Sinners and Saints - Chapter 2

By Naedre
published January 18, 2008
5088 words

Ryan’s brief encounter with the occult leaves him cursed. Or is it gifted?

Chapter 2: Following the Rules


I stumbled down the hallway of my dorm just before 4 am. I felt dizzy and weak. It had started shortly after I finished with Michael. After I had fucked and mind-fucked him. After I had reshaped him into what I wanted him to be. That had felt good. Everything about him had been mine to control, and the more I changed him, the better it felt. And when I came inside him, I had felt content, complete, like I knew my place in the world.

I was to be mankind’s judge. I was lust and vengeance made into one. I was going to make all of humanity pay for their every transgression. From the smallest mistake to the most deadly of sins, I was meant to fuck them all. It was as Lord Asmodai willed.

And that’s when it started. Glimpses of the past started flickering in my head. The library, the ritual, Asmodai… I was starting to remember. In flashes and floods, the four hours I had lost were returning.

Four hours ago:

“… Acerbus Salixacis Emano Barathrum.” I said, reading in Latin from the religion book yet again. I didn’t know how many times I had repeated the damn words, but I had been here alone in the library for more than twenty minutes, and I was getting pissed. How long did it take to change into some demon costumes you bought at Wal-Mart? If they didn’t hurry up I was going to be late meeting Gabe and Mike at the bars.

Across campus, I heard the bell tower start tolling. Great, it was midnight. I had already wasted an hour here, and Alex and Greg are nowhere to be seen. All right, I’m going to read this one more time and then leave.

“Adoleo Decusoris…” I started, and suddenly all the lights went out. But the room wasn’t dark. The words on the page and the pentagram were beginning to glow. Its like they were illuminated from behind in deep crimson. Now, I’m not a superstitious guy, but I have to admit it, I was scared shitless. Yet, I was still chanting in Latin, now with perfect pronunciation and cadence. I tried to stop reading the words, but my mouth just kept going. I tried to walk away from the book and out of the pentagram, but my legs didn’t respond. Now I was past scared. I was panicked. With every word, the dark red light grew stronger and stronger. I couldn’t run. I couldn’t scream or beg. I couldn’t wring my hands or hyperventilate. I just stood there, outwardly calm, inwardly manic, until finally the words ended with, “… Emano Barathum!”

And suddenly everything was normal again. The lights came back on; the book and pentagram stopped glowing. I could move again. I must have fallen asleep or something. I must have dreamed it.

“Alex! Greg! I’m leaving!” I yelled in the direction of the door they had gone through to change. I had had enough.

“Cannot leave yet, mortal.”I heard a deep voice behind me say. “You have summoned me. You may not leave until we finish the ritual.”

I spun around, but there was no one there. It had to be Greg and Alex fucking with me. “Ok, you assholes. Good prank. You had me with that special effects stuff. Now come out and show yourself.”

“If you wish,” the deep voice chuckled. “But know that all wishes have their price.”

A thick black dust began to swirl around me. The dust was like tiny shards of glass, shredding my clothing and pelting my skin. It grew stronger; it howled in my ears. A strong gust knocked me over. I struggled to get back to my feet, but I couldn’t. The wind howled louder. I could almost hear the wind speaking to me. And then it was abruptly over.

“You wanted to see me? Well, open your eyes.” I tried to resist his command. I willed my eyes to remain shut, but my will didn’t mean much anymore. I looked up and gazed upon him.

If he had been human, he would have been the most beautiful man I had ever seen. But he wasn’t human or beautiful. He was too terrifying to be attractive. His skin looked like scorched glass and his eyes burned like the sun. If Michelangelo had carved David out of obsidian and fire, it might have looked something like the being that stood before me.

“You have summoned Asmodai, mortal. I shall satisfy your deepest desire and you shall be mine.”


I was suddenly aware of two people touching me. Both males. They were trying to roll me over onto my back. The memories of what happened in the library must have overwhelmed me. I had collapsed in front of some strangers’ dormroom, and they had unintentionally woken me. Damnit! I needed to remember the rest of it, and these idiots had interrupted me.

I was careful not to show any sign of being awake yet. I still felt dizzy and weak, and I didn’t know if these two were a threat yet.

“I knew I recognized him!” squeaked a little voice. “He’s in my bio classes. He’s on the baseball team.”

“Just more proof that the mankind never evolved past being an ape,” whined someone else.

“It sucks that they let these dumb jocks into our school just because they can throw a ball around.” The little one said. I pulled the name Milton from his mind. He was a sophomore premed who vastly overestimated his own intelligence. “Trying to teach them anything is just a waste of time.”

“Even worse are those tramps they refer to as ‘cheerleaders.’” The whiny one said. His name was Andrew, a literature student. He thought that his dyed black hair and clothing from Hot Topic meant he was fighting against the ‘conformist norms.’ “Nothing but vacuous blonde bimbos who sleep with whatever jock happened to score the most goals.”

They didn’t notice me whispering into their minds.

I knew that neither of them were really bad people. They were arrogant and self-important, sure, but they had never hurt anyone. They didn’t really deserve what I was about to do to them, but I didn’t care. I was still in pain, plus their interruption and petty insults had made me angry. I was going to teach them a lesson.

I directed them to keep touching me. I spoke to their primal desires. I told them how horny they should be. I showed them glimpses of hedonistic pleasures they had never dreamed of. I suggested they should take me some place private.

“I guess we should get him inside,” they both said at the same time, unaware they were no longer in control of their thoughts. They dragged me into their room, both trying to hide their new erections from one another.

There was an awkward silence after the door shut. They sat there, hands still on my shoulders, afraid to admit to the other their newfound desires. Finally, I decided they were far enough under my spell.

“Don’t you boys want my dick?” I said, startling them. They tried to pull away, but I grabbed their wrists. “Its ok, you can admit it. You both want it. Look at it. Wouldn’t it feel good inside you?”

They glanced nervously at each other, but stopped trying to pull away.

“Just think about my how many blonde bimbos have sucked on this stupid jock’s cock. Don’t you envy them? No deep thoughts. No meaningful conversations. They don’t care about anything but pleasuring my dick. It must taste so good if all they want is to suck it.”

Andrew licked his lips.

“But the bimbos aren’t the only ones who want it. Other jocks want it to. You should have seen me fucking this guy earlier. He was strong, muscular, and athletic. Just another dumb jock. And he loved getting fucked up against the wall of the community showers.”

Milton started playing with himself through his underwear.

“Now, don’t you both want my dick?”

“Yes!” said Andrew only a half second before Milton’s. “Please, yes!”

“Well then, I guess I’ll grant your wish. Andrew, as a reward for speaking first, you get to suck my dick. Milton, strip and go sit on your bed. You will jerk off while you watch us. You cannot move, make a sound, or cum before I tell you to.” I laid back down on the dorm floor as Andrew started bobbing up and down on my cock. Milton reluctantly walked over to his bed.

“You can understand it now, can’t you Andrew? Why all those cheerleaders want the jocks? Part of it is they want a strong man. The more stronger the man, the better the sex, right? And you understand it, Andrew because you want it too. You want to be fucked by big, athletic men, don’t you?”

As soon as I said it, it became true in Andrew’s mind. He nodded yes and kept sucking.

“But the other part is just as important. The other part is that cheerleaders want to encourage the players to win the games. Players know that if they play well, they will get more ass after the game. And winning the games is all that’s important, right? After all, you are a cheerleader, so all you care about it cheering our team to victory.”

Andrew struggled with that thought. He tried to resist, but I pressed on.

“Yes, Andy, you are nothing but an empty-headed blond-haired blue-eyed male cheerleader. You always have been. You have never wanted a complicated life. You don’t like reading or learning things. Trying to have deep thoughts only hurts your pretty head. You are happy being shallow. All you want is to inspire your team to victory, look for cute cloths at the mall, and get fucked by the best athletes.”

I changed his body to reflect the new him. I made him leaner and more limber. I turned his hair a peroxide blonde. He became an irresistible twink, fuckable by gay and straight jocks alike. His new baby-blue eyes looked up at me, begging me not to continue. But his mouth continued happily slurping away.

“Don’t look at me like that, Andy. You couldn’t be happier as a male bimbo. Don’t you remember? You go to every male sporting event you can. It makes you so horny cheer for those muscular jocks. And after the game you go into the locker room and offer yourself to everyone on the team that played. They always line up to accept your offer, too. And you reward the best players by letting them fuck you longer.”

I started to change his memories. I removed all his arrogance and knowledge. I erased any insight or meaning he had ever gleaned from a book. And I replaced with memories of cheerleading practice, shopping, and getting fucked. Andy had lots of memories of being fucked now. He remembered the first time he blew his high school’s star pitcher in the team shower. He remembered sleeping with everyone on the wrestling team when their dates didn’t put out after Prom.

And he remembered his first college post-game gangbang. He had been lying on his back while the football team made two lines. The offense waited near his mouth to get blown, while the defense lined up to fuck his ass. And when everyone had had their turn fucking him, they had circled around him and shot their loads on his chest. Andy remembered it as the happiest he had ever been.

“Its time for me to cum in your ass.” I told Andy.

“Like, awesome,” He replied after he pulled my cock out of his mouth. His old whiny voice had been replaced by a brainless valley-girl accent. He sat down on my dick, taking all 8-inches into him at once. He fucked himself on me like he had bottomed a thousand times before, which, in his mind, he had.

It wasn’t long before I was ready to cum, but first, I had give Andrew a chance for redemption. It was one of the Rules. Wait… what rules? Fleeting images of four hours ago started swirling in my head again. I had to finish fast.

“Andy, to return to your old life, if you want to, you need one of those dumb jocks to write a sonnet for you to express his affection.” I said as his tight ass sent me over the edge. “Of course, considering you are just a vacuous male bimbo who sleeps with anything that has nice muscles, I doubt anyone will waste the time to write you something meaningful or thought-provoking.”

The memories were overwhelming me again. I shoved Andy off me and tried to crawl to his bed. I almost didn’t make it. The world turned sideways as I collapsed a second time.

Four hours ago:

“Look, there has been a mistake.” I said. “I didn’t summon anyone. I’m just filming a movie.”

“You wear my mark around your neck.” Asmodai pointed at the pendant Alex gave me. “You have offered yourself to me.”

“Its not mine!” I said. I tried to rip it off but it wouldn’t budge. “Look, I didn’t mean to summon you. Can’t you just let me go?”

“You truly do not understand what you did? You summoned me by mistake?” Asmodai started laughing. “You accidentally summoned a Demon-King to earth, and now you want me to just let you go.”

“Demon-King?” I gulped. “You mean… you are the devil?”

“Don’t they teach basic demonology anymore? No, I’m not Lucifer. Lucifer Morningstar is the Emperor of Hell. I am Asmodai, Demon-King of wraith, lust, and vengeance.” He must have noticed the blank look on my face. “Surely, you have heard of me! It was I who toppled the Solomon’s temple as revenge for those who forced me to help them build it. It was I who inspired Paris’s lust that doomed Troy, and the Greek’s fury that burned it. It was I who corrupted once-virtuous cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.”

“Sorry, we don’t study stuff like that anymore.” I replied. “So, um… what are you going to do to me.”

Asmodai growled in frustration. “I am going to use you to make sure every mortal knows my name and my touch. I shall make you my avatar, Ryan Madison. With you as my agent, I shall establish a new Gomorrah. I have not been able to directly touch this world in so long, but thanks to you, my influence shall be restored. Now tell me what you desire. Tell me your wish. I might even let you enjoy it for a few hours or days before I take you completely.”

“I get a wish?”

Asmodai sighed. “I forgot. You are totally ignorant. Fine. I’ll explain the game very briefly.”

“This isn’t a game. This is my life you’re talking about here!”

“No, it’s your soul, not your life. Lives are easy things to take; souls are harder and far more valuable. Souls are the essence of what humanity is. It is your hopes and desires and free will all balled up into one. Of course, souls can be corrupted, desires changed, free will abandoned.” Asmodai ran one finger along the edge of my jaw. I shuddered in pleasure; I couldn’t help it. “And yes, this is a game. It is the great cosmic chess match between Heaven and Hell to see who can claim the most souls. And like every game, their are Rules.”

Asmodai held out his hand and an ancient book appeared in a burst of flame. The demon thumbed threw the pages briefly. “Rules for Corrupting Prayer… Rules for Corrupting Reason… Rules for Corrupting Republicans … Ah, here it is. Rules for Corrupting Souls. ‘Rule 1- Consent: The owner of the soul being corrupted (hereafter referred to as “the damned”) must consent to an action based upon a desire offered by the agent of corruption (hereafter referred to as “the corruptor”). The damned is not required to know of demonic influences or be aware that his soul is in jeopardy prior to consent, nor is the corruptor under any obligation to…’” Hmm, I’d forgotten how many lawyers we had draft this book."

“Let me summarize. You have to give in to a temptation. It doesn’t matter why you give in, trickery, coercion, altered mind, etc. You just have to give in.”

“Now that I know what’s going on, I’ll never give you consent.” I said defiantly.

“You already consented, in the chant that you used to summon me. You offered your soul in exchange for one wish. Which brings me to Rule 2: The offer cannot be rescinded once it is accepted. Once you consent, neither of us can change our minds nor alter the bargain. Or, more typically, I can’t alter your mind so that you want to change the bargain.”

“So, because I said something in Latin that I didn’t understand, I have to make a wish and then surrender my soul.”

“Yes. You are catching on. And finally, Rule 3: Everyone must be given a chance for redemption. I can make the terms of your redemption as difficult or as easy as I wish, but I have to give you an opportunity at reclaiming your soul.”

“I knew it! I knew there had to be a way out. What do I have to do?”

“Well, penances are normally established at the end of the corrupting process, but since you are so anxious to get it done with, let’s just go with the standard vanquish condition. All you have to do to cleanse your soul is defeat me and cast me back into Hell.”

“And how do I do that?”

Asmodai chuckled. “Why in the Nine Pits would I tell you that? Do you really think I’m that foolish? I told you the rules out of the kindness of my black heart. No more information. No more chatting. Make your wish.”

“Why should I? I never asked for a wish, not knowingly anyway. I’m not playing your game.” I was vaguely aware that I sounded like a petulant child, but the whole situation was so unfair!

“If you don’t, you are violating the Rules and you forfeit your soul anyway.”

“Then I wish I had never summoned you.” I didn’t really think that wish would work, but it was worth a try.

“Sorry, any wish that would nullify the agreement also violates the Rules. As does any wish that fulfils the requirements of your redemption. You can squirm all you want, little Ryan, but you will be mine.”

And then I had an idea. A small little glimmer of maybe finding salvation. I knew my wish. “I wish I knew and understood how to vanquish you.”

“You little cretin,” Asmodai spat. “Very well, I guess it doesn’t matter much, since after I corrupt your soul, you are not going to have any free will left to try to vanquish me. I’ll tell you. The one and only way to vanquish me is for me to willingly engage in sexual congress with a saint.”

“So if you decide you want to fuck a philanthropist, you get send back to hell?” I said confused. “I don’t understand. Explain it better, or you’re the one violating the Rules.”

“A saint is someone who has been personally touched by the divine. They are the recipient of holy guidance or the beneficiaries of a miracle.” Asmodai seemed even angry. I was unsure if it was because he was forced to tell me how to defeat him, or if he thought this was such basic knowledge I should already know it. “It is extremely rare, obviously, happening maybe once in a hundred years. They can weaken demonic influences and vanquish most demons by performing different acts. In my case, a saint can banish me back to hell by sleeping with me.”

That I understood, which was unfortunate, because that meant my wish was fulfilled. Suddenly a barrier in my head that had been holding back Asmodai’s influence broke. I felt waves of lust rush into me. The demon was no longer my enemy. He was no longer terrifying. He was someone I wanted to submit to. He was someone I wanted to inside me. I ripped off my tattered clothing, bent over, and offered my ass to him.

“Please…” I begged.

Asmodai laughed again. “Please what?”

“Please fuck me.”

The demon didn’t bother to prepare me. He just drove himself into me. It hurt. It burned. But the lust overwhelmed all of that. I lost my humanity and became something primal. I was just an animal in heat.

“Say farewell, Ryan Madison. When your body wakens 6 hours from now, there will be nothing left of you. Your mind and soul shall be gone, and your body shall only seek to carry out my will.”

He rubbed up against something inside of me that made me see stars. It made me cum, shooting into the center of the pentagram, and my world faded to black.


I woke up back in Andy and Milton’s room. I knew what had happened to me now. I remembered the terror and the lust; I remembered the pleasure and the pain. I remembered it all. But I wasn’t like Asmodai said I would be. I was supposed to be his mindless servant, left without a trace of humanity. But I wasn’t. I still had my free will intact… at least some of it. Whatever Asmodai had tried to do to my mind and soul, it had only partially succeeded.

I still had a chance at redemption.

Andy was asleep in the bed beside me, curled up around my muscular arms and legs. Milton was still masturbating in his bed as I had had ordered him to hours ago. I felt guilty.

“You can stop jerking off now, Milton. And you can move and talk. Don’t worry, I’m not going to fuck you like I did Andy.”

“No, please.” Milton said, starting to cry. “Please fuck me. Make me into someone different like you did him.”

“What? You want to be changed?”

“Yes. I hate the jocks because I envy them.” Milton said, sobbing now. “I wish I was like that. Strong enough to be respected. Dumb enough to be happy.”

“No, I’m not going to condemn another soul…”

“You have too. Please. I already said yes.”

He was right. I didn’t have a choice. Milton had already consented. I had to follow through with what I had used to tempt him or he would lose his soul anyway. At least this way I could give him something he wanted.

“Alright.” I said, walking over to his bed.

I began by nibbling on his ear and teasing his cock with one finger. I could have gone straight to fucking him. He was ready for me to. But if I was going to corrupt someone else, I was going to make sure he enjoyed it.

“If I’m going to change you, lets start with this.” I whispered. His dick grew as I touched it. I made it longer and thicker. I curved it just so and enlarged the head, making sure it would always hit the rights spots of whoever he was fucking. I added thick veins for friction and pleasure. And I made it more sensitive. A gust of wind could make Milton hard now.

“And what good is a monster dick without some nice heavy balls.” I said, as my finger worked its way down to Milton’s sack. I made his balls bigger and added an intoxicating smell. Just a whiff of that masculine scent would drive any man crazy now. I also made sure Milton was capable of multiple orgasms now. He would be able to come 12 or 15 times in a row without getting tired or soft.

“Now comes my favorite part.” I said, opening Milton’s ass. He expected me to fuck him, but instead I began rimming him. Milton had never considered that someone licking his ass could feel good, but I made sure he loved every second. He couldn’t stop squirming in pleasure as my tongue darted across his hole.

Like his dick, his ass too became more sensitive, ensuing maximum pleasure for Milton if he was giving or receiving. Then I enhanced the muscles around his hole. He could open it wide enough for 3 people to fuck him at once, or squeeze it down to the tightest hole anyone would ever fuck. I also shaped his ass, molding it into a perfectly bulging bubble-butt.

Milton looked comically out of proportion now. A giant dick with massive balls and a gorgeous ass on a 100 lbs bony geek. It was time to do the rest of him.

The rim job had lubricated him enough, so I slowly eased my cock into his eager ass. It wasn’t long before I was all the way inside of him.

“Deeper, oh please deeper. OH! God yes!” He shouted. The noise woke Andy up. He groggily looked over at us; he was probably a little jealous I wasn’t fucking him.

“Ok, Milton.” I said. “You wanted to be stronger and dumber, right? Well I’m going pounding your beautiful new ass. And every time I thrust into you, you are going to gain 5 pounds of pure muscle and grow half a centimeter taller. Every time I pull back, you are going to lose an IQ point. When you feel dumb and strong enough, you are going to cum. You are going to cum so hard you hit yourself in the face.”

“Like, that’s totally hot.” Andy said from across the room. He was playing with his ass and nipples while he watched. I smiled. These two were going to enjoy being roommates.

I started fucking Milton in earnest now. He quickly learned how to squeeze with his new enhanced ass to its greatest effect. Over and over again he brought me close to cumming and then eased off. It was going to be the only think he learned quickly for the rest of his life.

At 10 strokes, Milton looked like an average sophomore with an ok amount of muscle. By 20 strokes, Milton had begun to look like a college wrestler, big and ripped. The name Milton didn’t really fit him anymore. Past 30 strokes, he looked like a NFL linebacker with decades of strength training. He was a tank.

At 36 strokes, he screamed and orgasmed. He shot a wad of cum that hit him right between the eyes. I was no longer fucking a 5’9" 102 lbs weakling named Milton. Instead my dick was buried in a 6’6" 282 lbs monster with an IQ of 88 nicknamed ‘Tank’.

“If you want to return to the old you, Tank, all you have to do is get into med school. Granted, you aren’t very smart anymore, but with hard work and motivation, you could get there. Now, unfortunately, to make this permanent I have to cum inside you, which means I have to fuck you a little more, making you a little bigger and dumber than you wan…. ahhh” I screamed in pleasure as Tank did something with his ass muscles. They contracted and squeezed and milked the cum out of me.

Damn, the kid was good.

“I’m still horny,” rumbled Tank in his new baritone.

“Oh, oh, I wanna fuck,” cheered Andy. “Damn you’re a studly stud now.”

I was right. They were really going to enjoy being roommates now. I grabbed some of the old Andrew’s clothing and left. I needed to find Greg and Alex. Maybe they could explain how I accidentally summoned a demon last night. Maybe they could help me find a way to set things right.

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