He Deserves Everything He Gets!!

By Willie Cici
published June 3, 2016
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A series of stories about a bored fallen angel …

AUTHOR’S NOTE This series, “The Lucky Chronicles”, is intended to be a series of stories that has common characters. However, they are not episodic chapters. Rather, they are vignettes. Enjoy!!

“You need a break. I’ve been working you too hard. You never take personal time. Take a week. Enjoy yourself. You can do some work while you’re on land. Relax. Have some fun.”

“Are you sure? There’s so much work to do.”, asked Wormwood.

The boss stared at his underling, and said, “I’ve been corrupting souls for eons before you joined the force. I think the boys and I can manage for a fortnight.”

“Ok. I will, Lucky.”, replied Woody.

“It’s been a while since you went up to Ground Level. Things have changed a little.”

“Are they still selfish and narcissistic?” When Lucky didn’t answer, Woody continued, “I’ll just use the time as a sabbatical.”, answered Wormwood.

Lucifer, ‘Lucky’ to his friends, smiled. He knew that Wormwood, ‘Woody’ to his comrades below, needed some time. Grinding the souls of believers into pulp day in and day out can prove tiring, Lucky knew that his loyal, faithful servant would return refreshed and ready for some new challenges.

Woody sat a sidewalk café in Lower Manhattan, near Cornelia and Bleeker Streets. He savored his coffee after a light, tasty lunch. When he walked the earth, Woody enjoyed a good meal. This time away from the netherworld gave Woody the opportunity to savor some good food. As he surveyed the area, Woody noticed two strapping young men, muscled and studly, walking towards him, wearing jeans and athletic shirts. Their clothes could not camouflage their beautifully toned bodies. They were carrying shopping bags from a national chain clothes store. As they approached the intersection, a police car pulled up to the intersection. The officer exited the vehicle and hurried towards the two men.

“How many times do I have to tell you village faggots to work the streets at the Pier?”, the cop said. The men initially ignored the cop. When they did not respond, the cop shouted, “Faggots!! Can’t you hear?”

The young men, now understanding that the cop directed his comments towards them, approached the cop and said, “Who the fuck are you talking to?”

The young men turned their backs on the cop, who drew his service weapon and said, “You’re under arrest. Drop the bags and put your hands on top of your head.”

Woody feared for the young men’s safety. Woody concentrated his thoughts on the young men. The young men dropped the bags and put their hands on top of the head. As the cop approached the young men, Woody approached the cop and said, “Officer, these boys are my nephews. They are not working boys. Look at them. My nephews are pussy magnets.”

“If I wanted your help, I would have …”, the cop started to bellow. Then, in mid sentence, in a calm, pleasant tone, the cop said, “Why thank you, sir, for your help.” The cop returned his service revolver to his holster. “You can put your hands down. Sorry about the confusion.”

“Thank you, Officer.” Woody approached the cop and shook his hands. As he scanned the cop’s mind, Woody learned many facts and information regarding the cop. He kept that information handy. Even though he was on vacation, Woody decided that he could do some work and still have some fun. The boss said he could. Woody knew that this asshole could keep him entertained for days.

As the cop left, the young men approached Woody and said, “Thank you for your help.”

“No need to thank me. Here, sit down and join me for a coffee.” As the young men sat down at Woody’s table, Woody waived at the waiter and asked him to serve the young men what they ordered. As the waiter left their table, Woody formed a thought. The young men sat in their chairs, mesmerized and quiet, ready to listen to Woody’s orders.

“Boys, I have an assignment for you.” He pulled out a business card and said, “Go to this address. It’s an all-girls college here in the city. Every co-ed on that campus, because of your scent, will proposition you for sex. Honor their proposition. Take them to the nearest secluded area and fuck them silly. No bedrooms. There are many co-eds on this campus. This assignment may take several days. In a week you should be done. Make sure that both of you fuck every co-ed on that campus. Fuck them all. Make sure they suck your cocks. Fuck them hard and cum down their throats. When you’re done, whisper in their ears, ‘Sex every day, once a day, forever. Sex every day, once a day, forever. You will worship cock at least once a day, every day, forever.’ Can you do that for me, boys?”

Dazed and spellbound, the young men answered, “As you command.” The waiter returned with the young men’s beverage order. Woody poured an elixir into their beverages. “That’s a gift. Your bodies will stay young forever. You’ll be able to fuck until you die.” Woody released the boys from their trance. They conversed about their life in Manhattan. The young men attended university in the city. Woody found the boys entertaining as well as handsome. After they finished their coffee and conversation, the young men excused themselves and headed off to their assignment location. Woody wanted to thank the boys for their kindness. His assignment also finished some work that he left on his desk. The boss wanted the daughters of New York’s Wall Street elite defiled. Woody dispatched the young men to a certain college campus in the city where many of the daughters of these Wall Street devils attended college. It was only fair. These selfish pricks deserved everything they get.

As Woody sat at the café, he considered his next move. The cop uttered many nasty things about Woody’s favorite group of people. How could Patrolman Sean Hannigan feel that way about the gay community? Was it outrage or ignorance? How could act that way towards a segment of society that included his brother? Woody shook his head, but then, his lips curled, a devilish smile formed upon his mien. “This has great potential.”

In a flash, Woody found himself at the gym near Officer Hannigan’s precinct. Woody walked into the health club, flashed his id, and walked into the gym, as if he had been a member for years. People greeted him. Woody smiled. The patrons of the gym greeted Woody, who for the time assumed the body of one of the gym’s popular trainers. Woody surmised that this would give him an advantage in planning his next step with Officer Hannigan.

As Woody entered the locker room, he found Sean dressing for his workout. “Ready for your workout?”

“Yeah, Raif. I’ve got this knot in my back that I want to work out. Arms, back and chest today.”

“I’ll see you at the desk.” Woody dressed for the workout. He decided on compression gear – the kind that would distract every woman working out at the gym. In between his machinations with Sean Hannigan, Woody decided that he would try that ‘sex-with-women’ thing again. Woody had long given up on physical intimacy with women, but he decided to try sex with women while on vacation.

Woody trained Sean. Every time Woody made physical contact with Sean, he implanted an order in Sean’s mind that later he would perform. After the 1 ½-hour workout, Sean offered his thanks, bro-hugged his trainer, and headed for the showers. Woody smiled after their bro-hug, anticipating the next fifteen to thirty minutes.

Woody followed Sean into the shower area. As Woody undressed to shower, he found Sean talking selfies of himself with his shirt off, flexing his muscles, posing and teasing. To see the selfies, click here). When he finished taking selfies, Sean sent the photographs to Woody’s cell phone as instructed. Sean then disrobed, grabbed a towel from his gym bag and strolled towards the showers, his towel draped upon his shoulders. Sean’s cock stiffened a bit with every pace he took. His buttocks bounced as Sean paraded through the locker room and proceeded to the showers. When Sean entered the private shower stalls, he lathered and soaped his sweaty body. As he bathed, Sean’s hand caressed every crevice and crack of his body. He rubbed his rosebud and made sure that his hole was soapy clean. Then, Sean grabbed some more soap and scrubbed his cock clean. With every soapy stroke, Sean’s cock grew harder and longer. As the stroking continued, Sean began to moan and hoot in pleasure. After minutes of stroking, Sean shouted in ecstasy as cum splat upon the shower walls. Sean finished bathing, wrapped the towel around his body and walked out of the shower stall. As Sean walked through the locker room, the other patrons stared at Sean, aghast in what they heard. Sean remained oblivious to the stares of his fellow gym members. He went to his locker, toweled himself dry, and dressed in a pair of white compression gear, no underwear, and a matching tight white shirt. The compression gear clung to his well-developed physique. As he strolled through the gym, patrons gawked at Sean’s obscene display of physical prowess.

Woody muffled his laughter. Sean performed every command he implanted in his mind. As Woody dressed and left the gym, now dressed in fresh compression gear, cock pressing to the east, two female members approached Woody and asked if he had the time to give them some training pointers. Woody, still in Raif’s body and not wanting to be rude, agreed. He escorted the vixens to a private exercise room on the second floor of the gym. There, with a touch and a command, the vixens sucked and fucked the vacationing devil’s assistant. When Woody smeared his cum on both of their faces, he whispered in their ears, “From now on, you will suck one cock a day, every day. You’ll never gain an ounce of weight if you suck one cock a day. You will stay toned and sexy with one cock a day.”

As Woody left the girls, aglow in post-orgasmic pleasure, he said to himself, “Ehh!! Now I remember why I gave up on women.” As Woody exited the gym, he snapped his fingers and disappeared from the neighborhood.

With gym bag in tow, Woody found himself in his penthouse hotel room overlooking Central Park. As he transformed himself into black tie evening attire, Woody stood before a mirror and said, “Nothing like Armani.” Woody had every reason to admire his image. The fallen angels that served Lucifer had one thing in common: they were incredibly handsome studs, with the physiques that women desire, with the cocks that most men fantasize, and the sexual prowess to leave men and women febrile. The fallen angels had one other thing in common: vanity and pride. That deadly combination led to their joining forces with Lucifer in the great battle for control of heaven. Woody, after Lucifer, the most handsome of the fallen angels, understood that his physical appearance assisted him greatly.

Woody grabbed the key to his hotel room and exited the room. As he walked in the hallway, Woody faded into the mist and found himself in a posh Manhattan nightclub, where the city’s elite revel in private debauchery. As Woody scoped the area, his eyes beckoned towards the entrance. The daughter of one of the city’s top assholes entered the nightclub, escorted by none other than Sean Hannigan. As Woody watched the duo slither into the nightclub, he recalled Sean’s background: married man, no children. Again, Woody smiled. His decision to toy with this arrogant prick became easier and easier with every passing moment. The woman Sean escorted fit the bill in every respect. She lured Sean because of his looks. Sean fulfilled her desires because of her purse. That explained his vacation history. Sean traveled the world with this woman of privilege, abandoning his wife at home, creating some excuse about his part-time private security job. Woody excused himself from the table of friends that he had assembled and went to the bathroom. In the bathroom, quiet and alone, Woody took a deep breath, closed his eyes and whispered words. He felt a surge of energy about his person. Woody raised his hands and opened them, as if gesturing a release. He left the bathroom and returned to the table of friends.

Woody remained at the nightclub, until Sean and his woman left the nightclub. As Woody exited the nightclub, he decided to see his work in action. With a snap of his fingers, Woody disappeared into the mist, only to find himself in Sean’s mistress’ bedroom. Woody then heard the couple entering the penthouse apartment. The couple was arguing about something trivial. Finally, as they entered the bedroom, the woman said, “That’s all you’re good for. Parading that body of yours like a stripper and fucking me for a price. I’ll give you that. You ain’t a cheap fuck.”

Sean’s anger flared. He grabbed his mistress, ripped her clothes off, leaving her in her undergarments. With a snap, he exposed her supple breasts, and then tore her panties. “Let’s not waste any time. After all, I’m on the clock.” Woody watched Sean fuck his mistress. Whether she wanted it or not, she found Sean’s incredibly large cock down her throat, in her snatch, and up her ass. Sean wanted his piece of ass, but made sure that his woman was satisfied. The vixen howled several times during the course of the night. Woody watched in fascination, but also for the inspiration. He remembered the insults that Sean’s mistress hurled at him. Woody decided to make permanent the insult as his final attack on the philandering homophobe. Again, Woody closed his eyes, stretched out his hands, pointing his fingers at Sean, and released a surge of energy towards the adulterer policeman. Woody waved his hands, and returned to his hotel to enjoy the entertainment he had arranged for himself: two waiters from the nightclub who were too yummy for Woody to pass.

Three months later …

“I never asked you about your week away from the daily grind.”, Lucky asked.

“Boss, I had a great time. I did a little work, but I had so much fun doing it, that it didn’t feel like work.”

“Those co-eds at the college. You recruited those boys so easily. A tour de force.”, Lucky replied.

“Boss, that was nothing. It was the cop that … I gave a new life.” Before Lucky could ask another question, Woody activated a large screen TV at his workstation, and typed some characters on his computer keyboard.

“That’s the inside of ‘The Mountain Top’, one of the city’s leading gay strip clubs.” Woody paused for a moment, and then continued. “That’s our star.” Woody and Lucky stared at the screen and watched Officer Sean Hannigan parade upon the stage of the strip club, and slowly but surely remove every article of clothing, bumping and grinding, until he filled a jock strap with fives and ten. Then, he removed his jock strap and revealed his massive cock to the visual delight of all the patrons.

“He’s not a cop anymore. When they found out he was dancing, they fired him. Morals clause.” Lucky and Woody laughed aloud. “Then, his wife found out. She took him for everything in the divorce. When the tabloids found out about the ‘Strip Tease Sergeant’, the mistress dumped his ass, no matter how good he fucked her. So sad.” Again, Lucky and Woody laughed. “Now, he dances five, six, seven nights a week to earn his keep. He does pretty well, but he makes his real money when the strip club patrons take him home. He won’t fuck anyone for less than $500 a night. Makes over $10,000 a month just in hooking. Tips and salary pays his bills and alimony. The whore money pays for the extras.”

“Why single him out? He can’t be the only asshole you found above ground.”, Lucky asked.

“No, but he was the consummate asshole. Homophobe, gay basher, adulterer, bully, liar, cheater.” Woody took a deep breath and said, “Don’t worry boss. He deserves everything he gets!!”

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