock inside of him.”

Kurt smiled. Eric just called himself Brock. The conversion was almost complete. Kurt grabbed Eric’s head and brought it down to his face. He kissed Eric full on the lips and forced his tongue into his mouth. Eric responded as their tongues intertwined and Kurt’s cock was forced deep into Eric’s ass. Kurt continued to thrust as Eric continued to bounce. The whole situation was bringing Kurt to the brink.

“I’m cumming!” Kurt slammed his cock into Eric’s ass and shot a huge load up his shoot. He continued to pump his cock into that ass as spurt after spurt was deposited in Eric’s hole.

“Ugh…yeah pump that cum into my whole. Brock can take it all. Oh yeah. Here comes mine!”

As Kurt was thrusting for the last time, Eric’s cock exploded with cum all over Kurt’s chest. Eric continued to pump his dick as shot after shot came out of his cock. As his final spurt was shot, Eric thought to himself, “Brock old buddy, you found yourself a keeper. He is one hot stud.” Eric then collapsed on top of Kurt and fell into a deep hypnotic slumber.

Kurt lay there for a few minutes basking in the sexual afterglow. Eric was fucking-fantastic. And this was just stage one.

“Eric, can you hear me?”


“Good. In a few minutes you will wake up and not remember any of this. You will go take a shower and come back and get dressed. I am coming over to show you my new housing. You want to go with me. Do you understand?”


“And one more thing….”

Part III

Kurt waited in the room as Eric took his shower. He was contemplating the next step in Eric’s joining the group. He loved the idea that Eric will soon be a willing member of the Professor’s cult. Kurt loved that tight body of Eric’s and wanted to share it with his buddies, Jack and Rusty. He also wanted to prove to the Professor that he could “recruit” young studs to join.

At that moment Eric walked in. He was a bit surprised at seeing Kurt. “Hey man, what are you doing here?”

“I came over here to tell you about this great place I am living and I wanted to show it to you. Jack and Rusty are there too.” Kurt said.

“Cool. Let me get dressed,” Eric said.

Eric proceeded to rummage through his draws and pulled out a spandex wrestling singlet. He put it on and then sat in a chair and put his socks and sneakers on. He stood up and stretched. This shows off his nipples and his dick. He did not put on a jock and his cock was prominently displayed.

Kurt chuckled to himself. The programming was working. He told Eric to put on the singlet without his jock but told him to think he was putting on his jeans and a shirt. He looks so hot in this getup. Won’t the professor love this look?

“Ready to go?” Eric asked.

“Ready!” Kurt replied.

Kurt followed Eric out of the building and took in that beautiful ass. It was made for fucking.

As the two mates walked to the Professors house, Eric got a lot of stares from people on campus and then on the street. Little did he know that he was showing off his best assets in that tight spandex suit.

“Why is everyone staring at me so funny?” Eric asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe they have never seen a jerk like you walking around freely,” joked Kurt.


Both men laughed at their exchange. By the time they had recovered, they were at the Professor’s house.

“Here it is. Home sweet home. You are going to love this. We have a gameroom, we each get our own bedroom and we have a huge kitchen fully stocked.” Kurt explained.

“Cool, sounds great. Maybe I should join you guys out here.” Eric said.

“Sure, you never know.” Kurt said. “C’mon in, I can give you a tour of the house and then we can shoot some pool.”

“Sounds great”

With that, Kurt opened the door and led Eric to his new life. In front of them was a huge foyer with a center staircase leading to the second floor. To the right was a living room with furniture found at those expensive contemporary stores. To the left were closed doors and in front of them was a hallway to the back of the house.

“Eric, come this way. I want to show you the best first. This is the kitchen. We have every major appliance you could want. See how big it is. And over here is the game room. Rusty and Jack, see who I brought over.”

Bounding in from the game room holding pool cues came Rusty and Jack. Rusty was wearing some tight bicycle shorts and a matching tank while Jack was wearing jean shorts and a tight white T-shirt.

“Hey Eric, welcome to the house. It is great to see you. C’mon and play some pool.” Rusty said.

“Okay. Hey Kurt is it okay if I take the rest of the tour later?” Eric asked.

“Sure, we have plenty of time for that. Enjoy playing some pool. I am going to get changed.” Kurt said.

“Great,” said Eric.

Kurt started to leave the room and Jack came over and said, “Boy, he looks so hot in that outfit, the Professor will be pleased. He is ready for the conversion.”

“Good.” Said Kurt as he left the room.

Jack went back to the game room to find the two guys playing. Jack decided to have a little fun with Eric first. He noticed that Eric was trying to line up a shot but couldn’t quite get it. Jack was going to lend a hand.

“Here let me help you.” Jack said.

He got behind Eric and pressed his body against Eric’s back. He placed his arms around Eric and helped him adjust his cue. Jack’s new hardon was pressed right into Eric’s ass. Jack gave a slight nudge with his cock as he adjusted Eric’s cue. What a tight ass, thought Jack.

“Hey, thanks for the assist buddy but I think you should get some relief for your boner there. You almost poked a hole through my jeans.” Eric said.

“Well, I haven’t gotten much lately but I hope to change that.” Jack said.

The game continued with Jack and Rusty each trying to touch Eric without giving too much away. After about 2 games, Eric heard a rustle coming from the kitchen.

“Gentlemen, I hope you are enjoying yourselves. I see our guest has arrived and I have been very rude,” said the Professor. Walking over to Eric he said, “Eric, I am called the Professor. Nice to finally meet you.”

Eric walked over to the man and was impressed. He was a tall and very muscular man in his thirties. Eric could tell he was in shape because he wore very tight jeans and a body-hugging shirt. Eric shook his hand and felt the strength in the Professor’s grip. “Nice to meet you Professor. You have a great place here.”

“Thank you. I am doing research on the male sex drive. I get volunteers to live with me so I have a constant source of research material. Rusty, Kurt and Jack have been invaluable to me in furthering my research in male attraction. It really is fascinating how the attraction of females to males is almost purely chemical. When a woman meets a man, she unconsciously takes in his scent. If the pheromones of the man mix with her own body chemistry, she can become extremely attracted to him without knowing why. I am studying this effect. Care to see my lab?”

“Sure. I wish you could bottle that stuff. I could get girls in my bed every night.” Eric said.

“Eric, I am sure you don’t need any help. You look like a stud to me.” Said the Professor.

“You are right about that. But we all could use some help now and then.”

“Come with me Eric. You boys can come too.”

The group walked back through the kitchen and through a different hallway until they got to a door. The Professor opened the door and led them down some stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, the Professor pulled on a chain and the entire room was lit up. There were computers and lab tables everywhere. There were Bunsen burners, refrigerators, and beakers all over the place.

The Professor walked to a table on the far side of the room. “Here are some of my experiments. I have some potions here for all sorts of things, experimental of course. This first one is to increase the sexual attraction of a male so no women can resist them. It has never been tried, but I think I got it right this time. This next one is to increase the sexual stamina of any male. This third one is to increase any males sperm count. This fourth one is to increase the males body mass.”

“Wow, did these guys try any of them?” asked Eric.

“Well, yes. Jack, please take off your shirt.”

Jack took off his shirt and displayed a firm chest, tight abs a flaring back.

“Jack here took the muscle mass potion. It increased his upper body by about 20% and decreased his fat ratio. I am very happy with the results.”

“Can I try one?” Eric asked.

“No, they need to be under controlled circumstances before we can allow that.”

“Please. I would do anything.” Eric pleaded.

“I said no. I am sorry Eric, but I not prepared for it now. Please follow me to the next station.”

The professor and his boys continued on. Eric held back. He wanted all those women to love him. He had to have that potion.

“I don’t care what you say, I am going to take this potion right now!” Eric yelled. Eric then grabbed the beaker and swallowed the entire portion.

The Professor turned around and smiled. Smiled? Why was the Professor smiling, thought Eric.

“Well played Eric. You have just become one of us. That potion you took does not make you irresistible to women, it makes men irresistible to you. That’s right Eric, it will make you gay. Can you feel it start to happen? You are glued to that spot. Look at us Eric. You want us don’t you. You find us so attractive. Look at our bodies Eric. You want to lick us, suck us and be fucked by us. Don’t you Eric?” Demanded the Professor.

Eric was in a panic. What had happened here? He could not move and he felt a burning in his gut. His dick got hard instantly. He started rubbing it without realizing it. “No, I am not gay. I don’t want to be gay. I hate fags!”

With each word, Eric started to feel hornier. He looked at the Professor and his friends in front of him and he got a funny feeling in his stomach. His dick was rock hard and leaking precum. He was so horny. Each of the men before him was getting undressed. Eric could see the splendor of manhood in front of him. The scent of man was heavy in the room and he was swooning. He started looking at these men and started noticing how nice their chests were, their nipples looked so good to suck, those cocks, just dripping with manjuice waiting to be sucked. He wanted them. He had to have them.

“Professor, look at him. I think he is almost there. He has that look in his eyes. That hunger. I believe he is ours.” Kurt said.

Eric felt a wave of sensual lust run through him. He was no longer Eric. He was Brock, the famous gay porn star and hustler. He had four hot studs in front of him and he was going to have them. “C’mon studs, let’s have some fun.” Said Eric/Brock.

“Aw, the conversion is complete. We have our gay wrestler right where we want him, as our sex slave.” Said the Professor.

The five horny studs became a sexual orgy. Eric/Brock took all that was given to him. He sucked all of their cocks and brought each one to climax and swallowed them all. He took each of their cocks into his hungry hole and milked every last drop out of them. He never came though. For some reason, he could get very close but could never quite make it. As the three college students lay on the ground exhausted, the Professor walked over to their new recruit.

“You have done quite well, but have not come. I will tell you why. I did not will it. But, after one passionate kiss from me, you will cum with such power that you have never known. It will be the most powerful orgasm you have ever experienced. You will know after cumming, that you belong to me.”

Eric/Brock just smiled. This trick was trying to play mind games with him. Well, we’ll see won’t we.

The Professor strutted over to Eric/Brock, placed his hands on either side of Eric/Brock’s face, and planted a passionate kiss onto his lips. Eric/Brock’s body shook. He was overcome with sensual sensations. His whole body was in sexual ecstasy as his dick exploded. As these feelings we coursing through his body, his mind was undergoing a change. The schism between Eric and Brock was no longer there. They had merged. Eric and Brock were now the same but Eric’s sexually had been permanently altered by Brock being the more dominant personality. Eric welcomed this metamorphosis as his body was consumed by sexual heat. This and all of the other sensations were too much for Eric. He collapsed on the floor in a sexual stupor.

The Professor smiled. He thought, “This one will be very useful once the final programming is implanted. I think we can start our attack on some more jocks. However, I think it is time to take on one of those macho bodybuilders at the gym and I have the perfect plan for that.”

With that, the Professor left the sleeping hunks on the floor as he decided to check in on the progress of other plans he had set in motion.

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