Circe Slot Machine - Gavin and Zach

By Lusty Stallion
published August 7, 2021
9666 words

Gavin, a drummer, and his stoner friend end up playing Circe slots and end up with completely different lives (along with some of their unsuspecting Facebook friends)

Gavin and Zach were goofing around at Gavin’s bachelor pad. A smelly, untidy mess of a flat, Zach let one rip and the two of them sniggered.

Gavin was a burly drummer build with dark hair which was receding early and a kind face behind his moderate facial hair. Zach on the other hand had a brown thick beard, complimented with his sunglasses which he usually wore due to his light sensitive eyes. Well, light sensitive because he was often hungover in a morning, and today he’d just smoked a particularly good joint. His arms were muscular from lifting the bands gear in and out of venues night after night.

They were surfing the web for their next big road trip. Gavin and Zach had know each other for years, and the bros were always found together. Zach enjoyed living in his buddy’s shadow. Being the main drummer for ‘Prattology’ meant a steady stream of nights out in the greatest metal hang outs. Being the lacky for the 3 musicians came with the perk of leaving with one of the bands cast away girls, who wanted to hook up with a band member and would settle for their tag along.

“Dude, Barcelona’s our next gig man, we’ve never been there before” Gavin said as he was scouring the web for accommodation.

That’s when a very colourful add popped up.

“Circe Slots – Free $50 first bet. The game which promises to change your life.”

Gavin went to get rid of it when Zach pushed his pals meaty paw. “Man, that looks worth it. $50 for a free first bet. Hit it and find out what we win.”

Gavin sighed, “It’s just a con to get us betting our earning from last night. But ok dude.” He said as he clicked the pop-up.

A screen of colour appeared before their eyes, with Greek columns and a selection of icons which were out of focus due to the message which displayed like an engraved tablet of stone.

“Welcome to Circe Slots, the game which promises to change your life. Play is simple, try your luck and see what rewards are granted you. You’ll work it out best as you play. Here’s you $50 credit to start off with, and if you don’t want to play with your own cash, our board of investors will give you credit.”

“What sort of crap’s behind this man? People will pay me to play their shit game? I’m not sure about this.”

Zach responded “Man, they’re offering you money for free, just chill and go with it.” He said with a carefree smile on his face.

Gavin clicked the button saying enter and started to play.

Many Greek themed symbols rolled across the screen before some slowed and stuck, leaving them as his selection on screen. He’d just won $40 with 4 parrots with one dog when a new pop-up appeared.

“You’re doing well friend. Our board offer you another $50 to know if you’re playing on your own or with a friend?”

Gavin felt a chill run down his neck. This board of investors was watching his game, interested in him.

“Fuck this man, I’m out of here.” He said clearly and jammed the mouse cursor at the cross in the right-hand corner. But nothing happened.

Zach just looked up bemused. “It’s not a big deal man, they’re giving you money after all, just hit “with friend” and play on.”

Gavin reluctantly did as Zach said and $50 rolled into his credit. He continued to play. He was really pleased that his luck was holding as his credit grew to $500, although he couldn’t work out how to cash in then and there. After another win which doubled his winnings, he saw a button to register his account. He clicked it and filled in his bank details, seeing it offered him an extra $50 for providing these details.

“Have you ever heard of a game which wants to give you money man? I mean, fuck, I’ve got over $1,000 here. But I can’t find how to claim it yet”.

He continued to bet his winnings and suddenly lost a significant third of credit.

A new pop-up appeared, “Gavin, we can see you’re more tentative to play and wondered if you wanted to link your Facebook Account to Circe Slots for $300?”

Zach had just looked up and laughed “They really want you to keep playing, do it man, it’s free money.”

So Gavin did. He clicked through the permission settings without to much bother, and checked a box he hadn’t seen before when signing up to other apps through Facebook. “By checking this box you allow Circe slots to make amendments to your Facebook account on your behalf. You also agree that all alterations are completely true and you take responsibility for all repercussions from the truth shared here.”

Scanning it he thought it sounded a load of jargon for nothing and checked the box for his $300.

Unbeknown to him, his Facebook account now showed a further option called ‘Circe’ for the board’s conversation.

*Sigma – And we’ve got another catch. Alpha – This guys got some chunk to. Delta – Mmmm, in a few years he’d make a gorgeous DILF. Upsilon – His friends got a bit of muscle to. I wonder what he looks like without the beard. Sigma – Yeah, I don’t understand why guys their age have so much facial hair anyways. Alpha – It’s a manly thing Sigma, you’ll never understand.

“Gavin, thanks for linking your account. For an extra $100 we want to know who you’re playing the game with.”

“Dude, I’m done with this. Why’d they want to know your name?” Gavin said wary of this strange request.

“Chill bro, so what if they know who I am, I don’t care. Just tell them.”

A text box appeared, and Gavin grudgingly added ‘Zach’ to the box hitting enter.

“Gavin, can we confirm you’re with Zach Devin?”

And a photo of the bearded groupie appeared on the screen.

Zach just laughed “Fuck, the game’s found me to. A bit ‘big brother’ isn’t it.”

Gavin started looking angry before a new game appeared.

“Psi invites you to play the game impulsive or compulsive. Everyone has certain behaviours we repeat, daily rituals or habits, and each of us has an impulsive streak. But how impulsive and compulsive are you and Zach?”

Gavin’s drummer photo sat at the top of the screen, with two Greek columns with the words ‘Compulsive’ and ‘Impulsive’ above 5 words

And Gavin always spent a long time researching his purchases and saving his money for his traveling. He agreed that he was ‘not’ compulsive. Although, it was weird how this had selected those two out of every combination.

Gavin wanted to leave the columns as they were, but the game started before he could find a way to get out of this game. As he watched the options float before his eyes, Zach’s phone pinged.

Zach had received a few comments on his own Facebook account. He blushed as the comments were about his appearance, and the poster was enjoying what they saw.

Gavin thought this was a stupid game, but he was locked in until the columns displayed that he was A little compulsive and quite impulsive. He didn’t like that outcome so he played on for $100. Then he was Ultra compulsive and a little impulsive. He got a sudden urge to start working out as it had been at least 3 hours since he’d been to the gym.

Zach was sent a PM from one of his commenters. *“Hey Zach, you and your friend make a hot couple.”

He answered *“LOL bro, he’s just my bud. We’re both straight. Kinda’ you to say though.”

*“Shame man, but I guess we need some breeders. Hey, do you think you’re buddy works to hard?”

Zach wondered if he was talking to a gay guy, but he didn’t mind. *“Yeah, he works way to hard.”

Gavin wasn’t having the luck he expected as the game came to an end with no option left for another bet.

*“And would you say he over thinks things to much?”

“Hell yeah” Zach responded instinctively.

Gavin watched as the slots settles on ‘a little compulsive’ and ‘very impulsive’.

That’s when he started to change. His arms chubbing out as the effort he’d spent in the gym over the years halved. He was still a tight drummer, but he was now known for going off on random drum solos when the mood took him. He also found he loved being admired more than before. The attention swelling his now larger impulsive ego.

Now for your friend Zach. Let’s see how compulsive and impulsive he is. Gavin went to stand up, but found he couldn’t.

“Gavin, you’ll need to stay seated - we might be playing with your friend here, but you’re the one making the gamble over his life.”

Gavin felt his gut twist. This wasn’t right. The image of Zach appeared above the columns now with an accurate representation of how Gavin viewed his friend’s compulsive and impulsive tendencies.

Zach was too busy on his phone to notice.

*“I bet your happier that Gavin is pretty chill. I bet he’s a slob right?”

“You have no idea.” Zach message back animatedly. *“His place reeks, and he’s the untidiest person I know apart from me. I’m just glad he doesn’t over think things like other friends of mine.”

Zach noticed he was typing the truth, but for some reason it didn’t sit comfortably in that place ‘the truth’.

Gavin on the other hand was playing for his friends personality, not that he’d had time to become aware of his own change. His large arms, now of more fat on top of his drummer bi’s and tri’s, hanging heavily as he continued to click until he was down to only $50 credit.

He watched as the slots fell on ‘very compulsive’ and ‘ultra impulsive’.

He noticed that his friends’ picture had changed as well. Now, no longer hidden behind his glasses, Zach was a good-looking fella. He heard movement from his bud and looked round to see his arms growing and thickening. Zach’s pecs particularly caught his attention as they filled out. That was the moment Gavin realised that this game was messing with their reality.

“Gavin, well played so far. Although bad luck on having so few credits. To leave the game you must play to the end. So you’ll need some more credit to play. First off, we’ll give you $150 to accept a game from Upsilon which will determine Zach’s sexuality. Accept or reject”.

Impulsive as Gavin now was, he wasn’t going to let this game fuck Zach up any further. He rammed the “reject” option.

“Ok Gavin, we have selected your friend James for a transformation instead.”

And a photo appeared of the three of them from a recent holiday.

“Omicron offers you $100 to increase Zach’s cock by 1 inch in length. Accept or reject”

Gavin new this was weird, but he impulsively hit “accept” for the money and heard his bud moan as he readjusted in his seat, a sensation overwhelming his straight groin.

“Kappa offers you $50 to increase your cock girth by half an inch. Accept or reject”

Gavin was getting excited and decided he had nothing to lose by accepting this one. Although, he was conflicted because he knew another of his good friends was about to be transformed through a gamble at his hand. His conflict was pushed to the back of his mind as he felt his member swell in width causing his hand to shoot down to grab his thicker cock.

Now a new slot game appeared.

James was a shy sort of guy, reserved and lacking confidence. He was kind and gentle, but women struggled to take him seriously.

“Gavin, you’re friend is far to skinny for his own good. He looks like he’d piss his pants if anyone pushed him around. So we have four options for your friend. Choose one within 20 seconds and the money displayed will tumble into your account. In the final 20 seconds you’ll see Circe’s choice for James and you’ll need to pay that much to choose a different persona.”

What a choice. It looked like Circe was forcing James to become more confident and muscular. But who to choose? He only had 20 seconds if he wanted to keep the money, and he only just had enough to buy a different selection from Circe if he wasted his 20 seconds.

He didn’t think the gangster was a fair option for James, who was so sweet and considerate of others. Turning him into a care young free muscled beach boy was probably the closest transformation to the existing James, but he looked pretty gay, and James wasn’t. Making him a muscle bound outdoorsy Dad didn’t fit either, but the young hunky ‘Team USA’ guy looked like a good option. With 15 seconds gone, Gavin chose the young stallion for his friend.

James had just settled down to a cup of tea with a book, ready to shut the world out for a few hours when his heart rate soared. He felt his skinny core tighten and then thicken with solid contracting muscles. Pain shot through his slim shoulders as the bones grew out, pushing his shoulder blades wider as his delts grew into thick, well worked muscle. He looked down as his stick arms grew larger, rounder, more defined, his pecs ballooning with powerful virile youth. As he aged down to 24, he also lost at least a foot in height and the stud couldn’t understand why he had a book in his hand and sipped at his protein shake before grabbing his bag and heading to the gym.

“Gavin, Alpha thinks you made a great choice for your bro Jimmy, and he offers you $100 for 10lbs of extra muscle for your top half. Accept or reject?”

Gavin wasn’t sure what he’d just done to his friend, but he had been feeling guilty. By accepting Alpha’s gift, his mind turned back to his own body as his pecs expanded and his arms thickened. Then he saw what had happened to James.

“Gavin, we want to boost your credit. Upsilon offers you $200 to make Jimmy an exhibitionist. Accept or reject”

“Hey, Zach, what’s an exhibitionist, and do we want to make Jimmy one for $200?”

“Of course we want to man, for $200.”

Gavin hit “accept”.

Zach “It means he loves showing off his muscly body.”

“What the fuck, Dude! I went and accepted it.”

Zach smiled “Good! Why wait till the suns out to get your guns out.” He said smirking to himself as he kissed his own built bicep.

“Gavin, Jimmy is now cock sure, but for who? Psi’s next game is to determine Jimmy’s sexuality based on the slots you play. You are welcome to bet until you’re happier with the result, however if you hit five in a row, that will become his sexuality.”

Zach opened Gavin’s Facebook profile and spotted a conversation going on.

*Alpha – Fuck, I’m so pleased with how this ones going today. No twinky faggots allowed! Upsilon – I’m lookin’ forward to see how gay Jimmy becomes Sigma – Yeah, I mean look at the stud now. Omicron – it’s hotting up now Zach – Hey, what is this? I didn’t know Facebook had a forum function. What are you all talking about? Omicron – welcome Zach, so pleased you found your way here. If you keep this between us, we’ll influence your friend and the game for you. Btw, what do you think of you’re old pal James? Zach – Looking at Gav’s screen, he looks like a young dumb muscle whore if you ask me. I always told him to chill out. Looks like his anxieties cleared up.

Gavin couldn’t believe this was happening. This game had just re-written his friend and now it was forcing a change to his sexuality. How sick was this game? James had done nothing to deserve this fate, nor was he a willing participant. And the current slot wasn’t great, as it would leave him bisexual with only a preference toward women. James/Jimmy needed to be straight. He had been so he should stay that way. So Gavin played again for $200.

“Gavin, we’ll give you an extra $100 if you allow us to add a sexy tattoo across Jimmy’s pecs and the blessing of Narcissus. Accept or reject?”

Gavin selected “accept” for the extra credit.

As Jimmy entered the gym, he’d noticed the gains on some of the guys for the first time in his life, although he had focused mainly on the busty woman around. That was until a surge of arousal hit him as he looked at one buff dude walk past him. He realised he was checking out the dudes arse, and thinking about tapping it later. He caught himself and turned away, catching sight of his own reflection in the mirror. Suddenly overcome with lust, he whipped off his compression top and started posing in front of the mirror, to the simultaneous appreciation and revulsion of a number of people around that workout space.

Gavin went to bet again but a new message popped up “Gavin, it looks like Jimmy is really happy as he is. The next bet won’t affect your credit, but your own relationship with Zach. If Jimmy ends up straighter, you and Zach will beef up and become straighter than arrows. But if Jimmy stays the same or becomes fully gay, then he will be an out and out gay stripper and you and Zach will end up younger, leaner and lovers.”

Gavin didn’t know what to do. There didn’t seem to be a timer on this screen, but he didn’t feel he could really discuss it with Zach who was buried in his phone. Should he just leave Jimmy as the happy, mostly gay, Narcissistic gym bro, or should he try and win back his sexuality putting himself and Zach at risk?

*Omicron – So Zach, do you know what’s going on in the game. Zach – Not really, I’m enjoying watching this conversation. Do you all really think we’re hot? Upsilon – we certainly do. Why not encourage Gav to take the gamble. This one’s well worth you guys playing to help Jimmy out😉 Zach – If you think so. I don’t even know what it is

“Gav, just go for it, it’ll be worth it and it’s always good to help out a friend.”

Surprised that Zach was paying attention, he gambled once again.

As he did, Jimmy’s picture once again changed to that of a man who is happy showing his Adonis body to any guy willing to worship his muscle mound. Not just attracted to men, Jimmy was also uber masculine. His personality warped to that of a true alpha as his musk now attracted most guys, while being a revulsion to women.

Jim looked around at the audience both glaring and fawning over his self-indulgent posing. He walked up to a lad of about 20 who had an athletic, yet slender, build, and who couldn’t keep his eyes off Jim.

“Are you straight boy?” He asked, and the lad said “Yes sir.”

“Smell my stench man” and the lad came close for a deeper sniff. Jim grabbed his head and shoved his nose deep into his pit. “Smell it and then tell me you’re straight.” The lad smelled it and then started licking Jim’s sweat.

One woman said she was off to report this disgusting display, but Jim didn’t care. The staff were mostly male today, which meant he had free reign.

He walked up to a guy in his 40s who had worked out most of his life, and had a sexy DILF look about him.

“You straight boy?” He asked the man surely double his age. “I am sir.” The man said. And Jim grabbed the mature man’s meaty paw and placed it onto his own large pumped pec. The man gave in to his lust and started groping Jim’s incredible body. The guy then started licking his torso alongside the younger lad.

“Guys, tell me your straight.”

“We’re straight” they said while licking and sucking on his muscular frame.

“Let’s test it. You’ll both continue worshipping my body, while making out with each other.”

Was it the musk, or the commanding tone which made the straight 40 year old and 20 year old make out while continuing to worship Jim’s bod? Who knew, but these two guys could never return to a fully straight life after this encounter. Particularly when they were sent to the staff room for a private time between the older and younger man. A command that the young man now craved a Daddy’s cock and the Daddy now craved a young slender man, now corroded their previously hetro identities.

Boy did Jim feel powerful

Gavin was worried now. He’d just gambled his own relationship, personality, body type, interests and attractions all in trying to make Jim straighter. The gamble had failed for him and now Jim was an out and out hunk. As Gavin thought about Jim’s attractive bod striding through life with such confidence, he felt an unfamiliar twitch in his groin, as if the idea of his formerly skinny shy straight friend becoming an over masculine, younger gym hulk was turning him on.

As the thoughts grew, he scratched at his beard. He’d always loved having facial hair, ever since he could grow it. But now it felt wrong, at least having so much of it. He had a sexy young face, why would he not trim it. Sure he wasn’t very compulsive, so any regular routine was monotonous and dull, but when his sexy boyfriend shaved him daily, it always led to a hot fuck session.

That’s right, him and Zac were boyfriends. Zac even enticed him to the gym every day, helping him build the attractive body he now had. But these were all new thoughts, he was aware of it and he tried to fight it but was struggling.

*Upsilon – Zac you make a really great former frat boy. I wouldn’t mind getting my tongue around your naked contours. Zac – O man, you’re turning me on, but I’m a one-man guy. Gav’s the only dude for me. Psi – We’ll see about that Zac Theta – I think Zac should be a dumb ass Zac – Hey, I’m uncomfortable with that sort of comment. My brains are what ‘make’ us as a couple. You wouldn’t find Gav at the gym without me. He’d be a hairy fat slob. Delta – mmm, I wouldn’t mind that. Upsilon – Zac, I have to say I love your pics on Facebook. Wouldn’t you love Gav to be a bit less serious?

Gavin felt his body readjusting. Instead of his gait pushing his shoulders forward with his burly build, he now sat up straighter in his chair as his muscles became leaner and more defined. His fat dissolved as his body grew younger and fitter.

*Zac – yeah, I’d love him to be less serious.

Zac’s body started reshaping substantially to. His already built body gaining a similar lean build to Gav. His personality shifted as well as his age, as he regressed back about 7 or 8 years.

“Gav, go with us on this. Upsilon would like you to take life less seriously and to have more fun for $200. Accept or reject”

The money hadn’t really made much difference recently.

“Zac, what should I do hon? Do you think I should be less serious?”

“Yeah babe, I think you’d enjoy life more.”

And Gav hit “Accept” as his life transformed. His head became lighter as he lost 15 IQ points and gained a higher libido, with a very flirtatious streak to his personality. What was left of an introverted nature was replaced by a Gregarious loud yet charming personality.

*Omicron – Yes, yes, yes! Look at their photos change. Psi – They look very monogamous to me. Not if I have my way with their pretty little heads. Zac – You think our heads are pretty? Chi – I think your butt could be bigger “Gav, Omicron asks you to play a game ‘who’s the cock sucker’. Accept or reject?”

Gav grinned and impulsively hit “accept” as a picture of him and Zac on the beach appeared in two circles, each focused on one of them. ‘Fuck my junk looks great’ he mused to himself.

The first slot landed on him, and he felt a niggle at the back of his throat, like he needed help in satisfying this new urge. He then looked round to where Zac was sat, still on his phone. Zac’s hot torso on display ‘when did he take his top off?’ Gav thought but was too distracted by his buds’ package to notice. He seemed to long to have his bud’s schlong in his mouth.

He then realised what was going on and bet $200 to play again. This time the pics were from a recent shower they’d shared on Instagram.

The cocksucker gamble now included both of them. Zac moaned. “Man, bring your fat cock over here and let me drink your jiz. I’m so hungry. While Gav was super turned on by this he was fighting his own urge to bury his head in his buds crotch. This wasn’t going to work.

He bet another $200 to play again.

Gav said “result” as Zac moaned again.

*Upsilon – Zac, you know you’re a horny cock sucker don’t you. Zac – what? Psi – You know you’ve always wanted to be a horny cock sucker. Zac – Not really Sigma – Come on Zac, you know you want Gav’s thick juicy dick in your mouth.

Zac moaned and moved toward his prize. He didn’t think about how Gav had changed, now lean and muscular, now with handsome features. He wanted one thing. Gav’s cock in his mouth. Phone still in his hand, he tugged Gav’s shorts and boxers down revealing his goal.

He was surprised that his mate only had a 5” knob, but was delighted to see how fat it was. He fondled it until it started chubbing up.

“Gav, Chi wants to give you a gift. For $200 he’ll let you convert Zac’s IQ points into penis length. You’ll grow and inch in length 5 points of his IQ. Accept or reject?”

Gav looked down at his cock sucking lover, filled with arousal and pleasure, he impulsively decided Zac didn’t need too many grey cells to think with, so he hit accept.

“Hey babe, how’d you like the fuckers to grow my cock?”

Zac could do nothing other than nod emphatically.

“It’s gonna’ cost some of your smarts man, but I think you’ll find it’s worth it.”

Zac went to pull away from Gav’s meat stick, but found he couldn’t. He couldn’t leave it to say he didn’t want to be a dumb cocksucker. And then he felt his head warm, as his thoughts moved out of focus. He knew his purpose in the moment was to pleasure Gav. And that was when he felt Gav’s 5” fat cock start to grow. The already erect penis of his champion was now lengthening. Zac panicked thinking he’d just about managed to get 5 inches in, more could only fit down his throat.

“Gav, Upsilon offers you and Zac a gift. For Zac, he offers to remove his gag reflex. For you, he offers you a pheromone which never fails to attract studs to your Prescence. This will cost you 5 IQ points. Accept or reject?”

Gav of course hit the accept button without much thought.

Zac’s panic subsided as Gav’s growing python slithered past the back of Zac’s mouth and down into his throat. Both guys were much dumber now and loved the sensations. Zac felt his throat finally getting the fulfilment it desired. Having his boyfriends meat pole down his throat was everything he desired in this moment.

Gav closed his eyes and allowed Zac to take his full 9” monster. Zac was well skilled at this now. With Zac in full swing, Gav heard another ping from his laptop as Circe Slots offered another notification.

“Gav, the board have decided that your next game is ‘Top or Bottom?’. You’re now playing to see who wears the trousers in your relationship. The bottom boi will be selected.”

Did he think it was weird that there was no “accept or reject” or even a money incentive for this game? Of course not, Gav was now to dumb to notice, but he smirked at the idea of being called “boi”.

He watched as the game moved between the two guys. It landed on Gav first, and he felt his butt swell as a desire, not to dissimilar to that his throat had jest experienced in the last round, awoke deep within his arse.

Filled with the pleasure of Zac’s BJ and overcome by the desire to have his arse filled, he realised what was happening and went to bet again but try as he might, he couldn’t make another gamble.

“Gav, you don’t have enough credit to play again. Either accept your new role as the sub to Zac’s alpha, or choose one of your friends to go through transformation for $400”

Much as he now desired Zac’s thick package deep in his butt, he knew he always liked being on top. So he instinctively chose for the game to transform another friend of his.

Gav looked at 6 of his mates. Momentarily wavering at the concept of forcing a change on an unknowing friend. He looked from Brad’s excitable face, to Brent’ rockstar bod, to Charles’ kind, reserved round face, to Sam’s cool as a cucumber pic, to Truby’s intellectual young face and Mikey’s Tattooed mug.

Which of his friends was he going to hand over to a new fate? A future they hadn’t chosen, a reality they would not pick out for themselves? Surely, this was an impossible choice for Gav. Perhaps it would have been for Gavin, but Gav was horny and he really didn’t want to be a bottom. So he decided Charles could do with an upgrade from his quiet existence and hit his image.

“Gav, congrats on choosing Charles for transformation. Just as before, the board offer you a different level of credit for each transformation. You have 40 seconds to choose before Circe chooses for you. Of course, your choice is permanent”

Gave let his eyes flick through the choices. The sexy executive looked like an immediate best choice, but was only worth $100 credit to him. That was only half of the previous bet he needed to stop himself becoming a bottom. The larger than life gay boi posing in the elevator for ($150) wasn’t really Gav the studs type and he looked down at the Tattooed brute imagining his friend looking and acting like this dude. But he was also only worth $100 to Gav’s credit. And then his eyes clocked the $200 prize which was a beefy hairy Daddy. He clicked it, not really thinking through that this simple action was about to turn his bud’s life upside down.

“Gav, Delta is so pleased you accepted his suggestion of a muscled DILF. His gift comes with an extra kink for you, that you prefer thick hairy guys. Accept or reject [-$100].”

“The Fuck!” Gav yelled at the screen.

Zac looked up from swallowing Gav’s member “What hon?”

“This game is going to make me a bear lover if I don’t spend $100. I can’t be into bears, I won’t be into bears, but it’s gonna cost me half my earnings from changing Charles.”

“You’re changing Charles?” Zac looked at him in an inquisitively “into what?”

“Well I nearly went for the Rich business guy who was really hot, but it didn’t seem worth it. I’d have loved having a kink for rich hot stallions, but I chose the hairy DILF, and I can feel myself getting hard for him already.

He hit ‘reject’, and watched the money roll back to $550.

“Gav, you didn’t want to be loved by Daddies? What a crying shame. But do you want Charles to be aware [$200] or oblivious to his transformation?”

He hit the prize winner without really thinking.

Charles was playing world of War Craft when the sensations started. He was so engrossed in the game it took him a while to notice the changes. As he shifted in his seat because of his new fleshy butt he started to realise something was different. He looked at his chubby arms, thinking that they looked more ‘buff’ but he dismissed the thought. Then he felt a strange tingling as his belly rolled. He looked down to see his flab moving around his body. It was like it was leaving his middle and pumping up his arms, and then inflating his chest. He felt his neck thicken and his shoulders gained a heavy weight of muscle. His thighs, his calf’s, everything was thickening with fat layered muscle.

Charles panicked. He was in the middle of a boss battle with many of his friends online. They could hear his breathing getting heavier over the headset as he freaked out again as it felt like there were thousands of tiny needles pricking his skin…from the inside.

He couldn’t help ripping off his XXXL tee and seeing his hair darkening and a thick pelt overcoming his body. He looked in horror at his blank tablet, and watched his reflection as his face reshaped. For the first time, he realised he looked at least a decade older.

Charles started hyperventilating, this was to much. How was he going to live his life now. No-one would recognise him, no-one he knew would accept this as him.

He realised that everything that made him him, no longer worked with this new existence.

The gym was now a place he knew how to use but he had no memories of ever frequenting. Although, he felt a pull to get to the gym to keep his body as firm as it currently was.

In shock he turned back to his game, but he found he couldn’t remember what the appeal of this shit was.

“Gav, it’s now time to play to see what Char’s sexuality will be. Play the same game from earlier.”

But there was a difference with this game. This time, there was a new double mars symbol which would cost Gav $100.

“Dude, I think we can just make Char gay for $100, that’s worth it right. After all, we’re not interested in guys we can’t fuck right? Mmm, you take cock like a pro. This is the best head I’ve ever had".

Zac had kept Gav hard while not taking him to climax, due to enjoying Gav’s cock in his mouth to much. This was a usual state for both dudes in their home.

Zac pulled Gav’s cock out of his mouth to speak “You know it babe, only gay guys for us.”

Gav decided it was worth the investment and didn’t bother with playing the game.

Char looked at his gym bag with tears in his eyes, and decided he may as well get on with this new life. He had no idea what the next few days would hold, but he was cheered up when his friend Zac sent him a selfie of himself wrapped around a particularly familiar cock. He felt reassured that at least two of his friends were open about their sexuality, and hoped they’d accept his now Daddy persona. It also helped that both guys were young, dumb and muscular. Just the way Char liked his boys.

“Gav, we’ve had our interlude, so Char is now a thick muscle DILF. It’s now back to ‘top or bottom’.”

And the familiar game popped up again and flashed between two recent pics of the two lovers.

Once again it landed on Gav. He felt his bubble butt push him higher on his chair as he yelled “Fuck, man, is this game determined to make me a bottom.

He gambled $200 and watched the same result happen, as he butt grew again and a deeper yearning grew in his arse.

“Gav, want to transform a couple of other friends for more credit? $400 for accepting plus the credit offered for the transformations”

He really didn’t want to be a bottom, and was turned on by thinking about his pals transforming, so he hit accept.

“Gav pick two of your friends to be transformed together. You have 40 seconds before Circe chooses for you.”

He surveyed his friends once more, and was surprised to find himself turned on through the experience. Zac moaned as he felt Gav’s throbbing cock thrust deeper into Zac’s lean jock boy’s mouth. Brad had such a great smile, Mikey had all those sexy Tats, Tristan was so young and innocent, Sam was just cool, Brent his musical idol and Truby so intelligent.

He saw the same timer as before and selected Brad and Truby before Circe selected for him.

New choices appeared for them. It looked like only one of the ‘couples’ might be straight, but that was only worth $100 and would have turned brad into a massive hairy thug with Truby as his smaller burly bruiser. That didn’t feel fitting for such a guy of intellect, nor was Gav interested in having straight friends. After all, wasn’t that why he was enjoying this game? Turning his friends into hot gay guys all expecting action.

That pushed him over the edge and he exploded down Zac’s hungry throat. Zac licked him clean and then pulled off Gav’s cock. “Dude, what’ya up to on there. You’ve been fucking my mouth so hard I think you’ve permanently widened my mouth.”

“Dude, I’ve got to choose a new reality for Brad and Truby, what would you pick?”

“Fuck that’s hot. But they don’t even live in the same state, how’d that work?” Zac asked, getting hard just thinking about those two in a gay relationship.

Gav shrugged, “I don’t really care, but look at the options. We could make Truby into a proper hunky Daddy and Brad his strong cub, They could be a hot couple who couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Both of those are only $150.”

“What about turning them into that sweet gay couple bottom left?”

“Fuck no, it’s only $100 and I like beefy dudes.”

Zac hoped he was beefy enough for Gav, but agreed.

“So is it the BDSM couple or the sports coach’s then?” Zac asked.

Gav was so excited, and the extra $50 would come in handy.

He selected the BDSM guys and watched as the 6 options melted away revealing two images of his friends as their new realities and names took hold.

Brad was walking in the park with his girlfriend when a wave caught over him and he blacked out. Truby was in the middle of tutoring when he blacked out. The girlfriend and tutee seemed to forget about Brad and Truby instantly moving on with their lives.

Brad woke up in a dark room with nothing but a lighting array which was overwhelming his sensitive eyes. Where was he? Where was his girlfriend, where was the park, where were… his clothes?

He looked down to see his familiar body lying naked on display. And then he looked over and another naked guy. About his age, but with glasses as his only apparel. He went to speak, but was overcome by a wave of pain and pleasure like he’d never experienced before. It felt like his very flesh was trying to escape his body as he watched his runners build bulge. He couldn’t believe the way his pecs pushed our as they became perfect pillows for lovers to lie on. His abs tightening, his arms expanding, and as he looked at his shelf of chest, he noticed his brown hair darkening in the stark light. Darkening and being well shaped. He watched as a tattoo snaked down his right thick bicep as he noticed his cock fattening and then elongating. Then he moaned as a wave of lust flowed through his now virile body. He was unaware that he’d regressed 5 years in age, and his playful personality had just twisted a bit, to be more sexually playful and experementive.

Truby on the other hand looked shocked at the naked man across from him. Had he just witnessed that other lad become a gay wet dream? Truby had been hiding in the closet since the day he worked out he liked guys. He never felt confident enough about sharing this with his friends and family, and couldn’t believe what was happening in front of him. And then he realised he was also naked. His pale, lanky form lying across from the hunk, with one arm propping himself up to witness the miracle before him. And then the waves of pleasure and pain hit him to. A similar growth in his muscles and stature took place, but for Truby, he aged up 5 years, becoming a decade older than the young hunk in his early 20’s across from him. New power raging through his body, surging in his growing cock. He knew what he wanted from the young guy and he was going to make sure he got it. As his hair receded into a closely cropped buzz cut, and dark facial hair grew groomed on his now jutting jaw, he knew he was the master, he knew he was the boss, and that boy would soon find out.

He picked up his bulging frame and walked over to the younger stud. “Boi, you’re mine you hear me. You’ll do what I say, when I say it. You’re one fine piece of meat.”

Brab looked up at his master and said “Yeth thir, I exitht for you and whoever you wanth me to therve.”

“Now get down on your knees and start to worship my manhood!” Tru spat at Brab who was overcome by a wave of lust and got down on his knees. While licking Tru’s sweaty salty body, he felt Tru wrap a piece of thick leather round his neck, and Brab knew this was right. He worked out to be appealing to his master. All he wanted was to be the fuck trophy of his master, the willing dog to his master. He looked pretty, and kept that appearance because his master liked taking him out, wearing him on his arm. Getting all the attention of a space and then ramming his tongue down Brab’s willing mouth. Boi did he love it when his master used him like the dumb, pretty piece of meat he was. He smiled as he saw his master pull out the whip and rope.

*Alpha – Well I’m pleased their both muscle hounds. Not so keen on the sissy. Upsilon – Hey, nothing wrong with a submissive young hunk. In fact, I think there’s everything right with that. They don’t all need to be thuggish brutes. Omicron – although, I wouldn’t want to meet either of these guys down a dark Ally Theta – Why not. I know I would. I bet Brab would suck any hunk with a thick dick. Alpha – Only at his masters command. Now that guy I’d like closer to. Omicron – If you hit Gav’s friend list, check out the changes to Tru and Brab who are now ‘in a gay bound porn relationship’. You’ve got to see these pics

Sigma – Omi, did you amend their Facebook relationship status. I don’t think that option usually exists. Omicron – what I do on another guys Facebook is up to me and me alone. Theta - I love it

“Gav, you have successfully turned two of your unrelated friends into a gay porn couple who specialise in bondage. Your playful friend Brad is now young Brab Snaker, a submissive flirtatious hunky bottom and your intelligent boring pal Truby is now Tru Marshall, a successful powerful man both in mind and in strength. He is known for breaking straight jocks and turning them into submissive bitches. For an extra inch to Zac’s cock, tell us how do you feel about what you have done to your friends?”

A series of emoticons appeared on his screen, and he hit the excited emoticon, as his cock surged with arousal at the thought.

As Gav hit the happiest Green button he felt a new wave of pleasure in his arse, knowing that Zac would be even better equipped to service him.

“Hang on, I’m the top, why am I thinking about you fucking my bubble butt dude? What’s wrong with me. I think the games out to get me.” He moaned to Zac who just shrugged, with new thoughts of riding his boyfriends arse filling his own mind.

“Gav, it’s time to return to our main current game. Who’s the top or bottom in your relationship?

This time, Circe randomly selected both photos.

“I don’t want to be verse, I want you to be a big bottom” he said feeling his arse swell as did that of Zac.

Being much dumber, he should have realised that the game should only be changing him and Zac once the bet had finished. The winnings or loosing always takes place at the end of a game. But this seemed to be effecting both of them whatever he bet.

“I won’t be the bottom!” He declared gambling again, and again and again. Finding himself each time as the sole bottom and again and again feeling his arse grow in size and hunger.

*Omicron – the guys fallen fowl of the inflation condition, where the more he’s selected the more of a bottom he will become. Of course, his butt is also inflating, which just adds to the fun. Pi – Sorry I’m late guys. Wow – did you make these hotties just like this? Do you even need me? Their both my type. Cute, young, slightly muscular Alpha – not muscular enough Delta – should see what we’ve done to their friend. Psi – I have enjoyed watching their mental corruption.

“Gav, we’re enjoying your conundrum. Do you think a bottom like you should be driving your finance? We’ll add an extra inch to Zac’s dick for every 5 IQ points you offer from either of you.”

Gave felt they had a point. And he needed a point, a big one deep inside him. And Zac’s was the closest. He decided to give 10 IQ points from each of them to increase Zac’s cock yet again.

Zach had previously had a 6 inch knob, but had gained 1 inch as Zac earlier as a gift from Omicron (the start of turning Gavin gay) and of course for the questionnaire. Gav had only just become interested in his friends attractiveness and had been so caught up in the game and the blowjob he hadn’t paid any attention to Zac’s dick. At the first growth it had been in Zach’s pants after all.

Having no idea how long it had been and unable to remember how many times it had grown now, being the dumb ass he was, he chose 10 points from each of them for 4 inches to Zac. He could, of course, have checked out his mates bellend, but he was currently receiving one hell of a massage from his hunky lover.

Both men found their minds start to fog over. Zac’s friendly and impulsive nature meant that he knew he needed to take charge and take charge now. He loved fondling his boys body, but wanted to satisfy his own 12” schlong. He loved feeling his lovers long 9” cock down his throat, but with his throat satisfied, he needed to get off inside Gav’s huge bubbled butt.

He picked up his lover (the first time Gav had been able to leave the chair) and sat down on the chair himself, lifting his boyfriend easily onto his lap. Guiding Gav’s butt onto Zac’s impressive penis.

The problem was, this was the first time either man had ever fucked or been fucked, and Gav wasn’t ready. He roared in pain as the impossible monster tried to penetrate his sacred cave.

“Zac, you’ve taken the seat, with Gav on top of you, so now either of you can take charge of the game. Psi offers to make Gav always ready for cock if you accept that he will become a slut.”

Zac’s impulsive nature took hold. He couldn’t wait to do whatever the fuck gay men do to drive a penis into another man’s arse, so he hit “accept” opening up a new sexual appetite within Gav. Gav’s butt opened wider and was now wet and ready to receive the cock he so desperately desired.

*Omicron – and his FB photos have updated to. What a slut Psi – Gav certainly isn’t monogamous anymore. Pi – they’re relationship status just says ‘in a relationship’. Upsilon – Well Gav just can’t contain his libido. “Zac – congratulations on your new dumb muscled slut. You are now able to leave the game or continue playing. You have one minute to decide whether to leave now or play another round. If you don’t respond within the next minute, then the board will be able to make one significant and one minor alteration to your Facebook account or that of one of your friends without your authorisation and before leaving you to your new life.”

Sadly, neither Zac nor Gav noticed or heard the ping of this notification. Once he’d accepted the change, Zac grabbed his lover and pulled him onto his incredible pole. The two were lost in an absolute fuck fest which quickly moved from the chair to the wall, to the bed, to the floor, to the table, smashing crockery and pictures on their way to sexual paradise. Gav wanted nothing more than to be wrapped up in his boyfriend’s arms, being fucked by the hunk he’d chosen to live with. Zac hated the fact that Gav loved other cocks, which meant he fucked him harder and without as much mercy as his previous nature might have done.

Pi adjusted Gav and Zac’s relationship status which now read ‘in a very open but committed relationship’ adding to his interests that Gav loved being objectified by other men.

Chi changed Gav’s career to ‘professional model and Go-go dancer’ and adding a kink for sucking big cocks as well as bottoming them. His own 9” member only got use when he was in heat without satisfaction, or when a stud wanted to play with his toys long phallus.

Sigma decided to make Zac a military man by altering his career and adding a new interest of as ‘gay stripper’ to Zac’s profile. Zac’s compulsive nature made him particularly suited to the army, although he’d had many years of disciplining his impulsive side which was now only allowed freedom in the bedroom. Of course, Zac was a favourite in the Barracks.

Alpha made an upgrade to Tristan’s profile page, rewording the lad’s description of himself, and changing his love of heavy metal music to that of lifting heavy chains, and occasionally being bound by them.

Tristan was a pasty boy. He followed his friends and didn’t really have his own interests. He’d been friends with Gavin and Zach due to them being in the music scene, while never feeling he could be open about his sexuality. His bland life was suddenly ripped from him as his body started heaving. In all the confusion he didn’t notice his surroundings change. The room he’d grown up in at his parent’s home was replaced by a small flat in the heart of Dubai. The heat was intense, and his crappy fan was doing little to bring cool to the room. It stank of roast beef, or at least hot sweaty muscle. In the haze his eyes started to adjust as he noticed his skin was now a deep bronze, and it seemed to be stretching. He looked down to his arm as it inflated with glorious muscle. His hands ran across his hulking body as his cock awoke. Totally naked in his apartment, he heard a knock at the door. Without thinking he opened it and greeted a stunned young neighbor who was knocking to sign people up for some resident’s association. “Come on in if you want” Trist said suggestively in his deep masculine Arabian accent. Instinctively Trist pulled the young guy into his room and passionately kissed the willing young man who submitted to the powerful now 35 year old’s alure.

Upsilon picked on Brent, Gav and Zac’s guitarist friend. His career had sparked in the music industry. But what is Upsilon changed his career to the Australian gay porn industry instead of music, swapping his passion for guitar with the gym. As his collective hours of light gym use swapped with his hours of guitar practice, Brent felt his muscles swell. His abs crunched, his pecs expanded and his arms became fuller and much stronger. His American heritage shifted as he found himself an Australian in America. His business exec girlfriend became his hot shot boyfriend who kept the muscle boi around for fun, and of course the hot sex.

On Gav’s Circe forum conversation one single note was left

*Psi – I love the games we play with young men. Until next time guys, more men need enticing and improving for our pleasure.

Guys, hoped you enjoyed the Circe series. Let me know more of what you want and what you thought. This one was pretty long - Lusty

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