The Prince and the Frat Boys

The life and times of frat boys in an all-male casual sex world. Now playing: Part 1, Mandatory Sexual Orientation
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Unable to resist Talley's pheromones, Ariel is balls deep inside of him, and they only have one chance left to keep Ariel from going into Rut and going on a devastatingly horny rampage: get to the front of a line. It's not as hard as it looks. But when you're balls deep inside someone, it's not so easy to pull out...
Ariel tries to resist his Firecracker instincts, but his equerry Raavi can't get enough of his addiction to Ariel's cock, and now the cute ginger Ariel just met at orientation is jonesing for his own first hit. The life of an irresistible top is hard.
At Columbia University's Mandatory Sexual Orientation, the newly rechristened frat bottom Nate struggles with his addiction to cock and his cravings to bottom. And loses.
Johnny finishes Nate Levesque's initiation as a THIK frat bottom by whiting him out on his addictive Firecracker cock... again, and again, and again.
Set in an all-male casual sex world: Marco Mendez returns to the THIK frat house before the semester starts to prepare for the new pledges. When frat bottom Nate forgets his place, Marco reminds him what he craves most... and teaches him to crave it more.