Dylan - From Str8 athlete to gay jockslut ( A Dickson Enterprises Story) Chapter 2

By Dylan
published November 17, 2021
1541 words

Dylans story. How i made my way from naive jock boy next door o a welltrained jock slut

Dylan - From Str8 athlete to gay jockslut ( A Dickson Enterprises Story) Chapter 2

As we reached the house , i saw it was as huge as i thought it would be ..

I was impressed by the sheer size, and also by the cars parked at the side .

The parking lot was full of my dream cars, typical rich high school kids cars like Camaros, Mustangs, Jeeps.. you name it.

Dad seemed to read my mind: " If you impress the boss and the coach and the members of the board, your scholarship might include a company car…."

He grinned , since he knew by the end of summer i would turn 17 and wanted my own cool ride !

" Wow, really dad?" I was looking at him giving him my best puppy dog eyes.

He just smiled: “Show your best and we will see!”

As we exited the car a servant already waited for us . He greeted dad respectfully and looked at me like he checked me out for hidden weapons .. .

" You must be Dylan, young man"

" Uhm , Yessir" i almost stuttered.. but dad chuckles .

The servant told me to follow him while dad already knew his way around . I soon found myself right by the pool, were i saw maybe twenty boys my age play around.. swim, dive, play ball.

All dressed in those tiny red Speedos my dad made me wear under my shorts.

Fuck .. i felt like i walked into my schools lockerroom . All boys looked basically the same, all hot, young, muscular…. . Someone must have chosen them for being hot!

I hoped i didn’t have to compete for the scholarship…..

“Dylan i guess?” I heard a voice behind me .

As i turned around i saw a man in a suit walking over to me, my dad in tow. He smiled wide and inviting, but at the same time he seemed to look at me closely. I kinda felt like he undressed me with his eyes.

" Uhm yessir , im Dylan . Nice to meet you Sir "

The man smiled even wider: " Oh so polite, so well groomed .."

He turned to my dad: " You didn’t promise too much"

I think i didn’t hear correctly as he licked his lips: “He looks delicious, good enough to eat!”

Dad had to chase me as i stormed off… i heard the old perv and kinda ran away .

“Dylan ..fuck Dylan stop!” Daddy usually never curses. I was shocked.

“Dylan please you got something wrong. Mr Dickson wasn’t rude.. he just uhm ..is uhm ….”

Dad trailed off as i said: " Dad, he looked at me as if i was fresh meat"

Dad almost pleaded as he went on: " He is very rich..and he sponsors the schools teams for years. I need the job, you know we had a ruff year. Please Dylan be nice, come back and apologize . I will tell Mr Dickson that you were just overwhelmed and nervous"

" Uhm ok dad… i will try my best"

Dad smiled ..but his hand was in my neck as he lead me back to the pool, were Mr. Dickson waited for us by the bar.

He offered me a fruit punch and i drank thirsty. Tasted great, and i felt how i relaxed.

Dad suggested i should go for a swim, and Mr. Dickson told me to strip of my shirt and shorts right here. Someone would take care of my stuff, he told me.

I didn’t really realize how dad and him watched me as i striped. I just felt warm, welcomed , relaxed… and yes, i sure needed a swim after the long hours of traveling.

Diving into the nice cool pool was the best i felt in years…and the boys playing ball around me invite me to join. Soon we did a nice play of water ball and tag … I felt right in the middle of a great bunch of jocks.

I didn’t hear my Dad and Mr Dickson talk, so i didn’t hear Mr Dickson say:

“He is perfect.. right what i wanted.. not the usual big beefy football type, but nice and small but muscled…and that round bubble butt”

He watched me dive and added: “And did you see how well the juice worked on him ? I bet he now feels aroused already.”

My dad answered, still watching me: “So i got the contract?”

Mr Dickson smiled: “Right after i tested him, my friend! How big is his dick?”

Some time later a servant called us boys for a light lunch .. as light as hungry sporty boys eat.. We saw a grill smoked and smelled delicious.. So we all climbed out of the pool and waited by the barbecue.

I had a burger and some fries, and more fruit punch, the only drink they offered us boys.

I saw dad and Mr Dickson and several other men dine at a table inside the house, overlooking the pool… but no boy dared to walk over and disturb them.

One boy sat down by my side and introduced himself: " Hey, i’ m Johnny , its my first time here. But you are some execs son right?"

I knew he saw my dad eat with Mr Dickson and he thought i was something special so i hurried to answer: “Nah im here for the first time as well. My dad just works for the company is all”

We didn’t realize the boys around us were all done and kinda vanished, but a servant suddenly stood next to us and said:

" Please boys follow me, Dr. Smith is here for your physicals"

We both looked at each other wide eyed, wondering what the man meant. He lead the way into the house and opened a door for us. We were still dressed in the small speedos only and got somewhat nervous.

A man in a lab coat smiled at us brightly as we walked in:

" Come in guys, all right !"

" I am Dr Smith and i am the schools physician. We like to be ahead of schedule, and as you both apply for scholarships we need you to be in peek condition!"

Johnny and i soon relaxed as Dr Smith took some measurements. He smiled all the time and joked around, till he said:

“Ok boys, off with those Speedos”

I swallowed nervously … since my dick had reacted to all that feeling n measuring ….

But Johnny had the same problem it seems . Dr Smith smiled wide as we pushed the speedos down simultaneous.

" Nice and healthy, as we want them!"

I blushed furious ..since my dick was hard as steel.

As Dr Smith told us to bend over , i felt like protesting , but i couldn’t.

My body seemed to follow orders, but not the ones i wanted my brain to give .

I saw Johnny bend over as well, and Dr. Smith stepped behind us and felt our round muscled asses…

“Very nice, you boys seem to be more than perfect for the company ..uhg ..school”

He corrected himself quickly, but we didn’t even realize he misspoke . I moaned as i felt a greased finger slide into my ass.. and Johnny moaned as well.

Dr.Smith commented: " Oh boys, we will have so much fun together "

I didn’t even realize someone else had entered the room till i heard another voice:

" Those boys seem as good as we hoped…. "

I felt another hand on me, feeling my skin, my muscles.. and i was told to stand straight again.

My dad said: " You are sure he wont remember whats happening?"

And the doctor answered: " Oh no, we use the drugs for years now"

Mr Dickson chuckles: " How do you think all those straight young studs submit to do all the films for me .. or perform otherwise?"

He opened his fly..his dick was already hard since he lusted for me for hours now. My dad did the same .. and Dr.Smith told Johnny and me to kneel.

“UUURGHHMMMMMM” i grunted, gagged n choked as Mr Dickson pushed his dick into my mouth.

He moaned as he made me gag, didn’t care that i never sucked dick or got deep throat fucked.

Dickson: " Oh god hes so hot…i ’m gonna cum "

He held his dick deep in my mouth and made me swallow..and i didn’t think, didn’t complain, my body just reacted on autodrive.

I didn’t realize dad moaned n grunted as well as he shot a fat load down Johnny’s throat….

The men just grinned at each other and closed their zippers.

Dr Smith jokingly asked my dad:
"I hope you don’t mind? " as he shoved his dick into my mouth . He had gotten too horny to wait as he watched his boss and my dad use us.

After he came he just made us sit on a bench for awhile, to kinda cool off.

He checked the clock , since he knew how long we would be fully drugged. Soon after an hour had passed, i found myself sitting on a bench in the exam room , next to Johnny, and Dr Smith typed something into his laptop.

He smiled:

“Alright boys, you are perfectly healthy! Welcome to Biggelow Dickson Highschool”

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