The Grandfather's Gift

Series Summary

Sam receives a pendant from his grandfather, not what he expected but while he goes on his daily life, he will discover that magic is real and his fantasies may come true

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Author Name Published
Sam gets to double the Miller action.
9/27/20 11:17 AM
Sam reads the contents of the envelope and discovers some interesting things about his father. He learns how to use a new power, and tries it out on his dad, which leads to a tender moment.
9/27/20 11:15 AM
Chad become the scholl's unoficcial counselor. He might ned one himself.
9/8/20 12:08 PM
Sam has a good evening, and in the morning defend his father's honor.
8/19/20 8:53 PM
Sam needs to act fast to avoid Ryan's fury. But maybe he will go too far with his actions this time.
1/28/20 9:52 AM
Sam faces the consequences of not listen to his father. Will decide to 'expand' his fun with some new guests.
12/31/19 9:13 AM
Leo goes to his idol's concert.
12/16/19 5:51 PM
Will look for the choice Sam didn't think of.
11/25/19 5:56 AM
Chad learns about his past and discovers a new interest in Sam....
11/12/19 6:59 AM
Sam and Will face their dad
11/10/19 1:37 PM