Time vs the Basketball Player

By MSTGay3000
published January 19, 2015
4699 words

Andy notices a handsome player on the court at a senior basketball game.

The second of three commissions done for a fellow NCMC reader. Feel free to email me for inquiries or comments. Enjoy!

Tom stood at the free throw line with the ball in his hands. It had been a long, tough game, but he was now in the final stretch, and could guarantee a win for his high school if he just made this last fucking shot! His teammates stood nearby, waiting anxiously. He silently prayed to God that he would make this shot. His eighteenth birthday was just a week ago, and though it was crappy, winning this game would make up for everything. He glanced hopefully at the hoop, and prepared to shoot.

And then time froze.

The world was silent. The heavy door into the gym swung open, echoing loudly, and Andy entered. His footsteps echoed in the gym, each step making a squeaking noise on the shiny court. He hated basketball and high schools. However, he felt called here. Was it the pen?

He noticed the players in that free throw formation, or whatever it was; sports did not appeal to him. He raised his pen and sonicked the area, to see what information he could get. The pen whirred and the LCD screen on its side displayed the usual alien language, and Andy nodded in agreement.

“Ah,” he said. “Every player on the court is eighteen.” He looked at the pen again. “Or older?” The pen informed him that everyone in the building was 18 or older. This was a senior basketball game, and, Andy supposed, younger teens probably thought this shit was boring, like he did. There were jocks, dumb girlfriends, other seniors, and parents in the crowd. It was a unique situation.

He approached the players on the court. Nobody really caught his fancy. But he did take notice of the young man preparing to make the free throw.

“Well now,” said Andy. “Who’s this?” He scanned the young player.

The pen revealed that this was Tom R. Smith. He just turned eighteen only a week ago. He was a virgin, apparently saving himself for marriage, and straight. That last bit struck Andy as peculiar, since Tom R. Smith was incredibly cute.

Tom had dark brown hair, which was matted and drenched in sweat, covering his forehead. He had naturally smiling eyes, which were a gorgeous blue, currently fixed on the hoop. He had a cute, boyish, heart shaped face. It was not hard to imagine girls going crazy for this kind of kid. He was tall, more than six feet, which was to be expected for a basketball player. What really stood out to Andy though, was that the pen indicated he had massive size 15 feet!

“Ah, so that’s what you wanted from this place,” he said, laughing at the pen. He scanned Tom for more information.

Tom was devoted to living a good moral life. For example, he was against gay marriage, though he’d never admit it openly. He was going steady with his girlfriend Teresa for two years now, but they never did anything except kiss, hug, and hold hands. He was saving himself for marriage, and looked down on his peers’ inability to resist drugs, alcohol, and sex. He didn’t even swear, preferring to say things like “oh my gosh”, or “good heavens”. He had excellent grades, and was even part of the choir.

He was a goody two shoes, a very handsome goody two shoes at that, with huge fucking feet. Andy couldn’t wait to mess around with him.

He sonicked the basketball, and it flew out of Tom’s hands and straight into the hoop, bouncing off the court. Tom stood still, his hands still holding an invisible ball, his eyes frozen on the hoop.

Andy went and stared directly into his handsome, concerned face. He waved his hands, out of habit, and Tom did not respond. He smiled. He placed himself between Tom’s hands, and positioned the hands on his waist. He curled the fingers so that Tom was now holding him in an embrace.

He tilted the handsome jock’s head downwards, so that he made eye contact with him. He was a bit taller than him. Andy felt like he was a teen again, at a school dance. He was arm in arm with a heterosexual dreamy jock, the stuff of wank fantasies. He lay his head against Tom’s shoulder and sighed, hugging Tom affectionately.

He smelled of sweat and body spray. Andy caught a light whiff of sports deodorant. He sniffed his armpits. His odor was stronger than Officer Max, and he was more sweaty. Andy ran his fingers through Tom’s hair, which was dripping wet. It felt cool on his fingers, and looked shiny in the gym lights.

He leaned back and gazed on Tom’s handsome face. He stared unblinkingly into Andy’s eyes, the same look of anticipation and excitement frozen on his expression, which made Andy’s heart swell. It looked as if he was dying to kiss him! He brushed the hair away from Tom’s forehead, making him appear even more handsome. Andy glanced around. The spectators, and the players on the court, had their eyes on them. Well, on Tom, to be truthful. But it was arousing nonetheless, having a large audience, while he violated this cute straight jock.

He kissed Tom passionately, groping his backside. Tom’s face was wet with perspiration, and his mouth was unyielding to Andy’s aggressive tongue. Andy’s crotch bulged, and he pressed himself harder against the basketball player, grasping the sides of his head hungrily, running his hands through that sweaty hair, while Tom held onto him.

He pulled Tom’s head back, tilting it upwards, exposing his neck and adam’s apple. He devoured his neck, mercilessly, his lips and face wet with Tom’s perspiration.

As he kissed Tom’s neck, he ran his hand under Tom’s red and white basketball jersey, and reached up to his nipples. Andy opened his palm on Tom’s wet skin and began massaging his pecs. He angled Tom’s head downwards again, then returned his attention to Tom’s mouth, kissing him once again, while simultaneously rubbing his nipples. His penis was bursting.

He put his finger in the jock’s armpits, gathering the hot pungent sweat from underneath. He held it to his nose first, whiffing that strong odor mixed with deodorant, then fed it to Tom by placing his fingers in his mouth.

“Oh yeah, tastes good, doesn’t it? You stupid jock motherfucker,” said Andy.

After kissing the frozen jock once more, he decided to get straight to business–Tom’s feet.

He sonicked Tom, and he obediently sat himself down on the court. Andy made him sit up, as he wanted to gaze on his handsome face while he played with his huge feet. Tom looked ahead blankly, his lips slightly parted, a few strands of wet hair covering his forehead. His shoulders were hunched and he sat on his arms, looking very casual. Andy seated himself at Tom’s feet.

He wore white Nike sneakers. They were worn, and had a black swoosh, with black trim around the shoe. Andy could smell a light, almost sweet foot odor emanating from the shoe as he raised the foot to his face. He could tell by the condition of the sneakers that Tom wore these shoes frequently, and played hard.

“Oh yes,” he said.

He untied the laces, and began to remove the sneaker. Immediately, a strong whiff of feet hit his face.

“Whoo boy! Now that’s what I’m talking about, “ said Andy.

Tom’s white crew socks were slightly darkened in color, due to the dampness of the shoe and foot. The tips of the sock had a gray pattern on them, as did the heel. Andy pulled the whole shoe off and reveled in the gigantic foot. It smelled heavenly.

He put his nose in the shoe, and stayed there a few moments, just breathing in that sweet, sweaty foot odor. He unbuckled his pants, and released his throbbing dick into the jock’s sneaker, where it writhed happily. The sneaker felt so warm against his cock. He fucked it a few times before putting it down.

He then slipped Tom’s other sneaker off, releasing more divine jock foot smell into the air.

“Ohh man, fuck yeah,” he said, placing the shoe to his nose and mouth like a respirator. He inhaled the pungent aroma for a few moments, then let his leaking dick get a good fuck out of the warm, wet sneaker, before he placed it down next to its partner.

Tom’s socked feet were now exposed, and at Andy’s mercy. Andy couldn’t believe his luck at getting to play with these enormous beauties. The jock’s feet, together with Tom’s handsome, frozen face, looked so innocent. Poor Tom was unaware of his carnal attractiveness, and especially of how fuckable his size 15 feet were. Andy’s heart beat faster and faster.

He grabbed both feet and massaged them vigorously, rubbing the wet socks against the smooth skin of Tom’s feet. The arches were so big, and the soles were long. He used his thumbs to massage the arches deeply, while his fingers caressed the tops of the feet. He massaged the heel of each foot, then felt and caressed the toes, which, he could tell, were long.

He raised both feet to his face and suffocated himself with them. He breathed deeply into the damp socks, using his tongue and teeth to pull at the folds. He pulled the grey toes of the socks with his teeth gently, but not too much, as he didn’t want to pull the socks off yet.

He placed the socked feet on his dick, which felt like it was going to explode. The moistness of the socks created an ecstatic, electric sensation, as he rubbed Tom’s feet on his throbbing penis. He rubbed the soles against the bottom of his cock, then allowed his pulsing cock to fuck the insoles. His eyes rolled in pleasure. “Ohhhh my god, Tom, fuckin’ hell!” he said, before returning to simply rubbing against the soles once again.

He couldn’t help himself. He blew his load prematurely on the socked feet. He felt lightning course through his body, as his dick erupted onto those feet. Copious amounts of cum shot out onto the socked soles. Andy used his dick to rub the semen into the socks, the head of his penis acting like a brush.

“Oooohh yeaaahhh,” he said, sighing happily. He let the last of his load escape onto the socked feet, and rested for a few moments, wiping the sweat from his brow. He glanced happily at Tom, who stared vacantly. He looked around and smiled at all the spectators watching him fuck around with this jock’s feet.

He grabbed his pen and sonicked his dick again. His spent penis began to rise once again, with a vengeance, making him laugh. “Ready for more Tom?” he said. Tom said nothing.

Next he began to remove the cum stained stocks. He decided to just go for it, and grabbed the toes of both socks, and yanked them off at once, throwing them at Tom’s face, where they bounced off and landed on his chest.

“Oh wow,” he said.

Tom’s size 15 feet now rested before him in all their glory. They were magnificent: long soles, huge arches, and long suckable toes. There was some pinkness on the edges, due to playing basketball, but no blisters or calluses. The heels and balls of the feet were a healthy rosy pink. The toenails were immaculately cut.

“Wow wow wow,” said Andy, as he touched the large feet, the biggest he’d come across yet. They were moist from sweat, and smelled so strongly of sweaty feet. What struck Andy the most, however, was that the soles were so SOFT.

“Oh my god, YES,” he said. He grabbed both feet and pressed his thumbs into the arches. The skin felt so tender, so warm, and his cock throbbed in response. He molested Tom’s feet feverishly, exploring every nook and cranny. He ran his hands down the length of the foot. He parted the toes, and felt each one. He ran his thumbs up and down the arches. Andy’s hands were wet from the foot sweat, which was divine.

He placed one bare foot atop the other, posing Tom. Tom looked like he was posing for a magazine, with his hunched shoulders, and relaxed bare feet. If only he knew the truth!

After letting Tom relax his bare feet for a few moments, with his own cum stained socks on his chest, he snatched both feet up, and began tongue fucking them. The taste was exquisite–a salty, acquired taste. His sweaty jock feet had the most wonderful texture: moist, tender, and soft. The skin was warm and delicate, and turned pink when Andy put pressure on it. The smell of feet permeated Andy’s nose, and his heart beat quickly in excitement.

He licked up and down the arches ravenously. It was his favorite part about Tom’s feet. He swallowed the pink heels as much as he could, sucking on them hungrily. He ran his mouth down the sides. He sucked the big balls of the feet. Every now and then he snuck glances of Tom’s handsome face, which was always blank. It aroused him even more, as he aggressively pursued licking and worshipping the jock’s feet.

He took his turn with the toes, Tom’s long, suckable, delicious toes. He took the big one into his mouth first and slurped it madly. Then he placed both big toes into his mouth and sucked feverishly, while caressing the tender soles with thumbs. He peeked at Tom’s handsome face, who appeared to oblige the sucking of his big toes by this complete stranger.

He then took a turn with each other toe, sucking them vigorously. If Tom’s toes were penises, they would’ve erupted into cum from Andy’s relentless sucking and pulling. He especially loved sucking on the little toe of each foot.

He used his tongue to spread the toes apart, licking in the spaces inbetween. He spent the most time worshipping the space between the big and second toe. His dick wagged with ecstasy.

Finally, he could take no more. He sonicked Tom’s feet, and Tom snatched his penis with his feet, just like Officer Max, and began to fuck him blind. Andy cried out in anguish, as the jock’s huge sweaty feet pumped his cock harder and harder, drops of precum flying all over. Tom’s face remained frozen, blissfully unaware, mindless.

“Shit shit shit!” said Andy, gritting his teeth. Tom squeezed his cock with his feet, slapping his bare soles against his groin, again and again and again.

At last, he could no longer take the pressure of Tom’s feet fucking him senseless, and shot his load, as another bolt of lightning ripped through his body, and straight out his engorged cock.

He shot load after load on the jock and all over his feet. It landed on Tom’s chest, and covered his red and white uniform, and even the shiny gym floor.

The jock stopped moving his feet after Andy sonicked them, as a mercy to himself!

But he wasn’t done. He could feel another load welling up in his balls, and he shot another load of hot semen all over the soft soles of Tom’s delicious feet.

“Mmmmm, ahhhhhhh!” he screamed, echoing through the gym, as he pumped his dick harder and harder, squeezing every last drop of semen out onto Tom’s naked feet. He rubbed the head of his dick against the balls of Tom’s feet as the last drop of cum oozed out, cementing itself into his toes.

The jock’s feet were drenched with saliva and cum, and the place stank of feet and bleach. In other words, it was mission accomplished for Andy!

Or was it?

Andy sonicked his dick again. He was not ready to part with Tom or his sexy feet. He felt almost mad with lust. He looked at the jock’s vacant stare, his blue eyes empty, covered in cum, his own jizzed socks hanging on his chest and shoulder. He was a goody two shoes motherfucker, a good boy, a model student. Andy hated that.

He decided he was going to take the boy’s virginity.

Andy stood up, and took his pants off. He sonicked the players on the court, and they attended him obediently, mindlessly.

They picked up their fellow player off the court, and held him so that he was suspended in midair, at crotch level. There were two players holding up each leg by the thigh, while another two players supported Tom’s back. Another player held Tom from behind, forcing him to sit up. He held Tom’s hands behind his back, giving Tom a helpless appearance. Tom’s calves and big feet dangled in midair, cum dripping off the soles. He stared vacantly ahead, unaware of what was to happen to him.

The players carried Tom to Andy, whose dick was throbbing at the sight of the helpless player. The players holding Tom’s thighs, in unison, opened his legs wide, exposing Tom’s crotch to Andy.

He sonicked Tom’s gym shorts, which, together with his underwear, were ripped from his body and thrown off the court. His anus was exposed; his big, floppy, sweaty dick hung to the side. He had a modest amount of pubic hair.

Andy grabbed Tom’s cummy sock from the ground where it had fallen and wiped the jizz on his penis, lubing it completely (not that it needed it). He tossed it on the court.

As an added bonus, he wanted Tom to feel this. He wanted him to enjoy this. It was his first time after all! He sonicked Tom, and his blue vacant eyes glowed shortly with a faint green, the color of the sonic pen’s light. He began to move. His eyes became glazed, and his lids dropped.

“Heyy,” he said sleepily to Andy. “What are you doing?”

Andy’s heart stopped for a moment–was Tom aware? This was not his intention.

“Why aren’t you fucking my virgin boy pussy, Andy?” said Tom deviously, flashing a sly smile. Andy’s heart swooned at his charming grin.

Now THIS was Andy’s intention. While Tom was frozen in time, his body was a toy, an empty vessel, just like his other victims. However–could a frozen person also be a vessel for a personality? It seemed so!

“Let’s do this, bro,” said Tom. It was clear this was not Tom’s real personality, and Andy loved it.

“Sure thing, Tom!” said Andy happily. He readied his dick and placed it at the jock’s anus, the other team members holding Tom in midair steadily.

He inserted it slowly, and Tom began to moan. “Ohhhhh,” uttered the jock. Andy pushed his dick steadily forward.

“Ohhhh gawwwd, “ said Tom, who never even swore or used the Lord’s name in vain. “Fuck yeah, this feels great, bro! Keep going!” Hearing Tom’s pleading made Andy’s dick even harder.

He fucked Tom’s hole, his penis rocking the boy’s virgin anus. He kept short smooth strides, that gradually became longer and longer. He held onto Tom’s waist, while the other players held Tom firmly in place. Meanwhile, Tom’s penis began to rise.

“Mmmmmm, fuck me, harder, harder!” cried Tom, who didn’t approve of the gay lifestyle. He moaned and flung his head back. Tom’s dick was fully erect and stone hard.

“Awww yeah, bro, I can feel it! I can feel it! Your cock is everything i’ve ever wanted, everything i’ve dreamed about!” he moaned. His stiff penis began leaking precum.

Andy began to fuck him faster and faster. Tom’s big feet bounced in the air, as Andy began to grunt and push his dick harder and harder into him, making wet squishy noises each time.

“Guh, guh, augh, guh guh guh!” grunted Tom involuntarily, echoing in the gym, as Andy thrust his penis into his tight hole again and again. Pressure and mind numbing pleasure built up in Tom’s hole. Both of their cocks ballooned with electric pleasure.

Finally, Andy came, gritting his teeth hard. He roared as orgasm and waves of jizz jettisoned out of his throbbing penis, a hot flash of ecstasy shooting through his body.

“Awwww gawwwwd, I’m cumming too, bro, I’m cumming too!” said Tom, his voice going higher and cracking. Andy glanced upwards and saw Tom’s eyes rolling in the back of his head, showing just the whites. Tom’s throbbing, veiny penis erupted into a volcano of semen, shivering madly, spraying himself, Andy, and his fellow players in jizz. “Oh god, oh god, “ he said, panting, his butt virginity taken.

However, a second orgasm came to Tom unexpectedly, welling up in his penis and balls. “Ohhhh gawwwwd,” he cried, as he felt the second wave of jizz coming up. Tom flexed his toes back, shut his eyes tight, and grit his teeth as he came another load, his dick hard as stone. More cum spewed out of his cock, his screams of orgasm echoing through the gym. “Hnnnnnnnnggghhh!” he cried through gritted teeth, his voice cracking again.

Andy pulled out, a river of cum falling out of Tom’s anus onto the gym floor. Tom’s penis fell limp, soaked in jizz. The sweaty jock looked at Andy, his sweaty hair covering his eyes. “Nice job, bro,” he said quietly, smiling devilishly.They both panted breathlessly.

“One more thing, Andy,” said the jock slyly.

“Uh,” said Andy, still breathing hard, “what is it?”

The basketball players flipped Tom around, so that his stomach was now facing the floor. The players adjusted their position so that they were now holding Tom in midair, completely flat, parallel to the gym floor. His hands were still behind his back.

“Fuck my big feet one last time for me, will ya?” said Tom happily, turning his head back behind his shoulder.

Andy shook his head. “No way, dude, just … no.” He laughed.

“Aw come on, man, just one more time. Please? I want to feel your big cock on my soft, size 15 feet!” said Tom, paddling his feet. He rubbed his feet together, taunting Andy.

Andy laughed. “Well, why not?” He said. He took out his sonic pen and sonicked his dick.

“Hell yeah! You’re the best bro. I think I love you,” said Tom earnestly. Andy smiled and sonicked Tom’s dick too.

Andy grabbed the jock’s big sticky feet and began fucking them, one last time. He loved this position. As he fucked Tom’s feet relentlessly, his cock now engorged in pleasure, Tom cried out.

“Bro, you’re making my dick hard again! Keep going bro!” said Tom, who had another erection. His erect penis shook with each thrust, and leaked precum onto the floor.

Andy fucked the basketball player’s big feet mercilessly, squeezing his dick between the soles, while Tom moaned ecstatically. Tom’s wet, sticky, soft soles drove his penis wild. His long toes brushed his dick and touched his groin with each thrust repeatedly. Tom’s voice cracked and yelped, as his own dick throbbed with pleasure at the sensation of his feet getting fucked by Andy’s cock.

At last Andy screamed, and came all over the jock’s bare feet, coating them in another layer of semen.

“Awwww, hell yeah, bro!” said Tom happily, as he felt the hot jizz on his soles, which made his own dick explode into another orgasm, spraying the gym floor. “Auuggggh!” he cried, his dick emptying a huge load onto the gym floor, shaking side to side madly. “I love you, bro! FUCK YEAH! I love you, I love you,” he said. Tom’s penis fell limp, and he panted heavily. His cock dripped cum onto the gym court.

Andy wiped the sweat off his brow. Tom squirmed happily in his fellow players embrace, rubbing his wet soles together, smearing as much cum as he could on his own feet like a horny pervert.

Andy sonicked him, and he lay still, his big feet left dangling, cum dripping down the soles. “I love you too, you dumb jock motherfucker,” he said.

He sonicked himself clean and pulled his pants up.

He walked to edge of the bleachers, and sat down. He looked around one last time.

And then he sonicked the air and time resumed.

People screamed. There was a huge commotion. The players on the court yelled as they found themselves displaced, holding their half naked fellow player in midair. They dropped him. Tom yelled.

“Oh lord, what is this!” he yelled. “Where are my pants?” He began to panic, as he realized he was half naked and bare foot.

“What the fuck, is this JIZZ?” yelled another player. The other players began to sniff themselves, noticing the globs of cum on their clothes. Some screamed, and others ran away, in confusion and disgust.

The coach, panicking, ran to Tom, who was left alone, in a puddle of cum. He quickly covered the jock with his jacket, as people continued to make commotion, taking photos, and screaming. Tom was confused and didn’t even realize he was covered in semen. Where did his clothes go? His socks and sneakers? How did he get here? He was beet red as he realized everyone saw his cock. He ran with the coach off the court, but ended up slipping on his own cum-stained sock, hitting the floor, and exposing his dripping wet anus to the crowd. There were more screams, and shock. Tom managed to get up, and ran out frantically, forgetting to pick up the jacket, half naked and covered in jizz. He ran past Andy, and Andy could see the young jock’s face was red with shame and his eyes were tearing up. He smiled.

“So much for mister high moral values,” he said to himself, grinning wickedly. He walked out of that huge disaster of a scene, and continued on his journey without remorse. The pen glowed in his pocket sinisterly.

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