The Hole Left Behind - Intermission

By MCBrain -
published September 20, 2018
7607 words

Intermission - Two boys find themselves entranced by an up-and-cuming porn star

I guess I’m writing the rest of the story. Enjoy!


Peter scoffed at his friend’s statement. In all their years of friendship, this was probably the most absurd thing he had heard come from Anish’s mouth.

“What?” said Anish, “I could be a top.”

“You? A top?” said Peter jokingly, “And I’m a bear. No, wait, a silver fox. Yeah, that’s better.”

Anish wringkled his nose.

“Silver fox? Ew.”

“Hey, I like my Daddies to be, y’know, actual Daddies. Don’t judge,” said Peter, taking a sip of his smoothie.

“Don’t judge? Says the girl who thinks I can’t top.”

Anish and Peter laughed as they talked. This kind of banter was normal between the two boys. Anish had first met Peter when they were in elementray school, and they had been inseperable since. In their awkward teen years, they both discovered their sexuality together in drama class, though they never dated or even fooled around together; they just weren’t each others’ type. They were both twinks, though their assets were in vastly different categories. Peter for, example, had the juciest, bubbliest rump on a man in the entire state, and he maintained a muscled, wiry body to match. He worked hard to maintain his body, dedicating himself to the gym from the tender age of 16. It was there he had his first sexual experience with an older man; a white silver fox with a touch of yellow fever had taken to watching Peter’s ass on the treadmill when Peter was 18. The ensuing sex in the showers had blown Peter’s mind. Figuratively speaking. He had been a virgin, and it hadn’t been bad sex.

Anish on the other hand, was the very definition of an Indian slim twink. He had curves and legs to spare, but his most striking aspect was actually his face. Most specifically his lips, lush, pink and juicy as his friend’s ass. Anish took special care of his face, keeping it clear and smooth; like the rest of his body. However, unlike Peter, Anish had never really been as interested in the sex side of things. Not that he hadn’t tried. Anish suspected that maybe he was on the ace spectrum, possibly, though he didn’t really care enough to think about it too much. Besides, it was fun to talk with Peter about sex.

“Anish, I hate to break it to you, but you’re the type of gay who would do great on Drag Race. Not the kind who would do good in…sports…ball.”

“Aww, thank you!” said Anish, “But femme tops exist, Peter.”

“True. But…” started Peter.

“But what?”

“You’re a pushover, Anish,” put Peter bluntly, “You’re just not the type to order a bottom around, y’know?”

Anish rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, and sub tops also exist, Peter,” said Anish, “What’s your point?”

Peter shrugged.

“I just guess you’re not my type, is all I’m saying.”

“Yeah, your type is guys who were around to see the Mayflower dock into Conneticut or whatever.”

“First of all, wig! And secondly, the Mayflower docked into fucking Maine you middle school dropout!”

“Don’t act like you payed attention in civics! I know you weren’t!”

The two laughed and talked as they made their way home.

“Still though,” said Peter, “Why the sudden interest in topping?”

Anish shrugged.

“I dunno,” he said listlessly, “I guess…maybe I just haven’t found the right top.”

“‘The right top’? Have you been hanging out with straight people again?” mocked Peter.

“I mean…sex is fine it’s just…eeeh,” said Anish, “I wanna try something different, I guess.”

“Aaaah, you’re getting tired of vanilla? Wanna try for some rocky road?” grinned Peter, “I mean you can do that while still bottoming.”

“I guess,” Anish sighed. He didn’t really know what he wanted after all. Bottoming was just…so much work, so much prep. And it was fun it was just…maybe he just hadn’t had any luck with tops lately.

The two talked until Peter turned the street to leave, and Anish headed to his own apartment. They planned to meet up again tomorrow for brunch.

Anish made his way home, still thinking about what he wanted from his sex life. Maybe he didn’t actully want sex? Maybe he would be fine going full asexual; no sex, no nothing, just romance and dates with a nice boy for the rest of his life. A nice boy with washboard abs and a sweet ass and a good, thick cock…

He sighed. No he thought, climbing the stairs to his apartment building, I still want sex it’s just…

Anish had never been properly satisfied by sex. Possibly because his expectations had been given by porn, he thought as he unlocked his apartment door. His first porno had some large white guy thrust into a latino twink until the twink came from his prostate; a blubbering mess, incoherent on the high of being fucked. And Anish knew intellectually that prostate orgasms were not impossible, just very, very difficult/rare because of biology. It was just that he had, somewhat disappointingly, thought that he would be able to get one from at least some guy. Was that so much to ask? For a guy to make him orgasm? As it was, Anish had never had a prostate orgasm in his life. So maybe it was time to give up on it.

He turned on the lights to his apartment; a small student lodging paid for by his scholarship by the college. Usually he kept it nice and tidy, mainly because he was a tidy person, but lately he just hadn’t had the energy to keep it up. There were dishes in the sink, underwear on the sofa…Anish sighed as he looked around. He was not in the mood for cleaning up.

He was in the mood to get off.

Anish took out his phone, then took off his shirt and pants, revealing a lacey, black Joe Snyder jockstrap. He walked over into his bedroom, where he absentmindedly opened a closet to reveal a stack of dildos, ranging in colours and size. He took a moment to size them up, then picked an 8inch vibrating black dildo with suction on the end. Anish started sucking on the tip like a lollipop as he scrolled through his phone, his dick getting harder as he sat down.

On a whim, Anish opened Snapchat, and scrolled through his Quick Add. Bunch of people he didn’t know, of course.

One name caught his eye: DaddyJudesputocarlito

Anish scoffed. Another SnapSlut. Just because he thirst-followed some guys didn’t mean he wanted to know every time some cheap whore made a Snapchat account.

He was about to go back when he stopped. Well…he had been wanting something different lately. Maybe if he watched some porn made by a sub slut he’d figure out if he really wanted to top or not.

Anish pressed +Add.

A moment later, he got a message: “DaddyJudesputocarlito added you!”

That was quick, thought Anish, a little judgementally. He opened the slut’s story.

It took a few moments for Anish to realise what he was seeing.

A smooth, caramel-skinned boi was getting pounded from behind by a thick white dick as he smiled for the camera.

“H-heeeey guys!” the boi giggled, “Daddy Jude made me a new a-a-ah!”

The boi shuddered with pleasure.

“-Account!” he grinned, then blew a kiss for the camera.

“Please follow me, Daddy Jude’s puto, Carlito!”

With a kiss, for the camera and a moan, the video ended.

Anish was shocked. He had not been expecting that. Some suggestive pics, or a sexy ass vid, maybe. But that…that…

That was hot

Anish realised he was rock hard from that, his dick straining against the lacy fabric of his jockstrap. He also realised the dildo was also halfway down his gullet; further than it had ever been before. The moment he realised, Anish’s gag reflex kicked in, and he spat it out before he could regurgitate anything else. But…that video…that video had made him forget his gag reflex…

He had to see it again.

The boi - Carlito - looked like he was having so much fun in the video. He looked so, so…happy. Anish felt a wave of jealousy - and horniness - rush through his body as he played the video again.

By the end of the third play, Anish had managed to notice that the video was taking place outside, in a carpark, and that the boi - Carlito - had a sexy tattoo on his lower back.

By the fifth play, Anish’s hole was starting to twitch uncomfortably.

By the ninth, Anish had managed to get the entire 8 inches down his throat. His eyes were glued to the screen the whole time; he couldn’t get enough. Carlito was so hot. He looked so hot, getting pounded by that thick, white, cock…

At the end of the 12th play, instead of ending, the story kept going. Now, the camera was in the top’s hands, recording as he pounded into Carlito’s thick, juicy ass.

“Fucking slut, moan for me!” growled a rough voice that send shivers down Anish’s spine.

“Yes, Daddy Jude!” Carlito whimpered.

Daddy Jude pushed Carlito harder against the car they were fucking on.

“Make me cum before the owner of this truck comes back!” Daddy Jude ordered, and the video ended.

With a jolt, Anish realised that these videos were being taken in real time. That thought made Anish’s hole gape open slightly.

Anish slowly took out the slick dildo from his mouth, and swallowed. He raised a leg, and pressed the wet dildo against his twitching hole. A small voice in the back of his head muttered that this was a little weird…he had never been this horny in his life.

He replayed the story.

It only took until the third replay to get his hole loose enough to fit all 8 inches.


Anish arrived an hour late to brunch.

Peter was in a Mood, and was going to let Anish have it, until he noticed the look on Anish’s face.

Peter’s face split into a huge grin.

“Girl, did you leave me hanging for a man?” he said as his best friend sat down.

Anish took off his shades as he sat down gently, groaning slightly as his ass made contact with the seat. Peter’s smile only grew wider.

“Bitch, you been piped!”

“Who…who says that?” smiled Anish.

They chatted for a bit, Peter pestering Anish about his new man. Annoyingly, Anish was being coy about this new guy; a sign that he really liked him. Or that it was a huge mistake and that Peter would drag his ass for the next milennia for making such a mistake. Either way, Peter needed to know the details.

Unfortunately, Anish was being tight-lipped. By the end of brunch, Peter was no closer to finding out the identity of Anish’s new man. Peter was actually beginning to get worried.

“This is the first time you’ve been this secretive about a man, Ani,” said Peter, getting up from his seat, “Are you okay?”

Anish sighed, and Peter frowned. Was something actually wrong?

“Alright, fine,” said Anish, taking out his phone, “How about I show you?”

With a grin, Peter went over to Anish’s side, and bent over to look at the screen.

“Here,” said Anish, handing Peter an earphone.

“What do I need this for?”

“Just trust me,” said Anish, opening Snapchat.

Shrugging, Peter put in the earphone, as Anish opened a story and put in his own earphone.

An hour later, Peter was sitting by Anish’s side, frowning intently at the phone.

Anish looked nervouly at his best friend. He had been silent the entire time.

“What…what do you think?” he said.

A beat passed.

“I need…” Peter said hesitantly, “I think…I need to…see it again.”

He cleared his throat, and pulled his collar, waiting for Anish to play it again. Anish mentally let out a sigh of relief. Peter wasn’t judging him!

“Okay,” he said, and started the story again.

Once again, the two sat in silence, watching the story from last night.

The truth was, Anish had barely slept. He had been in a haze of lust and heat for the entire time the story came out in real time. A new video for the story came out about every ten minutes, and each time, Anish had found himself in a new position. At one point, he found himself bouncing on his dildo, slamming his ass on the floor again and again, mouthing Carlito’s lines as he kept his eyes on his phone. By the end of the story, Anish found himself weak-kneed, on all fours and against the wall, ass up with the vibrating dildo deep inside and up to the max moaning weakly as the story replayed. Anish had slept in that position, and when he woke up, it was all he could do to resume slamming his ass against the wall again.

And now…watching the story again, from the beginning…Anish crossed his legs to put pressure on his growing boner, but that just made his ass gape more. He let out a small, involuntary moan.

A second later, he heard a similar moan coming from the person beside him.

Anish looked over to Peter. He was sitting in a chair next to him, his firm, strong, legs crossed, hands gripping the edge of the seat.

Anish looked back at the video. He cleared his throat.

“It’s uh…pretty…pretty hot, huh?”

A moment passed, before Peter made a noise of agreement.

They watched the video in silence a bit more.

“He just looks so…so…”

“Hot,” said Peter.

“Yeah,” said Anish, “So hot.”


“And slutty,” added Anish.

“So slutty,” said Peter, “What a slut.”

Anish bit his lip.

“I bet he feels so dirty,” he almost moaned.

“So fucking dirty,” Peter exhaled. Anish noticed him shift in his seat.

“I mean they’re in public!” Peter added.


“I bet it feels so dirty.”

“Yeah, he’s so dirty for his Daddy.”

“Oooh-” Peter almost moaned, before catching himself. Anish whispered:

“Dirty for Daddy Jude.”

Anish noticed Peter’s breathing was getting a little ragged. His nipples were stiffening under his tight gym shirt.

“That’s hot,” said Peter.

“So hot,” agreed Anish.

Both shifted uncomfortably in their seats.

“I kinda…I kinda wish…” began Anish, “I kinda wish…that I was him.”


“…yeah,” said Peter, “I get that.”

“He just looks so-”


“-Happy,” finished Anish.

Peter bit his lip.

“Daddy Jude really makes him happy,” he whispered.

“Daddy Jude is sooooo good,” added Anish, leaning in closer.

“I bet Daddy Jude makes him feel safe.”

“Yeah, that’s why he does it.”

“Yeah, Daddy Jude hits it right.”


“Daddy Jude definitely makes him feel good.”

“I wanna feel that good,” Anish almost whimpered. He and Peter were really close now; they were practically in the same seat. Anish could feel the heat from Peter’s body, smell the slight tang of sweat from today’s workout. But he kept his eyes on the video.

“…same,” Peter shifted in his seat again.

The video was almost at the end. In it, Daddy Jude had Carlito on his back, on the trunk of a car, fucking him hard with Carlito’s legs in the air. Occasionally, the camera would look up to show the two men passing by, not noticing the the Daddy and his boi fucking.

Anish gripped the edge of his seat as he arched his back, pushing his knees together.

“…wanna be like that,” he whispered.

He was so hard. It was all he could do to drop his pants there and start fingering himself. Anish noted dully that he wasn’t thinking about stroking his cock, despite how hard it was. But it just made sense that it was his ass that gave him so much pleasure, right? After all…

He wanted to be like Carlito.

“Yeah,” whispered Peter, “I wanna…be like him.”

The boys huddled together, and watched the story again.


“Oh, fuck!”

The cock twitched, then came explosively, all over Peter’s face. He kept his mouth open, eager to catch some of the man’s hot seed on his tongue.

“Fucking twink,” the man sighed, looking around as he zipped himself up.

Peter had stopped the man in the middle of a park, and dragged him into the bushes for a blowjob. The reason, was because he looked a bit like Daddy Jude. The man had only been to happy to comply the boyish Asian twink.

“Alright, bye,” said the man, walking off. Peter stayed there, on his knees, face covered in cum. He had just come from the gym, so he was still in his gym gear; a Taddlee brand men’s gym shorts and a breen tank top. For a brief moment, he wondered how he got here.

Three days ago, after Anish showed him that story on account, Peter had went home and followed that account himself. Ever since, his days had been a haze of lust and sexual frustration.

For some reason, playing with his cock no longer brought him any joy. Peter could only grow hard with something in his ass, or mouth. And even then, he just couldn’t seem to cum. Every time he felt he was on the precipice he was ram and choke and fuck himself until he wore himself out, but no cumming. Twice he had fallen asleep on his dildo, watching DaddyJudesputocarlito’s stories. It was incredibly frustrating.

He just wanted to be like Carlito. He just wanted to cum like Carlito. If Daddy Jude fucked Peter…Daddy Jude could’ve made Peter cum…

Which was why he had stopped the man in middle of the park.

However…Peter sighed as he got up. He was slightly tempted to leave the cum on his face, but wiped it off with his gym towel before heading towards his destination. Even if that guy had looked kinda like Daddy Jude…it just wasn’t the same. Peter couldn’t handle normal guys anymore. He needed something bigger…better…like…like…


Peter immediately checked his phone, and was disappointed to find it was just a text, and not an alert for DaddyJudesputocarlito’s newest story. However, he perked up when he realised it was Anish.

The two of them had been a lot closer lately, watching Carlito together in publish, whispering dirty talk to each other. They never went further however, because they were always surrounded in public. And they never watched the videos together in private because…well…partially it was because Carlito and Daddy Jude were always in public. Usually. Most of the time they were, and those ones were the only ones they watched together.

However, though Peter would never consciously admit it, part of the reason why they didn’t watch Carlito’s stories in private together, was because they both knew that if they did, they wouldn’t be able to keep their hands to themselves. And both wanted to be Carlito in those videos.

The message from Anish simply read:

“You coming? I have a surprise for you ;P”

Peter grinned as he replied:


Peter’s destination was a small room in the corner of an old bownstone building on campus. The rainbow painted door was already open when Peter got there. This was the College’s Queer Collective’s Meeting Room, where the student LGBTQ+ population congregated to advance the Gay Agenda.

The room itself was quite large, with a small kitchinette in the corner, and another corner sectioned off by office walls. That area was for the Queer Alliance’s Exec.

The rest of the room was decorated with various couches and pillows, the walls adorned with rainbow flags, posters, and all sorts of other symbols and signage.

Peter knocked on the door, as he walked in, announcing his arrival. There were only two people here. One of them was a tall bear of a man, with a scruffy brown beard that hid a wonderfully sweet smile. Peter nodded at the bear, before noticing Anish sitting on a couch.

Anish was wearing a black Marek+Richard Flames Mesh Crop tank - Peter recognised it from one of Carlito’s videos - and bright pink bootyshorts. The hemline of his lacy black thong was visible around his waist. Anish sat on the sofa with his legs crossed, and his back arched, like he didn’t want his lower back to touch the sofa behind him. Peter’s jaw almost dropped. Anish…he…he was…

“Hey,” said the bear as Peter took Anish in. His voice snapped Peter out of it.

“Oh, hey,” said Peter, tearing his eyes away from Anish, “What’s up?”

The bear looked between the two twinks, before continuing on about the Queer Ball he was setting up. All the while, Peter kept stealing glances at Anish. That bitch…he was doing it…he really was…


Both Anish’s and Peter’s phone’s wrang out at the same time. The bear raised an eyebrow.

“Wow. Synced messages,” he said lamely. Anish and Peter snorted, checking their phones, before glancing at each other.

Carlito’s story updated.

“Well, I gotta go,” said the bear, “I have classes.”


Peter blocked the bear’s way. The bear raised another eyebrow.

“You all good?” he asked.

Peter looked back at Anish, who had stood up. Anish turned around, to reveal a bright red tattoo of a heart with angel wings and a halo on his lower back, sitting comfortably between Anish’s lacy, black whale-tail. Also, there seemed to be a wire poking out from his underwear.

“Oh…um…nevermind. We good,” said Peter, getting hard instantly.

With another raised eyebrow, the bear left.

As soon as he was out, Peter closed the door behind him, and Anish let out a sexy moan.

“What you think?” he moaned, turning back around and walking over to Peter, “Sexy, right?”

“So fucking slutty,” said Peter, stopping just in front of Anish. He realised that they were standing very close together chests almost touching. Peter noticed there seemed to be a dull vibrating noise coming from somewhere, now that Anish was closer.

“You’re such a slut,” he said, “Like Carlito!”

“Do you like my tattoo?” giggled Anish, turning around, “Carlito’s is like a devil, so I thought being an angel would be, like, smart or something.”

“Sluts don’t need to be smart,” recited Peter, pulling out his phone.

They sank into a nearby couch, and began watching the video.

Carlito wore nothing but an black PPU Multi-Strap Jockstrap, and was riding a gym bicycle. Except on the seat was a black dildo. Carlito raised his ass to show it was at least 8 inches before slamming himself back on the seat.

“That’s it, work it for Daddy,” said a growly voice behind the camera. Anish and Peter both shivered in their seats, holes twitching.

“Yes, Daddy!” Carlito moaned, working his ass up and down as he rode the bike. The camera looked around to show that this was an empty, but public gym.

The video ended, but the two played it again, squirming in their seats as they watched.

“That’s it, work it for Daddy,” growled Daddy Jude again.

“Yes, Daddy!” three voices moaned in unison. Anish leaned against Peter’s shoulder, arching his back.

“Fuuuuuuuuuck!” he groaned effeminately.

He reached behind him and unhooked something. He pulled it around, to reveal control of some sort.

“Is that-”

Anish pressed a button, then moaned louder, just as the vibrating sound Peter had noticed earlier also grew louder.

“You fucking slut,” said Peter, as he realised what Anish had done, “How big?”

Anish blushed, his nipples and cock growing harder.

“5 inches,” he moaned lowly into Peter’s ear. Anish then hooked the vibrator controller back on his collar.

Unable to stop himself, Peter kissed Anish.

Anish kissed back, mixing his tongue with Peter’s. Anish tasted like fruit and berries, Peter dully noted, smashing his mouth against Anish’s juicy lower lip. Both kept their eyes on the video.

After a moment, Anish pulled away.

“Did you suck a cock on the way here?”

Peter blushed as he realised his breath must’ve smelt like cum. They kissed again.

They watched the video a couple more times, before the next one came up.

Somehow, Daddy Jude managed to get his cock up to the handlebars of Carlito’s bike. Carlito eagerly sucked on it as he worked his ass on the bike.

“Tell me about him,” Anish murmured to Peter between kisses.

Their eyes stayed glued to the video.

“I didn’t know him,” Peter gasped.

He kept one hand still holding the phone out in front of them, while the other snaked around Anish and held him close.

“He looked like Daddy Jude, so I grabbed him-”

Anish kissed him deeply.

“-and pulled him into the bushes-”

Another, deep kiss. Peter’s hand went up, grabbing the vibrator’s controller.

“-dropped to my knees-”

Anish whimpered in Peter’s mouth as Peter switched the setting higher. Anish pushed down his shorts to reveal his lacy black thong, then pushed down the pouch to release his 5 inch hard cock.

“-and sucked him off.”

“Show me,” moaned Anish, pushing two fingers into Peter’s mouth. Peter took them in deeply, sucking and wetting them. All the while the two never let their eyes drift from the phone in front of them, Peter playing with Anish’s vibrator settings, Anish making Peter suck his fingers to Carlito’s rythmn.

The story added another video. This one had Carlito doing “slut squats:” Carlito’s hole was positioned over Daddy Jude’s cock, so every time he went down to squat, Daddy Jude’s massive prick filled him up. Occasionally, Daddy Jude slapped Carlito’s ass, sending a siver down the boys’ spines.

By the fifth viewing, both the boys’ shorts were around their knees. Anish had his hard dick hanging out of his thong and his ass plugged up with the vibrator that Peter now controlled. Peter had also pulled his six inch hard dick out of his red Honcho HOE002 Jockstrap, and was being fingered by Anish’s newely wetted digits. Neither of them touched their cocks as they watched the video, kissing.

“So hot~”

“So fucking hot,”

“Carlito is so lucky”

“So dirty~”

“So happy!”

“So lucky to have Daddy Jude!”

“I wish I had Daddy Jude,”

“I wish I was Carlito~”

“I wish I was dirty for Daddy Jude~”

“I wanna be dirty for Daddy Jude!”

“I wanna be Daddy Jude’s slut,”

“I wanna be a slut for Daddy Jude!”

“Daddy Jude could make me cum~”

“Daddy Jude could make me happy~”

“Daddy Jude could make me his slut~”


As the slut bounced on his cock, Daddy Jude scrolled through his phone.

The new account was blowing up. It had only been about half an hour, but this latest story already had over eight hundred views. And the account was only a few days old! If this kept going, his plan to break this bitch would take sooner than expected.

A new chat popped up. Someone called Peter GymHo. Jude had a lot of these during times the story was up. Most of them were from Men who were saying how nice the slut was, or how hard they came. Occasionally, a faggot would send a message, saying how nice it was to see a real man own a bitch. Jude ignored most of these; he liked the attention, but if he answered all of them, there would be no time to make the videos they wanted.

Before Jude ignored the message though, he realised that it was a video message. No one had sent a video in before. Curious, he opened it.

Two boys were sitting on a couch, backs arched, leaning into each other and kissing. One of them was a total faggot, South Asian/Indian mesh crop top, black thong, cock hard. The other was East Asian, and a more boyish twink, almost a twunk, but just as slutty with green tank top and a gay red jockstrap. The boys looked at the camera as they kissed, tonguing each other. The boyish one held what looked like a vibrator controller and which seemed to be plugged into the faggot’s ass, and the faggot was fingering the boyish one. Neither of them touched either their own, or the other’s cocks, but both were obviously rock hard.

Daddy Jude raised an eyebrow as the video went on.

“I wanna be a slut like Carlito~”

“I wanna be Daddy Jude’s bitch~!”

“Only Daddy Jude can make me happy~!”

The boys cooed and moaned as they played with each others’ holes and kissed, occasionally giving bedroom eyes to the camera. Jude found himself getting harder inside his slut’s ass. As he watched the two sluts whore themselves out for him, the cogs in Jude’s head began turning.


Anish did not show up to any classes in the following week. Both he and his best friend Peter stopped attending class. Peter would occasionally be seen at the gym, but for the most part, both were off the radar.

Most of the Queer Collective assumed it was just Anish and Peter making up for lost time at first. But when the entire week passed without a word from either of them, they began to grow worried.

Then the videos started popping up. Videos of Anish and Peter having sex…but not with each other.

Worried, some of the Queer Collective went to their rooms to see what had happened. But by the time they got there, they were too late.

The boys were gone.


Anish and Peter giggled as they walked into the gas station. No one was there, except the tired looking guy at the cash register. He looked up to see who had walked in, then did a double take.

These two boys, were definitely gay.

Anish walked in 8 inch stilettos, wearing a frilly red, 7inch miniskirt, and matching red micro-bikini, which had only enough fabric to barely cover his nipples. His black thong’s whale tail could be seen from both front and back, complementing his flat stomach and accentuaring his haloed and angel-winged heart tramp stamp.

Peter, on the other hand, was wearing a simple, J.J. Malibu silver Legacy Harness/Hoodie, with matching boxer briefs, and nothing else, showing off his taut, kept body and well defined arms.

The guy at the register kept an eye on the boys as they sat down at a table and started taking selfies of themselves. After a few minutes, he went back to his newspaper.

Anish giggled as he noticed the cash register guy leering at them. Maybe he’d fuck the two of them later. The thought made Anish’s hole twitch.

Almost any thought could make Anish’s hole twitch now.

Ever since that night at the queer collective, when Daddy Jude told them he was their Daddy now, and they were his bois, Anish’s hole had been hungry for his Daddy’s cock.

Of course, he couldn’t have it. Daddy Jude was on the other side of the country. However, that night, Daddy Jude had the two bois take a lot of pictures and videos, sending them all to Daddy Jude. He ordered them into a lot of positions; Anish’s favourite had been when he was sitting on Peter’s face, tweaking his nipples as Peter ate him out. He managed to get some good selfies on that one. He made the bois play aaaall night, to prove how much they wanted to be His.

The next day, they sent over everything they had to Daddy Jude; bank account details, money, birth certificates, social security number; everything they has was Daddy Jude’s now. But it was okay. Daddy Jude rewarded them by letting them fuck themselves on Anish’s vibrating dildos.

The next few days, Peter and Anish stayed home as they recorded themselves playing with each other. Daddy Jude ordered them to do so as he got things “prepared.” Sometimes, he would order them to go out to a specific place, at a specific time, wearing something specific, like the time he told Anish to go to the children’s park at 1am in only his blue and orange PPU 1710 Jockstrap. There, Anish had been fucked by three men, one after the other, up until the sun came up. Daddy Jude had been so happy when Anish sent him those videos.

Then, one day, a package came for both of them. Inside were these clothes, as well as a note from Daddy Jude:

“Hitchike to my address, wearing only these. Obey any orders given by Men on your way. Tape yourselves every hour.”

The two had left that night.

“Where’re yew two bois headin’?” said a gruff voice from behind the bois, making them jump. They had been so focused on their selfies, they didn’t notice when the man came in to pay for his fuel.

Anish and Peter giggled as they sized up the man. He was in his late 40s, but pretty fit, for a truck driver anyway. Although, it didn’t look like this man was a truck driver. His deep, blue eyes had a fatherly gleam to them, but Anish thought he saw something a little more sinister behind that.

They told him where they were going, and he raised a bushy eyebrow.

“Oh really?” he said, “That’s where m’truck is headed now. Y’all wanna ride?”

The bois giggled in agreement.

“Although,” the man added, “If y’all gonna be my passengers, y’all gon’ have to ride by my rules…”

That was how Anish and Peter found themselves on their knees, outside the man’s utility truck licking the length of his growing cock.

Anish and Peter kissed over the man’s cock, slobbering saliva onto it as they went up and down the shaft. Anish licked the underside of the head while Peter moaned on the base, fondling the man’s balls. Anish took in a deep whiff of the man’s scent, head going numb from the manly musk.

“Oh, fuck…” Anish moaned, breathing in the Man’s cock. He smelt, tasted…heavenly. So sweaty, so manly, so…

“You like that, bois?” the Man growled, arms folded in front of him. His voice sent shivers down the bois spines. The two nodded wordlessley, mouths on the still gorwing cock.

“Good sluts,” he growled, “You. Suck.”

Peter worked on the Man’s hairy balls as Anish positioned himself at the Man’s cockhead. He started by sucking at only the tip, then the head, before taking more into his mouth, then throat. He had come a long way since when he used to gag on his dildo; now he could take this Man’s growing 9 inches without a complaint. Anish slowly began to find a rythmn, making sure to take in the Cock as deep down his throat as he could. It felt sooo good to have his mouth filled and stretched out. So good to have his gullet stuffed deep, the manly smell of Cock wafting into his nose…

“Twink. Eat out the faggot,” ordered the Man.

Immediately, Peter got behind Anish. He lifted his skirt, pulled the thong string away, separated his cheeks, and began licking Anish’s hole. Anish himself was harder than he had ever been in his life at this point, the wet, slimy tongue filling him in one end, and the strong, manly cock filling him at the other. Anish’s head began to cloud over with pure pleasure as Peter burrowe deeper and deeper into his ass, making Anish moan onto the Man’s cock.

“Goood…” said the man, closing his eyes, “Good boi…”

Anish’s asshole and cock twitched at those words, pleasure running like electricity down his spine. He pushed his ass out further, and began bobbing his head faster. His nipples poked through his micro-bikini, as the cock kept growing down Anish’s throat. Anish looked up at the Man, who was now looking down, straight at him, grinning.

“Hey! Faggots!”

Neither Anish nor Peter stopped, but the Man looked over to see who was making the noise.

It was the guy at the cash register, who was looking pretty mad.

“Something wrong?” said the Man.

“Yeah, you faggots keep yer gay shit to yerselves!” yelled the cash register guy. The Man sighed.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “You are going to have to be more specific as to what’s bothering you.”

“This!” said the cash register guy, pointing at the two bois and the Man, “All o’this!”

“Oh, you mean him?” said the Man, pointing at Peter, “You want him back?”

“Back?” said the cash register guy, momentarily confused, “Whaddya mean, ‘back’?”

“Well, he’s your son, isn’t he?”

Anish noted dully that the Man’s Southern drawl had disappeared at some point. When had that been?

“My son?” said the cash register guy, still confused. He looked at the Asian Peter, then at himself, “I ain’t even married!”

“Well, he’s not your biological son,” clarified the Man, “But you want him to be. Isn’t that why you pump him full of your DNA every chance you get?”


“Sometimes as punishment too, of course,” said the Man, “The boy is such a useless slut, after all.”

The words seemed to hang in the air, reverberating against the rising heat. The cash register guy blinked dumbly.

“Such a useless, gay, slut, isn’t he?” said the Man kindly, “I felt bad seeing him get so hard at the sight of my boi. I realise now that maybe I was overstepping by letting him eat my boi’s ass out. Please accept my apologies for that.”

The cash register guy blinked. Then looked at Peter.

“Boy! Get back in the shop!” he roared, “I needa teach you a lessin y’won’t f’rget!”

Immediately Peter stopped eating Anish out, and leapt up. He headed into the shop, followed closely by his “dad.”

Before he went back in however, the cash register guy turned back to the Man.

“S’alright,” he said, “You were just tryin’ t’be a good samaritan. It’s not my fault the boy’s hole’s emptier than his head.”

The Man laughed as the guy walked back in. He tapped Anish on the head.

“Up you get now,” said the Man to Anish, “How much of that did you get?”

Anish was confused, as the Man directed him to bend over and place his arms against the truck. Not like the hazy, blissful, giggly confused he had been in the past few days. No, this was more like he could actually think again, head hurting, trying to think kind of confused.

“Peter…son…boi…?” was all Anish managed to say, before his world split open.


Anish’s back arched and toes curled, orgasm rolling through him like a tsunami, exploding out of his cock and against the tyres of the truck. He instictively grabbed the side of the truck in a death grip, and didn’t let go as his body spasmed.

“Not that it matters,” said the Man, hands on the hips of the shaking boi, “I plan on breaking you thoroughly.”

He geared up to plunge his magnificent cock into the boy again.

“W-wait. W-Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaii!!”

The second thrust was better than the first; Anish saw stars as his body spasm in orgasm, knees and elbows at the point of collapse. There was only one reason why he had held his grip on sanity, and that was because he remembered, fleetingly, that he had to go see Daddy Jude.

By the fourth thrust, Anish was a gibbering mess.

“ah wanna…wanna..wannna…” Anish drooled against the truck, eyes unfocused. Anish’s arms and legs had gone slack; the only reason he hadn’t collapsed onto the ground, was because the Man kept pressure against the boi’s body.

“Oh come on,” the Man complained, “This is no fun.”

The Man grumbled as he drew with a finger on Anish’s back. Black ink flowed from his finger, making the boi permanently. With this power, the Man drew a circle, then a five pointed star within the circle.

A pentagram.

With a flourish, he slapped the Mark, and the boi suddenly gasped for breath.

“Ready for more, boi?” grinned the Man.

“Yes, Daddy,” Anish giggled his eyes flashing red.

This time, when the Man plunged in, the boi savoured the feeling. His cock reached so deep, it made him feel weak in the knees! It wasn’t as strong as before, but the pleasure of being filled was almost too much for Anish to bear.

“You like that, boi?” the Man growled, “You want that?”

“Unh! Angh!” was all Anish could moan. However, Anish very quickly realised something.

Now that the pain of orgasm was gone, Anish could feel that every thrust inside him was reaching into a place that nothing should be able to reach, touching Anish’s very core. Every thrust dug away at this core, taking pieces of Anish out, leaving only Cock. If the Man kept going, Anish would soon be an empty husk, a Hole only for the Man’s Cock.

“You want this, boi?” the Man growled.

Anish whimpered. Some fleeting thought passed about Daddy Jude and being like Carlito, but this was all that and more. The Man filled him so good. The Man made him feel so good, so happy! The Man made him feel safe!

The Man could make him orgasm.

“Yes, Daddy!” Anish moaned, “Please, Daddy!”

“Then look at me.”

The Man pulled out, and Anish turned around. Anish wrapped his arms around the Man’s neck, and kissed his deeply. The Man pushed Anish against the car, still kissing him, as Anish wrapped his legs around the Man’s sturdy body. The Man, still kissing Anish, ripped off his top, to reveal a rippling, muscled, hairy body.

“Call my name,” the Man growled, as he lifted Anish. They stared deeply into each other’s eyes, as the Man pistoned his cock below Anish’s pulsing hole. Still holding eye contact, the Man thrust up into Anish’s wet and ready hole.

Anish gasped, dick instantly at full mast. He felt a wave of love roll through him as he stared deeply into the Man’s eyes, his flickering blue eyes. Anish grabbed his love by the face and kissed him deeply.

As the Man thrust into his new toy, his body changed, growing bigger. His skin turned darker, into red. His tongue grew inside Anish’s mouth, burrowing into his throat.

Two, goat-like horns began to grow from his head.

The Man separated from the boi, and growled once again:

“Call my name.”

“Ha-Haaaa!” the boi could only moan as the Man’s monstrous cock slammed into him. Every thrust erased just a little bit of who he was, making room for the Man’s massive Cock. Every thrust made Anish’s legs feel like jelly, his brain feel like mush, and his hole feel full. It was all Anish could do to realise the Man in front of him now had red skin, and horns sprouting from his head.

“Hail….Satan!” Anish managed, just before cumming. The world went white, and his eyes rolled to back of his head, pleasure cascasing down his spine. But he couldn’t stop. He had to keep going!

“Hai, Satan! Hail Satan! Hail Satan!”

“That’s right boi.”

It became like a mantra, something to hold onto as the boi came into oblivion, like the horns themselves. The boi grasped tightly onto those words as tightly as he was holding onto his Daddy’s horns, as the Devil’s cock cored out the boi’s personality.

The boi didn’t even realise he had forgotten his own name.

Nor that the Man had removed the Mark from his back.

“Hai Sain! Ha- San! Hai! Sain!”

The boi giggled deliriously as he came over and over again on the Devil’s cock, the last of him mind, soul, and personality wiped away by his Daddy’s Dick.

The Devil fucked the boi through, long after he had lost his consciousness. He finally came into an empty husk of a human, nothing but an imprint of Satan left in that sack of flesh.

Naked, he picked up the boi with one hand, and slung him over his shoulder.

“Looks like I broke the fuckboy’s new toy,” mused the Devil, “Whoops.”

End Intermission

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