Sinners and Saints - Chapter 3

By Naedre
published February 2, 2008
6507 words

Ryan’s brief encounter with the occult leaves him cursed. Or is it gifted?

Chapter 3: Do Unto Others


Michael ran another red light as he speed his truck across the sleepy college town. He looked down at the time on his cell phone again. It was 3:50 am, and if he hurried, he could still make it to the club before they closed.

Michael knew that if he could make it to the club, he would get fucked. Now that he looked like the gay slut he had become, he was sure he would find some cock. He had left his shirt, jacket, and underwear behind in the shower. All he was wearing were his newly cut-off jeans and his rainbow flip flops. He wanted everyone to see his ripped body, great legs, and hard dick poking out of his jeans.

Briefly, Michael thought about how nothing from his old life fit with his new one. Not his too conservative cloths, nor his run-down off-campus apartment. And especially not the Ford pickup his parents had given him when he went off to college. That all belonged to the old, straight, homophobic him.

But ever since Ryan had touched him, he had known how wrong the old him had been. Being gay was so much better than being straight. Getting fucked was so much better than fucking. He started getting horny again just thinking about Ryan ramming his ass. He could remember all the pleasure. He could remember the feeling of being stretched out. He could remember…

Unfortunately, Michael’s memory was cut short by a siren and flashing blue lights. A cop had seen him running that last red light, and he was being pulled over.

“Damn,” Michael said out loud. Not that Michael cared about getting a ticket. All that mattered to him now was sex; a fine for a traffic violation was meaningless. What bothered him was the delay. Now there was no way he was going to make it to the bars before the 4 am close.

The cop, Officer Brooks was what it said on the name tag, walked along side Michael’s truck. He was a tall well-built good-looking black man who looked like he was in his late twenties. And based on the bulge in trousers, he was very well-endowed as well.

Michael’s mouth began to water.

Officer Franklin Brooks was annoyed. He was stuck doing graveyard shift traffic stops again. When he had graduated college in the top 90% of his class, he had been recruited by the police. He was told would be fast-tracked; he was supposed to make sergeant in 3 years, Lieutenant in 8. That was 7 years ago. For 7 years he had been stuck doing late-night drunk driving stops while everyone else that was recruited with him had made sergeant or detective.

Of course, everyone else he had graduated with had been white.

Brooks didn’t want to blame his lack of promotion on racism. He hated when he saw black drug dealers and prostitutes blame their lot in life on the color of their skin. Brooks came from a single-mother home, he was black, and he had become a cop, not another criminal. But still, it was hard to think race wasn’t a factor when he was a smarter than his white friends, and they were constantly being promoted over him.

Officer Brooks rested one hand on Michael’s open window. He rolled his eyes as he saw the queer in cutoff jeans and no shirt. It would be his luck to have pulled over a fucking fag. He said, “License and registration.”

“Oh, I am so sorry, officer. I didn’t mean to break the law,” Michael said, casually touching Officer Brooks’ hand. With that touch, Michael projected his own lust into the cop. Michael’s gift wasn’t as strong as Ryan’s, but Ryan had acted purely out of instinct. Michael knew exactly what he wanted to do to the cops head.

Brooks suddenly felt feverish. His uniform was much too hot and tight against his skin. He felt a rising primal desire to rip all his cloths off. He wanted to be naked.

“License and registration.” Officer Brooks said again, trying not to think about how horny he suddenly was. His 10 inch dick strained against his pants.

The officer also felt a growing desire to mate. He needed to fuck. He wanted to stick his dick in a tight hole. He wanted feel a warm body squirm beneath him. He wanted to make someone scream in pleasure as he pounded them harder and faster.

Strangely, he couldn’t figure out if he needed to fuck a guy or girl.

But, of course, he was straight, so it had to be a girl.

“Are you sure thats what you want, Officer.” Michael said, continuing to screw with the cop’s mind. “My license and registration, I mean? I’m sure we can think of something you want to do to me besides spending all that time writing me a ticket.”

Brooks noticed that fag was still touching his hand. It seemed like his odd fever was spreading from where their skin meet. He thought maybe he should pull his hand away, but that thought slid out of his mind. The heat was beginning to feel good. There wasn’t really any reason to move his hand. He liked the touch another person, even if it was a gay guy.

In fact, maybe it felt so good, because he was holding hands with a queer. Maybe touching another guy felt better than touching girls. Maybe sex with another man would be better than sex with a woman. Brooks began to imagine himself fucking this queer’s tight ass.

“I don’t… understand.” Officer Brooks said. He was aware something was wrong with these thoughts, but it was getting hard to focus on anything but sex. “What’s happening to me? I can’t seem to think straight.”

“Heh. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you never think ‘straight’ again,” Michael chuckled.

“Are you doing this? Are you making me a fag?” Brooks felt like he should be yelling, but it was hard for him to be concerned. Like the little homo said, ‘don’t worry.’

“Relax, Officer. Once I’m done, you’re going to enjoy being gay. It’s so much better than being straight.” Michael said, as he got out of his truck. He was careful to maintain physical contact with the cop. “Why don’t you say that for me. Say ‘It’s better to be a fag.’”

“It’s better to be a fag.” Officer Brooks tried not to say it. He really did. But the words just tumbled out of his mouth. And after he said it, he felt better. He thought he could almost hear the wisdom in those words.

“Good. Say it again.” Leading the befuddled cop by the hand, Michael walked into a small clump of trees off the road.

“It’s better to be a fag.” Officer Brooks didn’t resist. He felt something true in those words. Was it better to be gay?

“Again. Keep saying it until you believe it.” Once they were out of sight of the road, Michael unzipped the officer’s pants.

“It’s better to be a fag.” It was true that Officer Brooks didn’t understand women. Most men don’t. He didn’t relate to them or know what they wanted.

Michael pulled out the cop’s big black dick and began licking up and down the shaft.

“It’s better to be a fag.” Chicks weren’t fun to be around. The only reason Brooks talked to them was to try to get in their pants. And that was a lot of effort that usually didn’t pay off.

Michael’s tongue started licking around Brooks’ circumcision scar.

“It’s better to be a fag.” But fags didn’t need women. They just fucked each other. Brooks wondered why he didn’t do that.

Michael used one finger to playing with Officer Brooks ass.

“It’s better to be a fag.” He could just fuck his buddies instead of chicks. He imagined one of his friends, Officer Williams with his damn cute bubble-butt, riding his cock while they watched football together.

Michael swallowed the 10-inch monster in one gulp.

“It’s better to be a fag.” He was beginning to understand fags. All they wanted was sex, just like every other guy. But when you were a fag, it was easy to get laid. All the guys you wanted to fuck were just as horny as you were.

Officer Brooks had started to thrust his dick into Michael’s mouth as Michael continued to suck him.

“It’s better to be a fag.” Officer Brooks moaned as he said it this time. The faggot was giving him the best head he had ever had. No chick could ever come close to what this hot little college stud was doing to him.

That was the moment Franklin Brooks knew for certain that it was better to be gay. He realized how much more attractive other men were. He realized that gay sex was much better than hetero sex. He realized it was much easier to come by. And he realized how all those tight assholes need his big dick to pound them.

That was the moment Officer Brooks became Frank the faggot.

“It’s better to be a FAG!” Frank yelled. He jammed his dick all the way into Michael’s mouth and shot his load down Michael’s throat.

“How do ya feel?” Michael asked, licking some of Frank’s cum from his lips.

“Like a new man. You were right,” the cop replied, already thinking about who he wanted to fuck next. “I’m really going to enjoy being a fag. Hey, do you think that maybe you could come down to the police station sometime and do to them what you did to me? Maybe my Captain will be less of a racist prick once my black dick is pounding his ass.”

“Sure, but tomorrow. I still have…” Michael checked his cellphone for the time, “4 minutes to make it to the gay club, and I really want to be fucked by as many people as possible tonight.”

“Need a ride?” Frank asked, nodding towards his patrol car.

Thanks to the flashing lights and sirens, Frank and Michael arrived at the club at 3:59. Frank stayed by the door, flirting with the doorman and trying to convince people not to leave yet, while Michael went inside to find some fresh meat.

He started with a few bartenders, knowing that once he got fucked by them, they would be happy to let him to use the back room for a bit of privacy. All it took was a little bit of flirting and a touch to the arm while they were handing him drinks, and the bartenders were ready to bend him over and pound his ass.

After that Michael moved onto the older men, figuring they would be easier to pick up. They were, in fact, easy. He found several who were ready to fuck him even before he used his gift. And just as Ryan had improved Michael’s body to make him a better slut, Michael was able to use his gift to make the old queers better at fucking him. Again, Michael’s gift wasn’t as strong as Ryan’s, but by the end, most of the guys were looking more like Sean Connery than Andy Rooney.

Then Michael took to the dance floor, trying to make physical contact with as many of the remaining fags as he could. He found it most effective to sandwich himself in between two people who were dancing with each other. A few protested at first, but after a few seconds of touching him, they were more than ready to fuck.

Michael’s favorite pair was a couple that had been dating for three years. They had been completely monogamous too, until Michael got to them. It took less than 20 seconds of his gift to convince them to try a threesome. And after fucking Michael, monogamy wasn’t on either of their minds. They agreed that they should have an open relationship, with as many different partners as possible.

By 4:45, when everyone but the bartenders were gone, Michael had fucked or sucked 32 different guys. 33, if you counted Frank. He had fucked tall and short; ugly and cute; old and young; sluts and prudes. And now all 33 were just as promiscuous as Michael, and had had their looks improved enough to get more action.

Michael had noticed that every time someone shot their load down his throat or up his ass, it was easier to alter the next person. It was like his gift was feeding on cum and getting stronger.

What Michael didn’t notice was that, just as Ryan passed a weak version of his “gift” to all those he corrupted, Michael was passing on an even weaker “gift” to everyone he changed. And for reasons they would never fully realize, these “gifted” men would try to sleep with as many people as possible. And the more people they slept with, the more powerful their “gifts” would become as well.

And with every fuck Asmodai’s influence on the world would grow stronger.

Michael walked out into the entrance to the club to find Frank fucking the doorman on top of the table that provided free condoms. Frank was still in his uniform with his pants around his ankles. The doorman was screaming in pleasure and playing with his nipples.

“Anyone left in there, Michael?” Frank asked without changing his rhythm.

“Nope. I fucked them all.” Michael replied.

“Well, two guys just left a second ago. It sounded like one of them was straight too, so you must not have gotten to him.” Frank said. The doorman was moaning something inaudible under him. “I’ll bet you can still catch them. They went west out of the door.”

“Thanks, Frank.” Michael said as he hurried out the door.

It only took Michael a minute to find the pair, they were walking down an alleyway behind the club.

“Are you sure you parked this way?” the taller one asked. He was toothpick thin, and couldn’t have weight more than 150 lbs.

“Yes, Dave. I’m sure.” the shorter one said. The shorter one looked like he was only 5’ 9,” but he was built like a rugby player. He must have been 180lbs of pure muscle.

“You’re a good friend, Ben. I don’t think I woulda made it if you hadn’t come.” Dave said.

“No problem, man. I know it was you first time at a gay bar. You needed your friend for support.”

“Yeah, but a lot of straight guys wouldn’t come here even for a best friend. Hell, it was kinda scary for me, I can’t imagine what it was like for you.”

Ben laughed. “It was fine for me. It was sorta flattering to be hit on so much. But don’t worry man, I’m sure next time you come here, we will get you laid.”

“Yeah,” Dave grunted, not quite so sure.

Ben and Dave had been friends since kindergarten, and Ben had always been Dave’s protector. He was a combination best friend and big brother. He had been there for Dave his whole life, from the first time he failed a class to when his parents divorced. They had lived in the same neighborhood, gone to the same schools, and finally attended the same college. And even when Dave finally admitted to himself, and everyone else, that he was gay, Ben had remained his best friend.

In fact, it had been Ben pushing Dave to come to the club tonight. Dave was too afraid to do it on his own. He felt he wasn’t good enough to attract anyone. He felt like he was too thin and pale. Unlike Ben, he had no muscles, no cute haircut, no beautiful blue eyes, and no gorgeous smile.

Dave hated to admit it, but he had developed a big crush on Ben, and he knew there was no hope Ben would ever feel the same way.

Dave and Ben were almost to the parking lot when Michael caught up to them.

“Hey, wait up a second,” Michael said, sticking out his hand to Ben for a handshake. “I’m Michael. Didn’t I just see you guys in the club?”

Dave sighed. Of course another cute gay guy interested in his straight friend and not him.

“I’m Ben, and this is Dave.” Rather than shake Michael’s hand, Ben grabbed Dave by the shoulders and shoved him forward into Michael’s arms.

“Aren’t you a cutie.” Michael said, catching Dave. He stuck one hand down Dave’s pants, feeling his dick harden in his hand. “Did I hear that this was your first time at a club?”

“Yeah” Dave replied sheepishly. He felt weird, being fondled in public by an attractive stranger like this. Weirder because it was in front of his best friend. But the heat that had rushed into his head when Michael touched him felt incredible. He certainly didn’t want it to stop.

“You know, I’ve never been fucked by virgin before.”

“Wow, ok… you two have fun, I’m going to go wait in the car.” Ben said in the background. “Unless you want me to stop him, Dave. Do you, Dave? Want him to stop?”

“No” Dave said weakly.

“Actually, I was hoping for a threesome,” Michael said. He pulled his hands out of Dave’s pants and walked over to Ben.

“Thats great, but I’m straight, buddy. I’m just here as a friend for Dave.”

“Really, you’ve never considered sex with a guy?”

Ben shook his head no.

“Never thought about being more than just friends with Dave? I mean, he is your best friend. Wouldn’t it be nice to share something so intimate with him?”

“No” Ben said firmly. “I don’t mess around with guys.”

“You should try it before you decide you don’t like it.” With no further warning Michael grabbed Ben around the waist and pulled him into a kiss.

Ben tried to push away, but Michael held tight. A strange warmth started to spread across Ben’s body and alien thoughts began buzzing about in his head. Images of strong naked men flooded his mind. He saw these men ravishing each other. He saw big thick cocks forcing their way into tight, warm holes. He saw himself wearing a collar and being chained inside a metal cage? The images distracted him as Michael forced his tongue into Ben’s mouth.

Slowly, Ben stopped struggling. The kiss was amazing. He realized he liked the feeling of being manhandled like this. He was turned on by those masculine arms wrapped around him, holding him so he couldn’t escape. He was enjoying the feeling of Michael’s stubble rubbing against his chin. He could feel Michael’s erection rubbing against his own. Ben started returning the kiss. He couldn’t help it.

“Ben, what the fuck?” Dave asked, confused. And jealous. The jealousy in his voice made his crush on Ben evident to everyone.

Ben felt a little guilty. He didn’t know Dave wanted him, but best friends should be willing to do anything for each other, and he hadn’t willing to sleep with Dave. He thought about all those days as Dave’s roommate that they had jerked off when the other wasn’t around. It seemed like a waste now. They could’ve been fooling around together instead.

Michael broke the kiss. “Are you boys ready for a threesome now?”

“Yes,” Ben answered.

“No,” said Dave. He grabbed Ben by the collar and threw him up against the wall of the alley. “Seriously man, what the fuck. I’ve wanted you for years, and nothing. But some guy you don’t even know comes up and kisses you and you melt in his arms?”

If Ben’s erection could have gotten any harder, it would have. His best friend was pushing him around and yelling at him, and Ben loved it. Even though Ben was bigger and stronger, Dave was dominating him. It was the sexiest thing Ben had ever felt. He wanted Dave to boss him around. He wanted to be forced to his knees and be commanded to suck his friends dick. He wanted to submit to Dave in every way.

“I don’t know about the past, Dave, but it seems like you are certainly turning your friend on now.” Michael said, pointing out Ben’s erection.

“So thats what you like, huh?” Dave’s voice got mean. “You act like a big strong straight guy, but when a real man starts pushing you around, you turn into a faggot. You like me ordering you around, don’t you?”

A few minutes ago, it wouldn’t have been true. Ben had been straight and strong-minded. He would have refused to follow orders just because they were orders. But then Michael had kissed him, and his world had changed. All he could think about was how good it felt to controlled by another man. He mumbled, “Y-yes.”

“Yes? Yes what?”

“Yes, sir.” Ben’s dick started leaking pre-cum. Calling another man ‘sir’ was such a turn on.

“Turn around and bend over.”

“But..” There was a little fight left in Ben. In his mind, sucking dick was one thing, but being fucked was another. He knew it would hurt, and he didn’t really want that.

“I said ‘Turn around and bend over.’ Now!” Dave backhanded Ben for questioning his orders.

“Yes, sir”

“Drop your pants.”

Ben thought about protesting again, but didn’t. He knew Dave was about to fuck him, and he was afraid of the pain, but he was more afraid of being disobedient.

“You are going to let me fuck you, and you aren’t going to make a noise.”

Michael leaned up against the alley wall and watched as Dave jammed his dick into Ben’s virgin hole. With no lube or preparation, it must have hurt like hell, but Ben was good and obedient, biting on his lip to muffle his scream.

Michael was enjoying just watching the smaller boy make a bitch out of his formerly straight friend. It was surprising because Michael normally required someone fucking him to enjoy anything now, but he knew that he would have time for a threesome after Dave finished breaking Ben in.

“You’d start to like this dick, you worthless piece of shit.” Dave grunted. “’Cause I’m going to fuck you as much as I want. I’m going to fuck you until you are just a used-up little cunt.”

Dave didn’t even let Ben get used to his dick. He just pulled it all the way out, waited a second, and then rammed it all the way in again. Ben started crying because of the pain, but he continued to obey Dave’s command and remained silent.

“That’s what you are, you know, a pussy-boy to be used by other men,” Dave continued, pulling his dick all the way out again. “Right now, you’re my pussy-boy. You belong to me. But once I use you up, I’m just going to give you to someone else. Thats your purpose in life, isn’t it, you little bitch? Isn’t it? Say it! Beg for me to fuck you.”

“Yes, sir. I belong to you,” Ben didn’t hesitate to follow Dave’s order. “I’m your pussy-boy. My purpose in life is to be used by other men. Please fuck me sir. Please, I need you to fuck me.”

Ben found that the more he obeyed, the better it felt to obey. As Dave forced his dick into Ben’s ass again, it was reinforced in Ben’s mind that he was meant to be another man’s bitch. After tonight, being submissive would be second nature to Ben.

Dave, on the other hand, was really enjoying the control. All of Dave’s caution and self-consciousness was fading away to be replaced with aggression and assertiveness.

Michael decided it was time for him to join in. He knelt down and began to suck Ben’s cock as Dave continued to pounded Ben’s hole. Michael also reached around and grabbed Dave’s ass, pulling him into Ben with harder and harder thrusts. Michael would have rather been in the middle of the two, getting fucked by Dave while he sucked Ben, but this was good enough for now.

A loud whistle from down the alley interrupted the three boys.

Michael looked over to see three skinheads walking towards them. One on the left had brass knuckles while one on the right had a butterfly knife. The one in front was holding a baseball bat. All three were wearing steel-toed boots and were tattooed with swastikas.

The newly timid Ben cowered behind Dave. Even newly dominate Dave looked a little afraid. But Michael wasn’t worried. He didn’t think of them as skinheads that wanted to hurt him. He thought of them as cocks waiting to fuck him.

“Look at this, guys. We got a bunch of fairies screwing in a back alley,” The leader said. “I told you we’d find some fun around here.”

“Yeah, I’ll give you boys some fun if you want.” Michael said. He stood up and and sauntered towards the gay-bashers. Michael’s instincts were telling him something. Something about the leader of this little gang. If Michael was right, this would be easier than he thought.

“Well, this little fairies got some balls.” The one on the right said, fluttering his butterfly knife open and shut. “Maybe I should cut them off.”

“You know what I think,” Michael said, looking the leader in the eyes, “I think that you boys only beat up on fags because you secretly wish you were one.”

The leader’s face turned bright red. He yelled and swung the baseball bat at Michael, but Michael was ready for it. He caught the bat with his left hand and brought his right elbow down hard across the skinhead’s forearms. The leader dropped the bat in pain and surprise.

The other two skinheads watched stunned. Their leader had just been disarmed by some cocksucker in cutoff jeans.

“Hmm, looks like I hit a nerve.” Michael said ironically. “I guess I was right. You weren’t here looking to gay bash; you were looking to gay fuck.”

“Fucking FAGGOT.” The leader yelled. He lunged at Michael, wrapping his hands around Michael’s throat and trying to choke him with his bare hands.

It was a big mistake.

As soon as skin touched skin, Michael was in control.

A quick look inside the gay-basher’s head told Michael all he needed to know. His name was Edward Vinyard, and his friends were Donny and Eric. Michael learned that this particular gay bashing trip was unknown to the rest of their white supremest gang, so these three were all Michael had to worry about. He also learned that Eddie was 20 years-old and had become a skinhead at 15. Over that time, Eddie had participated in drug smuggling, witness intimidation and assaults on almost 60 people.

And finally Michael learned that his instincts were right. Eddie was as queer as a three dollar bill.

Since he was 13, Eddie had been attracted to men and men only. Deep down, all Eddie really wanted to do was find a muscle-daddy and worship his cock, but the confused skinhead had been fighting these urges his whole life. He thought his lusts were evil forces corrupting his mind or tests sent by God to see if he was worthy to remain pure. And Eddie tried to overcompensate for his hidden urges by hurting as many gay men as he could.

Michael was going to put an end to that. It was time to put this skinhead in touch with his inner faggot. He forced his way into Eddie’s mind and undid 7 years of sexual repression. He unleashed and amplified the desires Eddie had tried to ignore for so long.

Eddie felt like his head was on fire. All the feelings Eddie had locked away were returning and burning away all of his resistance. The desires overwhelmed him in a heartbeat. He could no longer push the urges away, and he no longer wanted to try. Eddie had fought them for what felt like his whole life, and now he realized how stupid he had been.

He was ready to make up for lost time.

Michael reached down and unbuttoned Eddie’s pants, pulling out his hard 5-inch dick. Michael was a little disappointed by the size, but with a touch of his gift, Michael could help it grow.

“What the fuck are you doing to him, faggot?” Eddie’s buddies, Donny and Eric, had finally been spurred to action when they saw Michael fondling their leaders hard dick. They shoved Michael to the ground.

Eddie just stood there, still as a statue with his dick hanging out as his mind adjusted to his new desires.

“What did you do?” Donny said, checking on Eddie. “Did you drug him? Huh?”

“Fix him and we might not kill you,” Eric held the knife to Michaels throat.

“I already did.” Michael said calmly. “And I’m going to fix you two next.”

A gunshot rang out from down the alley. The two remaining skinheads looked up in surprise.

“Freeze.” A strong booming voice shouted. Michael laughed. The calvary had arrived, in the form of Officer Franklin ‘the faggot’ Brooks. He might not be wearing pants, but his gun was drawn and he was ready to use it. “Drop the knife or my next shot will not be a warning. Drop it. Now.”

Eric complied, dropping the knife and putting his hands up in the air. Donny turned and tried to run away. But Dave, who was feeling more aggressive and fearless every second, chased him down. He grabbed the fleeing skinhead from behind and flung him sideways, head first, into the brick alley wall.

Michael got up and walked over to Eddie. He would deal with the other two in a minute, but first he had to finish what he started. “Eddie, can you hear me?”

“Yes…” Eddie said slowly. In his head, the fire was still raging and it was impossible for him to think for himself. He was just going to stand there and wait until someone told him what to do.

Michael grabbed Eddie’s dick, making it grow in his hand to an impressively thick 12-incher. “You are going to fuck me. You are going to fuck my ass and it will be the best thing you ever felt. And the entire time you are, you are going to be thinking about how much of your life you wasted beating up guys instead of screwing them.”

Now that Eddie had been told what to do, he didn’t hesitate. He grabbed Michael, lifted him up in the air, and jammed his dick up Michael’s ass. Michael was a little surprised by Eddie’s bluntness, but he went with it. Michael was already lubed up from his numerous fucks earlier in the night, but even still, Eddie’s newly giant dick did not slide into him easily.

Holding Michael stationary in mid-air, Eddie was flexing his hips, ramming his cock deeper and deeper into Michael. Once all 12 inches were inside him, he started rocking back and forth, angling his dick so it was rubbing up against Michael’s prostate.

Michael wasn’t really prepared for how good a top Eddie was. After only a few thrust, he involuntarily shot his load. His cum splattered against Eddie’s chin and chest, but Eddie didn’t react. He just kept fucking Michael. He hadn’t been told to stop.

Fortunately, Michael’s gift allowed him to recover quickly after cumming. His erection returned to full strength almost instantly.

Across the ally, both Donny and Eric in handcuffs. Ben was holding Donny on his knees while Dave was forcing his dick down the skinheads throat. And Frank was standing behind Eric, his dick resting against the Eric’s ass crack, his big black arms wrapped around Eric and jacking the skinhead off.

Michael could hear Frank whispering into Eric’s ear, “You are going to keep watching your friend fuck Michael and it is the sexiest thing you have ever seen. In fact, you are getting jealous that it isn’t you getting torn up by that 12-inch dick, aren’t you. You’re ass is starting to itch and burn with desire. With ever thrust you watch, you want to be a bottom more and more. And when you are finally ready, you’re going to beg me to fuck that racist punk ass of yours.”

Eric was whimpering and trying to resist, but his dick was rock-hard in the cops hands. It was only a matter of time before he begged to be fucked.

After a few minutes, Michael could tell that Eddie was about to shoot. Eddie might not be able to think for himself anymore, but his body still acted on instincts and reflexes. Michael still had a few things to do first.

“Eddie. Answer me fully and truthfully.” Michael said in between moans as Eddie kept fucking him. “Have you been enjoying this? Do you like gay sex?”

“Yes.” Eddie’s answer showed no emotion. He just kept fucking.

“And what are you thinking about right now while you are fucking me?”

“I was regretting not being a fag earlier.”

“Good, I want that to be your last thought.” Michael said, vengeance in his voice. “You spent your whole life trying to pretend these emotions didn’t exist. You covered them by hurting other men. Now that you’ve discovered how good it feels, you don’t deserve to keep feeling it.”

Michael reached in and began to remake Eddie’s mind. He ripped out Eddie’s emotions. He removed all of Eddie’s hopes and desires and fears. Eddie’s ability to think for himself, already damaged at this point, was shredded beyond repair. He made Eddie forget everything he had ever liked and everyone he had ever loved. He destroyed Eddie’s personality utterly and completely.

By the time Michael was done, Eddie was incapable of doing anything on his own. He wouldn’t eat or drink unless he was told to. He couldn’t get an erection or cum without being ordered too. He still remembered parts of his old life, the painful parts, but the memories had no way of interacting with the outside world. Michael had turned him into a living, breathing, mindless sex-toy.

Vaguely, Michael was reminded of something he and his brother had talked about a long, long time ago. They had talked about how stupid the ‘Golden Rule’ was. ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ was not the way the world worked. Instead, he and his brother had come up with the ‘Iron Rule.’

It said, ‘Do unto others worse than they would have done unto you.’

The thought made Michael happy. He had finally found something from his old life that still fit in with his new one.

“Cum now, Eddie” Michael felt Eddie’s warm cum fill his insides. He could also feel his gift growing stronger. And after he finished with Dave and Ben, Donny and Eric, the cops at Frank’s station, and the rest of the members of Eddie’s gang, he would be stronger still. Stronger and stronger as he fucked everyone he meet.

Yes, Michael was ready to ‘do unto’ as many ‘others’ as he possible could.

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