Project Campbell

By GoodTime
published June 28, 2020
10143 words

Officer Michael Campbell suddenly realises that their police department needs new uniforms, and it has something to do with his newfound understanding of a cop’s role in society.

Hi everyone! Didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten about Officer Mikey, so I thought I would clear up where he’s been since the last time Officer Huntly saw him. It’s my first time trying this with a different perspective so hopefully it works out.

PS. This can be read as a stand-alone story, but it might help if you’ve read the rest of the Highway Patrol series

‘…when I snap my fingers, you’ll have no memory of anything weird happening at the station, or have any conscious memory of our conversation, but you will continue to obey my commands as if they were your own thoughts, and will believe everything you’re doing is completely normal and counts as respectable behaviour.’


I blink my bleary eyes and shake my head a bit to help myself regain focus. These damn night shifts are a pain in the ass; I feel like I’ve been sitting at this desk for an eternity. I have no idea why the Chief put me on so late, I should be out there in the field serving… uhm, I mean, servicing, as many criminals as I can. A cop’s job is to protect and service, and you can’t do that from behind a desk.

I let out a huge yawn, and stretch my hands up and arch my back as far as I can. I love how tight my shirt feels against my bulging biceps, my huge pecs and my wide back as I make myself comfortable. I can’t help but admire all the hard work I’ve put on my body over the years - sure, the new office job and the annoying shifts (and the constant snacking) have made me a bit pudgy in some places, but I’d say I still have the solid base of a college athlete - and the extra protein from my meals have helped me build up more muscle even though I don’t spend as much time in the gym as I used to. That’s going to change asap though!

Damn, I’m going to be at the gym so much, I’m going to be such a sexy cop muscle slut. Even thinking about it gets me so horny and excited. I take a look around the building - still a complete ghost town (apart from the two perps in the back)… What the heck, one good thing about being alone is that I can do whatever I want, right?

Let me just sit here and feel myself up. I close my eyes and start my journey with my large veiny biceps. I do a double barrel pose and give them both a kiss, while I move down my nice, well-defined chest. I trace the outline of my pecs and I give my nipples a little squeeze through my shirt. Oh yeahhhh. Those bad boys are more sensitive than I remember, that jolt went straight to my dick! I trail down my core - I can’t feel the definition in my abs but I can feel the strong muscles underneath a bit of pudge.

I slide down my thick thighs - one positive of being a bit chubby is that your thighs and ass are way thicker than normal. I slide my hands from my outer thighs to my inner thighs, and as I reach up to cup my crotch, my eyes open in alarm. Fuck, why am I zipped up! I reflexively look around the room if anyone’s seen my fuck up, and breathe a sigh of relief to see that I’m still completely alone.

Thank god no one was here to witness this fucking embarassment of a uniform mishap! Everyone knows that the proper way for a cop to be dressed is to have his justice schlong in full display and at attention at all times! Otherwise, how would people take him any seriously? I almost rip my zipper open trying to get my pecker out when I feel a piece of fabric in my breeches - what the hell is that?

Am I wearing… briefs? What the fuck! Why am I wearing briefs on my cock like a fucking trainee? I quickly unbuckle and almost rip the tighty whiteys off. I don’t need these training shorts on me anymore, damn! I put my briefs on my computer monitor for all to see - it’s a bit of a badge of honor for experienced officers, almost like hanging a diploma proudly on your office wall. I make sure to have it inside-out too, so the precum stain from when I pinched my nipples just before is clearly visible, so everyone knows I can get it up, and keep it up!

With my pants still around my ankles, I start groping myself mercilessly right in the middle of the office. I need to make sure I’m at peak horniness at all times, so I really put my back into jacking off. The only effective way to jack off is to emulate the professionals and be really loud and lustful, but unfortunately, I’ve never seen gay porn before so I don’t really know how a real professional does it.

I have seen a couple of female masturbation videos so I try to copy those instead. (okay, fine, I watch them all the time. That’s the only type of porn I watch, apart from lesbian porn, since I hate seeing guys in a sexual setting. Yuck, I’m not a fag!)

Anyway, I turn my chair so I’m facing away from my desk and into the hallway leading to the back rooms. I see another empty chair right in front of me, but I ignore it and I start masturbating again with abandon. Since I know that whenever I masturbate, I need to put on a massive show, I start really moaning and groaning as I play with myself. I mean, I squirm as much as I can, I pump my meat real slowly at first then as fast as I can. I keep my hand still and pretend like I’m fucking a pussy real sensually. Every move in the book that I can think of, with the proper commentary to go with it. I don’t know why but I’m saying shit to the empty room like ‘yeah, you want more of that?’, and ‘eugh, this is a big piece of meat (while slapping my dick on the open faced palm of my hand like a gavel - duh)’, and ‘i’m a clueless mindfucked cop slut under your control, Master!!!’, you know, the usual porno stuff.

I even stick a couple of fingers up my asshole in line with the female masturbation videos I watched - I find that disgusting but I’m just compelled to make this a good show just like the porn videos I watch…. Even though there’s no one watching.

After I work up a bit of a sweat, and I make sure I’m hard and dripping to my high standards, I pull my pants up, rebuckle it at the waist, and I make sure I tuck my shirt into my pants properly, and that my belt is refastened tightly. Then, I pull my rock hard cock and my balls out of my zipper. It’s a bit of a tight squeeze since I have a pretty thick dong, but that’s why I’m one of the best cops out there right? I give people something to look at.

But you know what? These uniforms aren’t all that. Cops like me need to keep our body hot and tight and muscled at all times since we need to be as sluttily dressed as possible at all times so that we get as much action as we can. I mean, what’s the point of a cop if they’re not good-looking, big-dicked and ready for fun at all times? I’m going to have to take charge and make a change to these dumb ass uniforms so I don’t embarrass myself ever again. Like, if I zipped myself up accidentally, what would a complete moron like Humpme do? He’ll probably do something fucking dumn like wear boxer briefs or something and cover up more skin than he needs to!

Damn, I have to get out there and get us better uniforms right away… But actually, before I do that, I need to walk up to the Chief’s office, unlock the door, turn on his computer, and leave the door wide open before I leave.

My head starts getting fuzzy again, and I feel like I’m sleepwalking, but I slowly walk up to the hallway, my hard dick leading the way and bobbing lightly as I make my way to the third door on the right. I grab the keys attached to my gun belt, slide it into the lock as slowly as I can and as I turn the lock I feel an immense wave of pleasure go through me that my dick actually spills some cum on the door. I lazily wipe it up with my finger, and then scoop up the rest of the jism left on my dick and start licking it up with my tongue as I turn the doorknob.

I leave the precinct keys hanging on the lock (they’re completely useless and I don’t need them anyway), go in, turn on the computer, and pull the Chief’s chair back a little bit with just enough space for someone to walk up and sit on it comfortably. I then walk in front of the Chief’s desk, open my shirt up so my pecs are exposed, and do another double barrell bodybuilder pose with a cocky grin on my face. I stand there, still as a statue in an empty room, and count to a 100 in my head.

Once I get to a 100, I turn around and head straight out of the station into my cruiser. Time to get us some new uniforms.

I make sure I have my sirens blaring at full blast as I rush through the roads. Luckily, there aren’t a lot of people out tonight so I speed through the streets with ease, leaving the red and blue glow from my lights in my wake.

I look at my dashboard and realise that it’s way too late to go to any normal department store to have a look at new uniforms, but thanks to my quick thinking and relatively high status as a police officer, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve (no pun intended). I keep driving until I get to the seedier part of town, where prostitutes are known to solicit their wares.

I overheard Humpme bragging about catching someone on a petty theft charge through here a couple of weeks ago, so I thought this was the perfect place to start my investigation. I park my cruiser a few blocks down so I don’t arouse suspicion, then I walk the rest of the way to my destination.

The cool evening air brushes gently against my dripping wet cock, and I’m using all of my willpower not to jack myself off like a cumslut in the middle of the street. I mean, as an officer of the law, it’s expected of me to act like a cheap slut at all times, but I want to keep my boner locked and loaded while I’m on an official police mission. It’s just another way to set myself apart as someone that means business.

After a couple of minutes walking around, I find my target. A pale, young-looking twink has just started skulking from behind a tree, wiping his chin while busily counting some dollar bills and stuffing it in his pocket. I take a deep breath and I zip myself up as I sneak over. Another bigger guy steps out from behind the tree and instantly books it as soon as he sees me. That catches the kid’s attention, but I tackle him to the ground before he escapes.

I try to calm the kid down, but he’s determined to break free from my grasp. He squirms like crazy so I have to tighten my grip even more. ‘Calm down, kid, everything’s going to be okay.’

‘No, no, please, I can’t go back in there,’ he pleads. ‘I promise I wasn’t doing anything wrong, Officer.’

As soon as he finishes talking, I feel an intense wave of pleasure surge through my whole body then center straight into my dick. It’s so hot that I feel like a cheap two dollar slut, and I sure as hell moan like one. I almost lose my grip on the kid, but luckily, I’m right on top of him so my weight keeps him in place. What the fuck just happened!

‘What the fuck just happened,’ the kid exclaims underneath me. ‘Is this turning you on? I thought you were a cop? But if that’s what you’re here for, I can do whatever you want. You don’t even have to pay me!’

‘I am a cop, kid. But I need your help with something.’ ‘Something’ being our uniforms, obviously, not whatever he thinks I’m here for. Wait, did he just confirm that he was a hooker? Oh, man, if he did, today is my lucky day. As a dumbfuck cop slut, it’s my duty to pleasure and service criminals - and if this guy really is a criminal, then he might give me the privilege to be his personal police toy! Everyone knows criminals are the only reasons cops exist and must be given the utmost respect - this guy’s essentially a god in our eyes!

‘Okay, whatever you say, Officer,’ the kid almost yells. I get hit by what feels like another orgasm. But that can’t be an orgasm, I haven’t even touched my dick! ‘Officer?’ The kid asks in a smaller voice, but I almost miss whatever it is he says as my eyes roll into the back of my head- it happened again!

The kid pauses for a long moment, and then out of nowhere, he starts saying, ‘Officer, officer, officer, officer, officer…’. I black out as my mind gets assaulted by an uncontrollable tidal wave of pleasure. After what feels like forever, I’m panting heavily, still on the ground with my hips gyrating like crazy, a huge wet spot on the front of my trousers, and the kid standing over me. How the hell did he do that? Did he teleport or what? One minute I have him in a complete lock, and the next minute he’s above me. My memory is super hazy… was it something he said? The more I try to think about it, the harder it is for me to concentrate, so I just let it go. It’s probably not a big deal anyway.

‘Okay, that’s interesting. At least I know how to get away… But to be honest, if you’re still after a ‘favour’, I can do $10 for a handjob and $50 for a blowie.’

I still can’t talk because I feel like I just ran through a marathon (a marathon of orgasms!) so all I do is shake my head, although my eyes do go wide when he mentions his prices. Wow, to actually be in the presence of a real criminal out in the field. I’ve been waiting for this day since I signed up to be a cop, but I’ve been a desk jockey this entire time. I knew striking out on my own would be a good idea.

I try to keep my cool and get my shit together, so I shake my head and try to stop panting long enough to explain myself, but before I could do so, the kid speaks up again: ‘What are you doing here then?’

My eyes go glassy and I instantly feel calm, and I feel my mouth start moving as I say, ‘I’m a mindfucked cop turned slut. I have been ordered to find a temporary master. If you squeeze my nipples, I will become your helpless, hypnotized personal police toy.

‘Current triggers: Trigger #1: if my master snaps their fingers, I will take anything that they say as the ultimate truth like a gullible gutterslut. Trigger #2: if I hear anyone say the word ‘Officer’, I will cum hard and moan like a cheap two dollar slut, and not notice or remember what happened.’

I shake my head feeling like I just woke up, and my breathing is normal again. The kid’s staring at me dumbstruck, so I take this as an opportunity to speak. ‘Hey, kid, you’re not in trouble. I just need your help designing some uniforms. All the stores are closed so you’re my only hope.’

Halfway through my first sentence, the kid starts walking towards me and I get on the defensive, when he randomly squeezes both of my nipples. ‘Thank you, master,’ I hear myself say. I mean, that’s the normal response when your master squeezes your nipples, right? I wait expectantly for a few seconds, and then speak again, ‘So what do you say, master?’

The kid smiles a devilish grin and says, ‘Master? I can get used to this!’

‘Uhm, what can I get you to do? Hmmm… How much money do you have in your wallet?’

I pull out my wallet and start counting my bills. ‘I have about $90 in here, Master.’

The kid lets out a long whistle. ‘That’s a lot of money for my slave to be holding. Why don’t you give that to me?’

‘Yeah, of course, here you go, Master.’ I hand all my cash over to the kid with a dumb grin. His eyes light up as he grabs my cash, which makes him look even younger with his delicate features.

‘Hop up and down on one foot, while rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time.’ I rush to follow his commands as soon as he finishes speaking, the smile on my face vanishing as I put all of my willpower into following my Master’s commands.

I look at my master and he’s busy counting the money that I just gave him, and he pulls up a couple of crumpled bills from his pants pockets and counts those, too. After he does all that, he looks up at me and tells me to stop. I stand at attention, and I notice that sweats dripping down my brow and I’m slightly out of breath. I’m grateful my master let me take a rest, but honestly, I would’ve just bounced on my leg in this seedy neighborhood for the rest of my life if he wanted me to.

‘Okay, Officer,’ he says that last word with particular emphasis, and my knees go weak as another orgasm hits me, hard, and a long moan escapes from my lips. Why does that keep happening? ‘Honestly, I’m a pretty busy man running an important business with my fantastic sense of fashion being just one of my many talents, and you’ll realise that you and your cop buddies are completely beneath me in every way and me talking to you is a complete waste of my time.’

SNAP. I instantly avert my gaze and look down at the ground, a blush creeping up my neck. Why would I ever think that a fashion genius like my master would waste his time helping me? I’m just a worthless cop; our entire existence is a fucking joke!

I try to sneak a peek at his amazing outfit - a ratty t-shirt with a couple of rips in it, so baggy that it looks like it’s swallowing his lithe frame; very old and baggy jeans that are being held tight by a knitted belt; and socks with crocs, with a hole where his big toe is pointing through. I try to mentally file his outfit in my head so I can copy it later - imagine me walking into a club dressed like that! Fuck, the ladies will be all over me, and the guys will want to be me! I got to throw all my usual dress shirts and leather shoes out, those are fucking yuck compared to these.

Actually, no. I have so much to learn from such a titan of the fashion industry, and even though cops are worthless sluts who aren’t good for anything more than a hole to keep criminal cocks warm, I’m honor bound not to give up! I need a uniform that reflects our standing in society perfectly, and this genius in front of me just nailed it on the head. We’re beneath him and everyone else! If only I could get him to reflect that in a uniform…

In a last ditch effort, I say, ‘Master, permission to speak?’ I look up plaintively and see my master shrug his shoulders, and I summon every ounce of courage to look up and plead. ‘Master, please, only you and your genius can capture what truly worthless sluts all cops are. And you know us, if you don’t help us, we’ll just fuck it up like everything else that we do! I know-’

He interrupts me mid-sentence, ‘I’m really enjoying this speech, but I think it’ll be better with some waterworks. I want you to cry for the rest of this.’ SNAP.

I feel my throat tighten and the tears well up in my eyes, but I soldier on. ‘I know you have better things to do than help the police department, since we’re all just basically a couple of walking good-for-nothing excuses for blow up dolls, but it would be a highlight of my life to wear one of your originals.’ I sniffle a little. ‘Master. I sincerely mean that.’ I’m sobbing hard at this point, I haven’t cried this hard since my wife passed away, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that’s just as important, if not more important!

I wipe away the tears from my eyes as I look up, and my master seems to actually be considering it. He looks at me with a stern face and says, ‘Okay, maybe, you can prove yourself to me. I’ve been considering adding an intern to my staff, and a dumb beefcake muscleslut like you MIGHT be a good fit. It’ll be unpaid of course, and you’ll basically be nothing but my bitch. How would a manly cop like you feel about serving someone a foot shorter and 100 pounds lighter than you?’

I usually play stuff like this cool, but I can barely contain the giant grin on my face. ‘Well, slap my ass and call me Sally, I’d love to be your little muscleslut bitch boy!’

He lets out a little chuckle. ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, who said I was offering you the job? That’s a bit presumptuous isn’t it?’ My heart drops as soon as I hear him say it. Fuck, stupid, stupid, stupid. ‘You’re going to have to apply like everyone else!’

I put a straight face on and keep it professional. I start off with an elevator pitch, important stuff only: ‘I’m hardworking, reliable and punctual. I graduated first in my class at university, and have a couple of years’ experience in administrative work. I’m 6’3’’, 200 pounds of muscle from my time as a linebacker, and I’ve got a seven inch dick, uncut, that bends slightly to the left when I’m hard. I leak precum when I’m horny, and my tongue can work wonders on-’

My master starts laughing his head off in front of me, so I trail off a bit and wait until he regains his composure. Fuck, I’m blowing this interview! Why didn’t I practice this before I came over, he must have hundreds and hundreds of applicants knocking on his door. He’s not going to hire a dumbass 26-year-old cop like me.

‘Okay, okay, that’s allgood, whatever. You passed the first round of interviews.’ I can hear him stifle laughter after saying that, but I ignore it. ‘Next round is a video interview, then an oral examination. You see, a lot of the work you’ll be doing will be hands on. I’ve got a standing… project with a dude where I need to make $500 a night, and I’m not anywhere close to that number yet, and that’ll keep me busy from any other projects, if you know what I mean.’

‘Say no more, sir. If I’m accepted in this position, I’ll devote my entire being to making your life easier so you can do the important stuff. I’m ready for my video interview.’

‘Nice, nice, I like your moxie, kid!’ I feel a wave of pride come through me as he says that, even though I’m clearly way older than him. ‘Okay, one of your most important roles will be ‘hand stuff’, or as we say in the business, ‘manual stimulation’. I’m going to record you jacking yourself off in your cop uniform, and I want you to get reallllyyy into it. Pretend as if you’re servicing a client.

‘Give me your phone. Okay, good, now, read off the details on your badge and then go at it.’

‘Michael Campbell, badge number 33215.’ Huh, that’s the wrong name… but my master said to read off my badge, so I don’t question it. I stare straight into the camera, and I start off by flexing my guns and giving both my biceps a kiss. Hey, he said to really get into it, and this is probably the most important thing that’ll happen in my life, so I’m giving it my all.

I trace my pecs and start squeezing my nipple, doing my best expression of slutty delight. I feel my dick stiffening in my pants, and I caress my torso down towards my pants. I unbuckle my belt a little and gyrate my hips as I push my pants down just to give a peek of my neatly trimmed bush, before I lewdly molest myself in front of this kids camera.

I cup my balls and start pumping the air as smoothly as I can, and then I start grabbing my thick fuck stick. You can clearly see the outline on my pants and see a bit of pre staining my pant leg, when I stroke down the full length before I unzip and fish it out. I make sure my balls and my dick are both out, and I start stroking realllll slow, almost like I’m squeezing precum out of my dick.

I make sure I give extra attention to my balls - I used to love it when girls would do that to me, and I want this video to accurately present my knowledge of handjobs. I make some grunting noises as I start speeding up, pumping as hard as I can for the finale. As my breath gets shorter, my future boss (fingers crossed!) speaks again. ‘Make sure you catch all the cum in your hand, I want you to put it in your mouth and hold it. Oh, and start chanting fuck the police until you cum.’

Fuck, I’m so close. ‘Fuck the police, fuck the police, fuck the police, fuck the police…’ I feel myself get in a frenzy as I use both hands to stroke my pole, basically just fucking my hands into the cool night air. I keep saying my mantra but my breath is so ragged that I barely make any sense .Finally, I cup my balls one last time as I feel them churn out my cum, instantly reaching out and grabbing every single drop. ‘FUCK! THE! POLICE’ I say during the final three thrusts as my cock explodes all over my hand.

My master walks closer to me and does a quick close up of my hand, badge and then face, before he instructs me to put the cum in my mouth. I keep my mouth open with the cum in it as wait for my master’s next instruction.

‘Okay, curveball! Sometimes, we get female clients so you’re going to need to know how to fingerfuck a hole. Why don’t you demonstrate with your own boypussy?’

I instantly pull my pants down and start fucking myself in my little cop cunt. I’ve never had anything up there, so it’s a bit painful, but I slow stretch myself open. Actually, to help with that, I scoop a tiny bit of cum out of my mouth and use the precum dripping from my dick as lube. My master nodded in approval when I did that - win!

‘Nice, time to swallow your jizz, it’s looking pretty rank in your mouth. Okay, next step is your oral exam. One of our premium services is a topshelf blowjob service.’ He then unceremoniously pulls down his pants, and taps his already hard dick. ‘Hop to it! You’ll be judged on your skill and how long it takes to get your client off. Remember, time is money!’

There’s not a moment to lose then! I don’t even bother to pull my pants up as I get on my knees and crawl to my master. I hit my knees a little too hard and I can already feel the bruises coming in, but I can’t stop. I swallow his entire member in one fell swoop, gaggin a little bit since he’s almost as big as me. His dick tastes a little rank and I smell something faintly pungent as my nose hits his pubic bone, but I ignore it as I suck him off like there’s no tomorrow. Again, I make sure I don’t neglect the very sensitive balls, and since I’ve got his whole pole in my mouth, I use my hands to start stroking his lean, taut stomach and his thighs. Man, his thighs are probably the size of one of my biceps!

After a few seconds of this, I hear my master panting as he deposits his seed into my mouth. I try to get it all in, and then I open my mouth with an expectant look on my face. He told me to hold my cum in my mouth before, so I’m doing it again. My jaw hurts a bit, I can feel drool down the side of my chin, and I try not to think about how it is actually incredibly embarrassing having my mouth bukkakked, with my pants down and my hard dick out, kneeling in front of someone that’s clearly never seen the inside of a gym. Luckily, I’m an officer of the law trying to get an internship with the most talented mind of this generation so I’m actually a little proud.

My master catches his breath and congratulates me on my interviewing skills. ‘Okay, okay, you know your stuff. I think you’re ready for some real work.’

I crawl into the passenger side of a beat up Subaru, and lean forward to give my client a kiss. He looks like he’s in his mid-40s, and he clearly hasn’t taken care of himself. His car’s filled with discarded takeaway boxes, and there’s a ketchup stain on his anime shirt. He’s balding a bit and is just a couple of pounds under being classified as medically obese.

I lean back a bit as I let him see my body. ‘$10 for a handie, $20 for a blowie.’ His eyes light up at my prices - much cheaper than what he usually gets from my master, but hey, I’m new so I can’t complain, and my master said cops like me deserve to be used as cheap whores and that these prices will get my mouth fucked good and plenty. What a genius!

He doesn’t even answer, he just unzips his pants, grabs the back of my head, and shoves my head roughly into his crotch. He smells even worse than master - there’s a strong shirmpy smell coming from his dick, and when I give it my first lick, it’s incredibly salty and a little bitter. This guy has basically no muscle mass so I could easily have beat him up for grabbing me like that, but I need to make a good impression for my master, so instead I squeal in delight as my lips touch his shrivelled dick.

Luckily, he isn’t that big down there (probably 3 inches hard) so I don’t mind as much when he starts facefucking me like crazy. I just focus on keeping my mouth shaped like a blow up doll with maximum suction until he cums, and judging by how out of breath he sounds (and the BO from his sweat), it sounds like time is almost up. I fondle his grape-sized ball to speed it up a bit (time is money, after all!), and when he’s close, he pulls my head off his dick and cums all over my face.

At my master’s command, I cream my shorts as soon as my client comes. My briefs are basically soaked through at this point since this is my 8th client of the night, but that’s allgood. I sit up and give him a winning smile as I wipe his cum off and start eating it. He pinches my nipple and tells me to ‘get the fuck out’ of his car. As I turn around, I feel him shove me and I fall onto the sidewalk. He chucks me a couple of dollar bills, and some loose change from his glovebox, and drives off.

As I regain my composure, I crouch down and pick up the coins on the floor while folding the bills lengthwise and having them stick out of my undies as I walk back to my master. I feel a spring in my step at another job well done, and I can’t help but have my head held high as I walk over to him sitting on a bench.

After my interview session, Master put me to work straight away. His first brilliant suggestion? Lose my dumb cop uniform since it’ll spook potential customers. I almost fucking slapped myself in the face for not realising that. I toss my hat, pants, gun belt, shoes, shirt, and badge onto the ground, not even caring that some of the stuff landed into a puddle. They’re dumb anyway. ‘What are you doing dumbass, you can’t just walk around naked either! At least keep your boxer shorts on or something!’ After explaining that I don’t have any underwear, he shakes his head and chuckles. ‘Wow, whoever did this did a fucking number on you. Come over here and let me spank you for being an incompetent dumbass.’ SLAP!

‘Okay, tell you what, I’m going to do you a huge favour. I’m going to let you have something from my exclusive collection of clothes. Close your eyes. Okay, when I snap my fingers, you’ll fall madly in love with whatever I have in my hand and will think it’s the best piece of clothing in the world. Open your eyes.’

I see my master quickly redo the belt on his jeans and hold up a stained, yellowing pair of (previously white) boxer briefs with a couple of holes in them. SNAP. I shake my head a bit and when I look back, I realise that I’m looking at a true piece of art and the best piece of clothing in the world. I almost salivate and my eyes go wide, and I don’t dare speak in case I embarrass myself.

‘Put this on, you’ll use this while you do cheap tricks on the street for me.’

I gingerly take the piece of underwear with both hands, and take a moment to take in every wonderful detail, and every exquisitely handmade stitch. I put my fingers through the torn open hole by the elastic, I see the stronger concentration of yellow and fresh cum stain from my earlier blowjob, and the slightly starchy feel of the underwear near the crotch.

I feel like I could look at this forever when my master angrily tells me to hurry the fuck up and make some money. By reflex, I wipe my eyes and realise that I’m crying - my emotions got the better of me after getting such a fantastic gift. ‘I’ll do you proud, Master, I promise!’

Cut back to now, as my master sits on the park bench, going through my phone. I mean, his phone. I gave him my brand new iPhone in exchange for the Motorola phone he had before. Not to brag, but the Motorola is my brand new work phone!!

Obviously, I gave Master the password to my phone, and all my accounts, personal and work, and all of my bank accounts, my social security number, my pension scheme. I mean, I did sort of stiff him with a dud while I got a state of the art business phone, so I wanted to make sure he could at least use its limited function to the fullest. He’s such a true leader, always thinking of others before himself. Man, I feel sorry for him - he doesn’t have a sick Backgammon game on his phone, or have a state-of-the-art 180p camera.

‘Welcome back, Officer.’ I feel the wet spot grow in my briefs as I let out a guttural moan. I pass him the money I made without a word, and he nods in approval. ‘What the fuck.. This is only $19.43! Don’t you know how to count. FUCK. Bend over my lap so I can punish you.’ I bend over, pull my briefs down, and he smacks me on the ass.

‘If you don’t know how to count, I’m going to teach you. Count out and THANK ME for each slap that I give you. I’m not going to stop until I get pay back - one slap for one cent.’ He spanks me, hard, as I say. ‘One cent, thank you, master.’ He keeps going until my ass is completely sore and burning. ‘57 cents, thank you, master!!!’

As soon as he’s done, I stand back up (which is a massive feat after that spanking), and I say, ‘I’m ready for my next trick, master!’

He giggles and says, ‘Actually, we made $500 a couple of blowjobs ago… The last few were just for me. Apart from that recent fuckup, you actually did a pretty good job. You’re pretty proud of that, I’m sure.’

I nod my head eagerly in agreement. ‘Okay, good, that’s what I thought. This is probably something you want to share with the world, right? Why don’t we make a Facebook status about what a good job you’ve done. Go grab your dumb cop uniform from that puddle, and pose for a picture… Okay, nice, nah, you’re not wearing those, chuck them on the ground in front of you. Good. Actually, no put your hat on. Nice, nice, I’ll turn on the flash so we can really see the dried up cum stains on your face… Actually pull your cock out of those briefs, and get them hard. Now point them down and make it look like you’re cumming on your old uniform. Okay, now make a dumb orgasm face… actually, wait, I’ve got a better idea. Hold that pose, 1, 2, 3, OFFICER!’

Status update: Finally getting to play with the big boys! My master just told me that since I”ve done a good job, I get to meet some of his important contacts in the fashion industry. He orders me to pick up my soaked uniform (mixture of water and spunk, no big deal) and then give him a piggy back ride back to the cruiser.

It’s a couple of blocks away, and since I’m a cop pig, obviously it only makes sense for me to carry him back. With my dick still flopping up the top of my bespoke underwear, I run back to the cruiser, my master having the time of his life on my back. At his suggestion, I oink like the pig that I am every 500 meters, so I do so.

I’m exhausted after my run, but I can’t stop. I go to the passenger side door, hold the door open for my master to get in, and I go over to the driver’s side when my master has another fantastic idea. He says that since I’m a dumb fuckup cop slut with nothing but dicks and fuck sticks on my mind, I might get confused between the gear shift, the handbrake, and our two rock hard dicks because… well they all look like fuck sticks.

So he has the marvellous idea of me jacking us both off in my cruiser. When we get close, he tells me to aim all over the dashboard, and I don’t know how, but I absolutely drench my dashboard with our baby juice. Damn, we must’ve been hornier than I thought. With my mind cleared, our dicks soft, and the strong stench of cum in my police car (I think some of my cum fell in the airconditioning vent), I turn on my sirens and my lights. A bit of jizz gets stuck on my finger from the buttons, so I lick it off before we drive into the night.

‘What do you mean, this cop’s completely mindfucked?’

‘I mean, he’s completely mindfucked!! He checks out, too, I remember he took my prints the last time they booked me.’

‘But that doesn’t make any sense!’

‘It doesn’t need to make sense. You won’t even believe the things I”ve made him do! Actually, I’ve got video evidence.’

‘Whoa, what the fuck, when did you get an iPhone 10?’

‘Oh, I traded my Motorola for it with the Officer over here.’ I grab the chair in front of me and let out a lewd moan. ‘Show him your phone, dumbass.’

I carefully pull the phone out of my crotch and hand it to him. ‘Oh, wow, this is a fancy phone.’ He giggles as he winks at my master. ‘You’re one lucky boy. Would you ever think of selling that to me?’ I shake my head. As if I’m going to sell a premium phone like this to this dump of a pawn shop - I mean, it’s right next to a strip club. I’ve got standards.

‘Hey, Tony, watch this. Hey, dude, is that real gold?’ My master says as I point to my ring. I nod and tell him the background of it. I saved up a year’s worth of my salary to get it for my wife, but she’s since passed away. I haven’t taken it off at all since she passed, and I don’t think I ever will.’ Master looks at his friend, mimes some fake crying, winks, and says, ‘Hey, it’s probably had a lot of cum stains on it after your performance tonight. You wouldn’t want to defile that symbol of love like that, right?

‘When I snap my fingers, you’ll realise that you’ll need to hand it over to Tony over there since he’s an expert and he’ll know how to take care of it. ’ SNAP. I pull off my wedding ring without hesitation, and hand it to Tony. He notices the engraving on it and compliments me on my choice, and I confirm it’s original price ($7,000), and he opens a glass case and puts it in. Oh yeah, that’s a good place to put it. Nice and safe. He then writes $1,000 on a tiny piece of paper and puts it next to my ring. Wow, he’s hiding the true value of it so no one will come in and steal it if he gets robbed. Fuck, that’s a stand up guy right there. I nod my thanks as my master shoves my old phone in his face.

Tony reads it and says, ‘Damn, 49 likes and 80 comments on your most recent Facebook post. Wow, you’re a celebrity.’ My master clicks another few buttons on my phone, and I recognize the sound of me grunting and squelching sounds over the speaker of my old phone.

‘Oh fuck, he’s got his badge number and stuff on this, too. Okay, I guess you’ve got me convinced,’ my master’s friend says with a sigh. ‘So what are you doing here anyway?’

‘Campbell here wants some new ‘equipment’ for the police squad. And we’re going to help him, and I guess have some fun along the way.’

‘My name is Cumdump.’

‘Huh?’ Both kids’ eyes open wide in shock.

‘My name is Officer-’ MOAN ‘Mcfaggot Cumdump.’

You can hear a pin drop in the room, and then both kids realise what I just said - and they start laughing like crazy! I just felt compelled to correct them, I’m proud of my name and I want everyone to know it! But since he’s my master, I stay quiet.

‘Whoa, are you mad? Answer me truthfully.’

‘Yes, sir, I’m sick of people getting my name wrong. And the badge that I read out before had the wrong name too.’

‘I think I know how we can fix that. Dude, do you still have that tattoo gun that that meth head sold you the other day? I think I can help Cumdump out by making sure no one ever forgets his name… At least, while they’re fucking him. Would you like that, Officer?’

‘Ye – AAHH. I mean, yes, master, but you’ve already done so much for me.’

‘Don’t mention it. Anyway, for the new cop uniforms, do you reckon we can get some help from the ladies next door? And you’re still looking to get rid of all that fetish stuff you got before right?’

‘Oh yeah, bro,’ the pawn shop owner says. ‘And they’re in the perfect color for the boys in blue, too.’

‘Haha righteous. Okay, listen up, Cumdump. I think I’m going to go ahead and give you a permanent position as an intern in my company.’

Wait, hold up! What the hell! No way, that’s a huge honor. I can barely contain my excitement but I keep my shit together for once, and stoically say, ‘What do you mean, master?’

‘I MEAN, you get to be my stupid cop hooker for the rest of your life? Isn’t that perfect?’

I’m overcome by emotion, and my voice starts shaking when I blurt out, ‘Thank you, master, I promise you won’t regret this! I’ll be the best cocksucker in town, I fucking promise on my life!!’

‘I think Tony will be out back for a while getting all the supplies. How about we seal the deal on your new role with a good old ass fuck?’

I break into a grin, and I actually keep my voice under control when I say, ‘Of course, master! Please breed my cop pussy and take my ass virginity.’

My master bends me over the clear glass desk, and starts pulling my underwear down, when he suddenly goes, ‘oh wait, I almost forgot!’ He disappears for a bit, and I patiently stay in position and wait for him. He comes back and I hear a cap pop open. Oh, good, he’s got some lube.

I’m waiting for him to pull my pants down with bated breath, but instead I feel something cold touch my lower back. I jump in surprise when he starts talking again, ‘Hold still, Cumdump, I’m writing your name on your back. I’ll make sure it becomes permanent when we get the tattoo gun in working order, but I want the maiden voyage on your asshole in full effect.

‘Once we get your tramp stamp on, you won’t ever have that awkward situation where people get your name wrong ever again! Well, you’ll have to make sure they fuck you first I guess… Hope all the people you meet like doggy! I just wanted to keep your underwear on so I know where to put it so it peeks out if your shirt rides up or something.’

Fuck, there goes my master, always thinking about everything. This is why he’s a fashion genius. After he writes my name, he pulls my pants down, has me lick the palm of his hand, and then just shoves his dick straight into my ass. He says cops like me are fuck machines by nature, so we don’t need lube - and we need to be mindful of how we spend our taxpayers’ money anyway - and you know, he’s a 100% right. I don’t know why I wanted lube before.

The pain was excruciating at first, but as I kept talking to my master, I realised that I loved the pain and it’s actually heightening my pleasure even more. He keeps pumping into me mercilessly, and I notice my wedding ring is in the glass case. I can’t help but smile as I look at my wedding ring, a reminder of what previously was my most important achievement in life (well, it’s a pointless stupid achievement compared to being my master’s intern and personal fucktoy, but I digress).

Master makes sure to feel up my muscles as he fucks me, with his favourite place to rest his hands obviously over my massive tits. I hear the pawn shop owner shuffling back as my master speeds up his pace. I feel the cold edges of the glass display case digging into my skin, but I wouldn’t dare interrupt my master during his creative process. He must be close.

I make eye contact with the shop keeper just as soon as my master lets out a wail. He pulls my hair and screams ‘CUM!’ which makes me jizz all over the shop keeper’s floor.

‘Having a bit of fun, are we?’ the shopkeeper asks my master.

‘Nah, just doing some business. Did you find the tattoo gun?’

‘Sorry, mate, fresh out of luck. I found you a bag of toys though.’

‘Oh, perfect.’ Master grabs the bag from his friend and pulls out a navy blue dildo. ‘Okay, when I snap my fingers, you’re going to realise that this is part of your uniform. It’s your new night stick. You’re going to stick it straight into your ass, and make sure none of my juice fall out of you. You’ll think this is completely normal, and you’ll be convinced it’s an integral part of your new uniform.’


Master lightly slaps me on the face with something, and when I turn I see… oh, fuck, is that part of our new uniform? My eyes go wide as my master confirms my suspicions, and I grab it with shaking hands. ‘Make sure you lube it up with some spit before you shove it in.’ I nod my head at master’s instructions, even though that’s obvious police procedure.

I give my night stick a loving blowjob like slurp as my master pulls out of me. (it’s a big deal earning one of these - you don’t get your first night stick until way after you graduate from the police academy). There’s a slight pungent taste to it, as if it’s recently been used, but I just power through it. As soon as he pulls out of my ass, I stick the dildo straight in - it’s a little bigger than master, so I have to go a bit slow and rock back and forth, but at least it’ll form an airtight seal.

Master walks me through the rest of the items in his bag of goodies, and explain how each item is to be used and the entire history and rationale behind picking each item. I take notes on my Motorola like I’m in a masterclass (well, technically, I am) and grab the bag.

‘Hey, dude, want to see something cool?’ my master says to his friend, as I start repacking all our new gear into the hot pink back pack that the pawnshop owner has generously lent us. After receiving confirmation, my master turns back to me. ‘Okay, Cumdump, it’s time to go. When I snap my fingers, you’ll realise that, as my intern, you’ll want to be my live-in maid, butler and personal cum toy so you’ll want to give me your house address and your keys. Oh, and give me the keys to the cruiser, too. I’ll need a way to get to my new home from here. Do you have a car?’

‘Yes, master, I just bought a new BMW.’

‘Okay, you’re going to change the lease to that in my name, too, but you’ll keep paying for everything right? The rent, the utilities, the food and the car. Of course you are.’


I instantly stand back up, and walk over to my master. ‘I just had a marvellous idea, and I was hoping to run it past you. To better serve you and the community, I think it’s a good idea to keep both my job as a cop slut and my job as your personal bitch boy, but it’ll be hard to have both jobs at the same time. I know that’s not your problem, but I’m willing to put in the work… so, I was hoping, please, if you could live in my house and drive my car so I’ll be available for you to boss around whenever your heart desires? Maybe I can be your personal maid, your personal butler, your personal cum toy? I’ll wake you up with blowjobs, you can bend me over the kitchen counter while I cook your meals and wash your dishes? I’ll wait on you hand and foot at the ring of a bell. Actually, do you guys sell bells here?’ I look to the shopkeeper.

I feel my self squirm and my desperation mounts as my master just looks at me. Fuck, I’ll do anything for him to say yes. I get ready to beg when he shrugs and says okay. I plug the address into google maps on my old iphone, and give him the keys to my house and to my cruiser. I can’t wait to serve him when I get home.

My master speaks again, ‘I got you a special uniform that only you can wear on your ride back to the station, by the way. The shopkeeper hands him a pink see-through tutu that’s a little tattered, a pink leather jacket with some rips in it and the zipper broken, and a pink helmet that’s a bit scuffed. SNAP. Oh, fuck, they look fucking amazing, I can’t wait to wear them. But… I don’t want to take off my designer briefs. I plead for my master to let me keep them on since I’m technically not at the station yet, but he silences me and convinces me that the outfit won’t work if my rock hard cock isn’t out, and my plugged up copcunt isn’t visible.

Being the visionary that he is, he tells me to wear my stained briefs on my helmet instead! Jackpot! That means more people will see it, which will be perfect. ‘But why do I need to wear a helmet in a squad car?’

‘Oh, no, no, no, I’ve had a big night, so I’m going to go straight to my new house… wow, I can’t believe I have a house now… You’re going to have to find another ride to the station. Luckily, we’ve got something set up just for you.’ I see them wheel in a pink bike, complete with tassels and a basket - the girliest bike I’ve ever seen. ‘When I snap my fingers, you’ll realise that that’s the perfect bike for a speed demon like you, and you’ll ride it happily back to the station. It actually turns you on a little bit, seeing it.’

SNAP. The blood flows straight into my dick when I lay eyes on my new chopper. Oh shiiittt, everyone on the streets better watch out. And it matches my jacket and helmet and tutu perfectly! Fuck yeah!

Master’s friend coughs a bit and gives him a pointed look, and for the first time that night, I see master act a little sheepish. ‘Oh, one more thing, you’re going to have to pay for all of this. When I snap my fingers, you’ll realise that all that stuff you got adds up to… $5,000. Oh, and you’ll think that’s a bargain’

Master’s friend’s eyes go wide, as I hear master snap my fingers. Oh fuck, only $5,000!! And I get all this equipment. I can’t believe my master would hook me up like this! And everything’s of equal quality too - I can’t wait to find what other small authentic details I”ll find in the rest of the uniforms. Like, the cunt juices on that dildo… you can’t get that from a brand new store.

‘Go and use his in-house ATM over there so you can hand him cash, dildobutt.’ As I walk over to the ATM, the shop keeper says something to my master that I miss. ‘Oh, make sure you only take out cash in $200 increments.’ Yeah, that’s a great idea! After the $5 fee for every transaction, I end up paying an extra $125, but master knows best. He and master high five when I hand over the money, and then the shop keeper slaps my bare ass right after.

‘Nice tramp stamp, OFFICER.’ I jump a bit in surprise and moan my thanks, and my tutu tickles my rock hard dick and I get a bit of pre on it.

‘Okay, Cumdump, you better get going. Oh, but before you go, why don’t you leave your credit cards here, and don’t forget to tell me your pin. Leave your useless badge and gun too, and… sorry, what was that, dude? Oh and I’m really liking the look of that watch.’

‘Thanks, master. It’s my dad’s watch - he gave it to me when I graduated from the police academy! My family’s had it for generations, and as my dad’s only child, he thought I should have it. My greatgrandfather’s name is engraved on it, he got give it during World War I. I remember growing up, wanting to-’

‘Blah, blah, blah, that’s really touching. When I snap my fingers, you’ll think it’s a great idea to give it to me as a gift for turning you into my personal himbo.’

SNAP. In a daze, I take off my family heirloom and realise that it’ll be more suited with the person who taught me how to be a real man - my maser who turned me into his personal himbo. At his request, I take a photo in my pink police uniform, with my hard dick out and his arm around me, me kissing my grandfather’s watch on his wrist, and sending it to my dad.

‘Okay, you better get going now. Keep safe out there, OFFICER.’

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