The Blending Effect - Part 2: Big New World

By Max Ryon
published November 2, 2016
3410 words

Scott and Xander have used an experimental device to travel to another dimension, and because of “The Blending Effect,” their bodies have adapted by growing muscular. But their new bodies have come with instincts that have landed them in hot water …

Scott opened his eyes to harsh lights. He groaned, his whole body feeling like he had been hit by a bus. He tried to raise his hand to rub his eyes, but found his arm was immobilized. Trying to move the other arm was equally unsuccessful. He was bound by the wrists. He flexed his muscles, trying to see if he could break free from his bindings, but to no avail. As his senses began to return to normal, he also discovered additional bindings around his legs and his torso. He turned his head to the right and spotted Xander, similarly bound and still unconscious. They were seated in chairs that reminded him of the chair at his dentist’s office. Except much larger. Seemingly built to support a bodybuilder-sized person—like they were now.

“Welcome back to the land of the living,” a deep voice said from ahead. A very large man in a blue uniform that could only have been custom-tailored stepped forward. “I’m sure your friend will be joining us shortly. But while we wait for him to come to, perhaps you can answer some questions.”

Scott noticed a soreness in his arm. Looking down, he saw he was hooked up to an IV. The tubing led to a bag hanging from a stand by the bed. Another bag was connected to Xander. The bags contained a blue liquid. “Who … who are you? What are you doing to us? What is that stuff?” Scott demanded. Again he struggled against the bindings.

The man in the uniform studied him, his eyes narrowing. “You’re serious?” he said. “I take it you’re still recovering from the after-effects of your little holiday. Well, I’m afraid the party’s over. Back to the real world. Back to civilization.” He gestured toward the IV bag. “It’s concentrated, intravenous Rationall. We can get you back on the oral meds now that you’re more yourself.”

“My … myself?” Scott asked.

“Tell me son, what’s your name?”


“Nice to meet you, Scott. What’s the last thing you remember?”

Scott thought about it. He remembered being in the lab with Dr. Wade, getting ready to go through the portal with Xander. But he couldn’t exactly tell this man that they were visitors from another dimension, and that they were normally a whole lot skinnier. That would open up a whole different can of worms. “Why don’t you tell me who you are first. And where we are.”

“Fair enough. I’m Officer Mallory. And you’re at the police station. My partner and I came across you and your friend committing lewd acts in the woods. The two of you had clearly let yourselves go feral, in violation of the Decency Act.”

Shit, Scott thought, rubbing his wrists. We lost control and we’ve gotten ourselves arrested. Then a jolt of adrenaline shot through him as he remembered the remote. Oh my God, he thought. They must have taken it. I hope to God the timer didn’t start already. Or worse, what if we missed the portal home completely? He took a breath, trying to calm himself down. There was only one way to get out of this mess. He had to cooperate and answer the cop’s questions.

“Now tell me what you remember,” Officer Mallory said. “Sorry about the bindings, by the way. Standard procedure for ferals. I’ll release the bindings as soon as the IV’s done.”

So little of what the officer was saying was making much sense, so Scott just concentrated on remembering. They’d been in the lab, they’d stepped through the portal … forest. They’d been in a forest. “I remember being in the woods,” he said. “I was with Xander.”

“Your friend here? You fellas had no identification on you, none whatsoever. You did have some other interesting things, though.” He held up Scott’s notebook. “Some pretty odd scribblings in here. You a writer? Stuff about turning invisible and what not. And then a few lines about being in the forest and starting to grow out of your clothes. The clothes you were found with were no more than teenager-size. Were you guys up to some fantasy shit or something? Thinking you could go off your Rationall and get down and dirty in nature?”

“Something like that, I guess,” Scott said. What was this Rationall that the officer kept talking about? He could gather that whatever it was, he was expected to already know about it.

“You guess, huh? Well what about this doo-hickey here?” He held up a small, rectangular object. The remote. Their only ticket home. “Does this thing play into your fantasies somehow too?”

“I … that’s my clock. I wanted to keep track of time but the battery died.”

“A clock? What kind of weird ass clock is this?” Officer Mallory turned the device around in his hands, studying it. “Well, okay. So you brought your clock. Why was it so important to keep track of time?”

Scott thought over everything the cop had said, desperately trying to come up with a proper explanation. He had a theory … he had to act on it. “I wanted to keep track of how long it had been since we’d taken Rationall,” he said “It was supposed to be a retreat. Xander was really depressed because his girlfriend broke up with him, so I wanted to take him out to enjoy nature. The timer was supposed to maximize our time before we had to, you know.”

“Go back on the pill?”


“Girlfriend, you say?” The officer’s eyes narrowed.

“Yes. He was really broken up about it.”

“I see. How old is your friend?”

“Twenty-four, I think?”

“Hmm …” The officer looked over to Xander, who let out a soft groan. “Well speak of the devil, looks like he’s coming to. And it looks like the IV dosing is just about done. So I’m going to take you to the room down the hall while I have a talk with your friend. The nurse will hook you up with some oral Rationall so you can get back on schedule.”

“Nurse? At a police station?”

“Of course. Half the crimes in this city are committed by men off their Rationall. You should know that.”

As Officer Mallory escorted Scott down the hall, Scott tried to piece together what was going on and what kind of crazy world they had ended up in. On the right were a line of barred cells containing an assortment of prisoners. All were male and all were just as muscle-bound as Scott and Xander had become. They were also in various stages of undress. The one in the last cell was completely naked, his penis at full-staff and his eyes hungry. He stared at Scott with lust, and Scott instantly felt a longing stirring in him. He took a step forward.

“I don’t think so, son. I think you’ve had enough action today,” Mallory said, his meaty palm clamping down on Scott’s shoulder. “This one’s just in line, waiting for his turn to rejoin civilization. A respected attorney, no less. Guess the call of the wild was too much for him.” He gestured further down the hall. “There, that door on the left.”

They entered a room that resembled an exam room at a doctor’s office. Mallory motioned for Scott to sit on the exam table. Scott noticed that the table, much like the chair in the interrogation room, was built to accommodate someone of his bulk. “Alright, I’m going to go attend to your friend in there. You wait here for the nurse. After he gets you back on the meds there’ll be more questioning. In the meantime, I’m very curious to hear what your friend’s version of the story is. I’m particularly interested in his so-called ‘girlfriend.’”

Before Scott could inquire what he meant, Officer Mallory had turned and disappeared out the door. Man, he’s hot in that uniform, Scott caught himself thinking. My God, whatever that Rationall did, it sure seems to be wearing off fast.

He replayed the events he could remember in his head, trying to understand what was happening. Apparently, he and Xander had arrived in a world where all men had the physiques of Greek gods. They were also apparently vulnerable to uncontrollable lust, which could only be reined in with a drug called Rationall. Even while on Rationall, however, Scott still seemed to be constantly fighting homoerotic impulses. For someone not used to being particularly sexually inclined, this was a brand new experience.

There was a knock at the door, and a muscular (of course) man walked in dressed in blue scrubs, the sleeves tightly hugging his massive arms. “Hi, my name is Arturo,” the man said. “I’m the nurse. I hear we need to get you some id-checkers.”

“Some what?” Scott asked.

“Id-checkers. Rationall. You know, to keep the id in check? Nevermind.” Arturo smiled kindly. Scott’s heartbeat quickened. This guy was drop dead gorgeous. If this world was populated by men of Greek legend, then this guy was Hercules and Adonis combined. He had short, dark brown hair and a strong jawline. Brown eyes, smooth skin, pearly white teeth … while Scott had yet to see anyone unattractive in this world, this guy gave the rest a run for their money. He started to feel hot.

“First let me just get your vital signs, Mister …”

“Scott, you can just call me Scott.”

“Alright Scott. Hold out your arm and I’ll get this cuff on to check your blood pressure.” Scott complied, watching as the nurse wrapped the blood pressure cuff around his bulging bicep. He still could not believe that was his arm. Just about the same size as that nurse’s gorgeous guns. “There we go,” Arturo said. “Just a few seconds and we’ll get a reading. So, if you don’t mind me asking, what brings you here? Why did you get off your Rationall?”

“Long story,” Scott said, looking down to avoid getting lost in Arturo’s dark eyes. “Wanted to help a friend let off some steam after his girlfriend broke up with him. Things got out of control.”

“I see,” Arturo said, a hint of surprise in his voice. “This a younger friend, then?”

“No, we’re the same age, roughly,” Scott said.

“But you said he had a girlfriend?”

A warning flag went off in Scott’s mind as he realized what it was that had made Officer Mallory suspicious. For some reason it was unusual for someone of Xander’s age to have a girlfriend. He scrambled to compensate. “I mean, he was still sad about his girlfriend breaking up with him when he was younger. Something must have triggered the memories, I guess.”

“Huh,” Arturo said. “Well he’s past the Big Change now, so he really should stop thinking about the past and instead get a boyfriend. And he doesn’t need to go feral to do that. Heck, you seem to like him, don’t you? You must if you went off Rationall for him. That’s a really sweet gesture.” Scott blushed at the compliment, even though it wasn’t exactly the truth. He was getting hard, and it was getting harder to think. But while they were on the topic he needed to get more information.

“Yeah, ‘The Big Change.’ So funny how that happens,” Scott said. “Guess he just had a hard time dealing with it.”

Arturo shrugged. “Happens to every guy. The Change isn’t easy for anyone. Me, it kicked in a bit later than for most. It wasn’t until 23. I think the average is what, 21? I even managed to have a third kid first. A third! I had found a girl I really clicked with. Not just for making babies, you know? We actually got along real well. But then one morning I felt the change starting to come on. After that I just couldn’t see her the same way anymore. Sucks, but that’s the way it is. You just have to accept it. Just like you grow out of your old clothes, you grow out of your old feelings. Are you … are you feeling okay?”

Scott was sweating and shaking a bit. It was getting very hard to ignore his increasingly insistent erection. He just wanted to lay Arturo’s delicious, beautiful body across the exam table. He was barely even hearing what Arturo was saying.

“Okay, time for your meds,” Arturo said, growing concerned. “I thought they just pumped you full of Rationall. They must be using the cheap stuff or something.” He removed the blood pressure cuff and picked up a bottle from the table. Unscrewing the cap, he dumped two blue pills into his hand. “Down the hatch, Scott.” He held the pills up with one hand.

Scott heard the words, but their meaning didn’t register. He was starting to pant heavily, with one hand beginning to fondle the large bulge in his crotch. Sighing, Arturo decided to try another approach. “Open up, Scott! Open up and take my cock in your mouth!”

“Cock?” Scott said. “OH yes …” he moaned and opened his mouth wide.

Arturo swiftly raised his hand, dropping the pills into Scott’s mouth. He held Scott’s mouth closed. “Alright stud,” he said. “Swallow my load.”

Scott knew he’d been tricked, but at those words he instinctively swallowed.

“There we go,” Arturo said with a relieved sigh. “Ferals are such predictable creatures.”

“How … how long …?” Scott managed to ask.

“Usually pretty quick. Within a minute or so you should start calming down. Until then just try counting backwards from 10. Think of an ice cold shower. Or your girlfriend from before the Big Change.”

Scott tried to do what Arturo asked. At least the counting … he’d never had a girlfriend before. But it seemed he couldn’t get any farther than 7 before he’d glance at Arturo’s bulging pecs and lose focus again. After five minutes of this, Arturo started to look worried again.

“That’s not good …” Arturo said. “How’s that possible? It’s almost like your body is rejecting the drug. But that can’t be if you’ve been properly habituated to it. You … you have taken Rationall before, haven’t you? How could you have not?”

Scott was past the point of being able to lie. He shook his head and slowly rose off the table.

“You haven’t??” Arturo took a step back. “How have you gotten by all this time? How have you managed to function in society? Where the heck did you come from? I’m … I’m getting the officer. Sit back down please … Scott.” Arturo had started to sweat. “Shit, that musk of yours is potent. Might just need some of those pills for myself. Assuming … they’re strong enough to …” Arturo blinked, his eyes darting from the bottle of pills on the counter back to Scott. Scott noticed that an impressive bulge had started to form in his pants.

That was all the invitation that Scott needed. The hulking man swiftly moved forward and embraced the dumbstruck nurse, pulling him into an impassioned kiss. Arturo resisted for a second, but quickly gave in and returned the kiss, his tongue exploring Scott’s mouth while he let out a satisfied moan. Scott grabbed the back of Arturo’s head with his right hand while his left caressed the nurse’s broad back. All rational thoughts had left his mind. He felt nothing but pure bliss. And lust.

He grabbed hold of Arturo’s scrubs and ripped them apart. Arturo’s solid, powerful chest was exposed in all its glory. He guided the nurse to the exam table and laid him down. His hands began exploring Arturo’s body while he continued to kiss him. Arturo let out a loud moan as Scott’s hand grazed his cock.

“What’s going on in there?” a voice shouted. Someone began urgently pounding on the door. “Arturo, is everything okay in there?” Arturo merely grunted in response. The sound of keys jiggled in the doorknob, but Scott and Arturo continued, completely unfazed. The door opened and two uniformed policemen barged in.

“Hands up and step away from the table!” one of them shouted. He drew his Taser and pointed it at Scott’s broad back. He sniffed the air, detecting something unusual. “What’s that—urrghh!” He dropped the Taser as his eyes glazed over.

The other policeman put his hand on his buddy’s shoulder. “What’s wrong man—holy shit!” As he inhaled he felt his dick instantly harden, his pulse quicken and his willpower fly out the window. His grip on his buddy’s shoulder tightened. “Fuck …” he said.

The other cop turned to look at him. The look in his eyes said he agreed.

“What I don’t get, is why you feel the need to lie to me,” Officer Mallory said.

“I’m not lying!” Xander insisted. “What part is so hard to believe? Scott told me if we just skipped a dose of the pills, it would help me forget my ex-girlfriend for a while. Then things got a little out of hand. We’re sorry, and we’ll never do it again!” He was happy that he had overheard Scott’s initial telling of the story while he was pretending to be unconscious earlier. But for some reason, despite the fact that their stories were the same, the cop wasn’t buying it.

“How about the part where you still had a girlfriend at the age of what, 25?” Mallory said.

“What’s so hard to believe about that?” Xander replied.

“Well, you can’t try to tell me you’re a late bloomer. Clearly, you’ve gone through the Change,” Mallory said. “Don’t make me have to wait until you’re on the verge of going feral again to get the truth out of you.”

The Change? Before Xander could inquire further, someone pounded at the door.

“Sir! Officer Mallory! We need you! We’ve got a situation!” a voice called out. “I think it’s that guy we sent to the nurse!”

“Shit,” Mallory spat. He glared at Xander. “You freaks are more trouble than you’re worth. Come with me, you’re going in a holding cell.” He motioned for Xander to follow him as he opened the door.

A nervous looking young cop was on the other side. “It’s bad, sir. The guy must be tolerant to the drug. His pheromones seem to be having a strong inhibitory effect on other people’s Rationall receptors.”

“Meaning?” Mallory asked.

“He can make anyone around him go feral almost instantly. Even if they’re on Rationall. He’s done it to several of the other cops.”

“My God … Get the gas masks from the armory. And have this station locked down until we can get this contained.” He turned to Xander as the rookie cop ran off to comply with his orders. “As for you, you’ve got a lot of explaining to do. But first we need to clean up your friend’s mess. So you’re going in here.” He shoved Xander into a nearby vacant cell and locked him in.

“Wait, Officer please! Can someone please tell me what’s going on?” Xander yelled.

“What’s going on,” Mallory said, “Is that we, as responsible adults, take extra care to take our regular doses of id-checkers so we can live in a civilized society. But it only works if everyone plays by the rules.”

The rookie returned and handed Mallory a gas mask. Affixing it to his face, Mallory turned his attention to the far end of the hall, where a pair of half-clothed police officers were wildly making out and groping each other, next to an open door. From the other side of the door came the sound of impassioned moaning. The sound made Xander’s heartbeat quicken.

“Alright rookie,” Mallory said to his young colleague. “Let’s get this situation under control.”

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