The Chip Pt. 17

Series: The Chip
By JoSmith -
published April 17, 2020
7843 words

Butch and Aaron turn a corner in their relationship

Chpt. 17

I ended up making some extra food for him because yeah, he was infuriating but I know he never really hate me or so I hoped. I took our plates to the living room when I realized he wasn’t there. I put our plates on the table and paused the movie that was playing. I went upstairs and I saw that my bed was stripped. I ran down to the laundry room and I saw Butch there putting in my sheets in the washer. After he was done, he sighed and turned around and jumped, “Fuck! You scared me!”


“It’s fine…” He walked back to the living room and saw two plates of food. He chuckled, “We’re two stubborn fuckers, aren’t we.”

“Guess it’s a family thing, huh.”

“Yeah kid. That’s what it is…thanks for the food.”

“Thanks for doing the laundry.”

We ate and watched T.V. as the washer cleaned off the cum and sweat from my bed sheets.

We finally slept in the guest room because we didn’t feel like doing the bed after it was finished drying. When I woke up, I went downstairs to make some coffee for Butch while I made some pancakes. The big guy was still out and snoring a bit, making me tiptoe out to not wake him up. While the coffee was being made and the pancakes were getting cooked, I called the coach. It was early but he was an early riser.

“Hey A…how are you holding up? Do you need anything?” He sounded like he was tired and sad. I felt bad because I was going to call him yesterday but then…I was distracted by how hot Butch was while under and being a dominant bottom. I was chubbing up a bit but then the coach asked me if I could hear him, bringing me out of my memory.

“Yeah, sorry. I’m making breakfast and got distracted. Coach, I’m fine because my parents are alive.”


“Well…” and then I told him how Butch and I got a call from mom and dad via video from Iceland, the last-minute plane change, the layover, the bad luck with their bags and chargers. By the time I was done telling him the story, the coffee was done, and I had made around three pancakes.

“That’s…a lot. I’m happy, really, just a lot to process.”

“I know. That’s how we both felt yesterday. Sorry I didn’t call you right away, it was, like you said, a ton to process.”

“Of course, you needed time to be with your uncle. Glad they are okay and you’re okay.”

“Me too. And because I’m happy again and not an orphan…how about we reschedule our meetup?”

“Yeah? You sure?”

“Of course…how about…tomorrow?”

“Sure! Same time?”

“Absolutely. I have a surprise for you…I met someone, and he wants to fool with a third.”

“You leave for the summer and find a guy? What’s his name?”

“You can call him Papa Bear.” I was grinning as I thought of how Butch’s beard was finally getting shape and his hairy torso was coming back. I did like a guy with some hair but it was too much when I couldn’t even see his muscle definition and I like me some muscle.

All I heard was his breathing harder and muttering, ‘fuck yeah…’ I smiled as I made the fourth pancake; “So is that a yes?”

“Yeah A…I’m already hard thinking of you and your new man.”

“I’m glad Coach. Listen, I gotta make some calls to everyone that may not know my parents are alive.”

“Oh, of course… I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

I hung up and made some more pancakes. When I was done setting the table, Butch came down wearing a white wife beater and in his black boxer briefs. For a big guy, he was stealthy and I only noticed him because he yawned.

“Morning sunshine.” I said as he sat down. He rolled his eyes, “Since when are you such a Betty Crocker?” He looked at all the pancakes, the orange slices I cut up and the coffee I had made. I know he was impressed but wouldn’t give me the satisfaction right away.

“Surprising that I know my way around the kitchen?”

“Relax buttercup, pancakes and coffee do not make you an iron chef.”

“I also cut up some oranges.” I smiled at him as I offered him one. He took it but shoved me away afterwards, “Still not a chef, kid.”

“Whatever old man. How many pancakes do you want?”

“I thought all these little disks were for me.” He said and kept his gaze on me as he finished his orange slice. I kept my gaze on him too and because the fucker knew how to break me, he began to do a pec bounce. I smirked and rolled my eyes and he chuckled, “I’ll give you four and if you want more, I can make them.”

“Fine. But you take the first bite, don’t want to get poisoned by these.”

“I don’t know, I could have poisoned you in your sleep already…”

“You wouldn’t be able to, I’m a light sleeper.”


“Fuck off kid, pass me the maple syrup.” I handed him the syrup and I began to eat my orange slices.

I sat next to him and he poured himself some coffee and then offered me a cup. I accepted as we ate in silence while I posted on social media that my parents were fine and then I just tagged them on the status. They can answer questions because thinking more about it, the story itself was so wild that it sounded fake. I texted those that were not on social media and then made a mental note to call neighbors that I didn’t have on my cell using mom and dad’s contact booklet.

“You know what…these were good.” He burped a bit before excusing himself. I smiled and continued eating mine. Then when he poured himself some more coffee, I nodded to his comment, “Yeah, I know.”

“Can’t take a fucking compliment without a damn remark?” Butch said as he nudged me with his arm. He took a sip and I laughed because this guy was the epitome of being a back talker.

“Must be because I’m a cocky fucker just like my favorite uncle.” I finished my last pancake and looked at him while I chewed. He looked at me with annoyance but a hint of that hunger he gave me when we were in the bedroom.

“You insufferable prick…you always get me annoyed and hot for you in the same damn sentence.”

I got up and took our plates to the sink but then I walked back to him. He was looking at me from the top of the coffee mug as I made my way towards him. I was behind him and I began to rub his chest through the fabric of the tank; “But you like that…right…uncle Butch?”

“Get your hands off me, Aaron.”

“Why? I know you love this.”

“I’m warning you, boy.”

“No, Butch. You like it. Admit it.” Then he got up and pinned me up against the wall, “You walk around, cocky and shit, annoying the living hell out of me…but damn, you turn me on like no fucking other.” He was whispering as he came close to me. I smiled, beginning to feel inside his tank. He smiled back, “And yeah kid, I fucking love it when you touch me.”

“I knew it, big guy. Then why pretend not to like it, huh?”

“Where’s the fun in just giving in?”

“You like how I pursue you then? Slowly chipping off your defenses until you are nothing but putty in my hands?” I asked as I began to rub his dick through his briefs. He moaned and just got closer to my face.

“Fuck off…” He half muttered as he and I began to kiss in the kitchen. I was feeling him up and down as we made out after our breakfast. I was about to take off his briefs when I heard my phone going off with my email ring, “Fuck…”

“Leave it, kid. I just started with you…” He said as he took off his tank and showed off his muscular torso.

“You hot fucker… but the thing is…that’s the email I gave Marjorie to send me stuff for the project.”

“FUCK!” He screamed and slammed his tank on the island as I went to get my phone, “Cockblocked by the fucking job!” He was in just his underwear when he sat down on the barstool while I read my email.

“Butch, calm the fuck down. It’s just a small break and besides, you should check your email too.”

“I’m too horned up to think about work, kid. Let’s have a quickie, yeah?”

“You’re supposed to be the responsible adult, uncle Butch.”

“Dammit, I’ve been the responsible adult for the past—” I smiled when he was about to say his age. Of course I knew he was in his late 30s but I wasn’t sure exactly of his age. He stopped talking when he saw me smile and just put his head on his meaty arms.

“Ugh, fine,” he went upstairs leaving me alone for couple of minutes. When he came back, he had his cellphone on his hand, being obnoxiously loud and sighing, stomping like a little kid that was doing something by force. When I ignored him, he sighed even louder as he sat on the barstool. Then he just started rambling loud enough to be heard but not to be annoying when I wouldn’t look at him; “Let me read my fucking email on my fucking vacation while my fucking boyfriend ignores me reading his own fucking email…”

That stopped me from reading the rest of my email and I just stared at him. He didn’t notice what he had said until I turned off my phone and pulled his head up to kiss him. He quickly accepted my tongue and enveloped me in a warm embrace, tossing his cell on the island.

“Are we getting to have our quickie?” He asked with a hopeful tone.

“Boyfriend?” I said as I smiled at him. He looked confused for a second and then blushed and tried to play it off, “Uh, well…just slipped out…but, you know…I think that…” I stopped him from rambling and kissed him again.

“You big fucking softy…” I whispered to him as he licked his lips.

“Shut up…” he blushed even more, I saw the redness all over his face like when we were walking around and the cold lake breeze hit us.

“Come on, boyfriend, let’s see how much work we have to do.” I pulled him from the stool and we headed towards the bedroom until he stopped me, “How about you get us clothes and meet me in the office…If I get you in the bedroom, I’m not letting you go until we fuck around.”

“God, you are way hornier than me and I’m basically the teenager.”

“You are basically 20…shit…” He began to rub his beard as he started doing recently whenever he was thinking about something.


“I’m fucking old.”

I laughed my ass off as I made my way to the bedroom to get clothes and my laptop. By the time I had gotten our stuff, I met him in dad’s office logging into the computer.

“You logged in?”

“Yeah, Ken told me his password, but I already had a good guess of what it would be…”

“Butchy80?” I asked as I handed him shorts, a t-shirt, his flipflops and reading glasses. I was already dressed in a hoodie and shorts.

“Nice try but he told me not to tell you his password or you would be all over his computer playing online games.”

“He’s right. My laptop is not a gaming laptop and frankly, he bought the computer more so for him to continue playing Fantasy Raid.”

“I don’t know what that is, but it does sound like Ken.” We began to re-read our emails and get our work done. It felt like when I was in his study or office back in his corner of the woods, making sure the business wasn’t fucked over by our horniness. I was becoming overwhelmed by everything I was reading but Butch was a machine. Typing and clicking, and reading, and nodding as he made notes and typed even more. I felt like I re-read half my stuff several times over and I couldn’t get it.

“Butch…” I asked, timid like a little boy about to interrupt his dad in the middle of a very tense deadline.

“What?” He asked not looking over to me. We had been in the office for a little bit over an hour and I felt like Butch had done a lot of work. All I had done was highlight dates, budget, and some important information but I just didn’t know how I was going to pull this off. I was a fucking high school graduate with no college or work experience in marketing. I was terrified I was going to disappoint them and Butch with my own shortcomings.

“I…I don’t know what to do…I’m overwhelmed.” I put my hands on my face. I felt like crying. I hadn’t been a total dumbass in school and was a pretty smart guy but this…this put a pressure on me that I never had before. I kept my head in my hands until I felt Butch kneel next to me, “Come on, kid. You’re a King man. Breathe in and breathe out. Then snap the fuck out of it because we are named King for a reason; we aren’t pushovers or little bitches, we get shit done.” He patted my back and I just looked at him, listening to what he was saying.

“Dude, I don’t know how to be a King man when I feel so damn insecure. I don’t have any college education, I don’t know how to be a fucking marketing guy. I don’t want to mess this up for you.”

He kept his strong stare on me and got off his knee and tapped my shoulder, “Come with me.” He walked out and I followed him to the living room. He sat down on the couch and he patted the place next to him.

“Alright kid, what’s wrong.”

“I told you. I don’t have a college education, I’m in over my head. I’m fucking nervous I’m going to screw this up. I…I shouldn’t have said yes to this. I’m going to fail.”

“You know me for however long we have been together this summer. Have I ever straight up lied to your face?” He asked and I shook my head, “So you know what I’m going to tell you is the damn truth.” I nodded and he squeeze my knee; “You are not going to fuck this up. I trust you…even if you are annoying at times, I trust you or I wouldn’t have agreed for you to be part of this contract. You are too far into your own head, kid. Come on out of there and take a breather.”

“I just—” I was stopped by him putting his hand over my mouth, “Uh uh, I’m not done.” I mumbled a ‘sorry’ and he took his hand off my mouth; “After you get out of your head, you need to think: What do I need to do. Aaron, what do you need to do?”

“I need to help create a marketing plan to ease the tension of the Paloma residents; to understand the pros of the construction but I don’t know how to even begin this, Butch. This is so hard.”

“You need to create a marketing plan,” he said, ignoring everything else, “Second thing: when do you need to get this done?”

“Soon-ish…I haven’t memorized the date yet but Butch, it’s a lot.” Again, ignoring half of what I said, “Third: What are your resources and/or budget?”

“I have the team’s emails and numbers of contact. They also sent me a budget along with A LOT of stuff to get me started but again, I don’t get half of their notes and words.”

“Well, there you go. Make a marketing plan by a certain date using the resources they sent over.”

“Butch, you missed the part of everything being hard.”

“No I didn’t. You are overthinking this because you are nervous about it. I didn’t graduate high school with the world’s knowledge on how to work the family business. Dad didn’t teach me every single aspect of how to run this business. Sure, I learned how to use the tools but the business side, that was something I had to learn by doing and I was by myself. The only difference now, is that I’m here to talk you off the fucking ledge and you also have a team that DID go to school for this.”

Thinking about it, the task was not that difficult. The jargon used in the notes, the email, and everything that was sent over to me really had me spooked because it was a realization that, damn, I didn’t learn any of this in school. But Butch was right, if I just tried to break this shit down piece-by-piece, I could manage it better. This ‘I think I can’ mentality was helping me. I looked at him and smiled and he patted my back.

“Thanks, man. I really don’t want to disappoint you.” He got closer to me and hugged me, “Come on, kid, we’re in it together. I wouldn’t let you disappoint me…I’d kick your ass first.”

I chuckled and he did too, “By the way, Butch.”


“This talk…was this my boss, my uncle, or my boyfriend talking?” I looked at him and he thought of it and then kissed my forehead, “All three dumbass… but the kiss was your boyfriend’s doing.” I smiled and he did too. Big fucker was a softy and a good listener…once you put a fucking jackhammer to his defensive wall he built in his mind.

“Can I get another one…for motivational purposes?” I asked and he rolled his eyes but conceded and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips.

“How about another one?” I asked as we separated. He smacked the back of my head lightly and got up.

“How about you get your ass back to the study and do some work. This is your boss talking.” He said smiling down on me. I chuckled and made my way to the study to get this work handled.

We were there for most of the morning and into the midafternoon. Butch was a robot when working, nothing distracted him. He was focused on doing work and he was good at it, which was no surprise. I got into it too, reading up on Paloma and the way that the textile factory’s closure affected the town. If we could spin the closure to introduce a new work opportunity for folks in town, maybe we could get the town as a whole to accept the construction. Even more, I saw that the owners of the textile factory offered classes to teach the townsfolk how to use the textiles; a smart way to get them used to the product and give them more business later on. Maybe we could do something like that, depending on what the actual thing we were building was.

“Alright kid, I’m done for the day.” Butch took off his glasses and logged out of the computer. He got up and cracked his back, “Let’s get some food.” I followed him to the kitchen where I was hungry but not for food. Our playtime was disrupted in the morning, but I think we deserved some fun now.

“Fuck toy,” I said loudly as Butch walked into the kitchen. He stopped walking and began to sway slightly in front of the kitchen island. I smiled as I walked up to him and him staring into the distance with a glazed look on his face.

“Can you hear me?”

“I’m your fuck toy.”

“You are…I’m going to count to 5. When I get to 5 and snap my fingers, you will go even deeper, it’ll be as if you are asleep, but you can still hear me. In this deep state, you are open to new ideas and instructions. You will do everything I tell you to do with no hesitation whatsoever. In this state, you will be able to talk freely as though you were awake. Nod if you understand.”

He nodded. I like the ‘I’m your fuck toy’ line but, it was getting old. I counted to five and snapped my fingers. His head slumped on his chest but was still standing upright, with the littlest sways.

“Okay, can you hear me?”


“What’s my name?”


“And who am I?”

“My boyfriend.” I smiled as he said that because that told me he saw me more as a boyfriend than a nephew…at least when it was convenient for him which I could live with. He was just a softy and he hated that I had been able to get him to that state. Secretly, that was the sexier side of him, the contrast of this huge muscular mature bear that was actually a softy, but you wouldn’t even know it from just getting a glance of him. Fuck, I loved that contrast.

“And…how do you feel about him. Remember you can’t lie and aren’t able to hide anything from me in this state. Even if you wanted, you are compelled to be direct and honest.”

“I love that annoying fucker like I’ve never loved anyone in my life before.” His emotionless face shifted a bit where his mouth formed a small smile, as if he were having a pleasant dream. I blushed as he said that and just wanted to run up to him and begin one of our heated make out sessions.

“I love you too, you big doofus.” I got close to him and slapped his ass. He smirked a bit but didn’t respond.

“Okay…I want you to open your eyes and take off your shorts and go put on your sneakers. Go to my room and find a baseball cap and put that on. I then want you to find the skimpiest pair of briefs you have and wear those. Then come back down here when you are done. You are still under even though you have your eyes open.”

He opened his eyes and like a robot following directions, he took off his shorts and flipflops. He left the clothes discarded on the kitchen floor and made his way towards my room. I put the shorts on the chair and his flipflops by the door. I had an idea of what I wanted to do with Butch and it was to make him into a bimbo bear…at least until I wanted to hear him cuss me out again. In some fucked way, I liked the banter and the screaming and the not taking shit attitude of his, it’s what made him endearing. Even more, I liked it because usually afterwards, he got affectionate and we made out and got into some fun. Call it foreplay, if you will, the angry and screaming was just a cover for how passionate we could get once we were ready to get down and dirty.

Soon, I heard him walking and what came in was a slutty looking muscle guy in my kitchen. He was wearing a dark maroon hat that my dad gave me from his alma mater, his black shirt clung to every muscle, a very small and tight pair of gray briefs and a pair of white converse.

“Fuck…” I said as he stood in front of me. His eyes were still open, but he was not aware of what he was wearing or anything outside of him being in a relaxed state.

“If you were awake and aware, what would you think of this outfit?” I asked and waited for the answer. When he did answer, though, he was still staring into the distance without acknowledging me; “This is such a slutty look. It makes me look like a hungry whore on the prowl at the local gay bar. I would rather sell the business and shave my entire body than be caught wearing this in a public place.”

I couldn’t stop smiling, guess this was the look I was going to make him wear for losing the bet. In my mind, I was going to make him buy a pink shirt and tulle so I could make him an obnoxiously large tulle skirt and make him walk around the city with it. But…now, this was better.

“And how do you feel about Aaron seeing you with this outfit on?”

“The little fucker may think its funny making me look like this… but at least, he can see everything that his man is working with.” Instinctively, he bounced his pecs. Cocky asshole but he was right, I wanted him to look like the true bottom slut I knew he could be, showcasing every sexy pumped up muscle he had. Thing, though, was that he was the bottom in our relationship, but I still wanted him to be vers. No one was going into my man’s ass but me; even more, seeing him top was a turn on because to me, it showed me that I was fucking a real man.

“I do enjoy the look big guy…” I whispered. Then I began to take off my own clothes as my zonked out uncle stayed in place, staring into the distance, looking like one of those circuit bears that posted their looks on social media. As soon as I got to my underwear, I took my hardening cock out; “Butch, what am I holding?”

“Your dick.”

“And how do you feel about this dick?”

“Fucking love it.”

He looked hungry, licking his lips like he had just seen a huge juice steak. His own dick was beginning to get hard in his skimpy briefs the more he stared at my cock.

“Tell me…what would you do for this dick?”

“Fucking anything…”

“Good. Any time you see my dick, you will go into slut mode. That means, you want to put out for me, getting pleasure knowing that you are giving me pleasure. This can be you giving me head or offering your ass for a hard fuck. If we are playing with someone else or in a group, you will look for my direction on what to do. Understood?”


I put my dick away and he frowned a bit and furrowed his brow. I knew he wanted it.

“When I wake you up, I want you to make me hot for you. You will be the hungry bottom bear I know you can be. The outfit you are wearing makes you feel good because it shows your body off nicely. You will still be like your old self but sluttier and hornier. Understand?”

“Yeah, I understand.”

“Good…at the count of 5 and the snap of my fingers, you will wake up not remembering you were under at all. You will think you thought of wearing this out of your own will. Even fully awake, you will follow these instructions. Once we both cum, you will revert back to normal, before you were given these instructions. Nod if you understand.” He did and that was my cue to do the count: 1…2…3…4…5…snap

Butch blinked and yawned as though he was waking up from a nap but as soon as he saw me, he smiled, “I know I said we should get food but…how about we do something else?” He walked towards me and got in front of me and looked down on me; “You got something for me, kid?” He took off his cap and dusted it off before putting it on backwards. Now he looked like a total jock slut, but with a better hardened and mature body.

“I don’t know Butch…I’m pretty hungry…” I said looking at the fridge. He was bouncing his pecs and flexing his arms, anything for me to comment on how good he looked and get me hot for him. When he realized this was not working, he shrugged his shoulders, he patted my face and went to the fridge. As he looked inside, he casually lifted his shirt a bit and showed off how his massive ass was eating his skimpy briefs.

He told me everything that we had in the fridge as he played with his ass. His hand caressed his muscle cheek, his finger traced his crack before he grabbed a bit of the fabric and moved it out of the way for me to see his puckering hole. He even began to sway from side to side, making me drool a bit. What finally got me was how he grabbed the elastic and then snapped it back on his skin, whimpering a bit.

“So, Aaron…see anything you want to eat?” He smirked, I’m sure, when I didn’t say anything. I was already in trance by the beautiful ass in front of me. Sure, I like a nice pair of juicy dad tits but an ass like Butch’s… that was a work of art. Fucker knew it too by the way he continued to play with his ass. The fucker had me. I walked up to him and got on my knees ready to eat melons for lunch. I bit his ass and slapped it and kneaded it and—

“That’s a good boy, eat me out, kid.” I lost my train of thought as he backed up a bit as he closed the door and braced himself against the fridge. I was on my knees lapping at the hole that I loved to fuck and play with. Butch was moaning just like Coach and Stone did, unbashful of how loud he got. I pulled him towards me, wanting to be sucked into his ass, wanting to get as far as I could into my uncle’s hairy hole.

The more I rimmed him, the more he moaned and it was like he wanted to have his asshole eat me as he backed up even more, he was almost at a football player stance with his face against the fridge, his hands holding his ass open for my assault. He was moaning and saying, “Yes Aaron, eat your uncle’s hairy hole” or “Fuck me with that tongue, boy.” I was in heaven. I wanted more than anything to get him to be a blubbering mess all from my tongue in his ass. When I finally pulled out from his hole, his briefs were wet like my face. He was panting, the fridge door was covered in sweat from his face. I was good and I could tell by how long it took for Butch to recover. I got up and caressed his back like you would a puppy, “Your ass tastes amazing, Butch.”

He whispered something but I didn’t catch it. I put my ear close to him and he licked my earlobe before saying, “Fuck me…” into my ear. I looked at him, the need, the hunger, the lust that had in his eyes that had been built up since this morning before we were cockblocked by responsibilities. I nodded and the fucking smile, the grin he gave me was the most sexy and adorable thing he could do in that moment. In one motion, he dropped to the floor and stuck out his ass for me. His face on the floor, ass in the air, fuck, I was a lucky guy with a hot muscle man to fuck whenever I wanted.

I got back on my knees and smacked his ass until I began to see them turn a bright red; all the while Butch was moaning and groaning, repeating “Fuck yeah, more, more…” He was hot for it, he really wanted it. Couldn’t blame him, I wanted it too. I could tell he didn’t give a fuck what I did as long as he got to be fucked by the cock he loved so much. I bit his ass, leaving a mark but not breaking skin, “I marked you, Butch.” I put my hand inside his shirt and caressed his back, “You are mine Butch…” I whispered and felt how he shivered when I said that, pushing his ass back, wanting to have more contact with me.

“I’m yours kid…I’m all yours…” He whispered as he moaned at the touch of my hand on his back.

“You want my cock?” I asked, even though I already knew the answer.

“God yes…fuck me with that huge cock, Aaron. Ravage your uncle’s ass with that King meat. Stick it in me, please, I’m so empty without it…” His face and chest were on the floor, but his ass was up in the air, red with my bite marks, sexy, hairy, hungry for attention. I couldn’t resist and began to eat him out again, wanting to remember the taste, have his smell and taste all over my damn face and in my mouth as my cock pounded him later on.

“Aww fuck!” He was a moaning mess, but it was turning me on how slutty and verbal he was getting. After I got him wet again, I spit in my hand and lathered my dick and went in. The initial intrusion was met with no resistance as his ass sucked me in, eager to have something long and fat in it for the first time today.

“More cock, please, I need more.” He was in knee-chest position, begging for more cock in his hungry hole. I was a good nephew and did as he asked, thrusting in, pushing the rest of my cock in him.

“Aww fuck, yes! My boyfriend has a thick cock! Goddam, fuck me Aaron, fuck me until I can’t walk anymore!” I pulled out and before he could ask me what the hell I was doing, I pushed it back in, getting a huge scream from him before he reverted back to being a mumbling mess. I began to fuck him steadily, wanting to have him feel pleasure for being a good hole for me, my big and sexy muscle bear, my uncle and lover. I fucked him, grabbing his ass as though I were mounting a horse. I asked if this is what he wanted but all I got was a whimper and a pool of saliva on the kitchen floor next to his face.

I leaned down on his back and put my hands inside his shirt and began to pinch his nipples; “Fuuuuuuuck…” He began to shiver, and whimper and moan and I was getting close to the same level pleasure, where I would block the world out as I concentrated on how he was making me feel with his ass muscles. I stopped playing with his nipples and pulled out. I looked at his winking ass searching for my cock, waiting for it’s master to go back in but I resisted the urge to plug him again. I got up and walked around to see him panting, his ass still in the air and his face on the floor.

“You good, Butch?” I asked at my slutty bear on the floor in front of me. Slowly, he regained his strength and tried to get up but after a while on his knees, he needed help. I tried bringing him up, putting my hands under his pits but as soon as he saw my dick, he moaned and latched his mouth on it, tasting his ass juice and the precum that I was dripping profusely now.

“Aww Butch, you’re being such a slut right now…a hungry slut.” He moaned and nodded with my cock in his mouth. I straighten up and walked backwards, my cock leading the way. Butch continued to crawl, not wanting to have my cock away from his mouth. He looked like a dog wanting the treat in its owner’s hand. My big bear was a good pup as well, crawling seductively, whimpering whenever I walked too fast and took his bone away.

“You want cock?” I asked as I continued to walk backwards towards the living room. Butch continued lapping at my dick, crawling at a speed that allowed him to continue to nurse on my cock. We left the kitchen and went to the living room, leaving behind a sweat covered fridge door and a puddle on the floor where Butch had been fucked at.

I sat down on the couch and Butch got comfortable between my knees and began to deepthroat me. He was still wearing his backwards baseball cap which I took off his head and tossed it aside because if I was going to shoot, I didn’t want to ruin my dad’s old hat.

“You like cock?” I asked him and he shook his head, which surprised me. For the first time, he came off my dick and grabbed it with his meaty hand, stroking it as he looked me in my eyes, “No kid…I love cock…your cock. Would do anything for you to just get it in me. Don’t care where you choose to put it, as long as it goes in me.”

“I love that for you, Butch.” I caressed his beard and he smirked, “I love that you know how to treat me right. You get me, kid.”

“It took me a while to understand you, Butch King.” I leaned in and kissed him. It was a hot and steamy kiss that he returned with fervor. I tasted him and me in this kiss and it was amazing. We continued to make out as he pushed his briefs to the side and slid my cock in his hole. We continued to make out as he began to bounce slightly on my dick. I began to moan in his mouth as he held my face in both of his hands. My hands caressed his ass and up his back. He hadn’t taken off his shirt but even with his pecs and abs covered, I knew what he had, and the shirt didn’t matter. I roamed his body as he and I continued to make out.

“This is where you belong, Aaron. In my arms with your cock inside me. Stretching me out, making me your bitch. You are mine, kid, and I’m yours. That won’t fucking change ever. We can be in an orgy together and have our fun with other guys but this, this is where we ultimately belong. We are King men and no one outside of us two understands what that shit means.”

I nodded as he patted my face, “I know big guy. We’re two stubborn assholes meant to be together. No one else can understand us, what we know of each other, what makes us tick, what makes us so fucking ideal for one another.”

“God yes, Aaron, you know exactly what I mean. You are my man and I’m yours. Now, fuck me and take what’s yours. Make me your bitch, kid.”

He began to bounce harder and I began to pinch, twist, and pull at his nipples, knowing full well that he loved getting them played with.

“Breed me, boy, make sure to mark me with your seed. Shoot it so goddam deep in me that I keep a little piece of you in me forever. Giving me that hot King load in my ass, making me yours permanently.”

“You have been mine since the day we first fooled in your room, uncle Butch. That was the day I knew I had to be with you.”

“Aww fuck, Aaron, yes, I’m yours kid, I’m fucking yours.” He embraced me as my load coated his insides, sealing the deal between us as lovers, officially. He groaned as I bit his bottom lip and that’s when I felt it, the wetness on my torso. We separated enough to realize I had fucked him into cumming in his briefs. The briefs were small and the load he had shot was a large one, big enough to have it seep through the fabric and escape a bit from the sides.

I put my hand inside his briefs and played with his cummy cock. He looked at me and for the first time, I think, saw him being the happiest I had ever seen him be. He was flushed, red in the face from the fuck he had just gotten, but I know that he loved what had just happened, no regrets on what we just did or how ended up expressing what we felt for one another.

“I love you, Mr. Butch King.” I said as I took my hand from his briefs and slowly smeared the remnants of his load on my chin and lips. He muttered, “That’s fucking hot” and leaned in to lick me clean and suck on my fingers while keeping his gaze on me. Once he was done, he connected his forehead with mine, “And I love you too, you cocky fucker.” We kissed as he slowly got off me and knelt between my knees, “You finally broke me, kid. You got me to say the ‘L’ word…” I raised my brow and he nodded, “Fine… you got me to say ‘I love you’ and got me fucking hooked on this cock,” he grabbed it and sucked on it a bit before popping it out of his mouth with a pop, “and you know what?”

“What, Butch?” I asked as I continued to catch my breath and play with his hair.

“I fucking love it. You made me your bitch and I don’t even care. You fucked me right, boy. You stuck that cock so far up my ass that you made me cum in my briefs. You, my boy, are my fucking stud. Now, you really are going to have to work hard to keep me and my hole happy.”

“I’ll try my best, big guy.” I laughed as he slapped his face with my dick.

“I’m serious, boy. You hear me say “fuck me,” I expect you to take me right then and there. No fucking excuses, you fuck me until you make me shoot and then you keep fucking me until you shoot.”

“Yeah? You gon’ put out for me?”

“Whenever you want, you sexy son of a bitch. Fuck, gon’ put out for you so hard you will want to burn the numbers of all your fuck-daddies and only keep me.”

“Don’t worry big guy, you ain’t getting away from me.” He smiled and began to suck me again as he played with his own spent cock. After a while, I had to tap him out of his hunger and get off my dick.

“Come on, let’s go shower and get you out of those clothes.”

“What? You don’t like how wet you got me? How used I look?” He was standing in front of me now with a huge stain of cum on the basked of his briefs, the shirt he was wearing was wet from sweat, his shoes were the only things that remained clean. That’s not even mentioning his face, covered in sweat, saliva, and cum.

“You’re such a slut after a good fuck…” I said as I walked up to him and grabbed his wet briefs. He began to thrust slightly, smiling at me; “You love what you have in front of you.”

“I do…and you smell great too…you dirty old bear.” I said with an emphasis on the word ‘old.’

“Fuck off Aaron. Keep pissing me off and I’ll block you from my sweet, sweet ass.” He said as he rolled his eyes and walked away from me but continuing to smile. From the back, I could barely make out a stain where my load had begun to make its way out of his ass. I caught up with him and tapped his shoulder. He turned around and carried me into his arms, a show of affection and dominance on his part; “The shit I let you get away with…” He whispered as he gave me another of his tender kisses.

“Thanks Butch…” I massaged his shoulders. He looked quizzically at me, “For what?”

“For being such a hot slut.” I smiled deviously at him.

He dropped me right away and began to walk away, “You can walk up the stairs now you annoying fuck.”

“Come on! Don’t be like that, it was a compliment.” He was already on the stairs and didn’t respond or look back.

“FINE! At least I get a nice view!”

He looked back and flipped me off before going to my room and locking the door; “You can wait outside until I’m good and done with my fucking shower.”

“Come on Butch, don’t be like that, open up.”

“Fuck off Aaron!” I heard steps, rustling and then the door to the bathroom close. Fucking asshole…he was so fucking hot. I rolled my eyes and went back downstairs to and saw the aftermath of our fucking.

“My parents would kill me if they saw how messy this place was…” I shrugged my shoulders and decided that as soon as Butch was out, I’d make him my personal cleaning robot and get this place spotless as I showered. Show him that even though he is a strong man, I have the power in this relationship.

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