Hypnobitch - part 04

By Brian Porter - birdflies@outlook.com
published August 24, 2021
38163 words

Ronnie and Jax move a step further and things get out of control for good.

Story by Brian Porter and inspired by Silkstockingslover’s Hypnosissy.


It was becoming normal to spend hours in my bed trying to relax and fall asleep while my mind wandered in a universe of lust and kinkiness. Not that I haven’t thought about sex before but this was the first time it kept me awake for so long. I remembered having dreams that night but they were so mixed up with my thoughts I couldn’t tell dreams from fantasies. I woke up tired but with a raging boner that drained my energy. I lowered the front part of my PJs to find my dick staring back at me. Its head so purple and big I could swear it was angry at me. As if it had thoughts of its own my cock wanted relief and forced me to take action and do something about it.

Aware of its threats, I held the base of my shaft with my fingers and stroke it twice before letting go. It wouldn’t do. I wanted to argue with my dick but it wasn’t open for debate. My dick wanted the real deal and not another wank. This is the moment I realized my problem was a lot more profound than just being constantly horny. I considered fucking one of those dumb cheerleaders because I knew they were easy prey. They were hungry for cock and a glance on my cock would be more than enough to get the whole bunch on their knees. The task would be so easy my dick didn’t seem happy about it. No, it wanted something different. It wanted something very specific. My cock wanted Jax.

“Fuck, no!” I brought my hands to my face while I fought my dick. “No, I can’t do that. What the hell is wrong with me?”

I struggled and argued the absurdity of such a thought. This was out of range. After planning for so long how to get his friendship and trust, I’d screw up if I tried any homo shit with him. The guy was a pussy magnet, the most popular guy in school.

“No!” I stared at my cock just to find it bouncing while a crystal pearl of pre leaked from the tip onto my navel. The string wouldn’t break as more pre oozed onto my skin. “Why are you doing this to me?”

Before giving myself time to realize how crazy I was becoming for talking to my cock, I rushed into the bathroom for a quick shower. I washed my body trying to forget about my dick but eventually, my hands were rubbing it. I was so glad I had such a magnificent cock. I couldn’t just pretend it didn’t exist. Fuck, how could I turn my back to the part of my body that made my existence meaningful? Without my dick, I’d be just another boring nerd no one would pay attention to. Living in the shadow of Jax like a blood-thirsty tick.

My forehead touched the tile as I shut my eyes. The water was hitting my back and surrounding my body like a mantle. I loved the water. It made me feel safe. Embraced. Protected. The water made me feel like I was more than just a man. It took me to a place I was something else but nothing at the same time. It was just me and nothing else. This time though, it was me and my hard cock. I couldn’t let it go. I’ve learnt to love stroking it with both hands just to feel its size. Or to leave one hand playing with the sensitive head while the other stroked the shaft in slow but consistent movements that milked precum through the slit on the tip. As long as my dick remained conscious of its own existence, I’d never be able to be alone again. And I was okay with it.

“So, how do we do it?” I asked hopelessly.

The idea was so outrageous I didn’t even know what I wanted to do with Jax. Better yet, what did I want him to do with my dick? I’ve never had this sort of feelings toward other men. I’d never considered the option so, although I knew guys could do whatever chicks did, I couldn’t picture Jax touching or sucking my cock. I didn’t want anything specific, but I wanted him.


Jax talked to me.




My whore! Jax was my whore. My slut. I scoffed. I couldn’t grasp the origin of these thoughts or why his voice was so clear in my head but my cock did. Probably, my dick only wanted to help my bud. Get closer to him and grant him his wish. Only my cock could turn him into a slut. Only my cock could hurt him in ways he’d never been hurt before. That kind of pain that one looks forward to. Physical pain. The pain of feeling your bowels enlarging to receive something that shouldn’t be going into you. No, the psychological pain of a man who’s just lost his manhood to another man. A man who couldn’t be a man anymore. The pain of surrendering to another man knowing there’s no way back.

The thoughts kept storming in and nothing made much sense to me. Blurry images and sounds made themselves conscious but I had no means to interpret them. They weren’t meant to me but to my cock, that’s why. My cock understood them very well and responded. My balls tightened and I felt like cumming but nothing happened. I started panting and gasping for air while it bounced from one side to the other. It felt like an orgasm but it wasn’t the same. A dry orgasm maybe? With my body still shaking, I dried my skin paying attention to the hardon that wouldn’t subside. There was no arguing. My dick wouldn’t go soft unless Jax put it to rest. But how would I convince him to help me out?

I dressed up, combed my hair and got ready to leave when my phone rang. My heart pumped fast when I saw Jax’s name on the screen. I wanted to pretend I was pissed or that we shouldn’t be talking after our last fight but there was denying I needed him more than ever.

“Hey, what’s up?” I heard his voice on the other side. He sounded normal. For a moment, I thought he was calling me just to start another fight, but I should be wrong. “Nothing. Going to school. You?” I tried not to sound too excited but it wasn’t an easy task.

“I was just thinking if you didn’t want a ride to the school like the old times. What do you say?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. That’s all I wanted. Suddenly, I got myself thinking about all the possibilities this ride could offer. No, I shouldn’t be so excited. Jax just wanted us to be friends again. Of course, he wouldn’t be thinking anything else. But still, I was so excited.

“Uh… Great. You pick me up here?” I was still doing my best not to let him aware of my happiness.

“You’re home, right?”

“Yep!” It was getting hard to fake it.

“Ok, I’ll be there in five.”


I rushed to look at myself in the mirror as one of the cheerleaders would have after realizing they were about to receive a ride from Jax. I felt childish and stupid but couldn’t stop myself. My t-shirt was a little tight but I liked it because it made me look bigger. I could see the shape of my pecs stretching the fabric. The jeans weren’t as tight though. I didn’t want people paying attention to the volume on my crotch but this fear was gone now. As I thought about it, I realized I actually did want everyone to look at my dick and get acquainted with it.

Not wanting to waste any time, I found an older pair of jeans that I hadn’t worn for a while. I put them on and liked the view. They didn’t look short or outdated but were tight enough to make my cock a lot more visible. I was also wearing loose boxers that allowed my dick to breathe and the tip to fight freely as it struggled to get out. I considered going commando but opted not to as my dick wouldn’t stop leaking. It’s never leaked so much. I was afraid someone would notice and think I had wet my pants.

With my heart still beating fast and my nerves wrecking, I walked out to wait for Jax by the curb. I didn’t have to wait much, which surprised me. Jax would usually take his time before coming to pick me up. He’d say he was late because it took him a lot of time and money to look as hot as him. He was a son of a bitch sometimes, but a nice one. His strong acting and demeanour were annoying but I’ve grown used to them.

He stopped the car and my own acting faded away when our eyes met.

“Hey,” I smiled as I walked to the car.

“Hey,” Jax smiled back while I opened the door and let myself in.

His car was nice and spacious. It resembled its owner as there was something manly about it. The car didn’t look dirty or anything but it had an unmistakable masculine scent impregnated everywhere. I’ve found used condoms on the carpet and I bet a lot of jizz had dried off over the seats and floor. His football gear was usually sitting on the back seat while he kept dumbells and other stuff in the trunk just in case he needed a quick pump to look bigger to impress chicks. I’ve also found panties chicks left behind and his used jocks waiting for god knows what. Jax was proud of his car and the confidence it gave him. I doubt he would be the same without those wheels.

I fastened the seatbelt right before Jax started the car and drove off. We chitchatted for about five minutes as I tried to think of something to say that could make him help me out. My cock was aching already. His presence, his scent and everything else about him were overwhelming. I couldn’t explain what was going on. I could’ve tried to understand but I knew it would be in vain. Anyway, I had more urgent issues to solve.

As soon as our small talk ended in silence, I asked him a simple question as I tried to keep things moving. By now, I was afraid we’d reach school without any action. My dick wouldn’t forgive me.

“So, what have you been doing?”

“Not much,” he answered. I expected more. I was afraid he didn’t want to continue the conversation.

There was fear but there was also so much lust between us. Probably, the fear was blinding me to what was a lot more visible. Jax would now and then turn his head to watch me. His tongue came out to wet his dry lips. He wasn’t confident and snobbish on our way to school. Something was going on but my inexperience couldn’t name it.

“Have you been fucking a lot?”

I couldn’t believe I had asked that. It wasn’t the kind of stuff I’d normally ask Jax. My mouth was drying up too while I cleaned the sweat from my forehead. My dick was screaming for release and my brain dizzy from a loop that never ended.

“I wish,” he answered with a shy smile that told me I was right when I thought something was wrong with him. Jax would never feel shy about sex. Besides, he just told me he wasn’t fucking anyone although he wished he was. Jax never wished to fuck. He had a long list of pussies available so that shouldn’t be an issue. “What about you?”

I was feeling really dizzy by now. The air was dense and warm. My cock was on the verge of an orgasm but I knew it was just a false call. I felt like my balls were dropping and enlarging as they produced crazy amounts of fresh cum.

“Not really. But I’ve been horny as fuck.”

My dick and balls became so demanding I had to touch them. I knew Jax was watching me but I didn’t care. I held my cock and rubbed it through the jeans as I tried to calm it down. What I didn’t expect though is that it was my cock that ended calming me down. The simple touch reminded me of the power I had between my legs and if one of us in that car was a man, that one was me and not him.

Power! Such an amazing aphrodisiac.




I was listening to Jax saying naughty things to me again while I watched his mouth shut and his eyes glued to my crotch. He couldn’t look away. The son of a bitch was hypnotized. Transfixed. What was going on with him? I couldn’t also focus but unable to surrender completely to lust, I remembered we were still in a moving vehicle.

“Look ahead, dude,” I told him as soon as I realized Jax couldn’t stop looking at my crotch.

We soon reached the school’s parking lot and he turned off the car. I noticed Jax had parked further away from the main building. I looked at him and found the muscled football jock ‘Jax the king’ staring at my crotch again. This was my chance. I rested against the seat and continued rubbing the outline of my cock waiting for his reaction. If he thought this was weird he’d kick me out and probably punch me before telling the whole school I was a fag. I would never be so reckless unless I was so desperate. As time passed and he didn’t say a word I pushed him further.

“Are you alright?” I asked. I needed to know what he’d do next.

By now, I was scared but the expectation was driving me crazy. I needed Jax. I needed him to become my slut. My whore. That’s what he’s been telling me repeatedly. I could offer him my cock, but he would need to come for it.

That’s the moment I finally relaxed. Jax brought his hands to his crotch and started rubbing his jeans. He was still staring at my lap though as if his whole world resumed to what I packed in there. For a brief moment, we were utterly quiet. I could hear the movements of our chests expanding and retracting as the air went in and out of our lungs. The same air that reached the hair on my arms and made me shiver. The lust was now palpable. The very scent from our bodies was changing to express the feelings we had toward each other. This wasn’t about two horny friends in a car talking about pussy as we imagined ourselves fucking chicks. Fuck, no! This was about an alpha dominating a hungry bitch without saying a single word. My dick understood the situation very well but I was still too naïve to see the same. I saw that something was different but couldn’t tell exactly what.

The thing I could grasp though is that both Jax and I were beyond horny. The way we were sweating and panting made me feel like we were fucking for hours. I wished to do something else, but the next step was so compromising my brain fought my instincts. The struggle continued until Jax spoke again.

“Would you… Can I see it?”

I didn’t understand it at first, but when I realized his gaze hadn’t moved away from my crotch, I got the drift. I just couldn’t believe it.

“Do you wanna see my cock?” I had to make sure.

“I… Never mind…”

“No! I want to show it to you,” Gosh, there was nothing I wanted more. This was way better than I had imagined. Jax wanted to see my cock? For real? Why on Earth would he want to do that?

“Do you?” Jax’s countenance expressed surprise but also the radiance of a boy whose wish had just been granted.

“Yeah. I didn’t know you wanted to see it…”

“I do. Fuck, I’d exchange a championship to see your amazing cock, man.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Jax had just said my cock was amazing? The situation was surreal. My bud and I barely talked about sex. Somehow, we felt intimate to talk about whatever but not sex. I can’t say how it happened but we turned sex into a taboo between us. Maybe it was my fault. Unconsciously, I didn’t want to remind him of the contrast between the size of his cock and mine. It was how I tried to respect him because maybe he wouldn’t tolerate my presence if my presence reminded him of his irrelevance. I could hurt his self-esteem. For some reason, now he made it clear he had to see my dick. I wondered where this curiosity was coming from but, honestly, I didn’t care. As long as he didn’t change his mind and he saw my cock.

“Damn. You should have said it before.”

I lowered my jeans quickly afraid he could change his mind. This still felt too good to be true. It was the apprehension of an insecure guy who was trying something that felt wrong and dangerous. My hard cock slapped against my abs and Jax licked his lips as dinner was served. He’s got two hungry eyes observing my movements carefully. He was hypnotized.

Given the way he stared at me, I knew Jax wouldn’t give up now. The most difficult part should be gone. He had acknowledged he wanted to see my dick. I couldn’t relax yet though. Anything could happen. Aware of the situation, I started jerking my cock slowly to study his reaction. Jax’s pupils were dilated. He was focused but the top eyelids were twitching. He bit his lower lips and rubbed his cock twice before releasing it.

“You’re so big,” Jax murmured in a low but firm voice. My balls churned with the compliment and a long glob of pre ran down the shaft till it stopped on my awaiting fingers. I could’ve deviated my attention to watch my needy dick oozing pre-love juice, but I decided to keep studying Jax. In the car, there weren’t only the two of us anymore. My cock had become another individual on its own. And, somehow, I was less part of the action than my dick.

“I am, right?” I spoke out as I displayed my dick to him. I knew my role wasn’t important anymore but it didn’t matter whatsoever. I actually enjoyed the fact I wasn’t in the spotlight. I had been allowed to just watch those two guys, Jax and my cock, flirting with each other. As a shy guy, I was safe as long as I wasn’t directly involved. Time was ticking though and we couldn’t stay like that forever. Jax wouldn’t stop staring at my cock, and my cock wouldn’t stop staring at Jax. In the meantime, I just observed but I still wanted more. Afraid that anything I said could break the spell, I remained silent for a while until I noticed fellow students moving into the building which indicated time was running short. I had no other option but to move on.

“Do you…” Gosh, I didn’t know this could be so hard. I hesitated. He had been the one to ask if he could see my dick and now I wished he asked if he could touch it too.


Suddenly, I was in the game again. Jax looked me in the face with questioning eyes.

“No. Never mind.”

“C’mon, tell me.”

“Nah, it’s nothing.”

I was becoming annoyed with myself and my lack of initiative but honestly, I was starting to get afraid of what could happen if Jax decided to put an end to our little game. What if he was just playing around? What if he had called me early that morning just to make a point and then make me feel bad about it? Yes, he was involved in the action from the moment he asked to see my cock but that could still be just part of a sick game.

My cock, on the other hand, was still hard and demanded attention. It wouldn’t go down unless Jax jerked it off. There was no arguing with it as it wouldn’t listen to reason.

“Can I…?” Jax broke the silence.

“What?” I needed him to be clearer and tell me what he wanted. Only then I’d be able to move forward. To my cock, I was the alpha there, but to my mind, I was smaller and weaker than Jax. He still had the fame and popularity among other students and anything I said would be my word against his.


Jax wouldn’t make it any easier. I could see he was unsure just like me. We were both still sweating and listening to each other’s heartbeats while the warm air embraced our bodies and our scents penetrated our nostrils making us aware of our sexual intentions.

“Say it, dude,” I insisted with a firmer tone this time.


“Say it!” I was almost yelling as my patient ran shorter.

“Can I… Can I hold your dick?”

I hastily released the breath I’d been holding before filling my lungs with new warm air. I felt like a Loto winner after my luck number had been called out. Jax said it. There was no doubt this wasn’t a game. Well, he could still say it wasn’t for real but why would he do that? We were getting to the point of no return. The definite point that would determine the future of our relationship. No, this was a lot deeper. The future of our lives as individuals because nothing would be the same ever again after that.

“Fuck, that’s what I wanted to say,” I laughed freely like a virgin boy who’s been offered his first piece of pussy. Jax and I were on the same page and that was unexpected, to say the least. If we were finding an agreement then, by now, he had realized it was all about my cock and nothing else. He and his ridiculous willie wouldn’t be getting anything out of this. Maybe it was still too early to set my limits so I just let it go for the moment. “I’m so glad you asked. Yeah, fuck, yeah. Hold it!”

I had already understood the rules of our unspoken deal. If I was correct, Jax wouldn’t be just holding my cock but also subjecting himself to me as a bitch would to her owner. That’s what the ‘hold-my-cock’ thing was all about: putting us in our respective places. So, yeah, I wasn’t asking him to ‘please, hold my cock,’ no! I was giving him a direct order which felt uniquely different. The realization I was taking control of Jax was overwhelmingly exciting.

The temperature in the car got a little higher and the air even denser. It was becoming challenging to breathe. Jax should be feeling the same because we both started panting and sweating. A drop ran down my cheek and fell on my arm when Jax moved. He was visibly nervous with his fingers shaking as if his muscles fought the order given by his brain. It wasn’t the act of a willing bitch. Yes, he was into that shit but not as I expected. There was tension in the air too that probably overweighted the passion.

Willingly or not, Jax’s fingers took a good hold of my pole before tightening the grip as a statement of a bitch who had just found the reason for her living. Cock! A real cock! Not the fake twig that dangled between his strong thighs. Once I felt his determination, I let out another sigh. This time, I was sure he wasn’t joking around. Jax would never go this far for a stupid joke. He meant it when he said he wanted to hold my dick.

I’ve had my dick on the hands of chicks before but this was a totally new game. Jax had a stronger fatter hand. The grip was a lot tighter and warmer. Some chicks hold a cock as if they don’t want to or as if they’re disgusted by it. Usually, I’d empathise with them because I always pictured dicks as dirty and smelly. I tried my best to keep mine neat and perfumed in always clean undies that I’d change every day but my experience in lockers had shown me how some guys wouldn’t have the same concerns. Except for my cock, I understood that cocks, in general, were repulsive. I know for sure I would never hold another dude’s dick and Jax had made it clear he wouldn’t either but still here he was doing the opposite. He held my dick with passion and will. His fingers stopped shaking once they found my shaft as Jax relaxed once he got what he needed. I was also relieved and happy with how things progressed. My muscles too loosened up and my diaphragm allowed my lungs to resume a more controlled and slower breathing.

“Damn,” I let it out in a whisper. I’ve had chicks holding my cock before but this was something else. As I thought about what was going on between us I understood that our connection wasn’t related to sex but power and, well, I was on top.

“Should I stop?” Jax sounded concerned.

“Fuck, no. NO! Jerk me off. I need to cum,” I almost yelled after realizing Jax considered stopping what he hadn’t started yet. I wasn’t there for a simple touch. I needed the bull to jerk me off. A bull! I took a few seconds to pay attention to his thick wrist and fingers around my dick. I couldn’t help but keep thinking about all the chicks those hands touched. How many pussies had they penetrated? How many times had he used his arm and hand to jerk off? This was so fucking degrading for a man like Jax and the more humiliating it was for him the better it was for me.

The bitch that was blooming on my side was becoming curious. I saw it in the way he stared at my cock and also with his hand that tentatively tried to feel the whole extension of my manhood. He couldn’t take it all. Only a small fraction of my cock despite his enormous hand. I thought it could be a good idea to suggest my dick would feel a lot better if he used both hands but I was afraid it could wake him up and bring our adventure to an early conclusion.

I guessed his curiosity was being slowly replaced by lust when his hand achieved a quicker pace. He wasn’t shaking anymore. The fear that had turned into curiosity was changing into excitement and euphoria. Suddenly, this wasn’t about him anymore. Not about his need of grabbing a cock that should be two or three times bigger than his, but my need to cum. He knew it was his duty to bring me and my cock to orgasm and he wouldn’t rest while he didn’t achieve that.

“Does it feel good?” The bitch asked. As I said, he was now focusing on me and my dick. His needs were secondary and soon would become anything but existent. “Yeah. It never felt better. Your hand was made for my cock,” I looked at the big bull’s eyes. So strong but so vulnerable and pleading at the same time. “Do you like it?”

“Yeah. Fuck, this feels amazing,” he answered with the strong voice that had made many opponents tremble on the field.

“It does, right? And I never enjoyed handjobs. But you do it better than everyone else.”

“Thanks,” he murmured as if trying to hold the authoritarian and aggressive nature of his voice.

“You can go a little faster,” I demanded. I wanted to make it clear it was about me and not his bitchy needs. Yeah, he should know it by now but I had to impose it on him. Bitches shouldn’t be able to think by themselves but follow orders. Fuck, Jax! My personal bitch!

The bull started shifting his weight on the seat while he tried to find a better position for his muscular body. I didn’t understand at first what he wanted to achieve but it became clear when he turned his back to me. His big back was now blocking my view so he probably didn’t want me to see the hunger in his eyes. Or maybe he was shy? No, I guess Jax wanted to get closer to my cock but didn’t know how to say that. My lips parted as I thought about ordering him to stop and beg for my dick instead but the sad reality is that I could not. I still couldn’t. I looked up and closed my eyes instead. His hand was feeling so fucking good.

“Fuck, this is amazing,” I spoke up as my toes curled inside my recently washed sneakers.

“Would you mind if I jerk me off?” Jax asked when I noticed his left hand holding his penis through his jeans.

It’s hard to explain how that gesture annoyed me. I thought he had understood this was all about my cock and not his stupid ‘thing.’ I felt like opening the door and storming out but I wouldn’t dare to leave without giving him a taste of my cum. I was biting my lips and summoning the best of my reasoning before I opened my mouth to instruct him on the new nature of our relationship. I didn’t want to scare him but make a statement. I wasn’t comfortable doing this because I’ve never done such a thing. I balanced my anger and my need to cum and tried my best not to show any sign of weakness.

“Yeah. I mean… It doesn’t make sense, but… I don’t know. It’s not right. If you take your dick our I think I’ll lose my boner. I know I will. I guess you gotta choose which dick you prefer and stick to it. What do you wanna do?”

“I don’t know,” Jax said. It wasn’t good enough. He was pissing me off.

“It’s up to you. Yours or mine?” I spoke more assertively this time.

I still couldn’t see his face but it was easy to imagine the conflict in his brain: the seemly stupid choice between a guy’s own dick or another dude’s cock. I say ‘seemly stupid’ because any reasonable man would choose his own. Why the hell would a true man choose another dude’s cock over his own? This is just unimaginable. I confess that for an instant I thought Jax would realise the full extent of his downfall. He would get up and punch my face after saying whatever he wanted and put me back to my place. I don’t know. I’ve seen Jax threatening people before and he could fold me in two single-handed. To make things worse, such a bull had my cock and balls in his hand. He could rip them off and turn me into a dickless bitch if he wanted. Yeah, he could do all of those but, in the end, he let go of his pencil dick. He fucking did it. Without uttering a word he showed he valued more my cock than his own. Just disgraceful. Just amazing!

My cock answered with a good amount of prefuck juice that I felt oozing and running onto his sweaty hand. A salty mixture of my precum and his sweat that worked as lube to my pleasure. It smelt like sex. Our scents mixed with the warm air that was stuck inside the vehicle and enhanced our connection. We were related by the hormones that ran in our veins and exhaled the perfume of pure manhood into the air. The scent of testosterone in our sweat and my juices. This was nothing like I had sensed before. The smell of girls makes me think of sugar and candy. This was something else. It was more like the smell of chloride from the pool, or the grass from the football field. The lockers after a day of hard training. Sore muscles. Lactic acid.

Jax moved again and his grip became even tighter. When he grabbed my cock for the first time a few minutes earlier, he was unsure and insecure, but it was changing now. Jax was becoming more comfortable and skilful. It’s not easy to have a grip that can be tight and gentle at the same time but he was achieving that. He focused on the tip and took his time playing with the juices that lubed the purple head. He had my juices on his skin. It was in the air. In his lungs. His bloodstream. Fuck! “I’m gonna cum,” I announced.

The bull was fast to find a new position on the seat. As the orgasm was becoming unavoidable and the cum made its way from my balls to my cock, I lost control of myself. I tightened my grip on the seat and closed my eyes. The last thing I saw was Jax still stroking my cock with his right hand while the left one showed the palm facing up near the tip of the head. Was he trying to catch my cum? This was perfect. I should’ve instructed him but I didn’t even need to.

And I came. Gosh, I couldn’t feel anything but streams of hot jizz leaving my dick and running onto the air. I expected to feel some of those hitting my clothes and lower abs. I expected to feel some of it running down the shaft onto my pubes. I expected a huge mess. But I didn’t feel anything. I could smell the cum. It was strong and pungent. But no wetness. It was clean and dry the way I like. Once my body stopped shaking and the post-orgasmic tension subsided I opened my eyes.

Still, in his seat, I found Jax holding my cum in his left hand. Like a treasure, he observed the white puddle of thick sticky cum bathing his fingers. He was mesmerized. It was as if he could see the spermatozoids swimming around while they looked for an egg to impregnate. Jax was swallowing hard. He licked his lips. No, he wasn’t looking at my sperm as a scientist. It was pure gluttony. Jax was thirsty. He held my sperm as it was the freshest of the liquids. His body needed that. His soul needed that.

“Do you like that?” I loved watching Jax mesmerized by my cum. So thick it got stuck on his skin. A glob making its way down his wrist but not runny enough for gravity to pull it down. So voluminous it filled his big hand in a way he had to turn his hand to let a good part run onto his fingers.

“This looks amazing,” he said with so much passion and hunger.

“Why don’t you…?”

I needed him to swallow that. It was the only option. That puddle of cum looked too good to go onto a rag or down the drain. The whole situation inside the car would only make sense if my jizz went down his throat. I wanted his tongue and throat coated with my cum like a second layer of mucose. My inheritance into his belly to give him a clear and unmistakable sign of dominance. A symbol of his degradation and subjugation to me.


“You know…”

“What?” He played dumb.

“Swallow it.”


“It needs to go down your throat. It’s either that or you won’t be getting another load like that.”

I mustered the courage to say this last sentence but we’re in a stage where I couldn’t imagine Jax getting angry and kicking my ass anymore. Not after everything he’s done. Not after watching my cum like a thirsty whore. I felt like I had gained enough authority to say whatever I wanted. I threatened the bull. He wouldn’t get my load again if he didn’t swallow that one he had in his hand. What a nasty threat! By this time, I knew he would do as I said.

It’s funny because although I was aware of his thirst I could see his fight. He wasn’t hungry like he’d do anything to have a taste of my cream or die. I saw his lips and eyelids twitching not from anticipation but conflict. As I watched his face I found the look of disgust there when his brow frowned and his chin tensed up. How could he be so attracted and disgusted at the same time? What the fuck was going on with him?

It was as if the time has stopped. I could swear we both had stopped breathing while he didn’t make his mind. The fear I had overcome started growing again. Jax had never told me he suffered from bipolar disorder. Was this his problem? Maybe a double personality?

Maybe driven by curiosity, Jax brought his hand to his face and took a long sniff letting the aroma of fresh cum penetrate his nostrils. The smell should be calming down the fighting spirit that gradually subsided. The twitching disappeared while the hunger returned. He quickly found my eyes as if making sure I was still watching. Another sniff. A sniff of a child around a freshly baked cake. It was nasty but innocent. He found my eyes again and I sensed his thankfulness.

Jax let his tongue dive into the puddle as a boy testing the water’s temperature before jumping in a pool. He let a quiet moan express his happiness right before he sucked the cum into his mouth with a loud slurping sound. He closed his eyes and the expression on his face showed he wasn’t in this world anymore. Drifting away on the clouds above he was absorbed into a different reality. He took his time before swallowing. It was a hunger that a single dose wouldn’t suffice to satisfy. He knew that. He was addicted and wanted to make sure this moment could last before coming back to me begging for more. This was his moment of release and freedom before becoming a needy bitch again. So, that’s what addiction looks like?

I was amazed. He had my cum in his mouth. All of it. I checked my body to find any trace of jizz just to find one single drop left. That was all that remained from the several jets I spurted onto his hand. I scooped that drop and waited until he swallowed my load and opened his eyes. I wanted him to find my hand with that extra drop of jizz to make him aware of his dependence on my cock and cum. I expected him to lick it off but the bitch sucked on my finger. My heart started pumping faster again and I was afraid I’d get another hardon soon. Now I was split between my will to feed him and the idea that whatever we did wasn’t right. Yeah, I was the dom and he was the fucking bitch, but it still felt weird.

“This was so fucking great!” I didn’t know what else to say.


I pulled up my pants aware that Jax was still staring at my cock. There was something wrong with him. Why did he change so fast?

“I just…” I was lost without words.


“It’s… Nothing. I gotta go.”

I hopped off the car and ran into the building before hearing the bells. I couldn’t understand what had just happened and didn’t want to think about it. I heard a few voices calling my name but disregarded them all. I only stopped when I found my seat and sank as I wished to disappear. At the same time though I was getting another hardon. For a long time, I thought Jax was facing some sort of psychological drama but I wasn’t any better. It felt like my cock was gaining a life of its own and I had no control over it.

“What’s wrong?” I turned to see Erik after he poked me.

“Nothing, it’s…”

I took the time to look around the classroom. Erik wasn’t the only one watching me. Apparently, my hardon was noticeable to everyone. The chicks wanted to have a better glimpse and the dudes were all giggling as I’d become their new entertainment. My other bud Diesel wanked an imaginary cock in the air when our eyes met. I sighed not knowing what to do. A paper plane landed on my desk with an obscene drawing of a huge dick ejaculating. The class started but the fun had no end. That feeling persisted for a while but when I focused on a few exercises the teacher gave us things changed. As soon as I stopped thinking about my cock, its image returned to my brain but not as something shameful. The idea my cock was a prize I had to share with the world returned. My colleagues and friends were talking about my dick but not in a disrespectful way. No! They envied me. Who would say that someone like me would be envied like that? And, once again, I embraced and cherished that feeling. It was my moment to shine. When the teacher turned her back on us to write something on the board I stood up and grabbed the outline of my cock to make sure everyone could see it.

Some laughed, others turned around but I got the attention I wanted. I sat back down before the teacher could see what I’ve done. No one dared to say what had happened not even the nerds who wouldn’t hesitate to tell on anyone to the teacher in exchange for some appreciation. This was all too new to me and I couldn’t grasp the implications of my actions and desires yet. I had no idea about what people thought of me or wanted from me. I imagined they all longed for a swing on my cock. All of them with no exception. As I looked around from the corner of my eyes I saw both guys and girls staring at me especially Diesel. I grinned. Gosh, Diesel was a fag? It’s funny when we find our friends are fags in high school and even more interesting when we realize they’re falling for us.

During the break, I went to the restroom as I felt all eyes following me. My cock was still hard and painful as it tried to pierce the fabric of my jeans. I had cum churning inside my sack. I couldn’t think clearly. All I wanted was a little release and a wank could do the trick.

I washed my face and flashed another grin when I saw my reflection on the mirror and the outline of my boner waving at me. Who was the king now, Jax? Behind me I noticed the door opening and Cindy coming in. She had probably the best boobies in the whole school and there was not a single time my buds wouldn’t talk about how many times they’ve jerked off thinking of her. She knew the power she had over us and she made good use of it.

“Wrong door,” I spoke to her as I could only guess she missed the door to the ladies toilet.

“Don’t be silly. It’s not even like I haven’t been here before,” she walked towards me as I turned around and stepped back hitting my ass against the vanity top. “So?” I wasn’t sure of her intentions.

Cindy got really close to me, her nose touched mine, her lips brushed against my lips. ‘Oh, ok,’ I thought finally. Of course, it was just a matter of time. I sensed her arm moving forward toward my dick but I held it before it could reach my crotch.

“What?!” She sounded baffled.

“What? Not used to not getting what you want? I’m not like the other guys you’ve fucked.”

“What the fuck?” She managed to release herself from my grip and moved two steps back. “What’s wrong with you?”

“You don’t deserve it, Cindy. You gotta work hard to get the honour,” I turned around and dried my face with a bunch of paper towels.

“You’re such an asshole! What was I thinking? Be aware that once I get out I’ll make sure everyone knows who you are. You’ll never fuck another chick in this place. No one will ever respect you again…”

“Oh, shut up, bitch. Do you think you scare me? As if I care! Go and say whatever you want. But you keep in mind that once you say shit about me to anyone you’ll never get to suck this,” I squeezed my cock. “Be a good bitch and you may get a turn. It’s up to you.”

She wasn’t expecting this.

“Asshole,” she left me alone.

Gosh, I felt good.

I waited a few seconds aware that Cindy could’ve been the first of many. Once I noticed I was alone I got myself into the nearest stall and dropped my pants. My cock was wet and smelly. It was usually the case after I came. It would keep on leaking for several minutes before going dry again. Not only that. My cock was now leaking a lot of precum when hard.

“Damn it,” I grabbed a bunch of toilet paper and dried my pubes, balls, and cock. The smell was strong. My underwear was ruined. I’ve never had much problem with cum but it was now getting to my nerves. I didn’t want cum around me. It should go somewhere else. Somewhere into someone else’s body. Into Jax’s body. The thoughts of what had happened to us a few hours earlier were still fresh in my mind. I tried to imagine my hand was his hand and started to jerk off but it wasn’t the same. Nothing was the same. Why a guy with a dick like mine would need to jerk off? Maybe I should’ve Cindy do it for me, but… No! She didn’t deserve it. I could be better than that. I was better than that.

Aware that I couldn’t do anything about my boner, I pulled up my pants and walked away onto the hallway.

I found more people walking around and staring at me. Some looked serious, others laughed. I didn’t care. At that moment, I thought of Jax again. I wanted to find him. What could he be doing? If he was distressed like I was, he’d probably try to burn his energy either by playing football or exercising. I walked to the field and found my best bud running around with his expensive headphone shining against the sun. A true bull full of muscles but a cheap whore on the inside. The world is full of surprises, isn’t it? I walked along the bleachers until I stopped by the running track. Jax was far but eventually, he’d need to run across me. I waited patiently until it happened.

He was still far when he saw me standing there. He slowed down but then proceeded with his exercise trying to pretend I wasn’t there. He ran across and went on until it happened again and again. By the fourth time, I made sure I held my cock as if offering it to him. He got his eyes moving away from the field ahead and onto my body and crotch. He changed lanes as he lost focus. The son of a bitch was doing his best to pretend this wasn’t affecting him. He continued this pathetic show for another two rounds before stopping next to me.

“You gotta stop, dude,” he took off his headphone. He was drenched but probably not as sweaty as he was when he wanked me inside his car.

“Stop what?”

“This!” He pointed at me as I still grabbed my cock through the pants.

“What? Every guy leaves the hand on his dick. You do that all the time…”

“But this is different.”

“Different how?” I wanted to provoke him, of course.

“It’s… Fuck, dude. This is wrong…” He looked vulnerable. Lost even.

I knew that. He was right. The word ‘wrong’ was in all my recent thoughts.

“I know,” I released my grip defeatedly. “I know. What’s going on with us?”

“I have no clue,” I could feel the despair in his voice. “This gotta stop. I’m afraid that…”


He sighed and started punching the air as if there was an invisible enemy he could destroy with his big fists.

“FUCK!” He yelled before getting back to me in a calmer fashion. “I think it’s getting out of control. I can’t stop thinking about… your… about your…” He pointed to my crotch. “All the time, dude. All the fucking time. I’m becoming a stupid fag. A pussy! I can’t do this to myself.”

If I wasn’t horny and craving for his hand on my cock I’d feel bad for him. Well, I could understand him as no one else. I also knew that this was getting out of control. I could barely recognize myself now. I was becoming someone different. The sort of guy I used to despise.

“Yeah, I understand,” I started. “Dude, it’s you. There’s something about you that… I don’t know. I look at you and… It’s like I need to be someone else. It’s hard to explain. Sorry, this is going too far. I shouldn’t be saying this.”

“No, no, go on. I wanna hear it,” Jax sounded tranquil enough to make me feel safe about saying my next words.

“I feel like… You know what? Fuck this! If you wanna kill me do it, but I feel like I must turn you into my bitch. My personal bitch. A fucking fag. Yeah, that’s right. A worthless fag that live for dick. My dick,” I didn’t know where these words were coming from but they just kept coming out as if my tongue had gained self-conscious. “And I wouldn’t stop anytime soon until I find you degraded and humiliated with nothing left. No pride. No self-respect. Until you’re nothing but a hole…”

What the fuck had I just said? As soon as I finished my last sentence I sank in a pool of self-consciousness. For a second, I thought the world had stopped spinning. Not a sound could be heard. The wind wouldn’t blow. The sun couldn’t warm my skin. The heat that emanated from the ground cooled down and Jax stood still like a statue. I expected nothing less than my best bud turning his back to me and never looking at my face again. Or even worse, his fist on my face. I could only imagine what he was thinking and nothing seemed good. The time remained still until he spoke again:


His voice was calm and low. It was almost a whisper. I didn’t know what that meant. I expected a lot more. Those four letters were meaningless after all that I’d said. I was afraid to say something else so I stayed there facing him and still waiting for his response. It took him a while. He spun around with his hands on his waist. He spat once, twice, three times then cleaned his muzzle with the back of his hand.

“Yeah,” he nodded as the words sank into his brain one by one.

I couldn’t believe that this was all he had to say. Was he thinking about how to hurt me? The suspense was killing me. Jax then put on his headphone again and resumed his running. I could see he’s got a lot to say but he didn’t dare to let it out. Whatever that was he knew that words once spoken can’t be taken back. I should’ve known better. What was I thinking? I watched him running away and I slowly walked toward the main gate that separated the field from the school building. Lost in my thoughts, I crossed the running track towards the bleachers when a hand on my shoulder stopped me. It was Jax again. He was panting. I could only guess he had to speed up a lot to reach me before I left. He took me by the shirt and dragged me to a place under the bleachers far from everyone else. I’ve never been to that part of the field. It smelt like jizz. Like sex.

“Yeah. And I want you to do all of those stuff to me. All of that. Whatever you’re thinking I want you to do it to me. I know I’m big and I can look scary but don’t let it stop you. Pretend I’m defenceless, ok? I won’t hurt you. I’ll never hurt you. But you can hurt me, got it? Do whatever you want. Be a fucking man, Ronnie boy… Ronnie.”

This was nothing but surreal. I know the two of us were there staring at each other. The moment was real. Everything was real but, at the same time, it didn’t feel like it was happening. We were like puppets to a puppeteer reading lines that hadn’t been written by us. He was biting his lower lip and his eyes were fixated on my crotch. I was certain he wanted to jerk me off again but he didn’t want to be the one starting it. He needed my guidance or to be assured he was only doing this because I forced him to.

The truth is I was hard for him. Jax, a few inches taller than me, watched me from above as he waited for instructions. This was new to me but it felt so natural. This was like dreaming someone else’s dream and it still made sense. I shouldn’t be able to know how to proceed but something guided me effortlessly.

“You bitch,” I said cautiously afraid that any wrong decision would drag me straight to hell.

“What’s that?” His eyelids twitched as they did back in the car. He resumed that same inner struggle that seemed so harsh and exhausting.

“You fucking bitch,” it was like one time a few years back when I defied my dad after he said I was grounded. ‘No, I’m not,’ I resisted because I knew I had done nothing wrong but who was I before a much bigger and older man who paid my bills? The challenging spirit though was part of my nature and it was showing its face again.

Jax grinned shyly. I could see he was also horny but his pride should’ve been hurt too, of course. Boundaries were being broken and the core of his fragile personality was being brought to light. Jax was exposing himself to his younger and weaker friend and that was a big deal.

By now, Jax should’ve said something to save his reputation but he remained there instead. He couldn’t look me in the eyes so he kept watching my crotch. Did I want him to jerk me off again? That moment did feel amazing but I feared he’d think I was easy. That he could have my dick whenever he wanted. I made it hard for Cindy and should be equally difficult for him too.

“You don’t get to touch my cock unless I ask you to. Or unless you ask me nicely,” I assumed that’s what he wanted.

He was definitely not expecting this. The pathway to his humiliation and degradation had just started.

“May I…?”

He wouldn’t finish that sentence but I could imagine what he wanted to say. I, on the other hand, decided to be more clear on what I expected from him and test him too making sure he wouldn’t hurt me if I said something he didn’t appreciate.

“You can’t jerk me off whenever you want. It doesn’t work like that. You gotta prove yourself worthy. I don’t know how you’re gonna do this. I don’t care. Make your research. Do whatever. You only get to touch my dick again when you learn how to appreciate it…”

“Dude,” I felt the temperature rising, “I fucking swallowed your cum!” He yelled. Good for him there was no one around.

Once he raised his voice I felt entitled to do the same.

“Yeah, that was the price you paid to get the chance to do it again. That’s it. You earned the right to have another chance with my fucking dick and nothing else. But you gotta do a lot more…”

“What else do you want?” He walked closer to me and put his face right in front of mine. “I.swallowed.your.fucking.cum.”

I too stepped forward. Anyone walking on us would imagine we were about to kiss.

“You did it coz you wanted it. I didn’t ask you to,” I lied. I asked him to and I guess we both knew it but I wanted to see how far he was willing to go. “You did it coz you were a bitch hungry for cum. And I bet you would do it again, wouldn’t ya? Do you want to drink more cum or are you saying you won’t ever do it again?”

“You… It was…”

“Do you want to swallow more cum? Warm, translucid, disgusting, nasty cum?”

Jax was nervous. He bit his lips as he forced himself not to start an argument with me.

“Do you?” I insisted.

“Yeah,” he answered with his teeth clenched and a whole lot of fury contained in his voice.

“So, it was you who begged for my cum, right? You did it coz you wanted it and not because I asked you to.”

Another brief moment of silence until he let it out again.

“Yeah. I wanted it,” the anger kept growing.

“And now you want to swallow more…”

“Yeah,” his frustration was also building up quickly. The guy was about to explode.

There was not much separating him from bursting and killing me I assumed. Still, I started enjoying the situation. I smiled and it didn’t please him.

“You know what?” He started again. He stepped back and looked me in the eyes for the first time since we stopped at that spot. “Forget what I said. Every single word. Forget the whole shit. Forget when I said I wouldn’t hurt you. I would. Understand? Fuck with me and I’ll destroy you.”

Jax turned around but before he could leave I had to see if he meant this last part. I didn’t know which Jax I was dealing with. The one who wanted to become my bitch or the one who was thinking about killing me. I unzipped my pants and let my boner out. He should have heard the zipper going down. He should know what I had in my hand. He stopped and took a few seconds to make his decision. Turning back to me would mean he wanted my cock. It would show his true intentions toward me. That should be very difficult for him.

We lost track of time but eventually, he made his mind. He put his headphone back on and walked away.

“I guess you won’t be seeing this anymore then,” I yelled in vain. His music was always played loud and he wouldn’t hear anything I said. I guess that was the purpose. I zipped up and walked away. Frustrated and upset, I didn’t know what to do now. I expected to get another handjob but I ended up even hornier than before. It wasn’t like a normal case of horniness that I’ve dealt with so many times before. This was different. It was draining my energy. I couldn’t focus and the lack of sleep also made it hard to understand what people said or react fast to stimuli. Sometimes, I’d feel light-headed. My skin would get a little pale. My vision blurry. Probably, my dick was sucking up the blood from my body, right? It should take a whole deal of blood to make my shaft hard.

“There you are,” I heard Erik calling me out as I walked into the building again.

“Yeah, here I am,” my patience was running thin but I couldn’t take in on my friend. That much I knew.

“So, there’s this chick… She came to me to see if I could arrange a time with you. She wants to get to know you better if you know what I mean.”

I remembered I didn’t want anyone unworthy touching me, but I had run out of options as Jax declined my ‘offer.’ Desperate times demand desperate solutions. “Where?” I asked.

“Come with me.”

Erik led me to one room that used to be a storage facility but that had been forgotten for a while. I’ve heard stories of people going there for quickies which I always despised and ridiculed. ‘These stupid horny kids can’t control themselves,’ I’d say. Yet, there I was following Erik.

Yes, I was horny and going nuts. I had to do something to ease it but the quick solution provided by my friend didn’t seem to please my balls. We were still a few feet away from reaching the room when I noticed my cock going soft. For no reason, the simple idea that a chick would be touching it made me uncomfortable and uninterested. I wasn’t sure why but I knew very well how pussies were disgusting and pointless. They couldn’t take my cock. Besides, I didn’t want to hurt a girl. All in all, I was in the wrong place and betraying my convictions.

Without saying much, I turned away and finished my day working out in the school’s gym. Maybe Jax had managed to sweat out his hormones and I could do the same. A quick shower afterwards made me see it wouldn’t work. I wanted to fuck each one of those guys in the shower room. Each one of those asses that suddenly seemed appetizing and ready for cock. My cock.

It was a weird situation because I didn’t know those guys. I had stripped and wrapped a clean towel around my waist and made sure to cover myself until I reached the shower. On my way there, I noticed eyes following me and I didn’t try and pretend I wasn’t watching back. Some of those guys hid their dicks with their hands while others turned around. I could only imagine they didn’t want to feel belittled before me. Comparisons weren’t fair and when the menace enters the room, you better lay down your weapons or turn around like a dog presenting his belly as a sign of surrender.

It’s funny because those guys didn’t imagine I’d enjoy fucking them. Well, I think no one would think that – not even me. To be honest, I haven’t still pictured myself fucking a guy but, in my head, it sounded perfectly normal. Not only that but forcing my cock down a dude’s throat also seemed reasonable as this was the best way to prove my superiority. When you enter the jungle, you better behave like an animal if you want to survive and I had my survival mode on.

So, ok. Butts! Many of those. Some looked flatter, others fatter, a few muscled, a few seemingly soft and tender. A few guys were hairy, others smooth. I’ve never paid attention but a guy’s ass has a magic of its own. Let me explain my point.

You know I’ve fucked chicks before. Not many of them, but enough for a guy my age. I’ve seen and touched their butts as this is expected for a guy fucking a girl. In those circumstances, the ass is a turn on, of course. A chick’s ass makes men spin their heads and take a better look. They awake instincts and bring the parts together for copulation. But a chick’s ass is a given. Their pleasure comes from showing off the butt. Jiggling it or rubbing it against a man’s crotch. That’s their instincts in control. However, when it comes to guys, things change. Even the majority of gay men are raised to become straight breeders. Straight ones are even more so. In theory, a dude’s ass has no importance for reproduction. I’d dare to say they aren’t butts but simply glutes with the only function of helping a guy to stand on his feet. Well, that’s what I used to think.

The mystery surrounding a dude’s ass comes from the fact they can be used for fun although not meant for that. I could only imagine how painful it would be to penetrate any of those dudes with my dick. Assholes are not meant to take dicks. My first time with a chick was in a staircase after being set up by a cousin. It was very rushy. I fucked her and left. Not much was said. I thought if the same happened with a guy. No preparation, no lube, just a fuck. Could he take my dick without lubrication? Was it feasible? That’s the first point. The second one comes from the shame a straight dude would feel after being fucked. These guys hold their pride from the fact they were breeders. Getting a dick in the ass means he’s being used by another man for another’s pleasure. A dude with a dick in the ass surrenders all his pride and manhood to become a fuck hole. I could only think of his dad watching him taking it in the ass and imagining his little son growing up to be made into a fag. That’s what came to my mind while I walked. Did I go too far? Well, that’s how my mind operated.

My conclusion was that probably I didn’t want to subjugate Jax just for my pleasure or maybe that’s not even what my dick was looking for. It shouldn’t surprise me that my dick didn’t respond to the girl Erik said to be willing to see me. She wanted my cock. She wasn’t a challenge. I’d be using my cock to please her. It was about her. Not me. Why should I think about pleasing others when they should be the ones trying to please me? Was I allowed to be an egoist for once in my life? Could this story be about me?

Tired of hiding, I hang my towel on a hook on the wall and turn around so everyone could take a look at my boner. I heard a few guys complaining, but I didn’t care. The word was out already. They all knew what I was packing and I wouldn’t feel bad about it anymore. I’d just make sure that whoever said shit about me would get to sit on my cock and ride it until he lost his voice.

I finished my shower and went home. I decided not to wait for Jax because I supposed he was still trying to realize what he wanted and I was getting tired of his drama.

The day had been tiresome and weird. As I lay on my bed soon after dinner I thought about what happened to me. I got a handjob from Jax. He swallowed my jizz. And whatever came to my mind when I saw him opening his mouth to receive my juice was stronger than anything I’ve felt before. It was pure power. No wonder sex never appealed to me. I’ve never been looking for simple orgasms. I wanted to use my dick to make statements. To subvert and show my superiority. As I remembered those guys staring at me in the showers or even in the classroom, I felt proud of who I had become.

My phone rang on my side startling me. I was still observing the ceiling made of waxed wood while the lamp on my bedside table illuminated the room with shades of yellow and orange.

“Ronniewood, I haven’t heard from you today,” I heard Sabrina speaking.

“Hi, yeah, I’ve been busy,” for some reason I didn’t see in her a potential fuck anymore. Sabrina was becoming a friend. Someone I could talk about my dirtiest desires without judgments.

“Did something happen today? Something you feel like talking?” She insisted.

I thought of Jax again and grinned. Jax had been the one who decided to start this stupid competition to see who’d fuck Sabrina first and now he was becoming my bitch. That’s the power I was talking about.

“Yeah. You won’t believe it. Jax jerked me off. In his car,” I laughed. It felt so natural to talk about this with her.

“For real? Wow! That’s awesome. How did you feel?”

It struck me the fact I hadn’t told her I wanted Jax to jerk me off. Her reaction showed appreciation but no surprise. It should make me wonder about her intentions but it also made me think I could trust her. As I said, no judgments. Another point is that I haven’t thought about my feelings toward Jax.

“I was a little guilty, I guess… That’s not right, right?”

“That’s normal for a straight breeder like you. You ain’t a fag. It’s normal to feel guilty when you’re starting to fuck around with other dudes. Trust me, that’s totally fine. But beyond guilt what else did you feel?”

I thought harder trying to see what existed on the other side of my guilt. That area was still blurry but it gradually showed its face.

“Bliss. I mean, fuck, the best orgasm of my life. To see Jax jerking my cock off and then…”


“He swallowed my cum. My fucking jizz. Disgusting! And he did it as if it was the most delicious shit of the universe. As if his life depended on it.”

Sabrina laughed and so did I. Again, no judgment. Just two friends talking about whatever happened in our lives.

“Don’t judge him,” she stated. “Some guys do this kind of stuff. But don’t you think you went a little too far?”

I was definitely not expecting this sort of reaction from her.

“What you mean too far?”

“Your best friend giving you a handjob is totally fine and normal. It’s just a friend helping you. It just shows how much he likes you. But swallowing your jizz is a little too much. This is not normal. This is not what friends do.”

“What are you implying?” I wasn’t upset. Just curious. Sabrina had a lot of experience and I needed to know her opinion.

“Nothing to worry about, ok? I’m just saying that he’s your friend and if things go too far this will change. You may lose a friend… Well, there’s a lot of things you don’t understand…”

“I’m not naïve if that’s what you mean,” I hated it when people said I was too young to grasp something. I could be young but I was smarter than many adults out there.

“Don’t worry, Ronniewood. I know you’re smart. It’s just that there are still so much to learn. Don’t worry coz I’ll teach you a lot before I’m done with you.”

“Done with me?”

“Yeah, after you fuck me. Isn’t that what you want?”

“Yeah,” it was the first thing that came to my mind although I couldn’t picture myself fucking her as I used to.

“And do you want to give me the best orgasm of my life?” She asked with a seductive voice.

“Not really,” I answered honestly after thinking about what it meant to give her an orgasm.

“So, what?”

“I want you to give me the best orgasm of my life.”

She laughed.

“I like that, stud. You’re getting the point.”

“The point?”

“Never mind. Ready for your next video?”

I wasn’t so sure about that. My dick definitely was. I mean I was as hard as I could be. My brain though was giving me clues that this was probably not the best idea. “Why do I think these videos are making me hornier than ever? I mean I’m usually horny but I’m getting out of control…”

“Because being horny is how you become a true man to fuck and do as you please,” she interrupted me. “Focus on the feeling you had when you saw Jax swallowing your cum, Rooniewood. Beyond the guilt that eventually you won’t feel anymore. That’s what you should be looking for and that’s what you’ll have if you listen to me and do as I say. So, what do you say? I’m sending your next video already and, trust me, I’m sure you’re gonna love this one.”

“Really? Why?”

“Coz it’s not about pussies anymore. You will see cocks now going either deep into throats or assholes. You like that, don’t you?”

“Fuck,” my dick was ready to explode. Sabrina knew how to press the right buttons and say the right stuff when convincing me of anything.

“Have fun then, stud,” and she hung up.

I looked at a big old watch I had on the wall and it was nearly seven o’clock. I had homework and other stuff to do but I guessed they could wait another hour. I jumped out of my bed, locked the door, took a box of Kleenex that I left on the bedside table, undressed and returned to my bed leaving my laptop on my side while I stretched my body. My boner was ready and so was I. I put on the headphone and played another one of those protected files I couldn’t understand. Before pressing play I piled three pillows and leaned my back against the bedframe. Once I was comfortable and had my cock ready in my hand, I started the video.

The screen was white and I was welcome by the same messages I’ve seen before regarding the importance of using a headphone and then how I should respect the green, yellow and red signs. I wanted to cum so bad but the little game these videos imposed made my orgasms so much more intense and worthy. I was willing to do whatever it said.

A timer on the bottom right of the screen started counting down in red. I released my cock instantly.

A blonde woman showed up. She crossed a door and walked toward the camera. She was wearing a very sexy and revealing outfit. It was some sort of a policewoman uniform that showed part of her breasts and a great extent of the legs. She was holding handcuffs and a whip.

“Welcome back, stud,” she said. “You aren’t a beginner anymore so let’s get real now. You were made to fuck assholes and throats. Wild and rough. Fuck those bitches till you cum. This is all about you and you only. You aren’t here to make them cum. Only you matter. With a cock like yours, why should you worry about their needs, right?”

She got a grin from me. Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought.

The content changed suddenly into the pattern I’ve grown used to. Texts and images or small videos.

PUSSIES ARE FOR PUSSIES (a bunch of naked women danced in the rain happily)

PUSSIES ARE FOR INSECURE MEN (a petite girl with big tits were being properly fucked while she smiled at the camera as if nothing was happening)

STALLIONS FUCK ASSHOLES (the same girl was being fucked again but this time from behind while she cried at the intrusion. The fuck was so fast and merciless. That should be painful)

MOUTHS ARE FOR PUSSIES (another petite Asian girl sucked a small dick with a big smile on her face)

STUPID PUSSIES LET WOMEN SUCK THEIR COCKS (a woman in a suit sucked an average size dick being careful not to dirt herself)

STALLIONS FUCK THROATS (a redhead woman in a western dress had her throat fucked merciless while she cried and hit the dude’s legs with her hands)

TOUGHER (a blond cowboy was on his back, hands restrained, while a black dude with a huge cock fucked his throat)

EVEN TOUGHER (the same cowboy was being throat fucked by another man with an enormous cock. I could see the cock head through the dude’s throat)

IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU GETTING OFF (again the same cowboy but this time he had not only his throat fucked but also his butt)

ONLY YOU MATTER (a MILF in a nurse suit had her hands restrained while a priest fucked her ass)

ONLY YOUR ORGASM MATTERS (a dark-skinned guy had his asshole fucked from behind while a cage contained his limp dick)

ONLY YOUR BIG DICK MATTERS (a big thick cock plunged deep into the asshole of a woman)

NO OTHER DICKS MATTER (another big cock fucked an asshole, but this time it was a guy’s. He had his cock caged too. His balls swollen and red probably needing urgent release)

YOU HATE DICKS COZ ONLY YOURS MATTERS (a line of guys while the camera showed their caged cocks)

YOU HAVE A COCK! THEY HAVE CLITS AND CLITS NEVER GO HARD (a muscled dude wearing a soccer uniform finger fucked his asshole to the camera while his caged cock licked precum onto his bellybutton)

REAL MEN NEVER SEE CLITS (several images of guys wearing cages or jocks showed in quick flashes. Some of them were solo, but others were sucking cock or being fucked)

The clock turned yellow and Jax’s voice sounded even more incisive this time.


Then the word “cocksucker” went into an endless loop while hundreds of images of strongly muscled dudes sucking big cocks flashed on the screen. Some images were small GIFs where the cocksuckers were suffering to get those cocks into their throats. But the suckee never stopped the relentless assault. It was all about his pleasure despite the suckers’ despair.

The light went green and Jax’s voice became even louder:




On the screen, scenes of a few chicks and several dudes swallowing jizz. The cum would come either from hard cocks or from cups. There was this video where a guy jerked off another dude into his smooth and drank it afterwards. Another video showed a guy on his knees receiving the load from three cocks. Nothing was wasted as he licked the floor clean once the cocks had unloaded. I couldn’t stop thinking of Jax and imagining him doing the same. I could see him swallowing not only mine but the jizz from several other dudes too. A whore!

The light went red. It seemed like the time had been shorter this turn. I felt frustration building up but not enough to make me aware of what was going on. The thing is I enjoyed this and wanted more.

YOU WANNA MAKE YOUR BITCH HAPPY (a blond girl in some sort of a school uniform bounced her tits and smiled)

STUDS KNOW HOW TO PLEASE THEIR WHORES (a black guy in a cop uniform used his big dick to caress the face of a redhead man who looked very pleased with the comfort and attention)

WHORES ARE SENSITIVE AND NEED AN ALPHA’S CONSIDERATION (a black woman and a blond guy naked on their knees looked up at the camera with pleading eyes)

KISS YOUR GIRLFRIENDS (a strong man with stubble kissed a woman roughly on the lips)

KISS YOUR BITCHES (the same guy was now kissing another dude’s asshole. He kissed, licked and devoured it as if it was a juicy peach)

KISS YOUR WHORE AND SHOW YOU APPRECIATE HIM (a smaller guy in speedos opened the ass of a friend in a football uniform. A big bubble butt with a pink hole that he quickly penetrated with his tongue)

RIM YOUR BITCHES (a young guy who kinda looked like me was shifting rimjobs between a chick’s and a dude’s assholes)

MAKE THEM HAPPY AND GET YOUR REWARD (a blond guy in a cowboy suit was being rimmed on one end while he sucked a big dick with his hungry mouth)

MAKE THEM BEG FOR YOUR ATTENTION (a masculine man in a military suit rolled up his eyes like a cheap whore while a smaller man rimmed his hole)

THAT’S THE CLOSEST THEY WILL GET TO AN ORGASM (one guy in karate kimono inside a locker room had his asshole eaten by a fellow athlete while his dick was caged in a tiny device. It was amazing how much precum leaked from it)

TRUE WHORES NEVER CUM FROM SELF STIMULATION (a brunette was being fucked in the ass by a big fat cock while she was restrained by ropes)

TRUE WHORES REMAIN ON THE EDGE WAITING FOR YOUR COCK (a well-built smooth dude rode a cock with a lot of passion as his life depended on it. He had his own dick in a cage with the balls red and filled with cum)

YOUR BITCH IS WAITING FOR YOU WHENEVER YOU WANT (a black guy wearing casual clothes woke his bud with a dick in the ass. He looked startled but there was nothing he could do. The dick was deep inside his bowels when he opened his eyes)

The yellow light went on and I grabbed my dick with no hesitation. I was going crazy by now. Jax started speaking to me again:




On the screen, hundreds of images flickered so fast it was hard to see what they were about. Apparently, they showed guys riding cocks. Cum oozing from assholes that were still being fucked. Some were cumming without touching their cocks. Others showed mouths overflowing with cum. Cum that ran down their faces as those cocks continued fucking their faces despite the orgasm. Everything was rough and one-sided. Only one man came from cock stimulation.

The light went green and a message flashed on the screen in different colours:













No images this time. I was jerking off to words and it was still good. I could see my dick going into Jax’s throat. His throat expanding. Struggling to accommodate the invader. It was so clear I could swear I was watching it.

Red light! Again, so fast. I wouldn’t be able to cum if it didn’t give me a few seconds more.

EVEN WHORES DESERVE RESPECT (a cute Asian chick looked at the camera with pleading eyes that made me merciful)

SHOW HIM RESPECT (a smaller dude slapped the face of a stronger one. The latter was naked and caged)

USE CONDOM (two Asian guys in some sort of Japanese high school uniform rolled a condom down a big dick)

FUCK THEIR THROATS WITH A CONDOM ON (a line of guys along a wall fucked the throats of a bunch of chicks and dudes. They all had a condom on)

YOU PREFER IT RAW (a big raw cock was brushing the lips of a dude blindfolded)

BUT YOU GOTTA RESPECT YOUR BITCH (a bloke rolled down a condom and fucked the mouth of his girlfriend in his car)

SHOW YOUR BITCH RESPECT (a naked guy on the bitch was putting on condoms on a bunch of cocks that surrounded him)

NICE BITCHES WANT CONDOMS (a cute chick wearing nerdy glasses slurped on a big dick that was wrapped in a red condom)

YOU WANT TO MAKE SURE HE DOESN’T SWALLOW YOUR CUM (a dick ejaculated inside a condom)

YOU LOVE IT WHEN THEY SWALLOW YOUR JIZZ (a guy who looked like a surfer was licking a lot of cum from a table)

BUT YOU WANT TO RESPECT THEM (a guy with long hair came inside a chick’s mouth and when he retrieved I saw the cum in the condom)

NICE BITCHES DON’T SWALLOW CUM (a blondie spat cum on the ground)

NICE BITCHES ONLY SUCK COCK WITH A CONDOM ON (two Japanese girls wearing maid uniforms put a condom on a big dick)

NASTY WHORES TAKE IT RAW (a strong guy in an open field sucked and swallowed cum that oozed into his mouth from a big cock)

DISGUSTING WHORES TAKE IT RAW AND SWALLOW CUM (a black man sucked a big raw dick in a glory hole)

USE CONDOMS AND HAVE AS MANY BITCHES AS YOU WANT (a slim guy had a bunch of chicks sucking his wrapped dick)

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE AS MANY BITCHES AS YOU DESERVE (a line of girls waiting to suck a guy who fucked their throats roughly)

YOU’RE A STUD AND ONE ISN’T ENOUGH (a bunch of chicks looked up at a huge leaking cock as if it was a god)

The yellow light flashed quickly and I resumed my jerking. Jax was talking about me turning him into a bitch again while words popped up on the screen.






The green light was even quicker this time and I didn’t see much. I only remember a chick sucking a dick with a condom on when the screen went dark.


The sound faded away and I realized I was still on my bed holding my cock. I hadn’t cum. I couldn’t remember why it hadn’t happened. I thought it could be a good idea to do it now that the video had ended, but it wasn’t fair with my cock. It deserved better. It deserved a throat.

I noticed Sabrina was calling me. Perfect time as usual.

“Hi,” I answered still a little dizzy.

“Ronniewood, did you cum?” She went straight to the point.

“No, I don’t know why,” I found myself still jerking my needy cock.

“That’s good. You should save your cum for something better than masturbation, right?”

“I don’t know. I’m so fucking horny right now…”

“Why don’t you ask your friend to help you out again? Just like he did this morning.”


“Who else?” She said blatantly.

“Like give him a call? Now?”

“I don’t know. You are the stud. It’s up to you. That’s what studs do when they need to get off. They call people willing to do it for them. I don’t think studs jerk off at all. Usually, they have a line of people waiting for their call.”

I felt challenged. I knew I was a stud (something in my mind reminded me of that all the time) and still, I didn’t have this list of people willing to give me handjobs whenever I wanted. Handjobs? Why did I want handjobs? I should be getting blowjobs. Studs get to fuck throats not hands. But did I want to fuck Jax’s throat? Yeah, I did. That’s all I wanted.

My dick was resting on my belly. Its head staring at me as a devilish figure enquiring me about my next move. It was as if I could hear its voice speaking to me and demanding action: ‘or will you just lie there and leave me here ready to burst as if I don’t exist?’

It’s amazing to own a cock like mine but it can also be troublesome. Guys with perfect cocks shouldn’t jerk off. Cocks, like the one I had, want a social life if you get my drift. It was made to dominate other guys and make them kneel before him. Ordinary dicks are not as demanding. If I had a common cock I’d jerk off and sleep. No hassle. Simple like that. That’s right. Now I felt cursed. I had a list to made with names of guys willing to suck me.

Not for a second, I thought about girls doing that. I could find girls if I was willing to get into a more serious relationship. It could be disrespectful to call chicks and use them like useless sucking holes, right? My dad’s taught me to take good care of them but I should impose myself when dealing with other guys. What’s the best way of showing my superiority than fucking their throats and assholes?

“I could call him…” I thought aloud.

“Yeah, why not? He’s done it once, right? I don’t think he’d deny you another favour.”

“But… I don’t think I want another handjob…” I was being as reticent as I could.

“I don’t understand. What do you want then?”

“A blowjob?”

“From your best friend?”

“Yeah, is that bad? Am I a bad person? I feel horrible,” my cock though was trembling and leaking as I imagined Jax doing that for me.

Sabrina took a few seconds to give me her opinion which wasn’t as bad as I thought.

“Well, a blowjob changes everything. You know that, right? You can’t be his friend if he sucks your cock. He’d instantly become your bitch. That’s a fact. But, maybe it wouldn’t be this bad if you used a condom, I guess. His mouth wouldn’t touch your dick directly, so I believe it would be ok.”

“Of course. I wouldn’t do it differently. So, we could still be friends if I used a condom, right?”

“Yeah, I guess so. And you can’t let him swallow your cum anymore. Think that what happened earlier today was a mistake. You were both just curious. I don’t want to see your friendship ruined because of me…”

“Because of you?”

“Yeah. If not for me you wouldn’t be fighting and competing against each other. I don’t know. I don’t want to think I’m putting you guys apart,” she sounded thoughtful and friendly. Sabrina was a great woman.

“Don’t feel bad. This has nothing to do with you. Jax’s offered me his help and I accepted it. That’s all. He’s being a friend, not a bitch. It’s different.”

“Ok then, Ronniewood. Let him know you want a blowjob, but make sure you’re using a condom and don’t let him ever again swallow your cum. Understand?”


I could do that. But I still felt bad I couldn’t have him swallowing my jizz. It was so hot to watch his hungry eyes, the way he was excited and salivating before sucking my cum into his mouth. It’d be such a waste to see it going down the drain. But I understood friendship should come first. I would control myself and keep Jax by my side. I only needed his help for a few minutes a day, that’s all.

“Do as you wish then, Ronniewood. I gotta go. Enjoy your night with your friend,” she sent me kisses and hung up.

What should I do now? I looked at my phone and then the ceiling. I wasn’t sure if I was brave enough to call Jax and ask him to come to my place and give me a blowjob. But I needed it so fucking much.


What the fuck had I just done? I looked at my right hand as it didn’t belong to me. As if my hand had betrayed me and gained a life of its own. I wasn’t the one who had planned that. I’d never touch another dude’s cock, let alone jerk him off. Disgusting! Unacceptable! I found Ronnie in the back mirror walking away from me. Yes, it hasn’t been a dream. The taste. As I swallowed I felt a slight burning feeling in my throat. Whenever the back of my tongue and my tonsil met I remembered the bitter salty cum I had just swallowed. It was a lot of cum! When I looked at the back of my hand I found a drop of jizz that should’ve made its way there by travelling through my fingers. That image made the taste a lot stronger. Even my teeth felt different. They weren’t smooth but had a thin layer of what felt like velvet. This should be Ronnie’s sperm that clung to them like cum do when it meets water. Everything in my car reminded me of the boy, his cock, and his jizz.

“Fuck, damn it,” I sprayed deodorant I kept in the glovie and wiped my hand clean with a bunch of paper towels I’d use to clean my own cum after fucking one of those bitches on the back seat.

‘I should’ve swallowed that,’ a voice spoke to me, but I instantly brushed it off. Why was I thinking that? With another bunch of paper towels, I cleaned my tongue and teeth.

I hopped out of the car and was greeted by fresh air that hit me as a calm breeze. It smelt like dust and hot asphalt. A normal scent that contrasted with Ronnie’s juices that had impregnated my car. The mix of our sweat and the testosterone we exhaled together. My cock was hard as fuck and I felt it oozing pre whenever I remembered Ronnie. His trimmed dark pubes that encircled his magnificent dick while it leaked onto his flat abs. It had a particular smell I couldn’t forget. It’s made its way to my brain and I missed it. He was with me in that car a few minutes earlier and I already wanted more of him.

The situation wasn’t ideal. There was something wrong with me and I had to fix it by myself. Ok, this shit was all wrong. I had to refocus and gain control over my body again. I took a deep breath and thought about the girls I’d fucked on that seat as I looked at it through the window. So many. There were so many. If I could only remember one specific case. The images were all mixed up in a big bundle of random pictures that always led me back onto Ronnie’s crotch. I focused then on football. It was easier to think of my role as a quarterback and my victories. The championships I won. The lockers and my naked friends. I knew this wasn’t ideal but I felt a little better once I realized I still remembered how to play football.

I walked into the school building aware I was running late. The principal was there as usual.

“Jax, our king!” He welcomed me as he’d usually do. “A little late today, champion. Are you alright?”

Other students were wandering in the hallway though. I wasn’t that late. I answered him by shaking my head and a timid smile.

“Yeah, not bad, Jon.”

The principal was a hot man. He’s nothing like you’d probably imagine. His interest in football didn’t come only from the fact that schools with a good sports rank get grants and national attention. It was also closely related to his past as a quarterback in that same school. He was once the king of that place. He grew older, of course, but his physique was still impeccable. His muscles stretched his suit and the volume in his pants made me sure he packed a gigantic cock. It was heavy. A full rounded pouch that was even clearer when he wore beige trousers. I used to think of him as some sort of a nemesis. The guy I had chosen to be my opposite. Yeah, I did want to be the king, but I’d rather die than become a stupid principle and be attached to that horrible place for life. He used to symbolize the essence of frustration to me but maybe I was just being too harsh on him.

“Or maybe you prefer if I call you Jonathan. Or principal Jonathan as the others. You know, no one else calls you Jon…” What was I saying?

Jon looked at me as if he’d seen me for the first time and then allowed a brief smile that eased my self-doubts for a second.

“It’s alright, Jax. You’re the guy after all.”

I couldn’t look him in the eyes. His bulge called my name. I swallowed knives as I tried to find words and continue that conversation. My lips were dried and my voice failed me.

“I mean, no one else calls you that, maybe it’s not right,” I continued. “How do you want me to call you? Anything, really. You’re the boss.”

“Jon is fine…”

“I insist.”

I didn’t know what I wanted but a man like him shouldn’t be called Jon. A man with a cock like that should be respected.

“Principal Jonathan like the others then. Alright?” He hooked his right arm on the back of my neck and walked with me for a few steps before forcing me to move forward. “Go to your class coz it’s getting late.”

He turned around to receive other students. I looked back. His butt was huge. His pants were also stretched with the volume. What a man!

“Why did you disappear?” Jenny walked in my direction.

“Fuck, Jenny. Sorry, ok? It’s just my head. It’s been playing tricks on me. I should see a shrink or something.”

“Screw that. You don’t need a fucking shrink,” she hugged me. Her head was touching my chest and her belly was close to my crotch. She definitely felt I had a hardon. “I guess you’re happy for seeing me.”

“Yeah, course I am,” I whispered in her ear trying hard to forget about the principal and his package. “You always make me happy.”

“Oww, do you swear?”

I never understood this cutie shit and I couldn’t care less about it. Jenny was being a pain in the ass but I needed that. I needed to feel her perfume and the smell of her hair. The soft-touch of her skin and her tender hands on my body. Ronnie’s cum was still lingering on my throat and I couldn’t stop thinking about dick. The truth is that Jenny was just a distraction.

“I swear,” I lied.

“You can drive my dad’s car. But I need you at my place tonight,” she brushed her arm on my crotch to make her intentions clear. We wouldn’t be driving anything. I still had fading memories of my last time with her and how hard I fucked her pussy till I came inside her. I should be wearing a condom but she said she was on pills. I could trust her. She never showed up pregnant which convinced me she was a nice girl. Maybe she was my last hope out of that nightmare.

“Ok, what about tonight at 10?” I asked.

“Deal,” she answered with a smile.


Nothing had happened yet but the perspective was positive. For a moment, I forgot about Ronnie, Jon, and any other man. For a second, I pictured myself fucking a chick again and not begging for cock.

The hope was growing inside me and I managed to look ahead and don’t stare at crotches the whole morning. Ronnie had become an accident that I was sure I’d soon forget. It was as if the air around me had been cleansed from the dust that made me blind. The voices that had been daunting me went silent and I felt like my old self again. I felt good. But afraid this was a brief delusional moment, I avoided my friends and looked away whenever a guy crossed my way.

Still trying my best not to fall into temptation, I decided to skip lunch with the other guys and went for a run alone. It’s been hours since I had Ronnie’s cum in my mouth. The taste was long gone but I hadn’t tried to wash my mouth either. That thought struck me but I didn’t let it disturb me. I should just forget it. I got my running gear and changed under the bleachers to avoid the lockers. Everything was going perfectly as planned, until…

“Are you alright?” I heard a voice from behind me. I was wearing nothing but my boxers as I was still changing. I had my bag opened before me where I kept my stuff and my clothes spread all over the ground.

I looked over my shoulder to find that boy from the other day.

“What’s that? 2C?” I asked. I remembered his name and nickname, but I wouldn’t let him know that.

“2D. Mason, but people call me 2D.”

He was still far and didn’t dare to approach me.

“Why people keep asking me if I’m alright? What do you want?” I turned around as I’d usually do when I wanted to present myself as a threat. Unconsciously, I’d stand up, broaden my shoulders and expand my chest. Being in my undies was just a detail. Showing off my muscles should help me to portray my superiority. No other student was as big as me in that school and I want to use it as a statement.

“I just noticed you skipped lunch…”

“And since when I need you to worry about me?”

The boy wasn’t wearing his gear now. He was in casual clothes: shorts and a grey jumper. What amazing legs the kid had. Maybe he was bigger than I was when I was his age whatever age he had. For sure, I knew we had the same height. I just thought every freshman was a baby before me.

2D stepped forward and scratched his pouch. Casually at first but with purpose on a second time. It got my attention and once again, as it’d happened on the day we talked for the first time, I was staring at it. It should’ve given him the idea I wasn’t a threat coz he kept walking till he was a few steps from me.

“Not worried. But I guess we’re all on the same team, right? I thought that’s what teammates do. We watch over each other.”

“You ain’t my teammate,” I’ve never shared the field with him.

“But we may be soon. Coach said I’m playing a good game and may be joining the main team soon. I was then thinking it’d be nice if I knew a few guys over there so I wouldn’t feel so lost.”

He was now deliberately scratching his dick through the shorts. It wasn’t just hard not to watch it, it was impossible. My cock that had been soft for the last few hours hardened up while the other symptoms emerged again. My mouth and lips were going dry, my muscles softening, even my knees felt like failing me. I was curious. What was the kid packing under those shorts?

“What do you want?” I asked in a calmer tone. Somewhere I still wanted to pose as a threat but my voice betrayed me. I sounded more like a tamed bitch scared I could send him away if I spoke too loud.

“I said it. I just wanted to know how you’re feeling. You know, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Last time we talked you looked so interested in knowing more about me. I don’t know.”

He sounded confident but he was also calculating his moves. You only approach a wild horse calmly and showing you have good intentions.

When he was much closer to me, and after making sure I wouldn’t try to hurt him, 2D waited in silence for a few seconds before grabbing my cock through my undies. His move startled me.

“Sorry…” he rushed to apologize as I stepped back involuntarily. “It’s just that you are…”

I was hard. My small dick trying to find a way out of my boxers. There was no denying the situation was making me horny. I tried to think about an excuse. There should have something to say in a case like this but nothing reasonable came to my mind. I kept staring at his crotch and this was also undeniable. This kid knew my secret otherwise he would have never been so bold.

This was the moment I could hear sounds coming from far away like the coach yelling and blowing the whistle after yelling some more. My buds were out there playing football while I was under the bleachers with this kid I barely knew. The place we’d usually bring chicks to fuck. The place we’d prove our masculinity by being the top breeders of the school. I should’ve killed this boy but I had no strength in my arms.

“It’s ok,” that’s all I could say.

“Is it? Do you want me to leave? I swear this won’t happen again…”

“I said it’s ok, didn’t I?”


I asked myself the same question. What should happen next? This felt like that crucial moment I found myself in the car with Ronnie trying to guess how to proceed. I could only act when I stopped thinking. It was as if something else assumed control over my body. I extended my arm and grabbed the kid’s cock through his shorts. He looked puzzled at first but his countenance quickly changed to show an approving grin. His hand moved too and he was now holding my cock too.

“Can I see it?” I asked.


He was fast in unzipping and letting his dick out. Damn it! His dick should be a palm longer than mine. I didn’t hesitate this time and took it in my hand. It was the second dick I held that day and it felt just right as if I had been born to do this. The kid had very short pubes and a smooth sack but what impressed me the most was how much skin his dick had. I couldn’t see the head but when I pulled the skin his cock surprised me with a purple leaking tip that made my mouth water. My hand slid a bit further as I felt like touching the wet slit.

“Ouch. Sensitive. Sorry, it’s so sensitive,” he complained. “I wish it was cut. The head is so sensitive and it leaks so much. You can’t imagine how hard it is to clean it.” “Is it clean?” I moved my hand back a little but it was still close to the part where the shaft and the head met.

“Well, I’ve been leaking a lot since I saw you here,” he stated. I saw the wet spot on his underwear. “But it’s just precum. Sometimes it just smells a bit too strong.”

I could have lessons on his cock that I wouldn’t mind. I jerked it twice but made sure to leave the head exposed as my curiosity still consumed me.

“Do you like it?” The kid asked me as he noticed I wouldn’t stop looking at his dick.

“It’s nice. It’s different. I’ve never seen one like this. Hard, I mean.”

“I see. I’m glad you like it,” he gave another grin before pulling my underwear down till it hit my ankles leaving me naked. His hand returned to my dick and started wanking me.

Again, this was still too new for me. I was used to jerking my cock and the grip felt just wrong when I jerked other cocks. I fixed it by putting my body in front of Ronnie’s when we were in my car but I didn’t know what to do now we were standing. Not only that, the wrong grip felt terrible on my dick too.

“This isn’t working,” I complained as we tried to jerk each other off.


“The grip. It doesn’t work. I can’t concentrate like this.”

“This is how we do,” he explained. I wondered who the ‘we’ he referred to were. “What do you suggest then?”

I honestly didn’t know.

“Let go of my dick,” I ordered.

“We should cum together, bro. Once I cum I can’t do this anymore. It feels wrong. Can’t explain,” although he couldn’t explain I could understand him.

“It’s ok.”

“I’m saying that if I don’t do it to you now I won’t be able to do it later. You wouldn’t cum.”

“I said it’s ok,” I insisted more incisively till he let go.

He gave me another grin once he saw I was still holding his dick.

“This is the first time… I mean, every time I do this I gotta reciprocate. Honestly, I hate it but that’s how we do it. We even try to cum together coz everyone feels guilty after we cum. In the end, we can’t concentrate and it can be hard to get off…”

“Will you shut up?”

“Sorry. Fuck, Jax is jerking me off for free.”

These last words hit me like a punch in the stomach. For free should mean without a need to reciprocate. These words should be enough to stop me and wake me up. I was Jax the fucking king! What I was doing was sending all the wrong messages. What would the kid think of me? And what if he spread the word to other freshmen?

“You say a word about this to anyone and I’ll fucking kill you. Got it?”

“Yeah. Besides, who’d believe me?”

That made sense. I looked around before kneeling before him.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“The fucking grip. I guess from this position it’s easier to make it feel more natural.”

I’ve been jerked off by a few chicks before and those previous experiences taught me that it felt a lot better when they did that from their knees. I guessed 2D would have a better time if I did the way I liked it.

“Yeah, fuck! This feels so much better,” he grinned. “Those guys have no idea about how to jerk a cock properly. You’re a pro, man.”

At this part, I felt insulted again but proud at the same time. I was better than his jerk buds and this was just the second cock I wanked. I wondered if I was gifted somehow. For the first time, I found myself being praised for something I learned without much effort. Not a single chick had said that to me before. Well, a few did but I knew they were lying. The kid wasn’t. This was for real.

From this position, I could see his cock from a much shorter distance and I loved it. He was right. It had a strong pungent scent that resembled my dick once when I didn’t wash it for two days. No, thinking better, it wasn’t that bad. It was just strong but natural. If cocks have a smell they should be like this. Yeah, that’s what I concluded. His dick had just the right scent. I held the cock at a 45-degree angle and slid my hand up and down the shaft a few times to feel its length and girth. His precum worked as the perfect lube. I was amazed at how much pre it oozed. At how the pre would get stuck around the head and then break free once the space between the head and the skin filled up. Not only that, after a few minutes, I noticed the pre around the head started foaming up. It wasn’t just about the smell and the visual spectacle anymore. There was also the sound coming from the precum and the little bubbles that formed up on the head just to be burst once my hand pulled the skin down.

“I’m getting closer,” the boy announced.


He stepped back. I looked up at him trying to understand what he was doing. He assumed control over his dick and started stroking it on his own.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I asked puzzled.

“I said I’m getting closer.”


“And I don’t wanna cum on you. We always finish ourselves off.”

“What the fuck is that? Why would someone do that? Cumming is the best part and you do that by yourself? What kind of circle jerk are you a part of?”

Now he was the one looking puzzled. Maybe I have been too harsh on my surprise and the way I expressed it. He was just a boy after all and knew shit about sex and orgasm. Somehow, I felt like a kindergarten instructor.

“Will you finish me off?” He asked.

“I’m here already, ain’t I? So, can I do it right?”

“Fucking unbelievable. Man, you’re the best.”



I started thinking what could happen if someone came by and saw the cum on the grass after the two of us went back to the crowd on the other side of the bleachers. “I don’t wanna leave any proof of what we’ve done here.”

“I don’t understand,” he was still confused.

My heart was pumping faster now as if I could share with him the euphoria that precedes the orgasm. I rummaged my bag for something that I could use to catch his jizz. 2D was still looking lost when I got the only thing I found that could do the trick: my water bottle.

It wasn’t an ordinary water bottle. It had my fucking name on it. I got it after winning a championship. It was sorta fancy and people envied me for that. I’ve been offered money but would sell it for nothing. Everyone knew how attached I was to my bottle. And still, there I was offering it as a repository for his cum.

“You don’t need to do this, Jax. I mean, that’s your bottle and who’d come here to check the ground anyway? It doesn’t make any sense.”

He was right, but his reasoning didn’t convince me.

“Stop trying to over smart me. I know those guys better than you ever will. I just can’t have your cum on the grass.”

“Then use something else. Your bottle? Bro, we’re talking about my cum here. Once it goes in there it’s over. You can use water, soap, bleach, it doesn’t matter. You won’t be able to use it ever again.”

“Stop trying to tell me what to do,” I contained a yell. “This is my fucking bottle and I do whatever I want with it.”

“Okay, okay, sure.”

I crawled a step further so I could reach his dick again. The kid was so horny our little argument didn’t make him not even a little softer. He had his dick pointed up as if it wasn’t heavy enough to go down. When my hand touched the warm tube of flesh, we both sighed. I could feel the blood pumping inside the shaft and its nerves sending shivers through my spine. I sucked the air through my teeth and felt my own cock twitching about to explode. I couldn’t cum now. Not like this.

I resumed the stroking and inserted the head of his juicy cock into the bottle. The head and shaft touched the inner edge of the bottle ring. I could see myself drinking from that bottle and putting my lips over that same spot. I’ve touched that part with my mouth so many times and now it was being used by this kid’s dick. I felt a lot more connected to his cock. It felt as if it was in my mouth. The idea was killing me. But what was the idea after all? His cock in my mouth? Fuck, I wouldn’t be able to hold much longer.

“I’m coming,” he mumbled.

I did the impossible. I managed to catch all his jizz inside the bottle while my own cock spurted several jets of cum onto the air. It was as if we’ve been connected this whole time. His orgasm had become mine. I remained still there on my knees although my muscles were failing me due to the spasms of my orgasm. I decided to ruin my sexual climax so the kid could have the best experience of his life.

Patiently, I waited till his dick stopped convulsing which made me aware he was done. I wanted to be sure I’ve gotten every single drop from his cock, but he stepped back before I could squeeze the last bits out.

“Ouch, sensitive, sensitive,” he stepped from one foot to the other as he turned around and zipped up. I was certain he hadn’t realized how good that experience had been to me as well, and I wished it stayed like this but when he found me again, he quickly saw the puddle of cum on the grass. My cum.

“Wait. Is that yours?” He pointed at the ground between my open legs.

There I was naked on my knees. My cock still hard pointing up with cum running down the shaft and balls before joining the puddle near my feet. My nudity didn’t bother me but my jizz revealed a side of me I myself didn’t recognize. The boy now knew what this was about. I, Jax the king, used his cock for my own satisfaction. “How could you cum? Your other hand was holding the bottle.”

“It was before that,” I answered.

“I saw you taking the bottle from your bag. You hadn’t cum then. This is weird. Did you cum from jerking me off?”

“Course not, dick head. That’s not possible,” I tried to sound legit. Usually, in a situation like this, I’d stand up and broaden my shoulders to show him I meant what I said. But standing up with a leaking boner made me rethink my strategy. The problem is while I was on my knees the kid looked down at me. That meant he was superior and got the final saying in the matter.

“Whatever,” he grinned. This should be a good sign. He wasn’t willing to confront me but something was telling me this was far from finished. We’d be facing each other again soon. “Wouldn’t you feel like joining us? We have a circle jerk club as you said. Usually, we all do it at the same time but, like me, the others also hate to give hand. We’d rather just receive it. I see you like giving handjobs so… Fuck, dude. My buds would be more than happy to have you in the club.”

“What are you implying, you fucker?”

“Nothing,” he stepped back. Well, I hadn’t lost my authority after all. “I was just saying. I can see you enjoy it. That’s all. I was just thinking, ok? There’s a lot of cocks there looking for a nice hand like yours…”

“Do you wanna die?” I shouted.

“Damn, I’m sorry, ok?”

“Whatever,” I spoke as I caught my breath. I wanted to be more aggressive but I was still enchanted by that kid’s dick. I guess I didn’t want to scare him off. I needed him to come back to me again. Those feelings were conflicting and concomitant. At the same time, I wished never to see him again, but also to have him back offering me his amazing cock.

“Ok, then,” the kid scratched his head and walked away.

“Wait!” I stopped him.

“What?” He looked back.

“Why 2D? Where did it come from?”

“Oh. When I was younger I was very scrawny. My friends used to say I looked like paper or a 2D character. That’s why.”

“Then you decided to work out and become big.”

“Kinda. Yeah. My cock also grew a lot, right?” He laughed.

“Yeah, it’s more like 3D to me,” I scoffed.

“Well, you can call me that.”

“What? 3D?”

“Yeah. Call me 3D and I’ll know you want my cock again.”

I could’ve said something nasty and stopped his petulance right there but I enjoyed the idea somehow. I lowered my head afraid he could see me smiling. The kid was fun. He turned around and went away.

My knees were hurting when I stood up. I caught the boy’s cum in my bottle with the excuse I couldn’t leave proof of what we’ve done behind and still, I had my cum spread all around me. Well, it didn’t matter. As he said, no one would be coming to check. I dressed up with my running gear and after leaving I took a last look at my cum on the grass. Probably, no one would see that but I did. That proved to me that I was becoming something indescribable. I was foreign to myself.

I took my bottle and looked inside it. His cum was there moving around as I shook it. What the fuck had I done? I should get rid of that bottle for good but instead, I closed it with the lid and put it in my bag. I had lost control over myself. I’d become a bitch to my fucking instincts. I could burst from the fury I felt but I decided to sweat it off in a long run instead.

On my way back to the running track I put my headphone on and turned it up to the max. Play. Paranoid from Black Sabbath. Perfect! I started running.

“All day long I think of things But nothing seems to satisfy Think I’ll lose my mind If I don’t find something to pacify Can you help me? Occupy my brain! Oh yeah”

Guys were running on both sides of the track and I got myself staring at their crotches again. I just couldn’t control myself. I rushed myself. Where was that confidence I’d gained in the morning?

“I need someone to show me The things in life that I can’t find I can’t see the things that make True happiness, I must be blind Make a joke and I will sigh And you will laugh and I will cry Happiness I cannot feel And love to me is so unreal”

Maybe I was back to thinking about dicks because of 2D. I shouldn’t have done what I did. Why did I jerk him off? What if he told those buds from his circle jerk club? What if I was thinking about joining them? NO! Fucking no!! I was willing to run till I had no energy left. Until my dick would get limp and my brain drained from all wrong thoughts that were now blinding me.

“And so as you hear these words Telling you now of my state I tell you to enjoy life I wish I could but it’s too late”

My mind had been set and I would only stop when I was sure I’d get out from the field in an ambulance. It was all decided till I found Ronnie watching me at one corner of the field. Not him! Like those lyrics, it was too late now. It was becoming clearer to me I wouldn’t be able to break the spell that took me by the balls. A part of me was willing to give in but I had the spirit of a fighter. I couldn’t surrender before resisting. I decided to keep running and pretend Ronnie wasn’t there. Maybe he’d go away after realizing I wasn’t interested. What did he want from me after all?

I continued running and ran across him three times till I saw him the fourth time. Now, he made his intention obvious. He held the outline of his dick with his right hand.

I did try to look elsewhere. On my right, I spotted the coach lecturing my teammates with a whiteboard and a marker in his hands. The guys were there surrounding him with their butts on the grass either paying attention or laughing at stupid jokes we used to tell each other. That used to be my routine. Those jokes were usually about chicks we’d fucked. It seemed now so long ago. On my left, a bunch of chicks and two dudes trained new steps for the next game’s cheerleading. Once I picked up a fight with one of those dudes as I said he was a fag for doing that shit. Damn, the guy even had a girlfriend. It wasn’t about him after all. It should’ve been about me. Was I the fag in the end? A fag in denial? But I never craved cock. Why did it change so suddenly?

“You gotta stop, dude,” I spoke as I neared him. I removed my headphone and did my best to look him straight in the eyes this time. If I couldn’t stop myself, then I’d appreciate it if he could leave me alone then.

“Stop what?” The son of a bitch wouldn’t leave me. He should be enjoying my miserable life. The degrading situation I put myself in.

“This!” I pointed at his crotch which he still held in his hand. How could he be such a hypocrite? He knew very well what I was talking about.

“What? Every guy leaves the hand on his dick. You do that all the time…” How could he be so heartless? What the fuck did he want from me?

“But this is different,” I tried to be reasonable with him.

“Different how?” He spoke provocatively.

“It’s… Fuck, dude. This is wrong…” Once again I wanted to be angry and maybe start a fight but I could not. Something had changed in me after I jerked him off and drank his load. I was feeling inferior and vulnerable. All I could do now was whine and beg for his mercy. He was becoming the alpha in that relationship.

“I know,” he spoke after a sigh. It caught me by surprise. He released his cock and looked serious for the first time since we started that conversation. “I know. What’s going on with us?”

“I have no clue,” I thought it’d be a good idea to take a sip from my bottle of water by now but the thought suddenly led to other images that ended up with the picture of myself on my knees jerking off 2D. “This gotta stop. I’m afraid that…”


My head was spinning. It should be the sun or the first sign of dehydration. Or maybe just my cock assuming control once again.

“FUCK!” I started punching the air as if I could fight that alternate version of me that has taken my life into this hell. “I think it’s getting out of control. I can’t stop thinking about… your… about your…” My world spun now around his fucking dick. It was all that mattered. 2D was an excuse. A replacement. I was a slave to Ronnie’s cock. I just couldn’t say that so I pointed to his crotch. “All the time, dude. All the fucking time. I’m becoming a stupid fag. A pussy! I can’t do this to myself.”

I was blaming myself, but it was also Ronnie’s fault. Why did he have such an amazing cock. A cock that should’ve been given to me instead. I’d make a much better use of it.

“Yeah, I understand. Dude, it’s you. There’s something about you that… I don’t know. I look at you and… It’s like I need to be someone else. It’s hard to explain. Sorry, this is going too far. I shouldn’t be saying this.”

Somehow, Ronnie’s words could’ve been mine. I felt the same way. I also thought it was something about him. I felt the same urges when I thought about him.

“No, no, go on. I wanna hear it.”

Whatever he had to say, I needed to hear. So maybe it wasn’t only me going nuts. We were both going through the same issue. If we could get to understand what was wrong with us probably it’d be easier to find us a fix.

“I feel like… You know what? Fuck this! If you wanna kill me, do it but I feel like I must turn you into my bitch. My personal bitch. A fucking fag. Yeah, that’s right. A worthless fag that live for dick. My dick, and I wouldn’t stop anytime soon until I find you degraded and humiliated with nothing left. No pride. No self-respect. Until you’re nothing but a hole…”

Ronnie had a finger on my chest. The fucker was challenging me. He should be absolutely sure I wouldn’t harm him for saying the shit he’d just said. I clenched my fists moved by memories of the past. By a shallow remembrance of the Jax I once was. I wouldn’t use them against Ronnie. My muscles were reacting though. My brain was processing what it took to punch his face so hard I’d see him flying onto the ground with a broken nose. The film was clear and I saw it a thousand times in a very short timeframe. My muscles though couldn’t react. I was losing that battle again. My anger was giving space to frustration.

“Yeah,” that’s all I could say.

I didn’t want him to witness my weakness. Feeling defeated, I resumed my running but I couldn’t take Ronnie and his dick out of my mind. In fact, the more I ran from him the more I thought about him. I was hooked and fleeing wasn’t an option. I had to fight it. Still, this wasn’t something I was willing to do.

“Yeah,” I said again when I met him at that same spot. He hadn’t moved a muscle. He wasn’t willing to let me go. I just wanted him to disappear from my life but when I saw him giving up and leaving, I realized I couldn’t let it happen before throwing my truth over him. I heard his part of the story, now he had to listen to mine. I had so much I wanted to say. So many curses and terrible words that were stuck in my throat begging for release. He’d know what I thought of him.

I fast-paced and reached him before he could leave and dragged him by the t-shirt to the place under the bleachers where I’d been with 2D an hour or so before. I looked at him in the eyes and dared to open my mouth:

“Yeah. And I want you to do all of those stuff to me. All of that. Whatever you’re thinking I want you to do it to me. I know I’m big and I can look scary but don’t let it stop you. Pretend I’m defenceless, ok? I won’t hurt you. I’ll never hurt you. But you can hurt me, got it? Do whatever you want. Be a fucking man, Ronnie boy… Ronnie.”

No, that’s not what I was there for. That’s not what I wanted to say but that’s what came out of my mouth. I had basically thrown myself into his arms and offered my soul to the devil without asking anything in return. Ronnie had all the cards now and he could play them as he saw best. I wasn’t sure if he’d be willing to go through this path but he soon made his true self visible.

“You bitch,” he was controlling himself but I knew very well what he wanted.

It was the first time someone called me that in such a dispising way. It was confronting. Vulgar.

“What’s that?” My hands clenched into fists again while I saw myself hurting Ronnie again. A fight that was far from happening.

“You fucking bitch,” he didn’t back off. He accepted he had become the man and I was nothing more than that: a fucking bitch.

Beyond my anger and frustration, another feeling was taking place in my chest. My twitching muscles and the sudden cold fever that made me shiver were not a sign of distress. My dick responded by pulsing in my underwear in what seemed like a dry orgasm. The feeling was incredible. I couldn’t help but grin. Suddenly, I caught myself looking at his crotch again. The cock that I had jerked off earlier that day. Fuck, I could still feel it in my hand. I remembered the way it smelt. The warm cum touching my skin. Not only that. The taste of his jizz was pungent in my mouth again as if I had just swallowed it.

“You don’t get to touch my cock unless I ask you to. Or unless you ask me nicely,” the son of a bitch was setting boundaries to whatever sort of relationship we were building up.

Why wouldn’t he want me to jerk him off? Since when he turned into a prick? He was doing that just to piss me off. The fucker didn’t understand my needs or didn’t want to help me ease my pain. The desire that was suffocating me.

“May I…”

I didn’t know how to expose my intentions. The humiliation was outstanding already and being vocal just worsened it. Still, humiliation seemed to please my throbbing cock.

“You can’t jerk me off whenever you want. It doesn’t work like that. You gotta prove yourself worthy. I don’t know how you’re gonna do this. I don’t care. Make your research. Do whatever. You only get to touch my dick again when you learn how to appreciate it…”

What had happened to him? A few hours ago he was asking me to jerk him off and now he was playing the ‘don’t-touch-me-I’m-a-virgin’ card? What did he want? To save this for after marriage? Had he forgotten what we’d done in my car?

“Dude,” I wanted to scream but I controlled myself. He was insulting me. “I fucking swallowed your cum!”

C’mon! Swallowing one’s cum should mean something. That should be enough for him to have whatever proof he needed. When you swallow a dude’s cum you’re proving everything. What else could he want?

“Yeah, that was the price you paid to get the chance to do it again. That’s it. You earned the right to have another chance with my fucking dick and nothing else. But you gotta do a lot more…”

“What else do you want?” I face him closely as I’d do with the bitches I played against in the field. “I.swallowed.your.fucking.cum.”

Ronnie wouldn’t give in. He stepped closer to me and made his point.

“You did it coz you wanted it. I didn’t ask you to,” he grinned. The son of a bitch was lying. He was the one who asked me to try his cum. “You did it coz you were a bitch hungry for cum. And I bet you would do it again, wouldn’t ya? Do you want to drink more cum or are you saying you won’t ever do it again?”

That’s it. That’s the proof he wanted. He wanted me to humiliate myself. Swallowing his cum was part of it, but a silent one. He wanted me to be vocal and make sure I understood what I was doing. To make sure I’d never say I didn’t want this.

“You… It was…” It was his fucking idea. If I didn’t need his dick I would’ve said that. The thing is I just needed him so bad.

He had to remind me of how disgusting cum is. Yeah, it should be. It once was but not anymore. I was broken.

“Do you?” He insisted as I took a while to answer.

“Yeah,” I replied. Gosh, how I wish I’d said something different.

“So, it was you who begged for my cum, right? You did it coz you wanted it and not because I asked you to.”

I’d been introduced to his plan. I was aware of his intentions. He wanted me to humiliate myself? Very well. He could have that.

“Yeah. I wanted it,” I said what he wanted to hear.

“And now you want to swallow more…”

“Yeah,” I’d say whatever he wanted. Anyway, I wasn’t lying.

That should’ve been enough. I’d decided not to go any further. If he asked for more he would get nothing. I understood it was far from over when I saw him smiling. I was done. If I found myself desperate again I could go after 2D. Still, I’d be meeting Jenny that night. I’d figure something out. I wasn’t willing to become his slave. “You know what?” I started. My feelings were convoluting as I finally found my spirit rising again. I looked him back in the eyes. “Forget what I said. Every single word. Forget the whole shit. Forget when I said I wouldn’t hurt you. I would. Understand? Fuck with me and I’ll destroy you.”

I turned around when I heard him probably unzipping his pants. Yeah, that’s what he was doing. He thought I’d be doing whatever he wanted as long as I could’ve another go with his cock. I was tempted, but he wouldn’t win. I don’t know how but I found a little piece of remaining pride within myself. That was enough to keep me walking. I put my headphone back on and went back to the school building. I wonder how I haven’t seen how despicable Ronnie was. How could I have misjudged someone so badly?

I was glad I had no training that day. I’d normally join other teams as there was nothing in the world I enjoyed more than football, but I was avoiding it now afraid I’d end up gang banged in the field. The idea was sorta appealing and it just contributed to my despair. I think that was the first time I left school without a shower. As I drove back home I could feel Ronnie on my side. His smell, his body warmth. The feeling was real. The deodorant hadn’t changed anything coz it was all in my head.

I took a quick shower and watched the photo I had taken of his dick. I rushed to my bed and played with my own cock while I zoomed into the piece of flesh that was driving me nuts. I’d eventually try to look for other images, such as this one I took from Jenny and Linda topless, but I’d end up returning to Ronnie and his magnificent dick. I only stopped when the phone screen changed to alert me Sabrina was calling.

“Hey, babe,” I was forcing myself to pretend I was still interested in her.

“Fatterback, I was thinking about sending the video a little earlier today. Are you free now?”

It was barely six o’clock.

“Why? Something happened?”

“No. It’s just that I may go out later and I’d still like to talk to you once it’s over.”

“Sab, I was thinking here. I don’t know. Since I started watching these videos I’ve been changing. There’s something wrong with me.”

“Sab?” She laughed. “Hey, can we talk about whatever you have to say once you finish the video? I swear I’ll listen to anything you have to say. I promise you’re gonna love this one. It’s all about cock.”

“See? Fuck! What the fuck? Why do you think I want to see this shit? I’m no fag,” I was huffing. Was there a conspiracy to make me go crazy?

“Shit? You mean cock? Bitch, you love it. Hey, videos can’t change who you are. Do you understand that? If videos could make someone do things he don’t want we could change the world with a camera, right?”

“That’s not what I’m saying…”

“It’s just cock, Fatterback. Listen, you watch this video and then we talk. Agree?”

“Fuck, hoe. Whatever. Ok. But then we get it real, alright?”

In the end, I still wanted to see what this video was about. I considered it would be ok to give it a try as I made it clear this would be the last time I’d be watching this and that the next thing I’d be doing was fucking her pussy roughly. I was tired of playing nice with her.

“Yeah. It should be in your mailbox already. I’ll call you when you’re done.”


I made sure I told my father I’d be busy in my room so no one would disturb me. I closed the door behind me and found myself wondering if I should really go on with this. The laptop was already on my bed and the video had been downloaded. I looked at myself in the mirror behind a chest of drawers by the bathroom door. Over my shoulder, there was the reflection of my pc. I had an option.

“Fuck, Jax. What the fuck are you doing? Just calm the shit down and breathe. You don’t need this.”

I didn’t think watching a video would change me. It didn’t make any sense. But it was obvious, and Sabrina made it obvious, this video wasn’t about just sex. This was about cock. I told myself this was the last time. Just one more time and I’d have an honest conversation with Sabrina and make sure I’d be back to what I was before. I could put whatever happened to me behind and restart.

“Ok. One last time,” I was kinda excited about it I have to say. Like a bachelor’s party. I’d let myself enjoy this moment before changing my mindset to never think of cocks again. Well, my dick would be the only exception, of course.

My room felt so big. The bed so far away. I crossed the space that separated us with closed fists. My hands were sweaty just like my body. It was a thin layer of sweat that cooled me down when a breeze coming from the window hit me. I made myself comfortable on my bed and paper towel ready in case I came. I didn’t want to cum from watching dicks, but I’d let it happen as some sort of last time celebration. I took off my t-shirt and lowered my shorts. I was hard as ever. My nipples were equally hard. I felt them and my big pecs. Fuck, I was so proud of my body. A stupid video wouldn’t change my essence.

“Let’s do this.”

I put on my headphones and play.

The video was from the beginning very different from the other ones. There wasn’t a sexy woman welcoming this time. The camera was on the floor facing an armchair. I heard someone walking by till a big Asian guy wearing nothing but soccer shorts walked into the frame and sat down. I was down at his feet. He looked at me from above.

“Welcome back, bitch. I’m glad to see you’re here. You chose to be here. Watch this video to the end and I’ll show you what you wanna see,” he rubbed his cock under his shorts. Fucking Christ! That should be the biggest cock in the fucking world. How could I not be curious? “Enjoy, cocksucker.”

The screen turned white and I got the same rules from before regarding the colours and my right to cum. There were sounds I couldn’t distinguish and a spiral rotating steadily while the background flashed in black and white. A clock started counting down in red at the bottom right of the monitor.








Things were getting blurry but I did notice this video wasn’t targeting chicks anymore. No, now there was no denying it was made for faggots.

Spirals and more colour shifts synchronized with voices I couldn’t recognize and words I couldn’t distinguish started breaking the defences I’d built. From the moment I was told this video was about cocks, I knew I should put some limits on my experience. Limits that were gradually fading away. This video was definitely different from the others I watched. My mind was being obliterated from the very beginning.

Eventually, the words started to make sense:







I’ve heard those before and they were becoming part of my routine. I was getting used to being called those things and they didn’t even sound repulsive anymore. On the contrary, I was enjoying it.

YOU’VE BEEN WRONG YOUR WHOLE LIFE (images of guys playing football that looked like my team)

YOU’VE BEEN TOLD YOU ARE A MAN (my school with people I knew walking by)

THIS WAS ALL A MISTAKE (Nighttime. My teammates playing football. Liam walking backwards while he rubbed the outlined of his cock that I haven’t noticed before but it was impressively heavy)

YOU AIN’T A MAN, JAX (The game continued. Liam and Noah were talking. The two of them scratching their crotches)

YOUR BUDS HAVE COCKS (It was now a training day. They were running around the field. The camera focused on their pants)

REAL COCKS (a guy my age was wanking in a dark room but the light coming from the computer illuminated his body. It should be footage from a webcam. It was Liam. He had a cock a lot bigger than mine)

COCKS THAT ARE TWICE AS BIG AS YOURS (another teammate Ezra was fucking the mouth of a chick with his big cock. He’d look at the camera sometimes and laugh until he bumped fists with the cameraman)

THOSE ARE REAL MEN (the zoom of a huge white dick with smooth loose balls)

YOU AIN’T ONE OF THEM. YOU’RE A FUCKING BITCH, JAX (two guys were measuring their cocks. The size difference was stunning. One was at least three times longer than the other)

BITCHES LIKE YOU HIDE THEIR CLITS (the guy with the smaller dick locked his cock in a metal cage before handing the key to the other guy)

BITCHES ONLY FEEL SAFE WHEN THEY ARE CAGED AND SOFT (the guy with the caged cock started jerking off the other guy and they both looked happy)

DON’T SHOW YOUR PRICK TO ANYONE EVER AGAIN AND BE SAFE (an older masculine guy put on a chastity belt. After locking it, he threw the key away)

HIDE YOUR PRICK AND BE HAPPY (several images of guys in jockstraps or chastity devices flickered on the screen)

JERK OFF YOUR PRICK FEELS WRONG. BITCHES RUB THEIR CLITS (a big guy like me in a football suit rubbed his balls and crotch while his small prick was leaking in a tiny cage)

BITCHES ONLY CUM WHEN ALLOWED TO (a muscled guy in a hospital gown had his dick caged while another dude in a doctor’s uniform fucked his hole with a dildo till his dick released a long stream of cum that ran down his balls and onto the dildo that went in and out of his hungry hole. The ‘patient’ was loving the movement in his asshole)

BITCHES CUM WITHOUT TOUCHING THEIR PRICKS (a guy who should be a surfer had his cock caged and a big dildo attached to his crotch with a strap. He jerked the dildo until his caged prick started cumming)

YOU ARE TO FORGET YOU HAVE A DICK, JAX (more images of several dudes caged or soft)

YOUR PRICK DOESN’T MATTER ANYMORE (several images of dudes locking their dicks. Some of them even broke the keys into the locks)

The clock turned yellow. My hand moved onto my prick but stopped when the next video popped up.

A guy who looked like me was naked on his bed with his small dick laying on his belly. It wasn’t too different from what I was doing. His hand motioned toward his dick but moved past it till it reached his ass.

My hand was gently caressing my shaft when the curiosity took over me and it went a little further onto my balls and then on my perineum.

On the screen, I could see the guy now from a different angle. His fingers started playing with his asshole. They rubbed against it and eventually the first knuckle slipped in. Not more than that. He started moaning and clenching his hole while he worked his glutes up and down.

I touched my hole but didn’t penetrate it.















“I have a pussy. My pussy is hungry.”





“My pussy is hungry.”

The light went green. I was watching now several images and small videos of masculine dudes inserting stuff into their holes. Sometimes their fingers, but they also used phallic objects like carrots, cucumbers, dildos of different sizes. Some of these guys were on their back, but others were on their fours or even riding up and down. Some took it slowly while others went a lot faster.

My hand was still caressing the external wall of my hole. I allowed my index finger to go a little further and the very tip went in. The feeling was different. My body reacted negatively but my brain was telling me that was just right as if that was what I was supposed to do. Sabrina and Mistress had played with my ass before but this was different. I adjusted my lower back on the bed and spread my knees apart. With my left hand, I opened my glutes giving easier access to my right hand. I changed the index finger for my middle finger and forced it into my pussy till I got the first knuckle inside. It was strange and wrong, but so good and right.

Red light again.

I kinda noticed I lost the chance to jerk off. I was given time to jerk off and I opted not to. My hand stopped moving but it remained there over my hole.

YOU WERE BORN TO LOVE REAL COCKS (a bunch of guys were lined up while the camera showed each of their hard cocks that throbbed and twitched)

WHORES LIKE YOU LIVE FOR COCK AND NOTHING ELSE (a mature man in a suit had his cock out through his pants fly while a younger naked dude in a cage sniffed the leaking boner)

YOU CAN’T SHOW LOVE BY STROKING COCKS (a dark-skinned man in a jockstrap licked a big dick from the base to the tip)

BITCHES SUCK COCK (a muscled Asian man was in a car while a white dude suckled on the head of his big cock)

WHORES LIKE TO BOB UP AND DOWN BIG JUICY COCKS (a smaller guy was sitting by a pool while another dude with voluminous muscles bobbed his head up and down on the other’s huge cock)

YOU WILL SUCK EVERY COCK YOU TOUCH FROM NOW ON (a middle-eastern dude in Adidas sweatpants and a jumper stroked a friend’s cock before putting it in his mouth)

BITCHES LIKE YOU TAKE IT DOWN THE THROAT (two guys in a cinema theatre were eating popcorn while a third was on his knees taking one of those cocks into his throat while he jerked the other dick)

THERE’S AN ITCH IN YOUR THROAT THAT CAN ONLY BE SCRATCHED BY COCK (a masculine man my age fucked his throat with a big cock as if meant nothing. It looked so easy. There was saliva running down the top’s legs and onto the floor)

YOU’RE GONNA FEEL THE ENDLESS ITCH (a guy in a cowboy suit took shifts throating two big dicks)

THE UNSTOPPABLE THIRST FOR CUM (the camera was placed under the top’s balls while a dude took his cock in his throat. I could see the cock pulsating as the top injected cum straight into his bitch’s belly)

CUM THAT YOU’LL DRINK STRAIGHT FROM THE COCK (a fraternity guy pumped his seed onto a pledge’s throat. Once he was done, he was replaced by another man who started fucking that throat mercilessly)

RAW COCKS (a younger guy in speedos put his big dick out and started rolling a condom down his shaft when his bigger friend stopped him and took it raw in his mouth)

HE’S YOUR FRIEND. HE’S CLEAN AND YOU WANT HIS CUM (it was Ronnie naked from the waist down sitting on a bed with his hard cock pointing up)

YOU DESPISE CONDOMS (there was a big dick with a condom till a bearded dude put the whole cock in his mouth and spat it out once he’d withdrew)

A BLOWJOB WITH A CONDOM INSULTS YOU (a young guy with a tattoo on his back saying ‘whore’ took the condom off his bud’s cock before sucking it)

A REAL BITCH NEVER USES CONDOMS WHEN SUCKING HIS FRIENDS (in a soccer field, a blond naked dude took the condom off a bunch of guys who were fully dressed)

YOU CAN’T STAND THE TASTE OF CONDOMS (a redhead boy frowned as he sucked a big wrapped cock)

YOU WANT THE REAL THING (an Asian guy licked a big cock head before swallowing it to the balls)

YOU NEED TO SWALLOW HIS JUICES (an extremely handsome dude in fancy clothes licked the precum from a leaking dick)

YOU WILL EAT EVERY DROP OF HIS CUM (a bunch of guys was on the verge of cumming while a guy in a football uniform took turns swallowing their loads)

BLOWJOBS ARE ALWAYS RAW AND YOU SWALLOW THE CUM (the same guy was on his knees swallowing drops that ended up on the floor)

THAT’S HOW YOU CURE YOUR ITCHY THROAT (the same guy was smiling as he cleaned the floor with his tongue)

The clock went yellow and my fingers started moving again across my hole. On the screen, the guy on the bed wasn’t doing the same though. He was scooping the precum that leaked from his cock and bringing it to his mouth. I wouldn’t stop staring at the computer. My fingers scooped whatever precum I had leaked and brought it to my open mouth. The actor sucked on his index finger that went deep into his mouth before going for more pre. I mimicked him with a thirst that seemed insatiable. I managed to insert my whole finger into my mouth. It touched my tonsil and I withdrew before I choked. There was an itch there that I couldn’t scratch. I inserted two fingers that I carefully coated in precum and went a little deeper. As it had happened to my ass, it also felt weird but also so damn right. The light then changed to green. My hand moved down toward my prick but it stopped when I read the next message flashing on the screen.


The clock went red again. Still unconscious, I returned my hand to where it was before. It felt comfortable to caress my pussy while watching the video.

YOU’RE A BITCH HUNGRY FOR COCK (two muscled guys in a boat. One sucked the other voraciously)

ONE COCK WON’T BE ENOUGH (three guys in a park. One of them was naked on his knees sucking the other two)

TWO COCKS WON’T BE ENOUGH (a wrestler in a torn suit sucked three guys that surrounded him in a gym)

YOU WANT THEM ALL (there was a locker room with at least twenty soccer players stroked their cocks while one naked bitch crawled from one to the next sucking each one of them)

RONNIE IS ALSO HUNGRY FOR BITCHES LIKE YOU (a guy who looked like Ronnie was face fucking a guy who looked like me)

HE WILL HAVE HIS OWN BITCHES (the same guy was fucking the throat of two other guys)

YOU GOTTA MAKE SURE YOU’RE HIS NUMBER ONE (the guy who looked like me straighten up the cock and slowly sat on it)

YOU’LL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO BE THE BEST BITCH (he was riding the cock when another dude walked in and inserted a second cock in his already filled hole)

YOU GOT NO SELF-RESPECT (he had two cocks in his hole when a third guy walked in and started fucking his mouth)

YOU’RE A WHORE AND YOU’RE PROUD OF IT (a fourth guy walked in and he’s got two cocks in his hole and two cocks in his mouth)

YOU CAN’T HIDE IT ANYMORE. YOU’RE A WHORE. YOU’RE HUNGRY FOR COCK (another two guys walked in and the bottom had now two cocks in his ass, two cocks in his mouth and a cock in each hand)

THAT ITCH WILL NEVER END UNTIL YOU SURRENDER TO BIG COCKS (a seventh guy with an enormous dick walked in and inserted a third cock in the bottom’s pussy)

MAKE HIM KNOW NO ONE IS BETTER THAN YOU AND OBEY (the bottom and the seven guys found the perfect rhythm till the tops cummed onto and into their bitch)

TELL HIM YOU’LL BE HIS PERSONAL BITCH AND COCKSUCKER (the bottom started cleaning each one of those cocks by licking and swallowing their cum)

ACCEPT YOU ARE A CUM BUCKET AND LIVE FOR CUM (once those seven guys were done with him another seven came in and he started again)

ACCEPT THIS WILL NEVER STOP (the bottom was genuinely happy and fulfilled)

BE THE BEST BITCH AND LOSE YOUR PRIDE (while two cocks fucked the bottom’s mouth I saw his eyes and somehow I saw myself in there)

Yellow light lit the screen. This time, it showed several images of blowjobs. Between some of those frames, there were pictures of guys finger fucking themselves. It was as if it was still guiding me. Moved by those recent feelings, I let my index finger slide into my ass and poked myself two the second knuckle. There were sounds in the background but they were suddenly replaced by words. Those same words Ronnie had said to me before. In an endless loop they started:






Greenlight. The images changed. Instead of focusing on the blowjob, these new bunch of pictures focused on those guys finger fucking themselves. There were small videos too and they looked quite instructive.

My muscles started twitching from the excitement. The idea I was a bitch made me shiver and tremble. It was as if I was feverish but the shaking was caused by my sexual desire. Uncontrollable. Unlimited. Insatiable. I was becoming an untamable beast. Hungry and itchy.

The last knuckle disappeared into my new pussy. I didn’t want to just leave it there though. I withdrew it till I had only the first knuckle inside just to push it in again. Just like the images, I was fucking myself with my index finger. It wasn’t pleasant. In fact, there was nothing good about it physically. Everything I felt was psychological. The simple idea of submission to a superior cock.

Lastly, the images changed once again while the sounds faded away. The light that was flickering and flashing in the background disappeared. The video was now about dudes jerking off and cumming while the green clock counted down its last seconds. I was getting back to myself.

I realized the light was green and I should be doing what those guys in the video were doing. I should be cumming by now. Instead, I was fucking myself with my finger. I stopped instantly. The idea that whatever happened was wrong invaded me but it wasn’t nearly as strong as before. Yes, it was wrong but I had this itch inside of my throat and my ass that I had to scratch. That’s what I should be trying to do. I should be trying to get rid of that. My asshole was clenching in need of something inside of it. It made sense. I thought I should try to scratch that once again but decided to wait and see if it would be gone soon.

I got to see the Asian guy from the beginning still looking at the camera. With a grin he stated:

“You know what? I changed my mind. If you want to see this,” he grabbed his cock again, “you gotta watch the next one, cocksucker.”

The video ended and I didn’t know what to do.

I was hungry but not for food. Not for meat. Not for pasta. I had this need that I couldn’t understand. I was missing something but had no idea what it could be. Not totally conscious, I stood and took my water bottle out of my training bag. From a drawer, I retrieved a little plastic box where I kept a few necklaces. I got rid of the jewels, opened the water bottle and poured 2D’s cum into the box. My cock responded instantly. The smell was still pungent and the liquid transparent and viscous.

I had no idea what I was doing. Instinctively, I brought my nose to where the box was on my desk and sniffed it. I could jerk off to that but the idea of touching my cock disgusted me. Not only that, my boner had disappeared. It wasn’t completely stiff but it was closer to a limp cock than a hard one. But what struck me is that my horniness had not diminished. On the contrary, I was as horny as I’ve ever been. My cock just wasn’t responding to my inner desires. I rubbed my dick but gave up coz it was just repugnant. A soft tiny dick that felt foreign to me as if it was part of another guy’s body mistakenly attached to mine.

As I’ve done earlier that day with Ronnie’s cum, a dipped my tongue into the puddle and left it there acquiring the taste. Once you touch something with your tongue you understand the flavour coz signals are sent from cells in the tongue to the brain. Those cells absorb the information contained in the liquid and you can say that’s become part of you. It’s in your bloodstream. I had become one with Ronnie before and now I was connecting with 2D. His taste was the perfect representation of who he was. His essence in a box.

My phone rang and I guessed it was Sabrina. I reached for it on my bed behind me and answered without checking the screen. I was busy with the boy’s cum to care about it.

“As you said, it was all about cock,” I said after sniffing the box one more time.

“Uh? Sorry?” It was a guy’s voice.

I quickly checked the phone and saw an unknown number.

“Who’s this?” I asked.

“It’s me. 2D,” he was as surprised as me.

“How did you get my number?” I hoped I could make him forget about the cock thing I’d just said.

“Oh. Yeah, everyone has your number in school I guess. It wasn’t hard to find it.”

I could’ve asked who gave it to him but it wouldn’t change the fact he already had it. Besides, I wasn’t pissed he did.

“What do you want?

“About that. Remember I told you about my buds? Well, I told them about you…”

“You what?”

“No, no. I didn’t say your name. No, course not. I just said I knew a guy, that’s all.”

“And?” I still didn’t understand what he could possibly want with him. I should be pissed but yet there I was sniffing his jizz right in front of him.

“I said this guy is a senior and very tough and muscular…”


“And that he gives handjobs for free.”

“You shouldn’t have.”

“It just happened. We don’t keep lies… Listen, I saw how you loved jerking me off. You even cummed when you did it. I’m giving you the chance to jerk off me and six mates.”

“I can’t believe it.”

“Listen, we have this place. No one would find out. It’s only us. I swear.”

“Man, just fuck off, ok?”

“Just let me know if you change your mind. You have my number…”

I hung up. I noticed that while he talked to me about him and his friends I got that itch getting worse. Inside my throat where my fingers wouldn’t reach. I got a glass of water from a minifridge by the door but it didn’t help. I forced myself to cough and cleared my throat. Nothing. I sat at the desk again and faced the box.

I should be going crazy but whenever I sniffed the cum the itch soothed. I gave it another try and I wasn’t crazy. There was a connection. I let my tongue into the puddle again and swallowed a little bit this time. Gosh, it was like spinach to Popeye. The itch was gone, my hole relaxed, I could focus and feel real. On the other hand, I felt myself getting even hornier than before. It was getting out of hand.

My phone rang again and this time I saw Sabrina’s name.

“Finished, Fatterback?” She was always straight to the point.

“Yeah,” I was feeling bad for admitting that.

“Did you enjoy it? I bet you did.”

I sighed when I realized what was happening. I was talking with the hottest chick I’ve ever seen about a video on cocks while I sniffed the jizz of a random boy I met in school.

“This is wrong” I continued like a broken record. “I like fucking pussy. I’m no fag. I don’t dig dick. Can you understand that?”

“Listen to me, Fatterback. Remember I told you I’d turn you into the best lover? That after me you’d become the best fuck of town? No one gets this good without changing first.”

“You mean by becoming a faggot?”

“Stop talking like a high school kid, cocksucker. You won’t be any better if you don’t talk like an adult. I told you the best lovers are the best coz they understand what a woman wants. Every woman is a whore at heart. We have this fire that consumes us. It’s not like guys who cool down after orgasm. If you can’t understand us you can’t be with me. Do I make sense?”

“I guess,” I spoke defeatedly while I stirred the cum with my index finger. “But I can’t start sucking dick…”

“Why not? How will you understand me if you don’t suck dick?”

“Coz I’m not a cocksucker. I told you that like a thousand times already.”

“Then become one and when you suck that dick, think about me. Think you are me. Then imagine the guy you’re sucking is you. How would you like me to suck you? Learn what makes you hot. Study it. Then once you understand what it means to be a good cocksucker we talk again.”

I wasn’t pissed. I was more like defeated. I knew the battle was lost. It was a matter of time before I sucked my first cock.

“Hey,” she continued, “you ain’t becoming a fag after that. Trust me. You’ll become the best fuck in town. A happy one. A popular one. You’ll have crowds coming for you. You’ll be so famous in college you’ll believe you’re a star. There’s no bad side to this, ok? It’s a win-win for you.”

“Still, I can’t be a cocksucker,” I sniffed the cum as I felt the itch returning.

“Face that cock one time. Have it in your throat this one time. That’s all I’m asking. Then we talk again. Do it with your best friend. He’ll understand. And if you regret it, you know he won’t tell anyone about it. This will be among us. Just this one time let the whore in you bloom and forget about everything else, ok?”

“You don’t understand,” I insisted.

“Maybe I don’t. But I think I do. I’ve seen guys like you many times and no one said I was wrong once they did what I asked. Trust me. Anyway, in the end, this is up to you. The night is a child and you can have this done before it’s over. Think carefully, ok? Enjoy the cock.”

She hung up. Sabrina knew I wouldn’t let her down and somehow I knew she was right.

I found an unread message. It was Jenny’s. She was asking when I was coming to meet her.


Confused and stressed, I downed the cum in one shot as if it was a shot of whiskey. It tasted terrible but it was so satisfying. I needed more. It was hard to admit it but I needed more but warm and fresh. I needed Ronnie.

This wasn’t settled. Of course not. I should go and meet Jenny. That’s where I was supposed to be. Fucking her pussy. I took a quick shower, put on a polo shirt and a pair of cargo shorts. Fixed my hair, brushed my teeth twice just to make sure I couldn’t smell any trace of cum in my mouth, sprayed my fanciest cologne and headed to my car.

My car was still warm although it was nighttime already. I opened the windows to let fresh air inside. My fingers almost closed them again though. Something wanted to retain whatever remained from Ronnie’s scent in there but I was stronger. I’d made my mind and nothing would change it now. I set the GPS to take to Jenny’s place and drove off. After a lot of route-recalculation warnings, I found myself stopping by Ronnie’s house. I couldn’t believe it. Maybe this was a sign. It should have a reason. Maybe all I needed to do was to talk with him and solve our issues. Make him forget what happened in the morning and move on. Yeah, that was it. I couldn’t start a new life if I didn’t make sure that morning was part of the past.

Before finding my phone in my pocket, I cleared my throat twice. That stupid itch. I called Ronnie.


“Ronnie boy.”

“What’s up?”

It felt like nothing had happened to us.

“We gotta talk the talk, agree?”


“I’m right outside.”

“Fuck. Now?”


I saw him looking for me from his window on the second floor of his house.

“Come up in here. Through the window.”

“Through the window? Why? I know your family.”

“Coz it’s better, ok? Just climb the wall. You’re gonna find three holes in the bricks behind the plant by the wall. Right, left, right. Just climb.”

“Fuck, Ronnie boy,” something was already telling me this was getting out of control. This was a terrible idea.

“Just do it.”

“This looks like some sort of Romeo and Juliet shit.”

“Do you wanna see me or not?”

“Whatever, man.”

My first reaction was to look around. The street was dark and silent except for a stupid dog across the street barking at me. I could see his neighbour walking around the house as he crossed the window from one side to the other several times. He made me cautious at first but then I concluded he wouldn’t be able to see me if I neared Ronnie’s wall. Ronnie’s parents should be home too. The lights on the ground floor were on and I could hear the sound of the TV. I crossed the grass field that separated the sidewalk from his house and found myself trying to find the holes on the wall he talked about. This was one of those green walls with a plant that extended from the ground to the roof.

“Damn it, Roonie boy. You son of a bitch,” I started cursing while the whole situation became increasingly embarrassing.

“To your right,” he whispered to me from the window above. “Then left and right.”

“Yeah, yeah…”

When I finally found the fucking hole I managed to find the others without much problem. I reached for his window frame and bent across it with my upper body going in first while my legs were still outside. Ronnie hooked his fingers on my belt and pulled me in. I ended up with my face on the floor and my ass in the air. “Why couldn’t I use the front door?” I asked as I stood up.

“I don’t want my rents asking me questions later. You never come here this late. They would ask me a lot of shit…”

“Then answer them. What the fuck? We’re just talking.”

“Trust me. It’s better this way. Besides, you’re here already, right? The worst part is done.”

His room wasn’t as spacious and comfortable as mine but it was alright. His single bed always made to perfection, a desk with a bunch of books about stuff I didn’t understand, a massive wardrobe, and two vintage carpets that I couldn’t stand. Not to mention that smell of wood that was persistent and equally annoyed me. I pulled the chair from the desk and sat while Ronnie made himself comfortable on his bed. I noticed his bedsheet was messy and his laptop on the bed indicated he was lying there when I arrived. A box of Kleenex on his bedside table and his headphone by the laptop told me he should’ve been jerking off or planning to. “Is the door locked?” I asked.

“Yeah, why?”

“Nothing,” I just wanted to confirm my suspicions. He was thinking about wanking.

I coughed and cleared my throat but the itch wasn’t easing.

“So?” Ronnie leaned against the bed head and crossed his legs. He was wearing an old t-shirt and comfy blue boxers that left nothing to my imagination. The outline of his cock was obvious. Heavy. Full. It looked distracting. Our conversation hadn’t started and I was already entranced by his dick or the idea I had of it.

“What we did today was wrong,” I forced myself to look him in the eyes. “You have to forget what happened in my car. We never talk about it again. No one ever knows about it. Got it?”

“Ok,” he answered.

“Ok?” I wasn’t expecting this to be this easy.

“Yeah, but you have to answer something first.”

“What’s that?” I cleared my throat again.

“We may never do that again. I can forget about that. I get your point. But did you enjoy it?”

“Enjoy what?” Of course, I knew what he referred to. I just wanted to gain some time.

“My cock. Jerking me off. The taste of my cum…”

“Dude, stop, ok?

“Jax, I’m not asking this coz I’m making fun of you. I don’t care if we never do anything like that again. I’m asking coz I’m concerned about you.”

“What you mean?” I was confused and anxious not sure where this was going.

“From what I could understand, you did what you did,” Ronnie mimicked a hand jerking an imaginary cock, “because you were curious. That’s what I thought at first. Then I saw you doing it. Man, it’s obvious you enjoyed it. A LOT! I’m willing to let you experiment and do whatever you want secretly. Just between the two of us until you feel like you’ve done enough. I don’t mind. Really. I can share my cock with you. The thing is I know that if you don’t experiment with me, you’ll do with someone else and then you may not find someone willing to keep it a secret. Do you understand?”

“Bullshit…” I should’ve left but I couldn’t move. I cleared my throat again and found myself staring at his crotch once again.

“Let’s make a deal then. I’ll release my cock and I’ll count one minute. If after that you tell me you’re good and that you’d rather leave then it dies here, ok?”

Before I could answer, Ronnie pulled up the left undie leg until his cock and balls were out and free dangling down onto the bed.

“Put that away,” I said but I couldn’t stop looking at it. I knew he’d understood that I didn’t want him to do what I asked him to.

“One minute. You can either get out or come here and touch it again. No one’s gonna know,” he shook his cock with his right hand as it starting inflating and getting bigger. “I won’t say another word. It’s up to you now.”

I swear I tried. That itch was getting unbearably annoying while my hands started sweating. My muscles were twitching lightly and I bit my lips. My fingers curled and then my hand closed in a fist. Maybe I wanted to hurt myself and wake up from that nightmare but it was real. For an instant, I couldn’t smell the wood from the ceiling anymore. The scent of Ronnie’s dick and balls were now all I could sense.

There was no denying that I’d made my choice already. That’s been the case from the moment I parked my car in front of his house. We both knew that. I stood up and walked slowly toward Ronnie stopping next to him. His dick was hard by now. I kneeled on the floor while he turned to where I was leaving me between his open legs. His cock facing me.

My hands touched Ronnie’s thighs first and then they moved up to his crotch. With my left hand, I touched his loose balls until my right hand closed around his shaft. I felt my muscles trembling. The left side of my brain tingling. I was extremely horny but my cock wouldn’t get fully hard. This should be a sign that I wasn’t enjoying my actions, but the rest of my body said otherwise.

“Let it all out. Do what you want to do. Don’t hide. It’s just the two of us here,” Ronnie instigated me.

“It’s so beautiful,” I moved my head a few inches closer to his dick till my nose was just above it, “It smells so good. Boy, this is so good.”

“Why don’t you stop calling me boy and let me do that instead, boy?”

I still couldn’t look at him.


“Call me stud if you want.”

“Ok… Stud,” I moved even closer to his dick when the tip of my nose touched the tip of his cock. I let its scent into my nostrils and my brain that was still tingling from excitement.

My hand started working on his cock again up and down till I saw a drop of pre forming at the tip. I didn’t want him to watch this but I had no choice. I let my tongue out and very carefully lapped up his juice. Inside my mouth, I let the taste spread till it coated every inch of my oral cavity. The tich subsided. My muscles twitched. I was shaking my ass like a happy puppy.

“Don’t suck me,” Ronnie said in a whisper. “Just jerk me off.”

“I don’t…”

“I know you want to suck me, but… No, that’s too far. Let’s stick with the handjobs, ok? I don’t want you swallowing my juices either.”

“Why not? It’s not like I haven’t done it before.”

My world was shattering. I had his cock in my hand and I was so close to having his warm cum in my mouth again. I couldn’t understand what was going into his mind. Why would he deny me that?

“We’re friends, Jax. I don’t know. I don’t want this to change. Do you?”

I sat on my ankles and looked him in the eyes while my hand stroke his cock slowly.

“It’s not gonna change. As you said, this stays between us. When we’re out we pretend we’re the same. No one needs to know anything.”

“But we will know. How can we still be friends if you start sucking my cock?”

That was a good question.

“Friends with benefits?” I proposed.

“You’d become my bitch, man. Things would change. I don’t know if I want that.”

“I don’t mind,” I spoke without giving it a second thought. At that moment, I’d say anything to have Ronnie cooperating with me. “I’ll be your bitch. You can be my stud.”

“Until you change your mind and say I should forget about what you said or you’ll gonna kill me…”

“No. I swear I won’t say that anymore. Promise.”

“I don’t know. What do you feel like if I call you bitch?”

“I don’t mind. I’m your bitch now,” my mouth was salivating. His dick was leaking more precum and I was missing that.

“If you suck my cock… Boy, this will be forever. Once you become a cocksucker you’ll be forever a cocksucker. Do you understand that?”

“Yeah. Whatever, man. I said I don’t mind,” I was getting impatient.

“Ok, then,” he whispered.

Finally! I moved closer to his cock again. I was ready for this. There’s nothing I wanted more. I needed his cock inside my throat.

“Wait!” He stopped me again.

“What the fuck, dude? This is just a blowjob, not a brain surgery.”

Ronnie stood up, let his boxers drop, stepped out of them and left me on my knees before the bed. He went to his wardrobe and returned with a little box in his hand. His long heavy dick bouncing along the way. He stood in front of me with his cock close to my face while, from above, he opened the box and showed me a pack of condoms.

“What are you doing?”

“You can blow me, but we gotta use a condom. That’s my condition.”

“The fuck I’m blowing you with a condom on. Who do you think I am?”

I also stood up and pushed him forward with my forearm against his neck till his ass shocked against his desk and got my face right next to his. Two of his books fell on the floor along with a bunch of pencils. I should have fire coming out of my nose and through my eyes.

“Are you ok?” His mother yelled from the other side of the door as she tried to open it.

“I’m fine,” he answered. “Just dropped my books.”

“Why did you lock your door?” She insisted as she tried to come in.

“For privacy? I gotta study.” He didn’t stop looking at me.

“Don’t study too much. Have some rest.”

“Ok. I will.”

“Good night!”

“Good night.”

I checked the door. Yeah, it was still closed and secured. I turned my look back to Ronnie and his disgraceful petulance.

“We gotta use a condom, Jax. Trust me,” he insisted. “That’s the only way I’ll be able to respect you after this.”

“I don’t want your respect, stud. I want your cock,” I caught his big dick in my right hand while my left forearm continued pressing his neck. Fuck, I needed that more than ever. I cleared my throat twice to prevent myself from coughing.

“Fuck you, bitch,” he pushed me and I had to step back. “You either suck me with a condom or you don’t suck me.”

I had to find a way to convince him. Fighting wouldn’t do us any good.

“What if I suck you if the stupid condom for a minute, then we try it without a condom for another minute? Then we try to get to an agreement again? Just pretend it’s not happening, ok? It’s just one fucking minute.”

Ronnie was considering my suggestion. He sat on his bed and opened the first packet.

“One minute then you go back to the condom,” he concluded.

“You’re so fucking annoying, dude,” I fell on my knees between his thighs again. “Sometimes, I feel like crushing your fucking head.”

“Shut up,” Ronnie was struggling to open the packet till he started using his teeth.

“You don’t use your teeth to open this. Give it to me. Fuck, I got to do everything and this was not even my idea.”

This sort of dialogue reminded me of other conversations I used to have with him. He was smarter than me in many fields but whenever I was certain I outsmarted him, I’d behave like an angry old man.

“It’s not like I’m gonna get you pregnant,” Ronnie was pissed too.

“Shut up, dude,” I finally opened the pack and took the condom out. “This isn’t even a magnum. I should’ve taught you how to choose condoms. Man, your cock is a lot bigger than this.”

“It’s never been an issue…”

“Because you haven’t tried the right one. I bet it’d be a lot more comfortable. This is for cocks like mine, not yours.”

I should be humiliating myself before my best friend but it didn’t feel like that at the moment.

“Hold the base of your cock,” I instructed. Once he did what I asked, I stretched the condom and covered his dick head with it.

“That’s not how you do it. You gotta pinch the tip before rolling it down.”

“Did you hear what I said? Your dick is way too big for that. As you said, it’s not like you’re making me pregnant anyway, right?” I rolled the condom down till it covered half of his shaft. “There you go. Happy?”

“Whatever, dude,” he sighed. “Are you sure you wanna go on with this?”

This was my turn to act. I neared his dick with my mouth and stopped about one inch from having it inside. Suddenly, it was like I was watching a film of my life. My past experiences. How I’ve become Jax, the king. My story with football. All chicks I conquered and fucked. All the blowjobs I received. That was my story. That was my identity. Still, my mouth was watering. I drop of saliva escaped my mouth and hit his dick head. I swallowed it back and resisted for a few more seconds.

“You don’t need to do this…” Ronnie spoke one last time before I engulfed the head of his cock with my mouth.

This was weird. I didn’t feel my world changing and turning upside down. I had a dick in my mouth and I was still myself. I went a little further down. The intruder was getting closer and closer to my tonsil and the back of my throat. My jaws were stretched to the widest angle I managed. I held my tongue tight before letting it touch the wrapped shaft. Once I closed my lips, I tried to get a little bit more cock into my mouth but I realized I should start slowly. I bobbed up and down for a few seconds before withdrawing.

“Dude, this tastes horrible. Besides, this condom is thick as hell. Can you feel anything?”

“Not really. But that’s what I want.”

“It’s been one minute yet?”



I went down on him again but this time without thinking too much. I wanted to take it deeper. I knew that the condom only covered half his mast so if I could go beyond that I’d get what I wanted. To do that though, I’d need to get the tip of his cock into my throat. I held tight on his thighs, moved my head a little forward so I could get his dick better aligned to my neck curvature and then forced myself onto his lap. His dick head popped into my throat and I held my breath.

I remembered the first time I fucked a pussy. Danielle wasn’t popular but she had great ambitions. She wanted to become the most popular cheerleader in the school. She could do that by training hard or fucking the guy who was finding his way into becoming the best quarterback around there. Danielle was also a virgin. The sex was rushed and nothing special but there’s one thing I’ll never forget: the moment my cock penetrated her pussy I could feel its tight walls expanding to accommodate my shaft like a finger piercing a dense dough. When I withdrew I felt it closing down just to open up when I moved in again. That was the tightest hole I’ve ever fucked and now I understood what it meant to be penetrated. To have your body intruded. Your organs restructuring their anatomy to receive a foreign body inside them. The body working to accept the intruder and become one with it. My throat opened up and embraced Ronnie’s dick in a tight hug. Not happy yet, I continued till I found myself closing my lips around his skin. My tongue was pressed down but I managed to let it out to lick the raw cock. Ronnie moaned for the first time and so did I.

I wanted that moment to last but soon I felt like gagging. I withdrew quickly but not without leaving his cock drenched in saliva that followed me as I moved back until the stream broke and hit me on the chin. I cleaned it with the back of my hand and looked at Ronnie.

“Fuck,” Ronnie was surprised.

“Ok, it’s been one minute now.”

“No, it’s not,” he fought back.

“Yes, it’s been one minute. Stop fucking around and respect our deal,” I was stroking his cock and spreading my saliva onto the wrapped shaft. “It’s a fucking disrespect to make me suck a piece of latex,” I mumbled before reaching the bottom of the condom and start unrolling it.

Ronnie stopped my hand midway though.

“Listen! You had my cock in your mouth. Do you understand that? I don’t consider you a cocksucker yet but you’re my bitch now. But I still respect you. You’re a nice good bitch. That’s all. If you suck me bare then you’d be nothing more than a nasty cheap whore. A real cocksucker. I don’t think you’re understanding the deal here. This will change you for life. It’s not a one-night thing. This ain’t about you and me. This is about the rest of your life. Do you get that?”

I took his hand with my other hand and made him release it. My throat itching. My asshole clenching. I couldn’t wait anymore.

“So, let me be a cheap whore, damn it. It’s my fucking choice. Why do you care so much?”

“I want you to remember this was your decision. I won’t be able to respect you ever again and I doubt you will be able to respect yourself after this. Deal with the fact you’re a whore. Got it?”

Once I took the condom off, I pulled Ronnie closer to me by the thighs so his ass was hanging out of the bed. He lay down probably trying to avoid eye contact. I couldn’t care less. All I wanted was his cock. I was hungry for it and now I had it all for myself. I pumped it up and down a few times to make sure it was completely hard. Once I saw the precum emerging from the slit I was sure this was the time to take that in. I licked my lips and went for it.

This time, there was no film going through my mind. The doubts were gone. I was hungry. Any sort of consciousness had been set aside. I’ve become pure instinct. Ronnie had put his forearm across his face to keep him from seeing me. I couldn’t care less.

I opened my mouth wide again but closed my lips as soon as I felt the head was in. I closed my lips and now I felt it. I mean, I felt everything. The earth had opened and I was floating in the air. Nothing was holding me. My tongue ran across the head and focused on that open slit retrieving his nectar out. I sucked hard. I wanted more. I could’ve pumped more juice with my hand but I wanted to use my mouth for that. Once again, I opened my mouth and moved further down till his dick touched the back of my mouth. I wasn’t stopping. As I continued moving, his dick stretched my throat and reached that itchy spot. I went a little further and the itch was soothing. I was afraid I’d choke but I relaxed and the invader made itself in. I had the whole thing in my mouth. His perfumed pubes right on my nose.

“Fuck, slut,” Ronnie was looking at me. I looked back into his eyes. I had tears running down my face from the effort, or the intrusion, or maybe the shame. I couldn’t tell. “You’re a cocksucker now. And you took the whole thing. You’re… amazing!”

I withdrew just enough to let the head touch my tongue. The texture was different from anything I’ve tried and the taste was also so unique. That was funny and reminded me of another situation.

There was this time I’d practised football with my teammates and then made our way to the lockers. I didn’t remember how it all started but suddenly we were talking about cocksuckers and the process of sucking dick. Who the best cocksuckers were, the best techniques and so on.

“I don’t think it’s too different from sucking a finger,” Josh said while he pulled his pants down and stood in his jocks.

“Bullshit,” Noah intervened. “Cock doesn’t smell like fingers.”

“Why? Have you smelt dicks?” I laughed as I walked in my birthday suit into the showers.

“Fuck you,” he laughed. “I got a cock. I know what it smells like. And if the smell is different so must be the taste too.”

“Nah,” Josh continued now dressing down to total nudity, “unless you feed your bitch with a dirty dick. My cock is always clean and ready to party.”

“Besides,” Mario joined the conversation as he dried his body while walked back from the showers, “I know I take better care of my dick than my fingers. If it was to taste any different, it should taste a lot better.”

We all laughed at his statement.

“Good point,” I yelled from the shower room, “so if we want to be real badasses we should stop saying ‘suck my dick’ and say ‘suck my finger’ instead.”

“Yeah,” Liam yelled from across the room as he showed his middle fingers to us, “suck my finger!”

We all laughed and raised our middle fingers to yell together:

“Suck my fingeeeeeeeeer!”

And here I was not sucking a finger but a real dick. Honestly, I’ve sucked my finger once after that just to make sure. Very quickly, just to end it by laughing at myself. Now, I wasn’t laughing. And I could say from my experience that cock and fingers tasted nothing alike. It wasn’t about sucking skin. It’s about the juices the cock releases. The chemistry between those juices and the sucker’s saliva that culminates in a unique taste. It’s about how clean the cock is and the smell of the pubes and the detergent from the underwear. It’s a lot related to the way the saliva hits the pubes and also produces a singular smell that influences how the cock tastes too. I didn’t think I’d ever explain to my teammates my conclusions but they couldn’t be further from the truth.

“You’re swallowing my pre,” Ronnie spoke after watching me pumping pre out of his cock and then pushing it down my throat. “You really like ball juice, eh?”

“It’s great,” I managed to say quickly before sinking onto his cock again to have it scratching that itch spot that was now a lot better. I was whole with his cock.

“Ok, boy. Enough,” Ronnie propped up onto his elbows, “it’s been one minute now.”

He took another condom pack and opened it quicker this time. I knew his intentions and wasn’t happy about them.

“Not happening,” I put my hand around his neck which startled him. “You won’t make me suck a fucking piece of rubber again. Never.again! I’m tired of being insulted.”

“I was doing this for you. Trust me.”

“I’m not asking for your help or your sympathy. Stop trying to help me. Understand?”

“Ok,” he abandoned the condom.

I resumed my sucking not trying to take it down my throat this time. I was curious to feel the cock shape with my mouth. Its curves. The veins. Its unique texture. The aroma and taste. I wanted to build a memory I’d never forget. The first cock I’ve ever sucked. The cock that turned me into a cocksucker. Ronnie didn’t stop watching me this time.

“If this is what you want then we gotta think about the future of our… I don’t know how to call it. It’s not friendship. It’s not a relationship. Connection? Arrangement?” “Can we talk about this later?” I spoke with a weak voice catching my breath like a swimmer emerging from the water after a long dive.

“This is about you, right? That’s what you want. But next time you suck me, it will be about me. I won’t be a walking dick to you. You’ll rather be a mouth to me. You’re gonna suck me like the naughty cheap whore you are whenever I want. Do you understand?”

“Whatever, dude.”

“Whatever my ass. Do you understand?” Ronnie wasn’t trying to be nice anymore.

“Yeah, yeah. I understand.”

“If you don’t be sure this will be the last time you’ll ever see this cock. Let alone touch or suck it.”

I couldn’t get upset or start another argument while I had a dick to suck. I could get back to this another time.

Now and then, Ronnie would rest on his elbows to watch me. The way I used his cock to scratch the itch in my throat. Or how I stopped the sucking to lick the shaft and clean the juices that oozed from the tip. He should be seeing a part of me he didn’t recognize. I wouldn’t recognize myself. That should be a view to remember. “When I cum… Please, at least this, don’t swallow,” Ronnie spoke.

“Fuck you I’m not swallowing,” I pointed my finger at him trying not to wrap my hand on his neck again. “Don’t you try to stop me. I’m working for this load. It’s mine.” “Boy… What’s happening?” Ronnie lay again and spoke while he watched the ceiling.

I fucked my face a little faster while I play with his balls with my left hand. My right hand I left on his thigh that I used for balance. I massaged the balls that would give me something only balls could give. I was getting thirsty. I wanted to feel his cum burning down my throat again but this time straight from the source. He should be getting closer.

“Stop,” Ronnie dragged my head up by the hair.

“What the fuck, dude?” Out of rage, I punched the bed tired of his shit.

“Shhhhhh, my rents, idiot.” He shushed me.

“What the fuck?” I was still pissed but I managed not to yell. “You don’t stop me.”

“Shut up, moron. I just don’t wanna cum yet.”

“So, what?”

“Strip!” He ordered.

“What for?” I wasn’t expecting that. “I don’t want you to see my junk.”

“Fuck your junk. I don’t want to see it either. You can keep your undies on.”

“What if your mother knocks again?” I checked the door afraid his rents had the key or that they could come in somehow.

“They’d still see you sucking my cock. What a big difference, eh?” Ronnie slapped my face gently which was something he’s never done before. It was a friendly slap but that meant a lot. He was gaining control over me and we both knew that. “Besides, you gotta get used to being naked. You won’t suck me again unless you show me your body. What kind of cocksucker sucks cock like this?”


“Quick, Jax boy or I’ll put this away,” he shook his cock making his point clear.


I stood up. My knees were hurting. I had no idea for how long I’ve been kneeling there. I shook my legs before hooking my fingers under my t-shirt. I gave Ronnie a last look and he nodded. I knew I had no choice so I took it off. Next, I undid my belt and let my shorts drop to my ankles. Ronnie helped me out of them and, in the meantime, he removed my sneakers too. There I was standing in nothing but a black Calvin Klein boxer brief and my cotton socks.

“Happy?” I asked sarcastically. “Can I finish now?”

“No, turn around.”

“What the fuck, stud?” I guess I’d say ‘stud’ when I felt vulnerable or if I wanted him to have mercy on me. “I’m being nice to you. Why do you want me to turn around?”

My heart started beating faster and my hands were sweating again. I was shifting my weight from one side to the other afraid of what Ronnie had in mind.

“Bitch, you suck cock like a girl. You ask for my cum like a girl. So, you gotta learn to be a girl and bend like a girl.”

“What are you talking about?” I couldn’t recognize him.

“I don’t know. Seriously. It’s just this thing I’d like to try,” he pointed to his desk. “Put your head there.”

This whole thing with Ronnie was new but I could tell he wasn’t very sure about what he wanted to do next. His voice was trailing off and the way he avoided making eye contact with me after spending the last few minutes taking pleasure from watching my watery eyes staring at him gave him away.

There was a part of me that wanted to fight but another couldn’t say no to Ronnie. He’s become more than a friend now. He’s got this sort of authority I didn’t know how to resist. In my undies and socks, I walked past him and put my hands on the desk.

“Head on the desk,” he pushed my head down till my right cheek touched the tabletop bending me into a 90-degree angle. “Legs apart,” he kicked my inner legs till they were widely opened. I felt awkward and extremely vulnerable.

“What do you want, man?” I noticed I’d started calling him ‘man’ as opposed to ‘boy,’ or ‘dude.’ He was a man. The man. My man. Macho. Masculine. Manly. Virile. Dicked. As for me, I still didn’t know what I’d become.

He searched for something in the desk’s drawer and kneeled behind me. His face was at the same level as my ass. I could see just part of his body from where I was as he hid behind my legs. After a few seconds, he touched my underwear.

“What do you want, man?” I insisted but didn’t move.

“Stay still. If you move you won’t be swallowing my cum. Understand?”


I had no idea what he was doing until I felt his fingers touching my bare ass. How could he do that if I was still wearing my undies? I soon understood when I heard the fabric of my boxers being torn by his hands.

“Fuck, man,” I cried out. “Those were new.”

The fucker had destroyed my expensive undies.

“You’re rich, bitch,” he was getting used to calling me names and I was enjoying it in a way I should not.

His hands opened my ass cheeks in a very dangerous way. I should’ve done something but I also wanted to know what the hell he wanted with me. This fucking curiosity. Ronnie took his time till I felt it. My man started licking my hole. I’m not kidding. I know this sounds outrageous and disgusting. A dude licking another dude’s asshole. Unfathomable. Unimaginable. Unresistable. Sabrina and the Mistress had done the same but it felt nothing like this.

“What the…” my voice failed me. I had a man licking my fucking hole. His tongue was moving up and down as he’d lick an ice cream before he tried to push it into me. That was something new. Unexpected. If I were to think about a tongue in my hole before, I’d guess that, beyond repulsive, it wouldn’t feel any different from licking any other part of my body. How wrong could I be? A tongue in my hole wasn’t about the hole. Once the contact had been made my muscles all contracted at once. My spine tensed up and lifted my torso onto the air. I clenched my asshole while my diaphragm stopped moving. My knees straighten my legs as did my elbows. It all happened in a very brief instant in total coordination.

In the next second, my hole opened up and Ronnie’s tongue penetrated me a little deeper. My whole body then collapsed as the air that was stuck in my lungs was released and my muscles relaxed. My head fell back onto the tabletop while I shut my eyes very tight. My brain was tingling again. My knees bent forward while my arms spread along my torso. My ass moved down but Ronnie, with his hand on my cheeks, helped me to stand again. The same reaction repeated a few times until he hit my right cheek hard. He wasn’t playing.

“Do you like this?”

He opened me wider and went even deeper. It was getting so hard to stay quiet. The voice I suppressed was gaining shape inside of my throat and my shut mouth was the only thing that stopped it from hitting the air.

“Do you like this?” He insisted with another slap.

He hit so hard this time that my lips gave in and opened up.

As if I had been drowning and came up for air I let it out:

“Yeah…” I felt the voice travelling up my inner channels and fading into the air like a long whisper.

My senses failed me but I understood the combinations of factors that made that so pleasing. It was the soft tongue and its ability to harden when penetrating me. It was Ronnie’s saliva that made me wet. It was his warm breath that hit the external and internal walls of my hole. Then his skilful fingers that spread the saliva and while grabbing my cheeks passionately. The chain reaction caused by his tongue was similar to orgasms but the intensity was lighter while the duration was a lot longer. It was an orgasm that had no end as long as he kept doing that to me. Chicks had me by the dick for a few seconds while I unloaded. Those seconds we get an out-of-the-body experience and retrieve our senses slowly as our breath resumes to its normal frequency. But Ronnie had me by the hole and I was his for as long as he wanted.

For the first time since I stepped into his room, my dick responded to the stimulus. I was painfully hard.

“Open your cheeks for me,” he demanded.


“Open your ass for me.”

I put my hands on my cheeks and opened up while I felt the cool breeze that came from the window drying the saliva from my sensitive anal walls. Ronnie held me by the thighs, pulled me closer to his face and managed to go even deeper into me.

“Fuck, man,” this came out of me involuntarily. “Fuck, fuck…”

“Get up,” he stood from behind me.

I was out of breath. My muscles had softened and it wasn’t so easy to put my legs to work. With my hands on the table, I forced myself up and turned around. “We will have to do something about this eventually,” he pointed at my boner.


He tried to focus but I could see in his eyes my dick was distracting him. My underwear was useless now. It was more like a band around my waist with pieces of drapes attached to it.

“What if you put your shorts again and I cut a hole in the back?”

“But how do I go out then?” I was still out of breath and it would take me a while to recover.

“No one’s gonna see you anyway. When you leave you just use the window, get into your car and go home. Your rents must be sleeping already so… Then you throw them away.”

Ronnie took my shorts from the floor and handed them to me.

“Take off your undies first.”

I hesitated but reached for them. I should be going crazy but I did put them on. Those were new expensive shorts too. The ones I’d wear when I went out looking for pussy. I took the rest of underwear I had on and pulled up the shorts. Once I finished buttoning up, Ronnie pointed to his bed.

“On your fours, like the chicks you fuck.”

“This is getting weird…”

“Getting weird? We passed that already like two hours ago. C’mon.”

I kneeled onto the bed first and then put my hands down till I was on my fours. I looked back once again. Now I could see Ronnie’s amazing boner bouncing up and down then from side to side as he moved his body. He was as hard as before which meant he was enjoying this too.

Without warning, he reached for his scissors and opened a large hole onto the thick fabric of my cargo shorts. He used his fingers to force it a little wider when I heard the fabric being torn mercilessly. My dick was now hidden by the shorts and Ronnie had free access to my hole.


Ronnie opened my butt again and penetrated me with his tongue as he’d done before. The regret I felt for letting him destroy my clothes was instantly gone. My head hit the bed right after the first contact of his tongue as my arms failed me. I had my ass up in the air as one of the bitches I’d fuck. The sluttiest position a bitch could find to demonstrate her will to take cock.

Aware that a moan was building up inside me I sank my head into a pillow that I quickly grabbed and let out. I was loud but the muffled moan wasn’t loud enough to leave the room.

Ronnie though didn’t miss the chance to slap my ass.

“Shut up, bitch,” he shushed me again. “You can’t control yourself, can you?”

“No! Fuck, man. I can’t control it,” I spoke as quietly as I could.

“Get up,” he demanded.


“Yeah, get up.”

I couldn’t imagine what else Ronnie wanted from me. I had delivered my dignity to him on a tray. I’ve made myself his. I was acting like a whore in heat and it wasn’t enough.

As I stepped out of the bed, Ronnie lay down. With his right hand, he stroked his cock a few times and made it point upwards while he shook it invitingly.

“Come on your fours again on top of me. Use my cock to keep you quiet.”


No, I wasn’t even trying to fight anymore. What was the use for a fight that I knew I couldn’t win?

I kneeled again onto the mattress and moved over Ronnie’s head and covered torso before being greeted by his dick that, in a wild dream, was able to talk to me ‘did you miss me?’ Fuck, did I miss that cock. It was still wet but now from Ronnie’s juices that were leaking more than usual. He should be enjoying my ass as much as I enjoyed his tongue and cock.

I slowly approached his dick with my mouth till they touched. Ronnie should be impatient coz he managed to pull my head down till I had his shaft hitting my throat again. I didn’t think I’d be able to swallow the whole thing from this position so I started bobbing up and down the first four or five inches of dick. It went on like this till Ronnie started licking my hole again. Those same spasms and contractions took me over. My breathing changed its pace while my throat relaxed. There was another moaning forming up and willing to come out but the space it opened was suddenly occupied by his dick that made its way in. I didn’t think it was possible, but his dick slid without much effort into my throat like they have been made to each other.

The truth is I was still hungry. The more I tasted his cock the more my mouth watered and lubbed the shaft. I got his dick wet with saliva running down his balls and legs onto the damp bedsheet.

“Now you can moan as much as you want,” Ronnie slapped my ass before getting back to munching.

The connection had been established without words. Ronnie and I started communicating by using our bodies only. Whenever I struggled to get his cock back into my throat after withdrawing to breathe, I’d clench my asshole. He’d then penetrate my hole deeper till my muscles relaxed enough to let his cock in. I didn’t stop moaning and neither did him. We were dancing the same rhythm and singing the same song. We were in perfect harmony.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” he announced.

It was as if those were my words. So many contractions and relaxations, allied to all the times I clenched my ass waiting for his tongue, worked like a hand stroking my dick. Damn, who am I trying to fool? I’d cum even if I was just sucking his cock. The contractions were involuntary and his tongue only made them more intense. The difference is that when I came while I jerked off 2D’s cock I managed to suppress and ruin my orgasm for him. Now, this had become impossible. The intensity caused by Ronnie’s tongue took me out of my body and led me astray.

I came. Gosh, I don’t know how many spurts but I knew there were many. Maybe too many. I’ve never came that much. I felt like I was pissing myself.

“Fuck, are you cumming?” Ronnie asked. He probably noticed that from how I started clenching my asshole as my cock pumped all my juices out. “I’m coming. I’m coming.”

And it happened.

I felt the first volley of cum leaving Ronnie’s dick timidly into my mouth. His dick muscle retrieved while the skin expanded like the valve of a car. It was that same warmth and taste from the morning. After that first volley, things changed abruptly. I guess the first jet had made its way onto the cock slowly from the moment he said he was about to cum, but the second came straight from the balls. Travelling through his internal tubes as fast as possible, it gained impulse and propulsion. It hit the roof of my mouth with the force of a pressurized hose. My reaction was to withdraw but I managed to stay in place.

Quickly, I closed my lips around the shaft and retrieved leaving only the head inside to leave room for his cum. The third volley crossed the length of my tongue onto my tonsil and the entry of my throat. This was a heavy volley.

The fourth and fifth jets were a little weaker and less voluminous but the sixth came with full force again. Those strong volleys were the ones I guessed were coming straight from the balls cleaning the sperm from his tubes and forcing them out of his shaft. There was the cum that was sitting around there and the strong jets that were meant to clean everything up or so I thought. I’d later call them ‘the seaters’ and ‘the cleaners.’

The seaters were less intense and weaker ones, but the cleaners… Man, those were the big deals. I got two more cleaners before feeling my mouth filling up. From the movement of Ronnie’s pelvis, I noticed he wasn’t done yet. The cock skin was now stuck because my lips kept it still but the muscle inside moved down and then up in a fast thrust releasing the seventh and eight volleys that, although less intense, were large.

Ronnie let his head rest and his hands let go of my legs. He was almost done. The ninth and tenth volleys were almost imperceptible but those last ones are special. They are usually more pungent than the rest coz they bring more spermatozoids with them. They are the ones a cum whore should look for if he’s in for the flavour. Once I received it all in my mouth, I raise sitting on my man’s chest. I looked up and let the cum mix. The different flavours from the first to the tenth volleys coming together as one while my tongue buds interpreted the sensations and my man’s unique aroma. I closed my eyes and let it sit there while my saliva started pouring in. My tongue danced around as the bittersweetness convoluted into a full spectrum of colours. I was crossing the fucking rainbow.

I swished and gargled the cum to give myself a few more seconds of pleasure. Unfortunately, there’s a moment when there’s more saliva than cum in the mouth and the good sensations start fading away along with the flavours. I found out that that was the right moment to swallow. And so I did.

“You do love cum, uh?” Ronnie pushed me away from him and I stood up. “Fuck, you’re a mess.”

He was looking at my crotch. I couldn’t believe it. My shorts were drenched. I had cum running down my legs onto my socks.

“At least you left your socks on, or you’d have to clean the floor,” he laughed.

“Damn, look at me,” I didn’t know what else to say.

“Dude, you should leave. We still have class tomorrow and it’s late.”

I felt like one of the chicks I’d fucked. Exactly the same. After everything I’ve done, I wasn’t required there anymore.

“What time is it?” I asked.

“Almost one.”


Ronnie opened the window and I carefully found my way out as I had cum dripping from my shorts. I had the bottom half of my body out when Ronnie approached my face, which was still in his room, with his dick.

“My dick don’t stop leaking after I cum,” he offered me his limp cock. “Do you wanna clean it?”

I had my ass exposed to the street as my shorts were ripped off, not to mention the cum running down my legs and dropping onto the ground a couple of feet below. Ronnie’s dick had a pearly drop at the tip. I couldn’t resist. I just couldn’t. I licked it clean before surrounding the head with my mouth again.

“I didn’t do my homework. I’ll be screwed tomorrow,” he started as if I wasn’t still sucking his cock.

I withdrew just to see another drop emerging.

“You’ll be fine. The teachers love you,” I answered before sucking it again.

“Yeah, but I’m not being a good student since you started messing up with me.”

I let his cock out and yet another drop oozed out.

“It won’t stop anytime soon,” he must’ve seen the surprise in my face. “Do your parents worry about you? It’s late.”

“Not really. I go out sometimes and don’t come back till late,” I licked and sucked again.

Those last drops are also a precious part of the last ‘cleaner’. Their flavour is special coz it comes with the taste of the cock head while it’s softening. I didn’t understand it very well yet but the soft cock after orgasm has also a different taste and it’s probably the best one for cocksuckers. As the skin is retracting, as opposed to when it’s hard and stretched, it concentrates all flavours into a smaller space. I gotta say I could keep cleaning him forever.

“Ok, you should leave now.”

“Yeah,” I agreed once I saw there was nothing much left there for me. “See you tomorrow.”

“Sure. Pick me up?”


I found my way down and walked to my car. The neighbours should all be sleeping by now as no lights were on. The dog had also stopped barking and all I could hear was the sounds of crickets and insects that revolved around the light pole.

I was tired and should feel satisfied but the hunger… Maybe it was the moon that shined so bright in the sky that night. I was feeling uncontrollable. I knew I had to go back home, take a shower and sleep but before leaving I fished for my phone.

There were a few messages from Jenny asking when I was coming and shit like that. I felt bad for her somehow. I never felt bad for bitches but now I did. I should be really changing.

I scrolled down the list of my last received calls and found the unknown number I was looking for. I pressed the button text and typed:


Yeah, I was insatiable.

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