Lord of the Brocean

By Ganymede and Co.
published August 15, 2020
5879 words

When Kent takes a tropical vacation to try to escape work, he ends up making the aquaintance of a giant, friendly, gorgeous surfer bro. And maybe, with a little help, his new friend will make this a longer vacation than any mortal ever had. OR; Everyone needs thier big bro sometimes.

Kent’s best friend Julie had, for weeks now, been urging him to take a long-earned break. Long working hours had left him more strung out than she had ever seen him. It wasn’t that he didn’t have the time off to spare – quite the opposite, he had oodles. The problem was that he was a workaholic with abusive management – even though he naturally tended towards anxiety, late hours of being berated ended up making him far more skittish and tense than ever. When she saw an ad for a gay music festival on a remote private island, she knew it would be just the break Kent needed. She giggled a bit. Kent, so dark hared, pale, and serious faced, would be a strange sight on a tropical island. But that’s what made it all the more important he go.

“I don’t know…” Kent stirred his cappuccino absentmindedly. The café they’d met at after work was almost empty. Kent favored this particular spot for its calm, it’s gleaming brass fixtures, it’s excellent espresso, and a wide range of delicious pastries. “Frankly, it sounds like a more specific version of that Fyre Fest debacle.” He gave a cynical little laugh. “Olympus Bay? My god, could the name be any more on the nose? Why not just call it “Eurotrash Island”? Or, oooh, how about “Pec Oil Cove”?”. He gave a small frown and sipped. Kent was slight, the sort of creature more suited to comfy sweaters and heavy books, with one creamy pastry once a week, if he felt he deserved a reward. This was about the level of indulgence he was comfortable with; today’s raspberry éclair sat half nibbled in front of him. More treats than that and he began to feel guilty. He wasn’t sure why; just the sensation he didn’t deserve that level of peace and pleasure.

“Kent, come on.” Julie replied. “You’ll lose the vacation time if you don’t go now, and I bought the ticket as a birthday gift. And I’ll buy you another if it doesn’t work out!” She gave him shameless puppy dog eyes, waving the brochure in his face.

Kent pouted, but knew she was right. And he couldn’t help but stare at the pictures of all the happy, smiling men playing in the sun, the delicious platters of fresh seafood, and the itinerary of parties and musicians. It all looked so fun – so different than the drab office life of his daily routine. It had all been so draining lately.

“You owe me a dinner anywhere I choose if it’s not exactly as advertised…but I suppose it wouldn’t hurt.” Julie beamed as a breeze from the bay blew into the café. Kent gave a small smile and buried his neck into his warm hunter green turtleneck, then tucked in to the pastry.

A few weeks later, and Kent was already at the Miami airport, ready to embark on the final leg of his trip to Olympus Bay. Kent was never a good flyer. Something about shooting up in the air felt deeply unnatural to his every instinct. On his first leg from New York, he successfully knocked himself out with a glass of wine and a heavy eye mask, but that wouldn’t cut it for the final leg of his voyage. It was only an hour, from Miami to the remote island on a tiny little charter plane. A double whammy; not long enough to fall asleep, and the biggest deathtrap he could imagine.

As Kent took his seat, hair flopping in his eyes, he fidgeted with one of the drawstrings to his shirts hood. Dressed in white and blue, looking up through the windows at the clear sky, he wondered if he’d even be noticed if he fell out of the plane, contrasted against the vast blue expanse.

The other men filtered in – an attractive bunch, not a dud among them. He gave a small smile – at least he could distract himself with some eye candy. A cute twink with his short hair dyed fashionable but clearly artificial chestnut sat next to his giant boyfriend across the aisle, the rosy cheeked boy giggling in his tight tank top and short shorts, playing with the enormous blonde man’s long hair and beard. He couldn’t help but eavesdrop on their flirtations.

“…or, you big softie, I can’t believe you got us a cabana!”

“Anything for my brave little wolf cub, you were so good you know I just had to spoil you like that. You were especially brave last night, climbing up on me…”

After that, Kent had heard more than enough. They started kissing intently. Kent couldn’t decide if it was adorable or barf city, when more pressing matters caught his attention. Suddenly, what he immediately thought must be the most gorgeous specimen of all the men came up to his row.

“Heya, I think this is my seat. Mind if I sit down, little guy?” The man was taller than Kent by a good foot, going on two. The nicknaming was apt, if a little rude. But instead of irritating Kent, it merely made him blush furiously. He had sun tanned skin, wave tossed dirty blonde hair, and a toned, broad shouldered body. Curly dark hairs poked at the top of his floral short-sleeved shirt, two buttons undone, and a tooth necklace of some sort nestled between his pecs. Bigger than a shark, but Kent couldn’t place it; it was adorably tacky. But the sparkle of his smile and green eyes were what turned Kent’s knees to jelly. And he smelled wonderful – like long, lazy days on the beach, sweet and salty all at once

The man sat down, pressing against Kent in the narrow little seats of the propeller plane. He was about to introduce himself when the shudder of the engine provoked a similar shudder in Kent’s shoulders.

“Little guy, what’s the matter?” The man put a friendly, massive hand around Kent, hugging him close. His voice was tinged with genuine concern.

“Not…good with planes.” Kent managed to stammer out.

“Aw, buddy, no, it’s gonna be alright little dude. My brother’s the one running this flight – he’s not gonna let anything happen to his bro, or to any of his bro’s little friends. And you’re my friend now, little guy. So my bro and I are gonna make sure this trip is nothing but fun for you.”

Kent bit his lip nervously. If only it would be that easy. He tried to put on a brave face. “I’m…sure. The liabilities for a crowd of this size alone would be astronomical, I’m sure…”

The man grabbed Kens hands. “Nope, you’re not. You don’t fool me. Close your eyes.” Kent elected to roll them instead. “Oi, I said close them, don’t be a brat.” Worrying he’d screw up any chance of capitalizing on his good fortune in meeting such a hunk, Kent sighed but decided to relent.

“That’s a good boy. You’re just gonna focus on my words while we take off. Rest easy, let me take care of things. Words go in one ear, and swish around in your head, then out the other. No worries, just my voice. Just dive into it, keep your eyes shut.”

Kent tried – it was hard at first, with the rumbling of the plane breaking his concentration. But as they took off, it began working in earnest. He only jolted out once, feeling the man drape his arm over his shoulder, but he just continued to prattle on, commenting on the fierceness of his blush, and how if he got a little sun, he wouldn’t have to worry about getting caught embarrassed as easily.

By this time, the plane was in the air, as the man – Kent now was beginning to think of him as the good-natured madman – had begun to massage his shoulder, and excitedly talked about all the amenities of the island.

“Well, there’s all kinds of waterslides they set up, and there’s all kinds of – oh, you can open your eyes now, by the way – there’s, like, tons of tasty stuff! Do you like cake? Know a lot of you little guys like cake, I can tell a cutie with a sweet tooth.” Kent laughed gently and leaned into the arm over his shoulder. Maybe it would end up being fun trip. “Oh man,” he continued “save room, the shrimp is delicious, especially with that lime sauce that I mentioned that they make for the salmon? I like it better for the shrimp. But the chef, he makes these tarts, you know-“


A golden twink with floppy, golden hair had approached them with a drink cart. He wore a scandalously cut outfit for a steward: a tiny tank top that barely covered his nipples, the shortest of shorts, a little cap and pointy shoes, everything in a bright purple. “You boys want anything?” He tilted his cap with a wink.

“Oh, damn Ganny, didn’t realize we were doing that now! Yeah, get me and my little buddy some ambrosia punch! Come on, little man, you’re gonna love this.” Kent chuckled. The whole thing was so absurdly stereotypical, but he supposed this was the kind of crowd that took vacations like this. Might as well take in the local flavor.

As the twink handed the two of them tall hurricane glasses – real glass to Kent’s shock – filled with a bright red liquid, he gave a wink. “You boys have fun! I’m going to finish up my run, then the captain wanted me back in time for landing. You know how cap gets after a flight.” He giggled and skipped off, stopping to ply the other passengers with huge frothy draft beers and brightly tinted cocktails.

“You two know each other?” His heart sunk with a dark jealousy for a moment as he leaned out of the embrace, and he could swear the twink – that “Ganny” – had giggled again the minute the thought crossed his mind. But when he looked back, he was pouring the largest beer he had ever seen for the giant across the row. “Oh, yeah little man – remember my bro? That kid’s my bro’s main thing. We played once or twice, but he’s honestly not like, my thing. I like mine with dark hair, like yours, Kent….y. Damn bro, gotta think of something better to call you. Little man suits you just fine though for now, bro.”

Kent was about to ask how he knew his name, but figured that he had seen the name on his boarding pass that sat in his lap, or on the flight manifest – this was his brother’s flight after all - and shrugged it off. He was, however, flustered twofold. First of all, he couldn’t process that many pet names in a single sentence. Second, the idea he was this hunks’ type made him a happier, jollier sort of flustered.

“Anyway, cheers bro! Here’s to a happy little vacay.” He knocked back the giant drink in one gulp. Kent smiled a private little smile at his endless enthusiasm.

“Cheers to that.” He took a sip. The drink was sweet, with a sour little kick of lime at the back, and Kent couldn’t quite place the exotic liqueurs…maybe ginger? Was this falernum? He knew from reading some food magazines that that was a thing in tropical drinks. But it felt good. Refreshing. So good he could barely mentally form the word “falernum”. He unzipped his shirt the slightest bit more, panting, and swigged the rest of it down. He wiped his brow with a moment of surprise – his hair wasn’t there anymore. It had been styled up, attractively messed, and lightly held by wax. And a zit he had noticed that morning was totally gone. “Huh – that’s a…whatever.” He thought, dismissing the change. Maybe when the neighbor had mussed his hair, it had settled like this.

“Awwww, hey little man! Now you look like you’re feeling good! Better?” By now the plane had started its descent towards the island, a beautiful little piece of sand in crystal clear waters.

Kent gave a genuine smile, relaxing. “Yeah, man. You never gave me your name, bro?” He looked up, his brown irises shining with the reflection of the stranger’s green ones – although at this point, could he really be called anything but a friend?

“Awww, bro! Sorry ‘bout that – you can call me Sid, or just bro for now. I’ll see you on the island, yeah little man?” Kent gave a happy nod, and moved to disembark.

The sun was blinding on the island, and the heat encouraged Kent to zip open his shirt all the way, letting his skin hit the sun. A light tan blossomed across it, spreading from his chest. Not as dark as Sid’s, but a little splash of color.

As Kent walked towards the check in, “Ganny” came bounding next to him, running towards a man in a lifeguard’s visor and a leopard print speedo. His hairy chest and dusky skin drew a number of stares, and Kent could see the mischief in his eyes, even though his red tinted sunglasses. “D-Man! You made it! You’re chilling at me and the boss’s tent tonight, yeah?” “Wouldn’t miss it. Just gotta check everyone in.” He ruffled his hair and gave his ass a swift pat as Ganny skipped off towards the cocktail bar set up nearby.

The lifeguard settled behind the desk, pointing the happy travelers towards their various tents. He saw the twink and giant from across the aisle – he was riding on the giant’s shoulders like a little kid, as the giant whooped and hollered as he carried him towards their tent. “Heh – just like two good bros ought to.” He muttered to himself. Kent felt a pang of jealousy at that thought, but quickly shook it off.

As he approached the lifeguard looking man, and handed him his ticket, the lifeguard scanned it and smiled. “Woah! Good news and bad news, kiddo – you’re one of our lucky guys to win an upgrade to an above water cabana. Bad news is it isn’t ready yet. Can you be a good little thing and go play in the waves, have some fun while we get it set up? Sure a tasty little snack like you can find some mischief for a couple hours. Your luggage is gonna be there tonight, so you don’t need to worry. And the big music acts don’t start until tomorrow morning, so don’t worry about missing anything while you get settled in tonight.” He ruffled Kent’s hair, and gave him a flirty chest flick.

Kent bounced up, beaming. Everyone was being so nice to him! Julie was right. He just needed to spend a nice relaxing trip with his kind of guys, chill out with some drinks, go swimming. “Thanks, man! So cool of you to do that for me! You guys at this island are like…the best!”

Kent skipped off into the island. Sid was right- the island WAS incredible. It must have been used for events all the time; it was so built up. The food was delicious; mountains of shrimp, flatbread pizzas, sushi, giant parfaits, all washed down with giant frozen drinks. And the sun made him ravenous. He was so glad he’d worn his swimsuit, so he could splash in the crystal blue water.

He started to slow after his first lap around the island; most of the attendees were in couples or friend groups. Kent felt a little awkward walking over; it was all way more open and liberal than even the New York circles he moved in. In one corner, here were the two from the plane in a private hot tub, grinding against each other. In the safe of the cabana, there were three enormous hairy jocks in speedos all curled possessively around a dozing twink. The novelty was astounding, but playing and exploring on his own got old a little fast. He frowned. Maybe the whole trip was a mistake. But one of the slides was a four-person tube. That would introduce him to a few people a little less awkwardly.

As he climbed the tall wooden steps to the slide, he felt a powerful clap on his shoulder. “Bro! Oh my god, bro, I found you! Gotta introduce you to my other friends!” Sid stood there, chest slick with sweat from the afternoon sun, blue baseball cap covering his hair, clad only in a pair of baggy board shorts. He pointed behind him to a tall, muscular black man with shoulder length dreadlocks, and a nervous looking Hispanic twink with shaggy black hair clinging to his hand for dear life. “This is my bro Sobek, and his little buddy Mateo!”

Sobek reached out his hand and shook Kent’s, nearly crushing it. “Don’t mind Mateo, he’s just shy. And nervous for the big slide. Worries I won’t keep him safe. Cheeky of him.” He gave Mateo’s forehead a playful flick, and Mateo stuck his tongue out back at him. “It’s nice to meet you too! Sid, you didn’t tell us you found someone!”

Kent couldn’t quite place the name, but it sounded familiar. Maybe someone from a book? And his accent wasn’t one Kent was familiar with. It was easy enough on the ears, though.

Sobek gave a mischievous grin as if he could see the wheels struggling to turn in Kent’s head. “I know Sid from work. Think of us…like managers from different offices. I’m happy you’ve got someone to hold on to this trip. You won’t have to muscle in on anyone to get your rocks off.” He tossed a playful punch into Sid’s chest.

Sid beamed. “Yeah, this is my little guy Kent! You don’t mind being my date for the afternoon, do you little buddy?” Kent couldn’t help but blush and nod happily. “Aw, I’m so glad! We’re gonna have such a great time, little guy.” They got to the top of the scaffolding and got in the big inflatable tube. Mateo giddily clung to Sobeks arm, and Kent had only barely glanced towards Sid when he threw a massive arm around him and pulled him in close.

As they barreled down, Kent heard Mateo’s shrieks of delight and Sid and Sobek’s whoops and hollers. But his main focus was just on the feelings. The cool water splashing on him, the warmth of Sid’s chest as he clung close. In the darkness of the enclosed slide, there was nothing else. He could feel the rest of the world, every bit of doubt and worry drip away, the bands of light that dotted the slide’s tunnel stripping his cares one by one, until he finally let out a whoop of his own as their tube was shot out of the slide, Sid and Kent spilling out of the tube into the water in a laughing tangle of limbs.

The rest of the afternoon and evening went much the same way – swimming at the beach, drinking more cocktails, and hitting the dance floor. Lunch was a revelation, just as Sid had promised, and with a buffet set up, they kept revisiting the constantly changing selection in between activities. After a round of bocce, Kent saw the one item he had been waiting for all day; the tarts Sid had mentioned. The crowd was moving in on them fast, quickly dwindling the supply. Mateo saw them too, being carried to the buffet table at the back of the beach, his eyes glazing over in want. He ran a leaping jump onto Sobek’s back, pointing fast to the tray. Sobek grinned and began to sprint. It was about 200 meters – they would make it in time, if only just.

Sid looked, stunned for a moment, before bending down and screaming. “What are you waiting for? Your little legs aren’t gonna get you there before they’re out, jump on!” Kent couldn’t help but hesitate for a moment, but ran forward, jumping on and wrapping his legs around Sid.

Sid sprinted, catching up with Sobek. All four made it just in time, with only three left on the tray. “No need for me, bro, it’s all you. I can sit out.” Sid said. All three others dug in – they were as good as expected, heavy with cream and berries, the shell glazed with dark chocolate. Kent couldn’t help but moan at the taste.

“Well now I gotta have a bite. Can’t tease me like that bro.” Sid placed his hand on Kent’s chin, tilting it up to look him dead in the eye, licking crumbs and streaked cream from Kent’s lip. Kent just whimpered and leaned into the kiss, shivering as Mateo and Sobek snickered and cat called.

“That’s just what a pack of bros does” Kent thought. “They’re just happy for Sid that he got his little bro too.”

As the sun went down, Sid had a moment of surprise cross his face. “Damn, bro – just remembered. I have to check into my room, it was gonna be ready late tonight. Want me to walk you back to yours first? Cute little babe like you shouldn’t be alone, jerks like Sobek would just gobble you up.”

“Hey!” Mateo pouted.

Sobek chuckled. “Don’t worry, I’m only going to be gobbling you tonight, pet.” Sobek gave Sid a playful punch, before throwing a squirming, blushing Mateo over his shoulder and walking off.

As Kent and Sid walked along the slowly emptying beach, they came to the above water Cabana. It was a beautiful grass-roofed little house on stilts on the water. It was a suite, with all the rooms but the bathroom facing out onto the water. Suddenly, Sid started shouting.

“FUCK YEAH! My bros rock! I can’t believe it! They gave me and my new little bro a cabana! You get this bro, that this is my fuckin’ cabin too? Too fuckin’ sweet, god DAMN, aw, fuck yeah, bro, this is so rad little man, can’t believe it, get my own whole place with my new little bro.” He practically dragged Kent in, through the fancy kitchen, peaceful deck, and into the bedroom overlooking the wide ocean, sitting him down on the big king bed.

“New…little bro?” Kent looked up at Sid, glazed over, the phrase feeling comfortable on his tongue.

Sid started to take his cap and necklace off. “Yeah little man…” Sid looked sheepish for a moment. “I grew kinda pushed around by my bros. And I just wanted a little bro of my own, yknow? Someone who’s just mine and I get to protect, and teach, and take care of. So…maybe you could do it? Be my little bro, little guy?” Sid earnestly looked like he might cry if Kent said no, but he had no intention of that.

Kent chuckled a little. “Yeah, I’ll be your little bro.” It was as simple as that.

Sid immediately lit up again. “WHOO! Fuck yeah, you’re not gonna regret it little bro, gonna be such a good big bro for you, make sure no one messes with you, keep you safe and happy. Now come on, get out of those trunks, let’s pop in the shower, wash all the days funk off.”

Kent gave a small whimper and looked away. “What’s the matter? No reason to be shy, just us bros, yeah?” Sid said. Kent gave a quiet nod, and slipped out of his trunks, still a little nervous looking. “Aw, that’s it little man, nothing to worry about.” Sid grinned. “Now hop in the shower little bro, meet you in there in a sec.” He grabbed a towel and gave Kent a playful snap as he scampered off.

The shower was big, tiled in tan terra cotta, with a small wooden bench, and sliding glass doors almost twice as tall as Kent. He had just stepped in, letting the warm water flow over him, when Sid stepped in. “Aw, see, told you, nothing to be ashamed of little bro. You got a nice body, kiddo.”

Kent smiled, giggling. “Thanks, big bro. Nothing compared to your big muscles tho.”

Sid looked at Kent with a look of sheer adoration. “So fuckin’ sweet, first time you called me big bro. That’s right. Go on, flex for me little bro. Show your big bro your muscles.” Kent gave a flex – he was surprised, it felt bigger and more toned than he had remembered. “That’s it. Nice biceps bro. Nothing like my sick guns tho.” He flexed a giant arm, showing off his taut muscles. Kent almost drooled. “That’s it. Go on and squeeze it bro. Give it a fuckin’ kiss too.” Kent panted a little as he squeezed it, before drawing his lips gently to it. Even under the warm water, he could taste faintly taste the sweet and salty tang of sweat. “That’s it. Soooo fuckin’ sweet. Let’s get you all soaped up.”

Sid started manhandling him, rubbing shampoo into his hair, soaping his body up as Kent began to whimper. “You get me too bro, soap me up.” Sid lifted his arm, shoving Kent’s face in. “Course you can always tongue me off. Come on, little bro, get me all clean.”

Kent couldn’t help himself, tonguing Sid’s armpit, licking up his intoxicating musk. “So fuckin’ tasty bro. So good…”

Sid chuckled. He took his other hand and shoved his head deeper. “You like your big bro’s pits? That’s where all the bro musk that makes little pussy-bros like you all worked up gets made, course you like it. You get as much as you want.” He ground Kent’s face into it, laughing at him. Kent just lapped at it and huffed, drunk of the powerful scent. “Better really get me clean now. Come on, soaps on the bench.” He stood up in front of Kent, dripping wet and showing his full body off.

Kent ran his soapy hands over Sid’s rock-hard muscles, lingering over his abs before finally soaping up his massive cock. “That’s so fuckin’ big bro….” Kent drooled a tiny bit as he said that, hardening as Sid massaged the soap into his ass, gently tapping his puckered hole with his finger.

“Heh, you’re not too shabby. What you packin’, 6 inches?” He grabbed Kent’s dick, pressing it up against his own hard cock. “Nothing compared to my rod, ‘course, but pretty hung for a little guy like you.” Thick and veined, Sid’s dick hovered around twice Kent’s size. “That’s fuckin’ perfect for my little bro, take after his big bro, but still, we both know who the real big bro is. Bet you’re gonna brag to all your little friends how hung your bro is, huh?”

As the warm water rinsed them off, Sid smacked Kent’s ass, and scooted his arms underneath Kent, picking him up, pressing their bodies together. “Gimmee a fuckin’ kiss bro.” Kent leaned into the kiss, letting Sid slip his tongue inside him. Supporting Kent with one arm under his bottom, Kent’s legs tangled around his torso, Sid flicked the water off, then opened the door, carrying Kent out of the shower and throwing him on the bed.

“Legs up little bro. Let me see that hole.” Kent grinned, lying back and lifting his legs, spreading his cheeks apart. “Look at that cute little hole. So good for me.” Kent whimpered as his hand grazed his smooth entrance. He had a light dusting of hair on his legs, a small patch in his pits, and a neatly trimmed bush, but the rest of him was totally smooth. Probably just some fancy shower gel, he thought, that gets rid of stray hairs. Nothing to worry about when his big bro wanted to eat him out. Sid dove forward, lapping at his hole. Kent began to whimper. “Ugh, fuck bro…big bro, tongue me. Need my hole filled.” Sid happily obliged, feasting on Kent’s hole. Kent threw his head back, just enjoying it, relaxing as his big bro’s tongues worked him open. Kent got up and lay next to Kent. “Come on bro, sixty-nine with me. Suck my cock. Eat it, bro.”

Kent eased himself on to Sid’s cock, pushing his head deep down and taking in more of that addictive scent. “So fucking tasty, bro.” He sucked at the precum-beaded head, greedily trying to shove it deeper. “Unnnhhh…nice mouth, but take it easy bro. Plenty of time, and it’s all here for you.” Kent whimpered, Sid probing him with a finger now, stretching him out. His toes curled as Kent smiled softly, gently but relentlessly prodding his prostate.

Sid rose up, pulling his finger out, suddenly looking dead serious as he sat down on the bed next to Kent. “Sit up, little bro. What I say next is gonna be important.” Kent sat up, curling up next to his bro. “You’ve got a choice to make now. I know you’re horned, bro, so am I, but you ride my cock? That’s it. Gonna be Poseidon and his little bro ‘gainst the world. Forever. You want that bro? Be my little man, let me take care of you, stick by my side?” Sid tilted Kent’s head up from the chin, looking him in the eye. “Tell me. Say you’re gonna be my little bro.”

“Please…oh my god bro, just wanna be your little bro forever. Don’t let me go back to being all stressed bro. Let’s just be happy fuckin’ bros forever. You…heh.” He started laughing. “What’s so funny bro?” Sid frowned. “Well…you scared all the scary stuff away! You’re the best. ‘Course I wanna be your little bro.” He beamed.

“Fuck yeah bro! That’s my best bro for life. You’re not gonna regret this, I’m gonna make sure of it. Leave it to big bro. Now let’s get our fuckin’ cocks taken care of, yeah?” Sid ruffled Kent’s hair and grabbed his cap off the bedside table, throwing it backwards on Kent, then patted his lap. “Now jump on my lap little bro – gonna give you best ride of your life.”

Kent giggled as he settled into Sid’s lap, wrapping his arms around Kent’s neck and leaning in for a kiss. “So sweet. Let me just…” Kent guided his slick cock towards Kent’s entrance. “Ready bro?” Kent nodded. Sid slowly pushed in, his cock slowly stretching Kent open until just the head popped in. Kent gasped, whimpering and leaking onto Sid’s stomach. “H-hurts bro…” Sid rubbed Kent’s back and nibbled his ear. “You’re so fuckin’ tight, little guy…gonna make you relax, gonna make you perfect hole for your big bro’s cock.” Suddenly, the pain started to dissipate. In fact, even the memory of the pain dissipated. All Kent could focus on was the feeling of being wrapped in strong arms, and so, deliciously full.

Inch by inch, without any effort, Kent sunk down onto Sid’s dick, whimpering and writhing before bottoming out, falling into Sid’s warm chest, panting. “Look at that. So proud, bro. So full of your stud bro’s dick.” He rubbed at Kent’s stomach, kissing him. “Let’s get you all full of my spunk too. Not real bros until I’ve creamed you too.”

With that, Sid began jack-hammering Kent, drilling him. By now, Kent could barely form words, the pleasure was so intense. He moaned, the only truly intelligible thing he could say being “more”. Desperately, he bit at Sid’s lips, digging his nails into his back, his hard cock leaking like a faucet between them.

Suddenly, the phone rang. For half a second, Kent remembered that he hadn’t checked his email – fuck, what if the office had tried to contact him, surely Sid wouldn’t mind if he –

“Eyes on me bro.” Suddenly, Sid grabbed his face, forcing him to look into his eyes, the pumping of Sid’s thick cock filling his mind, his thoughts washing away in the tides of pleasure. “Just gotta stay slutty and happy for your big bro, and he’ll take care of the rest.” Kent laughed, brains turning to jelly under the constant pleasure, and picked the phone up, throwing it hard enough to smash against the wall.

“FUCK YEAH!” Sid screamed, pounding harder, kissing Kent deep. “Don’t worry, next phone you get will be for just friends and games and big bro’s cock pics. No more work phones, babe.” Kent pushed himself down further, his ass desperately milking at Sid’s enormous tool.

After Kent became nearly spent on Sid’s cock, panting and going limp, Sid flipped Kent to the bed, going deeper, holding Kent’s legs in a mating press. All Kent could do is let out a series of high-pitched whimpers. “Gonna cum bro…get ready.” But despite the warming, almost instantly Kent was filled with what fet like gallons of cum. It leaked out onto the bed, filling his brain with nothing but the rich heady scent. And that triggered Kent, as hands free, he shot all over both of their chests.

Sid grunted and shouted. “Fuck yeah! Shoot that load bro. My cute little pussy bro cumming just from my big fuckin’ cock. So fuckin’ sweet. So fuckin’ sweet.” He kept repeating himself, rubbing Kent’s gently swollen belly. Kent gave Sid a kiss on the forehead as he pulled out, pulling Kent against him as a little spoon.

Kent whimpered, reaching down for a dollop of cum and bringing it to his lips. The taste shattered any last remnants of coherence. He had only two purposes now – keeping his god-big-bro happy, and staying a horny, happy-go-lucky twunk for him, just the way he liked.

“So cute, all stuffed with big bro DNA.” Sid said. “When you wake up tomorrow, feeling your hole still slick with my cum, you’re gonna remember. You’re my little bro now. And walking around tomorrow, we’re gonna show everyone we’re the best pair of bros here. You got that little guy?”

And with the last of his strength, Kent cuddled back into Sid…Poseidon. His god, his lover, his bro. “Fuck yeah.”

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