Dear Reader, my name is Dylan, and I love to write..... By now i have writen nearly 120 stories for several sites, more than 380000 words, and counting. I sometimes even publish special stories for a selected , very exclusive audience, so, if you want to sponsor a poor author, feel free to check my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/Dylan_Boy18cute I HAVE ONE NEW IDEA I JUST CAME UP WITH: I WOULD LOVE TO WRITE A STORY OR MORE USING AI PICTURES! ANY SKILLED AI ARTIST OUT THERE: CONTACT ME ASAP AND WE CAN MAKE A HOT STORY WORK, YOUR PICTURES, MY STORY! I simply love to write and hear from my readers, so please, since the majority of the stories are available here, read, comment, rate and like! You might want to contact me: boy18cute@yahoo.com Thx, and have fun reading, Dylan
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