Time vs the Soccer Player

By MSTGay3000
published January 28, 2015
5627 words

Andy gets some footy action with a soccer player.

The last of three commissions done for a fellow NCMC reader. Enjoy!

Pedro loved soccer. Today, his off day, he decided to get a game started in a local park, and was joined by a few strangers from the area, as well as several of his office co-workers. They played for at least an hour in the hot sun. A few people sat in the rickety wooden bleachers as spectators, including a few girls who had the hots for the young Latin soccer player. Who could blame them? Pedro was incredibly handsome.

He was 24 years old, with thick, dark eyebrows, and a handsome, boyish face. He had a well-trimmed, thin goatee that framed his succulent mouth, and a sharp, masculine jaw. His warmly colored brown hair was shaved on the sides, with a sexy, messily combed fauxhawk on top. He had shining hazel eyes, and a rich, olive complexion that glowed in the sun, due in part to the heavy sweat on his lean, fit body. He was quite the ladies man himself.

Pedro paused for a second, and made eye contact with a beautiful young woman standing by the bleachers. He rolled the ball with his foot as he stood there (to the protest and teasing of his fellow players), and flashed a charming smile at her. She, in turn, smiled back and looked down shyly. They made eye contact again, and time stood still as they gazed at each other.


“Alright, that’s enough outta you two,” said Andy, stepping onto the field. He had been watching, and had already scanned, this hot, sexy, latin stud for several minutes now. He wanted to play with Pedro too, only the game he played was quite different and far from friendly. He approached the handsome soccer player, his disarming smirk frozen on his face. The field was completely silent except for the sound of Andy’s footsteps on the grass.

He waved his hand in front of Pedro’s grinning face. No reaction, of course

“Damn, look at this body,” said Andy, surveying Pedro. He wore a yellow soccer jersey, and green shorts. His clothes were soaked in sweat, his lithe skin coated in shiny perspiration. He wore yellow Nike cleats, and matching yellow socks that were pulled up almost past the knee, defining his muscled calves. The color complimented his warm skin tone.

Andy went to the leg that rested on the soccer ball. He ran his hands down Pedro’s toned quad and groped his razor sharp calf. He wore a small, simple black shin guard under his tube sock.

He walked around and noticed Pedro’s bubble butt.

“Oh hell yes,” said Andy, slapping it. It was firm, as expected.

He positioned himself behind Pedro. Andy grabbed him at the waist, pressing his crotch against that delicious, shapely ass. His cock throbbed desperately in his pants.

He placed his head on Pedro’s backside, and immediately got a whiff of deodorant and sweat. The deodorant was an oceanic type scent, like sea breeze or something. It was quite strong and smelled great.

Andy rolled his head upwards, inhaling Pedro’s backside while smothering his face in his shirt, at last arriving at the nape. He deeply inhaled Pedro’s neck. He smelled of sweat, but was not rank, surprisingly. His hands creeped up from the waist and reached into Pedro’s soccer jersey, sliding against his wet olive skin. His hands slid up the firm, slippery torso, and up to the chest. He explored his pecs with his hands, while he began to lick Pedro’s sweaty neck from behind, voraciously.

He placed his lips on the neck and began kissing the soccer player, while his hands began massaging his nipples. Andy moaned, and his cock throbbed against the steel curves of Pedro’s ass. His nose ran into the area behind Pedro’s ear as he passionately devoured his neck. He licked him repeatedly. Then he switched sides, generously kissing the soccer player’s nape, while his hands continued to play with his nipples, which had become hard.

He swung around to the front. He kicked the soccer ball away, and planted Pedro’s foot down, so he could stand properly, then continued his exploration. His hands traversed Pedro’s torso under his shirt, his fingers and palms wet with Pedro’s perspiration. He felt Pedro’s rocky abs, then felt up his sides.

He inserted his fingers into the moist armpits, tickling them, before sliding down the sides of his torso again. He then put his nose to Pedro’s armpits, and inhaled the aroma of sweat mingled with a refreshing sea breeze. He held Pedro’s limp arm up, raised his shirt, then plunged his nose directly into the hot, sweaty pit. He licked it out of curiosity, the taste of Pedro’s sweat and deodorant on the tip of his tongue.

“Hmm,” he said. “Not bad.” He raised Pedro’s other arm, then plunged his face into the other armpit, nuzzling his nose affectionately, enjoying the heat on his face, Pedro’s armpit hair tickling his face. His nose was invaded by the thick musky smell of funk and deodorant. It was dizzying and arousing. He put his tongue to the other armpit as well, lustily.

He groped Pedro’s shoulders, then allowed his hands to slide down, groping his arms firmly, his fingers gently digging into his supple, warm skin. He took Pedro’s hands– large, masculine, hands–and sucked on his fingers. He gazed on his handsome face while sucking his fingers, one by one.

He turned Pedro’s grinning face towards his, and felt his heart jump with excitement, as he became the new target of that sexy gaze! He messed with his sweaty fauxhawk, tossing it between his fingers, giving him a fuckable bedhead look. He couldn’t stand how delicious he looked, and just had to kiss him.

He flew forward and grabbed the sides of Pedro’s head, then buried his tongue into his grinning, succulent mouth. His shivering, swollen cock rubbed against the soccer player’s sizable bulge, which he could feel through his nylon shorts. He placed his arms around Pedro’s neck, hugging him, pressing his body tightly against the frozen soccer player while he made out with him.

He cleaned house in Pedro’s mouth (which tasted fresh like mouthwash), and when he was finished, he gently tugged his bottom lip with his teeth, growling, kissing him several more times. Pedro still had his winning smirk, but his mouth was now parted, as if he was about to laugh in delight. In reality, he probably would’ve kicked Andy’s face in!

Andy licked his jawline from ear to ear, and brushed his lips against his goatee, enjoying the tickling sensation the facial hair caused on his lips.

He pushed Pedro’s head backwards by pushing on his chin, exposing his large adam’s apple, and sucked it vigorously, while Pedro smiled wildly into the sky, unblinking. He reached around his waist and grabbed Pedro from behind, and allowed his fingers to run up under his jersey, molesting his firm, moist backside, and simultaneously sucking on his neck.

He then pulled Pedro’s jersey up and sucked on his nipples relentlessly. “Mmmmm,” growled Andy, as his tongue caressed each of Pedro’s swollen nibs. The soccer player looked completely helpless, delighted even( by the look on his face), his arms limp at his sides, as Andy continued to aggressively tongue his pecs. He moaned hungrily.

Finally he stepped back, wiping his mouth. Pedro smiled madly into the sky, his strong, lean neck exposed.

Andy loved Pedro’s face, and his smile was so arousing. He decided he wanted to play with it some more, so he sonicked him, and Pedro moved himself to a nearby bench by the bleachers, giving his tortured cock a slight break. Pedro lay himself prostrate on the bench, stomach flat on the bench, then posed, raising his feet into the air and crossing them, while he perched his grinning face on his hands, his back arching upwards. He looked totally adorable, and even more importantly, fuckable as hell. Andy messed with his hair again affectionately.

He moved around, surveying the model resting before him. He walked to where Pedro’s face was, and flung his leg over the bench. Pedro’s face was perched up high enough to be at his groin level, which is exactly what he wanted.

He sonicked Pedro’s charming, grinning face, then whipped out his raging boner.

“Oh yeah, Pedro, you’re gonna love this,” he said, as he moved his erect, trembling cock to the soccer player’s lips, slowly. It seemed as if Pedro’s frozen face was inadvertently grinning at the monstrous, shivering cock before him. In truth, such a sight would’ve made him vomit.

As Andy’s penis approached Pedro’s lips, he puckered them, allowing Andy to rest the penis head on those divine lips. Pedro’s tongue came out and gently licked Andy’s piss slit repeatedly.

“Wow!” said Andy, laughing. He fucking loved the magic of his sonic pen! He stayed here for a few moments, while the pen controlled stud continued to lap at his piss slit, his lips moist and glossy with precum. Andy growled. “Yes, take it, mother fucker!” he said, as he began to insert his large, engorged penis into the soccer player’s happy mouth.

Pedro’s cheeks bulged as his mouth filled with cock, his tongue a slimy, pleasure inducing welcome mat for Andy’s penis. Andy pushed his giant penis into his mouth until it reached the back of Pedro’s throat, forcing him to deepthroat him; Pedro swallowed his cock to the root. He stared unblinkingly into Andy’s pubes.

Andy began to thrust, and Pedro, like a fuck toy being turned on, began to suck.

“Ohhhhh god, ohhhhhh jesus! Fuucckk!” said Andy, as the soccer stud sucked his throbbing penis ardently. Andy grabbed the soccer player’s head and gently pushed it deeper into his groin, until he could feel Pedro’s nose and lips against his pelvis.

His cock spilled precum copiously into Pedro’s throat. Pedro sucked him as if he had done this many times, his luscious, wet lips holding the cock perfectly, while Andy slowly thrust. Andy felt like his cock was being absorbed into Pedro’s mouth.

The heat and perfect suctioning on his shaft was too much for Andy, and he came involuntarily, gritting his teeth and straining hard. Electricity poured through his body and out his cock, directly into Pedro’s obliging throat. Pedro continued to suck like a trooper, swallowing every drop unflinchingly. His mouth continued to pump Andy’s shaft, making squishy, wet noises constantly, desperate to eke out more semen.

It wasn’t long before Andy’s dick swelled again, and he came once more, screaming “PEDROOOOOOO!” His dick pumped furiously into the stud’s mouth, and he rammed Pedro’s head again and again into his pelvis, grasping him by his fauxhawk. He looked downwards at the soccer player who chugged cock with an unnatural commitment, and his face seemed so happy, like he was enjoying this.

He looked mesmerized as he fellated Andy, his hazel eyes twinkling, unblinking. Andy felt his cock swell up one last time, and he came yet another load into the soccer player’s mouth.

“Hrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnngh! Gawwwwwdd!” he cried. His eyes crossed, and his neck veins bulged as he came, blasting thick ropes of semen into Pedro’s throat. Pedro’s mouth and tongue squeezed and sucked vigorously on his throbbing shaft, hungry for every possible drop of cum.

At last, Andy was done, sighing loudly with relief.

He began to pull out, Pedro’s mouth now overflowing with cum, and continuing to suck him as he removed his limp, tired cock. It was like he didn’t want Andy’s tasty dick to leave! As he pulled out the head of his penis, a long trail of cum ran out from the tip to Pedro’s lips. Pedro resumed his charming grin, his kissable lips now smeared with cum, as was his goatee and chin. Cum oozed out of the corners of his mouth, and dribbled down his chin. He perched his head on his hands once again, as if in a pleasant daydream, unmoved by the glorious fellatio he had just performed. There was actually still cum sitting inside his mouth. He looked satisfied. The air smelled like bleach.

“Whoooooooo!” said Andy, resetting his dick with his sonic pen. “Man, you’re amazing, Pedro. A real pro!” He laughed.

Andy gave himself a few moments to breathe.

He then went behind Pedro and positioned himself behind his legs, sitting on the bench. Pedro’s knees were bent, and his feet were in the air, crossed. Andy’s cocked throbbed in excitement.

He uncrossed his feet, and brought one foot close to his face, leaving the other one suspended in midair.

The bottom of his cleats were a bit muddy from the grass. As expected, he could already smell some foot odor radiating from Pedro’s foot–which was exciting!

He untied the laces, and removed the shoe, and his nose was filled with the sweet aroma of sweat and feet.

“Ahhhh,” said Andy, breathing in the smell like an aphrodisiac.

He held the shoe up to his nose, as was his custom, and inhaled it deeply. It was rich, pungent, mind-numbing even. His cock had already come to life, re-awakened by the delicious smell of feet. He let his tongue inside Pedro’s shoe, and tasted it. “Mmmmm,” he said, licking the sweaty sole of the shoe, lost in desire. He looked inside it and discovered Pedro had size 11 feet, which was good enough for him.

He placed the shoe on the ground, and grabbed Pedro’s foot. His yellow sock was damp. His arch had a nice, smooth curve. Andy placed his face into his smooth arch and licked it, tasting the salty, bitter, arousing taste of sock and foot. He ran Pedro’s socked toes underneath his chin repeatedly, his dick pulsing at the sensation of those socked digits as they rubbed against his face. The sock felt so smooth. He tickled his nose with Pedro’s socked toes, and put them in his mouth for a few moments, gnawing on them gently.

He put his nose to Pedro’s foot and inhaled it again, digging his nose into the sole, nuzzling side to side in the comfy arch. He took notice of the view of Pedro’s backside. His back was arched since he was resting his cummy chin in his hands, his other knee bent, his other foot raised benignly in the air, locked away in yellow cleats. Pedro seemed so placid, accepting even, perhaps because he remained silent as he was being violated. It seemed as if he were enjoying this, though it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Andy smiled as he continued to molest the socked foot in his grasp, promising his aching penis that he would get to the other foot eventually.

He reached down Pedro’s calf, allowing himself to feel his razor sharp calf muscles. He climbed to the top of the soccer sock, which ended almost past the knee. He began to pull, giving himself another feel of that iron calf as the sock was torn away.

He tugged gently, inch by inch, revealing a smooth tan leg, then the black shin guard, then a smooth ankle, and finally, a gorgeous, bronze colored foot. He snapped it off Pedro’s toes and brought it to his nose one last time, before putting it aside.

He breathed in deeply. “Whoo!” he yelled, happy to have this soccer stud’s bare foot in his wicked grasp.

He began to dig into Pedro’s bare foot with his face, a stronger foot smell permeating his nostrils. It was just like before, only now with the pleasure of tasting Pedro’s wet, golden soles. He licked his arch clean, brushing it with smooth strokes. He allowed Pedro’s trimmed toes to rub underneath his chin once again, which felt amazing. He spent several moments doing this, each toe grasping at his face.

Then he placed the toes in his mouth. He really loved this position, as he got to look at Pedro’s fine bubble butt, while sucking his toes mercilessly. He let them pass through his mouth like a harmonica, left to right and back, over and over, his boner now hard as iron, leaking precum. He held on to Pedro’s black shin guard as he sucked those toes voraciously.

Finally, he placed the foot down on his thigh, and grabbed Pedro’s other raised foot. He removed the shoe completely (not without taking a huge sniff first!), then placed the shoe by the other one on the ground. He put Pedro’s feet together–before him were two delicious feet, one in a yellow tube sock, the other bare, and wet with saliva and sweat.

He then plunged his face into both feet, running his tongue wildly against the soles, tasting sock and skin. He took turns sucking on each foot, as well as licking each arch. He was in heaven, and tasted the best of both worlds, feet wise.

He took turns brushing the bottom of his shaft with the toes of each foot. His eyes rolled with pleasure as he felt Pedro’s naked toes brush upwards on his shaft, then alternated with the socked foot, brushing his cock shaft downwards. It shook furiously at being touched by those toes, and spewed precum.

At last, he stood up from the bench, and began to fuck Pedro’s soles hard, wedging his leaking cock between both feet. He fucked them for several moments, groaning in ecstatic agony, his thumbs pressing deep into the arches. He squeezed his cock with both feet as hard as he could, thrusting harder and harder, before shooting his load.

“Whooooaa gawwwwd, PedrooOOOO!” he yelled, as ropes of semen erupted from his cock in a fit of orgasm, over and over, all over Pedro’s unassuming legs and feet. He sighed in relief, but it was short lived, as he felt a second orgasm welling up. “Awww shit!” he yelled. He placed his dick in Pedro’s arches, as another orgasm swept him up.

“Holy fuck!” he cried, as a second wave of jizz erupted from his throbbing cock, directly into Pedro’s arches. The cum collected in the curve of both arches, and dripped down the sides of each foot. The last bit of semen oozed out of his spent penis, and he wiped it all along the toes of both feet, the sticky man-milk cementing itself especially in the toes of Pedro’s bare foot.

He sat down, exhausted. As he let go of Pedro’s feet, Pedro kept his feet raised, and crossed them again, yellow socked foot with naked foot. Cum oozed down his ankles and toes, and covered his soles. The socked foot was discolored with jizz. Andy laughed and was delighted at the sight before him.

He tilted his head back and sighed. Then he aimed his pen at his cock, hit it with a sonic wave, and was good to go again!

He stood up and walked around his specimen, surveying Pedro. Pedro’s face was still frozen, grinning, his face stained with cum, blissfully unaware of his feet getting raped just moments before. Andy observed the jizz on Pedro’s feet and shin guards. He really liked the contrast of a socked foot with a naked foot; it was very erotic to him. He patted Pedro on the head. He pulled Pedro’s chin, opening his mouth, and a small waterfall of leftover semen fell out. Andy laughed. He grabbed Pedro’s sock from the floor and cleaned his face, before closing his smirking face again.

He looked at the small of Pedro’s back, and how it curved sharply into a juicy, voluptuous ass. It was official– his cock wanted to taste Pedro’s bubble butt!

“Fuck yes,” said Andy, rubbing his hands together.

Andy laid Pedro’s legs flat on the bench. He pulled his pants off the legs, and then his underwear, revealing a firm, tan colored ass. Andy whistled. Pedro had a perfectly round posterior, and Andy couldn’t resist slapping it hard.

“Hell yes!” he said, slapping it again several times. It jiggled slightly each time, slightly reddened by the slaps.

He kissed his fingers at the beautiful sight. He grabbed Pedro’s naked rear end with both hands, and caressed those iron butt cheeks. It felt so supple in his hands, and had a bit of shine on them, from perspiration. He pressed his fingers into the cheeks, revelling in those hard glutes, and that beautiful, healthy skin!

“Rrggggh!” growled Andy, as he groped those naked butt cheeks forcefully again and again. His dick was already perking up. He spread Pedro’s legs open, revealing his virgin hole. Pedro’s legs hung off the bench, his toes clenched on the ground. His hole was so inviting; Andy couldn’t wait to penetrate it. He sat himself directly behind Pedro.

He reached around and grabbed Pedro from the front, and propped him up. Pedro’s arms fell helplessly at his sides as Andy raised his torso, his head falling backwards onto Andy’s shoulder. In this time frozen state, he was a lifeless doll at Andy’s mercy. He still had that sexy smirk on his face. His large, uncut meat sat limply between his legs, awaiting instruction. He stared into the sky.

Andy grabbed Pedro’s cleats from the ground and placed them before Pedro’s crotch on the bench. He dug his own heels into the ground. Finally, he was ready. His dick was now fully erect, hard from molesting Pedro’s ass and just from holding this vulnerable man. He was ready to go again.

He sonicked Pedro, and his hazel eyes flashed with a neon green glow. He came to life, his body controlled by the pen fully, a vessel for Andy’s desires.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” he moaned, grabbing his cleat off the bench and bringing it to his face. He breathed it in deeply. “My ass is ready for you, Andy,” he said seductively, which made Andy horny as fuck! Pedro took a moment and inhaled his shoe deeply.

“Ohhh lord,” said Andy, anticipating a rocky ride. Pedro stood up and gradually, gently, began to impale himself on Andy’s standing cock.

Andy gasped, his face in complete shock as the stud began to lower himself on his cock, his perfect bubble butt absorbing his cock inch by inch. His legs felt weak.

“HOOOOOOLY SHIIIIIIIT!” he said as Pedro began to ride his cock. He held on to Pedro’s waist for dear life, as the pen controlled soccer player began to rise up and down repeatedly on his penis, his perfect, juicy ass hitting his groin repeatedly. Andy shut his eyes in disbelief at how amazing this felt. The straight soccer stud continued to impale his perfect bubble butt on his dick without mercy.

Pedro’s own limp penis began to rise, as Andy’s cock repeatedly hit his prostate, making his body tremble with ecstasy.

“Ohhhh, Andy!” he cried, his face in agony. “You’re doin’ it, bro! You’re fucking me senseless, I’m losing it!” In truth, Andy was the one who felt he was losing it, as waves of pleasure coursed through his veins, and his groin. His brain was on fire. His cock was on fire. Everything felt electric. He could hardly think as Pedro’s tight ass bounced on him relentlessly.

Pedro placed his cleat on his nose and mouth, and the other shoe on his raging cock, masturbating himself with his own sweaty shoe. “Ohhh man,” said Pedro breathlessly, “the smell of my own feet is turning me on, dude! I wish I could fuck my own feet! Fuuuucccckkk meeeee, broooo!”

Hearing that, Andy’s swollen, abused penis erupted into the soccer player’s hole.

“Arghgghhhhhhhhh!” he screamed, as hot semen erupted like magma from his cock into Pedro’s ass. His teeth clenched Pedro’s shirt, his eyes shut tightly, and he sweat profusely.

Pedro continued to ride Andy’s cock, and his dick became swollen hard once again, without a chance to rest. “Touch my nipples, Andy!” yelled Pedro, panting heavily. “I’m about to come too!”

Andy reached up under Pedro’s shirt and grabbed hold of his nipples, and did his best to masturbate them, but his own mind felt blitzed and delirious at the constant pressure he was receiving from Pedro’s bouncing ass! Pedro continued to inhale his shoe, his own cock leaking precum into the other shoe.

Finally, Pedro reached orgasm and ejaculated into his cleat. “I’m cumming, man!” he screamed. “You’re doing it Andy! Keep it up!” He came huge amounts of jizz into his own shoe, moaning heavily into the other shoe held to his nose, intoxicated by the smell of his own sweaty feet.

“Argghhhhhhh, I’m cumming, Andy!” he screamed.

“Hrrrrrrgn, I’m coming too! Fuuuccccckk!” yelled Andy, as he came a second time into Pedro’s ass, his heart beating faster and faster. He felt exhausted, his knees weak, as he delivered another hot load into Pedro.

Pedro, thankfully, stopped fucking his cock with his ass, sitting gingerly onto Andy’s crotch. Andy held the soccer stud for a moment, closing his eyes and enjoying a moment of peace. He rest his head on Pedro’s back. He sighed, breathing in Pedro’s nice smelling, manly deodorant.

Then Pedro began to bounce on his cock again.

“No, wait, holy shit, STOP!” said Andy, but Pedro didn’t listen.

“Nah man, let’s keep going! Make me cum again, Andy!” said Pedro, bouncing up and down fervently on Andy’s cock, which started getting hard again. Andy held on for dear life as Pedro rode him like nothing happened. He was breathless. Pedro’s cock was erect again, ready for more. This time Pedro used his own hand to jack himself off, and he used his other hand to masturbate his own nipples.

He moaned, and his head writhed wildly, laughing at the pure physical ecstasy of Andy’s cock inside his guts.”Awwwwww man,” said Pedro breathlessly, “you’re doing it again, Andy! I’m ready to blow!” He pumped his veiny, leaking boner vigorously with his hand, pumping Andy’s cock simultaneously with his iron butt.

“Ohhhhhh shit!” said Pedro happily. “I’m cumming again! Yeahhhhh!”

Pedro blew his own load once again, moaning happily as he released loads of semen from his cock, spraying all over himself and the bench. He continued to pump it ardently as it deflated, his eyes rolling to the back of his head, smiling crazily .

Andy’s face screwed up tightly as he came as well, a third time, into Pedro’s ass. He couldn’t even scream, all he could do was grit his teeth and whimper as another hot orgasm raged through his body, sweeping him into bliss. He felt like he was going to pass out, as his cock emptied itself into Pedro’s hole for a third time.

Pedro let out a heavy sigh, and panted. “Let’s do it again!” said the stud, happily.

“Oh, HELL no!” said Andy, genuinely exhausted. Pedro stood up, Andy’s cock still inside him, ready to ride once again, but Andy grabbed the sonic pen from his pocket and sonicked the eager stud.

Pedro sank down onto Andy, lifeless, his face frozen in a happy, satisfied smile, his arms limp. Andy caught him with his arms, as he fell back onto him. He breathed a relieved sigh, and just cradled the handsome player in his arms, his arms around his waist. He rocked with Pedro side to side on the bench slowly, feeling an amazing high. He was exhausted, but extremely happy. Or perhaps that was just the crazy amount of endorphins running through his body. Pedro stared into space.

After a few moments, he got up, unplugging his cock from Pedro’s butt. A heavy stream of semen fell out of the soccer player’s ass onto the bench with a splash.

He laid Pedro gently down on the bench, onto his backside, and placed his feet on the bench as well. Pedro’s arm fell to the side, his other arm resting on his stomach. His face was turned to the side, a happy, unblinking expression frozen on his face.

Andy sonicked his dick one more time.

In honor of tradition, he wanted Pedro to give him a footjob before he left.

He pulled off Pedro’s other yellow sock, and removed both shin guards. Pedro was now completely naked from the bottom, both feet exposed in all their glory. Andy swung his own leg over the bench and positioned himself facing Pedro’s feet. He inhaled deeply in anticipation.

Then, he sonicked the stud’s feet, and his legs came to life, snatching his cock.

“One more time, PedrOOOOOOO!” yelled Andy, as Pedro’s feet began to pump his dick furiously. Pedro’s upper body remained lifeless, frozen in time, his face still staring happily to the side. But his legs and feet worked over time, vigorously fucking Andy’s penis, giving him a hearty, impassioned footjob.

“Auggggghhhhhhh!” Andy screamed, arching his back and flinging his head back, as Pedro feverishly worked his cock with his size elevens. Finally, he came, a final, fiery orgasm enveloping his whole body. He came all over Pedro once again, and all over Pedro’s feet. Andy grabbed those cum soaked feet with his hands and distanced himself from them slightly. Pedro’s feet continued to move, writhing and anxious to grab his cock! They were mad with lust as Andy held them captive by the ankles. The sight of those big feet going crazy made him orgasm once more.

“Hnnnnnnnnnngh!” he cried, as his dick spurt more waves of jizz onto Pedro’s frantic soles, which wouldn’t stop moving in his grasp, possessed with a desire to fuck his cock. He came one last time, a smaller load, coating those crazy feet in a final coat of jizz. His dick was spent beyond belief, and he sonicked those anxious feet, allowing them, and himself, to rest. He collapsed onto the bench.

Pedro didn’t know what happened. He stopped playing for a quick second to smile at the hot chick he saw standing by the bleachers, and the next thing he knew, he was half naked, barefoot, and covered head to toe in cum. People screamed, and the girl he was eyeing ran away, horrified. Everyone on the field screamed, or ran, or vomited.They were afraid. Disgusted. Shocked.

He looked like a mad man, a sick, pervert freak in public–and it all happened in a single instant! He couldn’t understand it! Was he mad? He felt he had slipped into an alternate reality.

He sat in his car, hunched over, a jacket covering him, and began to sob. He was fucking humiliated, disgraced at his favorite park, in front of his co-workers! Would he lose his job? What the fuck happened? He sobbed into his hands, then realized there was semen on it, and began wailing as he fell on his driver wheel, the car horn blaring continuously.

Andy watched the whole scene with interest. He whistled happily, the pen stronger than before, feeding on the humiliation, slowly leading Andy to an even more depraved life. He walked off to grab a bite to eat, and could still hear that car horn blowing in the distance, another victim claimed by the pen’s powers.

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