The Chip Pt. 1

Series: The Chip
By JoSmith -
published September 13, 2019
5055 words

When Aaron moved in with his Uncle Butch.

I had this in my drafts for awhile and the series is still not finished but thought I’d share. Let me know if y’all intrigued.

Chpt. 1

I lived in the suburbs, typical white picket fence crap. I was 19 when I realized that college was not going to be an option for me, to the dismay of my father. He was disappointed but in true fashion, he tried to make good out of an unpleasant situation. After contacting his step-brother, Uncle Butch, I was shipped to middle of nowhere America to work with him in his construction business. This was unexpectedly fast, so fast I didn’t tell dad that I was gay which, to be honest, was good because his step-brother lived in the bible belt where homosexuality was not a thing folks talked about. So, I kept that a secret.

Uncle Butch was a man’s man. He was 6’ 5’’, in his late 30s, muscled all over from the years working in construction, had a bushy mustache that covered his top lip, and always wore traditional wranglers and a wife beater—when he opted to wear one, if not, he was shirtless. The muscular frame of his intimidated me, I was always on edge with him near me. He visited us once and for less than a day. He said he was passing through and couldn’t stay, it seemed like he couldn’t wait to get away. From that small interaction, I felt that if I were to even mention the word ‘gay,’ he’d break me in half. Truly to be an opposite of dad, he was White with a great tan where dad was third generation Latino on the pale side. Where Butch was muscular and hairy, dad sported the dad bod with barely any hair on his chest. Where dad was always showing emotions and talkative, Butch barely even said anything. It was like talking to a wall. The day I met up with him he said, “let’s go” before we got in his pickup truck and drove to his place in silence. As we drove from the very small airport, the town that we passed was something out of a movie set. Everything was clean, organized, everyone that was out and about smiled and greeted each other. I saw no overflowing trash bins or trash on the floor. No graffiti or worn down anything. It was picturesque in every way. Total opposite to Butch, he had a hard demeanor and never spoke. I wondered how he interacted with the folks in town when he hardly ever said anything.

When we got to his home, the house was in a farm but with no animals in sight. It was out in the middle of nowhere and the surrounding areas were cornfields and nothing else. Once inside, he pointed to the bedroom I’d be staying in and that’s as much as I got from him. The plan was to work with him over the summer and then figure out what I would do with my life.

The first night was so damn awkward, I unpacked my stuff and made my way to the kitchen. The fridge had beer and some food, but not much. Butch was in front of the T.V. drinking a beer while wearing shorts. I was hungry, hadn’t eaten since I left my place. I asked Butch if I could have some food, and he looked at me for a good two minutes without saying anything. I was…shook. Like are we doing a staring contest? Finally, he nodded and went back to watching T.V. I made myself a sandwich and went to my room. The next day, I woke up at 6am after I heard Butch knocking on my door.

“Morning” I said as I came to the kitchen. He either didn’t hear me or ignored me. I was dressed in simple shorts and a t-shirt. I was not sure how to dress for this type of work or if I would even be doing anything. Butch hadn’t said anything to me about it. I sat down, and he handed me a plate of eggs and bacon.

“Thank you.” He grunted and sat across from me eating the same thing while reading the newspaper. I felt uncomfortable but also annoyed that he didn’t talk. He could, he talked to my dad. They had a conversation before I got here, why is he so silent? Anyways, I complimented his food and he again, didn’t hear me or ignored me.

Butch began to talk to me from behind his newspaper, “Today I’m taking you to the site, you are to observe, learn what you can from a distance. You will start next week, this week, you are observing and learning.”


And that was it. Nothing about how long we would be out there, what I should bring, how I should dress. I assumed jeans, boots, and a shirt would be fine. I finished eating, washed my dishes and went back to my room to change. Within 2 minutes of putting on pants and boots, I went out and saw Butch washing his dishes.

“We leave in 5 minutes. Bring a water bottle or you will die of dehydration.”

I asked him if I could borrow one since I didn’t think to bring one and he nodded. This was the most he had communicated with me since I got here yesterday afternoon. The drive to the site was silent as the drive from the airport yesterday. Once we finally got to the site, Butch told me the names of the guys, the guys introduced themselves to me and then that was the last time I heard Butch talk all day. I was basically floating around the site, making sure I saw how the guys worked, what they did, how they did it, and tried to not be in the way. I hated in school when teachers hovered over me when I did work and now I was doing it to these men.

One of the guys was annoyed by me so I steered clear of him. Another was amused that Butch was ‘babysitting his step-brother’s kid’ and another felt bad for me, “Don’t get me wrong, Butch is a great boss is just, I can’t imagine living with him. Must be terrible.” During lunch, which I didn’t bring anything with me, I went to a local deli and bought a small sandwich and came back to the site. I sat by myself while the other guys talked and laughed. I felt even more isolated considering Butch wasn’t the talkative type. As I was unwrapping my deli find, a young guy came up to me and sat next to me.

“Hey” he said as he sat down and began to rummage through his lunchbox, “Hi. Erm, my name is—” and with half an apple in his mouth he said, “Aaron, I know. We introduced to each other in the morning.” I was blushing. I met so many new people I didn’t remember everyone’s name.

“It’s okay, man. No worries. I’m Steve.”

“Sorry, I’m not good with names. How long have you been working with Butch?”

“A year. It was the only job I could get after…” and then Butch came out of his trailer and snapped his fingers and pointed at me. “Uh, that means he wants you to go to him. Man doesn’t speak much.”

“Sorry, nice to meet you Steve…again.”

I walked up to Butch, he went inside, and I followed him. He turned around and said, “I don’t want you near that guy.”

“Why?” I asked more out of curiosity rather than defiance but the way that Butch looked at me, it felt as though I had disrespected him by questioning his authority in front of all his men and humiliated him deeply.

“Because I said so, boy.” And he went back to his desk. I was just standing there, confused, and kind of irritated. I left after I realized the conversation was over. Steve had finished eating and was making his way towards the other side of the site. I followed him, and when we were both out of sight of the trailer where Butch was in, I began to talk with him.



“Uh, what were you saying before Butch came out of his trailer?”

“Nothin’. Not important.”

“Sure? I haven’t met anyone since I moved in yesterday and you’re the only that has talked to me like a normal person in over 48 hours.”

“I can’t imagine living with Butch…but, I was saying this was the only job I was able to get when I came out of juvie.”

Oh shit. That’s why Butch didn’t want me to hang out with him. I guess my poker face wasn’t that great because Steve commented on it, “Yeah, I did some time in juvie, but it wasn’t because I killed someone. I, uh, was selling drugs. I know, I needed the cash and then when I got busted, I was thrown in because I didn’t rat out who I was running with. Anyways, that’s in the past, now I’m all good with the law.”


“I’m not proud of it but I was 15, what the hell did I know. Anyways, my old man talked to Butch and now I’m here.”

“That’s cool. Who is your dad?”

“Sheriff Walt…I know, it was a blow for dad when his own son was selling. But the judge could have given me a warning but instead, dad said I needed to learn about consequences. Hated him for it but I did learn, it was necessary. Anyways, I was in juvie for couple of months nothing too drastic but once on the record and we’re in a small town, everyone knows everyone, my reputation is kind of stained.”

“That’s wild. I found it interesting that this town, hardly any crime or ‘hard’ crime ever gets reported. The streets are always clean, I sometimes feel like I’m in a movie set because everything is so clean and perfect.”

“We’re boring like that. But, I did hear dad talking on the phone about the rehabilitation center responsible for reforming hard convicts. Something about therapy and some help from a corporation in the city. Thankfully I didn’t have to do that but folks that are in for murder or other hard crimes do. They are reformed and made do community service maintaining the town.”

“I mean, it’s cool that they are reformed, but it seems super easy. How are they doing it?”

“My theory? Mind control.”

I saw him in disbelief and then he started laughing. “I’m kidding. No clue how they do it but if they are mind controlling convicts, that’s pretty cool.”

“Yeah… hey Steve. It’s awkward but my uncle told me to not hang with you…but you seem like a nice guy and see nothing wrong with you but just wanted to let you know because you are the nicest anyone has been towards me since I got here.”

“Oh…I think I know why…”

“Is it the juvie thing?”

“No…well, I’m gay and well, there are rumors that I was let out of juvie early because I had sex with the corrections people. I’m 24 and can have sex with anyone I want but bible belt, rumors, it’s not a good combination. I’m still a virgin, but that doesn’t stop people from spreading rumors.”

“Damn. I’m sorry. I’m gay too but Butch doesn’t know. In fact, I haven’t come out to my dad yet.”

“Well shit. I never met another gay guy before. The bible belt makes sure that if you are gay, you either stay in the closet or pretend you are cured.”

At that, we heard the bell that told us that lunch was over. That day was just filled with me observing the way the guys worked. Butch and I made it home at night and like yesterday, he took off his clothes, put on a pair of shorts and sat in front of the T.V. drinking a beer.

The entire week, I ended up doing the same thing, would observe and during my lunch break, Steve and I would hide and talk about life, how to work in the site, and what tools to use. I saw him as a mentor, he told me he saw me as a little brother. He taught me how to safely work in this site and what I should do to make sure I was in Butch’s good graces. He was good looking too. 24, dirty blonde hair, dimples when he smiled, nice teeth, nice body from working here. I was slightly shorter than his 5’ 11, I was skinny not having worked in this type of work at all and at 5’ 10’’… I was not much a force. It was almost comical, being so short and skinny working with these muscular guys.

In a month, I had begun to form some muscle on my frame. Nothing much but it was there. I had also learned how to best communicate with Butch, still we didn’t have conversations, but I could anticipate what he wanted, and, in that way, I felt like I could survive until the end of the summer. Things took a turn, though, when he caught Steve and I talking during my lunch break. Steve’s dad had been in an accident and I was comforting him, making sure he knew I was there for him. I had my arm around his shoulder when Butch saw us and gave me the death glare. At home, he yelled at me for not following his orders, “I fucking told you not to be around him. He…he is no good.”

“Why are you like this? Steve is the only one that has helped me along. You don’t even say anything other than grunting or pointing. I’m not a mind reader. If Steve hadn’t showed me how to survive at the site, I could have injured myself.”

He looked at me defiantly, and just walked away after throwing an empty bottle on the ground, shattering it everywhere. I went to my room. I texted Steve and asked him if his dad was okay. He said he was but that he felt so alone at his house. I asked him if he wanted me to come stay with him and he asked me if Butch would be okay with it.

“Don’t care. He isn’t my dad.”

We planned for me to stay with him tomorrow after work.

After work, I told Butch I was going to stay at the site a bit longer. He didn’t ask me why, he got on his truck and left. Honestly, I don’t know how dad survived living with him. Steve and I left in his old Buick and drove to his place. Unlike Butch, he lived with his dad in town, in the back of the police station.

“It’s convenient for him, doesn’t need to travel far for work. It was awkward when I was arrested, I was super close to home and still slept in the cell.”

We watched T.V., ordered a pizza, and just talked. His dad would be coming out of the hospital the next day and Steve would pick him up. I suggested to tidy up the place before we went to sleep so that his dad would come to a clean home. We spent most of the night cleaning, goofing off, talking about life. While I was cleaning, I stumbled on a letter sent to Steve’s dad and a box. The box laid forgotten in a shelf, buried under newspapers, old books, and other boxes filled with knickknacks. I was in the study after I finished cleaning the kitchen, Steve was upstairs making sure the bathroom was spotless.

“Sherriff Walt, I wanted to thank you again for agreeing to supervise the rehabilitation efforts. The chip has become a success and thanks to you and the reformed, we are able to make the U.S. a bit safer and cleaner.” The letter had been sent to the Sherriff four years ago and from the way the contents in the box appeared, he had not used it or even bothered to fiddle with it. Inside the box, the chip was paired with a separate small tablet that I connected a charging cable and to an outlet. I turned it on and a menu of options appeared: modifications, suggestions, and FAQ. I was playing with it and learning that the reformed were the convicts in the rehab and in a way, they were being controlled by these chips and tablets. I put it away and went back to cleaning. After we finished, Steve got a call from the hospital telling him that his dad needed to stay for a longer period. He was devasted.

“Damn, I’m sorry bro.”

“Me too. At least the house is clean.” He tried to muster a smile but failed.

That night, we slept in the living room and the next morning while he was in the bathroom, I went back to the box where the chip and tablet were and put them in my bag. I wanted to learn more from it and since his dad would not be back any time soon, I thought I would have enough time to tinker with it. We left for the construction site and started to work. Butch was same as always, didn’t even ask me where I had spent the night. After work, I went home with Butch and as if nothing weird had happened, he didn’t acknowledge I didn’t come home or ask me anything regarding last night or Steve. I went to my room and began to explore the chip and tablet. The tablet had a how-to manual and everything. I kept reading the instructions. The chip should be attached to the back of the neck after it has been paired with tablet. Chip and tablet must be near of each other, so signal isn’t lost. Input modifications and suggestions before placing chip on volunteer’s neck.

I began to input a wide array of suggestions and modifications. I started by the basics, typing in that the volunteer needs to obey everything I command when I say “You should” followed by the direction, always being open and honest with me, and never able to hurt me. Now, I just needed for Butch to fall asleep and I would put the chip on him. I never saw him as a sexual person, but I couldn’t deny how hot his body was. I was fueled with sexual frustration and just a desire to get back at him, he had been nothing but rude to me since I came to live with him a month ago. Stealing this from Steve’s dad was an unwise decision but to be honest, the box and letter were in a forgotten part of their house covered in dust. I’m sure he wouldn’t remember where it was or that he even had it.

Soon I heard Butch snoring in front of the T.V. as he often did. I sneaked out of my room with the chip and tablet on hand. He was shirtless with his head on his chest, drool coming out from the side of his mouth. I got close behind him and placed the chip on the back of his neck with as a little pressure as I could. Butch continued to snore, nothing was happening.

“Maybe it’s a dud…” Couple of minutes later, I was back in my room and I heard Butch begin to scream, “Fuck!”

I came out of my room and saw Butch in the middle of the living room, scratching at the back of his neck, cussing at how it hurt.

“You okay!?”

“Does it look like I’m okay? Fuck, something is burning me, and I can’t, fuck, it hurts.”

Oh shit. Maybe there was a reason why the chip was in a box, never used. I told him to sit back down so I could see what it was, he reluctantly did what I told him. He continued complaining that his head was hurting and that his neck was burning. Where I had placed the chip, nothing remained. The area where I placed the chip was red but thing else. I told him I didn’t see anything, and he should just take a pill and go to bed. He grunted at me but followed my suggestion.

The next day I felt as though I had dreamed the whole thing until I saw the tablet on my night stand. As I was getting ready, I played with the tablet and on the screen, the words “ready” flashed before the menu came on again. I was interested. I saw and pressed the “suggestion” button and wondered if I could add things, I saw the options I had already installed and scrolled down; “Add another suggestion?”

“Yes please.” I smiled as I began to type into the tablet.

I added, “Every morning volunteer will go to Aaron King’s bedroom and ask him what he wants for breakfast.” Something innocent. Something out of the norm for Butch. I also added, “Be unaware of any change.” I pressed enter and put the tablet down as I began to get dressed.

Soon, the door to my room opened and Butch was there only wearing his shorts and flip flops.

“What do you want for breakfast?”

“Uh…morning…eggs and bacon would be great. Thanks.”

He nodded and left. I guess the chip had worked. After I finished getting dressed I decided to see how far I could take this. I made sure that my previous commands were in and working and decided to have some fun with my new toy. I added to the modifications, “unaware of tablet.”

I took the tablet to the kitchen where Butch was making breakfast. I sat down and waited for Butch to give me my plate. As he was setting his own, I said, “You should sit on the floor and have your breakfast down there.”

He looked at me and grunted. He grabbed his plate and sat down on the floor. This morning, he had already done two things out of the norm for him. I decided to push my luck when I finished my breakfast. He got up and took his plate to the sink, “Butch, you should wash my plate too while you’re at it.” He turned around and took my plate and began to wash the dishes. I got up and went back to my room. I took off my work clothes and put on my shorts. Today, we were staying home and having some nephew uncle time.

Butch was in his room getting ready for the day. I knocked and let myself in. Butch was putting on his jeans when he saw me and gave me another death glare, “What do you want?”

“You should call in sick today. Tell them we’re both sick and staying home.”

“Fine.” Was all he said. Soon he was walking past me, shirtless, barefoot, with his jeans hanging off his ass. I heard him speak to someone saying he was taking a sick day and that I was too. He hung up the phone and came back to the room. He finished putting on his jeans and looked around confused, not sure what he was supposed to do next.

“You should take off the pants, Butch. You are going to be in just your underwear for the rest of the day.”

He got back up and took off his jeans and sat back down. He looked confused but was unaware of what he was to do next.

“Come on, you should follow me to the living room.”

I walked out of his room without checking if he was following me, I knew he would. I sat down on his lazy boy chair while he stayed standing on my side, glaring at me for being on his chair.

“You should get on your knees in front of me.”

I heard another grunt and then saw him get between my legs, kneeling. He always had a hardness to his face, never seen him laugh or smile. He barely even talked. And right now, between my legs on his knees, he looked as though he were just reading the newspaper.

“You should listen to what I’m about to ask of you. You should follow my directions. We’re going to have a real conversation now, Butch. You are going to use words instead of just grunts and pointing. You are going to express yourself with sentences, and you are going to be honest and can’t lie. Understood?”


“Okay. Why are you such an asshole?”

“I’m not an asshole, kid. I just don’t like you.”

Well fuck me, at least he was honest.

“Fine, you don’t like me. I don’t like you much either.”

He huffed. “Why do you hate Steve.”

“Because he is a delinquent, only got him the job because his daddy asked me.”

“Why do you hate me?”

“Because…” and for the first time, he looked like he wanted to stop himself. He was struggling. Ever since I woke up and demanded stuff from him, he didn’t put up a fight. Now, he was struggling.

“I asked you a question Butch. Why do you hate me?”

“Because… I…” and before he could say anything, the phone rang. Fuck.

“Go answer the phone and act normal.” He got up and went to the phone.

“What. Yeah, sick is all. Yeah him too. I don’t know, a cold, I’m not a damn doctor. I have to go. Bye.”

He came back to his kneeling position between my legs.

“Who was it?”

“A guy from the site, asking me if we’re okay since I called in sick.”

“Is this the first time you ever called sick?”

“Yeah, in 10 years.”

“Well, call it a mini vacation. Now, why do you hate me so much Butch?”

“Because I…I hate that you took Ken from me.”

“My dad? How the fuck did I take my dad away from you.”

“When he got your mom pregnant, he didn’t want to live in the middle of nowhere. He moved to the city to be with her. Leaving me behind, not thinking twice about me, his own brother.”


“We are fucking brothers, punk. When our parents brought Ken home, yeah, I hated the little bastard but as we grew up, I learned to like him. He was always such a skinny kid and I was always on the bigger side. I was his big brother and needed to protect him. When he was picked on by assholes at school, I always put them in their place. Ken is sensitive, a real nice guy, easy pickings. No one picked on him after they realized we were brothers. Always together, him and me, all through high school. Then he went off to college and I decided to go straight to working on dad’s business. When our folks died, and you were born, he made the move to the city permanent, leaving me behind. You split us up and that is why I fucking despise you. You took my baby brother away from me.”

Fuck. I didn’t know. Dad always talked about his brother Butch and how they were inseparable but never mentioned how he left him after he got mom pregnant with me. I never suspected Butch to feel bad for dad’s decision to move to the city.

“Dude, I didn’t ask to even be born. How is it my fault that dad decided to leave. You need to get over it because I wasn’t even aware of you when I was in the womb.”

He glared at me. He was breathing hard, had a scowl on his face, his meaty pecs were rising and falling quickly. It looked like he was cooling off after doing a run around the property.

“Butch…Uncle Butch, I am willing to pretend this past month was nothing but a very shit dream. I always wanted to get to know you more. Dad always spoke about his big brother and it was weird how you hardly came to visit. What do you say…want to start this fresh?”

He looked at me again…his face not changing its permeant scowl.

“Fine.” This time, there was no venom in the way he said it. It was still harsh but more because that was his tone of voice.

“Okay, that’s a start. Now, is there anything else that you want to tell me or share with me?”

“I’m a fag.”

Wait, what in the hell. He said it so nonchalantly, quickly. His face turned a shade of red, he was sweating. I was thrown through a loop.


“I like cock. Always have. Never told anyone.”

“Fuck. You never came out?”



He looked humiliated, I was stunned that this 6’ 5’’ mountain of muscle meat was secretly gay.

“I thought…”

“Yeah, well. Don’t know what to tell you kid. I’m a cock sucker.”

“Dude, okay, I’m sorry. It’s a lot to take.”

“Your dad doesn’t know. I don’t want him to be disappointed.”

“I know what you mean…”


“Well…fuck… Uncle Butch, I’m gay too.”

“Fuck kid…”


We were in it for the long haul now. Now to do something about his erect penis in his underwear.

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