Zoltar Granted My Wish

By Willie Cici
published September 26, 2016
2085 words

Lucky and Mel encounter a technical difficulty …

Mel slowly approached the darkened bronze doors of the boss’ office. He slowly opened the door and crept towards the large black granite desk of the boss. Mel’s boss stood with his back to the door, unaware of Mel’s entrance and approach.

“Excuse me.”, Mel said.

Lucky turned and stared at his underling. He smiled at one of his supervisors and said, “Mel, is it me or are we getting busier? Especially with the ‘make my life better’ prayers.”

“Ah … yes. Uh … it’s been … pretty interesting lately.” Mel paused for a moment and said, “Boss, we have a development. It’s Zoltar.”

“Zoltar. What’s wrong with Zoltar? That’s the one we have the most fun with.”, Lucky whined.

Mel took a deep breath. “The latest subject accepted the changes without insult.”

Lucifer stared at Mel, his left eyebrow arching. “What do you mean without insult?”

Adramelech, the Great minister of the Order of the Fly, the President of the Senate of the Demons, the Chancellor of Hell and Supervisor of Satan’s wardrobe, stood there dumbfounded. “Umm … he likes the changes.”

Lucifer questioned his hearing. Did he hear Mel correctly? “He likes the changes?”

“Yeah. I have the film.” Mel walked towards the wall of Lucky’s office, drew a screen with his finger and suddenly, images began to appear on the impromptu screen.

Danny and his friends decided to head for the beach. July in Westchester County offered little refuge. The college boys did not have the luxury of extreme wealth to enjoy the comforts of the country club scene that plagued most of the county’s wealthy. Their parents were working class entrepreneurs who comfortably provided for their families. Danny and his friends hopped in the beat-up Grand Cherokee and headed for Rye Beach.

As the boys parked the vehicle and walked towards the arcade, Danny trod slowly behind his buddies. Frankie noticed Danny moving lethargically. He slowed down and walked next to his friend. “Danny, what’s up?”

Danny waved off his friend. “Nothin’.” Frankie would not relent. “It’s nothin’ you or I can change.” When Frankie persisted, Danny blurted, “I’m tired of being the puny one. Look at you guys. I work out with you every day and I still look like a before picture. You guys look great. I’m …”

“You’ve got a … lean frame.”, Frankie added, trying to provide a positive spin.

“Muscle, Frankie. Muscle.” The friends walked towards the boardwalk and met up with the other friends. “ Hey guys! Let’s meet at Seaside Johnnies at 5pm.” The boys agreed as they walked toward the beach and staked out their turf.

Sometime in the afternoon, Danny needed to use the facilities. He had found himself alone for the last twenty minutes. Frankie and the boys had found female company. No one took Danny’s bait. His skilled tongue cajoled none of the beach beauties. As he walked towards the arcade at the crest of the boardwalk, Danny walked by the now-famous arcade game, ‘Zoltar’, made popular by the movie, ‘Big’. The original had long fallen apart from years of weathered abuse. Because of the movie’s popularity, the owners of the beachfront arcade keep replacing the amusement.

Danny entered the arcade to use the facilities. When he walked out of the arcade, he passed by ‘Zoltar’. Danny turned about and headed for the amusement. Danny stood facing the arcade game. He peered into the eyes of the glass-encased mannequin. “If only you could help.”, Danny whispered to Zoltar. Danny grabbed a quarter from his jammer shorts pocket. Zoltar sat enshrined behind the fogged glass, his mouth wide open ready to catch the coin when it rolls down the chute. Danny timed the release and landed the coin in Zoltar’s open mouth. “At a boy.”, he said, pumping his fist, wanting to hoot, but realizing that he was alone. Danny suddenly thought about the movie and said, “I want to be muscular, ripped, forever.” As lights flashed about Zoltar’s head, a card printed out. Danny retrieved the card, which read, “Your wish has been granted.” Danny laughed. “Yeah. Right.”, he said, strolling back to the beach, where he reclined on the sand, catching the rays. His buddies returned, each one having no success with the beach beauties. Frankie grabbed a football. As they started tossing the ball, Danny and his friends met up with other high school classmates who were also home on college summer break. They started playing on the beach, as the afternoon sun baked and the summer wind cooled.

“Ok. So what’s the problem?”, Lucky questioned. “We set up the Zoltar to fuck around with the humans. They get their wish, with a twist.”

“Lucky, I know. It was my idea. After the movie came out, I said ‘That would be a great way to fuck with the humans.’”, Mel replied. “Just watch. I’ll fast forward it.” Mel waved his hand. Weeks of images passed by, until finally the screen came to a halt. “Ok. We’ll pick it up here.”

Danny walked towards Frankie’s Mustang convertible. He was jealous that his good friend got the dream car. It was a sweet ride. The boys headed for the beach again. Most of their friends had left for college. The boys attended university locally, so they could enjoy a Friday afternoon at the beach as long as the weather cooperated. As they parked the car and walked towards the beach, Frankie asked Danny, “Danny, I gotta ask you something.” Frankie paused for a moment. “Are you juicing?”

Danny laughed. “No, Frankie. Just working out. With you. I started drinking that post-workout drink you drink at the gym, but other than that, no.”

“You’re body is … incredible. I’m jealous. The way you filled out. It’s like a dream.”, Frankie said.

“It’s more like a wish granted.”, Danny said. As they boys passed the arcade, Danny pointed to the amusements and said, “Zoltar granted my wish.”

“Get the fuck outta here!!”, Frankie shouted.

“Yeah. Zoltar.” Danny said. Danny stood next to the arcade game. He had removed his t-shirt in the car. The sun glistened upon his golden skin. Danny stood there proudly, his pecs, abs, core, arms, trumpeting his exquisite physique. His aqua blue jammers only highlighted his tapered waist and legs. (To see Danny, go to click here. )

“Okay, hot shot. Zoltar. Did you wish for pussy ‘cause you still got no game?”, Frankie ridiculed.

“Body first.”, Danny added. “Pussy will come.” He paused. “No pun intended.” Frankie laughed at the beavis-like comment. The boys headed for the beach, found a spot on the beach near a gaggle of beach beauties, and marked their turf.

A couple of hours later, Danny needed to use the facilities. When he headed for the bathroom, Danny stood at the only open urinal. There was another man next to him, similar in age, but not physique. As Danny lowered his beach trunks to whip out his cock, he noticed something out of the ordinary. His cock flopped downward like a horse. Danny blinked his eyes. In his mind, he said, “It’s got to be a foot.” As he grabbed his cock to urinate, Danny could feel the blood surging and coursing. His cock hardened slightly. The man in the urinal next to him began staring at Danny’s cock.

“What are you looking at?”, Danny shouted.

The man said nothing. He took his hand and grabbed Danny’s cock. “I want that, stud.”, the man said, with a twinkish lilt. The man directed Danny to a stall. The man knelt before Danny and quickly began to suck Danny’s monster cock. All the while, Danny did not object or stop the man. He never imagined having his cock sucked by a stranger, but he found the experience pleasurable. Obviously, this man, Danny reasoned, was a professional cocksucker. It was best to have a professional perform this necessary duty. Minutes later, Danny blew his wad, ounces of cream spilling from lips of the man on his knees. The man grabbed some toilet paper to clean Danny’s cock and his lips. When he had finished, the man walked out of the stall, leaving Danny bewildered but content.

“He’s supposed to be horrified. He should have beat the shit out of the guy.”, Lucky said.

“When I granted the wish, I did not consider the possibility of …”, Mel added. “And it get’s worse.”

As Danny returned to the beach, he found Frankie standing in front of ‘Zoltar’. The lights were flashing and Frankie stood there, pumping his fist. Danny saw Frankie retrieve the card from the dispenser. “What d’you wish for?”, Danny asked.

“A bigger cock for me to fuck anyone who wants me.” Frankie said.

“Let me know how that works out.”, Danny laughed, but then he stared at Frankie and said, “I want you.”

Frankie looked at his friend and said, “You want what?”

“I want you.”, Danny said, enunciating each word. “Your cock. My mouth. My ass.”

Frankie was ready to respond, but he felt a twinge in his cock. When he stared down his beach trunks, Frankie could see the severe tenting. Frankie walked towards the bathrooms, with Danny in tow. He entered one of the stalls. Danny followed him.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.”, Frankie said.

“We’ve been friends since the 1st grade.” Danny retorted as he lowered Frankie’s trunks and faced Frankie’s 40 ounce beer bottle cock. “Nice.” Danny swallowed Frankie’s cock, deep-throating it to the base of the shaft. Despite Frankie’s new megacock, Danny handled the fleshy beast with ease. “I can’t believe this is happening.”, Danny mumbled. Frankie stood in the bathroom stall, stunned by his friend’s actions and enthralled by his friend’s skillful mouth. Frankie got hard real fast. In no time, his cock petrified. When he was ready, Frankie pushed Danny against the wall of the stall and slowly pushed his cock into Danny’s ass. Danny winced as the cock slowly glided into this ass, soon to make contact with his prostate, such was the length. Frankie began rocking back and forth, creating enough friction for his cock to revel in the pleasure. Within minutes, Frankie pulled out his cock and blew his load, spraying Danny’s buttocks with a coating of pearly cream. Frankie collected his composure. He grabbed some paper towels and wiped Danny’s ass clean. As Frankie cleaned Danny, Danny said, “I figured out a while ago why I could never play the game. Women don’t turn me on. Now that Zoltar gave me this killer body, now I can play my game.” Danny paused. “Truth be told, I’ve lusted for you since high school.”

“Danny, I don’t roll that way.” Before he could say another word, Frankie’s cock began to tent in his beach trunks. “What the … ?”

“A bigger cock for me to fuck anyone who wants me.” Danny replied. “That was your wish. I want you.”

Danny lowered Frankie’s trunks and sucked his cock again. For the next two hours, Danny and Frankie fucked in that bathroom stall, until literally the ball sack was dry.

“Mel, haven’t we talked about this before? Homework. You can’t grant a wish that makes them happy.” Lucky said. As he pointed to the freeze frame of Danny and Frankie, “This kid should have been horrified to suck his best friend’s cock. Instead, he’s honky-fucking-dory.” Pointing to Frankie, “And this Adonis? Did he really need a bigger cock? Looks, physique and a 7”. As if that wasn’t enough. Son-of-a-bitch!!”

“Boss, what do you want me to do?”, Mel asked Lucky.

“Let it go.” Lucky said. As Mel turned to leave the office, Lucky added. “Send a repair man to fix Zoltar’s mind reader. We missed the boat on this kid.” As Mel continued to leave the office, Lucky added, “Plus, keep me posted if he tries another wish. These humans are greedy bastards.”

Mel finally exited Lucky’s office, leaving the Master of the Underworld to consider the situation. “Not bad. Danny’s happy. Frankie’s not. 50% better than nothing.”

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