World's Best Protein Powder (Part Two)

By FourDoorAventador -
published August 10, 2015
3040 words

Kyle gets a taste of his own incredible protein powder, morphing yet another frat boy into muscled sex gods…

Chapter Two

Author’s note: Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! This is a continuation of my first story and it means a lot so many people have been interested. Feel free to leave any suggestions.

Sam had certainly become quite the slut.

Since ingesting Muscle Now Powder, his life had become exclusively concerned with fucking dudes and lifting weights - and he excelled at both. His once thin, nerdy body had been transformed into a massive, sprawling musculature of masculinity and strength. He looked like an amature body builder with his big, round pecs, brick arms, stunning abs and massive cock hanging like a donkey’s between his ripped legs. At every opportunity, he used his newfound physique to get it in with any guy who’d let him, having sex with everyone from twinky freshmen to forty nine year old daddies who hit on him at the bars. He gave blowjobs, he received blowjobs, he fucked guys, he let guys fuck him - as long as another man was involved, Sam found he was down for whatever.

One afternoon, he walked down to the academic advisors’ office, sporting a new red bro-tank and backwards hat over his sandy blonde hair. Since his transformation, he had to buy a whole new wardrobe to fit his tight body. He sat down in an open armchair with his legs opened all the way, each knee hitting the side of the furniture like he was some giant too big for the world around him.

“We can see you now,” said a receptionist.

He lifted himself up from his seat as if he were completing a squat and swaggered over to the window, his body swaying cocky with each step he took.

“Sup,” he said.

“What can we do for you?”

“I, like, want to change my major,” he said. “From, uh… chem to business.”

“Alright. Can I get your name and year?”

“Sam Davidson, junior.”

“You want to change your major now?” she asked, incredulous. “It’ll set you back quite significantly.”

“Yeah, brah, chem is just too fucking hard for me.”

“Alrighty then… I’ll make sure that get’s done for you.”

Looking at his phone to check the time on his way out, he noticed he was going to be late for class. Again. He took a sip from his blender bottle and feeling the sugary taste of his favorite protein shake, he swallowed it down and looked back at his phone. He wondered to himself, why would I even go to class if I’m switching my major anyway? He shrugged and decided to skip, rerouting his path for the gym.

As usual, it was a good workout, the weights naturally ascending from his rigid body and lowering, bringing his skin up in hard peaks and mounds like stone. He couldn’t help himself but grunt with each movement, ecstasy running through his veins. Doing bicep curls in the gym mirror, he watched the vein on his arm get bigger, larger, more prominent as it rose against his stretching skin.

“Fuck yeah,” he moaned. “Damn I look good.”

Every now and then he felt a flicker of the old Sam attack the corners of his brain. A deep seated fear that he wasn’t doing well enough in his classes, that he was spending too much time at the gym… that he was possibly getting too big. But then he’d catch a glimpse of himself in a window or look down at himself, seeing his own body, and submit to the overwhelming pressure of stupidity and vanity constantly pressing down on his temples.

With each set, his muscles grew just a tiny bit, not enough that you could see it from afar, but forceful enough that he could certainly felt it himself. One thing that always got bigger, of course, was his cock, and watching himself lift and get gradually more yoked always seemed to do the trick. Gazing at his own impressive form, he felt his dick extend and buck up against the mesh material of his shorts. It looked like he had lodged a cucumber into his underwear and left it there for the world to see.

Grunting as he set down the last weight of the day, he showered up and set back for the frat house where Kyle was already waiting patiently in his room for him.

“What were you up to today?” he asked, coy.

“Dude, switched my major to business today so I can focus on banging more guys and not worry so much about school or whatever,” he said. “Isn’t that sweet?”

The thought of just how stupid Sam was getting turned Kyle on immensely. Just a month ago, he had been one of the smartest guys in the house, now he was unrecognizable, barely articulate and incapable of any thought beyond the fourth grade. As he transformed from a hardly fit bro to an alluring well-muscled stud, his mind decayed into a frat boy brain fried by too much beer and - thanks to the protein powder - way too much sex.

“Yeah, you’re one of the dumbest guys I know.”

“I fucking love being dumb,” he said. “Stupid and swoll, am I right?”

He took off his bro-tank and began popping his pecs for Kyle, reaching up and squeezing them just the way he liked. Feeling his nipples in between his two thin fingers, he listened to Sam try to suppress a moan until he gave into his pleasure and cried out.

As soon as he had, Cody opened the door and looked in with his stupid grin, “What’s up guys? You fucking without me again?”

“We were just getting started,” Kyle said.

“Good, I’m so horny man,” he slid off his small, thigh-revealing set of gym shorts and revealed his dick, already stiff and throbbing against the line of his abs. “Horny as always.”

In no less than a few moments, they all were on the bed now too small for them wearing nothing but their own skin, growing sweaty as it all rubbed together. The mattress was already too small for just two of them, but with three it looked practically like a joke. Every muscular limb was pressed up against another, every calf and bicep and deltoid pushing against another as Kyle squirmed in ecstasy between them. His hands fought to feel every bubbling inch of hard flesh as Cody, his brown hair and incredible, model-like face bobbing up and down, sucked Kyle’s dick as fast as possible. Meanwhile, Sam felt his own cock find its way into Kyle’s ass.

As he felt the cum begin to run hot in his balls, he was struck by a horrifying thought. This was gay, he thought. Holy shit, what am I doing? His mind jumped to how stupid it was to change his major, how weird it was he got so big…

But then, catching sight of Cody’s sexy face leaning down to make out with him, he felt his cock get even harder as a stupid grin spread over his face and he moaned, “Fuck my slutty ass.”

He hadn’t let anyone penetrate him before, but feeling his muscles and dick throb and his mind grow number, it was all he thought about. All of a sudden, his only purpose in the world was to host a nice, hot cock in his ass and nothing would stop him.

“Fuck my stupid, slutty ass,” he said to Cody. “Come on, I want it now. I want it so bad, fucking give it to me!”

Cody immediately obliged, lifting up Sam’s ass, formed in two perfect bubbles, and slid his dick in slowly. Sam began to moan as Kyle looked on, jerking off, but after Cody began to thrust all he could do was scream out in pleasure.

“Fuck this feels so good,” he cried. “I’m such a slut, I’m such a slut and I don’t even care! Fuck me harder man! Harder!”

Cody pushed even deeper in until Sam was possessed by a deep, consuming orgasm that left him dripping all over the sheets and wet with semen.

“I didn’t even know what I was missing,” he sighed.

Kyle, who still cared about his grades, had left, leaving Cody and Sam alone in the room together, still tangled naked and making out as they were left to their own devices. Sam loved the feeling of making out, it still felt new and unexplored and made his cock buck with excitement. He started slowly, moving his hands along Cody’s body languidly as they casually explored each other’s mouths. Every meeting of the tongue, however, sent a jolt to Sam’s dick, stiffening shyly. With every little kick to his crotch, he moved his tongue more aggressively and got greedier with his hands, pulling and tugging on Cody’s fit body until they eventually started fucking again, their dicks still hard.

Sam pulled Cody inside him, yanking on his ass as he moaned and moaned, “You’re so big, bro!”

“I’m fucking ripped man!”

They’d flex, licking each other up as they continue rocking into one another.

“You know what?” said Cody. “I bet it’d be hot if Kyle was as big as we were.”

“Aw yeah that would be so tight.”

Cody was on top of him, rubbing his incredible torso against Sam’s as he moaned quietly and pulled feverishly at Cody’s ass for more. He began moving his hips more and more in response, grinding his whole lower half against Cody’s dick until he gave in as well and started fucking more violently.

“Kyle could get so yoked brah, just think of it.”

Sam imagined Kyle’s thin body expanding as the powder forced his body to develop, his gangly limbs growing from twigs to stumps as every muscle forced its way up. That thought seemed to get Sam even harder, even bigger, and he began gasping and whining imagining Kyle’s inflated dick in his ass.

“I want it so bad,” he said. “I just want more studs to fuck, I’d do anything.”

“Oh yeah?” Cody asked, his voice heightening as orgasm began to take threshold over his cock. “Oh yeah?”

“Give it to me!”

The two both exploded at the same moment, their semen mixing in pools all over each other as it leaked out of Sam’s loose ass and all over his abs.

“I think I have just the idea,” Cody said.

Cody was nowhere near as dumb as Sam. Unlike his little bro, he was able to control himself, having actually followed the directions and taken just one scoop at morning and one scoop at night of the Muscle Now powder. That said, he wasn’t smart, not by any stretch of the imagination, but smart enough to come up with a plan.

As Kyle was an organized, routine-oriented kind of guy, it wouldn’t be hard to exploit his habits for a chance to get some Muscle Now powder in his system. Every morning he had a glass of milk with his eggs before class - the perfect receptacle for the powder Cody began to slip in every morning.

The effects were instantly noticeable. After a few days, he shot up in height and began to grow in other places, his geeky body slowly beginning to give way to that of a casual jock. He was by no means buff, but he was starting to get fit as his calves gradually inflated and his shoulders grew wider.

“He needs to be bigger,” Cody told Sam one night. “I think we should give him more protein powder than he’s taking right now.” Cody decided to dump as much as he could into Kyle’s shampoo, “This should work.”

That night, after class, Kyle decided to take a shower, grabbing his towel, shampoo and soap and heading off for the bathroom. Looking down at his body, he noticed he was a little bigger - his pecs were more prominent and his nipples were thicker while a faint set of abs were beginning to appear as his hairless legs became more sturdy.

“What the fuck…” he wondered to himself. “Has someone been sneaking protein powder into my food?”

He’d have to teach Cody and Sam a lesson after his shower, he decided. He shook his head and cursed, turning on the water and standing beneath it. He started to soap his body up, feeling the creases and strength in his developing body. It feels kind of good, he thought, his dick beginning to twitch. The more Kyle rubbed his own body, the better he seemed to feel. Mindlessly, his hand wandered by itself to his now firm cock, beginning to jerk it as his other hand squeezed at his skin more aggressively. Hearing himself moan, he stopped suddenly and shook his head. Fuck, he thought, what’s happening to me? Pretending that nothing was happening, he reached for the shampoo and half mindedly dumped a gob of the pink stuff in his hand. He ran his fingers through his hair, letting it massage and warm his scalp. It felt… good, tingling and burning in the best ways. Without thinking twice, he squeezed more out into his hand and began rubbing his head again, now with both hands. He could barely think with his head screaming out in pleasure, all he could do was more furiously rub his hands against the surface of his head.

Almost entirely mindless, he took the whole bottle of shampoo, unscrewed the top and simply dumped the stuff all over his body. He was surprised by the way it seemed to massage his flesh, reaching deep into his muscles and clawing them out towards the brink of his skin. Again, his throaty voice gave way to the possessed moans of pleasure.

Then it happened. The pleasure of the protein-powder laden shampoo set fire and his whole body began to pulse as each muscle contracted and then expanded, heaving in and out.

“Fu…ck…” he moaned, his hands finding his cock again. “What’s…. happening to… me?”

He heard his voice drop lower and lower until it became almost comically masculine. Along with it, he felt his calves begin to pound, every tissue and fiber growing larger and larger as his lower legs inflated into massive heads pushing against his skin. His thighs did the same, sleek and coated in water as they widened and hosted a titanic horse dick dangling and swinging between them. He could feel his ass growing into a bubble shape, strong and sturdy but big and appealing.

Just as quickly, his abs screamed out against his stomach, pushing forward into a perfectly sculpted six pack. One hand clasped his gut and squeezed the new ridges in such an intense ecstasy he didn’t even notice his fingers become bigger, porkier and thicker. His forearms became musclebound and wrapped against his meaty flesh while his biceps emerged as perfect, wide mounds. They forced his traps up against his neck so that he looked as if he was practically drowning in his shoulders, cascading into a tremendous rack of pecs so bouncy and heavy they looked as if they needed a bra.

With his neck finally fitting the rest of his body and his face assuming a more masculine form, he cried out, “Aw, fuck yes!” He cheered, flexing and stroking biceps like juicy, firm fruits, “I’m so fucking sexy!”

His sudden burst of cockiness was interrupted by a new feeling beginning to settle permanently in his head; the need for cock. Unashamed of his body and keen on getting exactly what he wanted, he abandoned his towel and ran to his room. Just as expected, Sam and Cody were hungerly awaiting.

“Fuck, Kyle!” said Cody. “I knew you’d get big but I had no idea you’d get this fucking huge, dude!”

“I know,” he sighed, “I’m so fucking swoll.”

Sam began to lick Kyle’s arms, thirsty for his body. Cody followed suit and began squeezing every surface, every throbbing vein and bulbous part of him. Kyle was giving in, letting his huge dick grow dizziyingly hard until he suddenly snapped, “What the… fuck? Oh God… no! No! I don’t want to be a stupid jock!”

“Give in,” Cody whispered, reaching for his dick, “you know this feels so good, doesn’t it.”

“No, I don’t want to be a big… stupid… muscle whore,” he was losing track of his own words. “I’m so dumb… I’m so big and dumb. I don’t want to be…. I don’t… but I’m so dumb.”

A big grin began to spread across his expression, “Yeah, I’m dumb! I’m stupid as shit!” He started to flex again, nodding and examining his incredible body, “I’m a stupid muscle bro and I don’t even care. Fuck me! Yeah, fuck me!”

Cody fell over Kyle, knocking the two of them against the bed as their tongues grinded against each other’s. Their muscles pushed into their bodies, soft and smooth while still so staunch beneath the skin.

“Need… cock… “ he said with his dumb voice. “Gimme your cock dude!”

Cody penetrated Kyle’s ass while Sam looked on, jerking off. At first Cody tried to restrain himself, tensing his muscles as he tried to push himself softly - but looking at Kyle’s lustful face drove him over the edge. He began forcing himself between his cheeks over and over again as Kyle cried out in his new stupid, slutty voice.

“Come on me!” Kyle cried. “Come all over me!”

Cody pulled out and immediately shot all over Kyle’s body, from his lower v to the peak of his chest, drowning his mouth and face with cum he slurped happily from the sides of his mouth.

Not bothering to wipe himself off, he folded his arms behind his head and said, looking up at the ceiling, “I think I could get used to this, bro.”

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