An Unexpected Guest

By The Yetti -
published April 13, 2016
4494 words

Paul brings home a tempting friend for Colin to work his magic on

Colin was slightly stressed out. Paul had pulled one of his usual stunts and invited an old fraternity brother of his to stay at the house while he was on a business trip. Given that he had not consulted Paul about the trip and, even worse, waited until the day before he arrived to mention it to Colin, nothing was ready for the man’s arrival. The guest bedroom was dusty and the sheets hadn’t been changed in months, not that they entertained people very often. Not to mention neither one of them had be particularly vigilant about the houses upkeep in the past couple weeks. Colin had mollified himself slightly, by fucking Paul with such gusto that the big man had had trouble sitting down the following day, but it still didn’t really make up for the last minute scramble he had to undertake all on his lonesome while Paul went to pick him up from the airport.

He had just finished cleaning and making himself somewhat presentable when he heard the car in the driveway and went to greet the guest at the door. Paul came in first lugging a suit case, followed by a man so beautiful that Colin stopped in midstep and just stared blushing for a moment.

Paul was model gorgeous, with blonde locks and a winning 300 watt smile, but the man beside him had more of an Earthy beauty to him. Maybe it was the fact that it was so much unlike Paul that Colin felt himself drawn to the stranger’s beauty. Whatever it was, the tall man with dark hair, a matching goatee and piercing green eyes made Colin blush like he hadn’t done in years.

“Hey honey, This is Ethan. Ethan, This is my hubby.” Paul said smiling with glee, not really noticing the flush in Colin’s cheeks. The newcomer moved towards Colin extending his hand. Colin quickly snapped out of his reverie and shook it. Even in a t-shirt and jeans Ethan seemed to have a strange grace about him. Even his smile was attractive, genuine with a hint of humility, something Paul’s brazen smirk never really managed to conjure.

“Nice to meet you man!” He said shaking Colin’s hand. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Likewise.” Colin managed trying not to keep staring.

“Is the bedroom ready, honey?” Paul asked. Colin nodded and Paul began to lug the suitcase up the stairs beckoning to Ethan. The both walked past Colin and up the stairs. Seeing them side by side was an even stranger experience for Colin. They seemed almost exactly the same in stature (save for the fact that Ethan was several inches shorter) but there was just something in the way they held each other that was so different. Colin couldn’t really put his finger on the notion and decided making dinner would be a more productive past time than pondering enigmas of gait and bearing.

The evening was a pleasant one. Paul was on his best behavior all through dinner, and Colin had a chance to find out more about Ethan without showing an indecent amount of interest.

“So what do you do?” Colin asked passing around another bottle of wine and noting as he did so, the bored look on Paul’s face, which was always a danger where dinner parties were concerned.

“I’m in computers and I.T. mostly.” He said with a smile and a small chuckle. “I sell companies a shit load of hardware and software, and then I have to fly all over teaching the luddites how to use it.”

“Sounds frustrating.” Colin said smiling as much as was decent at the cute man across the table. He was making too much eye contact with the guest to be wholly on the up and up. One look at Paul’s face, which had gone from bored to suspicious, told Colin he had noticed. Yet he pressed on not wanting it to turn awkward and turning his attention back to his plate. “I’m barely able to stand talking my dad through sending an email.”

“Oh it can be, but sometimes you just have to get in there and show them who’s the boss.” Ethan said with a bit of a smile. With an ominous feeling of dread, Colin heard Paul utter a derisive snort.

“Thank god you’re not sleeping any of them, eh Chode?” Paul looked at his friend with almost childish malice on his face. “Being the boss might be a little hard to maintain after they get a look inside your trousers.”

Paul lewdly used his left hand to crawl suggestively up Ethan’s thigh, until Ethan grabbed his hand and, still smiling, removed it from his leg.

“I’d have thought you’d have gotten over the old Frat names by now.” Ethan said with controlled politeness in his voice. Colin desperately was trying to think of ways to divert the conversation from its current trajectory. He had a vague idea what Paul was talking about and he had a feeling that it was very bad manners to embarrass your guest about his cock size. Worse, Colin felt slightly guilty, if he hadn’t been gazing like a moon struck school boy, Paul wouldn’t feel the need to embarrass Ethan in front of him. He could control his partner in other ways, less strictly ethical ways but there was no way he could pull it off without Ethan noticing what he was doing. Paul didn’t even have his phone on him, so texting wouldn’t work. Not that it would be particularly inconspicuous to text Paul from three feet away. No this would have to be settled in a more mundane manner.

“So Ethan do you have a wife or girlfriend or something?” As soon as it was out of his mouth, Colin regretted it. Paul turned a jealous glare on him and he could see his partners mind as if his skull was transparent. Paul had always been super sensitive about the fact that Colin wanted to open their relationship up a bit and maybe experiment with other people together. And he realized that the innocent intentions of his question would be utterly lost on his jealousy filled partner who would see this as trying to transition into a proposition.

“Not at the mo-” Ethan began before Paul decided to railroad right over him in an unnecessarily loud and menacing tone.

“I don’t think I ever told you about our old frat names!” He directed at Colin. “When we were pledges the older brothers put us through hell basically to see who dropped out and who stayed. And given it was a house full of homo-repressed dudes, a majority of the torture was cock related.”

“Paul, Love…Light of my life,” Colin began fixing Paul with a look that would send small children running from the room. “Maybe this is a story best left for another time.”

“Don’t be stupid! Ethan doesn’t mind, do you?” He clapped a meaty arm around Ethan’s broad shoulder and smiled evilly at him. Ethan glowered at Paul, losing the cool patience and looking particularly annoyed now. He opened his mouth to answer but once again, Paul ignored him and plowed on in a booming voice. “So one night the brother’s are getting ready to give us our pledge names, and of course, they’re going to be based on our dicks. So they have all of us show up to the thing buck naked. I managed to rather enjoy the ceremony, seeing all those naked dudes ended given me a woody halfway through. And well… I’m impressive soft, but the real show is when I’m hard. Right baby?”

“Paul-” Colin began but he barely got it out before Paul pressed on savagely.

“So they slap me with Dumbo, not very clever but what can you expect.” He said snidely. “Then they finally get on down the line to Ethan. Well…He’s a thick fucker but not much in the length department, almost thicker than he is long in truth. So the brothers ended up hanging the name Chode on him. And I’ll be damned if the girls didn’t pick right up on that.”

“Enough!” Ethan hissed, his face had gone a nasty puce color and it looked like it was taking all his control not to deck Paul. He was staring down at his plate of half finished food like it had done him a great personal wrong and he was breathing like a winded horse. He pried Paul’s arm from around his shoulders and stood up abruptly. “Thanks for dinner, Colin. I’m going to go turn in, I have a busy day tomorrow.”

And without another word, Ethan stormed off down the hall stomping up the stairs and out of sight.

“You really are an asshole!” Colin spat at Paul glowering at him. “Did it make you feel good about yourself, pissing him off like that.”

“I’m the asshole!?” Paul rebutted angrily. “I wasn’t the one making puppy dog eyes the whole fucking night!”

“You know for all the fucking confidence you seem to have you are really fucking insecure.” Colin spat before striding out of the room, ignoring Paul’s stuttered retaliatory comment.

Colin had stormed upstairs hardly thinking about where he was going. He found himself outside the guest bedroom. He could make matters worse if Paul saw him outside this room now, increase the suspicion (and by extension the resentment) a hundred fold. But he suddenly was caring a lot less about Paul’s jealousy. He knocked on the door gently. He half expected Ethan to tell him to piss off, but the door opened a minute late. Colin almost passed out when he saw the tall shirtless figure of Ethan in the doorway. His body was muscled to hell, almost as much as Paul’s was, and the dark hair persisted here, covering Ethan’s chest with a thick black coat. Colin, who had a slight thing for chest hair, swallowed hard and attempted to remember what he was doing here.

“I-I’m sorry about downstairs.” He managed to stammer out. “Paul can really be a-”

“Humongous Jerk?” Ethan offered chuckling slightly. “Yeah I know, it’s the sad thing about him. I’m sure you know it better than anyone. When he’s playing it cool he’s a pretty decent dude, but then he gets hooked on comparing himself to other people and thinks he’s Christ come again.”

Colin could only nod, not wanting to bad mouth his husband but being all too familiar with the exact behavior Ethan was describing.

“Still I should be old enough to get over all that college bullshit.” He said with a sigh. “I’m not eighteen anymore and my ego doesn’t live in my cock.”

“I’m sure its not as bad as he was saying!” Colin blurted out, a part of him hoping Ethan might offer to prove Paul wrong. “He’s done the same to me a couple of times and I’m pretty average sized.”

Ethan fixed Colin with a knowing, almost humorous smile, as though he knew what lay at the heart of Colin’s reassurances and it amused him.

“I just wish there was a way to make him less of an asshole about the whole thing.”

Colin bit his lip as he looked into Ethan’s face. He had found a way to curb his boyfriend’s ego, but it was a largely unethical way and would lose him his license to practice if anyone ever found out and reported him to the authorities. But if he could somehow get them both under. If Colin could find a way to hypnotize both of these giant studs and get them to a point where they listened to him… He felt a hunger rise in his gut that he usually reserved for alone time with him and Paul.

“I…I might have a way.” Colin said softly, trying to think up a plan on the fly.

“What?” Ethan said utterly taken aback.

“I think I have a way, but you’re going to have to trust me.” Colin said looking up into Ethan’s confused face.

“What do you have in mind…?” He sounded trepidatious.

“Nothing bad, just a chance a little attitude adjustment and some small childish revenge.” Colin said smiling. “C’mon, we’re not going to hurt him. Just shake up a bit.”

“Well if you say so.” Ethan said looking awkward. “What’s the plan.”

The next day they were all assembled around the kitchen table having a nearly silent meal. Paul was furious at the both of them. There had been a blazing argument when he had found Colin in their bedroom, doing his best to ignore Paul. Everything was dragged up from Colin’s perceived unfaithfulness to the needs he had to expand their sex life. Colin was eventually so annoyed at the conversation he just shrunk Paul until he was ready to listen. It still had not been as smooth he’d have wanted but he didn’t want to use his power over his partner to just get out of arguments but in this case he was ready to knock Paul down a few pegs, besides if the night went as planned, Paul wouldn’t have much to complain about.

Ethan was clearly not willing to open his mouth and be the first to draw Paul’s wrath so he kept his eyes on his plate and his mouth closed. It was awkward to say the lease and did little but jarred on Colin’s nerves. Still they plowed on until finally Ethan caught the significant glance Colin was giving him out of the corner of his eyes.

“Colin, you’re a shrink right?” He said, to his credit, not sounding like they’d rehearsed it at all.

“I guess that’s the best colloquial term for it.” Colin responded.

“So you probably have an answer for this,” He leaned forward in his chair, still keeping his eyes on his plate, probably seeing the smoldering looks Paul was throwing him. “Is that whole hypnosis crap real?”

“Yeah, it’s a therapy tool we use.”

“Seriously?” Ethan said sounding very skeptical as they’d planned.

“Yes, I can always show you if you don’t believe me.”

“Oh sure,” Ethan laughed in a convincingly derisive tone. “Sorry man but you’re never getting me under.”

“That sounds like a bet I’d like to take.” Colin smiled wickedly at Ethan. Paul was looking less angry and more confused, like he didn’t know just how to feel about this change of events.

“Alright then,” Ethan declared standing. “Where are we doing this?”

Without anything more than a cocky grin, Colin led Ethan into the sitting room, complete with the therapy couch. After a moment’s hesitation, Paul followed them, apparently torn between his vindictive desire to appear disdainful towards the both of them, and the mistrust to leave them alone together for any length of time.

Seeing the couch, Ethan plopped down on it without further ado, and Colin seated himself in the armchair next to it. Paul hovered awkwardly by the bookcase, looking as though he didn’t know whether or not to be there. Both Colin and Ethan were ignoring him in favor of the pursuit before them and Paul could do little but watch as Colin began his induction.

“I want you to get nice and comfortable for me.” Colin said in his deep hypnotist’s voice. He’d had some practice at this by now and he knew people were drawn to the deep commanding voice he used. “I want you to take deep breaths in through the nose, and out through the mouth…that’s it. In and out, in and out, in and out.”

Ethan’s breathing began to follow his instruction, and so to his delight, did Paul’s. Colin could hear him deeply breathing behind him, almost like he couldn’t help himself.

“Keep breathing,” Colin continued. “The more you breathe, the more you’re going to feel yourself relax, more and more. It’ll start trickling down your body in a wave. Starting at your head and trickling down into your face and Neck. It trickles down into your shoulders, making you nice and relaxed, helping you listen to my words. Into your arms it moves, relaxing you, letting my words fill your mind and push out all else. It’s so east to keep listening, to let the words inside, let them fill you up.

As he named each body part, Colin could see them visibly relax. He hadn’t told Ethan as much, he had said he would pretend to hypnotize him, in order to get Paul, but now that it was happening Colin couldn’t help but smile a little evilly.

“It moves into your chest and your stomach, down your back. It’s so, so easy to just listen to me and let your own thought’s drift away. It moves down into your thighs and your buttocks, down into your legs and your feet. So easy to let go, to hear only my words and float safe inside them.”

There was a resounding thud as, behind Colin, Paul’s legs caved under him completely relaxing him to the floor. He seemed to be in no immediate danger, So Paul turned to him first.

“Who do you obey, Boy?”

“I obey you, sir.” Paul sleepily mumbled into the carpet.

“Good boy.” He smiled as he got up and nudged Paul onto his back. “Do you remember how horny it makes you when you shrink?”

“Yes, sir! So horny, sir!”

“Well, now we’re going to add a little twist on that dynamic.” Colin said smiling evilly. “You are going to have some of you inches traded with another man. The same rules still apply, trading your inches will have your cock shrink and make you horny and more subservient. But trading your inches until your small will turn you into a horny bottom cum slut who can think of nothing else but sucking dicks and getting fucked.”

“Yes..sir, horny bottom cum slut…” He mumbled

“So remember, whenever I say to give someone a number of inches that many inches will shrink from your cock and added onto there’s. You won’t have any idea what’s happening but the experience will make you very horny.”

“Yes sir.”

Smiling Colin turned back to Ethan, laying peaceful as a baby on the couch. He felt bad for tricking the guy but at the same time, he really really wanted to play with him just a bit. He looked over his body for a moment before shaking himself and heading back to the task at hand.

“Ethan, can you hear me?”

“Yes.” He whispered sluggishly.

“I want you to listen and know that you are safe, I am taking care of you and I only ever tell you the truth.”

“Okay.” He said thickly with a dopey grin on his face.

“Ethan are you straight or something else?”


“Except…?” Colin led waiting for Ethan to take the bait, which he did happily, only a slight crease in his brow.


“Did you forget Ethan?” Colin said pretending surprise. “You’re straight unless you trade your cock with a gay man’s.”

A further crease crossed his brow.

“Think about it Ethan. A gay man’s cock is gay, if you traded inches with a gay man, you’d get his gay cock, and you’d be gay until you gave it back. Doesn’t that make sense.” It didn’t really, but the trick was to get his befuddled mind to think it did.

“Y-Yeah that makes sense.” He said dopey smile returning.

“Good, now you want to keep feeling good and safe right?”

“Yeah.” He sighed.

“You know that I’m the one who makes you feel this good and safe right?”


“Well then wouldn’t it make sense to let me take over control of you for the time being so I can make you feel good.”

“Yeah…you’ve got control.” It was almost childishly simple.

“Okay listen very carefully, Colin has total control of your cock. Do you understand?”

“Colin has control of my cock.” He didn’t even seem perturbed he just kept on smiling and rubbed himself through his jeans a bit.

“He can control when it’s hard, when it’s soft and what size it is. In fact if he tells you you’re getting the inches from someone else’s cock that’s what will happen isn’t it?”

“Yeah it is.”

“And it will make you incredibly horny whenever you gain an inch. It will also make you more and more dominate, especially over the man whose cock you’re taking. If that cock belongs to a gay guy, you’ll get progressively gayer until you’re a big gay dude. You’ll want to make out with and fuck men, suck their cocks and get fucked by them. But most of all you’ll want to listen to Colin, since he’s been gay the longest. Once you’re gay you’ll also notice Colin is the hottest guy ever, you’ll want to suck his cock and get fucked by him, right?”


“Good. Now can both of you hear me?”

Two barely audible grunts signaled both men were paying attention.

“I’m giving you both two trigger phrases, the first is ‘Pledges line up’. When you hear that you will instantly strip. You will not think about why you are naked until after you’re nude. Understand”

Both nodded.

“The second is ‘Blackout’ When that is said you will both go to your respective beds, get under the covers and close your eyes. You will then forget the last three hours and think you were asleep. Understood?”

Again both nodded. Colin was smiling and high as a kite on evil. He had just one thing to check before he turned them back on. He walked over to Ethan and undid the fastenings on his jeans, delighted to find he wasn’t wearing underwear. Paul hadn’t like it was a thick piece, even soft it looked thick enough to stretch many a jaw. But it was on the smaller side, through when contrasted with those beefy thighs, the cock definitely looked smaller than it was, jutting just over his huge balls. But truth be told the cock would probably just be average sized when hard, like Colin’s was.

He buttoned Ethan up and seated himself back down to watch the carnage about to unfold.

“Wake both of you.” Immediately both boys stirred and stood up.

“What happened.” Paul said, dazed.

“I’m not sure.” Ethan said equally confused. Before they could regain their full faculties, Colin cried:

“Pledges line up.”

Without even a change in expression both men started stripping. Clothes hit the floor until both men stood their naked, Paul’s toned body and huge cock next to Ethan’s hairy equally toned body yet comparatively smaller cock.

“Hey why are we both…” Ethan trailed off looking at their nude bodies, still sleepy but getting alarmed.

“You’re both hard.” Colin commanded, and indeed both cocks inflated before his eyes much to the confusion and the horror of its owner. Paul’s massive ten inch cock jutting next to Ethan’s thick five inch tool.

“What the fuck is going on?!” Ethan cried looking at his thick hard cock.

“Paul you’re trading two inches with Ethan.” When that happened both men moaned out load their cock’s twitching. There was something about their faces that changed too, Paul looking more open and less in control, And Ethan gaining the control that he lost. Ethan was now looking at Paul’s cock in mild curiosity too.

“Oh yeah what was that?” He said. “My cock got bigger and yours shrank.”

“Whatever I’m still bigger.” Paul said in almost childish annoyance.

“Paul another two of your inches are going to Ethan.” The men again gave moans. Ethan’s face was lewd and cock, jutting his hips forward as he did so. Paul’s knees buckled and he knelt down. Ethan was looking at Paul on his knees and walk forward slapping his thick tool on Paul’s lips. Paul looked utterly hungry like he needed to suck the cock. But Ethan took a firm handful of his hair and held him back.

“Yeah you need this don’t you bitch.” He said in a macho voice Colin had never heard him use. It was all bravado and dominance.

“Yes, yes please!” Paul cried trying to suck the cock before him. But the absence of the word ‘sir’ meant that they weren’t quite where they needed to be.

“Paul, give one more inch to Ethan.” Both men howled in pleasure and their cocks gave another twitch. Paul began to whimper with the cock in sight and Ethan had a sneer upon his face.

“Please, sir! Let me pleasure you sir! I need your cock!” Paul cried straining against the restraining hand.

“Alright boy, fucking suck it.” And he shoved his thick cock down Paul’s throat, shoving it all the way to the back and making him gag on it. “Yeah fucking choke on that dick.”

Colin, no longer content to watch, crept up behind Ethan and started running his hands all over the man’s hairy muscled body. He kissed the nape of Ethan’s neck and surprised, felt the man in front of him respond.

“Yeah baby you love this body don’t you?” He was saying sensuously. “No worries, sexy, it’s all yours tonight. Whatever you say goes, so long as I get to suck that cock of yours and get to feel it in my ass. MMMM I wanna get fucked so hard right now!”

Colin couldn’t help it. He was naked before Ethan could finish bending Paul over the armchair and shoving his fat cock up his ass.

As he watched the two of them go at it (Ethan declaring lewd provocative things confidently to Colin about how much he wanted Colin’s cock the whole time.), Colin reflected that it might be wise to move to one of the bedrooms lest they ruin the leather upholstery. It was bound to be a messy finish…and besides he needed to set a precedent for the next couple days.

This unexpected guest was turning out to be not that stressful after all.

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