Game Changer

By The Yetti -
published April 9, 2016
4340 words

A man is sick with his husbands condescending.

The comment stung. Colin couldn’t hide that fact. He turned his face away from Paul and almost stomped away. None of it was fair, not one bit of it and he was simply tired of it all. He and Paul had been together for nigh on six years, and in all that time he had always been the submissive in anything they did. He had always been the bottom. The one who always took the brunt of everything because his partner was…well there was no other word for it. Paul was hung. It had been one of the many things Colin had loved about him when they first met. His huge cock had been fun to play with initially and even the submissive role was fun to act out, worshiping Paul’s huge cock, having that monster to play with. It was even a treat to get fucked by him. But after six years of being on the bottom, well it takes it’s toll

Its not that Colin was exactly small, just average. Five inches when last he measured and when your partner’s cock was almost exactly twice the size of yours it can create some issues. This would never have happened if Paul hadn’t gotten it into his head a couple years ago to take the cock worshipping thing they’d been doing to a whole new obnoxious level. He suggested (and by that it was more like demanded) that they compare cocks, knowing full well, his huge cock would look all the large when compared with Colin’s average one. Of course he was right, his huge meat pillar nearly double the size of Colin’s. And in typical Paul fashion, he had to say something about it.

“Yeah look at how small your cock is!” He said with barely repressed glee in his voice. “You make mine look even bigger.”

Ever since then, Colin had refrained from getting drawn into the sessions of cock worship and dominance they had been privy to. Their lives had reverted to more traditional sex and stayed that way. Yet it was always Colin on the bottom. Always Colin playing the submissive, all because of the size of his cock. They had both grown bored with that arrangement eventually and this new argument arose from that boredom.

“What do you need.” Paul said, doing his best to be comforting. “Just tell me, I want you to be happy.”

“Maybe I could top for a change!” Colin had said, not without heat. “Maybe I could be dom, it doesn’t always have to be about you.”

Much to his chagrin Paul sniggered at first, finally letting out a few chuckles to himself. He hid a derisive smile behind his hands and looked askance at Colin as if waiting for the punch line to a very funny joke. When it became clear that Colin wasn’t laughing, Paul looked up, derisive smile still in place.

“No offense, babe.” He had said, knowing that he was about to say something offensive. “But if I was going to get fucked, I’d need a bigger cock than yours.”

That had torn it. Colin walked from the room, head high, ignoring Paul’s calls to return and hear about how sorry he was. It just wasn’t fair. Paul had everything, was everything. Paul’s insight into stocks and his ability to pick the best one’s for his client meant that he was rich before they had reached their twenty fifth birthdays. He was the most charming man Colin had ever met, when he wasn’t being the world’s biggest jerk. And yes, his physical attributes were rather astounding. He had the body of Adonis and the cock to match. Even when it came to people he outmatched Colin, who was by no means an introvert. But when Paul started speaking you just faded into the background and watched him wow people, never nervous or awkward, always confident and in control. It wasn’t as though Colin was bad looking either, he worked out nearly as much as Paul did. The only difference was that the work had made him toned as opposed to built.

It struck Colin that the only thing their relationship lacked, in terms of succeeding, was some semblance of equality. Other couples had it, something their partner lacked that they were key at, the linchpin in their lives. Just something as simple as being able to reach higher shelves would be something at this point. He needed to make Paul need him for something, that was the key, the one thing he could see that would settle the score. But, despite his occasional asshole-ism, Paul was unsettlingly perfect.

It was in the midst of this ennui that Colin threw himself down on their bed in a fit of sadness and frustration. Crashing onto the covers his eyes came to rest on his stack of psychology books piled haphazardly on the bookshelf. They were addressed form every subject of psychosis to childhood trauma, from Freud to modern articles but up and coming doctors. He was struck with a nasty idea that he couldn’t quite shake from his mind. If he didn’t like the way Paul was acting there were ways to make him more amenable. As soon as the thought took hold Colin rebelled against it. What he was thinking was repugnant, not to be considered. He loved Paul; he could never change him against his will. But what if he could? What if he could take all that bravado that kept them at the unhealthy place they had been for a year or more and make it disappear? What if he could create that semblance of equality their relationship so desperately needed?

He had studied hypnotism in some length at his university. Many of the modern shrinks considered such an old fashioned technique to be a waste of time and unreliable as well. But Colin had gotten other results from his work with it. He had been able to make a classmate forget their own name. Made another incapable of using the letter ‘B’. It had all been experimental, and if either subject had seen harm in those suggestions he doubted he would have been able to plant them. And also those were willing test subjects. He doubted he would have been able to get them under if they were actively resisting. The trick was to get Paul to agree to being hypnotized for something small, and then he could plant the bigger personality changing suggestions.

He shook himself again, he had almost been making plans that time. He couldn’t do that to Paul no matter how many times he was a giant jerk. But maybe just to get him more open to the idea of bottoming for Colin, maybe just that little suggestion. It wouldn’t change him all that much and they could always get rid of it later.

Colin heard the door of the room creak open slowly as Paul’s heavy footfalls entered the room. The bed sagged somewhat as Paul sat down at the foor of it.

“I’m sorry,” Paul said tenderly, placing a hand on the small of Colin’s back. “I don’t know why I said that.”

“So you’re not completely against me topping you?” Colin asked. Looking back he could see Paul avoiding his eyes and staring at the opposite wall.

“The thing about that is…” He began but trailed off in mid sentence. He sighed and did not continue.

“I have an idea.” Colin said, fed up to the point of no longer caring.

“What?” Paul said cautiously.

“Hypnosis.” Colin stated simply.

“Like…with a pocket watch and everything?” Paul chuckled, cocky smile firmly in place again.

“No pocket watch, but essentially yeah, hypnosis.”

“What for?” Colin was pleased to hear Paul sound at least a little nervous.

“To make you more open to bottoming for me once in a while. It won’t be permanent but it might help with the problems we’ve been having.”

“That would never work on me, babe.” He said, insufferably smug. “I’m way to smart for any of those old carney tricks.”

“It’s not a fucking carney trick.” Colin said annoyed beyond reason. He turned back into the pillow and said into the cushion “Forget it, never mind.”

“No No, I’m sorry, Colin.” Paul said flipping him over by the shoulder. “If you really think it will work we can try it.”

Colin could tell Paul was just doing this to appease him, he didn’t really think it would work no matter what Colin said. But it served Colin’s purpose in the end. He pulled out the long couch Paul had bought him when he had gotten his Master’s degree. It was one of those big traditional psychiatry couches you laid down on. It was a bit hokey but it would do the trick. Paul lay down on the couch while Colin occupied the armchair next to him. When they were all settled, Colin began.

“I want you to close your eyes for me.” He watched as Paul dutifully obeyed. “Now take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, slowly and deeply.”

Colin watched Paul’s chest rise and fall slowly and deeply.

“Keep that up for me, in and out. Taking nice slow deep breaths, let them fill up your lungs completely and empty them completely. Over and over and over again; deep, deep, deep breaths.” He took to the suggestion at once, his breathing becoming regular and deep, his chest rising and falling in a slow rhythm. “Good, now as you breathe, you’re going to start feeling relaxation sweep over your body from those breaths. It starts in your lungs where the air is and spreads out wards into the muscles of your chest and stomach…”

I could see his body visibly relaxing, his tense chest and stomach becoming limp and loose.

“…It goes down into your thighs and calves and feet, making it so easy to relax, so easy to focus on my voice and let it guide you.”

His thighs went loose all at once the control over his legs releasing as they lay slack upon the couch.

“…It creeps upward into your buttocks and your lower back. Creeping into your upper back and your shoulders. It’s so easy now, so easy to just listen. To let all else fade into the background and just listen to my voice let it guide you and make you feel so relaxed.”

As Colin named the body parts, he could see the muscles unclench, letting him slump in the chair, quite unlike the usually dignified poise Paul usually held himself with. He was a better subject than Colin could have dreamed of having, despite all his protest that he was utterly unable to be hypnotized. He wondered briefly if Paul was faking the whole thing, but even Paul wouldn’t be cruel enough to do this just to mock him and waste his time.

“It’s going downward into your upper arms, letting the muscles there relax. Down into your forearms and your hands. Feeling so relaxed now, letting yourself just drift in relaxation.”

His arms released, falling from atop his chest where they had previously been folded in repose. They fell limp to his sides.

“Now it creeps up again, relaxing your neck, letting all the muscles holding it up release and go limp. It creeps up into your head and your face, letting all the muscles go slack. Letting your body go completely limp. Let my words be the only thing you follow, echoing in the relaxation. So east to follow my words and float down with them.”

His neck fell forward onto his chest. Paul’s mouth lolling open, all the muscles in his body utterly devoid of tension. He had been positively easy to bring to this state despite all the arguing to the contrary. They were not quite done yet however, he needed to deepen the trance and make absolutely sure this was genuine. He reached out a hand and poked Paul hard in the chest. There was no reaction. The man shook a bit like a bowl of jello but other than that, he remained as he was. This Cemented the idea for Colin that this trance was genuine. It was time to move to the next phase.

“Paul can you hear me?” Colin asked. Paul nodded weakly in answer. “How are you feeling?”

“Good.” Paul mumbled barely audible through slurred speech.

“I want you get nice and relaxed for me, so we’re going to start at the top of a long spiraling staircase. Can you see it?”


“Good, now with every step down that staircase you are going to go deeper and deeper into your own subconscious. We’re going to go down into the deep place in your mind. Understand?” Paul nodded. “Good, now every time you take a step, I want you to count out lout, alright? Now begin down.”

Right on cue Paul began counting. He was barely able to get the words out through his lips which didn’t seem to want to part very much. His body just laid there a mass of relaxed muscles; his mind on its way to joining that state. When Paul had finally hit thirty five, Colin had him stop and assess how deep into his subconscious he was. He could barely say the words.

“Paul, I want you to answer the next set of questions as clearly and honestly as you can.” Colin asked when he figured out they were in a good place to begin the next phase. Paul nodded at the command. “How do you feel about Colin?”

“I love Colin.” Paul responded robotically.

“Do you want to fix things between the two of you?”

“Yes but I don’t know how.”

“Would you consider bottoming for Colin?”

“No.” Came the blunt reply

“Why not?” Colin got out passed the angry lump in his throat.

“His cock’s not big enough…bigger cock…the bigger man.” Paul said all this without any emotion and the more he did, the more emotion raged in Colin. Their relationship was suffering because Paul couldn’t put some macho bullshit about cock size on the back burner?! It was so enraging…it might just have caused Colin to let the normal morals he usually held begin to slip just a bit.

“Alright Paul, we’re going to go now to the place in your mind that governs sex. To the place that makes your horny, to the place that controls your cock. Do you know where that is?”

“Yeah.” Unconsciously, Paul reached out and adjusted his cock in his pants. “We’re there.”

“Now you want to know how to fix things between you and Colin right?” Paul nodded almost vigorously, eyes still shut. “The only way to fix things is to give Colin control of this place. Do you understand?”

“No…”Paul said his relaxed face suddenly creasing in a confused frown.

“Well with you in control things have been all wrong for you two haven’t they?” Paul nodded at this. “Well in Colin’s hands don’t you think things will be much better. If you let him control when you get turned on, how you get turned on and what your cock does, you two might be happier. Don’t you think?”

All Paul could manage was a confused shrug. He still had that confused frown on his face. Maybe it was time for a more direct approach.

“Paul, this is Colin.” Colin said sweetly to him. “I want you to listen to me okay?”

Paul’s face instantly relaxed and there was a bit of smile playing about his lips.

“You need to give me control. You need to do this for me. For us. Can you do that?”

Paul looked a bit reserved for a moment.

“You trust me don’t you Paul?” Again Paul nodded sleepily. “Then give me control so I can save us and make us as happy as we used to be.”

The form of logic Colin was using seemed to be working. The frown was gone from Paul’s face replaced with a look of sleepy resignation. He nodded and mumbled something to the effect of “give you control”. Then his chin fell forward onto his chest again and he sat there ready to listen.

“Alright Paul, I want you to listen carefully. I’m going to start making changes now.” Paul nodded. “The idea of bottoming for me, not only appeals to you, it’s starting to turn you on.”

And as he said it he could see it was true. The cock beneath Paul’s pants twitched as it began to rise.

“Think about me standing over you, holding your legs apart, pushing my cock into you and fucking you.” Paul arched his back and moaned a bit his eyes shut tight. The slight bulge in his pants was growing to its full and considerable size. “In fact just seeing my cock is going to remind you of bottoming for me and you are going to get hard thinking of being fucked by that cock. You want to bottom for that cock so badly, it makes you feel so good to be fucked by that cock. God you need it.”

Paul was rubbing his cock through his pants, moaning wildly and arching his back against the couch. All this while being completely and deeply entranced. The more surprised reaction however was how much Colin was getting off on the whole experience. He was panting after all that, his breath labored with excitement and exhilaration. His cock too was throbbing in his lap. He was hornier than he could ever remember being. Some long forgotten part of him, loving domination and control that really had not had a chance to come to light in the six years he’d been with Paul, now flooded to the surface fighting his morality for control, begging to take this whole thing one step further.

Surely just a little more change couldn’t hurt. He thought, gazing at his writhing moaning subject. Just a little bit more.

“Now Paul, we’re going to make another change.” Paul nodded while still moaning loudly, his cock pressing madly against the fabric of his pants. “I am going to be able to control when your cock is hard and when it goes soft. Do you understand?”

“Yes!” Paul gasped.

“Good, take out your cock.” Paul did as his was told. When his cock was out and standing at full attention, Colin commanded. “Your cock is soft now.”

Gradually but noticeably the cock grew flaccid until it lay in his lap small and impotent.

“Your cock is hard again.” Colin commanded. With a moan the cock began to grow immediately until it stood up from Paul’s pants like an obelisk. Colin was dangerously horny now, he was rubbing his own cock through his pants and was breathing heavily. The amazing sense of power he felt was obliterating any sense of caution, any remains of morality that had been left. He was seduced entirely by the idea of control now. His eyes fell on Paul’s massive cock again, the cock that had been the sole source of their marital woes for the longest time now. If he could somehow control the cock’s size…but that was impossible he couldn’t do that through hypnosis. And then it hit him and made him grin a surprisingly evil smile. He didn’t physically need to change the cock size. All he had to do was make Paul think he’d changed it. As long as Paul perceived it that way the troublesome attitude that had cropped up around it would fluctuate as he willed it.

“Paul, we have one last change we’re going to make okay?” Colin said in his sweet voice at odds with the domination in his heart. Paul nodded again breathing heavily as his hard cock twitched begging to be touched. “I am going to be able to change the size of your cock. Do you understand?”

“No…” Paul released, confused frown back in place.

“Whatever size I say your cock is. That’s what you’ll see it as right?”

“Y-Yeah right!” He said succumbing to the idea.

“Do you still believe that a bigger a man’s cock, the bigger the man?” Colin asked

“Yes” Paul answered, nodding.

“Well then it would make sense that the smaller you cock is, the more submissive you are doesn’t it.” Again Paul resisted, forehead creased and eyes shutting even tighter, it was so hard to comprehend himself being submissive. “You said it yourself, the bigger the cock, the bigger the man. So that must mean that your less dominate the smaller your cock gets, right?”

“Y-yessss.” He finally agreed relaxing into my control.

“Alright then, I want you to wake into a waking trance, you are still under and you wont be able to get up or wake up, but you will be able to see and react almost normally to the things that are happening to you, Understand?” Paul nodded. His eyes creaked open but they were still largely unfocused almost drunk. The eyes beheld his cock before him and he reached out a hand to stroke it.

“Paul, do you want to be a good submissive boy?” Colin asked his cock was out now and he was stroking himself.

“No…not submissive.” Paul said. He wasn’t really awake it all sounded sleepy but it got the point across.

“Paul, your cock is now three inches smaller.” Colin smiled. Pauls eyes got wider and then tried to focus on the cock in his lap an astonished look on his sleepy face. His cock had not physically changed at all but in Paul’s befuddled mind, he saw the member shrink

“I don’t…what?!” He said sleepily but distressed, running his hands up his cock as through to find a missing part. “What’s happening to me? My cock is smaller!”

“What about now, are you going to be a good submissive boy?”

“We can talk about that later Colin. You know I prefer to be the dominate one.” Suddenly the confident rebuffs Colin had been getting had changed into more of a strong plea for compromise. It seemed the changes were working.

“Paul, your cock is two inches shorter.” Pauls face went into a sleepy version of panic (if there could be such a thing). He had lost half the length of his once great tool, by his perspective and he stared open mouthed at his cock.

“But! I don’t understand, I used to be bigger! How is this happening.” The confidence was melting away, Colin could see the puffed up ego dying in the wake of the smaller cock. All the confidence that remained about Paul was fading. His unfocused eyes were looking to Colin for an answer begging to be comforted.

“Are you ready to be my submissive boy now?”

“Well…maybe…maybe we could take turns or something.” He was saying, so awkwardly off put by the conversation. Paul had never been awkward in all the time Colin had known him. It was time for the coup de grace.

“Paul, your cock is two inches shorter.” Pauls face fell in confusion and bewilderment, but confusing enough, his complaints and questions stopped. He looked defeated, like he had no confidence or will of his own. Colin stood and strode over to him, his cock hanging in Paul’s face.

“Who’s cock is bigger.” He asked.

“Yours is, sir.” Sir! This was even better than he’d ever expected.

“Are you ready to be my good submissive boy?”

“Yes sir!” Paul said, looking up with big puppy dog eyes.

“Then suck my cock boy!” Paul did just that, sucking with an abandon he’d never had before. It made Colin feel incredible, making Paul submit like this. And it took all the effort he had not to rip Paul’s clothing as he took it off of him. When they both were naked Colin gently eased himself into Paul’s virgin hole, watching his face light up as he was taken for the first time.

“Yes you like that don’t you boy?” Colin growled.

“Yes sir, I love when you fuck me.” Paul’s new submissive voice was plaintive and moaning.

“You need to get fucked by a real cock like mine didn’t you.”

“Yes sir, your cock is bigger than mine. You are the bigger man sir. Fuck me!”

“Good boy.” This exchange alone almost made Colin cum on the spot. As it was he didn’t last much longer, not that he needed to. He had their whole lives to play with this nuance.

When they were done, Colin put Paul’s cock back the way it was and woke him up. But he made certain that he could always get back in to make changes if he needed to and also that all the control he’d established would stay as it was.

Weeks later the couple was doing much much better than they had been. The fighting had faded, and both men were much more satisfied in bed. Even better, Colin controlled Paul’s cock, which meant he could control his personality. Was Paul being to obnoxious? Just shrink him a few inches and he would mellow out. He got to play with both the passive bottom Paul and the dominate top Paul whenever he wanted. All in all Colin enjoyed their foray into hypnosis. He thought they both would enjoy the game changer for many years to come.

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