Cerberus' New Pup

By Ganymede and Co.
published August 11, 2020
4952 words

When Aaron, a grad student, meets three strinkingly similar handsome, hairy men, his memories start to shift to remember his three - or is it one? - guardian(s) and lover(s). Or; Even Hade’s dog needs a pup of their own.

Aaron cringed as the weight of the barbell pressed down on him. He had only put light weights on, but he was running out of steam – perhaps committing to so many reps was foolish. And normally, he would have made sure to grab a friend to spot him, but today of all days, none of his gym buddies wanted to come. Among all the muscular men, he felt too awkward to just ask them to stand above him as he lay on his back, his head right at the level of their loins.

The gym usually was an escape – obviously not today, but in general, it was a respite from the harsh realities of the world, a calm place of simple tasks away from the grad school grind. But today, pinned under the barbell, it was more stress, another element keeping the wheel of his anxiety spinning.

He gave a panicked grunt as his legs kicked, trying to signal for someone, anyone to come help him as he struggled to get unpinned. His eyes shut tight as he strained against the barbell, when the weight was suddenly lifted. He opened his eyes, and found himself staring into starkly angry honey gold ones. He blinked, rubbed his eyes, and relaxed. No, brown, a fairly nice brown, but normal. “Must have been a trick of the light…” he thought, when a sudden flick to his forehead brought him back to his senses.

“Stupid little pup’s new to the gym huh? What were you doing without someone spotting you, you little shit?” He sighed, placing his hands on his hips and relaxing into a smile. “You’re lucky I was here. Don’t do it again.” He paused, then smirked. “Hands back on, I’m going to show you proper form. Now, pup.”

Aaron gulped, flushing with embarrassment, too ashamed to question or resist. He placed his hands back on the cool bar, and felt the larger mans hairy forearm brush against him as he moved his hands wider on the bar.

“Like that.” He said. His smile was somewhere between a sneer and grin, with sharp eyes, and a close kept beard. His bushy eyebrows were right below a backwards baseball cap, his short brown hair barely poking out from the sides. His broad pecs pushed against a tight tank top, thick hair poking out from his chest. His legs were like tree trunks in his tight shorts, with a sizable bulge outlined.

“Good, you’re getting the hang of this. Just need to be told what to do, don’t you? Next you shower, come on.” He helped Aaron ease the bar back on, shifting it onto the rack. As he nearly dragged him to the locker rooms, he chuckled. “Gonna tell me your name? Or am I gonna keep having to call you pup?”

Aaron managed to sputter it out. “I’m Aaron. And you’re…?”

“Cedric. Better use that name instead of those little whines of yours, Aaron, or it’s back to being called pup. Clothes off, you stink, we’re washing off.” He bluntly peeled his sweaty clothes off. The act was clearly unsexual to him – he seemed almost more comfortable naked, and Aaron could see Cedric’s shoulders relax. Aaron couldn’t help but drool though. Even soft, he was enormous easily seven inches and thick. His abs could grate cheese, they were so well defined. He slapped Aarons ass. “Stop drooling, clothes off and in. I don’t repeat myself. That’s your first warning.”

Aaron was about to protest, but grumbled and obeyed, getting undressed and stepping into the communal shower room. It was better than having to fight Cedric. And he had to admit, it was very attractive the way he barked orders. “Yeah, yeah…why are you even doing this? I really appreciate the help, but this seems…excessive.”

“Because you clearly need it. Look at you.” He turned the hot water on and began, uninvited, to paw and scrub at Aarons body. “Scrawny, but with clear definition. Potential unfulfilled, trembling and scared under a tiny little barbell. Being built like I am, you have a responsibility.” He finished lathering Aaron, and showed off his full physique, glistening in the water. “Now you, it’s your turn. My arms, back, and chest. I can get my legs this time. Soap me up.” He squeezed some of his bodywash into Aaron’s hands.

The bodywash, Styx brand, was black and viscous, but foamed into beautiful white bubbles. Their rich sandalwood and basil scent filled up Aaron’s head, and he relaxed, his protests quieting to mumbles as he scrubbed Cedric’s taut body. He gave a dopey smile, the bubbles spreading from his hands. He felt himself hardening, but with the scent filling up his head, he barely noticed enough to be embarrassed. Cedric did notice, but just gave a gently smile and pat Aaron’s head in approval before returning his focus to Aaron’s hands and the rushing water.

After they rinsed the lather off, Cedric ran his big hand through Aaron’s hair. “Keep it slicked back, it suits you.” He smirked again. “Now, we both have shit to do.” He slapped Aaron’s ass. “You better get going.”

Aaron trembled, but nodded, getting his clean clothes from his locker and getting dressed. He was suddenly incredibly relieved he had chosen one of his cute jocks to wear today.

“Um…Will I ever see you again?” Aaron managed to ask, confused how he had even got here. “I had a better workout than usual I think, thanks to you.” The excuse was hollow enough that he blushed, but Cedric took it at face value.

“It’s a Friday night, yeah? Good. You work out at that time I’m guessing. I’ll be here. Don’t need to do anything special, you’re not losing me. Now get lost, punk, I told we both have to get to our respective crap. Even if I wanna slap your ass all night.” He smacked his bare bottom. Aaron was only able to say “Yes, thank you!” as he pulled his slacks up, buttoned his shirt, and scampered out.

Aaron spent a few hours doing some work catch up on his thesis in a coffee shop, sipping a delicious iced mocha and decompressing. The weirdest part was how normal the workout felt. His logical mind knew It was weird for muscular men to grab and jostle him and push him to shower with them, but he couldn’t bring himself to viscerally feel that. Showering with Cedric after the two of them worked out was as normal as his work and coffee, or that he needed to be guided to do things like that. That’s the way it goes – that’s the way it always had went, wasn’t it? He gulped down the remainder of his mocha and packed up his laptop to head to dinner.

His weirdness alarm burst back on full force though as he stepped into his favorite ramen joint. At the corner table for two sat someone who looked almost exactly like Cedric, but with blonde hair and a bushier beard. Their silhouettes would have marked them as brothers, but the gentle warmth that radiated off of him…it somehow felt so different than the aggression that poured off of Cedric.

“Oh!” The waitress smiled. “You must be Aaron. Ragnulf said you’d be joining soon. Your table’s ready right over there.” She gestured, and the blonde near-doppleganger (Ragnulf apparently) gave a friendly little wave. He scooted into the chair. “Could you please…..how do you know my name?” His voice got sharp for a moment, irked by the sudden familiarity.

Ragnulf gave a small frown, not of anger, but of concern. “Poor thing. I know, you haven’t eaten all day. You’re so forgetful, you need to take better care of yourself. You just get grouchy when you haven’t had anything. I’ve already ordered for you; the food will be here any minute.” As he spoke, his eyes glowed that familiar amber he thought he had seen before, gleaming in the low light of the restaurant.

Aaron bit his lip. He had never met Ragnulf before, but at some level, he gathered that this was their routine. The way Ragnulf always would baby him gently, the warm pine scent of Ragnulf’s chest when he hugged him close, the way he always worried about his manners in his presence. That’s the way it always had been…or at least it would have been, had this had happened before. Had this happened before? He sighed, but Ragnulf just smiled, and rubbed his head, brushing the hair out of his eyes.

“Let me just rub those worries away…” Aaron resisted, tightly shutting his eyes for a moment, but as he peaked at those brilliant flashes of amber, he felt himself relax, smiling. Of course that’s the way it had always been – Ragnulf, Cedric, and Tristan, all taking care of Aaron. He would get these worries sometimes, lose control of his thoughts, but one of them would just have to rub his forehead, and those worries would melt away. “Headache gone, baby boy? Feeling better? Ready to eat?” Aaron nodded, leaning into his warm hand.

Two heaping bowls of ramen were placed on the table, laden with rich slices of fatty pork, bamboo shoots, and vast oceans of salty miso broth. Suddenly, hunger was the only thing Aaron could focus on. The pit in his stomach felt like it was growing, a void that needed to be filled. He grabbed his chopsticks and spoon, and was about to dive in, when he felt Ragnulf’s strong hand on his own.

“Uh-uh, baby boy. What do you say first?” He smiled gently, eyes twinkling, his short hair glowing warmly.

“Thank you for the meal…?” He flushed embarrassed that he forgot. How many times had Ragnulf chided him for his manners? Especially when Ragnulf always defended him from Cedric and Tristan’s teasing. The least he could do was be grateful.

“There’s my good pup. Kind, and sweet. Now eat up, before it gets cold. You don’t want to be late for Tristan, you promised to meet him after dinner, remember goofball?” Aaron smiled and ate the dinner, savoring it. Warm and rich on his tongue, everything seemed as it should be. These little treats between the two of them were always the best – Ragnulf spoiled him, with food, and treats, and cuddles, and warm bubble baths, not like the rough showers Cedric would put him through.

As the bowls ran dry, they chatted over a round of mochi wrapped ice cream, and Ragnulf’s gentle, rumbling questions relaxed him so much. How was work? Did his workout go well? Had Cedric been too pushy, did he need to speak with him? Probes about his likes and dislikes, gentle teases and pushes when his manners lapsed.

As the clock struck eight, Aaron felt perfectly at peace. Ragnulf gave the slightest frown though. “How sad I have to give you up. I know you promised Tristan you’d meet him at the barcade, but it’s always sad to let you go. I treasure the time I get you to myself, but it’s alright. I know I’ll see you again tonight.” He pulled Aaron into a big bear hug, nearly crushing his smaller frame. Aaron cuddled in, the warmth overwhelming. “I’ll walk you there. You shouldn’t be on the streets alone at night. We can hug more after, puppy.”

“Thank you Ragnulf! It’s such a relief that you’re here to help like that. I was a little nervous but…I think me and Tristan will have a good time.” Times with Tristan were always so much fun – if he didn’t get out of hand. He could half recall Tristan, his form indistinct in memory, plying him with drinks and teasing him, but them always ending in a laughing, sweating heap. But with Ragnulf dropping him off, he probably wouldn’t be too pushy. The two of them walked hand in hand, enjoying the cool night air.

As they reached the door, Ragnulf gave him a swat on the ass, and locked amber eyes with amber eyes. The second pair, Tristan’s, blazed with a more manic fire than Ragnulf’s calm blaze. Again, his silhouette matched, but his close-cropped black hair, smooth shaved face with a strong square jaw, almond shaped eyes, and mischievous grin set him apart. As Aaron ran in, Tristan spun him around, and as soon as he was seated, thrust a frothy cider into his hand.

“Ced and Rag talk your heads off? Bore you, little pup? We’re going to be having plenty of fun to shake that off, don’t worry.” He took a huge swig from his beer, gave Aaron a big kiss on the forehead, and started to hustle him towards the flashing pinball machines. Tristan steadied himself behind him, grabbing his hips, and with every flip of the machine would tickle and pinch at his hips, or thrust gently, stirring him up or breathing hot down his neck. The lights flashed, and with each pulse of the machine and Tristan’s hips, he felt himself growing calmer and gigglier, nuzzling into the little kisses and cuddles.

Between rounds, the libations were free flowing. “Tristan…” Aaron whined, as the ciders began to flow to his head. “…didn’t you promise Ragnulf and Cedric that you wouldn’t get me messy…?” Tristan didn’t even bother disguising his eyes at this point.

He picked Aaron up and sat him in his lap. “You’re too fun to tease – too nice to see flushed and panting, and I didn’t want to wait. I’m greedy and this is a view only I get.” He began to rake his sharp teeth over Aarons neck, petting at his chest in the rapidly emptying bar. “But you better sober up. I’ll be in enough trouble that they know I did this. We better go home. The prep works all complete and master will bite my head off if I don’t share, let alone the internal struggle.” He growled a little.

Aaron felt himself relax, and the alcohol leave his system. He got quiet and obedient, grabbing onto Tristan’s hand as Tristan marched him onto the subway platform. As they got to the platform, he felt himself get drowsy. This was pretty typical – the way things would flicker like that. Time just seemed to slip away sometime with his Master – all three of him.

The journey came in flashes as Aaron faded in and out of consciousness. The subway platform. The dirty, crowded subway car, sitting in Tristan’s lap. The beautiful, empty train car, sitting in Tristan’s lap. The same, naked except for a collar and jock. Tristan with a normal level of hair. Tristan bristling with hair and musk, teeth gleaming.

The focus returned as Tristan carried him in the black marble palace. His footsteps echoed in the hall, the gleaming crystal chandeliers bathing his body in a prismatic glow. As they entered the bedroom, the enormous bed covered in black sheets, dark furs, and red velvet comforters, Aaron saw Cedric and Ragnulf kneeling at its foot. Tristan gave a shit eating grin to his brothers, Ragnulf replying with a dismissive tut and Cedric growling in anger. All three were naked now, skin glowing in the low candlelight, each adorned with a matching black, jewel studded collar. Tristan placed Aaron on the bed gently, as if he was a delicate glass statue, gave him a thousand-volt smile and joined his doubles in kneeling.

“Lord Hades.” All three spoke in unison. Hades grinned ear to ear, the relaxed smile of a man who knows no harm can come to him.

“Good, obedient boys. Or is it boy, Cerberus? I never forget which you prefer” He rustled their hair, scratching behind Ragnulf’s ears and patting Cedric’s hair. He laughed as they leaned into his affectionate touches. “Of course, you must be thrilled. You finally got your chew toy. Did you do what I instructed?”

Cedric spoke first, bluntly. “Yes, sir. He’s been bathed in the water of the Styx, purging him of his mortal weakness.”

Then Ragnulf, calmly. “Master, as instructed I’ve fed him ambrosia, filling him with immortal glory.”

Finally, Tristan chuckled. “Hades, he drank the nectar down so smooth – such a good boy. He’ll drink it every night, if we want him to, making his nature obedient and lustful.”

“Well then,” Hades said, “it looks like you got the pet you wanted. I’ll let you break him in. He’ll be able to take you now, full strength. Have fun – of course I can’t deny my good dog anything it wants.” He scratched under Tristan and Cedric’s chin, all three of them beaming and basking in submissive pleasure under Hade’s powerful aura.

“Thank you!” The three of them panted thrilled at the indulgence their master had given them.

“Well, we made deal. You didn’t slack on a single shift for a hundred years, you proved you’re responsible enough to keep your own pet. And now that Ganymede and Dionysus have their little side business, it’s easy enough making this one your new pup.” He walked over to Aaron, who was blissfully luxuriating on the soft bed.

Hades gave a low whistle, groping at Aaron’s jock and rubbing his soft lips with his strong, calloused hands. “You certainly picked a cute one. Worth preserving, little one like this.” Aaron giggled, the sensation of the prickling furs of the bed and the strong hands caressing him overwhelming his senses. “He excites easy too.” Hades laughed, groping at the growing pouch.

Hades leaned down and whispered in Aaron’s ear: “I know you’re going to treat my Cerberus well, little pup. This is your home too, now. I’m your master’s master – you have to listen to them, but if you’re a good boy yet they still treat you too rough, you can always come to me to ask for some relief. Of course, a little piece of ass like yourself is probably desperate for those big strong knots, huh?” Aaron could only moan at the thought. “Thought so. Well, they’re all yours.”

“I’ll leave you to him.” Hades announced, and turned with a smile, his cape swooping as he vanished as if into thin air, the door slamming suddenly.

Cedric, Ragnulf, and Tristan’s submission and deference evaporated the minute the door was shut. Cedric pounced, ripping off Aaron’s jock with a swift tug. “Stupid fucking rules. So hard holding myself back while your stupid mortal body couldn’t take it.” Aaron moaned, Cedric shoving him to the bed and kissing and biting at his chest, suddenly sharp canine teeth grazing his nipples. As Tristan got up, his thick cock leaking with pre and prodding at Aaron’s mouth, Cedric growled possessively. “You already got him in your lap and to carry him! It’s my turn now!”

Ragnulf got up, gently moving both of them aside with his powerful arms. “The two of you both got to touch him. This is my first time getting to play with our good little pup, and I’m invoking my right to enter him. You do want me touch you, right Aaron?” Aaron shivered with pleasure, nodding. “Yes Ragnulf….but….didn’t we touch before? I remember it so vividly…you’re so big and good and….hnnnnn….” he drifted into a whine at the memory of thick seed making him bulge.

Ragnulf gave a small sigh. “Our poor babe, so confused. Once we take you and bring you into the world of us gods, that’s the way it’s always going to have been. Taking all of Cerberus’ three big knots, that’s gonna seal you like this and make that past permanent. That’s what you want, don’t you? To be our pup and plaything, kept safe and full?”

Aaron nodded. All he could focus on were the possessive hands grabbing at his chest, the rich smell of musk filling the air, and the few drops of pre tingling on his lips. Ragnulf’s eyes flashed, and he said only two more words: “Good boy.” He dove in to begin to lap at Aarons ass, sending shockwaves of pleasure running up his spine. He big tongue and soft beard stimulated every spot, as he fell open, letting out wanton moans.

“Stupid pup…letting your mouth go to waste. Come on and suck us. Have to get your protein, short stuff.” Cedirc pushed his cock against his open mouth, the thick salty head stretching Aaron’s jaw. The dripping pre was like a drug to him, and he lapped it up greedily, drunk on the musk.

Tristan pet his head. “Playful little thing. All three of us, all one of us, going to just gobble you up.” He gave a lick to Aaron’s leaking cock, eliciting whimpers to escape his full mouth. “You like that, don’t you? Come on Cedric, swap places with me.” Aaron swapped between the two enormous tools, overloaded yet at peace. The musk mixed in his mind with the scent of sandalwood he smelled in the shower, before realizing – remembering – that that was his scent, the pheromone call he gave to his alphas – or alpha, singular – to signal his need to be bred.

Ragnulf came up, his beard tickling Aaron’s thighs and making his toes curl. “He’s ready now. Nice and wet to be mounted. Cedric, you got to touch him first and had him scrub you down. I will have first go, and then Tristan can join me. You’ll get to join after, but feel free to seed his mouth. He’ll need to remember our taste.”

He reared up, lining the tip of his cock with Aaron’s dripping, slick hole. “I know you want this baby, and it might get to be too much – but remember, we know what’s best. This is going to help you more than you can imagine.” He thrust in, the head popping in as Aaron’s eyes rolled back into his head. Already, his body felt leaner, his muscles tighter. The feeling burned slightly in all his muscles, like the feeling of an intense workout, but as the cock slipped deeper into his body, the pain turned to pleasurable tingling. He could see his arms growing taut and muscular – like they had always been. He ran a hand over his gleaming torso, slick with sweat, and rubbed his abs and pecs with a moan, lingering on his sensitive nipples.

“Hey, hey little pup, now you’re feeling it!” Tristan gave a playful tug to Aaron’s leaking cock. Just then, Ragnulf hit something good. A small squirt of pre flew from Aaron as he desperately clung to the sheets. Cedric grunted and pushed himself deeper, the sweet pre now dripping directly down his throat as Aaron’s nose was pressed flush into Cedric’s bush, his mind overwhelmed by the scent

“Ragnulf.” Tristan said. “Think he’s getting loose enough for me too?” Tristan gave pleading eyes to Ragnulf, who continued to pump in and out with a smooth, even rhythm.

“Give it one more second.” Ragnulf said, pumping away. “Once he squirts again, that’s your cue. Come on Aaron, little one, you don’t want to leave Tristan waiting. Show us how good you’re feeling.” He gave a powerful thrust, ramming his prostate and pressing more slick precum out of him – more than he had ever let loose before. “Now’s good. Come on in.”

With that, Ragnulf yanked Aaron up, Cedric moving to stand to accommodate his mouth moving. Aaron’s head now rest on Ragnulf’s shoulder, stuffed with cock, and Tristan came from behind. Momentarily, he panicked, feeling Tristan’s cock press against his ass, but Cedric grabbed his head and thrust, distracting him again with that wonderful scent. “Stupid pup.” He chuckled. “You’ve been prepped for this. You can take whatever we can dish out. Rail him, Tristan. I want to see our toy squirm.”

Tristan grinned as he pressed himself against Aaron’s back. “I know you’ve never taken two, babe. Your past is an open book to us. Now you’ll have taken at least two every night since forever, and for forever to come.” He thrust himself in, pushing past Ragnulf, the two cocks splitting Aaron open as he whined, his body twitching as the rods cored him out. Tristan laughed an honest, open laugh. “There you go, bounce for us! So tight, little slut, guess you really do wanna get knotted. Two big cocks, four big balls ready to pump you full of protein. Or I guess three and six, if Ced’s cool dumping his load down your throat. We’ll swap next time Ced?”

Cedric grunted in the affirmative. “Little velvet throated whore can’t get enough. You should feel his tongue next time Ragnulf, Tristan.” He smiled. “I’m happy waiting to pounce on that ass the next time. And the next time. An eternity of next times to chew this slut up.”

Ragnulf gave a gentle smile. “I know they’re calling you names,” he whispered, “but that’s just because you make them feel so good. You make me, all of me, feel so good, and all three of me are going to give you your reward for that. Nod if you want it, baby.” Aaron nodded, bobbing up and down on Cedric’s dick, squirming as Tristan pounded.

“Good,” Tristan said, “then we’ll fill you up to your heart’s desire…” He laughed, but all Aaron could feel was Tristans hot breath from his nose. “…knot you…” said a voice that sounded like Cedric’s, but Cedric hadn’t opened his mouth. “…seed you,” the voice said, sounding like Ragnulf now, but seemed to be coming from everywhere.

All three opened their mouths at once. “…until we claim and own you.”

Their voices in harmony, they pounced. Cedric felt the thick knots at the base of their cocks swelling, pushing him impossibly open as warm cum began to flood him. That was all there was in the world right now – flesh, and words of praise, and cum, so much cum, pulsing into him, keeping him locked in place. He tried to whine with pleasure, but Cedric’s rich seed filled his mouth too quickly any moment he wasn’t swallowing. He felt himself distend, his body bulging as Tristan and Ragnulf bit at his shoulder and licked at his ears. Cedric kept grunting, shoving Aaron’s face against his body over and over, closing the tiny gap, the knot locking his cock in his mouth.

After what felt like an eternity, the three – his one master – pulled themselves off gently, with a pop. What felt like a gallon of cum began to ooze from him, as he panted, spent and twitching, noticing for the first time his abs were coated in an impossible volume of white, his own knot deflating. He rubbed his stomach as the three warm, hairy beasts curled into bed with him, kissing and gently licking at his skin. Ragnulf got up after giving him a passionate kiss, savoring the taste of cum still on his lips.

“That’s our good boy. It’s my form taking nighttime patrol tonight, but Cedric and Tristan will take good care of you. Rest up – I’ll be taking my pleasure again when I’m back, little one. Then we’ll get you some nice breakfast and show you your new home for the first time – although, I suppose you already know it now. Sleep well pup.” He rustled Aaron’s mussed hair.

Cedric kissed him now, possessively and deep. “Any night you can’t sleep, you can always be our cocksleeve. Know a good fuck always tires you out, you can’t even sleep without being our bitch.”

The last thing he felt and heard before drifting into the darkness was Tristan turning him so that they were face to face and holding him. “We’re going to play every day. Take you on walks to your favorite spots for treats in the mortal realm, wrestle and fill you up. What a lucky, pampered puppy you are – get some rest and we’ll build up your morning dose of “milk”. Growing pup like you needs all you can get.”

In his throne room, Hades sat gazing through his scrying pool at the scene. The poor pup looked spent after Cerberus had worn him out, his hole gaping and dripping with cum. But by morning, he knew, he’d be restored to virginal tightness. The ambrosia never failed. He’d have to send a thank you gift to Ganymede and Dionysus in the morning – maybe some photos of their handywork, too. And maybe, if he still felt the same way and Persephone agreed, he would get himself a new pet just for himself – for the Summer months, when she was away. “Beautiful boys like Aaron,” he thought, “deserve to be in their rightful place forever. Who am I to deny them the eternity the world has chosen for them?”

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