Think Tank

By rubbrsome -
published November 3, 2016
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Three men begin a work program, and got more than what they bargained for.

There was a soft moan. “Hey … OUCH!”

Mike laughed. Just seconds ago, he had been fingering John’s nipples. The man was still sleeping and it was well past nine o’clock. When he got no response, Mike felt forced to go from tickling to pinching. John didn’t wake fast enough. So Mike had no recourse but to clamp his index finger and thumb tightly on the Hershey Kiss-like nipple.

“That was a little harsh.”

Mike smiled. “Woke you up, didn’t it?”

John rubbed his sore nipple. “There are better ways to wake me up.”

“Oh?” Mike smiled mischievously. He rolled over on top of his man. He then seized John by the wrist and pinned him down to the mattress. “Is this a better way?” And then he lowered his mouth down to the afflicted nipple, and started flicking it with his tongue. Several seconds later, he gave further playful nips at it with his teeth.

John lay back, spread-eagle and closed his eyes. He offered no resistance. “That’s … one … way.”

“Or how about this?” Using his tongue, Mike traced a path from John’s chocolately brown chest, up towards his chin, until he forced himself into the man’s mouth. Their lips locked, and their tongues slipped in and out, moving around each other’s as if in a dance. Mike kept his one hand on John’s wrist to restrain him, but with the other, he slipped it downward to John’s cock. Feeling that his man was reacting appropriately, “How about we start the morning off right?”

“Now?! You want to go again now?”

“Hell, yeah!”

John sighed in exasperation. “What time is it?” Looking over at the bedside clock, he said: “We can’t! They’ll be coming in just a minute.”

“May as well do it now. Who knows when we’ll get the chance again? You know … I was looking at the blueprints for the Habitat. And it occurred to me that we don’t have private bedrooms. There’s only one large, sleeping quarter. And we all have to share that. So … this really may be our last chance for the next month.”

“Yeah. That’s true .. but … I don’t think …” John’s words were cut off as Mike clamped his mouth down onto his cock. Suddenly, John lost his train of thought. The man had skills. But more than that, the man also had strength. Mike was only using one hand to pin John’s wrist to the bed. And with his other hand, Mike was now fingering John’s asshole. He began by flicking the hole, just to get John’s attention. And then very slowly, he slid his finger inside.

The penetration forced John to relax and stretch his body outward. He gave into the pleasurable waves coursing throughout this groin and ass. “Good thing I know I cleaned myself out. Otherwise, I don’t think …”

There came a soft chime at the room’s door. It was almost as if Mike were expecting it, he quickly detached himself to say “come in” and just as quickly went back to blowing John.” Meanwhile, John (in full panic) mode tried to resist. The door to the room opened, and several technicians entered. The stopped momentarily in the door, a little stunned by what they had just walked in on. The two men were in full body and white decontamination suits. The garment was made out of plastic or rubber. Both of the technicians faces were hidden inside a HazMat-like masks.

One of the men spoke: “OH … SORRY … We didn’t know!”

Mike, having had his fun, pulled up off John’s cock. “That’s okay, doc. I’m just fucking with you guys. But seriously, I do try to get as much cock when I can. Say?” Mike seemed to squint and eye both of the technicians’ groins. “I bet those outfits can come off pretty quick. How about the two of you stop what you’re going to do, and join in?”

John felt both shocked and embarrassed. He knocked Mike upside the head. But Mike just chuckled, and acted wounded. “Hey! Watch it! I’m just asking! And it’s not like they don’t want it. You can clearly see that this one’s got a boner!” Mike pointed at the technician on the right. Both John and the left technician glanced down at the culprit tenting outward from the guilty tech. John, again, smacked Mike upside the head.

A very short time later, after a little embarrassment, the technicians were able to corral both John and Mike to sit at the edge of the bed. The technicians sat on stools facing each of the men. Both technicians performed preliminary physicals on both John and Mike. They took both of the men’s blood pressure, their temperature, checked their pulse, and performed other medical examinations. It was all routine. And both Mike and John were used to it by now; they had become used to both being naked, while being given physicals and examinations.

One of the technicians began examining John’s left arm. But more specifically, he was examining the stump, where John’s forearm had been accidentally severed several years ago. The tech reached for a gel, and began massaging it into the end of John’s stump. John was used to this. Sometimes, wearing a prosthesis may cause skin irritation. So he was used to this kind of treatment. He knew something else, but he had to ask one more time: “Are you sure I just can’t bring my own prosthetic?”

“I’m sorry, Dr. Templeton,” said the tech. “But I assure you. The lab has all the materials needed to build you a new prosthesis. In fact, I’ve been told that the RG has already designed and begun building you a new arm.”

John already knew all this. RG stood for Research Group. And just last night, RG had sent him designs for the arm they were going to build him. At first, John had been irritated that somebody had the audacity to build him an arm without consulting him first. Something like this was extremely personal, and he felt he deserved to consult, maybe even meet the group first. But then, once looking over the designs, John was at first amazed, and then fully astounded at the intricacy of the new prosthetic design. Deep down, he couldn’t wait to begin on its construction.

The other tech also spoke to Mike: “And I’m sorry, but I’m sure that you know that you can’t take your hearing aids.” The tech then offered Mike a simple Ziploc bag. Mike frowned. He didn’t like this part. He removed his hearing aids, and dropped them into the baggie. The technician sealed up the bag, and added it to the pile of Mike’s personal items.

Mike spoke, just slightly louder than usual: “You’re going to keep all those safe right? Locked up?”

“Oh yes, sir!” said the tech. He gave a slight nod and moved the personal items to the other side of the room.

Mike couldn’t help but feel bothered. Deep down, Mike knew that the technician had just lied to him. But he didn’t know exactly why, or what he was lying about. Mike had the uncanny ability of knowing what people wanted, and didn’t want. And at the same time, it afforded him the extra sense of sensing truths and lies. But in this case, all he knew was that the technician had just lied. But the only thing he knew was that maybe his clothes, hearing aids, cellphone and wallet weren’t going to be locked up, or as secured as he originally thought. Mike shrugged off his concerns. After all, with the amount BioTech / OmniSystems were paying him, Mike could buy himself a dozen new hearing aids if he wanted. And he simply wasn’t going to blow this job.

The tech came back. “Okay. I think we’re ready to get you both suited up.”

The two technicians then produced similar looking paper garments. Each set of clothes game with a pair of white socks. “These are just to get you through the airlock. Once inside the Habitat, a new and better set of garments will be waiting for you.”

Mike and John both looked at each other. As Mike reached to take his set of clothes, he couldn’t help but say: “This is probably our last chance for the next month, John. Are you sure you guys can’t spare us a couple more minutes. I’ll even suck you off to make it worth your while.”

The tech that experience the boner earlier coughed and spluttered as his face reddened. Meanwhile, his partner said matter of fact: “I’m sorry, sir. We are on a schedule. And I’m sure the others are already waiting at the airlock.”

Mike frowned and looked down. “That’s a damn shame. Cause I can kinda tell that you’re a big one too. But that’s okay.” He gave the technician a playful wink as he began putting on the sterile garments.

“Jesus, Mike! I’m sorry, guys. He just … you know.” Even with only one hand, John was able to get his garments on easy enough.

Very soon, the two men were dressed and ready. The techs led them out of their room, and down a series of corridors towards the airlock. As they approached, Mike and John saw the third member of their party, Garret Thatcher.

Mike couldn’t resist, “Hey Thatch!”

The small lanky man groaned. He seemed to try to slink away from the approaching party, but the airlock was too small and there was nowhere for him to go. Garret Thatcher was extremely uncomfortable. He may be a genius with computers. His skills in programming, and hacking were unparalleled. He had no rival. But his interpersonal, and social skills were on the opposite end of the spectrum, and left much to be desired. So it was no surprise that he could barely mumble a hello, and gave some kind of spastic twitch that may have been a nod.

One of the technicians spoke: “Okay, gentlemen. We are about to leave you. Once we leave, the airlock door will close behind us. The room will then decontaminate you by spraying a mist. I assure you that it’s not harmful at all. But the mist may liquefy your sterile clothing. Don’t be alarmed. Once decontaminated, you’ll enter the Habitat and you can meet the RG … the Research Group.”

The three men appeared slightly nervous. Even Mike didn’t have anything funny to say. He just swung his arms back and forth, looking up at the ceiling at the nozzles that would soon be spraying him. The tech looked at the three men, and said: “Okay …. Have fun.”

Mike, John and Garret watched as the technicians abandoned them. And as described, the airlock door closed. Mike couldn’t hear the hiss as the room sealed, but he did feel the change in air pressure. He pinched his nose, and blew through his ears to equalize. Just as he did, he was startled as a white mist erupted from the ceiling nozzles. It looked as if a fog had suddenly materialized on the ceiling, and was slowly lowering down towards them. With apprehension, John reached up with his one hand to touch the fog. When he lowered his hand, his fingers were slightly moist. “It’s okay. Just slightly warm. But it’s fine.”

Mike blew out a breath of air. And trying to show a little bravery himself, he too reached up into the fog. Just as John had assured him, the mist was just slightly warmer than room temperature. And it felt fine. Soon though, the fog seemed to be lowering toward them until they were completely engulfed in it. The mist was so thick, it was reminding each of the men of extreme foggy weather conditions.

“John?” Mike reached out, trying to find his man through the whiteness. Then a darkly brown arm appeared and seized onto him.

“Got you,” spoke John. “Hey Garret? You there?” John made to reach out for the third man but

“I’m here. Don’t worry about me. I’m fine by myself.”

The three men were completely engulfed in the mist. Mike and John stood close. Mike looked at John and smile. “You’re starting to melt.”

John looked down and did see that some of his clothing was starting to dissolve. His black skin was starting to appear in patches along his shoulders, chest and legs. John looked at Mike: “You too.”

Mike did the same. His own white body was appearing more and more. “Well … since you seem so determined to get naked.” Mike pulled John close to him until their bodies pressed together. Then he pulled John in more until the two men kissed.

Even though the men weren’t seen through the thick fog, they were still heard easily. And Garret gave off a definite groan of discomfort. When the sounds began to increase, Garret banged his fist against the airlock door, hoping to be released. There were several loud clanking sounds as the door’s mechanisms began to disengage.

Mike went to slide his hand into John’s pants, but was somewhat surprised to discover that the outfit had completely liquefied. But it didn’t stop him. He grabbed John by the cock and squeezed. “Looks like this is it. Last chance.”

John, still shocked by Mike’s inhibitions, tried to push his recent lover away. “I get the feeling this isn’t our last chance. You’ll probably be fucking me in front of the whole group soon enough.” As John tried to push away, he heard a ripping sound. Because the two men had been sandwiched together, their clothes had melted and bonded at the molecular level. So when they parted, it literally tore their clothes off. It hung off their bodies, partially liquefied and partially shredded.

At that moment, the Habitat door to slid opening, revealing their home for the next month. As it opened, the white fog rolled into the Habitat’s anteroom. All around them, the three men began to see for the first time as the mist rolled ahead of them into the darkness. It was strange. There were no lights coming from inside the Habitat except from the various instruments and computer monitors. There were absolutely no overhead lighting, or anything to give proper illumination to the room inside.

The three men stepped ahead. Both John and Mike were completely naked. Mike couldn’t help but slap John on his ass, admiring his black bubble butt. Meanwhile, Garrett tried helplessly to keep his clothes from falling off his body. Great clumps of white goo, which used to be his clothes, slowly dripped off him. He kept one Jell-O-like clump positioned at his groin, tried to hold onto some modesty, while another remnant was being held over his ass.

As the men stepped over the threshold, several overhead lights flickered to life. John seemed surprised, “Motion activated? But I thought there’s four guys already in here.”

Mike shrugged. “They’re probably in the main lab. It’s just down the hallway on the right.”

Garret looked around. “Where are the clothes? There was supposed to clothes for us?”

As the lights gave illumination, the men looked around the anteroom. It was spartan to say the least. There was only one table, in which several black items seemed to be resting on its surface. Mike went over to investigate. He chuckled: “I guess these are the uniforms of choice!” He turned around, facing his two compatriots, and held up a black latex glove.

“What?” moaned Garret.

“See for yourself,” replied Mike. The two guys joined Mike at the table. On it, there were exactly two and a half pairs of gloves, and three pairs of black, latex socks. Besides the gloves and socks, there were also three narrow rectangular strips of the same latex and ….

“Well well well,” laughed Mike. “What have we here?” He held up what looked like a black, latex condom. But it was more than just a condom. At the base of the condom, there was a bulbous sack.

Garret looked aghast. “What is that?”

Mike swung the black item around his finger and laughed. “This, my friend, is a cock and ball sheathe. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I kind of like it. Or maybe this is some kind of dare. Like they think they can embarrass me.” Mike then began speaking to the ceiling, as if talking to an invisible person or hidden camera. “Well challenge accepted!”

With that, Mike put on the two latex gloves. The black material slide onto his hands with little effort, and appeared to have no wrinkles. Next, he put on the socks. This took a little more finesse because there was nothing Mike to sit on. So he had to balance precariously on one foot, as he put each sock on. And then finally, he stroked his cock to produce an erection, before sliding the sheath on. Last, he pulled at the ball sack, stretched it around his scrotum and released it with a snap. With everything in place, he stroked his blacked, rubberized cock and laughed: “How about that, guys? Am I ready to go to work?”

John shook his head, “You’re fucking unbelievable, you know?”

Mike laughed. “Hey, you love it. Don’t say you don’t cause I see you getting a little hard there.”

John looked down. To his surprise, his cock was a little hard. He didn’t want to pay attention to it, or to Mike for that matter. Instead, John was actually a bit disturbed by the strange welcome when entering the Habitat. He returned his attention to the sets of gloves, socks, sheathes and latex strips. Then he took one of the rubber strips and held it up to Mike: “You forgot this.”

“What’s that for?”

“Not sure.” John stretched the material. It was extremely pliable. It stretched almost double in size before snapping back to its original length. “This material is fantastic. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Finally, Garret spoke up. “Can we please get out of here? Maybe find some real clothes?”

John rubbed his ears. “Yeah. Let’s see what’s going on.” He turned to Mike who seemed to be fiddling with his gloves. “You coming?”

Mike, who seemed to be pulling at the glove’s wrists, seemed genuinely concerned. “Uh … yeah. In a moment.”

“Something wrong?”

“Uh yeah,” Mike made a feeble attempt to smile. “I … uh .. can’t seem to get the gloves off.”

Garret seemed to have no more patience for any of this. Without saying a word, he decided to slowly move out of the anteroom in search for some real clothes. Meanwhile, John moved back over to Mike. “Let me see. Hold your hands up.”

Mike held up both of his black, rubber-like hands to his friend. With his one hand, John closes felt along the material, trying to separate the glove from the wrist. But it was strange; there seemed to be no seam where the material met Mike’s flesh. There was no separation. The material almost appeared to be perfectly melded into the skin. Then John noticed something unusual: “Hey! Did you see this?”


John, using his index finger, traced a silver line which was appearing on the black material. The line seemed to wrap around Mike’s wrist. “There’s a silver band. It wasn’t there a second ago. It’s becoming more apparent, and it looks as if it’s wrapping around … almost like a cuff or something.”

“What the fuck?”

As the men looked, more silver lines magically begin to appear on Mike’s gloved hands. The lines were very thin, almost too small to detect, but they appeared to almost look like a branch pattern. John recognized the pattern. “It’s your central nervous system. This lines are tracing your nerves underneath your skin. Let’s see your feet.”

But before they could get to his feet, both men stared at Mike’s rubbered cock. Mike gasped and said: “Holy shit!”

What gave both men pause was that the tip of Mike’s cock had turned a shiny silver. The black sheathe had tightened, causing the cock’s veins to stand out highly visible. But the glans, the tip of the cock, was a highly reflective silver. All down the black shaft, web-like patterns of silver illuminated Mike’s nerves inside his cock. The web-pattern then radiated around his ball sack until it disappeared into a thick, silver band that wrapped around at the base of his balls.

Even Mike was dumbfounded. He tried in vain to remove the sheath from his cock and balls. Finally, he muttered, “Fuck fuck fuck.”

“Don’t worry,” began John. He rubbed his ears again, and blinked his eyes several times. “We’re going to figure ….”

Just then, there was a loud scream coming from down the Habitat’s hallway. The scream was so shrill, that both men jumped in pure terror at the sound of it. Temporary forgetting the mystery of Mike’s gloves, socks and sheathe, the two men immediately ran towards the source of the screaming. As they ran down the hallways, they saw Garret standing several yards ahead of them. The young, lanky man seemed frozen in terror. His eyes were wide like saucers, and his hands were covering his open mouth in a silent scream. Garret stood frozen, transfixed and staring through a transparent wall. Both John and Mike couldn’t see what Garret was staring at yet. But as they ran towards him, they finally saw what was on the other side of the wall.

Both men slowed and came to a stop next to Garret. All three of them stared, their eyes wide like saucers. And finally Mike muttered: “Holy fucking shit!”

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