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Dear Reader, my name is Mark Dylan, and I love to write..... I have, up to now, written over 170 stories for several sites, more than 600000 words, and still counting. I also publish special stories for a selected, exclusive audience, so, if you want to sponsor a poor author, feel free to check my Patreon page: Some time ago, after a really busy time on here, publishing various storylines with countless chapters, I simply needed a break and published other, harder stories on other sites. Now I have been inspired by avid readers, and some more stories about Fantasy and Hypnosis seemed to be just right. I dedicate my newest story to my reader Andy, who will hopefully enjoy it as much as I liked to write it! A special “Thank You” goes to him, who helped to edit the story and suggested some improvements! _**++I also want to make sure you know about my newest endeavor that filled my time since the last publishing on GSS:++**_ The story **"Benny the Matchmaker"** has now been published as a series of seven E-Books on 'Draft2Digital' and available on various publisher's, sites including Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Smashwords and many others worldwide, even Japan ;-) _**Check it out, google "Mark Dylan: Benny the Matchmaker"**_ I simply love to write and hear from my readers, so please, since the majority of the stories are available here, read, comment, rate and like! You might want to contact me: Thanks, and have fun reading, Mark Dylan
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