Think Tank (Part 5)

By rubbrsome -
published November 14, 2016
4286 words

John has been integrated. Who will the Think Tank choose next?

Michael Hayes sat on the fringes of the waiting area and observed. He often did this. He positioned himself just out of people’s line of sight and watched them. And right now, he was watching a handsome black man. He appeared to be in his mid-to-late thirties. The young stud had a killer physique. His body was well-toned and defined. The only drawback was that he appeared to be missing an arm. But Mike didn’t care. He watched the black man with great interest.

There was another man waiting too. The other one was younger, smaller and underdeveloped. His body appeared to have no muscles. And his skin was a startling white. Almost as if it had never been touched by sunlight. Even though Mike wanted to go back to studying Mr. Studly, it couldn’t help but analyze the albino. The young man was clearly uncomfortable, he didn’t want to be here. It was nowhere near as relaxed as Mr. Studly or himself. But there was something there … and Mike started to get a read on him.

A young man stepped up behind Mike and tapped him quietly on the shoulder. He whispered, “Mr. Cavenaugh will see you now.” Mike nodded and allowed himself to be lead from the waiting room.

A few moments later, Mike was seated in a luxurious executive office, and facing the CEO of BioTech / OmniSystems. The executive flashed his winning smile and offered Mike a cigar. Mike waved off the invitation, protesting that he didn’t smoke. “Well, Mr. Hayes? Did you like what you saw?”

Mike was well-known for his sexual orientation and made no attempt to be discreet. “Oh? If you’re talking about that stud out there, then yes … very much so. I just spent the last five minutes visualizing what he looks like naked, and I’d like to see if reality is better than my imagination.”

The executive smiled. “Well … if you take the job, you’ll get to spend an entire month with him. And I’m sure you’ll have ample opportunity to …” the exec faked a cough “get him naked.”

“Oh I intend to undress him well before we enter the Think Tank. Aren’t we having an orientation tonight? I’ll have him bent over within the hour and fucking that black ass.”

Mr. Cavenaugh raised an eyebrow, “Pretty cocky. Ahh … forgive the pun.” And the two men chuckled. But then the executive seemed to grow serious, “And .. uh … what about the other one?”

“What? That albino nerd?”

“Yes. Mister Thatcher. What did you pick up on him?

“Not much. Extremely anti-social, introvert. Seemed brilliant. I noticed that he was keying on his thighs.”


“A term I use,” Mike explained. “He doesn’t know what to do with his hands in stressful situations. So his fingers were tapping on his thighs. But more specifically, I noticed that he seemed to be typing computer code. My guess is that he’s some kind of computer programmer.”

The exec smiled broadly, “Very good! I’m impressed. Well, they’ll both be at the orientation. And I hope that you get a chance to talk to both of them. We’d like it very much if ….”

As the executive talked, a realization flashed in Mike’s mind.

“This is all about him,” Mike said to himself. Despite having just watched John be transformed into a rubber drone, his mind had been pulled back to the day in which he was hired. “This is all about that little fuck!” Not knowing exactly how or why, Mike did know that he was right. Everything that had happened, it was all because of Garret Thatcher.

Looking through the gallery window at John’s rubberized body, Mike said to himself: “We were set up. We were set up like dominoes and now … now it’s all falling into place. I wasn’t just supposed to meet you. It was actually more important that I meet him.”

Mike watched what was happening in the room. Strange as it may seem, his attention wasn’t on the four rubber men who hovered silently and occasionally cummed into blue tractor beams. Instead, his attention was on his former lover, John Templeton, who had just been turned into one of these rubbermen just minutes ago.

Mike thought the worst was over. The John was now a drone. But then, to his horror, John’s transformation wasn’t over. Mike watched as the rubber man stood up straight, rigid as if he had been turned into a statue. The energy beam was still shooting up his ass, while copious amounts of white cum spurted from his cock, froze in midair and then and siphoned into a collector. Most sickening of all was the thick conduit-like wire which went from the ceiling and into the back of John’s skull. Mike had no doubt that this was some kind of mental link, or thought control device in which the Think Tank could control this five men.

Now that John had been turned into a drone, the three robotic arms weren’t all needed. Only one of the robotic armatures was needed to siphon the cum, the other two got to work. One robotic arm lowered over John’s navel, while the other focused on the stump of his severed arm. Each armatures cycled to the appropriate tools, and pierced through the rubber and into the flesh. From there, they began to build.

Mike’s eyes widened as he saw John’s arm began to grow downward. Several years ago, in a random accident, John’s arm had been severed just below the elbow. But within seconds, John’s forearm was now stretching downward and a wrist was being constructed. The robotic arms worked incredibly fast. The new arm, constructed of a chrome-like metal, shone brilliantly. Several lights blinked along its surface. And Mike could see bulges, and ripples in the arm, giving the appearance that there was muscles beneath the metallic surface. At the same time, some kind of access port was being constructed over John’s belly button. It was then that Mike looked over at the four naked men, hovering in their status fields, and finally he began to understand the implications.

Mike took a step back, away from the viewing gallery, as he began to process what was happening. As he stepped backward, he looked down at his own rubberized hands. He flexed his fingers, watching how the black material clung to him like perfect skin. Then he looked beyond the hands, seeing his rubber cock. He was shocked to see that his cock was hard. When had that happened? And Mike felt sick because he knew he was hard watching John being transformed. And that the realization that he was next.

Mike stumbled out of the room, down the hallway and back towards the anteroom which was the entrance to the Habitat. As he entered, he found Garret Thatcher, curled up against the sealed door. The man was curled up, in a near fetal position. His hands rested on his thighs, and his fingers were furiously typing some kind of nonsense.

Mike looked at the catatonic man in disgust, “Who the fuck are you?”

Garret flinched at the sound. Lost in his own thoughts, he never heard anyone enter, nor expected somebody to talk to him. He blinked several times and looked up at Mike. He didn’t answer.

Mike’s rage boiled over. He seized the small, lanky man by the arm and lifted him easily to his feet. But then realizing that he didn’t have anything to do with him, Mike then threw him back down against the door. His anger was unfocused, uncontrolled. Again, he repeated: “Who the fuck are you? Why do they want you?”

Garret crashed against the door, and his body slumped against the floor. “Me?”

“Yeah you!!! Why do they want you?!” Mike shouted.

Garret shook his head violently. “They don’t. They don’t! I’m nobody. I shouldn’t even be here!”

“Oh but they do want you,” Mike was frothing at the mouth. “This whole thing is about you. You see: I get things. I know things. I don’t know how, but I just do. And all of this…” Mike raised his hands to point at the room surrounding them, “ … all of this is because of you. We are here because of you! Now why?!”

“I don’t know,” Garret continued to shake his head. “It’s not me. I’m nobody!”

“Oh but you are somebody. You’re important somehow. You’re the most important of them all. When I first got here, I thought it was John they wanted. After all, he’s the brilliant neurosurgeon. But I was wrong. It’s actually about you.”

“No. NO!” Garret protested against the accusation.

“They want you. And they used John, and now they’re going to use me to get you. Cause I know what you want. I know what they want. I just don’t know why. And you’re going to tell me now,” Mike was so furious that spittle flew from his mouth. “You’re going to tell me now or I’m going to kill you.”

“NO! NO!” Garret was screaming. He tried to crawl backwards, away from Mike but was stopped by the sealed door to the airlock.

Mike thought the Garret was trying to crawl away from him. But he had no idea that Garret was actually trying to crawl away from the rubberized man that had just walked up behind Mike. Mike only had a split-second to see the drone before it attacked. The black figure stood with its cybernetic arm, and a large, thick cord inserted in the back of its skull. Mike looked down at the long wire which looked like it lead all the way back down the hallway towards the laboratory. Mike knew that the drone was John, and that somehow it was still wired in … literally jacked in with the other drones in the lab.

Mike’s attention snapped back. He watched as the black, rubbered man raised his cybernetic arm. The five fingers quickly morphed, as if made of liquid metal to form a two-tonged claw. The claw was the exact diameter of Mike’s neck, and the claw seized him without mercy.

As the claw grabbed him by the neck, the robotic figure decided to flood the human’s body with electricity. Like if he was shot with a taser, Mike suddenly spasmed uncontrollably as 50,000 volts rushed through his body. Then the claw opened and Mike’s body slumped to the floor. The silent figure then looked directly at Garret Thatcher, assessed that the target was not a threat before returning its attention back to Michael Patrick Hayes.

The rubberized figure of John Templeton scanned his target’s body. Before it could proceed with the next stage of its plan, this target needed to be prepared. So the rubberized man walked silently over to the table. As it walked, the cybernetic claw morphed back into a metallic, five fingered hand. With its metal fingers, it reached down and picked up a black strip of unknown material. Then it returned to the unconscious body, squatted down on its haunches, and collared the human. The material stretched easily around Mike’s neck, and the two ends fused together seamlessly.

Then the black figure picked up Mike’s body as if it weighed nothing. It carried Mike back to the metal table, and bent the body over the table’s. As Mike’s head hit the surface, he gave an audible moan of pain. And his body began to stir. But before he could awaken, the rubbered man pressed Mike’s hands outward along the table’s metal surface. As Mike’s rubbered palms made contact with the table, they magnetized to the surface. Then the man turned Mike’s head on its side, pressed his cheek down hard. It was enough to get the collar to make contact with the table, and it too magnetized.

By then, Mike was starting to regain his senses. He began to mumble, “Huh? Ugh … Leh … leh me go.”

But the rubbered man gave no response. It looked down at its target that was bent over the metal table. Now that the hands and head were positioned, it focused on the target’s legs. The man kicked and spread the target’s legs apart.

Mike felt his legs widen. They stretched apart so much that he realized that he was no longer touching the ground. He should have fallen to the floor, but he was being held up by his magnetized hands and neck. But his legs quickly stretched apart as far as they would go, and then magnetized to the table’s legs. Mike was literally hanging off the side of the table.

“No … don’t’ … you don’t need me. You just want him. Take him. Take him!!!” Mike tried to reason. “I know what he wants. I can just tell you what he wants!!!”

The rubbered drone never made a sound. Its cybernetic hand hovered over Mike’s head. It’s internal sensors penetrated the target’s skull, analyzing and coming up with a plan. Once the scans were completed, the five metal fingers morphed until it became a surgical tool. At first, it was a needle, and without hesitation, it inserted the needle just behind Mike’s left ear. As the human screamed, the needle entered and the human quieted with a moan. Once the human was subdued, it retracted the needle, morphed the hand again to become another tool.

Now the hand had transformed into a prototype of a surgical blade. It was the newest design of the Think Tank. A scalpel that could penetrate flesh without cutting it. At its tip, was an implant that could be grafted onto any organ or tissue. Again, without a word, the rubberized drone inserted the tool just behind Mike’s ear. Using its sensors, the robot zeroed in on the human’s inner ear. From there, it implanted the device directly on the cochlear. It positioned the implant, grafted it onto the organ and activated the device.

A massive wave of dizziness swept over Mike. The whole room was spinning uncontrollable. Everything around him distorted, and he thought he was going to vomit. But after several moments, his mind and body reoriented and he recovered. And then, to his astonishment, he realized that he could suddenly hear. He had given up his hearing aids prior to entering the airlock. So he didn’t understand what was happening. He could he possibly hear?

But the drone didn’t give Mike any time to process his newfound hearing. The drone had complete control of the hearing implant. It decided to mute all sounds, and suddenly just as quickly, Mike was fully deaf in that one ear. Then the drone isolated one and only one specific audio program to be played into that ear. The target would listen to the audio program whether he wanted to or not.

For a split second, Mike had been deaf. But then, just as quickly, there was a thumping. At first, Mike thought it was some kind of tribal drumming. He had heard something like this on nature channels. The rhythmic thumping was unlike anything he had ever heard. And then, the tribal drums seem to become something else … almost … like it was a heart beat.


His mind tried to make sense of it. But … at the same time, Mike tried to focus on something else. But he couldn’t focus. The only thing he could focus on was that sound … that beating … that beating heart. And as he listened to it, Mike was very well aware that his cock was hardening against the table.


Mike closed his eyes to the beating. As he focused on the beating, his cock hardened until it pressed painfully against his body and the table. A wave of euphoria swept over him. And a relaxing peace settled in. Everything around him felt detached and serene. Then a pleasurable sensation, a warmth began to course throughout his body. And he felt compliant. He felt lighter than air. He almost felt like he was floating down a hallway.


Mike had no idea that his body had been detached from the table. The rubberized drone had seized Mike around the neck again with his cybernetic claw, and was leading him down the hallway towards the laboratory.

As they entered the room, rubbered drone directed Mike to the same station in which it had been created. The room only had six stations, four of which were currently occupied by the other hovering drones. This left two available stations. The Think Tank had already devised a solution in which to integrate this target into the program. Directing this human by the neck, the drone pushed the target onto the empty station. As the drone and human stepped onto the large circular disc, they were both surrounded by a blue energy field. Immediately, both of them lifted of the ground and into the air. As the drone lifted upward, much of slack from the thick wiring for his skull retracted back into the ceiling. Very soon, only the necessary length of wire went from ceiling to his skull implant.

Now that both drone and human were hovering in the air, the robotic armatures came to life. The first arm focused on the drone. It immediately seized a nearby umbilical hose. It inserted the hose into the drone’s navel port. One the umbilical was attached, nutrients began to be fed into the drone’s body, while bodily waste was extracted. When the arm released the umbilical, it moved over to Mike’s human body. It quickly cycled through its tools, chose appropriately and stabbed directly into Mike’s belly button. Mike groaned in pain as he felt himself pierced. Then, he gave several grunts as the arm began to construct something. Meanwhile, the other arms fell onto Mike.

The second robotic arm zeroed in on the side of Mike’s head. It cycled through its various tools until it selected a syringe. Then without a sound, the syringe inserted itself deep into Mike’s head. The human let out a slight whimper as the white contents were injected. As this arm administered the first injection, the other two robotic arms located their targets. Very quickly, Mike’s right pectoral and his left thigh were injected. Again, he let out soft whimpers. Although he felt the pain of the injections, his mind continued to focus on the drums. By now, his rock hard cock bounced as it began to leak precum into the blue stasis field.

As the chemical spread through his body, his brilliant blue eyes suddenly turned into two solid white marbles. His vision faded and everything disappeared. At the same time, the skin around where he was injected suddenly turned gray. The gray area spread all throughout his body, and wherever the skin changed, the hairs shrivels, died and fell off. Within seconds, Mike’s naked body was totally gray except for the rubbered hands, feet and cock.

Even though he was blind, and his attention was focused on the drums, Mike tried desperately to assert his attention. He tried to resist. Using all his ability to muster thought, Mike was able to speak: “You … you … don’t … have … to … do … this.”

The drone, which hovered behind him, never made a sound. Its cock was also hard. And the drone grabbed Mike’s floating body, pulled him backwards and impaled Mike’s asshole directly onto its cock. Mike felt the briefest of pressure on his hole, before he found himself opening up and taking in the massive rubbered cock. Again, he whimpered, gasped, and was able to talk: “OH …. John! Oh … God!”

The drone pulled Mike’s body in tightly. It pressed the human hard against its own rubber chest. Its muscular arm wrapped tightly around Mike’s front, holding him securely. Then the drone, as with his arm, wrapped its legs around Mike’s legs, until they became entwined. Once the human was secure, the robotic arms quickly got to work. They started with the drone’s rubbered feet. The arms pulled at the unknown material, fusing them with Mike’s own rubbered socks. Soon, the two men’s feet were inseparable. It continued from there. The arms moved upward. It constructed rubber leggings, then tights, and all the while, fusing them with the drone’s own rubbered flesh. Very quickly, it looked as if the two men were sharing the same sleeping bag from the waist down. The only thing protruding was Mike’s cock, which continued to leak precum into the air.

The rubber cocoon continued up both of the men’s abdomen and towards their chest. As the rubber reached Mike’s chest, the drone positioned Mike’s hands accordingly, allowing his arms to be sealed into the cocoon and secured against his body. Then the arms continued, building the rubber cocoon upward over both of the men’s necks and towards their faces.

Inside the rubber cocoon, the drone made two crucial movements. The first was that it had begun to fuck its target. Its rubber cock slid back and forth, in and out of John’s ass. The interior of the cocoon was just big enough that it could pull its cock back, but it didn’t have enough room to fully pull out of the ass. So it had no choice but to thrust inward, fucking back and forth, back and forth. The drone couldn’t stop if it had wanted to. Because by now, the energy emitter had already begun shooting pulsing balls of red energy directly at the drone’s butt plug, which then flooded his body. The emitter had doubled its energy output, causing the drone’s cock to explode with energy, shooting it directly into Mike’s body.

Mike’s body spasmed as he was both fucked and energized. He had never felt anything like this. His mind began to reel from the sensation flooding through him. He paid no attention to the sensation of the cocoon being built up over his face, and sealing him inside the rubber sack forever. Instead, he focused on the waves of indescribable pleasure that kept building inside him, driving him closer and closer to the brink. Putting him one step … just one moment closer to release.

The human was ready. The Think Tank detected integration was inevitable. It commanded the drone make its second crucial action. The drone placed the palm of its cybernetic hand, directly on the back of Mike’s skull. It spread its five metal fingers out, gripping the sides of Mike’s head in a vise-like grip. Then, in the direct center of the cybernetic palm, a port opened up, and a series of wires readied themselves to penetrate. Once the hand was in position, the robotic arm built up the sack around it, fusing rubber to rubber, causing everything to be enveloped within the cocoon.

Then without warning, the wires exploded out from the center of the cybernetic hand buried deep into Mike’s brain. As with the surgical tool, they penetrated through skin and bone without cutting it. Like a series of worms, the wires wriggled into the Mike’s brain, merged and began to take root over the human’s thoughts. Instantly, human and drone became one organism, and both were connected to the Think Tank. As the drone’s cock exploded inside Mike’s ass, Mike experienced the sensation which caused him to be instantly and violently pushed to the breaking point.

Mike’s cock exploded with cum. The large fountain of cum launched into the air where it was immediately frozen in space. The two men, sealed inside a rubber cocoon, continued to writhe. The drone, its ass bombarded with the steady beam of pure energy, was forced to fuck the other drone, which could do nothing but release its cum over and over into the air. The white ribbons hung momentarily in the air before they slowly drifted forward into the collector and were siphoned away.

Both John and Mike were no more. They were integrated into the Think Tank. Both of their bodies were forever captured, sealed inside the rubber material. They hovered in the air, pleasurably writhing inside their prison. One of the robotic armatures completed the transformation of Michael Hayes. The arm, seized the nearby nutrition umbilical and inserted it into Mike’s navel port. Mike’s body spasmed slightly as nutrition began to be fed, and waste extracted. His ass would no longer be used for waste. Instead, it was only to be fucked by receiving the energy and cum erupting from John’s cock.

Next to them, in their own station, the four engineers of the Think Tank, also spasmed in the air. There was no sound. The four drones, and the two within the cocoon, never made a sound. And yet, they were now joined together. Their thoughts coalesced and bonded. As they connected, they communicated without words. And at the speed of thought, they came up with a course of action and moved onto their final plan.

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