Reunion: Chapter One

Series: Reunion
By secretTist -
published September 15, 2017
5211 words

Esrel attends his friends graduation party, where a certain dad takes a liking to him…


As I approached the house, it was obvious that the party had alredy begun so I felt comfortable letting myself in. Colin, my childhood friend, had graduated and his father had decided to hold celebration at his place. Naturally I was invited, along with friends and family to honour the occasion. Colin and I go way back to kindergarden where we first met. We were usually in the same classes all throughout elementary and high scool until Colin decided to accept a scholarship at a University across the country. After that I mostly saw him during summer vacation and holidays.

We were pretty close friends because of school and all the athletic teams we played on together. We hung out a lot, shared the same circle of friends, and did a fair amount of things together. It was a normal relationship by all means until our last year of high school together when Colin revealed to me that he gay. Being his closest friend, I was the only one he felt comfortable revealing his secret too.

At first, I didn’t know how to respond. It was someone I had known most of my life, so the news was kind of a shock. However, it wasn’t all that hard to accept, and it didn’t really change who he was. A side from the odd offer to try ‘things’ with him, or joking attempts to ‘convert’ me, it didn’t bother me at all. It was just something I knew about my friend that others didn’t. It gave him a medium to talk about things, one that he didn’t have with anyone else, except for his father…

“Hello Esrel” greeted a familiar voice. It took me a while to lock on to whom it was but I pretty much knew, confirming as I turned to meet his gaze. “Long time no see.”

“Mister Banner” I replied, meeting his smile with one of my own. “Yeah, it’s been a while for sure” I confirmed. I was over fairly often as a kid, but I hadn’t seen him since Colin left for his first year of University.

“What have you been up to?” he asked, approaching with a beer in hand to hear my story.

“Not all that much” I humbely stated. “Just University and all that jazz.”

“Oh yeah? What are you taking?” he followed up.

“Computer Science stuff, programming and all that” I indicated.

“What University?” he inquired.

“Guelph” I simply answered.

“Really? Funny I haven’t seen you around. I’ve been a proffesor there for over a decade” he revealed.

“Oh?” I checked, suddenly thinking that perhaps he was involved in my program and I ignored him or something.

“No worries Es” he laughed, noticing that that I was somewhat concerned. “I’m in the Psychology department. Chances are we never crossed paths, although that is unfortunate” he added, chucking as he gave me a wink.

I wasn’t too sure what to think of the wink. I was probably over thinking since I knew about his sexuality, which probably should not have been at the forefront of my thoughts. However, it was a fairly awkward wink from my point of view.

As it turned out, his father, divorce from his mother, was also gay. Colin attributed it to more of a coincidence, but finding out that his father was gay in high school did lead to some ‘confusion’, and later some ‘experimentation’. Unlike his father however, whom seemed to have remained somewhat bi, Colin was no longer interested in women.

I also wasn’t sure if Brad knew, that I knew. He was straight acting as far as I was concerned, so I had no idea what people’s knowledge was of his situation. Fortunately, there came the man of honour himself to save me.

“Esrel!” my old friend called out in a comical tone, a hug to follow. “Thanks for coming pal.”

“No problem, I wasn’t all that busy” I teased.

“I see you’ve introduced yourself to my dad” he remarked.

“Yeah, I just got here” I indicated.

“Probably didn’t get anything to drink then?” he assumed, pushing my shoulder to promote my movement towards the makeshift bar. “Let’s go grab you something”

“Running away with your friend already?” Brad asked, Colin’s father.

“Esrel looks thirsty” Colin replied after a pause, turning back to face his father for a moment. The two shared a seemingly awkward glance before Colin led me away.

“Fair enough” Brad answered with a chuckle. “We can catch up later” he added, as if there was more to talk about.

“He, uh… Didn’t try anything weird… Did he?” Colin asked me as we got some distance in between us and his dad. He seemed to be joking at first, although his finishing tone was a little more serious.

“No?” I answered after a brief pause, thinking back to make sure he didn’t try ‘anything’. However, it did highlight the sensation his wink gave me earlier. “Why?” I asked in return, wondering if my gut feeling was correct.

“Oh, nothing… Well, he does tend to hit on my friends…” Colin admitted. “Sorry… But, yeah… Just, um, don’t let him do anything weird or something…”

“Weird?” I questionned.

“Oh, nothing. Forget it… Just don’t let him hit on you or anything…” he warned.

“Okay” I laughed, not all that concerned, although somewhat feeling that maybe Colin was a little jealous or something? Throughout the years he had made a fair bit of attempts or suggestions to me, especially when drinking. Regardless, I put the strange indicent behind me and joined Colin for a drink.

As the night progressed, a drink turned into a few, and a few into many. Turned out a few of my old high school budies stopped by so we had to catch up with them which led to some obligatory rounds of beer pong. Before long I could honestly say I was pretty drunk, something Colin’s dad definitely took notice of.

“You’re a pretty good beer pong player” Brad teased, catching me at the bar while I was isolated from everyone. “You sure you play soccer, and not basket ball?”

“Thanks” I gested with a laugh, not sure if he knew I played on the Univeristy team, or if he simply remembered that I played back in the day. “Definitely a soccer player though” I confirmed, somewhat forgetting or letting slide our earlier encounter. If Colin’s dad was going to hit on me, there was little harm in it.

“Now that I think about it… Aren’t you on the University team?” he would finally reveal, showing some sort of background knowledge about my recent years.

“Yeah” I simply answered with a nod. “Mid fielder.”

“I’ll have to come watch a game sometime, watch those long legs of yours in action” he announced, making it a fair bit weird again as he combined the comment with another wink. This time it was a lot harder to discredit his wink as just playful. Although I suppose it wasn’t all that weird for someone to joke about something if they were open about their sexuality.

“Hey Esrel” he suddenly changed the tone and direction of the conversation. “You’ve had a few drinks… Will you be safe to drive home?” he asked. “We’ve got a few couches downstairs… You’re free to stay the night if you drove.” ~ “Oh!? Uh, maybe?” I replied, caught offguard considering the transition, not really noticing that Colin had approached.

“Dad…” Colin introduced himself, not seeming all that impressed with his dad sending out the inviation. Not because he wasn’t alright with me staying over, but probably because he was suspicious of his father. Personally, I was drunk, so I was just happy to have a spot to crash until I sobered up.

“Good with you Colin?” I asked, just to make sure it was alright.

“Yeah” he simply confirmed, a noticable annoyance for his father’s action, the gaze he was giving his fater as evidence.

“You don’t mind, do you? … Son… It’s okay if Esrel stays over. Isn’t it?” Brad confirmed himself.

“Yes, it is, father…” he replied, somewhat dropping his annoyed glare. “… Uh, we’ve got a game to play” Colin reminded me.

“Don’t worry Esrel. I’ll make sure you have a good place to sleep tonight…” he let me know before me and Colin to took off to play another game of beer pong. Hopefully that meant that he was going to hook me up with a sweet blanket and pillow.

Eventually the festivities did come to an end, and the party cleared out. Colin guided me downstairs to the basement entertainment room where they had a few couches and a massive projector screen set up. We put some late night sports highlights on, like the good old days before finally calling it a night.

“Hey, I’m off to bed…” Colin announced. “Um… Do you want to sleep in my bed? Nothing funny, I uh… Just don’t-…” he unexpectadly asked, to which I just gave him a confused stare. “Oh, nothing…” he added, seeing me wait for further explanation.

“What is it?” I asked, hoping he would reveal what it was he was worried about. This wasn’t the usual playful request he made to try and get me to join him in bed, which I had done a few times before. "I, uh… It’s my dad… It’s nothing though…

“What?” I asked with a laugh, not exactly sure what was scared of, or if he actually just suggested I sleep in his bed because his dad might do something. I mean, we had slept in the same bed a few times before, and he had tried to pull some ‘tricks’ a few times, but this did seem to be more about his dad. “I’ll be fine” I added with another chuckle. Colin was silent for a moment before finally retreating.

“You know… The offer is still there Es…” a familliar playful tone finally made an appearance. “The, offer, is always open” he finished, with a wink of his own as he mentioned offer.

“Thanks” I laughed. “But I’ll have to pass Mister. Maybe another time”

“Fair enough… You know how to use the remote… Shut off the TV when you are done” he left me with, non chalantly as if he hadn’t just asked me to have sex.

I gave him a nod before he shut the door to his room, before picking a spot on the couches and tucking myself into the blanket that Brad had probably provided. I was a little surprised that I was left alone down here considering everyone who was at the party, but I suppose it made sense since most of the family probably didn’t live all that far away from here. Regardless, I watched a bit TV before finally deciding it was time to sleep.

“Esrel…” an all too familiar voice whispered right as I was finally closing my eyes. “Esrel…” the voice whispered again.


“Brad?” I replied, blinking a few times, coming back from the cusp of passing out.

“Figured I’d just come to check to make sure you got your bed figured out” he explained.

“Yup” I simply replied, slowly sitting up as I wiped the sleep from my eyes.

“Good good… I was scared that you were having trouble sleeping” he explained.

“No no” I informed him.

“Oh, its just that you left the TV on…” he remarked.

“Oh, sorry” I apologized, noticing that I had indeed forgotten to shut it off.

“Don’t worry about it Esrel. It’s okay” he replied. “I was just going to offer to help you sleep.”

“Help?” I replied somewhat flustered given our past conversation, and the fact that as I came too I realized that he was standing before me wearing just a t-shirt and boxer briefs. Unfortunately playing along with his game allowed him to continue whatever move he was trying to pull.

“Yes. I can make sure you get, a nice, relaxing, deep, sleep” he explained, in a soft, silent tone. It felt as if he was trying to be quiet as to not alert Colin who would obviously be angry that his dad was done here. “I just need you to listen…” he followed up with.


“Listen?” I echoed. At this point, I wasn’t sure if was tired, drunk, or simply confused. Perhaps all of the above? I mean, I assumed he was being creepy, or ‘hitting’ on me or something but I didn’t even know what this was.

“Yes Esrel, soo easy… Just relax, and listen… I’ll help put you into a nice, deep sleep…” he continued. At this point I wasn’t sure how to react. He was being weird, and definitely creepy. I didn’t want to cause a scene and tell him to leave, but at the same time I didn’t really know how to get out of this so I just let it happen. I figured if I just played a long for a bit he would leave happy and I could get to sleep.


“You seem pretty tired” he said, suddenly placing his index out in front of me. He let my focus lock to his fingertip before suddenly beginning to move it side to side. “Just follow my index… It’s a little trick I use to help people get to sleep… You want to sleep, don’t you Esrel?”

“Yes?” I answered rather bluntly, somewhat truthfully, obviously wanting to go to sleep. I was a little too tired to get snipy with the obvious answer to his question.

“Good… Then just relax… And listen…” he repeated, always waving his finger. Back and fourth… Back, and fourth. It was a little annoying, but it didn’t matter. I was just playing along till he would finally be satisfied and leave. “You don’t need to do anything… Just relax… And listen…”

“Okay…” I signed, sort of letting some stress and tension slip out of me, just following his finger for whatever reason, not quite understanding what he was doing… Sleep did sound nice though. I suppose he was right. I didn’t look like this game would take too much effort. He was doing all the work, while I just sat there and pretended to play along.

“Keep your eyes focused on my finger… Just like that… And let my words slip into your mind… You won’t even notice them… Eventually my words will just sing to you… You just need to listen to them… And obey… Okay?” he explained.


“Okay” I replied, nodding gently, my eyes following the finger. Back, and fourth. Wait, ‘obey’? Did I just-

“Relax… Deep breaths… Letting all of that tension leave your body” he interrupted my thoughts. “Feeling so tired… So sleepy… Just wanting to listen… And obey… Eyes feeling soooo heavy… Sooo tired… Wanting to close, sooo very badly… You feel tired Esrel, don’t you?”

Yeah, he did say obey again… Obey? Just listen, and obey? But yeah, I did feel tired…

“Yes” I admitted, this time interrupting my own thoughts, blinking a fair bit now, actually feeling super tired. My neck barely felt like it could keep my head up.


“You feel, soooo, sleeepy…. Don’t you Esrel?” he changed up his statement ever so slightly.

“Yes” I replied, my eyes falling shut for a moment, the pivoting of my head reminding my eyes that they needed to open so that I could focus on the finger before me.

“You closed your eyes Esrel…” he followed. “Keep them on my finger please.”

“Sorry Mister Banner…” I apologized, not sure why though. I felt like I disappointed him.

“It’s okay Esrel… Just keep them open… Just like that… Good boy Esrel… Just focus on my finger… I know you just want to close your eyes, and drift into this wonderful, deep, sleep… But keep your eyes open for just a little longer… Just, a little longer… Just listen… And obey… And soon I’ll let you close your eyes… And you can drift away into peaceful slumber” he affirmed. It felt so strange, but good. What was he even trying to do. Was he hitting on me? Or just being a nice guy and helping me sleep? Did I need help? I didn’t think so, but this seemed to be working? I felt so sleepy, and he was helping me sleep.


“It feels good Esrel… Sooo, good…” he reaffirmed, which it did… I felt light, and relaxed… Yet strangely, heavy and dizzy… It felt, so right… yet, something was off? What was this? What was he doing to me? Or trying to do? Nothing made sense. It just felt good… And relaxing… And easy… So, easy, that this confusion didn’t matter because-

“I’ll take care of you Esrel… Just listen… And obey… Okay?” he asked of me, striking a proper tone with my worries. I could just let them go…

“Yes” I answered, nodding, suddenly not caring all that much for what was going on.

“You trust me Esrel… You trust me, don’t you?” he asked.


“Yes” I replied, no reason not to trust him., just enjoying the ride.

“It feels good… It feels ssssoo good, doesn’t it Esrel?” he asked.


“Yes” I replied, it felt good.

“Feeling so good Esrel… Feeling so, very, sleepy Esrel… Just drifting off… Relaxing… Not caring for anything… Just wanting to listen… Just wanting to sleep… Just wanting to, obey…” he sang to me, whispering in a soft, silent voice. Always making sure that Colin wouldn’t interrupt us again. My eyes gently flutered, barely able to stay open, head bobbing like someone about to fall asleep.

This felt wonderful… So peaceful and relaxing… I was so easy to listen to Mister Banner… So easy to just fade away, and sleep…

“Close your eyes Esrel, and drift away… Sleep Esrel… Sleep…” he whispered before I fell into his deep sleep….



“7, starting to come back…” a voice was speaking to me.


“8, Rembering to forget, and forgeting to remember…” it continued.


“9, Feeling soo good… opening your eyes” Mister Banner said.


“10, awake, and aware…” he finished, giving me a chance to fully come to.


I felt nice…


My eyes just sort of flutered I was came to the realization that Mister Banner was standing in front of me. I didn’t really know why, I felt really out of it. Like we were mid conversation, and I missed something. “You okay, Esrel?” he asked, just smiling at me, looking happy.

“Y-yes… Must of, zoned out there… Or something…” I answered, searching for an excuse, truly feeling as if I missed something important. I felt really stupid about it too.

“I thought we were having a nice chat Esrel? You fell asleep on me” he explained, implying I had rudely fallen asleep on him.

“So-sorry” I apologized, trying to remember what happen. Unable to recall what were talking about, I could only assume I had done something to upset him.

“It’s okay Esrel, don’t worry about it” he was quick to forgive me. “I’m sure you can make it up to me, somehow…”

“Make it-… how?” I asked, a little out of it still.

“I suppose you could start by explaining why you were planning to sleep on my couch…” he started, pausing for a moment before finishing. “Naked…”

“Uh?” I mumbled, looking down to confirm that I was indeed naked. “S-so-sorry” I whispered, suddenly really embarrassed, not quite understanding why I was naked. But my clothing were indeed resting on the ground by Brad’s feet.

“It’s fine Esrel… I don’t mind seeing a cute boy, such as yourself, naked… All alone in my house…” he explained, gazing at me with a fair bit of intensity. All I could do was cover up, reaching down with both hands to hide my junk. “I do believe you will have to make this up to me…”

“So-sorry… I feel so stupid… I’ll clean the couch or-” I apologized again, flustered, probably blushing some shade comparable to a tomato.

“No no Esrel” he cut me off. “I was thinking something different… Much, different…” he started with a grin, still staring at me intensily.

“How?” I asked, my eyes wondering as I noticed Brad adjust his briefs. I was quick to look away but I could swear he was-

“Kiss… Just an innocent little kiss” he asked, kneeling down and moving in closer.

“Kis-” I almost shouted, Brad pressing his finger up to my lips to silence me.

“Quiet Esrel…” he commanded, pulling his finger away, trusting me to be silent. “You don’t want to wake up Colin… He is sleeping, and you of all people, should know how, good… sleep, feels…”


“So-…” I stuterred, his face approaching mine. “Sorry” I finished, zoning out a little, finally gaining my composure a little as Brad suspended his face in front of mine. I couldn’t even push him away, or guard my space as I was too busy guarding my package. “Br-Brad?”

“Just a small kiss Esrel…” he whispered, his breath blowing against my lips from this distance. “Just one small kiss, and I promise I’ll forgive you… Okay?”

All I could was stare back into his eyes, powerless to act. Powerless to think… Powerless to stop him…


“Y-… Yes…” I accepted, his lips not taking long to plant themselves on mine right after.

“Good boy…” he whispered, just before his lips conneted with mine. Brad took full advantage of the moment to lay a deep one on me. My eyes remained fixated on his, although his eyes were closed. Brad was more focused on the kiss, his tongue also taking the oppertunity to get some action as well. I tried not to get too into it, but at the same time I felt I owed him this kiss. Before I knew it my eyes were closed as well, my mouth open submitting to Mister Banner’s tongue.

Slowly my hands forgot about protecting my privates, and moved up against his chest. I pressed them gently against his pecs, instinctively protecting myself, but not finding the strength to gently push him away till he seemed content with his first strike.


“Now, that wasn’t so bad… Was it Esrel?” he asked, hoping for affirmation.

“N-no…” I answered, wanting to be polite, although confused myself whether or not I enjoyed it.

“Is that your first kiss with another man?” he asked, smiling, clearly reaching down this time to adjust his briefs.

“Yes” I answered, my eyes drifting south again, this time clearly spotting a bulge pressing out against Brad’s underwear. I lost my composure, my eyes locking onto it as he rubbed and played with his package. Was I turning him on? Clearly?

“That’s cute…” he replied before directing his attention to my wondering gaze. “See something, you like? Esrel?”

“No-nothing” I tried to deny, my eyes still glued there as I watched him play with himself. I had no idea what to do anymore. I felt so lost, so confused. So flustered.

“Perhaps you would like…” he started as I tried to pull my gaze back up. “A taste?” he asked, suddenly reaching down with both hands. He quickly slapped his cock out of his underwear. I couldn’t help but shoot my gaze down to confirm what he had just done. Unfortunately my eyes were once again locked down there, in disbelief, stuck, unable to look away.

“Mi-mister Brad. I- I’m glad… That I excite you… But I real-” I started, really losing my composure.

“Ssshh Essrel… relax…” he whispered gently. “Don’t be scared…” he continued as he approached, gently strocking his fat cock as it gain size and vigor right before my eyes. I wasn’t actually going to blow him, was I?

“Open your mouth Esrel…” he gently ordered, my mouth already instincviely drooping down as his tip approached my mouth, immediately popping open on command to accept his cock just before it would have pressed against my lips.

“Good boy” he whispered, slowly beginning to slide his cock into my mouth. I was paralyzed, just staring at the tip as it moved towards me, my mind going blank as it entered. I just sort of looked nowhere, losing focus, till I noticed his abdomen moving towards him. I suddenly looked up, into his massive smile, and soon those gazing eyes. My mouth closed around his cock…


Yes… Yes I was going to give him a blow job…

He reached behind my head, taking a good grip before he started to bob my head back and fourth, gently shoving and retracting his cock as he tought me how to properly suck cock. I had never done this, but I had obviously seen, and had it done to me so I just did as I had been tought, naturally. And, Mister Banner would surely teach me…

“Such a good boy Esrel…” he approved. “Master’s cock taste delicious… Doesn’t it?”

I looked up into his eyes, nodding as his cock shoved in and out of my mouth. He smiled down on me, looking happy, in turn, giving me a smile hidden behind his cock as happiness flooded into me as well. Eventually, I just closed my eyes and sucked away, hands reached out against his thighs, perhaps instinctively to make sure he didn’t go any deeper than I can handle. However, he did begin to explore further into my mouth, and in turn I gave him more freedom to do so till my arms showed little resistance to his bucking hips.


“Such a good little slut Esrel…” he said, almost setting up something. “Now, take it all” he ordered, obviously meaning his length as he slowly, but firmly shoved his entire length into my mouth, till my lips were kissing his base.


“Amazing” he whispered, holding my head tight so that I couldn’t escape, eventually releasing me as a thick, long string of saliva stretched between his tip and my tongue as I pulled away to catch my breath. “You want more, don’t you, Esrel?” he asked, smiling, nodding for me. Actions I mirrored, looking submissive as I smiled, and nodded. Somewhat confused and fearful, not understanding what was happening, but enjoying.

“Yes” I moaned, still trying to catch a my breath, manipualted by the happiness his smile brought, and the nodding that I couldn’t help but copy, perhaps leading me to answer without much though.

“Very good boy…” he started to sing. “Such a good doll~… Such a good, doll~…”


My entire body vibrated, those words emptying me. I felt so light, and dizzy again…

“Lay back my doll~…” he commanded, which I happily obeyed. “Be a good slut, and spread those legs.”


“Yes” I answered, spreading my legs, the fabric of the couch rubbing against the under skin of my thighs as they spread nice and wide for Mister Banner.

“Good boy… So happy… To ready to listen… and obey… Aren’t you?” he said.

“Yes” I answered, so empty, doing what he wanted.

“Such a good doll~” he laughed, reaching down to grab my legs at my knees before pulling me forwards to properly place me on my back. “My doll~~…” he added, further spreding and lifting my legs, his head diving into my crotch as he pushed my balls to the side to get a good look at my ass.


“Be a proper doll~, Esrel” he sang. “Just lay back… close your eyes… relax… and be a slut…”


A wet, tendril suddenly licked my anus. I didn’t quite understand this feeling, or what it was. But it felt great. A few more wet, thick lashes, and it soon occured to me that Mister Banner was licking my ass, and soon eating me out…

And it felt great…


For the first time in a long time, he was finally silent, instead letting this incredible sensation manipulate me instead of his words. He would occasionally pull away and whisper some words to me, but I barely even noticed what they were anymore, so lost in this pleasure. This new, overwhelming pleasure.

My hole felt so good, so wet… So “ready”… … ready… for… for… ? For what?

Zoned out, lost, empty, I looked up to see Brad standing at the edge of the couch, smiling down at me.


A smile quickly returned to my face as I just stared into his eye swith a blissful lust. Not understanding what was going on. Not knowing what was going on. Not caring what was going on.


Just staring back into his eyes, blindly, happy as could be as a strange pressure began to press against my hole.


“Dad!” a voice screamed. I didn’t actually notice, but it was there. “What the fuck!?”


My gaze sort of lost its purpose as Mister Banner’s left my small field of view, just gazing at where his eyes use to be as other things went on around me.

“My best friend? How could you?” …


“Colin, Colin… relax…” …

“Dad, as if you would try to fuck Es” …


“Son, Son… Listen….” Mister Banner smoothly said.

“Fa-father…” Colin replied, sounding less angry than before.


“Just relax Colin… Daddy is going to bed… Don’t worry about it…”

… … …

“Esrel” Colin called out to me, approaching. “Dude, what are you doing?”


“Hm? What?” I drowsily answered.


“As if you would let my dad fuck you…” he started, not sounding as angry anymore, but more so disappointed, or perhaps a little sad. “This is why I wanted you to sleep in my room… I was scared this would happen…” he admitted, as if something like this had happen before.

“Dude… You’re sleeping in my room tonight… I don’t trust my dad” he told me, myself still trying to make sense of things. I felt weird. Lost. Confused… Plus I was naked, and apparently Mister Banner had tried to fuck me? Colin simply pulled me towards his room.

“I don’t even know…” he starred, offering me a spot on his queen matress, tosing my underwear on my lap. “He always does this…”

“Sorry” I apologized, assuming I had done something wrong, quietly sliding my bottoms on.

“It’s… It’s fine…” he forgave. “You know… If you really wanted to try… I could have showed you…”

“I, uh…” stumbled with my reply.

“Don’t worry… Just get some sleep… You’re drunk…” he explained, probably a fair bit drunk himself…

I awkwardly claimed some space on the bed before passing out fairly quickly, despite feeling bad for whatever reason, never truly understanding all that much… Just sort of dozing off…

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