Mating with Pops (Part I)

By The Dirty Spiders -
published May 7, 2020
3949 words

A defective gorilla anthro, engineered for breeding, get’s cancelled and picked up by a new owner

The Dirty Spiders writes:

Warning. Contains themes of sentient rights, euthanasia and TELLING BIG LIES!!

Part I: The Farm

Working in UC has a short turnover.
The company makes enough money to afford the best legal teams and the sentient life rights prosecutors can’t touch us. We own our produce and they don’t gain legal recognition of their sentience until 24 hours after dispatch. Unit Cancellation is a tough gig though. Not many have the stomach for it and that’s why it pays well.

When a client doesn’t want the anthro after 11 months’ growth, we tell the anthro that they’ve been designated to farm help upstate and after a year of that, they’re free to build their own lives as they wish. The crisis of them not being wanted by their owners is offset a little by the notion of gaining independence after only a year’s labour, and that’s usually enough to keep them obedient and unstressed and not throw tantrums or damage other units while we process them. So we take them to UC where we give them all the ‘vaccines and boosters’ they need for their farm work. The third ‘booster’ is how we euthanize them. We leave them in their new dorms for a few hours to die humanely, then we shift them out discreetly and process the next batch.

The newest wave was here, lined up, standing to attention. We had two cat-anthros, one male, one female; a young gorilla; a corgi, and a badger all male.

“‘tenshun!”, they all saluted.

“Okay…” I checked my clipboard “you guys are all designated to farm help, are you excited?”


“Very good… ATCHUU!” I sneezed and dropped my pen.

“Bless you, mister!” The female cat-anthro reflexively blessed my sneeze and the rest of them grimaced at her talking out of place.

“That’s okay…” I muttered.

My pen fell to the feet of the young gorilla guy who picked it up and held it out to me. I took it from him and looked into his eyes. He was 11 months grown now and had the appearance of a 21-year-old human male. He realized we were making eye contact and glanced down immediately, reaffirming his salute.

“Thank you…” I said reflexively before getting back to speak to all the units. “Okay, you all need to go to your new dorms and receive your first round of vaccines. Please shower and change while you’re there, all of you.

“Yessir”, and off they marched.

They’d taken the first round of placebo vaccines. There was little in them except saline and a short acting sedative. The dopiness they experienced after these shots helped prepare them for euthanasia and made their falling asleep feel less alarming. It also gave us a day or two to take care of the red tape, the registration, clearing the payments for regeneration costs without alarming the units. It also gave our clients a 24-hour window for mind-changing. I processed each one and the reason for cancellation.

Female, Cat; client hoped for a different fur pattern, fresh attempt ordered, regen fees received. Male, Badger; client decided on a different model, regen fees pending. Male, Gorilla; specially engineered for fertile human reproduction, developmental defect: (homosexual) regen fees waived.

Wow… gay. You never know with epigenetics. I continued down the list checking none were being cancelled for violent tendencies. Satisfied, I set about putting all 5 up on our online cancellations list. We put a photo and reason for cancellation up on a special section of our site. Members of the public who can afford them, can buy them at a discount. I say discount, they still cost upwards of 40, 60, 80k a pop.

As I processed each one, the ‘bless you’ was ringing in my head. I thought about the gorilla one handing me my pen and then my own son who had just turned 19. The gears shifted in my head, and I realized at once they would never unshift. I watched my hand as it signed my legal name to the ending of five little lives. As I crossed the t, I knew my time had come. I immediately and calmly took out a form of resignation and began filling it. I grew more and more uncomfortable as I did. “Reason for leaving position…” I felt a deep sickness in my stomach and just scratched across it with “N/A” like my predecessor did.

With the second round of placebo given, the bargain bin got a hit. It appeared some man liked the look of the gorilla male and shelled out. I went to his dorm and knocked.

“Come in!”

He was sitting on his bed in a towel… He tried to jump up and salute, but he was still dopey from his shot. His fur was all fluffy and damp from showering and his towel slipped and he fumbled to both salute me and keep hold of his towel.

“It’s fine, it’s fine, sit down”, I said to him. He had a fully grown set of balls and a dick far bigger than mine. He quickly sat and put the towel over his waist.

“Sorry sir, I’m still dizzy from my shots”

“Well, you won’t need any more vaccines… we found you a new owner.”

“What!? but…”

“Yep, someone wants to take you home with them, isn’t that exciting?”

“YES!! IT’S SO EX…” he lowered his voice suddenly. It seemed like he didn’t want to be heard showing off to his other dorm mates, through the walls. He started again, quieter “…It’s so exciting. I don’t know what I’d do on a farm, I just wanna mate with my owner”

“Yes well, you’ll be doing exactly that with your new owner hopefully… now first things first, you need to change into some clothes and come with me”

He threw on underwear, pants, a shirt and runners; this time without caring what I did or didn’t see.

“Now come on before your dorm mates get jealous… you’ll have to skip your dinner too.”

“Oh, that’s okay.”

“What did you order?, so I can strike it off”

“It was the steak, with banoffee dessert.”

The cancelled units don’t know it, but we give them a final meal. It’s usually whatever they ask for. We just call it their goodbye dinner, before they go to the farm. I sent the gorilla boy back to the main assembly. His new client already paid and confirmed so there was no need to keep him separated from the other units. I handed in my resignation that day after signing off on the euthanasia of the other four.

Part II, Breeding Pops

“Okay Son, you need to take your dick, and put it in me here.”

Pops was carefully showing me how to breed him. I was so lucky; even just looking at him for 3 seconds made my dick go instantly hard. He was on his back with his legs up in the air, with no clothes on.

“In here?” I put my dick up to his… bum and looked at him to see if I was doing it right.

“Yes, easy does it, Son.”

I popped gently in first to get my helmet in, he seemed to breathe out.

“Yes, like that.”

I went in more and checked again. I seemed to be doing a good job. I started pushing in and out and it felt really, really good. WOW, I get to do this all the time!?

I felt some organs behind my dick start to get excited.

“Oh! I think my seed is coming out!!”

“Yes, get it all into me, Son.”

“Okay!” I pushed into him over and over and then my body kind of… shook and it was hard to stand up. I felt some seed flow up my dick and out into Pops. He was shaking his dick as well and some seed squirted out of him and up over his hands…

“You have seeds too?”

“Yes, Son. I need to get rid of my seeds to give your ones more room to successfully breed with me.”

“Oh, okay hey em… how often do I get to mate you?”

“Every day until you’re successful, can you manage that?”

“Yes, I hope so!”


I pulled my dick out, and it was going floppy…

I had the Gorilla Pup about 4 days now, and my life had never been better. He had a massive thick dick, and he fucked me relentlessly with it every day, sometimes twice. I didn’t wanna freak the poor thing out by hitting him with everything at once, but he ate up every half-assed story I gave him about trying to mate with me. He was a trooper and I told myself I was a good person. I knew it was a hollow reassurance but I did save him from being put down. I think what we do to these things is… worse than evil, but by the same token, I can hardly talk now that I’ve bought into it.

Last night I told him he could stay in my bed with me to help calibrate my immune system to assist in the mating, and he just accepted it. The next morning he was awake bright and early and just diligently staying there. I reached around to his front and felt his thick morning horn.

“Are you awake?”

“Yes Pops, Sir”

“Are you able to mate?”


“Right, let’s have you, then” He flicked around excitedly and hoisted my legs into a decent fucking position. As I received his powerful fucking, I told him “If you wake up before me in the morning and you’re ready to mate, just get up straight away and pull me to the side of the bed and start mating. I won’t be cross if you wake me up”

“Okay” he said, remembering my instruction and concentrating on his job. I savoured him jizzing into me and pulled him back down on top of me for a cuddle when he’d finished.

“You’re doing a really good job”

“Thank you Pops, Sir”

I’ve been mating Pops for 8 days now, and I am starting to worry that I can’t do it. He forgives me for not succeeding. But I think he’s going to send me back if I don’t do it soon. Maybe he doesn’t know I was rejected by my real owner… the one I was born for. Maybe that’s why I was meant to be sent farming. I finished pushing my seed into him as absolutely deep as I could. But I stood there feeling myself get sad. My eyes and my voice started hurting me. He was still rolling around and breathing heavy. But I didn’t lie down beside him after and he eventually looked up to see.

“Pops, Sir… am I? Do you?—” my eyes were sore and my voice was sore, at the worst possible time! The sadness in my head was hurting me.

“What’s wrong, Son?”

“Are you going to send me back if… if I can’t breed you?” Now my eyes were stinging and my voice was barely working at all.

“Oh no… wait a minute, Son.” He got up and put his arms out to touch me. “I should have said. I’m an old man, and it’s hard for even the best breeders to breed me, that’s why I needed a good one, like you.”

“But I’m NOT a good one… I was going to be sent to the farm. Did they tell you that!?! My real owner didn’t want me!” The feeling of not being wanted hit me harder now and I started coughing or something…

“Okay, shhh, shhh, listen to me… are you listening?”

I nodded.

“I am your owner now, and I love you. They were only going to send you to the farm because your original owner… died. Suddenly.”

“Did they!?!” (Oh my God! My poor owner! and I never even got to see—) I hugged into Pops and started coughing into his chest, and doing awful jump noises “My owner…”

“Yes, your poor owner. They fell over and hit their head. and died. But your company did all the tests on you and assured me you were still the best breeder that they had for sale. So I bought you and now I’m your new owner.” He was rubbing my back, it was nice. “It’s just that I’m really old, and hard to breed… Will you promise to keep trying to breed your Pops and never run away?”

“YES!” I shouted into his chest.

“Don’t cry, Son, you’re an excellent breeder.”

‘Crying’… wow, I hate this! Pops eventually shook me a bit and asked if I wanted to cuddle lying down. I cleaned my eyes with my arm and nodded.

“28, 29, 30!!” I set off to find him.

Pops said people breed better when you surprise them. He said the excitement and scares make their blood go faster and it gives the seeds a better chance to catch on. So I had to find him and sneak up and GET him really fast. I loved how it made him laugh. He seems to like me using my strength to pick him up and bring him to the bed to mate. When I catch him he liked flopping onto his back and letting me breed him really strong. He feeds me loads of eggs and beef and things to make me big. The stronger I was, the happier he was. I started hitting my chest too and shouting really loud at him, pretending I was his master and it made him like me.

Oh… I see him… This time his hiding spot was really bad. I can clearly see him behind the plant and his bum is sticking out and I can smell his bum anyways. Worst of all, he’s looking into the wall so he can’t see me coming. I snuck up to get him.



I grappled him quickly and growled at him, and shook my face into his back rubbing my teeth on his skin. He was flicking his legs, but I was too strong for him to get away. I took him and threw him on the bed and punched either side of the bed roaring at him as hard as I could… He loved it, but suddenly stopped being afraid and looked at me.

“Do you love this, Pup? Is your life happy?”

“Yes, I love this. I’m sorry I can’t breed you yet… but I’m doing everything you said.”

“Can we try a new thing?”

“Yeah, of course… what should we try?”

“I want to try making you as happy as possible.”

I stood up… “How can you do that?”

“I want to show you something… Sit down back there.” He told me to sit in a funny slouchy chair so I backed back and fell into it. When I flopped back my dick was sticking up in the air he walked over to me.

“Do you love your Pops?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“You know, I want to try getting you really excited… I want to just play with you a while, without you having to breed me straight away, and you tell me if you like it.”

“Okay” He grabbed my dick and rubbed it… It felt nice… but I didn’t want my seeds to spill so I was careful.

“Now, I need to feel for a special button you have in here”, he said… He put his finger in my bum and I jumped a bit, then he started pressing something.


“Don’t worry, I have one too, this helps you get really happy, and makes your seeds really fertile”

“Okay… but they’re gonna come out really soon. So get ready or they might spill”

“Don’t worry, Pup. I’ll be ready. We have ages yet.” Now he started rubbing his hand around the end of my dick and rubbing the button in side my bum.

“I really like it but… it’s gonna come really soon, Pops!” Did he realize how soon it was gonna come!?

“It’s okay, I promise I’ll be ready, don’t you worry.” Now he started putting my dick in his mouth. The inside of his mouth felt warm and wet and lovely and he started putting my dick all the way down into his neck, I felt my seeds coming.

“OH NO IT’S COMING! QUICK… I CAN’T GET UP!!!” Pops wouldn’t stop and my seeds started coming out!

“NO POPS, YOU NEED TO….unngggggggggggggggggggggggggggg” the came out so strong I couldn’t even stop them a small bit.

“NOOOO… I TriED TO TeLL yOU! aNd NOW tHeY’rE all sPiLLED!” I started crying again. They were definitely the best seeds I ever did and now look! Did he do it to make fun of me!?

He took his mouth off my dick “They didn’t spill, I ate them, see?”

“Yeah, but you’ll never get mated by eating them!” is he really stupid!? No. He was making fun of me. He was laughing at me!

“IT’S NOT FUNNY!! Stop laughing!!” I pushed him back and got up and ran away to the room in the front that I wasn’t allowed in. I looked to see if there was somewhere to hide. The room just had… more couches, and stuff I didn’t know. I just went into the corner and folded my arms and cried.

The pup had pushed me really hard, I think I sprained my wrist when I landed. I definitely hit the back of my head hard. I thought about this gorilla pup. He was now fairly bigger than me and about three times more powerful. Would he become a danger? I know people have had theirs shot for less, but I would never be able to afford another one and the chances of getting a gay one with a dick like that and built for fucking… plus, I was really fond of him, he really did light up my life. I hoped I could just be strict and make him know he can never push me again… I saw the TV room door open. I know I turned the TV off, but I was surprised he ignored the no entry.

He was facing into the wall crying.

“Pup… Son.”


“Look at me…”

“I can’t.” His voice wobbled worse “…are you going to send me back?”

“Son we need to talk, look at your pops.”

He turned around. His face was a wreck of guilt and sorrow and pain. Mine was too and it surprised him. He saw me hold my wrist and knew I hurt it, his eyes flared at the injury.

“Please don’t send me away… I’ll never hurt you again, please…” he said in fear.

“Just, shush!” I sat down on the sofa and tapped the space beside me “Sit down here… you’re old enough to know some truth.”

He seemed more curious than upset now. He obediently sat beside me but kept his amazed and horrified gaze on my wrist. It was like he had broken a fundamental law of his training and development and was seeing it now face to face.

“I’ll be fine”, I said, quickly putting my wrist behind me and looking at him.

“Son. You breeding me… do you like doing it?”

He nodded.

“Well… are you ever nosy about how I have a dick too?”

“Well… no, we just need to get rid of your seeds so you will be empty and my ones can grow.”

“No, Okay, okay wait, let me start again.”

“So I can use my seeds to breed too, yeah? Don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I suppose…” His eyes shot with panic… “you want to breed me?”

I couldn’t help laughing. He was logical but… utterly stupid. “Not quite… we can both breed though, yeah?”


“Well, then we’re the same… we need a different kind of person if we want to breed, someone who takes the seeds and makes a baby.”

“But then, why did you buy me to breed you!”

“I bought you because breeding is fun. Don’t you think it’s fun? even if it’ll never work… we’re both…” I pointed alternatively between us “broken breeders who get happiness from breeding wrong.”

“I’m breeding wrong?” He looked into the distance, lost.

“Yeah, but it makes you happy when we mate, yeah? When we have sex?”

“Yeah all the time, I love having sex with you all the time.”

“Well that’s what I bought you for, and that’s why I wanted to show you new ways of having fun with your seeds.”

The poor guy was having a full-blown existential crisis in front of me… I had no choice but to continue.

“What’s more, your kind is not well-liked in the world, Pup. Your kind is used as slaves and people try to hurt you and kill you if you don’t do what you’re built for. You’re a big strong man now and I’ve been feeding you up and making you strong… You have to look after your Pops and never hurt him, or people will come and try and take you away from me.”

“I’ll never hurt you again…” His sincerity was absolute, but then his mind returned to the rest of what I said “…but what about the ones who go to the farm? aren’t they all free, running around doing what they want?”

It was too much… I couldn’t tell him yet so I started reeling off more bullshit. “Yes… those ones get to do whatever they like, but after the farm they get sent to a different country to be free and I think the country is really crap… It’s not like this one.” I started making up a country he would hate. “ There’s nothing nice to eat, no bananas or corned beef; just pasta and oysters, and big moths that fly at your face when you go outside. If you mate with someone who is sick, you stay sick for about a month and a half. It’s not too bad because you have little huts that are fun to sleep in and you get to live outside all the time and do whatever you like but, I dunno…” His face was twisting in horror, imagining my fictional country of bullshit. “So you can have freedom if you want, but… you mightn’t like it compared to here.”

“No… here is better… do I get to stay here forever?”

“Yes you do, if you want.”

“Will you not tell them I hurt you?”

I knew now, for definite, that my wrist was fractured. I remembered the exact pain from fracturing it 12 years ago “I will keep it a total secret… do you want to keep breeding with me anyways, even though it’s just for fun?”

“Yeah…” he said assuredly.

“Do you want some tea and banoffee pie?”


“All right, come on.”

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