The Grandfather's Gift

Series Summary

Sam receives a pendant from his grandfather, not what he expected but while he goes on his daily life, he will discover that magic is real and his fantasies may come true

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Author Title Published
Can Sam finally haves his time with the Miller Twins?
9/27/21, 3:59 PM
Sam needs Ryan’s help to calm down Ryan’s roommate (and totally not brother) Ty!
9/23/21, 10:05 PM
Now with three men under the spell of the pendant, Will needs to decide what to do. Play with his cousin? Or his uncle? Maybe punish Chad/Mike for his bad behavior?
9/19/21, 6:26 PM
A new path is revealed. One where Sam becomes the confident of the basketball team leader.
9/10/21, 5:20 AM
7/7/21, 5:56 AM
While waiting for the funeral to end, Leo and Horus go to a post-show meeting for the latter.
6/1/21, 6:00 AM
Sam wants to play more with the twins, but a new guest will change his plans for the twins.
4/26/21, 7:58 PM
Sam starts to change his neighbors. He meets a prime candidate
4/15/21, 8:43 AM
3/23/21, 11:00 PM
Leo tries to get love he already has and Horus gets suspicious
2/18/21, 7:47 AM