Hypnobitch - part 03

By Brian Porter
published June 19, 2021
19307 words

Jax gives a decisive step into becoming Ronnie’s bitch

Story inspired by Silkstockingslover’s “Hypnosissy”. Thanks for such an amazing story.

This story is part of the “Bitch Saga” and my “From straight to bitch club”


That wasn’t an easy night. It was hard to fall asleep and then to remain asleep. I kept waking up with a constant idea that there was something I had to do as if I was missing something. When I decided to stop trying, I chose to watch the video again. My cock remained hard the whole night, which rarely happened to me.

I jerked off and came. Twice. I had to think about what was going on with me but preferred to leave it hanging for now. Time for breakfast, I got ready and left for school with another hardon that was bothering me. It didn’t matter what I tried, it was still there. And the shit was I had swim training that day. I couldn’t wear a swimsuit with a boner.

Throughout the morning classes, I thought my hardon wouldn’t last. It couldn’t go on like that forever, right? Besides, I had to focus on the teachers but the more I tried to pay attention to what they said the more I’d end up thinking about my dick and how wonderful it was. One thing led to another and whenever I remembered I had a blessed cock, which happened all the time, my boner persisted and throbbed.

At lunchtime, I considered skipping swim training but I couldn’t come up with any excuse. The fact is that even if my results were awful I had to show up and make sure the coach saw my effort. Not showing was like saying I wasn’t interested anymore. I could even lose my spot in the team.

Ok, if I had to attend so what should I do?

I should be looking worried because Homer came to me in the lockers while I was sitting there still wearing my jeans and staring at the small speedos in my hands.

“What’s wrong, man?” He asked.

The noises of people walking in and out of the locker room were increasing as people came in when lunchtime neared its end. It should be around two o’clock when I watched Homer standing in front of me in his tiny red speedos. I had a similar one in my hands but blue.

Without a word, I stood up, lowered my pants and showed him my hardon through the underwear. It was obscene.

“What the fuck?” His eyes showed the honesty of his surprise. “What did you put in there?” He laughed. “Are you pranking someone?”

“This is my cock, dude. It won’t go soft for anything.”

My reaction was unexpected even to me. I don’t think anyone has ever seen my dick before. Probably, only quick glimpses that are unavoidable when one’s walking naked in the showers. Neither has any of my buds showed their dicks to me. I don’t know, maybe we’ve never had this level of intimacy. Maybe they did talk about their cocks but never included me in these conversations. The fact is that I would never act that way.

Another weird part of this experience is that, although never done before, I didn’t feel awkward. Flashing my boner out to a teammate should make me blush at least. But nothing. The truth is that I was comfortable with it. Nothing in my mind warned me to stop or to hide. On the contrary, that’s exactly what I should do. If I had a problem with my boner being seen in public, then I should just show it off to anyone. If everyone knew I had a huge cock, then no one would get surprised if I appeared with a boner in the swimming pool. This rationale seemed logical though absurd.

“Have you tried to think ‘bout your gramma or something?” Homer wasn’t joking. Or maybe he was but he couldn’t laugh while he stared at my above-average boner. “Nothing works,” I was frustrated but not embarrassed.

“I don’t know how to help,” Homer gave up. “Hey, George, would you come here for a sec?” He called another teammate.

George came bay quickly and my boner was the first thing he noticed.

“What the fuck?” He also sounded genuine.

“Ronnie has a big problem over there,” Homer pointed to my crotch. “He can’t get his dick soft. Any idea? He’s tried to think about his grandma already.”

I realized that thinking about one’s grandma should be a normal procedure in cases like mine among the guys over there. Of course, I wouldn’t be the first case of a boner before the swim training.

“I don’t know. Have you tried a cold shower? It could help,” George suggested.

That could be a good idea. I took a clean towel from the pile and wrapped it around my waist after taking off my clothes. The guys tried to pretend they weren’t looking but they were. It was obvious they couldn’t stop staring at my dick and it made me feel great. So, that’s the kind of power I could have over other guys when I showed them my cock? Why haven’t I tried this before?

By now the lockers were a lot busier and several guys noticed my boner under the towel. Halfway to the showers, I decided to take the towel off and walk the rest of the way in my birthday suit. That’s also something I’d never do, but that now seemed just the right way to proceed.

“What the fuck?” I heard many guys saying.

“The guy can’t go soft,” Homer said from behind me.

All heads were turning to me as everyone wanted to see the biggest cock in the school.

“How haven’t we seen that before?” I heard someone else asking.

I reached the showers and tried the cold water. It should work if I didn’t feel so excited with all those eyes on me. They didn’t try to pretend they weren’t interested. On the contrary, they’d get close to study me from a better angle.

“Fuck, dude. How big is that shit?” Asked a guy I didn’t know the name.

“Don’t know. Haven’t measured,” I wasn’t lying. I’ve never had such curiosity.

“That should be over 10,” another dude said from farther away.

“It’s not going down,” Homer stated the obvious.

“What’s going on here?” Coach Stunters asked when he entered the lockers. He walked through my mates who one by one started dispersing after being aware of the coach’s presence.

“I can’t get soft,” I complained to him when our eyes met. His stare went down and he tried his best to contain his surprise. He was doing his job and being professional with a student in agony. Except I was enjoying every second of that experience.

“Is the water cold?” He asked.

“Yes, coach.”

“For how long are you there?” He tried his best to focus on my eyes, but he eventually looked down before moving his eyes up again.

“Five minutes? I guess.”

“Do you want to skip training?”

“No. I’m not sick. If it’s ok with you. I don’t mind going like this.”

“Yeah. Well, everyone’s seen that already. If you don’t feel bad about it…”

“I don’t. It’s ok,” I might have sounded a little too happy about my situation.

“I may have swimming trunks somewhere. Do you want to try a bigger one?” He should be suggesting it would be better if I wore a bigger swimsuit.

“No, I’m fine.”

“Are you sure? I don’t think it will fit.”

“It’s alright.”

“Ok. Get your speedos and rush to the pool.”

The idea that I was doing something wrong was building up inside me but, at the same time, there was another flow of thoughts that comforted and excited me. When I put on my speedos, I realized my dick was clearly visible on the top and if I tried to move it lower then it would risk getting out from below. I was virtually naked with a boner and it didn’t stop me from walking to the pool while the guys watched me in awe.

“Dude, I wish I could be this brave,” Erik walked by my side, “I’d never show up if I had a boner like that.”

“It’s not like we haven’t seen boners before, right?”

That would have been indeed the walk of shame to many guys but to someone with a dick as big as mine that was more like the walk of redemption. I was getting some sort of recognition I didn’t believe to be ideal but that would take me out from Jax’s shadow and allow me to stand alone away from him.

As I had imagined, eventually, no one was talking about me anymore. We trained like any other day. My boner didn’t subside but it didn’t stop me from having a great training day. My performance was outstanding, to say the least. Even the coach couldn’t believe I was able to do so much with a hardon.

In the showers, the guys couldn’t stop talking about my dick again and when we were back to the hallways I heard my name being spoken several times by boys and girls around me. Eyes followed me around too and my hardon was still there to the more attentive eyes. There was no denying I had the biggest dick in the school. I’ve never felt so proud and powerful. How could I think that by being Jax’s friend I’d get more benefits than now that I achieved so much without doing anything but walking with a hardon? In my head, I thought only that if they wanted to look then I should let them. I had nothing to hide.

I had one last activity that day when I met Jax standing by himself by the door that led to the football field. He looked thoughtful when our eyes met. I could see he was struggling with something. I studied his eyes for a few seconds when they moved down to find my crotch. Jax was quiet and his mind blank. Gosh, he wouldn’t even blink.

“What are you staring at?” I approached him.

As if waking up from a bad dream, Jax noticed my presence once again. I’ve never seen him like that. He should be having a terrible day.

“You mother fucker,” he yelled before jumping over me.

Having someone as big as Jax coming for you can make anyone piss the pants. Like a lion that’s set its eyes on its prey, he came to me.

Jax put his hands on my neck as if he’d kill me but his grip wasn’t tight. His body was on top of mine, his ass on top of my abs. Afraid of what he could do I didn’t move, but he did. Ever so slowly, his body moved lower onto mine, as his hands remained on my neck. It went on till his ass found my dick. He rubbed his bubble butt against my cock while his eyes were locked on mine.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

Again, as if my voice could bring him back to reality, Jax fought me. We wrestled on the ground and his hands brushed my dick in ways I was taken by surprise. I wasn’t looking, but I felt his hand grabbing my dick and squeezing it before he released me.

“Fuck!” He yelled.

“What’s wrong with you?” I yelled back.

“You,” he was still yelling but then he contained himself, “you are the problem.” He looked around to see if anyone was looking. “Are you really walking around with a hardon? What the hell? What’s that for?”

“Why is this your fucking business?” I stood up fixing my t-shirt that he almost ripped off.

“But why are you doing it?” He was looking at my crotch again. “Since when were you so big?”

“Since always,” I panted. What kind of question was that anyway? “You’ve seen it before. What’s wrong with you?”

“It can’t be that big,” he stammered. “You can’t be that big…”

“But it is!” I felt offended.

“It’s not!”

“IT IS! Here.”

I unzipped my pants and lowered my underwear to show him my boner.

Jax’s eyes opened wide. His pupils closed to little dots as if my dick had become a life threat. I saw him swallowing stones as he tried to speak words that weren’t coming to his mouth. He mumbled stuff but nothing made sense.

The time was passing by very slowly as we stood there facing each other. I looked at his face and he looked at my dick. Just like that until I heard voices moving toward us.

Jax might have heard it too. Before I could put it back though he found his phone and took a photo of my cock.

“What are you doing?” I asked as I pulled up my pants.

“It’s just… I don’t know. It can’t be this big. This is bullshit. It just can’t be!” Jax was getting furious.

“What the fuck, man? You must be going crazy or something…”

“Yeah! Maybe I am. Fuck this shit!”

Jax walked away without looking back. I watched him walking away and I noticed his ass. The dude had a big fucking ass. How haven’t I ever noticed that? Anyway, something was going on with Jax, but I knew I wasn’t right either.


What a terrible night that was. I should be waking up every five minutes with mixed up images of pussies and dicks flashing in my mind. I’d stare at the ceiling and do my best to focus and forget all of this before falling asleep just to wake up again. In one of these situations, I remembered the last time I’ve been with a chick. It was Emily. In her room. The two of us. I knew the bitch well. She’d sucked me. I’d fucked her many times. Geez, how could I? She was a terrible fuck. I’ve thought about all the other chicks I’ve been with just to reach the same conclusion. One simply worse than the other. Sabrina, though, was great. I haven’t fucked her but she tongued my ass. So fucking nasty but simply amazing. Emily and the others would never do that. With Sabrina, sex had acquired a new meaning and dimension.

Damn it! Why would I like a chick tongue-fucking my asshole? But still, it felt so good. It can’t be bad if it feels good, right? It just can’t be. I suddenly found my hand moving onto my hard dick and slowly going lower onto my balls and perineum when I stopped myself. No, I wasn’t doing that. It was alright to have a hot woman playing with my ass, but I couldn’t do that to myself.

I woke up in the morning thinking of cocks. Big leaking juicy cocks. There was something about dicks that I liked so much, I just didn’t know exactly what. I looked at my cock and studied it for a few seconds, but still couldn’t find the answer. Fuck, I loved my cock. I watched Sabrina’s video one more time before taking a shower, getting ready and going down for breakfast.

To my surprise, my father was going out already but not before hugging me and ruffling my hair. I hated that. I sat at the table with my little brother. He was such a jerk.

“Didn’t sleep well?” He asked.

“Why do you care?” I mixed my protein shake with fresh milk.

“You look weird.”

“Weird how?” I was suddenly afraid my nightmares were becoming public.

“I don’t know. Like you can’t focus anymore. Are you on drugs or something?”

“Fuck you, dickhead.”

Tired of that jerk, I took my stuff and headed to the school. I walked into the hallway toward my locker and couldn’t recognize anyone. No, I wasn’t in the wrong place or another nightmare. Or maybe, this was still a bad dream, I didn’t know. I just couldn’t look at people’s face. I felt compelled to stare at their crotches. Not everyone though. Only the guys. I couldn’t stop myself from imagining what they were packing. How long and thick could their cocks be? What kind of cum did they have? The thick or the watery one? How heavy were their balls?

This was going too far. At the moment, I realized such thoughts were giving me a raging boner, I forced myself to look up at their faces. Luckily, no one had noticed my sudden interest in crotches. No, Jax – the quarterback who led the team to victory in the last two seasons – would never be into hot cock. Or tasty cum. Or lickable balls. Not when he loved all those disgusting smelly pussies.


“What’s going on, Jax?” I heard this voice from behind me. I turned around to find Chuck. He wasn’t a bud of mine, but he was in the team so I’d hang out with him from time to time.

Chuck used to work out a lot but not necessarily to play good football. He liked to be big so he could bully smaller guys. Not that I cared about it, but just such a waste of time.

“Why do you ask?”

“I don’t know. You’re looking a little lost today.”

“You too?” I was getting upset with so many inquisitions and this was only the second one so far.

This shouldn’t be a big deal but I couldn’t stop staring at Chuck’s hand when I noticed he was scratching his balls and groping his package.

“Hey?” He asked. “I’m up here.”

I was brought back to reality by Chuck snapping his finger. How long was I gone? I had no idea.

“Just this fucking headache,” I lied as I turned around and walked into the classroom.

It was Biology class. Mr Amal, our teacher, was wearing a formal shirt and slackers as he usually did. Honestly, I’ve never paid too much attention to his dressing code but that day I memorized the shape of his bulge and could picture the mouthwatering big cock his pants concealed. I excused myself to go to the toilet a bunch of times and, in one of those, I decided to jack off. I moved to one stall and spanked the monkey with force and intent. I forced myself to think about pussies but they weren’t doing the trick. When I allowed myself to picture the dicks those pants hid I got close to cumming. I stopped my hands immediately. I couldn’t cum like that. Not while I imagined big leaking cocks. So tasty schlongs and love sticks.


My head rested against the wall as I continued rubbing my cock gently. I opened my eyes to watch my hand rubbing my dick with passion and devotion. I can’t deny I loved my cock. So juicy. The head was in perfect proportion to the shaft. Yeah, if it could only be a little longer and fatter. Like the ones I saw in the videos that Sabrina sent me. Unconsciously, I closed my eyes again to picture the cocks from the videos. So many beautiful appetizing cocks.

This time, I couldn’t control myself. When I thought of one of those cocks spurting jizz onto a bitch’s face I came too. I only opened my eyes when my cum was all on the wall running down onto the floor.

Afraid that someone could find out what I’ve done, I rushed to grab a piece of toilet paper to clean the wall before me. As my hand swiped the long stream of jizz my mouth watered. I didn’t understand it at first, but I wanted to lick that shit. I stopped the cleaning to convince myself that I couldn’t do that for all possible reasons. From ‘why would I do that,’ to ‘I can’t possibly lick the toilet’s tyle.’ I couldn’t let myself do that. I forced my hand to keep cleaning the wall but ended up on my knees with my head pressed against the cold wall.

‘Just a little bit,’ I thought. I was just curious. That’s all.

I stuck my tongue out and it touched the shinning tyle. That was the initial plan but I didn’t stop till I had licked the whole jizz from the wall. I was so disgusted and ashamed. What the fuck was wrong with me? Why did I like that so much? My limping dick was going hard again with the taste of cum embracing my taste buds. Simply delicious beyond imagination.

Unable to see me in the mirrors, I rushed out of the toilet onto the nursery.

“I feel sick,” I spoke as soon as I stepped into the room and found the nurse.

“What are you feeling?” She should’ve noticed how disturbed I was.

She asked me to sit at the examination table while she took my blood pressure.

“I don’t know. A little nauseous.”

“Physically you look normal,” she checked the numbers. “Maybe it’s just the heat outside. Do you wanna stay here for a while? I’ll tell your teacher you’re here.”

“Yeah. That’d be nice. Thanks.”

When the nurse disappeared out of the room, I sent Sabrina a message. I wasn’t sure why I was reaching out to her, but I needed to talk to someone and I felt like I could trust her with the reasons for my disturbance.

‘There’s something wrong about me. I can’t stop thinking about…’ it was hard to say or type it but I had to ‘cocks. I must be sick.’

It didn’t take her too long to call me. I’d rather not talk on the phone afraid someone could hear me, but I picked up.

‘Fatterback! Why’s it bad?’

How could she ask me that?

‘What do you mean why’s this bad?’ I murmured. ‘I’m a man. And I’m thinking about that. Men don’t do that.’

‘Of course, men do that. The secure ones do. Only guys that are afraid they may not be so masculine don’t think about cock. You guys have a cock and touch it every day. What’s the problem in thinking about cock?’

‘It’s not like that. You don’t understand.’

‘So, what’s that?’

‘I’m thinking about… other guys.’

‘Oh. You’re saying you’re thinking about other guys’ cocks. Is that right?’

‘Yeah,’ why did she need to humiliate me?

‘And have you never?’

‘No!’ I almost yelled. Fuck, I should be more careful. ‘Course not,’ I went back to murmuring. ‘I’m not gay.’

‘I see. That explains why you’re so bad when dealing with pussies. You know nothing about pussies just like you don’t know shit about dicks.’

‘And what’s that supposed to mean?’ I was confused.

‘Fatterback, you want to fuck but you don’t want to think about it. You can’t fuck for real if you don’t think of cocks. A guy only knows how to fuck a pussy right when he’s not afraid of cocks. When he knows a dick better than anyone else and when it doesn’t scare him. I believe that when you met me you realized you couldn’t keep playing low if you wanted to move to the big league. You gotta challenge yourself and be bolder if you want to fuck a real pussy like mine or the other chicks here. You can’t be the same asshole from high school in college. Guys here are not scared by dick…’

‘I’m not!’

‘So, what’s the problem?’

‘I… I feel like touching them sometimes, you know?’ Gosh, I could barely hear myself now.

‘Well, do you think you’re the first straight guy feeling that? Dudes from all ages have done it before. Trust me, you ain’t the first one…’

‘But I’m.not.gay!’ I insisted.

‘Neither are they. Google it if you want. You’ll be amazed by how many guys do it sooner or later. Remember when I told you that you won’t be able to fuck me unless you understand what a woman feels like during sex? I think you’re understanding my point. And I’m glad you’re getting there, Fatterback. It means you’re a step closer from fucking me.’

‘Really?’ It sounded like a melody to my ears.

‘Once thinking of other dudes’ cock don’t freak you out. Well, that’ll be a start. A good one.’

‘I don’t wanna think about that. I want pussies. Fuck pussy.’

‘Sure you do. And I’m only talking with you coz you do. But you can’t fuck well if you don’t start by understanding and loving cocks first. What do you use to fuck pussies?’

‘Cock… My cock.’

‘Yeah, if you don’t love it first, you won’t be able to love pussies or fuck them right. Stop thinking too much, Fatterback. Being curious is great. Let it flow. If your mind tells you to love cock and watch cock, then do as it says. The sooner you surrender the sooner you’ll be munching my pussy. Do you wanna that?’

‘Fuck yeah…’

‘So surrender, cocksucker,’ she was authoritarian again. She was so hot when she talked like that. ‘I gotta go. Relax, ok? You’re doing fine. I’ll send you another video tonight and I’ll make sure this one calms you down a little. Do you wanna that?’

‘Yeah. That’d be great.’

‘Awesome. Talk later then.’

I hung up feeling good but when I thought about it, I realized nothing had changed. I was still thinking of big juicy cocks with the difference that it should make me now feel good. I shouldn’t brush away these thoughts but instead, embrace them as the only pathway into Sabrina’s panties.

Annoyed with my inability to express my problem and get people to understand the gravity of my issue, I left the nursery and walked to the football field. The coach asked me if I shouldn’t be in class. I explained I was feeling a little claustrophobic and needed to be outdoors for a few minutes. He let me. I sat at the bleachers to watch a training session with the freshmen. I needed to focus on their motions, their feet and the way they move their arms but instead, my eyes were gazing at their crotches again. I couldn’t stop it. I had to see their cocks. Study them.

“Jax. What an honour to have you watching us today,” spoke this freshman who walked to me.

“I guess so,” I wasn’t in the mood.

The freshman was kinda good looking, with dark hair, green eyes, a great smile that made him look so friendly and such a huge package. Fuck!

I was looking at it. No, I was staring.

“Good game?” He asked groping the heavy package as I’d do if I caught a chick staring at it.

I didn’t take it as a sign he had spotted me.

“Mason, but the guys call me 2D,” he offered me his hand for a handshake.

“Jax… You know.”

Was his cock growing bigger? Yeah, it was. He sat by my side and looked at the field. I lowered my head so I could keep looking at his dick.

“Those cheerleaders make me so hot,” 2D was rubbing his hard cock and I was still watching.

“I know.”

There were a bunch of cheerleaders training across the field. I had fucked them all, but I wasn’t interested in them anymore.

“Fuck, man. I feel like jacking off here and now. Don’t you?”

He couldn’t be serious. I didn’t even know the guy and he was talking about jacking off in public beside me. Absurd but so hot. I’d like to watch it.

“I’m thinking about going under the bleachers and washing the grass with my cum. Do you wanna join?”

He was being too open about it with me. Again, I didn’t know the guy and my eyes still glued to his cock as if I didn’t have any other choice but stare.

“Nah, I’m good.”

“Are you sure? It seems like you’d like to join me.”

What was he talking about? I finally blinked and found the mother fucker grinning.

“What are you implying, asshole?”

The grin on his face was quickly replaced by a look of fear.

“No… Nothing, man. Just saying. Sorry, ok?”

I stood up and stomped away. It was getting late already. I didn’t have lunch. I spent the whole day doing nothing but watching crotches and thinking about dick. As I walked by the cheerleaders, I noticed them glancing at me but I also heard them talking. It was something about a boner. I stopped and found Melissa walking by. I held her by the arm before she walked away.

“What you talking about boners?” I asked.

“Haven’t you heard it? Your friend is walking around with a huge boner. Everyone is talking about it.”

“Which friend?”

“Ronnie. The swimmer.”


“Yeah,” she laughed. “I thought you knew. Guys are saying he has the biggest cock in the school.”


I let her go. What was going on? So, it wasn’t only me. There was something wrong with Ronnie too.

My head was spinning. I stopped by one of the doors that led to the school, leaned against a pillar and started thinking again. I was afraid to see any other guys and go back to staring at their cocks. I must’ve stayed there for a while and only realized the time’s passed when I saw Ronnie walking toward me.

This time, consciously, I stared at his crotch. I wanted to know if it was true Ronnie was walking around with a hardon. A big, the biggest one. At first, I couldn’t see it so I thought it was just those girls bullshitting me, but as he moved closer to me, I saw it. I didn’t see it at first coz it was so big the head was squeezed to the side almost reaching the edge of his body. It couldn’t be that big. Just couldn’t.

“What are you staring at?” He asked.

His voice woke me up. I felt insulted. Since when did Ronnie have a dick as big as that? Who allowed that? Yeah, I knew he was big. I had seen it before. But I was drunk, the room was dark. In the toilet, he had his back turned to me and the fag had his dick in the throat. I had convinced myself that he was big but not that big. Now, I couldn’t deny it anymore. The worst part though is that now everyone knew that too. He exposed himself and I ended up exposed too. People would now talk about Jax who was the best friend of the guy with the biggest cock in town.

I didn’t know what to do. The only thing that came to my mind was violence. Some way to express my anger.

“You mother fucker,” I yelled and jumped onto him.

I wanted to hurt him. My hands were ready to punch his face and make him beg for mercy. I could have done that easily but I wasn’t able to. It was as if my muscles didn’t respond to my will. As our bodies intermingled in what should become an ugly fight, I felt his boner touching my body. It was hard to conceive he was so big. My hands held his neck but I couldn’t close my fingers around it and choke him. In our wrestling, I ended up on top of his body. His boner rubbed against mine through our jeans. Goosebumps made me shiver as my focus dissolved while my lower body slid onto his chest until my ass was aligned with his cock. I rubbed his dick with my ass as I struggled to feel it. I had no option. I had to feel it somehow even with my butt.

We were wearing our jeans. The point of contact between our bodies was dry and the friction warmed us up.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

I was still thinking about how ungrateful he was for being so big. After everything I’ve done for him, he dared to offend me like that. It couldn’t be true. There was no other way to know if he was that big if I didn’t hold his dick. That was my only option. I could try to think of an excuse or do it in a way he wouldn’t notice but I didn’t care. I groped his cock as I’d hold a heavy dumbbell. My hand travelled from the balls till the tip in a long journey that never ended. Long like the distance that separated me from my lost dignity. Yes, his dick was big, a lot bigger than I had imagined. There was no denying anymore.

“Fuck!” I stood up and moved a few steps back.

“What’s wrong with you?”

I wished I knew the answer to that question. I had no idea.

“You are the problem,” I tried to control myself afraid someone could hear us which could be a disaster. “Are you really walking around with a hardon? What the hell? What’s that for?”

I know. Such a stupid question. That was the first thing that came to my mind and it expressed what I was feeling. I couldn’t accept his superiority and the way he walked around proudly showing his gift to everyone. His dick should be mine!

“Why is this your fucking business?” Ronnie asked. I’d probably make the same question.

I should’ve thought better about what to say next but I just went with the flow of emotions that were dominating my reason.

“But why are you doing it? Since when are you so big?” I couldn’t stop staring at his crotch.

“Since always. You’ve seen it before. What’s wrong with you?”

“It can’t be that big,” I should be stammering. “You can’t be that big…”

“But it is!”

“It’s not!”

“IT IS! Here.”

The childish talk was the product of two guys that argued about nothing. We had no reason to fight. There was nothing to be said or discussed. It didn’t stop us from yelling at each other though.

Ronnie unzipped his pants to show me his dick. It was unexpected. I should’ve become white like the walls that surrounded us. The reality was becoming increasingly harsher and a lot harder to accept. It was hurting me, but there was something else too. I couldn’t understand exactly what, but beyond the pain, I found something else. Desire? It couldn’t be.

I simply stood there trying to cope with these feelings. Words failed me miserably. I hated that bastard but still, I wanted him so badly. It was his dick. Something about his cock was affecting me and it was confusing me. The harder I tried to understand the more bewildered I became.

Voices of people echoed in the hallway. I didn’t have much time left to think. I wanted his dick but I didn’t want it either. I didn’t know! I took my phone out of my pocket and still baffled took a photo of Ronnie and his dick.

“What are you doing?” Ronnie asked.

“It’s just… I don’t know. It can’t be this big. This is bullshit. It just can’t be!”

“What the fuck, man? You must be going crazy or something…”

“Yeah! Maybe I am. Fuck this shit!”

I was tired. I just couldn’t take this anymore. Ronnie was still fixing his dick inside his pants when I walked away trying to figure what I had just done. I took a photo of his cock. I should delete that shit or maybe make fun of it somehow, but I didn’t do anything. I kept it in my phone for whatever reason I couldn’t understand. ‘Fuck,’ I thought when I realized I still had football practice that day. ‘Today of all days.’


That day, I went to school as a normal guy who no one knew much about besides that Jax was a friend of mine and returned home as the most popular dude ever seen. I was free from his influence. I had conquered my independence and fame without doing much. In the end, I just needed to accept my body and make use of my assets.

I didn’t remember the last time I felt so good about myself. Maybe never. I’ve always been so paranoid about the future that I hadn’t stopped to think about the present. For the first time, I was living and not planning.

At home, I found my mother watching TV.

“How was school today?” She asked.

“Not bad. I mean, quite good.” I just wanted to go to my room, but couldn’t leave her talking by herself. She liked making questions about my day, but I didn’t know how to give details about my day without talking about my cock so I was evasive.

“Your father will be so proud,” she squeezed my cheek cheerfully. If she only knew the reason for my success.

I was looking forward to watching whatever Sabrina had to send to me when I was surprised by a message from Jax.

‘Sabrina’s mine, Ronnie boy. Give up if you know what’s good for you. Yes, this is a warning.’

He couldn’t be serious. Was he threatening me? Had he forgotten what I could do to him?

‘You know what I can do against you so don’t fucking threaten me!’ I answered.

‘We’ll see about it. I’ll fucking destroy you.’

What was he planning? Jax didn’t scare me but he could become erratic if he lost control of situations. I was thinking about the photo he took of me that afternoon. Such behaviour showed how weird he was and I didn’t know what was going on with him.

I erased him from my head when I saw the e-mail from Sabrina popping out in my mailbox.


I expected Sabrina to talk with me but she only sent a simple message that read ‘enjoy the video, Ronniewood. Talk later.’ I thought it should bother me the way she seemed to be avoiding me but it wasn’t true. I was just overthinking it as usual.

I pressed play to find another protected video. Like the previous one, I don’t think I’d be able to pause it or watch only the parts I liked the most.

It started by asking me to wear the headphones and relax. I could do that. I lowered my pants and made sure not to wear a t-shirt so I could cum on my chest. I took a deep breath and did my best to just enjoy the ride.


The words were popping out on the screen while I listened to a song that had no melody, just a repetitive rhythm with voices in the background I couldn’t recognise.








I thought this could be fun. I gave my big dick a last look before the journey started. I was so excited.

The scenes started again but, for the first time, there wasn’t a woman in the first image but two guys. It should’ve shocked me but I enjoyed what I saw.

YOUR COCK IS WAY BETTER THAN ANY OTHER AROUND (two dudes stood beside each other, one had a huge dick while the other had a tiny one)

THEY ALL LOVE YOUR COCK (a brunette was rubbing the outline of a huge cock under a pair of boxer briefs)

THEY WANNA HAVE A TASTE OF YOUR COCK (two blondies in leather clothes licked a big cock together)

A TASTE OF YOUR JUICES (a stunning MILF licked clean the tip of a hard dick)

SO DELICIOUS NO ONE CAN RESIST (the mouth of a dude with a stubble licked clean the precum of a leaking dick)

THEY WANNA SEE YOUR COCK (a redhead woman and a petite blondie plus a muscled dude watched this huge cock throbbing a foot away from their hungry faces)

THEY ALL WANNA TOUCH YOUR AMAZING COCK (three hands jerked off this big cock, two hands were feminine while one clearly belonged to a man)

YOU MUST LET THEM (a MILF in a leather suit held a muscled dude by the hair while pushing it closer to another dude’s big hardon)

YOU GOT A GIFT (a big cock was bouncing while prefuck leaked and splashed over a black girl’s awaiting face)

AND YOU MUST SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE (two young chicks took turns sucking a big dick)

STARTING WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND (a muscled dude in a football uniform engulfed the head of a big cock with his mouth)

The light turned yellow. A masculine voice spoke straight into my brain. Not any voice though. It was Jax’s voice:


The dude in the football uniform went deeper and took the whole cock into his throat.

The light turned green when a bunch of images started flicking fast on the screen. Too fast to judge but about half of them had strong dudes sucking cock. I jerked faster now. This experience was being better than I’d imagined.

In the background, Jax was still begging me:




Yeah, of course! Jax was a cocksucker. He needed my cock. Fuck, I loved listening to his masculine voice – the voice of Jax the king – saying he was my slut. My whore. The red light flashed and I released my dick.

YOU WERE BORN TO FUCK ASSHOLES (a Japanese girl was taking a big dick from behind)

PUSSIES DON’T WORK FOR YOU (a woman with an amazing curvy body opened her legs to the camera showing her pussy while she moved her finger indicating no) YOU HAVE A BIG AMAZING COCK (two dudes in baseball uniforms hungrily stared at this big cock under a pair of boxer briefs)

PUSSIES AIN’T BIG ENOUGH FOR HUGE COCKS LIKE YOURS (a redhead was being fucked by a black dude with a big dick. His dick couldn’t go deep enough into the hole)

ONLY ASSHOLE STRETCH (a guy in a swimming suit held the waist of a blond MILF and put his whole dick into her ass slowly till his balls touched her pussy)

YOU LOVE ASSHOLES (three chicks in school uniforms lifted their skirts to show their assholes)

Then a series of images of pussies in black and white.










That changed to images of chicks displaying their assholes in pictures with vivid colours.



















YOU CAN’T STOP LOOKING AT BIG BUTTS (a bunch of chicks walking in bikinis on the beach with big asses on display)

THINKING OF BUTTS MAKE YOU HARD (two Latinas twerked with their asses turned to the camera)

YOU’RE AN ASS MAN (two dudes were playing football when the camera zoomed in the big butt of one of them)

BIG BUTTS WERE MADE FOR BREEDING (a big black dick deposited a load into a chick’s asshole)

BIG BUTTS EXIST FOR YOUR PLEASURE (three dudes were fucking. Two of them fucked chicks while the third fucked a guy)

HE HAS A BIG ASS SO FUCK HIM (a small dude in a karate kimono fucked his mate on a bench of a locker room)

The light went yellow.

The screen changed to show several images of anal sex. Part of them showed chicks taking it in the ass but more than half showed strong dudes being fucked.

Jax started speaking to me again. His voice repeating endlessly. Listening to him saying those things to me made me hot beyond conception.







The light went green and I resumed my stroking motivated in a way I’ve never felt before.

On the screen, a video of a wet slim guy in red speedos walking towards a big dude in a football uniform. The swimmer turned the other dude around and lowered his pants low enough to show his big ass. The footballer leaned against the wall as the guy behind him took a big dick out of his speedos and started penetrating him.

The video was moving slow different from the others while Jax’s voice continued talking to me.




The swimmer fucked the footballer mercilessly. The scene changed to a moment when the big guy cummed inside his pants without touching his dick. So fucking hot.

Red light!

YOU DON’T WANT TO FUCK WOMEN (several images of women being fucked in black and white with unpleasant sounds coming from the headphone)




YOU WANNA FUCK MAN WHORES (a Latino guy opened his butt to the camera and squeezed his asshole invitingly)

FUCK THEIR ASSHOLES (a big blond smooth dude sat on his mate’s cock before riding it passionately)

FUCK THEIR THROATS (a black dude caught the head of a small blond guy and inserted his cock into the boy’s mouth till it disappeared)

WOMEN CAN’T TAKE YOUR BIG COCK (a guy tried to fuck this chick in the ass but she couldn’t take the cock in her asshole)

MAN WHORES TAKE IT EVEN IF IT HURTS THEM (a dude in a wrestling singlet had a hole in his garment so another dude in singlets could fuck him)

I started hearing voices of different men saying things like ‘yeah, fuck my ass,’ ‘harder,’ ‘breed me, dude.’

MAN WHORES LIKE IT WHEN YOU HURT THEM WITH YOUR COCK (a redhead guy with a trimmed beard was riding a big cock on a reverse cowboy style while he struggled with the pain)

ONLY MAN WHORES HAVE PUSSIES FOR BIG COCKS LIKE YOURS (a guy wearing a baseball hat was taking a baseball batt in his butt and pulling more inside his butt as if that wasn’t big enough)

WHEN YOU FUCK A MAN WHORE ONLY YOUR PLEASURE MATTERS (a dude wearing the top of a karate’s kimono fucked an older dude in a jockstrap unable to touch his cock)

MAN WHORES THANK YOU FOR FUCKING THEM (a fit dude was being fucked missionary-style when he said ‘thank you’)

MAN WHORES THANK YOU FOR FEEDING THEM YOUR CUM ( a strong dark-skinned guy in the middle of a boxing ring surrounded by four guys cumming on him) FUCK MAN WHORES (an Asian muscled dude was struggling badly to take a big dick in his ass)

FUCK THEIR THROATS (Steve throated a huge dildo skilfully)

FUCK THEIR ASSHOLES (an Asian guy took a blond masculine guy by the hair while he fucked him mercilessly)

FUCK YOUR FRIEND’S BIG JUICY BUTT (a guy who looked exactly like Jax in a football uniform walked away while the image focused on his amazing butt)

The light turned yellow and my hands worked on my dick slowly at first but faster as images of men being fucked flickered on the screen. On the headphone, I heard Jax’s voice again:







Also on the screen, phrases popped out fast:







The light turned green and I jerked off fast. I needed to cum so bad. On the screen, photos of men dominating other men with their big cocks in those dudes’ assholes. It showed dominance in a way I’ve never seen before.



All the time, I could still hear Jax talking to me in such a vulgar yet hot manner.



The screen went white and I came instantly. My eyes were fixated on the laptop’s screen, but I felt several jets of warm jizz hitting my abs, chest and even on my face. So strong. So intense.

The voices and sounds on the headphone faded gradually as I was presented with images of chicks and dudes on the screen. They were all dressed up now but still very suggestive. Several guys humped chicks’ asses while in others those women were groping their dicks through the pants.




I could finally look away from the screen when it went dark and the video ended. I had cum all over my body. I knew the video was amazing but I couldn’t remember much. This was so awkward because I had just finished watching it yet nothing concrete came to my mind as I struggled to remember what I’d seen.

I was reaching for a dirty sock I’d use to clean me up when my phone rang. It was Sabrina.

‘Hi!’ I answered. My hands wet with cum.

‘Ronniewood. Did you cum?’


‘Did you like it?’

‘It’s amazing…’ I answered. Sabrina wouldn’t give me time to elaborate on my answers.

‘Which part did you like the most?’

This was a question I couldn’t answer because I couldn’t remember much. Just the very beginning and the end. I just didn’t want her to know that because I didn’t want her to think I hadn’t watched the video at all.

‘The beginning… and the very end’ I answered.

‘Great. Do you still wanna fuck me?’

‘Of c…’ I wasn’t very sure, ‘yeah… I guess…’

‘Awesome. Let’s check tomorrow again. I gotta go. Watch the video again. As many times as you want. Kisses.’

Did I want to fuck her? I didn’t think I did. I just wanted her friendship. Was it right? Suddenly, the act of fucking was related to guys and not chicks. A dude with a big bubble butt was a thousand times better than any chick. I was confused. No, probably this was just a dream or something like that. I had so many questions bothering me but I didn’t associate my confusion with the videos. The truth is I preferred not to think too much and rather enjoy the films. I was getting dangerously addicted to them.

I rested for a few minutes and watched it again. I couldn’t refrain from doing it another three times that night.


Something was terribly wrong with me. I had taken a photo of Ronnie’s dick. This thought was hunting me. I’d take my phone out of my pocket and watch it for a while before putting it back into my pants as I tried to delete it. This should be so easy, but I just couldn’t. At the same time, I knew I’d never look at that photo, but I also wanted to check it again. In the end, I left it there. I had taken it already anyway, so I should just leave it and get rid of it later.

The thing is I had something a lot worse to deal with now: football practice. This has never been a problem. On the contrary, I’d count the minutes to get myself in the lockers to change into my destruction gear, but that day everything was messed up. I couldn’t stop staring at my buds’ crotches. Imagining what they were hiding or how big their juicy cocks were when hard or even the very taste of their delicious cum. What the hell? Why was I adjectivising their stuff like that? The worst of all is that thinking about that didn’t only make me hard but also made me salivate. I was hungry for cum.

If a straight guy watching crotches and salivating after imagining a bunch of dudes’ cum wasn’t bad enough, my ass was also clenching. Like an itch that couldn’t be scratched the memory of Sabrina’s tongue in my asshole was driving me crazy. If her tongue was so powerful, I imagined what something longer and thicker couldn’t do. One thing led to another and I pictured dicks getting inside of me.

Already in the locker room, I sat at a corner and waited for the guys to show up. One by one, they entered the room and undressed while chatting and laughing like dumb bastards. Normally, I’d be there joking around and having a good time in my birthday suit like the rest of them, but not today. From the corner, I watched their dicks swinging as they moved around. Beautiful cocks of different sizes and colours. I couldn’t stop but wonder how big they’d get when hard. How much cum would come from those heavy balls? Even their pubes got my attention. The dense and the trimmed ones. I wondered about their smell and how they’d feel if I touched them. How satisfying it would be to swallow their big cocks and feel those pubes itching one’s proud nose.

“What are you doing over there?” Mario asked as he approached me.

“Not much. Just thinking,” I wasn’t lying.

“Thinking about what?”

“Dude,” I needed an ally, “one of the girls gave me the blue balls. My dick won’t go soft for nothing.”

“Wow,” he laughed and I tried to laugh with him, “which one? Those mother fuckers.”

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t know what to do.”

“Funny thing your bitch swimming buddy walked around the school with a boner and he said the same shit. What’s wrong with you two?”

“What are you insinuating?”

“Nothing. Just saying. Were you two trying to bang the same chick?”

I still couldn’t understand where this talk was leading us to.

“Fuck, I just wanted some help, not a speech. If you can’t help, fuck off.” Mario was upsetting me until I turned around to meet him and found my bud in his underwear. I shouldn’t have turned. I was still sitting and I was at eye-level with his concealed cock. I’d seen his soft dick many times before and it was so fucking tasty. Long enough to hang down the balls, uncut which made me think what it would be like to stick my tongue between the head and the skin. By the way, do uncut and cut cocks taste the same?

“What?” Mario asked.

“What what?” My eyes couldn’t move away. I was staring at his dick and couldn’t do much about it. Probably, I didn’t want to do anything about it.

“Why are you looking at my dick? Is there anything wrong?” He looked down trying to find what was wrong with his underwear.

“Are you big?” I asked.

“What the fuck, dude? What kind of question is that?” I’m not sure how angry he looked coz I couldn’t take my eyes from his crotch.

“Dude, I just found out that Ronnie has the biggest dick in the school. That’s just unfair, ok? A fucking freshman with a dick bigger than mine. Now I’m just curious, alright? Just wondering if all my buds are bigger than me. That’s all.”

“You can’t be serious. Are you high or something?” Mario poked me. “Hey, look at me.”

Again, I felt like waking up from a dream, no, a nightmare.

“What the fuck, dude?” I asked shocked.

“What the fuck? I say that. What the fuck, dude? What’s going on with you? Staring at my cock like a hungry whore.”

Back to myself, I jumped onto Mario and pulled him backwards till he hit the lockers. Our faces were close, so close. I should be fuming coz I saw fear in his eyes. I could choke him if I wanted to, or I could just kiss him too. I always wondered how kissing a guy would make me feel. Only a guy would be able to make me turn into a girl. I should kiss him.

“Hey, chill,” someone took me by the arms and pulled me away from Mario.

“What’s going on?” Another one asked.

Mario could’ve said the truth. The fear turned into anger. He was fuming too.

“Nothing,” he said.

He walked away with a strange look on his face. A threat, maybe.

Two guys were holding my arms. They were naked. Their dicks were so close to me. The whole thing was starting again when I broke free and left the place. I was sick. I couldn’t stay there. I had to do something before this went too far. A few more minutes with those guys and god knows what I’d be doing.

Every guy that passed by me was a temptation to my eyes that insisted on following their crotches. The chicks didn’t have the same effect on me though. On the contrary, I felt a little repulsion when I saw their legs and imagined their smelly pussies that have been days or months without seeing a proper cleaning. I knew some guys would be sweat and unclean too, but that was natural for dudes. Guys smell like guys and there’s nothing wrong with it. Chicks though… ew! Disgusting!

I rushed to my car afraid of what I could do if I stayed in that school for another minute. On my way home, I had another one of those crazy ideas and decided to stop by Emily’s place again. I didn’t want to fuck her dirty pussy, but she could give me a blowjob instead. That could solve my problem. I’d get to cum after two days of blue balls since I didn’t have enough time to cum on the last video. Yeah, probably, I was just too horny and my hormones were messing up my judgements. The door to her house opened and I saw her stupid brother hiding behind the door again. He should be a retard or something.

“Is your sister home?” I asked.

“Upstairs,” he opened the door to let me in. He was shirtless. Maybe this is the reason why he was hiding behind the door. The dude had a good body for someone his age. Not strong like mine, but slim and fit. He was wearing only basketball shorts that were long enough to almost hide his knees. From his navel there was a narrow path of body hair that disappeared inside his shorts and, as I was imagining, led to his big and juicy cock.

“What?” He asked disturbed.

“It’s…” I wasn’t staring at his crotch but it was getting hard not to. I should go upstairs as soon as possible but I didn’t want to. “Are you playing video game?”


Usually, I’d say that it was ridiculous to answer someone with a questioning ‘yeah’ but he looked kinda cute.

“Which one?”


“Can I watch?” I wasn’t very sure about this but it could be interesting although I hated video games.

“What about my sister?”

“I’ll go there later.”

This was stupid or ridiculous, I know but I didn’t even remember the reason why I went there in the first place.

“Ok. C’mon.”

Their house was as impressive as mine. We crossed the dining room where I had diner with Emily and her parents once as we tried to begin a relationship that didn’t last coz she found I was fucking another cheerleader. No, she wasn’t pissed coz she also wanted to fuck other guys so we never really broke up. It was more like an open relationship. The brother wasn’t there that day. I wondered which one of those chairs was his chair.

We got into the living room where there was a big flat TV screen on top of a fireplace. I knew that place very well. I’d fucked Emily on the fluffy carpet by the fire many times. We liked to feel the warmth of the flames touching our naked bodies as we enjoyed the comfort of the carpet’s fur hugging us.

Honestly, I didn’t know what GTA was about. I had heard people talking about it before and I knew it was a big hit but that’s about it. The boy played it so enthusiastically while, to me, that was such a waste of time. Guys chasing cars and guys chasing guys. Watching the game worked like a snap as I wondered what the fuck I was doing on that couch. I looked at the boy and then I remembered as I had another snap. I found his crotch and the juicy cock hidden by his black shorts and started wondering what he packed. Was he a good fucker? Could he make chicks yell with his dick? He looked like a great fuck to me. I’d love to watch him using his magic wand to take those chicks to the bitch’s paradise.

“I thought you didn’t like video games,” he stated.

I looked up. He was still focused on the game while I was almost drooling at the thought of his magnificent cock.

“I hate’em.”

“So, why are you here? Is there anything you wanna ask about my sister? I mean you ain’t the first one.”

My eyes moved back to his crotch as magnets. The boy fixed his dick once and I imagined the soft cock stuck in his unshaved pubes. That image should disgust me but it made me so fucking hard instead.

“Have you ever fucked someone?” I asked.

The boy wasn’t prepared for that question. Well, I wasn’t either. It came out of my mouth unannounced and unexpectedly. Our eyes met.

“What? Why do you wanna know that?”

“Nothing. You just look like a virgin to me,” I was certain of that.

“I have a girlfriend. And, yeah, we fuck. A lot. Not that it should be of your concern.”

“Really? How do you like to fuck her?” I insisted. I thought he could be lying.


“Yeah. From behind? Missionary? I’m just curious, ok?”

I could see his throat moving as he swallowed his saliva. He bit his lips and turned his focus back to the game.

“I like it better when she rides me.”


“Coz she says my dick is too big and she complains when I hit too deep. When she rides me she controls the fuck and I don’t hear her whining.”

Damn. I wasn’t expecting that. I’ve heard guys lying before and it wasn’t a lie. I could tell it not only from the confident way he said that but also from his explanation. I’ve heard other guys giving the same reason for enjoying this position and all of them claimed to have big cocks. I’ve heard chicks saying the same too.

“How big is it?”

“Why do you wanna know?”

Apparently, he didn’t feel offended by my questions. I was shifting my glances from his crotch to his face when I noticed a little grin surging on his face. He wanted to talk about this. He wanted to brag. Provoke me.

“Coz I don’t know if I believe you.”

“How big are you?” He returned the question to me.

The boy couldn’t look me in the eyes. I wondered if he was being honest with me or if this was just his style.

“Big enough,” I answered.

“I’m more than enough,” his grin went wider.


For a moment, the boy paused the game and took his phone that was at the coffee table in front of us. He unlocked it and started searching for something until he gave me his phone.

“What?” I asked.

“I sell this shit online. See if you like it.”

I took the phone and found a video on pause. I pressed the play button in the middle of the screen and was presented with a guy standing. The camera only showed his lower body. I recognized the body hair that started at the navel and disappeared inside red basketball shorts. It was the boy’s body.

Still unsure about the content I continued watching. The quality wasn’t good, the room was dark and the video grainy, but I could still see what was happening. It took a few seconds to see a blond chick getting into the frame. She was on her knees and the face a few inches from the boy’s crotch. Without a word said, she lowered his shorts and was presented with a memorable cock that could keep both of her hands busy without a doubt. She took the cock in her mouth and started sucking it. I was speechless. The motherfucker had the dick of a god.

“Just a sneak peek, champ. The rest is for sale online,” he took the phone from my hands and placed it back at the coffee table.

I wanted to say something to break his confidence but there was nothing I could say that would change that.

“Won’t you say anything?” He asked before unpausing the game and returning his attention to it.

“That was great.”

“Do you think so? Shouldn’t I be watching Porntube?” He was mocking me.

“Who buy this shit?” I was curious as I never imagined myself paying to access porn that was widely free online.

“Pervs. They say what they want and I do it. Usually, they pick chicks who do the same and put us together. Others keep asking me to fuck a dude’s mouth or rape his ass but I don’t know who would let me. I need to know the guy for confidence. It’s a big step, right?”

“Yeah,” I was watching his dick again.

“You can touch it if you want,” he spoke nonchalantly.


“My cock. I don’t mind. I mean, you’ve been staring for so long I guess you wanna feel it.”

No, I didn’t want to. I couldn’t do it. This was too much for me. I was straight.

“Jax?” His sister called my name from behind me.

Another snap and I stood to find myself near her half-naked brother on the couch playing GTA.

“What are you doing there?” She asked.

“I… I gotta go,” I walked to the door without looking back.

“What’s happening?” She insisted but I didn’t dare to look at her afraid I’d end up with my eyes on her brother again.

“If you change your mind…” I heard the boy’s voice before I closed the door behind me and drove back home.

“If you change your mind,” I scoffed. I kept repeating this on my way home. “if you change your mind… Such a faggot. If you change your mind, humph. These kids should learn to respect guys bigger than them.”

That night I decided to skip dinner with the excuse I was having a bad headache. I had a portion of fruits after a shower and decided to spend some time on my bed thinking of what was happening to me.

I wasn’t too sure about watching those videos anymore but I was horny as hell. I couldn’t remember the last time I went more than 24 hours without unloading. I was just conscious that there was a chance that my next orgasm would come from images of dicks and not pussies and that idea scared the hell out of me.

About five minutes before eight o’clock my phone rang.

“Hey, babe,” I answered but not sounding too confident.

“I’m sending you the video…”

“I don’t know if…”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. It’s just… I’ve been feeling weird these few days.”

“It’s normal, Fatterback. I’m happy you’re feeling different. It means you’re changing for me. Here, watch the video then we talk more once you’ve finished, ok?” “Ok,” I was amazed at how easily Sabrina could convince me to do whatever she wanted.

“Don’t panic. Relax. You’re doing great. I’m sure you’ll be getting what you need very soon.”

I didn’t even know what I wanted anymore but it sounded right. Her words of comfort made me feel watched and secure. There was no reason for panic.

“Obey and follow the rules, ok? I’ll call you again soon.”

She hung up when the e-mail arrived. I downloaded the video and prepared myself for a well-deserved orgasm that was giving me a terrible case of blue balls. I kicked off my shorts and, after a short consideration, decided to take my t-shirt off too just in case I came everywhere. I didn’t want to make a mess. I ended up naked except for my socks which I wore at home as my feet were usually cold indoors.

Usually, I’d watch the videos on my bed with my computer on my lap but, this time, I put it on my desk and adjusted the chair so I was sitting in a 120-degree position. I placed a box of Kleenex on the desk too excited with the idea I’d be putting it to good use very soon.

I opened the video and was warned again that this video was protected and could be harmful. It didn’t bother me, so I pressed the ‘play it anyway.’

It started with white letters on a dark screen that warned me about the headphone that I promptly put on and adjusted the volume till all I could hear was the voice coming from the computer.


It was the voice of a woman speaking to me. Funny, I had the feeling I’ve heard that voice before.

RULES (the word flashed in different colours on the screen)

THERE’S A TIMER AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN – the voice explained. IT HAS THREE COLOURS. WHEN IT’S RED (the colour red flashed), YOU DON’T TOUCH YOUR USELESS CLIT. WHEN YELLOW (the colour changed to yellow), YOU RUB IT GENTLY. WHEN GREEN (the green colour filled the screen) YOU CAN TOUCH YOURSELF FREELY. IN THE END, YOU’RE GONNA SEE A WHITE COLOUR (the screen went white). THAT’S WHEN YOU CAN CUM.


I nodded excitedly with the idea that now I was a few minutes away from an orgasm.


The videos were about the same and this one wasn’t different. It began with a series of short clips that played for no more than five seconds before being replaced by other ones. The timer showed 40:00:00 and it counted down the time in red. I didn’t dare to touch my cock that was already hard and leaking on my stomach. The expectation made me shiver. In the background, the woman repeated the words ‘cock,’ ‘cocksucker,’ ‘cum,’ ‘whore,’ ‘slut,’ and ‘bitch.’

YOU CAN’T STOP LOOKING AT COCKS, RIGHT, GIRL? (a shot of guys walking in a corridor as the camera focused on their legs)

YOUR EYES ARE GLUED TO THOSE SUCCULENT BULGES (guys playing soccer and the camera zoomed in their bulges. They shouldn’t be wearing undies. Their cocks moved freely under the thin layer of their shorts)

ALL THOSE MEN AND THEIR BIG JUICY COCKS (in a locker room some guys walked in jocks while others were naked with their cocks hanging down so big and inviting)

YOU CAN’T CONTROL YOURSELF (a couple was inside a car. The driving woman put her hand on the passenger’s lap and inside his pants through the opening in his zipper)

YOU NEED TO HAVE THOSE COCKS IN YOUR HAND (a brunette in a nurse’s uniform jerked off two passengers with enormous cocks one on each side of her body)

IN YOUR HUNGRY SLUTTY MOUTH (an air attender on her knees took the big cock of a passenger in her mouth and bobbed up and down before withdrawing and showing a transparent thread of cock juice that connect her mouth to the cock)

SUCK ALL THOSE MEAT POPSICLES (a black woman with big titties sucked a line of guys with hardons waiting for their turn)

TILL THEY CUM (a MILF playing teacher sucked her student’s cock till it exploded on her face sending volleys of cum everywhere)

DELICIOUS CREAMY CUM (a petite blondie girl with a ponytail had received a huge facial and licked the cum that had landed around her mouth)

YOU SO WANT TO SWALLOW THEIR CUM (a Japanese woman wearing a suit drank cum from a cup. There was so much cum)

TASTE THEIR CREAMY SWEET CUM ON YOUR TONGUE (this redhead chick swished a load of cum in her mouth while two cocks went soft on both sides of her face)

YOU CAN’T RESIST BECAUSE YOU’RE A SLUT (the camera focused on a guy on his back on a bed. He was in pain but still smiled at the camera while his body was being thrust up and down)

SUCH A SLUT FOR COCK (a muscled suntanned dude jerked a dildo attached to a chicks body)

A CHEAP WHORE IN NEED OF COCK (a MILF in a latex cloth had her heels on a wrestler’s face who didn’t react to her domination)

YOU’RE A WHORE (a bunch of clothed women laughed at a naked muscled guy with a tiny cock who took the humiliation passively)

A BITCH (a muscled blond guy was on his knees before another dude who was much skinner but had a huge cock inches away from the other’s face)

The timer’s colour changed to yellow. This was the time I waiting for. Unconsciously, my hand started stroking my cock vigorously as if nothing else mattered to me.

The voice changed at this part. The woman’s voice was replaced by a deep guttural voice of a man who spoke: ‘faggot.’

A FAGGOT (a guy in a football uniform grabbed the crotch of a smaller dude in a swimsuit. The bigger dude on his knees submitted to the smaller one who looked a lot more powerful than the other one. They were looking at each other. The swimmer grinned at the footballer)

YOU WANT COCK, FAGGOT (a redheaded wrestler was on his knees surrounded by other wrestlers who shook their cocks onto his face)

YOU ARE A COCKSUCKER FAGGOT (the screen flashed the word ‘faggot’)

FAGGOTS SUCK COCK (a chick forced the head of a black muscular dude onto the big cock of a young guy)

FAGGOTS SWALLOW CUM (another chick aimed the cock of a student boy onto the open mouth of a teacher while he came strong onto his tongue)

YOU AIN’T A MAN (two guys stroked their cocks together. One had a massive dick while the other was small like me)

YOU ARE A FAGGOT (two young men fully clothed used a marker to write the work ‘faggot’ on a muscular dude’s back. They were having a lot of fun)

The screen showed images of women sucking cock again, but there were also photos of guys doing the same on a 50/50 ratio when the light went green.

The voices on the headphone were intertwined between the female’s and the male’s voices that said the same: ‘faggot,’ ‘cocksucker,’ ‘cunt.’

This went on for a few seconds till the light turned red again and I stopped my hand. At this point, I didn’t have any will anymore. The video dictated my actions and I obeyed naturally. In the background, behind all the images, there were images I couldn’t recognize. They flashed too fast. Different colours and words too.

The female’s voice talked to me again, repeating sentences that forced the word ‘faggot’ on my mind, such as: ‘it’s ok to be a faggot,’ ‘faggots are lucky,’ ‘faggots are the best cocksuckers,’

Red light!

COCKSUCKERS LOVE COCK (a petite chick with freckles sucked a big dick with a lot of passion)

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YOU WERE NEVER A MAN (a muscled dude with a tiny cock was now standing with other six dudes who were a lot bigger than him)

COCKSUCKERS LIVE FOR CUM (two girls fought against each other to swallow a puddle of cum from the ground)

MEN HAVE COCK BUT YOU HAVE A CLIT (those two guys standing side by side again but now they measured their hardons with measuring tapes. While one was over ten inches, the other didn’t reach four)

DELICIOUS CREAMY CUM (a black chick swapped cum with a blond who then swapped back)

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YOU DON’T NEED YOUR TINY DICK (a dominating man in a leather suit grabbed another’s dude little dick and held it so tight the cock went soft while the sub guy swallowed his pain quietly)

CUM IS A BITCH’S REWARD (I’d seen a chick covered in cum before but, this time, although the scene was exactly the same, the girl had been substituted by a guy with a stubbled that was drenched in cum while he tried to lick the cum from his lips)

YOU DON’T NEED HARDONS (a line of guys with hardons while the one in the middle, the one with the smallest dick remained soft)

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CLITS DON’T GET HARD (a slim swimmer with an incredible bulge locked the cock of his footballer friend with a chastity device)

The light turned yellow and the guy’s voice returned but this time it was a voice I could recognize very well. It was Ronnie’s. On the screen, images of guys sucking cock were the majority, but there were also photos of guys being fucked in the ass by big cocks.





The screen showed the sentence ‘suck his cock’ that flashed fast.



‘Give him your big ass’





‘Suck his juicy cock’




‘Sweet cum’




The light went green and I didn’t hesitate. My balls were hurting with the pressure of the stored cum that wanted to find its way out of my body. The experience was surreal. It was like the video and I had become the same.

The video, this time, showed a video while words popped up on the screen sometimes faster, sometimes slower: ‘faggot,’ ‘cocksucker,’ ‘cum bucket.’ A guy in a red swimsuit entered a room while another dude in a football uniform waited on his fours. The swimmer was slimmer and cut. I could see he had an enormous boner. He lowered his trunks before lowering the footballer’s pants just enough to show his ass. The scene was hot. It was about dominance and submission in a way I’ve never seen before. Their relationship was visually asserted and palpable. The swimmer’s cock was dry when he spat on it. He didn’t need lube for this. I could see by the way he held the footballer’s head by the hair that he wanted to hurt the big guy. With a drop of spit as lube, he penetrated the other’s ass in a slow but consistent motion that only stopped when his balls touched the bitch’s balls. I couldn’t hear his scream coz on the headphone Ronnie was still speaking to me “I’ll fuck your big ass.” The pain was real though but, at the same time, it was amazing. I could see how the footballer wanted to feel that pain and, somehow, I empathized.

Red light!

There was no pretending this time. The female’s voice was gone and the strong masculine voice spoke straight to my brain. Simple words that wouldn’t leave me ‘faggot,’ ‘bitch,’ ‘cunt,’ ‘worthless whore,’ ‘cocksucker.’

YOUR DICK DOESN’T MATTER ANYMORE (a blond chick fucked a white boy while a black big dude fucked his face. The boy’s cock was soft and swinging from the fuck untouched)

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BECOME THEIR COCKSUCKER (Steve sucking a big dildo)

LET THEM FUCK YOUR CUNT (an older man fucked a muscled dude with his big cock and then he replaced it with an even bigger dildo just to use his dick again)

USELESS FAGGOT (a dude my age on his knees was receiving facials from a bunch of skaters while others would spit on his face)

SWALLOW THEIR CUM TILL THE LAST DROP (a glass table had the cum of at least ten men when a surfer dude with a nice tan started licking it clean)

YOU ONLY LIKE COCK (images of cocks popped out in a fast sequence)

The light went yellow and Ronnie’s voice spoke to me again. On the screen, images of cocks were shuffled with pictures of gay anal and oral sex.





Once again, the screen showed the sentence ‘suck his cock’ that flashed fast.



‘Give him your big ass’





‘Suck his juicy cock’




‘Sweet cum’



The light went green again. I started panting. My body was sweaty and shaking. My hand stroked my cock relentlessly. I need to cum so bad.

Ronnie was still talking to me so intimately. I’ve never heard him saying anything of the kind. He’s never talked about his dick to me. The word ‘dick’ coming out from his mouth was new to me. I couldn’t see him, but the voice was so clear I could picture it perfectly.

The video was a long one again. There were words on the back of the images, Ronnie’s voice was still loud and clear, but the video was steady and continuous. This one was different though. No crazy fucking. Only two dudes sitting on a table at a park. These videos were usually about a slimmer and a bigger muscled guy. This one wasn’t different. The bigger dude ever so slowly brought his hand to his bud’s crotch and massaged the cock before putting his hand in his pants. The slimmer guy relaxed by laying on the table propped up by his elbows leaving his dick free to be handled by his bud. The big guy fished the cock out of those pants and after a brief of reluctance put it in his mouth.

It was simple and almost innocent but so hot too. Just two buds helping each other, it seemed.






The timer went white this time. That’s it! On the screen several photos of guys fucking guys but also guys fucking girls. Oral sex too. Everything was too fast, I couldn’t follow. The female voice returned to give me orders.











Her voice and the way she commanded me was just too much. I came hard on my hand. Yes, I caught it all as she asked me to. I loved obeying her.

The images faded into an endless white when the video ended.

I blinked twice and shut my eyes another three times before finding myself back in my room. My hand was full of cum. When did I…? Why did I cum on my hand like that? The tissue paper was untouched. I thought about cleaning my hand but didn’t want to. The cum was disgusting but it was still so hot. Cum was amazing.

My phone rang. I quickly picked it up with my clean hand.

“Hi,” I was still panting.

“I think you’ve had a good time, didn’t you?” Sabrina asked.

“Yeah, I needed this.”

“Great, Fatterback. So, do you have the cum in your hand?”

“Yeah, I do.” I wondered how she knew that.

“Good. You’re a good boy. Are you a good boy?”

“Yeah, I think so…”

“So, lick that cum for me.”

This was a strange moment because I felt like several voices were talking to me at the same time but none of them made any sense. I didn’t want to swallow my cum but yet I wanted to. No, much more than that, I also craved cum. My mouth was salivating as if I had been given the best piece of raw steak. It didn’t make any sense. Still, her voice…

“Are you there?” She spoke again.

“Yeah… It’s just… I don’t wanna drink this shi…” I couldn’t finish the word. Cum wasn’t shit, it was great. Tasty, creamy. I craved cum.

“Course you wanna swallow that. You love cum, Fatterback. You’re my cocksucker, remember?”

“No… I’m…”

“Course you are. That’s why we’re talking after all. You want to be my cocksucker, don’t you? Why are we talking after all?”

“Coz I… I… I wanted you…”

“Do you want me?” She should be laughing.

“No. I don’t,” my head was spinning.

“Course not. You’re a cocksucker. You don’t want anything with me.”

“No. I want you. Yeah, I want to fuck you,” I could see a light at the end of the tunnel but it was weak and fading.

“Ok. Do you want me to suck your cock?”

That was something I couldn’t even picture anymore. Why would a woman as hot as Sabrina suck a small and useless cock like mine? But I also wanted her to. “Yeah…” I wasn’t very convinced of that.

“Do you want me to swallow your cum?”

“I think so…”

“So, you swallow it first. C’mon. How do you expect me to do something you can’t do?” It made sense. No, it should make sense but it wasn’t too clear to me.

“But it… this is gay!”

I don’t know where the word ‘gay’ came from. It was also a concept that I didn’t grasp very well. Gays liked cock. I liked cock too but I wasn’t gay.

“I sometimes drink my juices but I’m not a lesbian. Do you think I’m a lesbian?”


“So, swallow your cum.”

I’ve done this before. In a distant memory, I could see myself licking the cum from a wall. It should disgust me, but it didn’t. No, it was hot. I looked at the cum in my hand. Cum was delicious. Creamy and juicy. I needed cum.

With positive thoughts inundating my senses, I brought my hand to my mouth and licked the cum. Slowly at first, like a cat drinking milk. My tongue sensed the taste and a message was sent to my brain that sparked and exploded like fireworks. I was made to swallow cum! That realization was now clearer than never. At once, I licked my whole hand clean and enjoyed the taste of my cum over my tongue. I didn’t want to swallow it yet. I wanted to enjoy it a little longer. Damn, how could this be so good? I was smiling and radiant like a kid tasting chocolate for the first time.

“Did you swallow?” She asked.

“Yes,” I was so happy.

“Did you like it?”

“I loved it.”

“Amazing, Fatterback. You’re doing great,” her voice showed how happy she was too. “So, do you wanna fuck me?”

“No. Why would I?” I laughed. I was thinking about what I said. I entered into a dream-like state at the moment I swallowed that load.

“Yeah, why would you?” She laughed too. “Anyway, I want you to think about cum from now on and how much you love it, ok? You can watch this video as many times as you want and every time you do, swallow your cum.

“Ok,” the excitement was still obvious.

“Great, cocksucker. If you need to talk to me, just call, ok? G’night, bitch.”


Sabrina was a great woman. A great friend. I still didn’t know how I could be a friend of a woman coz I hated women. I could smell their disgusting pussies from miles away. Why were pussies so smelly and repugnant? Well, it didn’t concern me anyway.

I did watch the video once again and had another load in my stomach before I moved to my bed. Everything seemed ok until I woke up in the middle of the night with another headache. I took a painkiller while my brain was overloading with strange images I couldn’t understand. Everything was so pornographic and meaningless.

I had forgotten my dialogue with Sabrina. I saw, like a film, many of the chicks I’d fucked. All so hot and nice. I wanted to fuck each one of them again but the idea I’d be fucking them didn’t arouse me at all. My dick didn’t respond. It should be the headache or the painkiller stopping me from getting a boner. Gosh, something was very wrong with me.

I struggled to remember my dialogue with Sabrina. I couldn’t remember a word I said. Was it normal for guys my age to have amnesia? I should find a doctor but I didn’t want to worry my parents. Maybe all I needed was a good night of sleep but even that was so hard to have.

The next morning, I got ready for school but before leaving home, I decided to call Sabrina once again. There was still something bothering me, but I couldn’t understand what. Somehow, I thought she could help me.

“What’s up, Fatterback?”

“I gotta confess something. I just don’t know how to say this…”

“Spill it out. You can trust me.” Her voice was always so comforting and, at the same time, so hot.

“I need to… FUCK! I need to touch a dick. A big dick. Not mine. Just someone else’s. FUCK! FUCK!” I was yelling against my pillow not to be heard. “I don’t know why. I’m curious. I have this thing inside of me that I don’t understand. It’s just curiosity. I don’t know. Do you understand me? I’m not gay. Please, I’m not gay. Do you understand?”

“Yeah. Of course, I do. Fatterback, you’re doing great. I told you once that you should feel what I feel to be a good fuck. Remember? And you’re doing that which is amazing!”

“No, it can’t be amazing…”

“It is. Trust me on this, ok? I know it’s confusing now but it will make sense soon. Trust me! Ok? Do you trust me?”

“I do,” I was almost crying. “Yeah, I do.”

“So, believe me when I say this will pass. It’s just a momentary confusion. Understand?”

“Yeah…” I wished she was right. “But what do I do while it doesn’t pass?”

“It’s simple! You wanna touch a big cock? Then do it!”


“Ronnie has a big cock and he’s your best friend. Ask him if you can jerk him off.”

“You can’t be serious. I can’t do it!”

“Hey, you asked for my help, right?” She meant every single word. “If you don’t do with him, you’ll do with a stranger. Someone who will probably tell everyone about this new desire you can’t control. The damage will be a lot worst. You can’t control this desire burning you. You know that. The easiest and only way to deal with it is by surrendering to it. Let it take over but do it with someone you can trust. Your best friend.”

“No… Please, I can’t do that.”

“Well, it’s up to you, Fatterback. I’m just trying to help. If you don’t want my help, I understand, but don’t bother me again, ok?”

“Wait, please. Wait! Ok, I’ll see…”

“Good. If you do it, then let me know. I’m with you on this, ok? Till the end! Now do it soon or things will get worse, got it? Kisses.”

She should be busy. I, on the other hand, was lost and confused. I shouldn’t do as she said but, although I hated to admit it, she was right. Ronnie was the only one I could trust with this and, yes, he had the cock I wanted to touch. His cock was perfect. I needed that.

Before I gave up, I took my phone again and called him.

“Hey, what’s up?” I started without much emotion.

“Nothing, going to school. You?”

It’s been a while since I last called him. It was clear we didn’t want to start that conversation but, from the way he spoke back to me, I could see he was happy with my approach too.

“I was just thinking if you didn’t want a ride to the school like the old times. What do you say?”

“Uh… Great. You pick me up here?”

“You’re home, right?”

“Yep!” He was excited too.

“Ok, I’ll be there in five.”


I rushed to my car without talking to my dad. He’d get pissed but I didn’t care. I had to see Ronnie and be alone with him. In three minutes, I was at his place. Ronnie was waiting for me on the sidewalk. Gosh, he looked so good. His crotch so bulked up with his heavy dick and balls stretching the tough fabric that supported his package in such a sexual manner. I started salivating already. He opened the door and hopped in.

“Hey,” he smiled at me.

“Hey,” I smiled back. We bumped fists like in the good old times before I started the car and drove away.

Ronnie’s presence was making my backbone shiver. My hands shook like a dog’s tail before its owner. My mouth went dry while drops of sweat ran down my forehead and cheeks.

“Hot today, uh?” I spoke considering how awkward it’d be if Ronnie noticed my state.

“It is. I thought it was only me.”

I looked at him on the passenger’s seat and he was also sweaty and even a little pale.

My condition disturbed me but it was good to know I wasn’t the only one going through such an unexplainable reaction. As I tried to focus on the traffic, I got myself considering my situation. A part of me said this should be the weather. It was a hot day after all, but I’ve never shivered or felt a little feverish even on hotter days than that one. There was something else. I was attracted to Ronnie and something was telling me my body was fighting my brain. The more I forced myself not to grab Ronnie’s crotch the more I trembled. I had to understand though that I couldn’t just grab his crotch! I had to ask for his permission, of course. I just didn’t know how to do it. Honestly, I didn’t want to.

“So, what have you been doing?” Ronnie asked me.

“Not much,” I wanted to talk more and engage him in a conversation before getting into his cock but nothing came to my mind. All I could see or think about was his juicy veiny dick in my hand.

“Have you been fucking a lot?” Ronnie wasn’t comfortable either. We rarely talked about sex although our first encounter was in a room as we both fucked the same girl.

“I wish,” I laughed nervously. “Have you?”

“Not really. But I’ve been horny as fuck.”

Ronnie was rubbing his dick through his jeans as he spoke. My own cock was responding and it was becoming almost impossible not to touch it too.

“Look ahead, dude,” Ronnie warned me. I was still driving and my world couldn’t stop and spin around his cock.

Luckily, the school wasn’t too far ahead and in no time we had reached the parking lot. Our colleagues were walking around and the place was busy as usual. I found a spot near the farthest fence that separated the school area from a large bush on the other side.

Ronnie unbuckled his seatbelt but didn’t open the door. He remained there rubbing his cock as if I wasn’t even there. Ronnie’s dick was so big and hard under his jeans. It was a monument that required worship. A meat pole designed by the most skilled angels.

“Are you alright?” He asked me. I couldn’t pretend I wasn’t looking at his dick. My eyes couldn’t move away. My will wasn’t strong enough to change their direction somewhere else.

I started rubbing my dick too while I watched Ronnie’s hands skillfully caressing the snake his pants stretched to accommodate. I expected Ronnie to release the beast but he wasn’t moving. As time went by, I was losing my patience.

“Would you… Can I see it?” I didn’t believe I had said that. It came out so naturally thought it should not.

“Do you wanna see my cock?” His questioning sounded friendly or maybe innocent.

“I… Never mind…”

“No. I want to show it to you.”

“Do you?” My fear of being judged of becoming a joke vanished instantly.

“Yeah. I didn’t know you wanted to see it…”

“I do. Fuck, I’d exchange a championship to see your cock, man.”

“Damn. You should have said it before.”

Ronnie unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans so quick I almost didn’t follow. He lifted his bum and in one swift move, he lowered his jeans and undies to his knees letting his dick breathe. My mouth was still dry but I still licked my lips as my eyes grew wide at the sight of the most perfect cock I’ve ever seen. And now it was so close to me. His cock and I were sharing the same air. Maybe I could smell it already. I was honoured to share that space with it.

Ronnie held his dick and started stroking it very tenderly. Up and down, one or two seconds in each direction. I wished I was the one doing that for him. I had to touch his dick or I’d go crazy.

“You’re so big,” I managed to say. I wanted to ask his permission to let me jerk him off but my brain didn’t allow me into such a dreadful self-humiliation. Whether I liked it or not until a week ago I was the alpha in that friendship or so I imagined. I was the alpha everywhere. And now I subjected myself to him expecting nothing in return. No, worse than that, I expected to be granted permission to jerk his cock off. Since when I liked dicks? I was certain I wasn’t gay but why such a fixation with big dicks?

“I am, right?” He stopped his hand for a second to display his dick in all its glory. Fuck, two hands, no three hands to hold it all. I was trying to imagine what it felt like to play with such a big toy. “Do you…”

“What?” I wondered what he had to say.

“No. Never mind.”

“C’mon, tell me.”

“Nah, it’s nothing.”

Ronnie relaxed again. His head leaned against the seat while his hands resumed the slow stroking that was driving me nuts. At that pace, he’d never cum and I had to see his jizz.

“Can I…?” I started.


Gosh, why was this so hard?


We were acting like two stupid bitches that couldn’t decide who’d be the first one to take a bite on the cake.

“Say it, dude.”


“Say it!”

“Can I… Can I hold your dick?”

I did say that. I had drops of sweat running down my cheeks and falling on my t-shirt. My body was still trembling from anticipation. I was intimidated by Ronnie’s and his cock’s presence.

“Fuck. That’s what I wanted to say,” he laughed. “I’m so glad you asked. Yeah, fuck, yeah. Hold it!”

That was the first time I heard Ronnie giving me an explicit order without saying ‘please.’ It wasn’t a ‘hold it, please.’ He said ‘hold it’ in a very authoritarian and bossy way. I would never let anyone besides my parents talk to me like that. He was being disrespectful to his senior. I was still the best and the most respected athlete in that school. Yeah, I knew all of that by heart. I used to talk about my attributes every day and remind everyone of who I was. I wasn’t just another student. Fuck, no! There was a small flame of anger burning inside of me but it was quickly swept away by a gust of an even warmer wind that came from my dick and balls. Ronnie had earned the right to speak to me like that when he made it clear his dick was superior to mine. He was the alpha whether I liked it or not. I bowed to him in respect by stretching my arm and embracing his love pole with my shaking fingers.

The contact brought waves of electric shock from my hand to my arms and then to my whole body. It spread quickly like sand in the wind. The trembling gave way to a firm and certain grip that surrounded that cock with the force and energy I’d use to hold the neck of a bastard I wanted to kill. The energy was the same but the intent was different. I hated his dick for being bigger than mine and subjecting me to this moment of weakness and uncertainty. But, at the same time, I love it more than anything. From this love, I got my energy back as a recharger. It was wrong to grab another dude’s dick but it couldn’t be more right either.

“Damn,” Ronnie sighed in relief. His body too stopped shaking.

“Should I stop?” I asked.

“Fuck, no. No! Jerk me off. I need to cum.”

My right hand moved up all the way from the base of the dick to the tip before going back down. It took about five seconds to finish this circuit. I was mesmerized. The cock was so thick my fingers barely meet around the shaft. It didn’t feel like I had a dick after all. Our cocks belonged to different species.

I didn’t stop. I couldn’t stop. My hand moved up and down again but a little faster this time. My body had stopped shaking but my heart was beating a lot faster. “Does it feel good?” I asked like a virgin school girl who was giving her first handjob.

“Yeah. It never felt better. Your hand was made for my cock,” he opened his eyes to look at me. “Do you like it?”

“Yeah. Fuck, this feels amazing.”

“It does, right? And I never enjoyed handjobs. But you do it better than everyone else.”

“Thanks,” I answered shyly but so proud of my performance.

“You can go a little faster.”

My body leaned a little lower so I could find a better position in the car. My head was closer to his, my right shoulder next to his left shoulder while my right hand still jerked him off. Probably, I was trying to feel like I owned that dick. I don’t know. Somehow, his pleasure was becoming my pleasure. We were one when I dealt with his dick.

“Fuck, this is amazing,” he stated again.

“Would you mind if I jerk me off?” My left hand was still rubbing my dick.

“Yeah. I mean… It doesn’t make sense, but… I don’t know. It’s not right. If you take your dick our I think I’ll lose my boner. I know I will. I guess you gotta choose which dick you prefer and stick to it. What do you wanna do?”

“I don’t know.”

“It’s up to you. Yours or mine?”

Of course, I wished I could say mine was better and deserved more but, without a word, I focused my attention on his dick. Honestly, why should I bother with mine when I had his to play with? Having a useless cock felt like a miserable mistake. For a moment, I understood it would be better to have no cock at all if I could get more of his dick instead.

Ronnie relaxed again when he realized I had made my choice. His body slid down the seat and I fixed my position to accommodate his move. I wouldn’t dare to ask him to sit the way I wanted. He was right to do as he pleased.

My body moved a little further onto the passenger seat and my back was turned to Ronnie’s face. My body weight was supported by my left hand so, basically, both Ronnie and I were sharing the same seat. I understood that this way, that cock was mine and not his anymore. Ronnie couldn’t see what I was doing as my body worked as a shield that separated his legs from the torso.

My hand was moving faster and concentrated on the head where he was more sensitive to my touching. I loved it when I made him moan with my stroking.

“I’m gonna cum,” Ronnie announced.

I quickly found a new position to receive his cum. I wanted to have it in my hand. I sat back on my seat, my left hand replaced the right one that moved to his dick’s tip working as a cup to receive his jizz. I don’t know how but I could feel the anticipation that preceded an orgasm as if that was my own. His cock was indeed mine.

“Fuck, I’m coming.”

Ronnie’s body started shaking when I was presented with the first volley of his creamy load. It was heavy and long. His balls tensed up and sent it to my hand but part flew over my palm and landed on his smooth belly. I focused harder as I didn’t want to waste any drop. I forced his cock a little lower so the head was touching my hand. This way, the cum would be contained by the walls of my palm.

The second jet was even stronger than the first and the cum in my hand moved from one side to the other like a body sinking in a bathtub. The third jet was still strong and it was so much cum that a little bit crossed the wall I made with my thumb and slid on the external side of my hand. Still, so thick it didn’t run down but just sit there.

The fourth and fifth volleys were less dense but extremely thick. So thick and creamy it formed an S shape in my hand. Another two volleys filled my hand to its maximum capacity not leaving space for anything else. I was mesmerized. I’d never cum that much in my life.

Ronnie’s body stopped shaking as he entered the post-orgasmic state of relaxation. His body slid even lower on the seat while I watched the cum in my hand. Pearly white, shining as sunlight beams hit and were reflected by the creamy puddle. I could smell it. So pungent and rich as freshly baked bread on an autumn morning. How could cum look so great? I’ve never noticed its meaning till that day. My whole world was summarized in the palm of my hand.

“Do you like that?” Ronnie must’ve noticed the way I stared at his cum. I held it like a trophy.

“This looks amazing,” I said.

“Why don’t you…?”


“You know…”

Was he asking me to taste it?

“What?” I insisted.

“Swallow it.”


“It needs to go down your throat. It’s either that or you won’t be getting another load like that.”

For an instant, my eyes found Ronnie’s before returning to the treasure in my hand. He meant it. He was threatening me. Ronnie couldn’t deny me that. We were sharing a dick.

I brought my hand to my face and let my tongue sink in the puddle allowing my tastebuds to interpret the flavour and send messages to my brain. It was like total bliss. My brain responded by sending waves of dopamine into my bloodstream. Instantly addicted. I slurped the cum into my mouth. Thick as it was, the liquid ran into my mouth like a strand of spaghetti. Even the sound was similar.

Still influenced by the dopamine, I let the cum sit on my tongue for a few seconds. I swirled and swished it slowly from one side to the other through my teeth. My tongue was moving excitedly while my body started to enter into some sort of post-orgasmic trance too. I was afraid to have it going down my throat coz I didn’t want that moment to end. Gosh, how I wished I could have more of that precious cum to drink. Eventually, my saliva mixed with the cum and the flavour faded a little. I then decided to swallow little by little before licking my hand clean not willing to waste anything.

When I opened my eyes, Ronnie had a hand with a drop of cum near my mouth. That was the only drop I’d missed and that had landed on his belly. I sucked on his finger making sure I didn’t miss it. Simply delicious.

“This was so fucking great!” He spoke.


Ronnie pulled up his pants while my eyes still lingered on his softening dick.

“I just…” He started.


“It’s… Nothing. I gotta go.”

He opened the door and rushed into the school. I was late.

I could smell the cum on my breath. Cum left a warming or numbing sensation on the inner walls of my mouth and throat. There was also a layer of cum on my tongue that constantly reminded me I had a belly full of jizz. That shit disgusted me, but there was no denying I’ve never eaten anything more satisfying. I needed more. I craved more.

“FUCK!” I slapped my face. “What’s wrong with me?” The idea that Ronnie’s cum tasted like nectar killed me inside. My jizz was disgusting compared to his. I didn’t think I could stand my cum anymore after trying his.

I took my stuff and headed to the school building aware of what I’d done. I tried to brush it away but the taste of jizz on my mouth wouldn’t let me forget. That was not even the worst part though. I still couldn’t stop staring at other guy’s crotches. I had just had the best meal of my life and now I was sure I needed more. A lot more!

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