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The Grandfather's Gift: Path 1.1.1

By TheWanderer -
published March 16, 2019
2241 words

Sam really wants to make love with his Dad but does Dad feel the same way?

This is a choose your own adventure story, where I put the set up and you guys write what happens next in the edition section, lets make the longest story here(?), so I could add it as a new chapter/option path. At the end of each chapter you should put at least 2 option. You can make more than that or write an option that is not listed (remember, those are suggestions, not mandatory).

For those who don’t know, lets put an example: Tim finds a magic rock, he tried on his friend just for fun playing and his friend complied, so he decided: A. Make him strip B. Try it on the coolest guy on college.

And yet you write about Tim falling on the ground and the rock goes near his friend, then that friend would pick it up and use it against him. Making him do: A. Dance naked B. Forgive him and go together to control the bully on the neighborhood C. Use the rock to enslave Tim’s dad.

Etc. The limit is your imagination. One path could have humiliation while the other one just plain vanilla, or not, your call. But remember: **What you write needs to have at least 400 words. **More than 1 path can be made, like chapter 2.B and there would be chapter 2.A too.

He kissed me…on my forehead. “It’s alright, Sam. I know you can’t help it,” he said.


“Heck, when I was your age, I wanted to fuck any women that are remotely attractive,” he continued. “I’m sorry how I treated you before. After that day I have thought about it a lot. You were very brave that day, I understand now. I was the one who was scared.” As he said that, he hug me again, his arms behind my head and my back. He gave me a tight squeeze. Then he released me.

“Sorry for the hard-on I gave you though.” He said, nodding at the tent in my shorts like it’s normal. I mean it is normal to get an erection but it’s not- you know what I mean. “I guess I’m just flattered that you found your old man attractive. Guess I still have the old charm huh?” He smiled as he flexed his right biceps.

At this point I am still too embarrassed to say anything but to stare at my feet. Fuck, it’s like I’m a child again in front of this man. Before I knew it, I rushed past Dad and went upstairs to my own room. In the midst of me hurrying, I can vaguely hear Dad chuckling.

I shut the door and slid down to the floor exhausted, in more ways than one.


Well…all in all, I’m just grateful that Dad’s a bit cheerful again. I forgot how Dad used to like teasing us when we were small and when he wasn’t so strict with us. Not sure how I like him teasing me about my sexuality though.

I looked down and cupped my crotch that is still half-hard. “Fuck, this morning it was Professor Evan, and now Dad,” I thought as I fondle my package. “I’m seriously getting blue balls if it keeps going on like this. It’s really tempting to just rub one out right now. Yeah, I think I’ll actually do that. I don’t think Dad will come and interrupt and even if he did, I don’t think he’ll mind now.” I stood up and started removing my shirt.

I looked at my modest torso. To be honest, thanks to Dad encouraging us to workout since we were kids, I looked pretty fit, muscular and not half-bad. There’s some definition here and there, my abs barely visible, a small dusting of treasure trail from my navel leading to my crotch. It’s just that when compared to Dad and Will, I just looked kinda average, since I spend more than putting my face between books rather than hitting the gym. The amulet that Grandpa gave me hang loosely between my pecs(if you can call them pecs when they’re not big). I actually liked it, I felt kind of sexy like this, shirtless with an odd amulet around my neck, or maybe that’s just the leftover edgy teenager in me saying that.

But man, Dad’s body though. I don’t think he changed much, if anything he probably gained a bit of body fat and honestly that just made him hotter. Such big pecs that can cast a shadow, abs so defined you’d think it’s chiseled out of stone, and those guns are definitely not just for show. Fuck, I know I shouldn’t be thinking about my own father but fuck. I thought as I keep fondling my dick through the shorts. The fact that I made him change for the better made it a whole lot hotter. What if…I made him…no, I shouldn’t. It doesn’t help that I keep feeling the amulet tingling, like it’s encouraging me to use it.

I sighed, decided that I should get a drink and then resume my jerking off session. This time I’ll look up porn on my phone instead of letting my mind drift to where it should not be. I opened the door and started walking downstairs, not bothering putting on my shirt since I’m just grabbing a drink.

As I walked down the stairs, I can barely hear the TV’s still running, it seems that Dad is still in the living room. As I walked in the living room (you have to get past the living room to get to the kitchen) prepare to check on him, I was stunned by the scene laid out before me.

Dad is sitting on the couch with his pants down, his eyes shut and one of his hand slowly moving up and down on his rock hard rod. I was about to take a step back and pretend I didn’t see anything but I must’ve made a noise. His eyes shot wide open, his hand tried to pick up his pants while he stood up at the same time. “Oh hi! Sam! I wasn’t ex-” He tried explaining but the next thing he knew, he was in trance in a weird pose, half-standing trying to get up. The amulet on my bare chest must be really eye-catching. And honestly, the dick pointing straight towards me is too.

I swallowed nervously. Well, it’s now or never. “Oh hey Dad.” I laughed awkwardly as I walked closer to him. “I also wasn’t expecting you…jerking off…here. And you know what? It’s fine. We’re families and we’re guys! It’s bound to happen. And it’s been a stressful day. I actually was about to masturbate myself in my room.” I didn’t know why but I felt like I was obligated to explain it to him, even though I didn’t think it mattered anyway.

“Hey Dad, you don’t mind if we jerk off together, do you? I mean, you must have been curious about gay sex, thought about me having sex with you at least once, right? You know it’s not right, but that’s just what makes it even hotter, more exciting. But if you’re not ready, I won’t force you to do it. For now, you’ll let me help you get off. You trust me that I won’t do anything you don’t want me to. I promise I’ll make you feel really good, so good that you would think why we haven’t done it sooner, so good that you’ll do whatever I say to feel that again.”

This whole thing, my father staring blankly at me, his erection dripping pre-cum, absorbing my every words, makes me so horny. My hand is already around my own prick, slowly playing with it, my pants were shucked off in the midst of me telling my Dad to commit incest. “All you need to do is give me a kiss and I’ll give you the most pleasurable blowjob you ever had. Ok Dad?” I said as I waved my hand in front of him, taking him out of trance.

Dad stood up from his weird pose from before, showing no signs that he have been maintaining that pose for a minute or two. He stepped out of his pants, showing no signs to hide his erection, and walked towards me. His eyes showed signs of lust. As he stood in front of me, he hesitated for a sec before he grabbed my head with his enormous hands and gave me the most passionate kiss that I ever had. Granted, I didn’t have much sexual experience at this point in time.

I let my hands drift under his shirt, feeling all the muscle that’s build by hardship and hard work. I elicited a moan out of him when my fingers grazed past his nipples. It seems Daddy here has a sensitive body. I broke our kiss for a moment to lift his shirt off, letting me see the man who gave birth to me in all his naked glory. I pushed him towards the couch as I started kissing down his body, starting from his thick neck. I pushed his down so that he’s sitting on the couch as I started licking his nipples, with me kneeling on my knees in front of him. All he could do was moan uncontrollably, his hands on my head as if he’s trying to pry me off and keep me there at the same time. My hand drift down to get a feel of his pulsing hot dick (it’s literally hot from all the blood flowing through it) and his hefty balls underneath it. I feel empowered, having this strong man wriggling from pleasure under me.

When I think he had enough foreplay, I relieved him from his nipples and blew on his dick that’s already wet and slick from all the precum that is flowing out. The man in front of me couldn’t help but shudder from the sensation. “Are you ready, Dad?” I asked.

The man looked at me for a second before saying, “Yes,……Son.”

I gave the dick a good lick before I put the whole head into my mouth. I can barely keep him in place with my hands as he arched his back and couldn’t stop moaning. All I did was bob my head up and down on his shaft and he is already writhing in pleasure. Poor Dad, he must have not have sex for a long time for his dick to be this sensitive.

Not before long, he started to thrust into my mouth and I knew he was close. I let my hands drift up his body and gave his enormous pecs a good rub. His hands is now on my head now, trying to push me further down on his dick every time. And the moment I pinched his nipple, he pushed me further down than I could possibly do on my own, and I felt hot thick liquid gushing into my throat from the host pulsing rod that is occupying my whole mouth right now. There was nothing I could do but swallow and choke before the strong hands behind me released me from the fountain before me. And it kept shooting, several ropes of cum landed on his own body and on my face. I gave it a good rub as it sputtered at the end. I gave it a clean by giving it a good lick. Then, I went up and gave the man a kiss to thank him. It seems he likes the taste of his own cum in my mouth as much as I do.

Then he suddenly broke our kiss and smile at me. Without any words, he hoisted me up to my feet and engulfed my still hard cock into his mouth. And with just the feeling of the hot, tight and moist feeling around my cock, I couldn’t help but cum at the next second. And he swallowed. Every. Last. Shot.

Then he pulled me towards him, falling on his body and made us lie down on the couch together. “That was great, Son,” he whispered, his hands wrapped around my body. Our limp cocks touching with each other as we snuggle on the couch. “I wish we did that sooner. I want to do that with you again.”

“Thanks Dad.” I said, still coming down from the unexpected climax I had. “I also want to do it with you again.”

“Love you, Son.”

“Love you, Dad.”

With that, we fell asleep, lying snugly on the couch.

Option 1, Sam and his Dad has an amazing day the next day. Option 2, Sam’s brother, Will, comes home the next morning finding the faggot Sam is lying naked on the couch with their Dad. Option 3, they went to the funeral with no one noticing anything different between them and met Will there

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