Colossal Clothing

By QuasarSun
published May 29, 2020
1995 words

Spencer is just your average post-college graduate, down on his luck and working a dead-end job. When he runs across a magical clothing store that changes him in ways he never could of expected he learns there is more out there to experience and with the help of the sexy and cute store owner he finds exactly what he is looking for.

The day was beginning to wear on Spencer. As customer after customer had come into his place of work and he just wanted to go home and relax.

Spencer made his way down the sidewalk, his shoes tapping on the concrete which carried a body with only a hint of fat on it, and no muscles situated on his frame. He rose to a height of 5 feet 6 inches. A friend of his had commented on his looks, particularly due to his short cut light brown hair, that he looked like Elijah Wood if he was not a movie star.

He sighed. 24 years old and out of college and all Spencer could find for work was a dingy old strip mall grocery cashier.

What the fuck am I doing with my life?

As Spencer pondered on this, a mysterious building appeared out of thin air unnoticed to anyone. The building situated itself just along the youth’s route. As the young man walked up to it, he paused as if he had forgotten something and was able to turn around and change directions. Instead of leaving though, he glanced at the building, taking note of the building’s sign marking what it was called.

Colossal Clothing.

Spencer titled his head. He glanced around him. The small-town main street, vacant this afternoon, which was strange.

Had he always walked past this clothing store every time after work?

Spencer shifted, uncomfortable. The man stood there in front of the store as a loose string fell from his t-shirt without cause, the bit of cloth tickling his arm. Spencer grabbed it and without thinking, pulled it in an attempt to get it off his shirt. A loud rip made Spencer wince at his stupid act. He lifted his right arm and witnessed the massive hole now in his t-shirt’s armpit.

Spencer groaned, throwing his head back at the injustice of the universe on him, but then he eyed the clothing store he had been studying. He realized he was still standing in front of it, its presence no less confusing to Spencer. He gave the store one last look before giving his shoulders a shrug.

"I guess it’s convenient I’m at a clothing store cause I don’t want to walk all the way home with this ruined t-shirt.”

Spencer pushed through Colossal Clothing’s doorway. A bell ringing above him, signaling his entrance. The inside was as big as any other main street store. Circular racks of shirts and jackets as well as tables of all kinds of pants took up most of the store. As Spencer drifted through the maze of displays, he noticed that the store seemed to be catered to male clothing.

Lucky me.

Spencer then rigid in surprise at the next section of the store.

It was all underwear.

Now on its own, Spencer would not have paid underwear sections any mind, but this store had the strangest one he’d ever seen. The displays highlighted each type of underwear with images of big, hairy men. Men who wore a range of different undergarments, jockstraps, trunks, boxers, briefs, compression pants. Spencer felt his face grow hot as he took in every display’s bulge, and boy did the men in those signs have some bulges. He was worried if bulges as obscene as these were even allowed in a public store.

A door shutting made Spencer jump, nervous that someone was watching his cargo shorts tent up in mimicry of the displays. But as he turned to see the person coming from the back, he was relieved to see the clerk had his back turned to him as he was locking the door he just emerged from. The clerk turned and Spencer felt his face start to heat up again as he took in the man’s appearance.

The clerk was one of the largest men Spencer had ever seen. Shoulders and arms strained the clerk’s store logo t-shirt, which was of two flexing men one small and the other large as if the smaller was turning into the larger. Arm muscles rippling under that t-shirt’s sleeves and they were not some bodybuilder’s muscle but a strongman’s, thick not bulging. The man’s torso though was just as thick as those arms, a paunch of strong thickness making a ball with the clerk’s belly.

It was then that Spencer took in the man’s height, as the man was walking toward him. He towered over Spencer, having to be close to 7 feet tall if not taller, and on the top of this height rested his beautiful hair and beard. The hair there was a chocolate brown with a bushy short boxed beard wrapping around his jawline and mouth. His head featuring an undercut hairstyle, the sides short and the top combed back. Finally, Spencer’s stare zoned in on the man’s eyes, an eyebrow piercing over his left eye and blue-green eyes sparkling back at him.

“Welcome to Colossal Clothing. How can I help you today? My name’s Alan, I’m the owner of this magical place.”

Spencer gaped like a dying fish. Alan’s voice rumbling out him in a deep baritone. Blue-green eyes studied the speechless youth, a smile of understanding amusement lighting up Alan’s face.

“It seems my dashing good looks has made quite an impression on you. No worries I can already see why you’re here."

Alan emphasized this with a finger gun point at Spencer’s armpit, the evil string hanging loose there. Spencer finally came to his sense. He shook his head trying not to think about how red his contrasting and barren face was to Alan. He gathered a bit of the wayward string in his hand, sighing.

“Um, yeah it kinda ripped on my way home. I just needed a simple t-shirt.”

Alan nodded in agreement but held up a large mitt of a hand to as if to pause Spencer’s suggestion.

“How about this, if you are interested, I’ll give one of our best t-shirts for free…”

Spencer’s eyebrows perked up at that. He had not gotten paid yet, so cash was tight, so he had expected to only buy the cheapest of shirts as he did most of the time.

“…if you consider coming to work for me.”

Spencer did not know his eyes could grow any larger. Maybe this day was not as shitty as he thought it was. If he got to work with this dreamboat of a man on an almost daily basis then he was all for it.

“Wow, I don’t know what to say.”

Alan smirked, “Don’t mention it. Let’s say this. We’ll pick out your new shirt and you can come back tomorrow, and you give me your final answer. How’s that sound?”

Spencer nodded, “Sure thing.”

Alan gave Spencer two thumbs, “Great. Follow me then.”

Alan turned and Spencer followed. They walked a short distance to the store’s checkout counter. Alan rounded it as Spencer stood at the front. He watched as Alan bent and brought up a portfolio. He placed it on the counter and spun it around to the shorter man. Spencer reached up and opened it. The book was full of similar-looking men as the underwear displays but these were smaller men. Spencer knew the term for these types of men, otters. The otters wore different ties of various colors with different designs on them. As Spencer turned the pages, Alan commented on the models within.

“I commission different men to pose for my merchandise. You’d be amazed how awesome it is to work with these handsome men are. Plus, as you’ll see and I guess have already seen, I promote body positivity here. Any size of man is welcome here at Colossal Clothing.”

Spencer did indeed see. The models continued to grow in size. Muscles growing bigger and bigger for some, and fat filling out others. He was beginning to really like Alan. He gave a sneaking peek at Alan, wondering if the man were single, and with that peek, Spencer could see Alan studying the man as close as Spencer was.

Oh yeah, this guy is definitely gay.

Spencer smirked, daydreams of going out on a date with this mountain of a man. The pages paused in their journey. There on the right page appeared the perfect profile. If Spencer had one word to describe the chubby and hairy man it was Viking. The long, big, ginger beard and hair as much a calling card as the Viking helmet icon on the black-tie he wore. Spencer brought a finger and tapped that profile. Alan’s brows rose, clear agreement on his face as he smiled up at him. Spencer felt himself blush.

“This one is perfect. I love Viking stuff.”

Alan gave Spencer a smirk and a knowing look as he stood up.

“Oh, I’m sure you do. Stay here while I go grab your shirt for you.”

Alan trudged off, going to a door to the right of the one he had locked earlier. Alan disappearing inside before Spencer could tell him his size. He stood there hoping Alan grabbed the right size.

Soon, the big man came back out with a black t-shirt. As he emerged, he unraveled the shirt, presenting it to Spencer.

“There we go, and I’m sure it’s your size. I’m an expert at judging a person’s size.”

As Alan handed the t-shirt, Spencer checked the size tag. It was indeed his size and, as he examined the rest of the shirt, he was surprised how great the fabric felt.

“Go ahead and try it on.”

Alan gestured to two changing stalls adjacent to the checkout counter. Spencer gave the giant a smile and a nod, walking into one of them. He got his old torn shirt off as fast as possible and slipped the Viking tie on. He turned and looked at it in the stall’s mirror. It looked great and it was so comfortable. He could not believe his luck today. He pushed out of the stall, carrying his ruined shirt with him. Alan outside waiting on him, arms crossed, which made his chest muscle bulge out over his thick arms.

“Here let me take care of that for ya.”

He reached out and Spencer handed the ripped tie to him. Alan slung it over his shoulder and gave a big handed thumbs up.

“Looking good, stud.”

Spencer beamed, stretching out the shirt to give another look.

“It’s a really good-looking t-shirt. I can’t thank you enough.”

Alan waved the thanks off.

“Don’t mention it. Just come back to see me. I really look forward to hiring you here. I enjoyed your company. And with my merchandise, you’ll start to be a new man.”

A strange sparkle played in the bigger man’s eyes as Spencer nodded, smiling, as he moved to leave.

“I’d be glad to come back. And thanks, anyways for the tie. See you tomorrow.”

Alan gave a two-fingered salute in farewell, grinning.

“No problem, Spencer. Laters.”

Spencer emerged from the store and was about to start walking home when a thought struck him.

How had Alan known my name?

He turned to investigate the doorway window, not seeing the large man anymore inside. Spencer lingered on the window a millisecond longer before giving the thought a shrug.

I must have given my name without me remembering.

Spencer started off, giving his chest a good scratch as an itch irritated him under the Viking helmet design. He was going to love wearing this t-shirt as, unknown to Spencer, magic flowed from the t-shirt he wore.

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