The Hole Left Behind: Falling (Part One)

By MCBrain -
published January 29, 2019
8722 words

Daddy Jude puts his plan to well and truly break Carlito into action. Meanwhile, other forces begin to make their presence known

This took waaaaaay too long to write lol. My bad.

I think I’ll focus on finishing this story before I start on any other ones I have. That’s not a promise tho lmao

Part two comes out whenever I finish it :P

The stink of men hung in the air. That was simply how the apartment smelled now. Not the apartment where Jude and Carlito had been living. No, they were kicked out of that place six months ago, about the same time when Daddy Jude first fucked Carlito. No, this was the penthouse of the high-rise Daddy Jude now owned.

Everyone called him Daddy Jude now. It was his brand now. Daddy Jude and his Slutty Bois. With, of course, the Star boi, Puto Carlito.

Ever since that first video on Snapchat, people had been clamouring for more. Faggots and bois all cooed and moaned at how hot it was for Daddy Jude to have trained Carlito so well, messaging Carlito about it. Some of them had even sent in videos of themselves, begging Daddy Jude to make them like Carlito.

So of course, Daddy Jude took them in.

All twelve of them stayed with Daddy Jude in the apartment, most of them sleeping in a pile around their Daddy in the King size bed. The most clothing they ever wore in the apartment was a sexy jockstrap or thong, unless Daddy Jude decided that they should be wearing some sort of jewellery, like Angelito’s cross necklace. Of course, they wore clothing outside the aparment, though they never really left it unless it was to shoot a video. And the things they wore to shoot videos didn’t usually cover much either.

Not that the bois minded. They would do anything for their Daddy Jude. So much so that they would often compete for Daddy’s attention. However, from the beginning, there had been a clear hierarcy of bois in the order of when they first messaged Daddy Jude.

Carlito was of course, the Alpha boi.

All eleven other bois looked up to him like their idol. They all wanted to be as slutty and obedient as Carlito. To them, Carlito was an idol, a prophet sent from heaven, to teach them the ways of serving Daddy Jude.

“Daddy’s pleasure is always more important than ours,” Carlito would often say, “His pleasure gives us pleasure.”

The bois found that this was true. After Carlito had told them this, they found that they often could not feel pleasure unless Daddy was pleased. Some even realised that they physically could not cum unless Daddy ordered them to.

Of course, Daddy Jude exploited all of these quirks in his videos. One of the bois, a Maori muscle-slut named Tayn, found that he physically could not do something Daddy ordered him not to do. So, Daddy had ordered him to so squats on his cock, while holding 100 kilo weights on his shoulders. Daddy made him squat for an hour before ordering Tayn to cum. The resulting orgasm had been explosive, spraying to the ceiling, making Tayn’s eyes roll to the back of his head. The orgasm lasted a full 30 seconds, and all the while he stayed completely still as a statue, unable to let go of the weights.

The Daddy Jude brand was building a name for being all about bottoms that took more pleasure in getting their partner’s off than in their own pleasure. Everything they did was in order to make tops hard and horny. As such, Daddy Jude had started a couple of joint accounts, where the bois would play with each other, giggling and eyeing the camera; all for the enjoyment of horny tops.

To Carlito, this was all very natural. Of course he had to submit to Daddy Jude, and do as he said, because Daddy Jude was helping him be a good Christian Gay. God made men, and god made women. Men were supposed to be with women. However, this couldn’t work with gay men, because they were attracted to other men. Being men, they needed to release, as god intended. So in order to allow this, god made a special prayer that made some gay mens’ holes into fuckholes.

“You need to help all those other gay men out there, Carlito,” Daddy Jude had told him, “You have to use your hole to make other real Men happy.”

Carlito found he had to agree. He always found he had to agree with Daddy Jude, especially when Daddy’s cock was buried inside his hole.

So Carlito let his Daddy tape them, then when the other bois came, he taught them how to pray, to cleanse their holes, then how to make Daddy Jude’s cock happy.

Despite all this, however, Carlito remained as Daddy Jude’s top boi, in almost every sense of the word. Carlito’s videos outdid his sisters’ by a landslide, and he was by far the most in-demand bottom out of the bois.

However, no one but Daddy Jude fucked Carlito. Even when Daddy Jude started renting out the other bois about a month ago, and the requests for Carlito came in like a breaking dam, Jude always refused every single offer. When his prospective clients asked Jude why, the answer was always the same:

“That boi isn’t ready yet. But when he is…I’ll put you in line.”

Carlito, of course, was too dumb to even know something was going on. Or that he was being treated special. He was a bit sad when Daddy Jude ordered him not to watch his own videos, or any videos he made with any of the other bois, but his fleeting doubts disappeared once Daddy Jude fucked him nice and good once. When the other bois came back and told him about their exploits with other men, he just giggled along with them and gave them more advice on how to make those real men feel good. He had a lot of time to think about that now, since Daddy Jude had told him that he was not allowed to pick his own clothing anymore. Instead, Carlito never wore anything, unless he was explicitly told to by Daddy Jude, or one of the Producers of the videos they made. If Carlito had his wits about him, he might have realised that he hadn’t seen himself, not even in a mirror, or a picture, since Daddy Jude started fucking him…

Just as Jude planned.


Carlito moaned, arching his back. His eyes crossed briefly as he pushed his ass into his partner, Tayn’s, face.

“You love that don’t you, Carlito?” said the man holding the iPhone in Carlito’s face.

Carlito couldn’t answer, because at that moment, Angelito had decided to give Carlito a full-on, passionate kiss.

Angelito was a lithe, slender boi, a few shades darker than Carlito, but with a youthful, almost innocent face that went completely at odds with his insatiable ass. Angelito was the first boi to drop everything and come to Daddy Jude, actually interrupting Jude and Carlito in the middle of sex when he first arrived. When Daddy Jude answered the door, he immediately dropped to his knees and began sucking, without even introducing himself.

Tayn had come later, once Daddy Jude’s bois had moved to LA. The muscle slut was a total bottom, like the other bois, but his solid, well-defined, Islander body made him a good pseudo-top when playing with the other bois. When Daddy Jude had first seen Tayn, who had arrived without a shirt, islander tattoos covering his arm and chest, he had assumed that the boi was there to rent one of his bois (though, at the time, they had not started that service yet). He was pleasantly surprised then, when he found the large man was instead another set of holes to use.

Currently, the bois were filming a snap for all three of their channels, as well as a video for their site. The concept was that a fallen angel (Angelito) was trying to seduce Carlito so that he could steal his innocence (in the form of his cum) so that he could get back to heaven. Meanwhile, a minion of the Devil (Tayn) was seducing Carlito to steal his soul, so that if the angel took Carlito’s cum, he would instead fall further, possibly into Hell.

As such, the bois were all dressed for their parts. Angelito had on a set of fake angel wings, and a grey, Miami Jock Mesh and Metallic Jockstrap with Rings. He also had on white thigh high socks, lightly decorated with two red bands around the top. In order to show his fallen nature, they went with a grey jockstrap instead of white, as well as a studded collar around Angelito’s neck, at the front of which had a large ring, which lead two, thin chains down to rubber nipple clamps, which were currently pinching the boi’s sensitive nubs. Tayn, on the other hand, had on black devil horns, and to show that he was in opposition to Angelito, had on a black version of the same jockstrap. Daddy Jude and the producers decided that his physique could sell the rest of the character.

The two of them were currently fighting for Carlito’s attention. Initially, the producers had thought that Angelito and Tayn could use this opportunity to bolster their own fame a little. However, as filming went on, they realised quickly that the real star was, as always, Carlito.

In order to convey his slowly corrupting nature, they had initally had the star wear white, however, at this point in the story, Carlito was almost completely corrupted. Therefore, they had him change to a black, Secret Male SMA004 Top - which was basically a black, see through bra - along with a black and jade thong, with black frills around the waist (specifically, a Secret Male SML001 G-String), and black, thigh high socks, with two jade stripes circling around the top.

At the beginning of the shoot, Tayn had seduced Carlito on a bed, flipped him over, then began eating his ass out. Carlito had been on all fours, pushing his ass against Tayn’s face, until Angelito had appeared, lifting Carlito’s chin and kissing him. In the previous scene, Angelito had been gangbanged by a group of demons, but had not cum. However, he had been cursed; if he came before stealing a human’s “innocence,” then he would become part-demon. To make it harder on the fallen angel; they had left a demonic butt-plug in him, which slowly increased its intensity as time went on.

Carlito intertwined his fingers with Angelito as the bois kissed, back still arched. Angelito sat almost seiza style - ruined by the fact he was leaning forward for the camera to capture the vibrating plug in his ass. As such, they were almost in a weird mirror-image of each other, hands held palm-to-palm, fingers intertwined as they kissed, cocks hard and straining in their pouches. Their bodies shivered with pleasure as their holes were filled and prostated stimulated; Tayn’s tongue working Carlito’s hole as if it tasted sweeter than chocolate, and Angelito’s vibrator increasing in intesity. As time went on, the bois’ knees kept moving further and further apart, holes tightening, backs arching further, until their chests were pushed right up against each other. The bois took a moment to glance at the camera, before Angelito moaned into his partner’s mouth.

When the Latino bois finally broke apart, Angelito went straight for Carlito’s nipples, kissing, sucking, biting. He kept his grip on Carlito’s hands as the human boi moaned, desperate for release.

“That’s right boi,” said a warm, husky voice into Carlito’s ear, “Give in to the pleasure.”

Carlito gasped as Angelito bit down suddenly, eyes rolling to the back of his head.


Tayn and Carlito immediately stopped as Angelito lay there, cumming. Ignoring him, Carlito turned to the voice who spoke.

“Hey, Daddy,” he giggled, and Jude smirked.

“Someone clean the angel-boi up,” sighed the director, “And let’s call it for today. We got a lot, and we can finish tomorrow.”

Tayn picked up the still-twitching Angelito, and walked off as Carlito and Jude made out passionately. The rest of the crew posted the snaps, and began to pack up the equipment.

“Come with me,” Jude growled at his boi when they broke apart. Meekly, Carlito followed Jude.

Minutes later, a giggly Carlito hung off his Daddy’s arm as they walked through the lobby of the building. Jude was dressed in a smart, but very fashionable midnight blue suit, whereas Carlito hadn’t changed since the shoot. As such, they drew some attention from the people in the lobby. Carlito waved flirtily as the men looked at him in mixtures of disgust and lust, though somehow, the majority of it seemed like lust (in the very back of Carlito’s mush of a brain, he had the haziest of foggy thoughts that this was not normal). Jude simply smiled, and lead his boi outside. A long black limo was waiting for the two of them.

“Get in,” ordered Jude.

Giggling dumbly, Carlito did as he was told.

Inside the limo were two other men in suits, who stopped their conversation immediately when Carlito stepped in.

“Hey boyyys,” Carlito giggled, “Are you all friends of Daddy Jude?”

“They’re all here to watch you babe,” said Daddy Jude, sliding in behind Carlito and closing the door. With a nod to the driver, the limo started to move.

Carlito immediately straddled his Daddy, and started to grind against his lap. Jude grunted approvingly. Carlito went in for a kiss.

“No,” said Jude gently, “Not yet, babe.”

Carlito pouted as he continued to gring his ass, throwing his arms around Daddy Jude’s neck. In return, Daddy Jude started kneading and slapping the boi’s ass, making his gasp and groan.

“So?” said the black man sitting next to the couple, “We gonna get a piece of that or what?”

“Patience, Mr. Green,” said Jude, still grabbing at Carlito’s ass, “I promised you a show and a feast, didn’t I? You’ll get both.”

“So he’s finally ready?” asked an Asian man as he sipped at his champagne. The ends of a tattoo could be seen around his neck, giving the impression of a dangerous man dressed in a suit.

“He will be by tonight,” promised Jude.

“Daddyyy…” Carlito whined. He couldn’t care less about what the men were talking about. It was all in one ear and out the other.

However, he could feel it. He could feel the men’s cocks throbbing with desire, desire for him. The thought of getting so many cocks hard in one place made Carlito’s hole twitch. That, added with the scent of so many horned up men in a room, made Carlito’s head fuzzier and slower than ever. The fog of pink horniness he had been living in for the past half a year grew thicker and thicker, his hole and dick throbbing for attention. He couldn’t see, couldn’t feel anything but heat in his cock and emptiness in his ass.

“Just a bit longer baby,” growled Jude, brushing a hand against Carlito’s Slut Mark.

“Daddyyy!!” Carlito moaned, “I’m soooo emptyy!!”

The men in the car couldn’t keep their eyes off the boi.

“He like this in real life? For real?” said Mr. Green.

“100% authentic,” Jude grinned, as he took out his cock and shoved it in his boi, “Better?”

“Ah!” Carlito went crossed eyed for a moment as Jude continually stroked his Slut Mark while gently thrusting into his hole.

“Shhhh boi,” whispered Jude, “How ’bout you sleep for a bit, huh? Sleep for me…bitch…sleep…”

“Hnnnnnnnn…” Carlito moaned happily as he leaned forward into his Daddy’s chest. He smelled so good…Carlito felt so safe here, so warm…hole filled…Slut Mark being stroked…foggy and hazy and…and…and pink…and bubbly…and…good…

As the boi fell into a daze, Jude whispered into his ear.

All Carlito could hear at first was moaning.

He felt weird and floaty, like he was floating outside his body. He didn’t mind; sometimes, after Daddy Jude told him to sleep, Carlito felt like this. Usually, when this happened-

Look at that faggot

-Carlito grinned. Yeah. When this happened, usually he’d start hearing Daddy Jude give him orders.

It didn’t take long for Carlito to find the faggot. He was the one moaning, straddling a big black man on a Queen-sized bed. The faggot shook his hips as he bounced, clearly very used to milking cock.

“You like that, don’t you baby?” growled the black man.

That boi is such a faggot, isn’t he?

“Yes,” answered Carlito. He frowned. Something was weird…

The black man slapped the faggot’s ass, making him gasp, and drawing Carlito’s attention. He started observing the boi, noting what he was wearing. He didn’t have a top on; only a black collar very much like the one Angelito had on earlier. The clamps clung tightly to the faggot’s sensitive nipples, shaking up and down with the faggot’s bouncing. He was also wearing what looked like a black, see-through thong with frills along the waist and two pink bows adorned on the waistline around the crotch. However, Carlito quickly realised that this was not a thong, but instead, a jockstrap, because of the two small lines of fabric shaping the faggot’s ass as the black man’s ebony cock sunk in and out of the faggot’s bubble butt. Carlos could imagine that cock getting buried deep in that hole…like it was going up to reach the tramp stamp on the faggot’s back from the inside.

Wait. Carlito frowned. How could he see behind the faggot…?

With a start, he realised that the room that the faggot and the Man were fucking in had two mirrors for walls; one behind the bed, the other opposite. That was how Carlito was able to see both the front and the back of the faggot!

But wait…if he could only see one of them normally…didn’t that mean…

“Why you slowing down, faggot?” the man growled, slapping Carlito’s ass, “Get to it.”

All of a sudden, sensation came rushing through Carlito’s body; the thick smell of Man, the feeling of his hole being filled and stretched out, the sensation of a hard, warm body underneath him. His cock was leaking with desire, nipples burning with pleasure as Carlito starting bouncing harder.

“I’m… I’m n-not,” Carlito whimpered, “N-n-not…fag-g’t…”

The black man suddenly thrust into Carlito’s hole, making him gasp and shiver.

“What did you say?” he ask- no, demanded.

Carlito moaned.

“’m not,” Carlito managed, “N-not…f-f…f-faag’t…”

The black man grinned. He grabbed Carlito by the hips, then thrust into him powerfully, once, twice, thrice…Each thrust made the boi shiver, gasp, the fifth one making him go cross-eyed with delirious pleasure.

“Not a faggot?” Mr. Green chuckled, “You’re funny, faggot.”

Andre Green had been happily married to his white husband up until about five months ago. When Andre had come back from work to find his then-husband needily fingering himself, he had known something was up. Firstly, Devon had been on a dom streak for the past few days, which conflicted with Andre’s own domming desires. This wasn’t unusual, since they were both verse, and they had figured out a system for this long ago. It was just that today, it had been Andre’s turn to bottom, but it seemed that his husband was on a sub streak, so he payed no attention to it.

The thing that really stuck out was the way his husband had started talking about pornstars. Specifically one porn star, some bottom called putocarlito on Snapchat. It was all he could talk about for hours on end. He had started practically begging Andre to watch putocarlito’s snap stories. In the end, Andre had relented, watching one story.

What he saw made him laugh. There was no way anyone could be that sub, he had said, handing the phone back to his husband. It’s all fake.

And yet…as the days went by, Andre could not forget what he had seen; the way Carlito moaned, the way he looked at the camera, eye-fucking millions of unknown viewers with those glimmering irises, the way he shook his rump gently, biting his thick lips, moaning for Daddy…

Andre had found himself watching more and more Carlito vids by the day, each and every one of them making his dick hard. After every watch, he called his husband and fucked him ferociously, calling him names, degrading him, harder and dirtier than they had ever before. Each time, Andre came away feeling like a king, as his husband lay there, drooling and leaking, spent from their fucking.

About a week after they stopped having sex and started fucking, Andre found that his husband was changing. He seemed spacier than usual, forgetting important things, losing track of time. The first time Andre called him out on this, his husband had simply giggled, surprising both of them. While he wasn’t the most masc of the pack, Andre’s husband certainly wasn’t the type to giggle. However, ever since the videos, Andre had noticed that his husband was getting more and more femme. He started wearing more revealing clothing, more colourful underwear, and started using shorter and shorter words. It had been fine at first, but as time went on, he simply got…faggier.

A month after they had started the videos, Andre’s husband had stopped working. He had been a junior partner at a law firm, but he found that he simply could not focus on work anymore. Instead, he spent his time working out to aerobics videos at home, cooking, cleaning, and playing with his hole like some useless fag.

Andre on the other hand, had only gotten more executive. In about three weeks, his aggressive negotioations and business tactics had earned his company over half a million dollars, and there was serious talk of a promotion. There were even some rumours about him taking over the CEO’s position once he retired next year. Andre hadn’t been a candidate before, but if he kept up the aggressive deals, he was very much in the running. The fact of this made Andre swell with pride; he was a real Man, someone who knew what they wanted and went out to get it. Someone powerful, someone strong.

This knowledge about himself then made him feel sick when he looked at his husband. Here was a man - if you could call him that - who had been given everything from birth; a large inheritance, fancy school, proper upbringing. He even had a high status job at some point. However, he had squandered it all away, for what? For sex? For the feeling of his hole being used?

“You’re a useless, white faggot, arent’cha?” growled Andre as he fucked his pussyboi husband, “You ain’t ever gonna fuck anything with that oversized clit of yours, aren’cha?”

“Y-yeaaah!!” the faggot had moaned, “I’m j-just a! Cock loving! Pussyboi!”

The day after, Andre had made the faggot sign over every single one of his assets over to his name. Then he divorced the bitch, disgusted that he had ever even entered a partnership with such a faggot. Faggots weren’t for marrying at all.

However, there were other uses for faggots.

For example, Andre now had thirty two faggots in his mansion, all of them his personal slaves. Not servants, slaves. He had his former husband whip up a contract which allowed Andre to take control of every facet of a faggot’s life, legally. With it, he had managed to become CEO even before the old faggot’s retirement, forging a path ahead on the backs on his slaves. Andre made sure that his slaves were only rich, priveleges white faggots, and not other Men who simply hadn’t had the same opportunities as he had. As such, the business world in LA was slowly changing, the old white heads falling, one by one, to younger, more powerful Men. And Andre was at the head of it all.

These days, Andre’s former husband - now known as The First Maid - rarely left her bedroom. She wasn’t a woman, no, women were needed in society, and should be respected. However, there really wasn’t a word to describe her other than “faggot” or “sissy,” so Andre just called her a “she.” After all, Andre was a Gay Man, and he didn’t even fuck the needy cunt-boi anymore, he simply let him watch as Andre fucked other bois. Of course, The First Maid was allowed to touch herself while she watched, and Andre allowed her to use as many toys as she liked. She never touched her dick, even though Andre hadn’t specified that detail. The only thing he ordered was that she was never, ever, allowed to cum.

“Please,” she would beg from the corner of the room, fucking herself on a dildo as Andre pounded into a new twink, “Please…”

Andre loved having so much power over his former husband. He loved controlling her orgasms, controlling her life, humiliating her. The fucking bitch loved it too; she never said no, no matter how depraved Andre’s orders were. She lived for him, which made him want to control her more, debase her more. He had taken everything from her, her title, her money, her power, her gender, her orgasms…and he wanted to take more.

So what if he took her favourite porn star?

Andre Green remembered Jude’s promise to him as he thrust once more into Carlito’s hole, and picked up the phone on the bedside table. He pulled out of the boi, turned him around, then flipped him onto the bed.

Immediately, Carlito groaned with frustration, and raised his ass off the mattress. Andre had him pinned down sitting on his legs and pushing down on his back with one hand. Carlito moaned as he tried to put together his scrambled thoughts, further scrambled by the lack of cock in his hole. It had been so long since he tried to think, he didn’t know how anymore. His brain was just a fuzzy pink mess of sex and cum. But he kept trying, trying to put together the thoughts…


“Then why you raising that ass, boi?” grunted Andre, “You saying your faggot ass don’t want this cock?”

My hole is for Men to use… thought Carlito dully, before Andre’s cock suddenly thrust back into his hole, clearing any thoughts from his mind.

“Haaaaahh!!” Carlito moaned girlishly, as Andre started to fuck him in earnest. Each thrust seemed to chip away at something inside Carlito, melting a part of him into his balls, ready to be ejaculated from his throbbing dick.

Meanwhile, Andre opened Carlito’s Snapchat account, and started to record.

“My name is Andre Green,” he said into the camera, still fucking the boi. He turned the camera to the boi being fucked.

“Tell the world who you are,” Andre ordered.

Carlito simply moaned.

Andre slapped his ass firmly, making the boy whimper. He made sure the camera was on the boi’s drooling face.

“I said, say hi to the world, bitch!”

Carlito could barely understand the words he was saying. He managed to gasp something out with each thrust into his hole.

“H-hey! I-I’m! puto! carlito!”

“Fuck yeah, you are,” grunted Andre, focusing the camera down to his cock buried in the slut’s ass.

“How you like my big, black dick?” growled Andre, getting a good grip of Carlito’s hips with his free hand, “Tell the truth now.”

“Unh! Hah! Ah!” Carlito moaned. His body was so hot, his hole so greedy and hungry. His feeble thoughts were tossed out the window, his mind reacting only to his body’s desires.

“More! Want! More!” Carlito whimpered between thrusts.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you faggot?”

Carlito’s mind stuttered over that last word, but the sensation of cock inside him pushed it out of his mind.

“Yheeeeessss!” he moaned, heat bulding up in his balls. His dick strained uncomfortably in its pouch, a damp spot clear and glistening on the black fabric. His nipples sent shock after shock of pleasurable pain through his body with every thrust of Andre’s cock. There was no thought anymore, just pure, heated sex.

“Yes, Daddy,” Andre corrected, slowing his thrusts, but increasing in power, “Daddy! Andre!”

“Yes! Daddy! Andre!”

“You want this Daddy Dick, bitch?” Andre started shouting, “You want this black Daddy Dick?”

“Yehz! Daddy! Andre!”

“You a slut for this dick, bitch?”

“Yes! I’m! A! Slut!”

“Such a greedy pussyboi for black dick?”

“Love! Dick! Daddy!”

“Who’s you’re Daddy?”

“You!” Carlito gasped, “Daddy Andre!”

“Fuck!” Andre roared. It was all too much; the boi was so fucking sexy. He came in the boi’s ass, thrusting deep as he could.

The sensation was too much for Carlito; as he felt himself fill with cum, he felt like his brain was about to burst. It was too much, everything was too much, he had too much-

Carlito came, harder than ever before, his asshole tightening and body vibrating with heat. The chains from his nipples jingled as he fell face down onto a pillow, mouth open in an ‘O.’ His eyes rolled to the back of his head, as he felt something…something vital leave his body and mind.

With a sigh, Andre pumped a final burst into Carlito’s ass. He stopped recording as he pulled out, leaking cum over the boi’s ass and sheets. He added the video to putocarlito’s story, then, remembering his promise to Jude, he took a pic of the boi’s leaking fuckhole. Before also adding it to the story, he made sure to add a caption:

flame emoji Puto is open for business flame emoji

With a grin, he sent the pictures off.

In a mansion in LA, a faggot in a maid uniform fucked himself on a 15 inch, vibrating, black dildo as he watched putocarlito’s new story.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned, taking in all 15 inches up to the hilt, “Oh fuck.”

Andre Green whistled as he walked out of the room. He spotted the Asian man he had talked to in the limo waiting outside, sitting in what looked suspiciously like a waiting area. The Asian man looked up as Andre walked up to him.

“He’s all yours,” he said cheerily.

“You do him like I asked?” questioned the Asian man, reaching into his pocket.

Andre smirked.

“I know you could hear us,” he said, “So pay up.”

The Asian man simply handed Andre his wallet. Andre took it without question, then turned to leave. After a few steps, he turned around. The Asian man was at the door of the room Andre had just exited.

“You know I was planning on fucking the bitch til he screamed anyway,” he said, “So why you pay me doe something I was already planning on doing?”

“Did you call him a faggot?” asked the Asian man, looking back.

“A couple times,” Andre answered.

“Just wanted you to prepare him correctly for me,” said the Asian man, “I like my cunts properly warmed up.”

Andre shook his head, but he seemed satisfied.

“Whatever,” he said, and left.

The Asian man turned back to the door, took in a deep breath, then turned the handle.

Carlito sat up, hugging his chest, shivering slightly. For the first time in a long time, he didn’t feel floaty or blissed out and pink. He felt…weird.

There was a weird feeling in his stomach, and not it the good “big dick inside me” kind of feeling. It felt icky and gross, and…Carlito didn’t like it.

And he didn’t like how that man called him a faggot.

He wasn’t a faggot. A bitch, a slut, a boi…but not a faggot…he was Godly…he was Good…right?

Carlito shivered slighltly as he sat there on his knees, hugging himself, back slightly arched in his kneeling position. Even now his body unconsciously positioned itself to look sexy and appealing for Men to enjoy. As he looked up and saw himself in the mirror, seeing how he was positioning himself so seductively, the hint of a thought began to form in his mind.

Maybe…maybe he was…looking like this…could Daddy Jude be…

Carlito was thinking so hard, for the first time in a long time, he didn’t notice the Asian man walk into the room.

Could it be that…Daddy Jude was…was…mani-

“You look pathetic, boi,” the Asian Man growled, causing Carlito’s thoughts to shatter the instant he heard the deep baritone.

The moment Carlito noticed there was a Man in the room with him his hole began to twitch and pulse. He shifted uncomfortably in place and bit his lip, trying to gather his scrambled thoughts together.

The Asian man threw something at him.

“Put these on, slut,” he commanded, “I’ll be waiting.”

Carlito’s body moved before he even realised what he was doing. He went into the next room, and changed, and found himself standing in front of the mirror.

Is this…me? Carlito found himself realising as he inspected himself.

His legs were snug in a pair of Leg Avenue Women’s Opaque Nylon Thigh High Stockings, all cutely shaped with his feet adorned in simple, white, Lifestride Parigi Women’s High Heel Pumps. His junk was covered by a frilly, white, lace jockstrap with a white miniskirt sewn around the waistline. Carlito knew these were called Ivory Satin Wetlook VTG style sissy crotchless butterfly heart lace skirted butless panties, the same way he knew that the white, heart shaped pasties over his nipples were called Nippies Bride Like A Virgin.

As he instinctively turned and posed with his toes pointing together and his ass pushed out, for the first time, Carlito wondered how he knew all this stuff. With all the sex and Men in his life, Carlito had very little time to learn new things. Most of the stuff he had learnt was about pleasing Men, making their big, Manly Cocks happy…Carlito’s hole winked in the mirror as he inadvertantly thought about Cocks. The skirt was too short to cover his fat ass, after all. Cocks were just so big, and hard, and juicy and big and warm and-

No, no, he shouldn’t- he was-

“You done there, boi?” the Man called from the other room.

“Yes Sir!” Carlito answered immediately, coming out of the room before he had time to think. His body was already so conditioned to obey, to please Men…

As Carlito stepped out of the bathroom, the Man looked him up and down. Carlito gulped as the Man took him in his hole twitching constantly. The Man was built lean and hard, muscled and toned. He had a large tattoo of an multicoloured Oriental dragon on his left arm, travelling all the way up to his shoulder and pectorals. He wore only black slacks, with a gleaming silver belt buckle.

He sat at the edge of the bed where Carlito had been fucked for the last couple of hours. He beckoned the boi to come over, and Carlito found himself standing in front of the Man. Being so close to a Man made Carlito’s hole ache with longing, his dick tenting his miniskirt.

The Man placed his hands on Carlito’s shoulders, then forced him to turn around. Carlito ended up sitting in the Man’s lap, knees together, facing the mirror as the Man whispered in his ear.

“You look like such a fucking girl,” he growled, making a shiver run up Carlito’s spine.

“Such a girly boi,” he continued, “Such a dumb, girly, faggot.”

He spat out the last word like an insult, like a weapon. It had the intended effect. Carlito squirmed as if physically hit.

“I-I’m not-” he stutterd, “N-n-not- Not a-a-a. F-f-f-”

It wasn’t fair. Carlito could feel the Man’s huge cock pressing up against his hole. He could feel his arms holding him, tight and hard, masculine, sooo much bigger and stronger than him. Just being this close to a Man was enough to make Carlito’s brain all fuzzy and pink and warm and gooey and slowww…It wasn’t faaair…

“Not a faggot?” the Man seemed amused, “Then are you a girl?”


“Then if you’re not a faggot, and you’re not a girl,” the Man continued, “Why are you dressed like one?”

“I-I’m not-” Carlito panted. His hole was pulsing like crazy. It felt so empty. He just needed it filled, just for a bit, just a bit. Carlito started pressing his ass against the Man’s cock, just to ease the pressure a little. Just a bit so he could think. He just needed it filled, just a bit, so he could think for a bit, so he could get his brain together. Just for a bit…

“You’re pushing against me like a bitch in heat, faggot,” the Man growled, “You’re such a dumb slut. Bet you couldn’t even finish high school.”

That wasn’t true. Wasn’t it…it couldn’t be true…because Carlito met Daddy Jude in college! Yes, that’s right! Carlito was smart. He was smart enough to go to college! That’s where he met Daddy Jude!

“I’m not dumb,” said Carlito, his mind clear for just a moment, “I went to college!”

The Man just laughed at that.

“Oh?” he said, “What did you study?”

“Ummm…” Carlito frowned, trying desperately to think, “Bio…bio…”

“Biology?” the Man smirked, “Perfect.”

Carlito wanted to say no, no not biology, it was…something else…

“Then you should be able to tell me,” the Man continued, oblivious to Carlito’s struggles, “What cocks are for.”

Carlito recited what he knew about male genitalia from 8th grade Biology. He knew that much at least.

“Wrong,” said the Man authoritatively, “Cocks are for fucking.”

As if to prove his point, the Man unzipped his pants, and thrust into Carlito’s already wet hole. Carlito’s eyes went wide from the sudden invasion, mouth opening in a perfect ‘o’ shape as he moaned femininely. The Man thrust a few strokes inside Carlito, making the boi bounce, panting, before pulling out. The boi collapsed in front of the man immediately, face down, ass in the air, eyes rolling to the back of his head.

“See?” said the Man, “Cocks are for fucking.”

Carlito’s dazed and scattered brain had to admit that this was some compelling evidence. Cocks were…for…fucking…

“So I guess my next question is,” said the Man, kneeling beside Carlito, “What is that?”

The Man pulled Carlito up so that he was on his knees, and then had pulled up Carlito’s skirt, revealing the 7inch hard cock trapped in its fabric prison.

“It’s a…a…cock…” said Carlito weakly.

The Man burst out laughing.

“That?” said he chuckled, “It may look like a cock, but has it ever fucked anything?”

Carlito mewled. He knew that his cock hadn’t ever fucked anything.

“If it hasn’t fucked, it isn’t a cock, boi,” said the Man, “That’s just an oversized clit.”

No…that wasn’t…it wasn’t…

“I know because your hole is a fucking pussy,” said the Man, “A cunt. Made to pleasure Men.”

“It’s not…it’s a…it’s an…”

“It’s not an asshole,” said the Man, “It makes your fucking clit grow when it gets fucked doesn’t it? So it’s a fucking pussy.”

“That’s not…it’s not…”

That wasn’t true! Carlito desperately wanted to get the words out. It wasn’t…it couldn’t…but it was so hard! His hole was pulsing, twitching, gasping for more cock. Still on his knees, the boi pushed out his ass and felt his nipples harden under the heart-shaped pasties. It was sooooo good to be filled! If he had just fucked him a bit longer, for a bit more, he could’ve- he could’ve thought- he could’ve-

Carlito’s brain was so mushed up already he couldn’t even get the thoughts out of his mouth. But he knew that the Man was wrong!

“’s not…fagg’t…” he mumbled.

“Fucking faggot’s so dumb. Such a dumb, sissy slut,” the Man mocked, “Thinks his clit’s a dick and his pussy’s an asshole.”

The Man picked up the horny boi easily, and positioned him back on his lap. This time, however, Carlito was facing the Man, the boi’s stocking-clad legs upon his shoulders. Instinctively, Carlito threw his arms around the Man’s neck.

“’m not…” Carlito managed, “…dumb…”

“Oh?” said the Man, once more thrusting inside Carlito. The change in the boi was immediate. Carlito moaned loudly as his body relaxed, back arching, hole clenching and unclenching instictively around the cock inside him.

“Then how about you recite your multiplication tables?” said the Man, “If you aren’t dumb you should be able to do your twelves.”

As he spoke, the Man began thrusting his hips, driving his cock deeper up into Carlito’s hungry hole.

“One times twelve is t-twelve,” Carlito began, mouth already droolinig, “Two times t-twelve is t-twentyy…fourrr…”

He managed to go all the way up to ten before he came.

“C’mon boi,” the Man growled, “Is that all you can do?”

“T-twelve…timezz…” Carlito moaned.

It was so hard to think…his brain was working so slowly, like it was trying to work through mud. A thick, pink, syurpy sweet mud. If he could just…think a little…

At that moment, the Man thrust into Carlito.

“Aaah!” Carlito moaned, thoughts scattering.

This pattern continued for about an hour, with Carlito getting less and less farther up in his multiplication tables before losing concentration. Pretty soon, he was just a hormonal mess, moaning the world twelve over and over, dick standing to attention. He had repeated the word so much it didn’t even sound like a word anymore. His head felt lighter too, like it was…emptier. Carlito felt like something had been lost, something that used to be a part of who he was.

“Alright, I guess that’s too hard for a dumb bitch like you,” said the Man, changing positions. This time, he had Carlito pinned on his stomach.

“How about you try tell me your elevens?”

This went on for another hour. This time, Carlito could get no further than 10, then he would find himself slowly unable to get any farther, his scattered concentration breaking every time the Man thrust into him. He found himself unable to do anything but repeat the number until he would be lost, moaning words he didn’t understand, his mind feeling light and fluffy, unable to come together long enough to concentrate. At this point, he forge=ot he was even trying to do something; all that was left was pleasure. Until:

“I see that’s too hard for a dumb bitch like you. How about you do your tens?”

The Man’s words brought Carlito back, with a new challenge to prove he wasn’t a dumb faggot. With another new position, Carlito remade his resolve to get to the end this time.

“T-ten times…times…niii! I! I!!!”

Carlito shrieked as he came. His thoughts shattered once more, as the Man drilled into him from behind. Carlito was on his side, his right leg raised up and held in position by the Man’s strong hand. He was so close, so close…he just needed a bit more…more…more…

Cock! Carlito came once again, drooling a little as his thoughts scattered. Id waz szooo harddd…

“Alright, bitch, I see you’re too dumb for that…”

No, no, he wasn’t! He wasn’t dumb! Once again, Carlito rebuilt his resolve, but the Man already had Carlito in doggy and was thrusting in sooo hard! Upon his shaky resolve, Carlito started once again.


Just a few more…words…


Just a bit…more…




Carlito came again.

“Dumbass bitch, how about your eights?”

Was it just Carlito, or was the time between positions getting shorter?

“Ah-hah! Ah! Three! ttimes! Two!”

“Fuck you’re dumb. What about your twos?”

Carlito was vaguely sure that it was taking less and less time before his mind was being absolutely shattered. It was getting to the point where Carlito was actually preferring it when his brain was all over the place; when the Man reminded him to do his tables, it was getting harder and harder for Carlito to throw his resolve back together.

“Two times… Twwwo times…”

Carlito drooled as he came, cock twitching without cumming. He had run dry aaages ago, but his dick still stayed hard. It was aching with accumulated tension; it had been so hard for so long.

And yet, it needed more.


Carlito drooled against the mirror, his body sagging. His body was bent over, ass full of the Man’s cock, toes on their tips trying to stay up, and face smashed against the mirror. His arms drooped limply; Carlito had no energy left in his body. The only reason he was still in this position was because the Man’s cock was keeping him in place.

“Fucking useless bitch,” said the Man. He took his cock out, and Carlito collapsed.

The Man stood over the prone boi, cock still hard. He knelt down, and picked up the boi’s head with both hands. He opened the boi’s mouth, then thrust his cock inside. He started using the boi’s throat like a fleshlite. The boi made no response.

“When you wake up, boi,” the Man panted, “You’re gonna make a choice.”

“Either you accept you’re a dumb, sissy faggot,” groweled the Man, “Or you keep pretending a little longer.”

With that, he finally burst his load, filling the boi’s throat with his thick, heavy cum. His orgasm lasted a full minute. Then, he got up, picked up his clothes, and left the room.

Jude was waiting outside the room when the Asian man finally left.

“Six hours,” he said, “I’m impressed.”

“This is nothing,” said the Asian man, “Any Man of faith should be at least capable of controlling their desires to that degree.”

Jude smiled to cover up his annoyance, while the Asian man put on a shirt. While he did see himself as a godly man, he hated these overly-preachy types. Jude secretly thought that anyone who proffed themselves to be godlier than him were just faggots, trying to hide and repress themselves under the guise of God. They should, but they’d all fail, eventually.

“Well, I’m glad you could help me out,” he said, “I do have a question though.”


“Why did the Church suddenly decide to contact me about Carlito?”

The more Jude thought about it, the more he thought it was strange. Or at least, he should have. That was what was bothering Jude.

The thing was, when Jude was contacted by the Church about “fixing” Carlito a few weeks ago, he had not found it strange at all. In fact, he was more than happy to have them come and help him. After all, the Church were the people who helped Jude fuck Carlito’s ass in the first place. If it weren’t for what they preached, Jude would not have been able to coax Carlito into uncrossing his legs. At the time, Jude had not found that weird either. He had rationalized it as the faggot Carlito twisting the Holy Words of God into something sick and twisted.

But the Church contacting him about “fixing” Carlito…when Jude thought about “fixing” Carlito, he meant making the faggot realise that he was a fucking goddamned faggot. The Church shouldn’t want that, right? They would want to save Carlito, even if he was a fucking faggot, right?

Of course, Jude did not believe the Church could save faggots from what they were. Jude held the contradictory belief that his own interpretations of religion were the correct ones, and that the ones held by the Church were, while technically correct, were just not realistic. Although he himself didn’t see it that way, Jude believed himself to be the only true practitioner of Christianity, and that everyone else had it wrong.

That said, he did actually listen to people, if only to poke holes in their arguments. Which was why he was growing suspicuious about the Church’s sudden apparent change in policy.

“That boi…” sighed the Asian man, “Is lost.”

Jude nodded, agreeing. “Lost” was Church speak for “a sinner with no hope.”

“He…well, he probably thinks of himself as ‘she’ right now…needs to be at their lowest before they can change,” said the Asian man.

Jude thought about this statement for a while, before eventually spinning the man’s words into something he understood. Which was that the Church wasn’t trying to “fix” Carlito, they were just trying to get him to a point so low that they could mold him into a Man.

The thought made Jude scoff.

What a dumb plan, he thought. There was no way that was going to work.

“Whatever,” said Jude, “He ready?”

“His mind: in a few hours,” said the Asian man, “But his body is fine.”

Jude nodded, and broke out into a grin. He was getting hard; just the thought about what he was going to do was exciting him.

In just a few hours, he was gonna make Carlito into a true fucking faggot.

The Asian man’s phone rang as soon as he left the building. He picked it up immediately.

“It’s done,” he answered without listening for a response. He listened for a while as the man on the other side responded.

“The fuckboy did get a little suspicious, but he doesn’t care enough to call us out,” the Asian man said, “His dick’s too hard for him to think about anything else for too long.”

The man on the other side laughed.

“Hmm? A drink with the boys?” said the Asian man, “Is this really you talking Meth?”

“They’re new recruits,” said the man called Meth, “Need initiation.”

“Ah, I see Father Topholes,” said the Asian man, “Then I’ll see you in- what was it, an hour?”

Confirming the time and place, the Asian man hung up. He looked up at the setting sun, and smiled.

“The Light will come again,” he recited, “Revealing their true faces once more.”

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