Chapter 1: Submissive and Breedable | Prelude, Part 1

By Soren Fitz
published September 19, 2021
7218 words

Set in an all-male casual sex world: Marco Mendez returns to the THIK frat house before the semester starts to prepare for the new pledges. When frat bottom Nate forgets his place, Marco reminds him what he craves most… and teaches him to crave it more.

Marco Mendez’s bicep flexed as he hoisted up his suitcase, climbing up the steps to the front of the frat house for Theta Iota Kappa—lovingly called THIK, just like his thighs. He set it down, pulling out his keys with a nostalgic sigh, and then he stepped back out from under the patio roof. A wide, cocky grin spread across the light brown skin of his rounded face as he took in the welcome sight: a wide, asymmetrical, three story, Queen Anne-style mess, grey with huge splotches of white painted to look like cum-splatters. THIK was his home, even more than the home to which he’d returned for the summer, and the sight filled his soul with relish. This was going to be a good damn year.

He rolled his broad shoulders, barely contained by white crop top that hugged his wide back and heavy chest. He may not have had the easy strength of a Firecracker, but he didn’t become a top Seeder in THIK by slacking. But his assets certainly helped. His ass was round enough to stretch his red running shorts, and the log that ran down one of his thighs bulged out those shorts and poked right out the end, even soft. It was thick as a can of red bull right now, and at least as thick as a soda can when hard—depending on how excited he got—and so dark brown he liked to call it Midnight.

He fed his key into the doorknob and pushed the door open to the spacious living room, the right half of which was completely drenched in cum. He swung his shaved head to the side and settled his light brown eyes lazily on a guy whose features he couldn’t quite make out… seeing as the front of his body was, after all, also soaked from head to toe in semen. His back was clean, at least, but that didn’t help place who it was that was still shooting less messy ropes of cum than the load that helped decorate this room.

The guy lifted a seed-dripping hand and wiped cum off of his eyes, blinking them open. They had a white film, probably thanks to the cum, but he could still turn and look at Marco. He seemed to instantly relax, grinning and cheering Marco’s name with a raspy, drawling, beach bum voice Marco recognised very well.

“Sup, Johnny?” Marco called, with a grin of his own, turning to look at his long-missed friend, who would have been blonde if he weren’t currently… white. Now that he knew who he was looking at, he saw more clearly the silver, dangling earrings that hung from Johnny’s ears, obscured as they were by their own sheen of cum. “How’s my favourite Firecracker?”

“Am I? Am I really?” Johnny asked, with a lazy smirk. “If you’re gonna flatter me like this, might as well come suck my dick and prove it.” Marco put up his hands in surrender, and Johnny shook his head, wearing a knowing grin. “That’s what I thought. I’m doing good as hell. Me and Robbie are treating the house right now.”

Sure enough, as Marco swivelled his eyes toward the floor, there was Robbie, Johnny’s ginger boyfriend, lying almost flat on the ground, a little bit of a belly pushing his back up gently. His cheek was resting on the floor, and he was clearly high as a kite, drooling, eyes glazed. The layer of cum on his body was more blotchy and less full than that on the rest of the room. But he was too far gone right now to notice anything.

“You sure you don’t wanna wait for more of the frat bottoms, man?” Marco asked. His own voice was medium in pitch, clear, and sounding like it was always on the verge of breaking. “Don’t wanna get him too addicted.”

Johnny laughed and gave Marco a conspiratorial wink, trying to brush cum from his nose and mouth but making little progress. “Don’t I? Been missing my baby for a whole summer. I want him hooked.”

“He’s cool with that?” Marco asked, even though he wasn’t worried.

Johnny’s grin turned impish. “He practically begged for it.”

Marco felt a throb in his crotch, arousal shooting down and pumping into his cock. “Fuck, man, I love a begging redhead.” He licked his lips. “You better not keep him all to yourself.”

Johnny shook his head and then stuck out his pink tongue. “My man’s gonna be free-use, stud. Gangbangs galore.” He bent down to his knees and scooped his boyfriend up in both his lean, muscular arms, setting him down on one of the drenched couches and then sitting down next to him, rubbing his side.

Hell yeah,” said Marco. He shifted his feet, bit his lip, and said, in a stage whisper, “Anyone got dibs on knockin’ him up yet?”

“I haven’t asked him yet,” said Johnny, and Marco grinned, but Johnny barrelled on. “But don’t get ahead of yourself. If he’s still fresh, I’ma strike a deal with one of you Seeders who really wants to seed a redhead in a begging mood.”

Marco chuckled. “Anything you want done, you know me and Midnight can do it.” He patted his dick and suddenly noticed how hard it had become, and he flexed it, the weight of the meat straining the shorts. “Now I’m horny. Damn. You know if any of the other frat bottoms are around? I gotta blow off this steam.”

“I think Nate’s around,” said Johnny. “He’s talking about switching from bottom to infantry.” Marco’s eyes widened and he let out an involuntary snort, trying to imagine Nate manhandling a rival frat boy to the ground and fucking him. Nate as a ground pounder—that would be a sight.

Nate?” Marco asked, already trying to give the kid the benefit of the doubt. “He’s a sophomore now, right? That boy won’t last one minute during a raid; he’d go full bottom slut the second he got a whiff of pheromones.”

“Then why don’t you test him?” Johnny asked. “See if he’s worth putting through the trials? He’s not a Seeder or Firecracker, is he?”

“If he were he wouldn’t be a frat bottom,” Marco said, wryly. “I’ll go find him. Have fun with your boyfriend, alright? And make sure he looks real damn good when he begs.”

“You have fun impregnating the fuck out of Nate,” said Johnny, and they both flashed a grin at each other. They both knew how Marco’s test would end.

Marco rolled his suitcase through the cum-covered floor, making his way to the stairs and beginning to climb up, thinking about bellies—and the one he wanted to put on Nate. Marco was a Seeder: otherwise known as the reason people wore condoms in a world without STDs or women.

“Getting knocked up,” “impregnation,” “breeding,” none of it had to do with any actual babies. No, those terms were about a different phenomenon entirely. All a man had to do was take one shot of cum up the ass from a Seeder and there was no going back. Seeders didn’t make new life. They just changed it. Getting “knocked up” meant nine months of your life becoming a slutty, needy, cum-addicted kink-fest unlike any other.

Swelling up with your Seeder’s cum for nine months was the least of the symptoms. First came the hormones, gradually turning you into a slut for cock, with frequent fantasies, a lack of inhibitions to fulfil them, and urges to bottom that constituted aggressive nymphomania. Then came the heats, an increasingly desperate need for Seeder cum that normal cum could only temporarily stave off. And even when the contractions came, so that you suddenly felt like your Seeder was fucking you all over again, the heats would keep kicking in, the nymphomania would keep you bottoming, until in a marathon orgasmic contraction at the end of the nine month period you exhausted the power of your Seeder’s cum and “delivered”.

Conveniently for a frat, nine months was just about the length of a school year. Recruiting frat bottoms who would willingly get knocked up by Seeders in the frat meant that there would rarely be a shortage of eager, horny bottoms for a frat full of tops and switches. They were treated like brothers, with all the same privileges, but sometimes, one of them had to be put in his rightful place. And today, that was Nate.

Marco wandered the halls of the second story, taking casual glances to see what doors were open and hopefully find Nate. But Nate found him. Marco heard footfalls and turned his head just as Nate’s arm thumped against his back, and the sophomore came sidling up to him, looking up at Marco with a grin. Marco had a lot of height on him, so he was used to boys looking up, and Nate was a welcome sight, with a mop of short-ish black hair that thickened toward the top of his head and fanned up and out wildly over his brow, and that sharp jaw and sweet, adorable smile.

He had gotten tattoos over the summer: vines spiralled down his arms, thickening at his forearms until they reached his wrists. Freckles sprinkled his cheeks and his chest, which was thicker than it had been last time Marco had seen him. Nate wore a mix of a short-sleeve button-down and a vest, with buttons only on the lower half and the upper half cut wide open to expose his nipples. Slutty and preppy—common attire for frat boys. Marco began to place a little more stock in testing Nate. Maybe the frat bottom wouldn’t be so incapable of joining the infantry after all. But he still had to test him.

“Marco, it’s good to see you!” he said, as they kept walking, Marco’s suitcase rolling behind them. Even his voice was preppy, deep, a little bit nasally and modulated, with a sarcastic trickle. “How’s my favourite Seeder doing?”

“If you’re gonna kiss my ass, do it with your tongue out of your mouth, not in it, bro,” said Marco, with a wry grin, sliding his arm down Nate’s back and landing on his ass, housed in tight, denim-looking but easily-giving white shorts, and then he abruptly smacked it before digging in with his fingers and starting to knead Nate’s rear possessively. He knew Nate had built it up for reasons other than being a frat bottom, but an ass that thick was begging to be fucked by every guy in THIK.

“Alright, fine,” Nate said, letting out a little moan from the relentless squeezing. Dammit, Marco needed to give him the benefit of the doubt, but that moan made Marco’s cock twitch. “Shit,” Nate hissed, probably realising his mistake. “Uh, anyway,” he continued, as they came up to another flight of stairs and Marco hoisted up his suitcase again, “I was thinking, before I get knocked up for the year, maybe you could put me through the trials for infantry with the freshmen? I was bulking up over the summer. I think I could do pretty good.”

“Yeah?” Marco asked, smacking Nate’s ass again and making him yelp and almost stumble. “I can feel it in your ass. Saw your chest, too. But you know it’s more than just strength, right?”

“Yeah, I was hoping I could use the trials to learn to fight the pheromones,” Nate said, as they came up to the stairs and Marco started heading for his room.

“Not a terrible idea,” said Marco, with a shrug. “I’d be down. Just know you can’t have any Seeder cum if you go that route. You get knocked up, it’s game over, back to the bottoms with you.”

“Of course,” Nate said, quickly, and then paused. This was the moment of truth for Marco. “Wait, just not up the ass, right? I can still drink it?”

“Can you?” Marco asked, infusing his voice with scepticism. Once a frat bottom, always a frat bottom. Trend wasn’t broken yet. Marco’s cock throbbed as he thought of what he was going to do to the poor boy—but once the hormones were rushing through Nate’s system, Marco doubted the sophomore would complain much longer.

“I mean, of course, right?” Nate asked, biting his lower lip. They walked into Marco’s room, Nate first and then Marco, and Marco pushed the door shut, leaning up against it and subtly blocking the exit. Right now the room was sparse, with soft carpeting, two beds and two desks, soft, sturdy chairs, but Marco had a balcony, too, that overlooked the pool. “It’s just Seeder cum, I mean, you know…”

“You know… what?” Marco asked, lazily.

“How good it tastes,” Nate murmured.

“Tastes real good, doesn’t it?” Marco chuckled and started to tug down his shorts, until his cock sprung up from out of its confines, bobbing up and down, its full, menacing length cleaving the air, twelve thick inches that could bulge any guy’s stomach. “One hit leads to another.”

“Yeah, but if I just swallow it, I’ll be fine,” Nate said, sounding unsure. “Infantry’s allowed to be switches. Everyone is.”

“Everyone is,” Marco agreed. “But some people are infantry. Some people are special ops. And some people,” he continued, his voice getting lower and sultrier, “are bottoms.”

“Marco?” Nate asked, nervously, stepping toward the door. “As much as I wanna suck your cock right now, maybe I can talk to you about this later. I’ve got an—”

“And frat bottoms,” Marco continued, as he began to stroke his cock, “get knocked up. Keeps you good and slutty.”

“Keeps them good and slutty,” Nate said, biting his lip. “I’ll do the trials, I can prove it to you—”

“Nah,” Marco said. “You’re too damn cute, Nate. Maybe if you pledged that way. But now you’ve got a craving. You’ve got a place. And it’s under me.”

Nate hesitated for a moment—and then bolted for the door. In a sudden movement, Marco shifted so that Nate crashed bodily into him, and then Marco wrapped his arms around Nate’s back, squeezing the boy hard against his chest and stomping toward his bed. Nate struggled for footing, but Marco just lifted him up high enough that his feet dangled over the ground—and then they hit the bed, and Marco slammed him down, pinning Nate by the chest and then climbing up onto the bed himself, cock looming and drooling a steady stream of precum onto Nate’s shorts.

Nate stared up at Marco with wide eyes and Marco grinned down at him. “Marco, fuck, I— I want it, but not now—”

“You’re right where you belong,” Marco said, licking his lips. His eyes trailed down Nate’s chest toward his shorts—and, as expected, the boy was hard as a rock, a bulge running down one leg. “And you know it.” Marco lifted one of his hands to start pulling off his own crop-top, and when he pulled up his other hand to finish the job, Nate struggled upwards. In a flash Marco threw off the shirt, exposing the silver ring piercing one of his nipples, and then slammed Nate back down into the bed, leaning in closer with a deep growl. “I’m gonna knock you up, Nate,” he rumbled, “and you’re gonna enjoy it.”

Nate moaned, arching up his back, and Marco grinned. “That’s the spirit. You already feel it.” He shifted his hands until they pressed Nate’s upper arms down, leaving his forearms with mobility. “Just stop resisting. And get rid of that shirt. I wanna see you swell with my Seeder cum.”

Nate opened his mouth and tried to make a sound come out of it, but all that arose was a squeak. He bit his lips and started to slowly fumble with the buttons of his shirt, while Marco chuckled and let go of one of his arms, unbuttoning Nate’s shorts and tugging them down roughly. “Let’s get you ready for this cum baby,” he said, licking his lips. “Glad to see you’re accepting your place. You loved it last year. You’ll love it this one, too.”

Marco freed both Nate’s arms only to grab his lean thighs, pushing them up and back to spread Nate’s ass and the pink hole nestled within. It wasn’t fully closed—Nate’s hole could fit a sharpie. “Somebody’s already been bottoming. Told you,” Marco said, with a grin. “I’ll help keep you gaped. But first…”

Marco bent down, shimmying back on the bed, and he nuzzled his cheek up to one of Nate’s thick pillows, before hocking up and spitting a thick wad of something that looked a lot like cum right for Nate’s taint. When it hit, it splattered hard and messy, more of it than seemed to have come from Marco’s lips—but that was normal, and nobody questioned it. The Seeder slid his tongue through the mess, moaning at the taste—it tasted like cum, too, as everyone knew spit should—and then he began to lap at Nate’s asshole, in lick after lick, driving his tongue right for the gently gaping ring, pushing at it as his spit did its work to soothe Nate’s muscles and open him up.

Precum would do the same—but Marco wanted Nate eager to be bred, and as he lapped, hard and fast and wanting, Nate started to moan and gently squirm. Marco hocked up more cum-spit and blasted Nate’s hole with it, some of the volume slipping right in, the rest restoring the coat of white paint that Marco immediately started shovelling toward Nate’s ring. Nate moaned harder as Marco massaged his taint with tongue, arching his back so that his cheeks rubbed up against Marco’s, and Marco chuckled and kept on going, driving Nate more and more into need.

Nate mumbled something, but Marco didn’t quite make it out. “What was that?” he asked, pulling back and cocking his head, and Nate moaned desperately, a hand shooting back to try and pull Marco back to his ass by the back of his head. “No, tell me,” he said. “I wanna hear it when you moan.”

“F— Fuck me,” Nate said, louder.

Marco’s look slowly turned into a devilish grin. “Say that again?” he asked, this time with a sly tone. “I didn’t hear it right.”

Fuck me, Marco,” Nate groaned, staring up at Marco with wide eyes.

“I don’t think I got the message,” Marco said, as he slipped his fingers down to teasingly rub Nate’s taint. “Play it up a little more. Then I’ll understand.”

Nate seemed to struggle with himself for a few moments—and then he finally gave in. “I need it, Marco, I need you to fuck me, gods, I love your dick, and I need that Seeder cum—I wanna be bred, I’ll be such a good frat bottom, please, Marco, give it to me,” he moaned, unable to stop the words flooding out of his mouth.

“Your wish is my command, Nate,” said Marco, with a pleased smirk. “Welcome back to THIK.” He rolled his hips forward, one hand guiding his cock toward Nate’s cheeks, to the hole he’d made all slick for easy entry—and then he was pushing up against it, both of them groaning as he slowly stretched that hole. He was more excited than usual, the thrill of breeding pumping through his veins, and so his cock was even thicker than a coke can, threatening Nate with a thorough gaping.

Nate gritted his teeth and moaned a strangled “Fuck” as Marco stretched him out more and more, the work of his spit and the precum flowing from his cockhead loosening Nate’s ring so that Marco could steal into it, feeling the tightness and the softness grow. “Shit, there’s no way,” Nate gasped. “So much cock—fuck, Marco, you’re so thick today—oh my gods! Marco! Fuuuuuck—” and then, with a pop, Marco’s cock burst in and both of them moaned loudly. “That feels so damn good, oh my gods,” Nate gasped. “I missed your cock, Marco, I missed everyone’s—fuck!” he cried, precum shooting violently from his throbbing shaft, as Marco abruptly thrust his cock deeper into Nate’s guts.

Marco’s precum worked fast, and when he wanted into somebody, he could get in. He sawed back and forth, wrenching Nate open, bumping up against bundles of nerves, each one as pleasurable as the last, each one making Nate groan and arch his back and see stars. And Marco just kept pumping, every thrust driving deeper without respite, until they could both see a lump starting to form a few inches below Nate’s belly-button, and with each thrust, it moved closer, getting longer and more cylindrical—

Until, with a growl of pleasure, Marco slammed in to the hilt, rocking the bed and making Nate wail a curse, his own precum blasting him in the face in a messy splatter. “You look so damn good all stuffed with my cock, Nate,” Marco groaned, already starting to rock his hips, slapping Nate’s ass with them in a steady rhythm of short, hard thrusts that made Nate whimper and moan and grip the sheets. “Mmmph, and soon I’m gonna see you swelling with my cum, too.”

“I’m gonna want it… all the time,” Nate moaned, his words rising and falling, slowing and speeding up as Marco fucked him. “You and the boys can stretch me and swell me and—shit, just fill me up with your cum, over and over again—fuuuuuuuuck, Marco, oh my gods!” What he had said had only driven Marco more up the wall, his thrusts getting longer and harder, every one making Nate jerk and moan with the body-slamming pleasure. “Your cock is so—big, fuck, it’s so damn much, how the fuuuuuck,” Nate moaned, and those moans just kept coming, because Marco’s cock was so big you couldn’t just forget that every inch of it was fucking you, not for one moment, not while it was turning your body to mush.

It wasn’t even two minutes later that Marco made Nate cum, shooting white all over their naked bodies, splattering the wall behind them, drenching the sheets, and Marco just kept thrusting, animalistic pounding into an ass that had melted around him, that fit him like a glove and just kept on clenching. They went and they went, Marco driving Nate into one full-body orgasm after another as he fucked him for dear life, the minutes passing long as deep ten-inch thrusts, brutal, shallow thrusts, jackhammering thrusts inundated both frat boys with pleasure that neither wanted to let go of.

All along, Marco’s precum primed Nate’s guts for swelling, filling him up more with every shot, washing through all the twists and turns and bends so that when Marco came, not a drop would be wasted that didn’t make Nate’s stomach bloat. “Are you ready?” Marco groaned, as his deep-dicking thrusts got shorter and shallower and faster. “No turning back once I cum—one single shot and the hormones start pumping, fuck, I’m so close, I’m gonna knock you up, Nate,” he moaned, as he rose up onto his knees and started pounding harder and harder.

“Yes, fuck, please, I need your Seeder cum, I wanna feel it, I’ve been missin’ this so bad,” Nate gasped. “Holding back all summer was so fucking hard, but I’m gonna bottom the fuck out of THIK—”

“Fucking—hell yeah,” Marco gasped. “That’s—my—fucking—frat bottom!” And then, with one more roared “Fuck!” Marco slammed in balls deep and loosed his fateful load. Nate braced himself and shut his eyes tightly as the first burst of virile cum blasted into his flooded guts, and the innumerable swimmers latched onto Nate’s walls, infusing him with Marco’s seed and triggering the beginning of a massive rush of hormones.

“Oh, fuck, I can feel it in my gut,” Nate gasped, his eyes wide, a hand shooting just below his bellybutton and touching the skin, and his hand rose and fell as another, bigger shot of cum made his stomach abruptly swell right there and settle again. “It’s spreading, Marco, feels so good inside me—” Nate began to twitch as the torrent of cum forced the whole mess of fluid into his stomach and filled it to the brim.

“I can feel it everywhere, Marco, oh, gods, the hormones are gonna hit—fuuuuuck!” he cries, his voice taking on a higher pitch as he swore, “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck, Marco, I can feel you Seeding me—” his body jerked as the sheer volume of electric Seeder cum made his gut burgeon and every cubic inch of his body rattle under the storm of hormones. “All I can think of is your cum—gonna—cum!”

And then Nate’s eyes rolled back and his mouth opened in an expression of pure, blissed out desire and he came, the hardest he had that whole fuck. Marco grinned wickedly, forcing himself to stay fully conscious as he watched Nate swell with his Seeder cum, utter euphoric thrill rattling his bones as he revelled in the primal act of impregnation. Some deep-seated instinct in his brain was rejoicing, feeding him with images of Nate desperate to bottom for him, Nate swollen with his seed months later, Nate’s brain being reprogrammed by his swimmers to train him as a perfect bottom slut.

“This is just the beginning,” he growled. “I know you love this Seeder cum—Midnight and I fucking ruined you, shit, I just knocked you the fuck up, you like that? Oh, gods—” and finally, he too fell away into the throes of his orgasm, growling as Nate squeaked and moaned and jerked, Marco bucking like a wild animal as his seed brought a faint white tint to Nate’s stomach and made it swell, one slow inch, and then a second, and a third, obscuring the bulge of his cock until it was gone. The tint got brighter, a fourth, a slower fifth as he finally started to taper off, and finally he started to come down, unloading the last few ropes of virile cum into the frat boy he’d just impregnated.

He pumped his cock more slowly, in long, deep thrusts that made Nate whimper weakly, thinking about those hormones, knowing that as good as they had made Nate feel, they were changing him in ways that would rock his life for nine long months, knowing that Marco had done that to him and there was no going back. It still thrilled his bones. He felt powerful. And he knew he was.

Nate’s eyes were glazed, his body still jerking, but they managed to meet Marco’s. “Fuck,” Nate groaned, closing his eyes. “You really did it, Marco.”

“I really damn did,” Marco said, with a weak chuckle of his own. “You look so hot all stuffed with my cum. ’Specially cuz I know what I just did to you. Nine months as a perfect bottom slut,” he said, in a sing-song voice, bucking his hips hard enough to make Nate moan a ‘fuck’. “How does it feel to get bred?”

“Just as good as last time,” Nate said. “I can’t believe I wanted to trade this for infantry. Nine months trying not to get pumped full of Seeder cum would have been a bitch.”

“Oh, I know,” Marco said. “I was doing you a favour. No more angst. You can just get banged.” He finally started to pull out of Nate’s ass, and when he popped out, cum gushed from the massively gaping ring for a moment as it winked and throbbed and started to close. The flow of cum quickly tapered off, most of it sealed deep inside his swollen gut, but his ass remained open, slowly winking somewhat closed, the muscles too stretched to go all the way.

Marco was a little mesmerised by the sight—but he finally snapped out of it once it seemed to stop closing, the hole a little less wide than a can of red bull, but certainly wider than before. He had done that. He had done all of this. He had ruined Nate, and he felt a rush at the thought. “You’re gaping,” he said, finally.

“Am I still tight enough to get fucked?” Nate asked, wryly, and then his face transformed into something of morbid realisation. “Oh my gods—I don’t know if it’s post-breeding high, but I can feel the cravings already,” he said, his voice a warble, like he was coming to terms with something terrible and amazing at the same time.

“Yeah? Tell me how it feels,” said Marco, licking his lips. “And then I’ll tell you if you’re tight enough.”

“It’s an… urge, like, for a moment, it just took over all my thoughts with a kind of… need to get fucked, and it made my ass feel so empty.” Nate closed his eyes and moaned again. “I’m already fantasising. I’m trying to think of something else…”

“Mmmmph, fuck, I did that to you,” Marco moaned. “That’s so hot. I can’t wait to watch you beg to get fucked. So, to answer your question, you could still get fucked right now by anybody in the frat,” Marco said, nodding sagely. “But right now, I’m thinking of adding another load to the one I just dumped inside of you…”

“Oh, fuck,” Nate moaned. “But your cock is so intense, I dunno if I can take another twenty minutes of that monster—” but Marco was already leaning back, hands grabbing Nate’s hips and lifting them up enough for the Seeder to turn Nate over.

He laid himself over the boy and growled into his ear, “On all fours, breeding bitch,” and then he pulled back with a chuckle as Nate hesitated, moaned, and struggled to his hands and knees. “That’s right. You know your place. Fuckin’ love how slutty that first burst of hormones makes you.” And another load from Marco would just make him sluttier. “You ready for me to bust your guts again with Midnight?”

Nate turned his head to try and look at Marco, and Marco watched his face change, hesitating, struggling with himself, and finally— “I can’t help it,” he moaned, weakly. “I’m craving it so bad, Marco, I can’t stop thinking of you sinking into me again. I can’t stop. I need your Seeder cum,” he began to beg. “Please, Marco, please fuck me up, make me even needier, I wanna be your perfect fucktoy right now, I can’t believe it, I feel like such a slut.”

“It’s ’cause you are,” Marco rumbled, and Nate moaned desperately. He ground his cock between Nate’s thick cheeks, precum pouring over his gaping hole and taint. “You’re a good little slut. Nice and high off my Seeder cum. Gonna get you higher. Pump you so full, parade you ’round the house.” Marco leaned back and slotted his cock in that hole—and then started to open Nate right back up, to a cacophony of groans about how big Marco was, how intense the stretch, how there was no way he could take all of it again but fuck he wanted every inch—

And Marco gave it to him, both guys losing track of time as they pounded away, fulfilling Nate’s craving with another long, steady, gutbusting fuck by Marco and Midnight. They drove themselves to that same high, Marco felt that same Seeder thrill as he busted another huge load in Nate’s already impregnated core, and the hormones rushed Nate’s brain again, heightening his need for cum and dick even more. Every Seeder load would do the same thing, make him crazy for cock until he came down from the hormonal high. But Nate was so far gone that he didn’t care. He was ready to be THIK’s perfect slut.

When Marco finished, he pulled out to another, harder gush of cum, watched Nate’s asshole slowly close and the flow taper off, and finally rolled onto his side, into the still-warm pool of cum Nate had made all over the bed. It was slowly soaking in, treating the sheets and the mattress, and come a few hours, there’d be no sign they had drenched it at all—the cum would work its magic, and the bed would be soft, perfectly so, and yet firm enough for fucking.

Nate rolled over and his back fell into the pool with a little splat. Marco rolled his hand over the cum-splattered stomach he’d given the boy—swollen so much it looked like he was nine months pregnant. Just like it ought to be.

Nate eventually turned, and both of them faced each other until at last they leaned in for a kiss. When Marco pulled away, he grinned and patted Nate’s stomach. “You’re preggo now,” he said, dumbly, and both of them snickered. “You looking forward to being a nympho?”

“Yeah,” Nate said, dreamily. “I mean, it’s hitting me right now, I’m craving your cock again—I know that’s just the rush of Seeder cum, though.”

“I’d fuck you again,” Marco said. “Nice and slow.”

“Gods, do you have any idea how much I want that?” Nate asked. “I gotta stop thinking about this shit so I can talk to you about something other than—how good Midnight feels inside me,” he moaned, his tongue slipping out of his mouth. And then he shook himself. His eyes had glazed over, but he refocused on Marco’s and said, “Uh, fuck. Uhhhh… I’m just a bit disappointed. I was hoping to get into leadership this year.”

Marco cocked his head, trying to resist the urge to follow through and fuck Nate a third time in a row. He was lucky that he wasn’t the one pregnant—he could actually say no. Poor Nate would just have to endure. “What do you mean? Frat bottoms can be in the leadership, too. We actually don’t have any right now; both of them graduated.” He grinned. “They’re visiting for the first party. Redhead twins. Fuckin’ loved their asses.”

“Oh my gods, I had no idea.” Nate’s eyes lit up. He seemed sufficiently distracted from the hormones. “So I could still—”

“Yup,” Marco said. “We’re not lying when we say we treat frat bottoms like full brothers.”

“Can I see the meeting room?” Nate asked. “I’ve heard stories.”

“It’s nothing special,” Marco said, with a chuckle. “But it gives me a chance to parade you ’round the house, so let’s do it.”

They shuffled out of Marco’s room naked and dripping with Nate’s cum, Marco behind Nate, arms wrapped around to cradle Nate’s tinted belly, and they went downstairs to the second floor, coming to an ornate wooden door. “Fuck, forgot my key,” said Marco, but when he tried to turn the doorknob, it opened right up.

They stepped into the room, which was ornate for a frat house, wooden carvings of homoerotic displays all around the walls of the room, with a grand table in the centre surrounded by cozy-looking chairs. Johnny and his redhead boyfriend Robbie were on the table, Robbie on all fours and Johnny on his knees, folded over Robbie and whispering nothings into his ear as he pounded Robbie like an animal.

“Looks like he’s close,” Marco whispered to Nate, who was jerking his cock toward hardness. “We better get out of here.”

“I just wanna take it in a little longer,” said Nate. Johnny shouted a curse and, just like that, Robbie’s stomach started to swell from shot after visible shot.

“They need to treat the whole room, Nate,” Marco said, tugging at Nate’s wrist.

“Alright, alright,” Nate said, and he absconded through the door. Marco followed him through it and shut the door, and then they both leaned against it. “Where’d you get the money for that?”

“It’s way old,” said Marco. “From when rich business boys and their daddies wanted to throw money at shit like that. But we keep it pristine.” The door shook against their backs as a muffled splat sounded from the room behind them.

“Sounds like it,” Nate murmured, with a shiver. “A whole room of Seeders and Firecrackers.”

“And the frat bottoms,” Marco said, with a grin. “So when us Seeders get mad and need to blow off steam we don’t knock anybody up who we can’t afford.”

“And the Firecrackers?” Nate asked.

“They can fuck anybody,” Marco said. “Worst that happens is you crave ’em and gotta wean yourself off of it. But, still. We don’t make them mad.”

“Fuck,” Nate said, with a shiver. “Now all I can think of is making them mad. I need to get fucked so bad. But,” Nate said, shaking himself, “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Marco felt another thrill at hearing Nate struggle with the hormones. It always made him so proud to see a boy he’d knocked up act so needy. “Don’t get ahead of yourself, bro,” Marco said, pushing off the door with Nate and patting him on the back. “Wait for elections. Once everyone’s back we’ll see if you get to be in the leadership, alright?” He rubbed Nate’s back and chuckled. “Now, I gotta get ready for MSO. Your next job as a frat bottom is… to help Johnny treat the house.”

Nate froze, and Marco chuckled, low and dangerous.

“What, is the wanna-be infantry frat bottom scared of a widdle Firecracker?” Marco asked, clicking his tongue.

“It’s a big house,” Nate said, but he was licking his lips.

“And you’ve got Robbie to help!” Marco said, cheerily. “While you wait for Robbie to be ready for a go, Johnny fucks the hell out of you, and vice versa.”

“But—he’s gonna hook me so fast,” Nate murmured.

“You’re already hooked on bottoming. Did I knock you up with one of the most virile loads on THIK for you to shy away from getting hooked on Firecrackers, too? You’re the whole frat’s, not just mine, Nate.” Marco had his hands on his hips. “And if you’re gonna be part of leadership, you’ve gotta lead the way for frat bottoms. Be the best slut, Nate.”

Nate shuffled on his feet, and then Johnny burst out the door of the meeting room, once again soaked in cum from head to toe. “Meeting room’s done! Just gotta wait for Robbie, now.”

“Actually, Johnny,” Marco started, as Nate mouthed ‘no no no no no’ at him, “I just rechristened Nate here as a frat bottom. So now you’ve got two guys to work with.”

“Is that so?” Johnny asked, sharing a knowing grin with Marco and turning toward Nate, advancing on him and snatching his wrist before he could dart off. “Good. I’ll finish the job you started, Marco. You and I,” he drawled, pulling Nate in close and then pressing him bodily up against the wall, “are going to have a lot of fun.”

Marco grinned at Nate and turned to walk off just as Johnny picked Nate up off his feet and threw him over his shoulders, stomping off to the next room for treatment.

Satisfied with his work, Marco climbed back up the stairs to his bedroom, sitting on the bedsheets—which were warm and wet with cum, but already absorbing it and letting it work its self-cleaning magic. He tapped his wrist with two fingers, a full-colour holographic display that he and everyone else called a phone sprouting into existence above his wrist, and after a brief stint on social media, he looked in his emails for the schedule of MSO.

Every frat sent at least one representative to Mandatory Sexual Orientation, scouting the influx of freshmen for those who would be interested in pledging. They all partnered with the school to host events for prospective pledges: studly guys were encouraged to apply as ground pounders, and they’d go through a free-for-all to top each other while the frat reps watched, while Seeders and Firecrackers were all invited to a similar event and vied for by the frats as much as they vied for acceptance.

Marco was looking forward to meeting and selecting the new special ops—although, if he could have come, getting lavished during the frat bottom event would have been a welcome break from complicated logistics and all the posturing he and every other frat rep would be doing. But what he found most interesting was the talk he’d been hearing about the special new student—who’d gotten so much hype so fast that most people had burned out on him: Prince Ariel.

Marco didn’t know much. He was a prince. He was probably cute. He might be a Firecracker. Frats had wanted him and then almost immediately decided he’d probably be too prissy to be a viable fighter. But Marco liked giving people the benefit of the doubt.

He searched for a picture of the prince and bit his lip immediately upon seeing him. He was cute. And so damn fuckable, from his rounded ass to the slight hourglass of his figure. But there was a cockiness to him, too, that might serve him well. Marco would have to keep an eye out for him—if the prince cared at all.

Would a prince even care about that kind of thing? Scruffy dudes like Marco, getting sweaty and fighting like they had something to prove, when he had all the status in the world just existing. Well, it sure would be sweet if he did care. A frat boy and a prince, like something right out of a fairy tale. Was it too far-fetched? Probably. But it sure was nice to imagine it. And if it happened, Marco knew what they would call it.

The Prince and the Frat Boy.

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