World's Best Protein Powder (Part One)

By FourDoorAventador
published July 26, 2015
3739 words

A fraternity member wants to get bigger - and when he tries a strange new protein powder, he gets everything he wants… and more.

Sam wanted to get bigger.

He had been working out for just about eight months, his once loose and unstructured body beginning to take the semblance of something more strong, taut. His pecs were just barely lifted from his chest and cascaded into an underdefined set of abs while his arms still hung weak and thin. Lower down, his legs were barely anything to talk about with his calves still as fleshy and unbound as they had been when he started lifting earlier that year. Looking in the mirror, he took off a pair of black gym shirts and a tank top and evaluated himself from top to bottom, feeling a wave of dissatisfaction and frustration gripping him.

“Fuck…” he muttered, slapping his left bicep. “How am I supposed to get bigger?”

His mind flashed to the way his fraternity brothers all looked. They were stronger, taller, wider, in general just far better muscled and developed. Cody, Sam’s big brother, looked practically like an amature bodybuilder with his perpetually tanned body and beautiful, strong build. Every shirt he wore hugged his muscles so closely you could see every ridge and valley of strength pushing against his skin until it looked as if it could rip open. Even his face seemed muscular with its incredibly hard jawline and effortless confidence reflected across his dumb smile, so masculine.

He shook the thoughts out of his head realizing how gay it seemed, thinking about other men’s bodies all the time. But turning his thoughts back to his own body, he couldn’t figure out how they did it. It just didn’t make any sense.

Casually throwing a shirt over his chest with his fraternity house’s letters stitched on, he walked down the hall and up a flight of stairs to his big’s room, the door open as he sat shirtless in a desk chair playing video games.

“Ay, what’s up man?” he asked.

“Not much man,” Sam said, subtly trying to survey his big’s ripped torso. “I just had a question for you.”


“How the hell did you get so big? I’ve been lifting forever and I look like a fucking pre-teen compared to you.”

“You want to know my secret?”

He nodded.

“It’s all in the protein powder.”

Sam rolled his eyes and leaned against the doorway, “Dude, I already eat a ton of protein powder.”

“No, no, I have some special shit. Ask Kyle about it.”

“Kyle? Are you serious?”

Kyle was the house’s only gay member - a shorter skinny guy with brown hair who mostly kept to himself. He went to the occasional party, but it wasn’t really often you saw him outside of class or his room.

“He says he got it from one of his geed friends, gets them swoll as fuck.”

“Huh, well, I guess I’ll go talk to him.”

Cody waved goodbye as Sam went to the other side of the house where Kyle lived. His door had a handful of movie posters on it and his name on a white board no one else had written on. He knocked twice, shuffling a little uncomfortably as he waited.

Kyle opened the door and smiled, “Hey man.”

“Mind if I come in for a moment?” he asked, looking around the room. It was clean and well organized with his clothing hanging up well-ironed and wrinkle free. Unlike the rest of the house, the room’s carpet was nicely vacuumed and devoid of any clutter occupying its space.

“Not at all, come in.”

Sam sat down on his cream colored bed and clasped his hands together, “Cody told me about this protein powder you recommended.”

“Oh did he now?”

“Yeah, said it works really great.”

Sam felt strange asking Kyle of all people for any sort of fitness advice. He was just so… so thin. He never worked out, probably hadn’t touched an inch of iron in his life. How would he know a thing about protein powder or exercise in general for that matter? Something felt off to Sam and he felt almost inclined to leave.

“If you want some, you can totally have it,” Kyle told him. “It just has some weird side effects.”

“Side effects?”

“Yeah, makes you kinda hyperactive and a little achy I’m told.”

“Weird,” he paused for a moment, considering. “I’ll try it I guess, what’s the worst that could happen?”

Kyle pulled a big black tub of it out from his closet, its front decorated with a flashy logo and thunderbolt reading in metallic silver font, “MUSCLE NOW POWDER.”

“Let me know how it works,” Kyle said with a wink.

“Thanks again man!”

Sam took it back downstairs and read the instructions on the back:

“Take twice daily, once before bed and once in the morning, no more. Stir with a cup of water or milk until thoroughly mixed. Side effects include headaches, aching and excess energy. Use with caution.”

Sounded good to him. He looked at the clock on the wall, 11:30 PM, and decided it was time to get some shut eye. First though, he wanted to try that powder.

Getting a cup of lukewarm water from the sink, he dumped a serving in from the little cup inside the tub. It was a faint pink color, lighter than pepto-bismol but still pretty harsh on the eyes. Whatever, he thought, mixing it against the water until the whole drink glowed fuchsia, down the hatch. Swallowing the whole glass in a few gulps, he tasted the incredible, sweet and sugary liquid like soda tickling his throat all the way down. He almost wanted to pour another cup, but wiping his mouth he tugged his shirt over his head and retired to his bed.

His mind was racing, thoughts suddenly firing away in his head and keeping his eyes wide open. Imagining what his body would look like ripped, vascular, he felt even more excited, even more active. What it would feel like to be big… he thought. His cock began to twitch under his tight purple boxer briefs, lengthening and jumping as he pictured himself with bigger muscles. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt this horny as he finally slipped a hand underneath his underwear and began to tug at the skin of dick. He was of average size, probably a little thicker than most, but the blood pumping through his body seemed to make him stand another inch taller.

For some reason, Sam suddenly couldn’t help but think of his fraternity brothers. He knew it was gay as all hell to jack off thinking about other dudes, but somehow the thought of Cody’s big, tight body made his dick even harder. He imagined Cody, his dirty blonde hair tucked behind a hat, slamming his chest against his back and jamming his cock inside his ass.

He moaned, incapable of restraining himself, and felt himself orgasm almost as quickly as his cock had jumped alive. Cum burst from the tip of his dick and ran down his hand, staining his underwear and sheets as he felt his whole body tense and throb. When he finally came down from the high of orgasm, he sighed loudly and passed out almost instantaneously.

The next morning, Sam awoke at 6 AM to get ready for class. He was a straight-A student, always on the dean’s list and working hard to maintain his shiny 4.0. Though the fraternity was massively important to Sam, nothing was quite as important as his GPA.

Before leaving for class, he whipped up a bowl of cereal and a glass of milk he mixed with the protein powder. As soon as he finished the glass, he felt immediately more energetic and slammed the rest of his cereal down. With another hour before class, he ran back upstairs and grabbed a towel for the shower. It was a group shower, basically a big tiled room with four shower heads and nothing else.

He turned the water on and undressed, noticing an achy tenderness to his flesh as he reached down to drop the jeans he had put on for that morning. The achiness started in his pecs and stretched throughout the rest of his body, almost like he had just undergone a particularly rough workout. In fact, his muscles seemed to protrude a little further already. Under the stream of water, rubbing his body down with soap, the achiness seemed to increase and his skin seemed to stretch a little bit.

Must be the side effects, he thought. Behind him, another brother came in with nothing but a towel.

“What’s good?” it was Ethan, a junior from Sam’s pledge class. He was a little shorter than Sam, already a tall guy, but well muscled and handsome with a brawny face. His brown hair was usually coiffed up and cut short on the sides but in the morning it simply hung flat over his broad forehead, giving way to two thick, cocky eyebrows and strong features.

“Just the usual,” Sam said.

Ethan dropped his own towel and took the showerhead behind and to the left of Sam. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see his whole body, smooth and hard. His pecs were round and massive, lifted far off his chest and ruptured by a supreme set of rippling abs. Even his thighs, wide and striated from a well done leg day, bulged with veins and strength. Between them, Sam saw his massive cock - he never looked at other guys in the shower, but watching Ethan begin to rub his own body down made Sam’s cock inflate and swell. Any other time, he would have been panicked to pop a boner in the shower, but staring at Ethan he was so possessed by his body he couldn’t help but touch himself a little.

“Got a stiffy over there?” Ethan asked.

“Uh, I-”

“No worries man, just do what you gotta do. I don’t mind.”

His deep, bovine voice set Sam over the edge and he began furiously jacking off. He couldn’t jerk it fast enough, his fist pounding over his flesh until his whole body tensed and he shot a load all over the shower wall.

“Fuck…” he moaned.

“Nice one, man.”

Suddenly embarrassed beyond all reason, Sam sprinted out of the shower pausing only to pick up his clothes and towel from the floor. How the fuck did he just jack off to another guy? Something was wrong, he thought, something was weird. He started to worry when an urge came over him - he wanted more protein powder. Glancing at the clock it was 7:30 and he was going to be late, but on the way out he couldn’t stop but fill another bottle with more mixed juice and pound it down before leaving.

Class was impossible. Late by ten minutes, his professor shook his head disparagingly, but worse, he simply couldn’t focus. The words sounded like mush and a deep fog had settled over his head, like a barrier to all knowledge. He wanted to be anywhere else, but the first place he thought of was the gym. Yeah, he thought, that sounds nice, good way to clear my mind.

He picked up his bag and left a whole half hour early, not even bothering to make an excuse to get out. Leaving the classroom, he felt almost frenzied to get to the gym and started running, thundering past his peers as he exited the building and pounded the pavement towards the gym.

“You’re here early,” commented a vaguely familiar gym employee.

“Gotta get a pump in,” he replied, already setting off for the lockers. He changed quickly, trying to overlook all the strangely appealing men getting ready themselves across the locker room.

His workout went better than ever. It was effortless to lift weights that seemed impossible just days earlier and he noticed a set of envious eyes cast upon him as he benched massive iron too big for his small frame. He decided to skip cardio, instead favoring more time at the bench press and machines that put his body to good measure. By the end of his workout, a grand total of four hours, he barely felt exhausted and decided to jog home.

It was only noon when he returned to the house but it felt like hadn’t eaten for hours. His stomach tensed and squeezed like something was missing from it, writhing violently beneath his skin. He had a hand clasped to his gut as he walked into the house and went straight for the kitchen.

“Don’t you have class?”

Sam turned to see Kyle leaning against the doorway with a cocky smile on.

“I’m not feeling super well today,” he said, opening the refrigerator for something to eat. “Can’t focus.”

Kyle leaned in and pulled out a piece of chicken from the back, “Here, eat this. Lots of protein.”

Sam didn’t even feel like it was an option to refuse, accepting the meat and shoving huge gobs into his mouth. His fingers desperately tore chunks of chicken from the bone and bit right through it, putting more and more into his mouth.

It was just minutes later that he finished, burping and saying, “I’m still starving. God, I’m so hungry."

He looked down at the plate and wondered how he could still want more to eat. But then, looking back up at Kyle, he realized a nice glass of protein shake was just what he needed. Sam whipped right past Kyle’s slender shoulder and went straight for the counter, dumping extra lumps of the stuff into the tallest glass he could find. He brought it to his mouth almost urgently, leaning the glass up above his lips and waiting for all of it to drain through his mouth and down his throat.

“I think I’m going to have another one,” he said, almost blankly.

One turned into two. And two turned into three. Eventually, without stopping, Sam had mixed and consumed six entire protein shakes, patting his stomach and burping, satisfied. He decided one more wouldn’t kill anybody and mixed his last glass. After three major gulps, his body seemed to light on fire and the glass slipped from his hand and shattered on the floor.

Everything in his body was contracting and pulling, then rapidly pushing like his very muscles were breathing. Panicked, he sprinted as fast as he could to his room while his calves flexed and unflexed every step. What the fuck is happening to me? As soon as he was in his room he ripped his shirt over the top of his head and looked down to his body, still moving underneath the tightening layer of skin.

He was getting bigger.

His pecs began to push up like an inflating balloon, growing from two slender mounds on his chest to a massive shelf protruding from his body. Their shape expanded into round, firm peaks that were solid but malleable to the touch, stretching all the length of his chest. Following suit, his nipples expanded and stood erect as they swelled and grew extraordinarily sensitive. Just like that, a ripped set of six pack abs had forced its way up his torso and slightened his waist so his shoulders stood even wider.

He let his hands trace the line of his muscles down to his cock. Letting five of his fingers pry the jeans off his body, his free hand groped the bulge underneath his boxer briefs. He finally got them off, letting them fall around his ankles, and witnessed his cock grow massive and long in his hand, easily 9 inches dangling between his legs - now thickening themselves. Muscle cut its way through the loose flesh of his thighs while his calves ballooned up like baseballs had been placed inside.

Feeling faint, he stuck one arm out to hold himself up. He looked down at his feet as he panted in ecstasy, watching his toes spread out as the whole foot took up more space on the floor. But the sudden expansion in his arms, muscle pushing up in his biceps and forearms, commanded his attention as he looked up transfixed, shocked.

When he exhaled deeply, he heard the traces of a new voice bubbling up from his throat. It was massively deep and… manly. He felt suddenly confident, cocky and unashamed of the incredible, buff body he was now sporting. In the mirror, he noticed his face had become more defined and chiseled as well, growing wider and snapping his glasses off. He flexed and rubbed his own round bicep, long and strong like something was inflated inside that he could move around and tense. Even his forearms were massive, every line of muscle defined and cut from his skin.

Letting his pecs pop and abs stretch to his flexing, he barely noticed Kyle come in the room.

“So, how’d that protein powder work out for you?”

“I feel so good…” Sam said, letting his new voice rumble from his throat.

“Well about those side effects, I may have lied a little bit,” he said with an arrogant grin. “What it really does is make you stupid.”

“Stupid? I’m not… I’m not stupid.”

“It’s fine, Sam, accept it. You can’t even focus in class anymore.”

“You’re… you’re right,” he said, resigned. “I guess I’m not very smart.”

“No, you’re pretty dumb aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” he was suddenly feeling more assured, like it was maybe better he wasn’t smart anymore. “Yeah! I’m dumb as fuck!”

“And someone told me you got it up for Ethan in the shower, is that true?”

“Yes,” he sighed.

Kyle leaned in and laughed to himself, “That’s because you’re gay now, gay and constantly horny.”

Sam could feel his dick beginning to fill up again, his new testicles churning with hot semen bursting to get out, “I guess I am gay.”

“You see, the testosterone in that protein powder may make you swoll as fuck, but it also increases your sex drive into insanity and fucks up who you’re attracted to,” he explained. “So now you’re just a gay muscle slut…”

“I’m a big, stupid muscle slut,” he said to himself. The thought began to turn him on and his cock finally stood at full attention. “Just a big, stupid muscle whore!”

With one arm, he flexed his new bicep and with his other arm he began to rub his dick all the way up and down its massive shaft. He was so horny and slutty that even Kyle’s thin body looked beautiful, forcing him to jerk his cock just looking at his thin frame.

“You’re so hot,” he told him. “I want you so bad, Kyle.”

He crawled over to him and pulled his tight jeans down as fast as possible. Immediately, Sam took the entire stiff dick into his mouth and began to suck and pull at it with his thick lips. He had never sucked a cock before, but he was so horny he was getting the idea pretty quickly.

Kyle pulled his shirt off and pushed Sam’s buff body onto his cum-stained sheets. Sam pulled Kyle’s ass around and spat on his own dick, beginning to slip it into his hole. As his cock pushed the sides of Kyle’s asshole apart, his muscles automatically flexed and stretched as he moved his body around.

“I feel so hot,” he said, beginning to pump into Kyle’s body. “I’m going to cum any second.”

Kyle’s hands rode up Sam’s body, feeling his pecs bounce and wiggle across his massive chest as he thrusted harder and harder. His hands strayed to the bicep, which while flexed felt like stone beneath his skin. Feeling all his firm muscles and incredible bubble butt pushed against his fingers, Kyle moaned out and came, spurting all over his chest.

The sight finally finished off Sam who exploded into Kyle’s ass and he sighed, collapsing on top of his body as he took in a deep breath. It was only a moment before he stood back up, wiping the cum off of him and admiring himself in the mirror.

“Fuck, I’m the hottest guy in the world.”

He pulled a shirt on, now so small against him every inch of fabric got lost underneath the ridges of his muscles, and set out for the door as Kyle laid catching his breath on the floor.

“Where are you going man?”

“Dude, I need more dick ASAP and I just remembered that Cody took this gay muscle shit too. I’m so horny I’m gonna need to come at least ten more times before these balls are empty.”

Kyle watched him leave and wondered, what kind of monster have I made?

To Be Continued

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