Reunion: Chapter Two

Series: Reunion
By secretTist -
published October 8, 2017
4540 words

Esrel returns to speak with Colin, but he is caught off guard by someone else…

As I stepped up to Colin’s front door, I froze for a moment. Should I go through with this?

I hadn’t seen him since the, ‘incident’ with his dad the night of his graduation party. I had texted with him a decent bit, but it was still pretty awkward. I’m kind of fuzzy on what exactly happen that night, but the gist of it was that I got really drunk and almost let Colin’s dad take my virginity. Colin himself wasn’t too impressed, although he seemed to understand I was was pretty drunk, and things happen.

It had been a whole week since the party. A very long week. I had a lot to think about, things that I couldn’t get off my mind. Some things that I understood, other that I didn’t. Constant thoughts, and day dreams… About things that happen, and things that I wasn’t so sure if they happen. Not much, if anything made sense, which was why I was back here to help cure my confusion.

I was hoping to avoid Mister Banner, Colin suggesting I text him when I get here so that he could sneak me in. Just in case his dad was here to avoid any awkwardness. However, I just stood there somewhat scared to send the text. Scared of what I was getting myself into. While Colin seemed to want to simply dicuss what happen, he had also showed interest in possibly trying some things as well since I had come so close already.

“If my dad is going to try and take your virginity, you miswell let me take it” he had texted me. Now while I wasn’t necessarily wanting to let either take it, strange feelings seem to be intoxicating me. Pushing me to just let it happen. I had gotten a taste, and something deep inside me was begging for me to just give in. I knew I didn’t want to, yet, here I was.

I had convinced myself that I was just going to come here to talk with Colin, but what if this made things worse? Or if he tried to fuck me… And I let him? Wouldn’t that just complicate things even worse? Could I really go that far with a friend, and then turn back?


The door behind me suddenly clicked, although I took a moment to take notice as I was so deep in thought. “Esrel” that familiar voice called out.

“Ma-Mister Ba-banner!” I almost shouted, surpirsed as I turned around knowing exactly who it was. Him catching me had definitely shoved a wrench into me and Colin’s plans, whatever those were.

“Yes… So nice to see you again…” he answered with a smile.


“Yeah…” I simply answered, not as quick to show such pleasure for our reunion.

“What brings you back around?” he inquired, not caring to conclude that I was coming to see my friend.

“Oh, just here to see Colin” I informed him, trying not to seem too interested so that I could avoid a conversation, and any awkwardness. Somewhat moving forward as if show my intention to walk in.

“Don’t have time, for a quick chat?” he spoke up, staying put in the doorway to block my way. I had commited to walking in, awkwardly having to pull back at the last second as I pulled up in front of him.

“I, uh, really need to, talk to Colin” I replied, stumbling for a good excuse as to why I couldn’t speak with him.

“About?” he quickly shot at me, prying for information, not letting me off easy.

“Just stuff, you know?” I tried to brush him off.

“Oh?” he replied with a look of interest, the gears in his mind clearly turning. “You know, Esrel… You don’t need to hide anything from me… You can feel free to share, anything, with me… Anything” he offered, smiling at me, gazing, never moving from his spot to let me by.

“No no, I’m fine…” I let him know. “Just, personal things…”

“Things?” he echoed. “Tell me, about your… ‘things’, Esrel…”

“I-…” I froze for a moment, just starting at him blankly. I definitely didn’t want to tell Mister Banner about these, things. Especially considering how connected he was to these, things. Or how I was potentially coming over to let his son fuck me. “Oh, no worries Mister Banner… Just random things… Nothing all that important.”

“Oh?” Mister Banner looked at me with a skeptical expression, seeing right through my games. “Then, maybe… You would like to tell me about your, desires…” he suddenly changed the subject.

“De-desires?” I fumbled back, again caught off guard by his strange antics.

“Yes… I can tell that you have something on your mind… Don’t you?” he asked, trying to get me to draw me into his conversation.

“Y-…” I almost answered, stopping myself in time, almost falling for his trap. I wanted to say yes for a second there. “I, don’t know what you mean?” I tried to dodge this time.

“Esrel… You’re obviously feeling a little… lost… and confused…” he claimed, going after something I was trying to avoid. However, his words struck a cord with me.

“You can talk to me…” he continued, stepping forward from the gate I was trying to get by, towards me. “Be a good boy, and talk to me…”

As his voice went soft, my mind went fuzzy. A strange feeling was coming about me… Strange, yet oddly familiar, and welcome… Did he just tell me, to be a ‘good boy’?

“Look me in the eyes when I am talking to you” he asked, gazing at me intensily, taking advantage of my weakness in that moment.

“Tell me what is on your mind… Tell me, what you desire…”

“I…” I simply started, freezing, stalling for time, or was I just stuck there unable to think. I felt empty, unable to come up with a reply. “I…”

“Yes Esrel… What is it?” he asked, waiting for me to reveal my cards.

“I…” I tried to start again. However, I suddenly remembered why I was here. I was here to talk to Colin. “I, just…. haven’t seen Colin in a while, we were, planning on hanging out” I was able to come up with, shaking my head to get rid of this strange fuzziness clouding my mind. “I should go see him.”

“So… You explore those thoughts, of yours Esrel? With me?” he tried again. His comment sparked something in me, something I didn’t understand. A felt a rush of excitement, and confusion. “Just me… And you?”

“Br-Brad… I-… I know what you are trying to do Brad” I finally called him out, suddenly becoming a lot wiser to his game.

“You d-… I mean…” he stumbled, finally back tracking on his strategy. Perhaps not exactly sure what I thought I knew. “You don’t trust me?” he asked, finally stepping a side as I gestured to move by him.

I felt a small glimmer of hope as I slid past him, till he finally opened his mouth again.

“Then, there’s nothing I can do to help…” he snuck in.

“H-… Help, me?” I asked, knowing better, but still asking anyways. It was as if I was caught in his web. I knew I should just walk away, and escape whileI could. However, his responses begged for me to reply. And worse off… Something about this felt, good… Right… Like I wanted to know. Like I wanted to know how he could help… Like, I wanted his help…

“Certainly” he started, a large grin spreading across his face as he hooked me back in and I turned around. “I couldn’t help but notice you spent the night in Colin’s room last weekend…”

“Y-you did?” I almost shouted, surprised that he knew. I hadn’t assumed that he knew that, or what he may have thought about it. What was he thinking happen?

“You’re young… Still learning about the world… Lost… Confused… And you have, desires… Desires that you want to, explore… Feelings… Feelings, I can, help, you with…” he explained.

“Help, me… ?” I asked, interested.

“Yes… I can see to it, that you get to explore these desires… Experience these great, pleasures…” he replied, his words starting to express a much more obvious tone as he closed the door behind him.

“And… How can help me with that?” I asked, once again hooked, now standing inside his home with him, seemingly alone, no clue where Colin was of if he even knew I was here.

“Oh… I have my ways… But first, you must trust me…” he asked of me, slowly approaching till he was standing right in front of me. His hand came up to my face, pulling my chin up to make sure I was staring deeply into his eyes. He simply smiled at me, with a somewhat passionate gaze as he awaited my response.

I stood there, frozen, Paralyzed. Not even really remembering what it was he was asking of me, but for some reason willing to accept whatever it was he wanted, or whatever he was about to ask of me. He approached, closer and closer, but instead of stepping closer now, it was his lips that were enchroaching on me. Was he trying to kiss me? It definitely seemed like one was close, until his forehead pressed up against mine.

He just stared into my eyes, gazing deeper than I felt like anyone had ever looked into me. Almost like he was looking right into my mind or something. I felt like I was melting… Like my mind was melting…

A fell into a day dream, zoning out for a moment as had a vision of myself… I was, back in the basement… Naked… No- Mister Banner came into view again, still staring at me with a smile, and then I slipped away again… This time it was worse, I was sitting there, sucking his cock. And I lik- No… Back out of my dream, still staring into his eyes, lost, blank… Another flash back, to… had I been here before? On my back… Naked… Leg’s spread, Mister Banner holding them in the air, moving his co-

“No!” I suddenly shouted, not even understanding for a moment what I was so mad about till I took a few steps away. Oh yeah, Mister Banner, and whatever he was trying. “I, I’m not sure I can trust you Brad… I’m not sure what I want… I’m not even sure what happen… or why I, let things-” I explained, walking away from him.

“Esrel” he cut me off, beginning to follow me. “You’re obviously very confused… You’ve clearly got desires… Desires that you would like to satisfy… Desires, that I can satisfy…”

“I don’-” I tried to defend myself, almost trying to convince myself at this point. I did have, desires, and maybe I was hoping that someone could, satisfy them.

“Don’t, fight it Esrel” he again defeated my attempt to fight back, grabbing my arm and spinning me back around to meet his gaze once more. “It’s, so difficult to resist… It takes, so much, energy… It would be sooo much easier, to just let go… Surrender… And accept these desires… Satisfy, these desires…”

“H-how?” I asked, foolishly setting myself up for an answer I probably couldn’t handle. “Just relax, Esrel…” he whispered with a deep stare. “Be a good, Doll~, and relax…”

“Okay…” I mumbled, agreeing, liking the idea of, relaxing…

“Just, relax… And listen…” he started to sing. “Be a good doll, and listen… and obey… Let go of all of your worries, and surrender to your desires… Surrender, to me…”

“Yes…” I accepted, no longer caring to resist my desires.

“Good boy… Let your worries melt away… Let your thoughts, melt away…” he continued.

“Yes…” I replied, even weaker, gently nodding my head, beginning to feel fuzzy, and empty…

“Such a good, doll…” he teased. “So empty… So willing to listen… So obedient…”

I just nodded, and smiled. Happiness and bliss beginning to invade my body and mind as this incredible, and yet familiar sensation flooded me.

“So ready to surrender Esrel… So ready to give in… To let go… To forget… To melt away…” his voice bombarded me with sensations and thoughts I could not handle, nor properly comprehend.

“This wonderful feeling Esrel… You remember it, don’t you?” he asked.

I nodded with a pleasant, peaceful smile, letting myself be guided into this bliss.

“Good boy… You remember how easy it is to listen… How easy to it is to surrender… How easy it is to fall… How easy it is… To listen… And obey…”

I nodded again, feeling so light, relaxed, dizzy, foggy, empty, lost, gone…

“You’re a doll Esrel…”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PING ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“My doll… My obedient, doll…” he finished with his incredible smile.

I was gone, empty, open…

"Such a good boy Esrel… I can tell how deep you are… How empty, and gone you are… How ready you are to listen, and obey, my every command…

I nodded, always smiling, always happy to hear his next words.

“Follow me Esrel” he commanded, walking past me as he grabbed my hand to help guide me.

I had to no idea where we were going. Why we were going there… Honestly, I barely knew where I was anymore… Not that I cared. I was happy to be here. Happy that I was here with Mister Banner. I walked into what felt like a doorway, Mister Banner guided me a few more steps ahead I heard a door shut behind me. Was I in his room? What were he doing here?

“Come here” he ordered, again pulling me forward. “Strip Esrel… I prefer a naked doll… But you already know that, don’t you?”

“Yes” I confirmed, lifting my shirt over my head before moving down to pull off my skinny jeans.

“All of it” he teased, smiling, content to watch me get naked. “Strip for you Master”

“Yes, Master…” I replied, looking back at him with a peaceful smile. I bent down to remove my socks before finally reaching into the waist band of my underwear. It didn’t take long after that for my entire outfit to be in a pile at my feet, and my cock was fully erect, much to Mister Banner’s delight. It hadn’t even occured to me till now just how aroused I was.

“Good boy” he praised again, reaching down to grab a hold of my length. It was in that moment that I realized I belonged to him… And how much I wanted this… I was his to do whatever he pleased. “This feels, sooo, goood… Doesn’t it, my doll?” he asked, more so confirming.

“Yes” I moaned, my cock feeling so sensitive, throbing, feeling harder than it had ever felt.

“Good boy… Remember this… Remember how good this feels… How much you like this… How much you want this… Desire it… Remember, who you belong to… Remember, who your Master is…” he slowly chanted, melting my every thought. “Esrel… Who, is your Master?”

“You are my Master” I answered.

“Good boy… And what does my doll do for his Master?” he asked.

“Listen, and obey” I answered.

“Good boy Esrel… Kneel before me, Doll” he commanded.

“Yes Master” I accepted, kneeling down, always looking up to him for my next command.

“Eyes down here” he indicated, slapping his fat cock around to grab my attention. “You know what to do, don’t you?”

“Yes Master” I answered, staring intensily at his amazing cock, remembering how long and thick it was.

“Good boy… Now be a good, slutty, doll, and service your Master” he asked of me, my mouth already gravitating towards his cock.

“Yes Maste-” I acknoledge before his cock muffled me, his hand pushing me onto his cock as he thrusted his length in.

“Just relax, and suck cock. Like a good, slutty, doll… Just like last time Esrel… You remember…” he chuckled.

I gently nodded, closing my eyes and getting to work, doing my best to pleasure his cock with my mouth. This time I added my hands to mix, reaching up grab his shaft, the other getting intercepted by Master’s hand which led it to his heavy orbs.

“Feel those Esrel… Ready them… They are about to pump a nice, huge load into that tight ass of yours… And nothing is going to ge-” he warned me, ironically cut off as he was finishing his speech.

“Dad!?” a voice called from outside.

“God dammi-” Master mumbled too himself, pulling his wonderful cock out of my mouth before pulling his briefs back up. “That kid’s timing… Hold on just a second Esrel… Actually, be a good doll and go sit on the toilet and wait for Master, okay?”

“Yes Master” I accepted, nodding as he guided me to my feet.

“Good boy. Just wait there for Master, and I’ll take care you later…” he further detailed, giving me a gentle push towards the toilet before brushing my clothing under his bed. Master watched me for a moment as I made my way to the bathroom, before heading to see who had interrupted us. I decided to take a seat on the toilet lid which was conveniently closed already.

“What is it, Colin?” Master checked.

“Dad? Whose in there?”


“Don’t play dumb dad. I heard you talking to someone”

“Oh, I was just, fantasizing, too myself… It’s been a wh-” cut him off.

“Bull sh-… Explains the, well, nevermind… Is… Es in there?”

“Esrel? No… What would make you think that?”

“He was suppose to come over, and I haven’t heard from him.”

“Oh? Maybe he got cold feet because of last week.”

“Last week?”

“Yes, when he slept in your room. Maybe he confused… I wonder what happen th-”

“Dad! Nothing happen…”

“But, you wish-”

“Stop… Is Esrel here?”

“No Son… Look, there is no one in my room… And definitely no one on my bed…”

“… … Fine… But I swear to god… Stay away from Esrel…”

“I understand Colin. I’m sure he will open up to you soon… He definitely seemed ready for a heatly serving of cock.”


“Relax Son…”

“Dad… ?”

“That’s it, just relax, an-”

“Dad, not now!”

“Son, look at me when I am talking to yo-”

“Stop. Whatever, just let me know if you see Esrel…”


“What the” I mumbled to myself, suddenly coming to, not really understanding where I was. I looked around, trying to piece together what I could understand. I was in a bathroom? I had never been here before? Where was I? Wait, last I remember, I was talking to… Mister Banner? Yeah! I was… What the fuck!? I’m naked?

I stood up, looking down to confirm I was completely naked, and more concerning was my erection. “What happen?” I mumbled, suddenly hearing a voice.

“That boy… Always getting in the way…” Mister Banner said to himself in the room connecting to the bathroom. “Now where was I…”

“Mister Banner” I called out, not sure where to go from here.

“Es-esrel!?” he replied, looking surprised to see me, or perhaps a naked person approaching from his bathroom. However, I had a hunch this was his doing.

“What’s going on?” I asked, genuinly confused. “I, trusted you?” I randomly asked, not quite sure where it was coming from. I felt so lost. So strange. But, just like last time I was suddenly naked with Mister Banner, and I had no idea why, or how.

“Esrel… I’m just trying to help” he answered, not really addressing why I was suddenly in his bathroom naked.

“Help?” I asked for confirmation as to what exactly he meant.

“Yes… I was just about to the, answer, you’ve been searching for” he continued to play around with his words.

“A-answer?” I asked, not giving up.

“Yes…” he started, approaching anew, his intoxicating smile reappearing. “There is no use hiding it anymore… You’re tired of resisting… Of running away… You came here to let Colin have his way with you… To take advantage of your desires…”

“Mister Ban-” I tried to defend myself.

“You were so ready to just give up… And let a man take you” he continued, even closer now, not shying away from me. “But Colin doesn’t know what he is doing yet… He is young, and inepexerience… He could treat you to the true pleasures of real man… To the incredible pleasures I can offer you…”

“Mist-” I attempted again, just trying to buy time to piece together some thoughts of my own.

“You’ve already gotten a taste of my cock Esrel… You know how much you like it” he story continued, close enough again to reach down and take control of my cock. “You know how good it makes you feel… There is no way Colin’s cock could come anywhere close to giving you what I can offer…” he explained, firmly gripping my shaft, playing and teasing it as he manipulated my thoughts. “There is no way he could turn your mind to mush like I could… Deep into blissful esctasy… Isn’t that right?”

“Y-… Yes…” I agreed, not even completely understanding, but still trusting, and believing Mister Banner. Trusting that he was right. Believing that I wanted this…

“Sit Doll~” he commanded as I trusted him to land on something behind me as I did. And indeed, I did land on something. A comfortable matress absorbed my reckless drop as sat down on the edge of his bed.

“Now lay back…” he told me, gently pushing my forehead back as my back fell down onto the bed. “And relax… Master is going to turn you into a nice… gay… doll~”

‘Gay’!? I thought to myself, suddenly triggered by his intentions as he mentionned that word, but before I could even argue his desires, an incredible wetness was already reminding me of how good his tongue felt on my hole… And soon in it.

Fuck it. Who cared what he wanted to do… He could do whatever he wanted… I’m just his doll.

His nice… slutty… gay… doll…

~~~ PING ~~~

I just layed there, enjoying his wonderful tongue as it lubricated and loosened me up. My breathing was gentle, yet deep. I relaxed, and focused on the incredible sensation on, and in my ass as his tongue and fingers worked me. Prepared me…

“Time to turn you into a good, gay, doll” Master claimed from above, standing at the edge of the bed, his hard, thick, long cock ready to strike again. However, this time, there would be no one to save me. But, I did not want anyone to save me…

First a soft pressure on my hole, then a more obvious push as thick cock head gently pressed against me. I let out a slutty moan, knowing my virginity was about to be taken. The pressure increased more and more till-


It finally shot in, a couple inches, Master waiting a moment to let me appreciate the moment.

“You’ll never forget this Esrel… How wonderful this feels… How wonderful, my, cock… feels… How it makes you feel… How much you love it… And how much more you’ll learn to love it… Isn’t that right?”

“Yes Master” I moaned, absolutely agreeing. “Your cock feels amazing…”

“Good boy…” he approaved, beginning to slide his cock in a little deeper before retreating. “Such a good boy…”

He showed some mercy to begin, only feeding me couple inches or so. Back and fourth, giving me a small taste of what was to come, letting me loosen up. With each sequence of in and out however, he began to feed me just a little bit more cock with every gentle thrust till he finally just let his entire lenght dig deep into me. I felt his large sac fall against my cheeks, his body pressing up against me to confirm that I was taken his full size.

“Good boy… Let me change you… Just sit back, and enjoy…” he whispered, eventually pulling back so that he could give me another slow, yet full thrust of his length. He repeated it a few times, gaining speed with every hump till he built up to a decent pace.

It felt too good. Way too dam good. Master’s cock was amazing. I can’t believe I had been missing out on this for so long. Why had I waited, so long… This was incredible. I felt like such a slut, moaning, panting, just laying there and taking it like the girls I had fucked so many times before. I was one of those girls now, and a real man was turning me into a puddle of nothing.

Master gripped me, tightly, thrusting into me, smiling and loving my moans and slutty expressions as he took my virginity. He hugged my legs, suddenly pulling my ass off the bed, suspending it in front of his groin.

“Let me erase that mind of yours Esrel” he said, staring down at me before he went into overdrive. The pace of his thrusts took a noticable spike. What once seemed like a sensation I could handle, suddenly turned into overwhelming joy and pleasure.

“Fuck, Mas-, ter!” I moaned, syllables between every thrust, panting and moaning like a whore as I took it like a good slut. His body slammed against me repeately, his balls always slapping between my ass a short moment later, his heavy orbs reminding me with every buck just how much seed he had for me. It made me wild. Everything did…

That thick cock spreading me, forcing my tight ass to wrap around his incredible girth. His strong grip controlling me. His heavy body slamming against me, those fertile orbs pounding against my ass. And his commanding voice, always leading, and manipulting me into the nothingness I was.

Just a slutty, gay, doll. An obedient, slutty, gay, doll.

“Mas-, ter-, Mas-, ter-, Mas-, ter” I moaned, over and over again, each thrust driving closer and close to losing it. To losing my mind… To losing, myself.

“MASTER!” I cried out, my cock slapping against my abdomen one last time before I shot my load. Unfortunately, as good as this felt, it became an incredible pleasure torture as Master fucked me through my orgasm. Quick, repeated thrusts, till he suddenly changed his rhythym to slow, but firm bucks. And soon, I felt a warmth rushing into me, waves flooding me with every pulse of his cumming cock. His held my tight, continuing to fuck me as he bred me, and pumped me full of his seed.

I was gone. This was perfect. This was bliss… Esctasy… I was complete…

Fucked. Used. Full of Master’s seed…

“Sleep Esrel… Sleep… … Ssssleeep… …”

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