Abe, The Fugitive

By The Dirty Spiders - thedirtyspiders@gmail.com
published March 27, 2020
4724 words

A trucker eating lunch suddenly has a terrified thought enter his mind

The Dirty Spiders writes

The Council don’t always get stuff right. Luckily, sometimes a kind, uniquely talented person can come to the rescue.

big kisses and thanks to Daddy Aragon, for editing and editing advice

Act I: Eye Contact

It was a diner downtown. I was eating lunch alone. I was looking down at my ketchup smeared half-eaten mess, wondering how much more my stomach desired, and how much was me automatically finishing what was in front of me. My deliveries were done that day, so I wasn’t in a rush. Then it happened.

A thought hit me., one of breathless wide eyed fear; The kind a fox might feel when being chased by 20-odd Basset hounds and men on horseback. The feeling of cowering in a hole you’ve chanced by, because you’re too tired to run anymore. The feeling of knowing the end was coming.

“I’m sorry!. Please don’t look up!… Please let me hide!” I heard a fully formed, separate voice in my head. I imagined I had snapped and gone mad, but dealing with the idea of ‘not looking up’ I began to look up reflexively, shifting attention off of my food to the scene in front of me.

“NO!! DON’T LOOK, PLEASE!!! They’ll see me in your eyes… please!… just… you’re just a normal guy eating lunch; I’m sorry, I’ll explain later, just please…..” I felt manic fear, crying, pleading come from the voice. I looked back down at my food and ‘acted’ eating.

“Yes… yes, thank you… I’m sorry… just keep doing that, oh god….. please” the voice was whimpering. I heard the diner door chime rattle in some new customers.

“Oh god…! “ The voice petered into cowering stillness, as if even ‘thinking’ would give the game away. I dutifully did not look up, but in my peripheral vision three men (I couldn’t make out their clothes) had entered. Something about just knowing they were there made the hairs on my neck stand and the middle of my spine curl inward with discomfort. I was made aware, perhaps by the cowering voice, of a search disguised as normal social interaction. It was easy conversation hiding deceptively intense monitoring. Like policemen in plain clothes scanning for a suspect.

One of them gazed directly at us… the voice froze completely. I almost froze with him, but remembered I was meant to just be a guy eating lunch. I swiveled some bread in the ketchup-mixed food juices with the tip of my fork, and made a display of eating it nonchalantly. The voice remained in fear-paralysis.

One of the searching men physically passed us and headed to the loo. I kept my head down, but not too far down. I behaved lost in my lunch.

The scanning continued, I wasn’t trying to draw attention to myself, but I was picking up the men’s voices in the din… the well practiced casual tones, laughter, no suspicious intensity. They were expertly fitting in.

“…don’t listen… they’ll feel you listening” I heeded the voice and intentionally stopped picking up on them.

I tried to ‘think’ a question to this voice; ‘who are you, who are they, what is this?’

‘…after. Once they’ve left’



I almost lept from my seat. The waitress was standing there, jug in hand, offering me a refill. My jump made the voice immediately cower again, ‘This is it!’ it thought. Luckily, I didn’t clang cutlery or draw attention to myself by shouting in fright. Only the sudden movement and I immediately snapped into acting.

In the most casual, happiest tone I could muster I replied “Whoops! Yes darlin’, I’d love some more… if my jump there doesn’t cut me off, haha!”

“Not at all sir, I have a way of moving quite silently” the girl happily refilled my cup.

“Well, that’s a skill in itself.”

“Isn’t it? My other job is solving crimes by night, but don’t tell the boss.”

“Other job? well, we’ll just have to tip you better” we exchanged a mirthy giggle under the supervision of the strange men I felt noticing us. They were noticing us and appraising me; my behavior, my acting.

I tried to take my eyes from the waitress to my coffee again, without meeting their gaze and without making it unnatural looking. By now I was gunning for this voice in my head and I didn’t want my slip up to be the reason he got caught.

The strange men stayed for two mouthfuls of coffee then constructed a casual reason to need to leave again. As they left I chanced a glance at their backs. Office workers, uniform height, two with shaved heads, and one with a straight short cut.

‘No no… they might turn around’

‘Shh, shh I know’ I reassured the voice and went back to looking elsewhere. By now my food had gone completely cold and I was beyond full from my act-eating. I had played the part this voice wanted of me, and it seems I’ve got him off the hook. I had to use the toilet.

I got up and headed for the toilet. The voice was hoping something in my actions wouldn’t cause the men, now outside, to quickly turn back in. I simply and confidently moved myself as I normally would, to go take a leak as I normally would.

“Good…” I heard him say.

‘Shh’ I thought in reply.

I palmed the toilet door open. “So I can think a conversation with you?”


“What are you?”

“…I’m a fugitive”

“Did you do something… evil?”

“No, I’m…” I could feel him search for a way to make me understand “I’m a whistleblower, look:” He flooded my mind with ideas of a magical government, a corruption and him blowing it open. Meanwhile I was trying to undo my fly at the urinal.

“If what you did was good, then you shouldn’t fear trial or whatever” I paused…

“What’s wrong!?” he was immediately worried by my pause.

“Emm…” I felt kinda dumb “…can you look away or something? I can’t… go”

“What? Wait, your piss?! hehe, yeah sure fella, I can look away… there… I’m looking away”

I tested how private I felt this time by urging my stream again. I managed to convince myself it was safe, but his humour didn’t make him seem very sincere. My stream decided to chance it this time and off it went, hitting the urinal.

My voice companion continued, “I was already arrested and standing trial/tribunal for what I did”

“So why did you suddenly decide to run?”

“They weren’t police” He paused for a while and I was alone with the liquid splatter of my pee. “They were private assassins., they’ve already got my body… this is all that’s left of me”

“What!?” I felt kinda disrespectful hearing this while mid-stream, but what could I do? “Wow. That’s horrendous, are you a wizard or what so?”

“Was a wizard”

“…are you gonna take me over?” I asked with some sadness and loss; what if this is the end of me?

“What? NO! That would be horrible… no… Thank you peeing man. John.” he seemed to have plunked my name directly from my head “Thank you for your acting, and your not panicking, and saving me… are you an actor?”

“No, I’m a delivery guy… ehh a trucker. But I’ve always wanted to act… I think I have OCD too” my pee dribbled to a stop and I shook…” I felt something “did you just check me out?”

“Yes I’m sorry!! You thought about it, so I thought about it. I didn’t mean too.. Just., I’ll be cool. I promise”

“Jesus Christ, man” to be fair, I actually felt his embarrassment, and his sense of overstepping. “So what do you do now, skip from person to person? On the run?”

“Yes…. this is the longest I’ve spent in a waking person. I’m sorry to burden you. I just run all day, and find a sleeping person to hide in at night and try get some sleep. I have to not fuck their dreams up while they sleep or draw attention from the men… but as soon as they wake up, they find me asleep in their mind and get alarmed and then the men notice so I have to wakeup and run immediately”

“My god…. and how long has…?”

“I’ve been running for the last 6 days.” The weight of exhaustion poured out of him. I was fixing myself up and making for the sink to wash my hands.

“You need sleep, I can feel it, it’s almost making me tired”

“I need to keep running” I felt him, his tiredness, his cold empty exhaustion. “Can I stay with you until we get out of the diner? And away from this block?”

“You’ve seen me acting friend, what’s your name?…”

“Abraham, Abe”

“You’ve seen me act and be cool, Abe. Those guys are scary as fuck, but you’re safe now; I’ve got you, and I can act cool. You just… nap or sleep or whatever you need and I’ll get us out”

“Why are you being so nice?”

“I just am, so shush., now you said no eye contact?”

“If I’m asleep I’m harder to detect, impossible in fact. It’s only the person freaking out when they find me in their head that the men pick up on it. So as soon as they freak, I have to wake up and run and that freaks them even more”

“So it’s even better for me if you nap?”

“Yes I suppose so, they won’t be able to see me in your eyes, or feel my consciousness…”

“OK. well then it’s settled. You get some shut-eye, Abe, and I’ll leave the bathroom in a normal-seeming amount of time. I’ll go pay for my lunch and get us home and the men will be none the wiser”

“…do you think you can do it?” his worry was always there. I felt him knowing that his capture meant abrupt merciless death and erasure from existence and wiping from the memories of other people too. No ifs or buts. The thought of it made me shiver, that such people and power existed in the world.

“I know I will” I tried sending him a feeling this time. I was learning as I went but I tried it now because it seemed the best way to communicate my commitment. I sent him a feeling of ‘I will protect you, you are safe here; get some rest’. It seemed to work, or at the very least he was too tired of running: He had nothing left to lose. He was thankful, confused, loved and for the first time in what felt like a long time, he had an ally. He was trying to form a response to the feeling-experiment I sent him, but instead of a conversation, it was a blur of feelings and questions all while heavy with sleep.

“Shhhh, it’s OK, just sleep for now and you can thank me once I get us home”

I left the toilet, behaving perfectly normal.

“Was everything OK?” the same waitress chirped with practiced parlance as she totted up my lunch on the till.

“Yes, it was lovely” I slapped down some bills “and the sneak-assault refills” I chuckled.

“Yes… they should make me wear a cowbell” she counted the cash and put my change down. I took all but a 10 dollar bill.

“Naw, you’re too beautiful for that., I’d prefer the fright!”

“Oh, now stop it you!”

“Have a nice day, lady.” I was having this conversation while a mind fugitive was curling like a cat inside my brain and flumping into a deeply-needed power-nap. He was snoozing by the time I left the diner and I looked around, as a person might normally look around, and located my pickup truck. I glanced around for the three men. They were now on a different part of the block quite a distance away and I risked looking at them. From a distance one of them pierced me with bright irises, I barely reacted. My eyelids stayed droopy and vacant. I didn’t register noticing him in any way and I continued to scan the street, passing by his gaze as he stood looking at me. I felt my sleeping mind-guest stir and I offered a calm ‘Shhhhsshh, fella. It’s nothing’

I casually got into my truck and turned the key. It started in the usual way and I finally let my body rattle and shiver in discomfort as I drove off. I didn’t look for the men again. I would never wish to look at them again for as long as I live.

Act II: Do We Love Him?

Home felt different. Buddy (my golden retriever), was excited to see me.

“Buddy! Have you been good!?”

I knew my dog and he knew me., his tail was wagging but he smelled a rat. He sniffed me in concern, before accepting I must be preoccupied for a reason he could not detect yet. I petted him and fussed over him gently, to not wake Abe, and then sat down to watch TV. Buddy sat beside me on the couch, head on my lap, bottle of beer, all was well except for the oddness of my newly found mind-refugee.

“Hmm?” I felt him wake “!!” instant fear and panic. Jesus, this poor guy; waking up like this?

“No no, Abe. It’s still me, remember? I got us home”

“What!?… how long was I…?”

“It was a two hour drive from downtown, and now I’m at home relaxing. Are we far enough away from them?” Abe was realizing the situation. I felt him realize I’d gotten him out of his chase and I felt his hope for surviving rise. His true fatigue also now showed and it oppressed both of us.

“Emm, thank you for what you’ve done… I…” Buddy looked at me and shifted suddenly. He growled and whelped, and moved from the couch to watch me from a distance. He was holding a low growl, but also whining for my help. He was trying to decide what was making him uneasy.

“Buddy! It’s OK!” I hated how he was looking at me. He was fearful of an uneasy, confusing danger.

“Is that your dog?”

“Yes he’s scared of us, of you.”

“If he makes too much fuss, they’ll find me… do you know your dog really well?”

“Yes I… we’re best friends”

“I can connect you both and you can reassure him and he can meet me”

“Yes. Yes, do that.”

“OK. Hold on.” I heard Buddy yelp in sudden confusion. Abe partially left me and my dog’s reaction to his mind assault made me wince in discomfort. He started panic barking upward and at an unseen threat.

“Buddy!, Buddy it’s OK!” as I tried to comfort him my mind altered again and I heard Abe. ‘Here…’ suddenly, I was seeing Buddy’s mind… my dog’s mind was there and he was suddenly silent.

‘Buddy? Buddy it’s me! Abe is a friend and we’re helping him’

“We love him?” I was instantly charmed by my dog’s thought process. If I didn’t love him enough already.

“Yes, we love him”

“He hurt you?”


“OK, NO HURT YOU!” he shifted his attention to Abe, “NO HURT HIM!”

Abe responded sincerely. ‘Yes Sir Buddy! and John was right about you; you are absolutely the best boy’ Buddy’s tail started going again, and I guess that was that; Introduction successful.

“You can do it to dogs?”

“Not really, it’s like trying to squeeze into a kid’s tricycle”

“What about me?”

“You have a big mind palace, yeah, easy enough”

“What… like I’m smart?”

“…Sure, yeah”

“You’re… lying! I can feel you lying” a confused smirk grew on my face.

“I just mean there’s room; you lead a simple life, you’ve not had any complex… I’m sorry”. He got sad and embarrassed suddenly. I started remembering some exes and how it didn’t work out… “oh… I guess you can see that stuff yeah?”

“I can when it jumps into your head like that, but also I didn’t mean to pry. Also you are a hot guy, I would love someone like you”

“Are you gay?”


“How am I gonna…” Oh no… I was starting to get turned on.

“You can’t, I can already hear you thinking about it, I can feel it too” I could feel him trying to not focus on me beginning to get tuned on. “…Look, you did enough, I’ll just find a place to jump and leave you in peace.”

I could feel the insincerity in what he was saying; the fear, the chasing beginning again, the leaving behind a string of alarmed people, easy to track, easy to find, running from death again. The prospect of it was crushing him.

“No. No, I can’t accept that. No more running. I can’t inflict that on someone for the sake of a private wank… how long are we talking?”

“How long?”

“How long until the good guys catch the bad guys and those very… ” I shivered again, “…unsettling men are stopped and you get justice?”

“I… I don’t know. I can’t contact anyone… a week?”

“A week?”

“Yeah, the good guys have agents too. They will probably consider me absolved for the time being, for what they let happen to me in their custody”

“A week then. I think a grown man can handle that, for the sake of protecting an innocent man”

“John, this is…” He was trying to formulate gratitude.

“I know, I know… Just make yourself cozy. I’ve got the day off tomorrow and some jobs the next day. After that, we’ll play it by ear” I looked at Buddy…. “Me and Buddy will keep you safe, won’t we Bud?”


“Good boy!”

We chatted for most of the evening. I explained how I was doing my last drop in town and that’s why I was so far away from home. I had saved the furthest until last and then headed for lunch. He went into the magic stuff but I’ll be honest, it went straight over my head. He was a whistleblower that caused a big shift in the higher-ups and how they do things, something to do with freedom of thinking. He cottoned on that I didn’t quite understand and gave up trying to explain.

We spent some time in awkward silence, and watching shit on TV.

At one point I stirred. I saw it was bedtime, and I needed to take a shit “Right… now this has to happen”

“What’s up? Oh… you just… do your stuff and I’ll be quiet”

I headed to the toilet and tried to take a dump.

I eventually gave up on the throne with my pants down “No. I think the silence is even worse”

“Yeah, me too” agreed Abe.

“This is such a messed up situation… how did you know I would help you?”

“I didn’t. They had me, I was awaiting deletion. You were the nearest, biggest, and last hiding place, and I’m sorry for inflicting that on you”

“It wasn’t your fault.”

“No, but still… and then your behavior. I don’t know how you were able to behave normal… like even magicians didn’t feel deviation in you”

“I had OCD when I was a kid. I had this recurring nightmare where I suddenly discover I’m an alien and I started believing it in real life too, and if certain people found out… my teacher or a policeman for example, they would take me away”

“Jesus christ! Well first off, thank fuck for your OCD, and second off, I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Maybe that’s why my mind is so uncomplex? Like, earlier when you said about the room in there…” I squeezed my shit as I was saying this. Thankfully, we both managed to stay distracted by our conversation.

Abe agreed “Yeah, maybe you got used to consciously ‘acting normal’ so to speak, and it became a ingrained habit”

Yeah… fuck. That’s kinda deep, OK, all done here, hand washies”

“Hand wahsies, hehe”

“What?” I smirked to myself

“You’ve started ‘driving’ for both of us, “hand weashies”, “TV time” I can see everything you see, you know” I squeezed paste onto my toothbrush and began brushing.

“Oh… ehh sorry?” (Was I being patronizing to him?)

“HAHAHA I love you, man, you’re such a dolt… “



Abe immediately snapped serious “I’m sorry I didn’…“ I stood there with my toothbrush with foam all over my mouth. He did mean it. He loved me; I felt his intention. He couldn’t take it back… “I’ll just…. shut up” he said and then fell silent.

I finished brushing my teeth stoically and without thought. After rinsing I thought about my response to him, “You’re in shock. I saved you from a bad situation. It’s fine, and you’ve been through hell; I’m just safety for you.”

“You’re probably right…”

“Now… beddybies”


“WHAT?! oh fuck you, I think ‘beddybies’ anyways! It wasn’t for you

He was stifling his laughter so much “… sure thing boss….”

“Just!… I can feel you laughing anyways, you… tit; you’re in my head!”

“You’re right, your right, I’m sorry. HAHAHAHAHAHAHahahah… beddybies, hehehe. Right OK, aaaaaand serious…”

I went to bed very regimentally, trying not to think about sex or anything. Buddy was outside the bedroom door feeling left out. It took me and Abe a while to shut one another out, but it eventually worked and we managed to sleep.

Act III: Holding John

“John no….. John I’m cumming….. wake… gnnnnnnn!!!!!”


Orgasm… immediately, but a dream one “Abe, what the hell did you do?”

“Nothing… you started dreamfucking me!”

“I, what!?… No that was just dreaming”

“Yeah, well it’s pretty real from in here…”

“I’m so sorry… did I hurt you?”

“No. It was amazing” I could feel the buzz from his orgasm, my dick got hard

“Ohhhhh no”

“Ugh, to be honest… I don’t care anymore John, I’ve just been woken up by you fucking me senseless. Just go have yours, we’re both adults”

I was already masturbating… “Oh fuck….” Ohhh, it felt nice to speak out loud.

‘Can I keep talking? Or should I shut up’

“Yes, it’s fine.” My dick began covering my hands in precum. Abe was inside me trying to imagine masturbation… He was doing a bad job of it, and the failure frustrated him”

I decided to help. “OK… how about this” I thought about fucking him, trying to recall what my dream-self did. He instantly reacted… ‘Oh John….. Oh fuck!! Oh fuck yeah… lemme… lemme try this”

My prostate SANG; a whiplash of sensation shook down my spine into my ass and my dick.

“UGH!!!! AMAZING!!!…. What are you doing!?”

“I’m making your mind feel it more.”

“KeEep dOiNg it” I was jerking furiously… “UGH!!!!!” another lightning bolt. I could feel it push down my spine, and overwhelm my dick. “URURURRhAHAHahah” I started cry laughing. I tried to fuck Abe harder in my mind; I tried fucking his entire being. He was putty inside my head and I was fucking him entirely. In return, he was manipulating my brain to make me feel it more.

“It’s coming…I can’t…” The oncoming orgasm felt frightening, it felt too big to fit out my dick…

“I’m gonna let go too…” Abe added

It hit us, “Gnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!” I didn’t have a hope of finding tissue, I just twisted helplessly on my bed and slung of cum all over myself. My dick stayed up… another jolt down my spine from Abe, this time painful.

I crumpled and complained “Nooooo but…”

“I’m holding you, we got about 8 seconds if you wanna go again, I’m holding you from finishing… If you want…”

I immediately started jerking again….. pain… over stimulation… Abe chimed in ‘We can stop…’

“NO….hold me!” I pulled faster…


“I feel it!! I can…. I cannn feeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” another full shot. This time tinged with pain and cries of ‘overuse’ from my balls and my prostate. Buddy started barking outside the door too. My body was shaking. It had taken two orgasms. My eyes were blurry. I couldn’t sit up.

“We’re all OK Bud!” I shouted happily and authoritatively, through my dizziness. He stopped barking. “Oohhhh, wow. I just need a minute…Abe”

“Take you time fella, I’ll be here”

I lay there, covered in two loads of my own jizz shaking, over stimulated and aching with sleepiness. My slow, twitched breathing eventually calmed me and I faced the mess I’d just made.

“Right, I gotta tidy this…”

“I’m sorry for making you…” he was trying to say ‘jizz myself helplessly’

“No, no. it’s fine, It’ll only take a few minutes”

I had to change the quilt cover and the bed sheet and have a shower. I stirred from my mess and set about the tasks. I stripped the bed sheet and used it as a makeshift toga-of-jizz to wear to the bathroom. Buddy was right outside the door. I touched his head with my clean hand, and let him know all was well.

While I showered, Abe and I made idle chat again. Another erection. Although painful, I squeezed it out while standing in the shower, splashing it satisfyingly against the wall. Abe helped and I thanked him.

“Wow, three in a row” I said, as I shook it out grinning.

Abe simply said, “What a stud…” I could feel the sarcasm

“Shut up you… fucking… pox.”

“Oh, a pox am I?”

“Yes. You’re a pox upon my house.”

“Well excuse me, William Shakespeare.”

“Pff. OK, look,” I took a semi serious tone with my little-mind-man. “No more fun stuff, I’m really tired.”

“Fine by me, I very much got mine”.

“Jesus, same.” I threw a towel around myself and went to the bedroom to finish changing sheets. Buddy was there at the bedroom door “Do you mind if Buddy sleeps in?”

“Not a bit… why, does he normally?”

“Yes, I let him sleep on the bed sometimes… maybe more than I should… maybe all the time.”

“What!? Yeah, No! I don’t have a say; it’s your house. You don’t need to change what you do on my account”

“I suppose you’re right. I just didn’t want it to be weird I guess we’ve crossed that bridge now anyways”

“I’ll say, well, good night John” Abe began curling up to sleep. well that’s a nice trick: He was all set to sleep., and I had to still finish changing my sheets.

I felt him drift as I finished my real-world bed dressing “Good night Abe”


I finished the bedding and grabbed some briefs. My towel has done its job by now so I whipped it off and thrust it toward the laundry basket. I poked into my briefs and sat under the sheets.

“Right Bud!” Buddy jumped onto his spot, knowing he was now allowed to. He began twisting into rest, “…good boy.”

I lay down and thought about stuff for a while. Abe was asleep now, Bud too.

I was too tired to take it in.

I eventually fell asleep.

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