Circe Slot Machine - Jarod

By Lusty Stallion
published July 25, 2021
5813 words

Jarod, a young lanky gamer from the UK ends up playing Circe Slots. His future linked to his overly accurate Facebook account, which is being being manipulated by a horny board of investors.

Following on from my last submission, I’ve found people really liked this idea.

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Here’s Jarod’s story

Jarod was back at his digs after a long day of work. He was so excited to finally be back in lectures, if only for a couple of hours a day. Even with the majority of teaching still being online, Jarod relished leaving his flat to actually be with real people.

Over the past year Jarod had realised a few things about himself. Even though he was shy and reserved, he really did enjoy other people’s company. And he discovered that video games weren’t the be all and end all. In fact, he’d taken up light jogging and some obvious exercises at home, which left no chance for any fat making it’s home on his body. He’d always been a bean pole, but now he was starting to become a lean lad.

Now back in his study, he was loading up discord to chat to his community about the latest obscure game he was playing. As he navigated to the website a pop-up ad about a new gambling site appeared on his screen.

“Circe Slots – the game which promises to change your life. First bet free with easy earns for more credit”

He wasn’t normally a betting man, but loved games. ‘If it’s giving me a free bet, why shouldn’t I give it a go?’ he reasoned with himself.

“Welcome to Circe slots. We know you’ll enjoy yourself tonight and will feel like a new person by the end. Start straight off with your first $50 and let’s wish your lucky star is out tonight and for Circe herself to bless you.”

He hit “ok” and the slots loaded up. He quickly noticed the Greek themed display with a number of strange colourful icons flying across the screen. It didn’t take him long to figure it out and within a few rounds he’d doubled his credit. At the end of his fifth round, he received 5 symbols of Virgo and the screen lit up.

“Congratulations on winning the Virgo. Your mental agility, adaptability, skilfulness, and meticulous nature will serve you well. We commend you for holding out for ‘the one’ and wish you a belated happy birthday.”

Jarod thought that was weird as his birthday was in February. But realised how stupid that thought was because he instinctively knew his birthday was in mid-June. He’d always had a good mind, which sharpened, and he started analysing this game with a more skilful aptitude. But what about the ‘holding out for the one’ bit? Did it mean sex? He’d lost his virginity at high school like so many others, although, sharp as his mind was, he could not focus on that memory. The other sexual encounters with women until today were equally illusive and he realised that of course he was a virgin. Something didn’t seem to add up though with this new, or was it old knowledge, and he seemed to live with both as his reality.

He’d got a good load of credit now and the game asked him to enter his bank details for an extra $50 in return for giving his basic details. He thought little of it and played a bit further. Some of these icons looked like animals, while others were Greek characters and symbols.

Of course he wasn’t addicted to this game by now. He was completely in control, at least he’d tell you so.

“Jarod, one thing you need to know is that if you win the next game then you have the option to leave with all your winnings. But if you loose, you give us the right to share your profile with a group of investors who will make comments on your appearance and may even open up more dollars for you this evening. If you click ok, you are agreeing to this gamble.”

He weighed it up and decided he didn’t have a lot to lose. He didn’t have a load of content on Facebook anyway so he didn’t really care.

He signed into the Facebook portal and granted all the permissions requested.

“Thanks Jarod for linking your Facebook profile, now let’s see how luck you are.”

He then played further with the game. Inevitably he lost all his credit in two rounds.

“Shit” he declared “what a bummer. I guess this board get access to my Facebook account then whatever that means.”

The board did have complete access now, and they were very pleased to see the boy who’d fallen into their trap. Jarod was still watching the screen with the slot game, and didn’t see the chat forum which had opened in a new tap called ‘Circe’

Pi – Awww, what a cutey. He’s so adorable, so twinky. Look at his twig arms. Kappa – looks like he’s a Brit Iota – looks like he’s shy with a confident cheeky streak Alpha – I just hope his package matches up to the Eifel Tower sticking out of his crotch Sigma – Look, he’s got at least one tatt

Pi – I hope he’s gay because I’d keep him just the way he is Alpha – Shut up you pussy. The point of this is to fuck with the little oik Kappa – Bring on the fun!

Gutted and frustrated, the skinny college lad looked up from his slump as his laptop pinged a new message.

“Jarod, as you continue into the game, investors from the board may offer you extra credit for a gamble. You are in control and can accept or reject any invitation. The first gamble is in. Omicron invites you to gamble your nationality for an extra $600. He asks “How British are you?”. Will you accept or reject this gamble?”

‘What a ridiculous game.’ He thought. ‘What sort of gamble is that. It’s only linked to my facebook account, so is it going to change that? Well for $600 they can say I’m an Innuit from Alaska for all I care.’ And he hit the “accept” option.

Instead of the icons he’d seen before. Now an array of colourful flowers were spinning through in front of his eyes.

On the first go, he saw the shamrock of Ireland which filled four of five spaces, the red rose of England only whizzed past never settling, the Centaurea Cyanus of Germany, the Ceibo of Argentina, the Golden Wattle of Australia, the chrysanthemum of Japan and so many he didn’t recognise. He played a couple of rounds before 5 of the same flower flashed in brilliant pink across his screen.

“Congratulations Jarod, the Protea flower is the national flower of South Africa which makes sense as you’re a proud South African and no-one will ever take that away from you.”

Jarod felt his nose expand slightly and opened his mouth to speak, confused with the accent that came out of it. He could tell that he had changed. This was crazy, and yet was it some how real. Jarod couldn’t believe it, this game had changed him, some how it had transformed a significant part of his life. His mind held the two realities, first of his life growing up in Manchester in the UK, while his full life as a proud South African seemed to take precedent in his memory. He hadn’t even thought about the changes this made to his lineage, his parents currently going through a transformation of their own.

A new message popped up “Pi has offered you $800 to gamble your sexuality. He asks “are you really a straight boy?” Do you accept or reject?”

“What the hell, is one of the board gay? I’m not up for this anymore’ and he hit the x in the top right corner of the browser to no joy. He hit “reject” and tried to get out of his seat, but found he couldn’t leave his chair.

The screen pinged again “Jarod, you’ve agreed to play today, so there’s no getting away until you’ve played the game. Don’t worry, you’re in control. Iota offers you a gift of 7 years of gym sculpted muscles if he can add 3 years onto your age. Do you accept or reject his git?”

‘This game is fucking twisted. I guess I didn’t read the Ts and Cs but this must be illegal. 3 years of my age for 7 years of muscles? I guess I just need to reject every request from now on. Although, I’ve always wanted to be muscular, but never had the right metabolism. I’m only 20 so 3 years is nothing really. As long as I don’t accept any more bets, I should be ok.’ He figured.

Hitting “accept” the next message said “Congratulations on your gym gains man. Iota would like to give you a gift of dirty blonde hair, accept or reject?”

Jarod was full aware of every sensation ravaging his body. He hit accept to get rid of the notification without much thought. He looked down and watched his supper skinny jeans shred at the explosive growth of his now thickening thighs. He remembered his hardcore gym routine, never missing leg day in 7 years. He was slightly surprised by the sensation of his abdominals popping out from his skinny core as his muscle contracted as they’d learned to over the years. His arms grew, not with bodybuilder muscle but with regularly pumped bi’s, with some tri work. As his delts hardened his shoulders broadened and his pectorals pulsated and pushed out from his now larger frame.

Next his hair lightened and a stubble grew into a darker trimmed beard. Jarod felt far more confident in his skin and felt exuberated by what had just happened to him. He was still oblivious to what he’d accepted in his lighter hair.

Iota – I’m happy with how that went. Just look at his new photos. Kappa - There’s more of them to. Sigma – He’s a young South African jock now. Pi – He’s got far more women in his photos now ☹ Alpha – look at those pumped arms. Seems he’s not always bearded

Sigma – I prefer him without a beard anyway Pi – I prefer him without girls Sigma – A young man with a very attractive face. The things I’d like to do to the straight boy

‘So, there was no gamble in that last bit?’ Jarod thought to himself, subconsciously reaching up to his left pec and giving it a scratch, then a squeeze. ‘This games pretty fucked up. I wonder what Cindy would think of me now.’

Cindy was his girlfriend, who was immensely attracted to him, but frustrated by his views on sex before marriage. No-one could believe that Jarod the jock was still a virgin.

A new message popped up. “For $200, Kappa is offering you a game to determine your primary, secondary and tertiary hobbies “What sport do you play?”, do you accept or reject his game?”

This again was new. Instead of calling it a gamble, this was a determining game. He had no idea why he hit accept, but he did and the icons started rolling again.

The images were still Greek symbols, but they represented athletic games, with a variety of balls, shot put, javelin, men jumping, alongside other icons of locations, perhaps for sports which weren’t invented back then.

Jarod was just pleased to be playing a game again. This time there were three rotating Greek columns representing his new hobbies. All he had to do was keep using credit to see if he could win five in a row in each column. What was great was he figured out he could actually select the same icon from a different column and move the icon into the column with the same image. This was a very addictive game, and he ended up using up his credit as he secured four in a row in two of the three columns.

“Lambda offers you $100 to discover your true score on the Kinsey scale. Accept or reject?”

Jarod didn’t care what the Kinsey scale was, nor why it mattered, he just accepted for the extra cash and continued to play, scoring the wave symbol in his primary hobby.

In the about section of his profile page, it now displayed that he was a 1 on the Kinsey scale which meant he was “Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual”.

He played further scoring a weights for his secondary, and surf for his primary, but still unable to secure two of the balls he needed for the third.

“Alpha offers you $300 to add an extra 50lbs to your muscle, accept or reject?”

Jarod accepted without much thought at all. His body expanding again, but with new packed muscle. His pictures updated to.

But before he could play he received another notification “Sigma offers you $100 to add an inch to your cock, accept or reject?”

Who would reject that offer of money and a bigger knob. So of course, he did. Adjusting his pants as his briefs stretched with his new length, he used his remaining credit to catch the remaining icons of what looked like a pretty solid ball. While soccer was much more modern than Greek, the game knew about it and his third tier hobby was playing soccer on the beach with his bros.

Iota – Man it’s hot watching his photos transform as his life changes. Alpha – I’ve never had any dude turn down more muscle Pi - I think I preferred him with less muscle. Like this photo of him playing footy back in the day. Now he’s all ‘macho’ and shit

Alpha – well, not all men were created to be subservient, slut Pi – You know I am, beefy 😉 Sigma – he looks more cocksure if you catch my drift Kappa – Lambda, what a genius idea. I’ve never seen the Kensey scale used like this before

With his new passion for sport, Jarod looked at the screen to see a new game had appeared.

“Jarod, you’re such a sporty hunk. Omicron has offered you $200 to move you along to a 2 on the Kensey scale. Do you accept the gift or reject it?”

He was being thrown money here, and he didn’t mind moving to a 2, whatever that meant. He could have used a chart like this, it may have changed his mind.

“Jarod, you’re a great sport. The next game, sponsored by Omicron and Pi, will reach into your life and select one of your Facebook photos and focus on one of your friends. You will have 3 life choices for your friend. Choose wisely as all transformations are permanent. In this game, you must answer before the timer sounds out otherwise your friend’s fate will be randomised. You will earn credit based on a vote from the board as to how much they approve of your choosing”

‘Shit’, this was far more than he’d bargained for. It wasn’t right. And yet he knew he had no choice.

Looking at the four photos one of his friends, Stephanie, had been chosen for forced transformation.

“Why can I only see transformations where she’s a man?” he cried at the screen. “This is sick man!” He clicked on the original photo, trying in vain to choose that as his friends body, but it was no use. He could see the ticker closing in forcing him to make a choice. Two of them definitely looked gay so he settled for Steph becoming the skater dude.

His brain experienced the sensation of holding both the set of memories of nights out with Steph, and even a make out session with her a few years back. But those memories sat uncomfortably next to those of the younger skater who he’d made out with a few years back.

“Shit, did it just make Steve into a hot skater? No, Steve’s always been a skater hasn’t he. I love watching that lad skate. Mmmm, and I know he loves being watched while skating” he thought to himself before catching those thoughts. Was it the game making him think like this? $300 rolled into his credit.

“Tell us Jarod, Iota asks is Steve “outgoing ($50)”, “promiscuous ($200)” or “a stoner ($150)”?”

Jarod looked at his bud and the three button option to press. As the timer clicked down he decided that “outgoing” was the lesser of the evils, and Steve became the life and soul of every party, spending most nights out. Only $50 tumbled into his credit.

“Kappa asks is Steve known for “his beer pong score ($50)”, “his 12” dick ($150)” or “putting out for any guy ($250)”?”

He hovered quickly over the beer pong option, but he didn’t hit it. As the timer clicked through, he became aware of his own tented pants and realised the thought of his bud with a massive cock was turning him on. The straight boy ended up hitting the phallic enlargement option and memories of slipping his hands down Steve’s board shorts to feel the famed prize. $150 tumbled into his credit. This confirmed his assumption that the entire board was gay, and likely horny.

“Next up is someone even closer to you. Now it’s time to transform Cindy.”

This could not be happening. Not his girlfriend.

“So Jarod, what will your girlfriends fate be?”

“This is fucking sick man! You can’t do this to her, she’s my girl. I can’t choose this. I won’t choose this!” He said slamming his meaty fists down on his desk. He couldn’t decide, the seconds ticked by until he looked up in time to see the timer tick it’s last, and then the memories of Cindy and their many months together, gave way to new memories of Sandy the young out and proud cock sucker who kept asking to blow Jarod.

“Jarod, Pi asks, is Sandy your boyfriend ($200), house boy ($100) or cock jockey ($50)?”

“Fuck no! I’m not gay” he yelled in rage at the laptop slamming his hand at his desk and knocking the enter button.

There was no escaping this nightmare. He looked up as he realised what he’d done.

“Congratulations Jarod on your new house boy. Is he “faithful to you ($50)”, “flirtatious and playful with any hot men ($100)” or “a man whore ($300)”?

How could he make such a decision about his former love? Jarod knew he wasn’t gay and so the best option seemed to be “flirtatious and playful with any hot men” for both their sakes.

What a fucked-up game this was, toying with his life and now the lives of those closest to him. $200 rolled into his credit ready for more gambling.

“Jarod, you’re making some big choices today and for that Kappa would like to offer you a gift. He offers you $300 to accept a party bro persona and to move along the Kensey scale to 3. Do you accept or reject?”

He knew he was pretty much a party bro anyway, so felt for $300 he thought ‘what have I got’ta loose. I may as well get the extra cash’ as he hit accept. He hit it and then thought “I really should look up this Kensey scale.”

Photos of him touching and being physical with other ripped guys now flooding his profile.

Sigma – I love this stage, building to the climax. Jarod is such a hot bisexual now Pi – Do you think he’s still a virgin? Kappa – Do you reckon he’s a top or bottom?

Jarod tried moving from his chair but once again found he couldn’t escape the clutches of the game.

“Jarod, we hope you’re enjoying yourself. Now we’ve chosen your pal Moiro who you love to touch. He’s a PT at the moment but we think you can improve his life. Is Moiro a “gay stripper ($200)”, “a gay army boy ($50)”, a “douche himbro ($150)” or a “homo lazy gym lout ($100)”?” And the four images displayed before him.

Yet again, another unfair selection. Jarod tried to look for another option, but none presented itself. Why was it turning his friends into gay men?

He decided that his well-travelled friend would make for a good himbro, and so he selected the image of Mairo as a typical dumb horny douche bag who had the hots for any gym bro. His memories of his friend forever changed to fit the new Mairo as the extra money rolled into his credit.

Another message popped up “Sigma offers you $100 to add an inch to your cock, accept or reject?”

He accepted it and felt his penis grow as before.

“Kappa offers you $100 to add an inch to your cock, accept or reject?”

He accepted it again looking forward to the growth.

“Iota offers you $100 to add sensitivity to your cock, accept or reject?”

He hit accept again, surprised it didn’t grow, as he hadn’t stopped to read it.

“Pi offers you $100 to add an inch to your cock, and 5lbs of muscle to your glutes, accept or reject?”

Again, without really reading it, Jarod accepted and looked down at his swelling crotch. He must have 9 inches down there if not more. But he also felt his posture move in his seat as his butt ballooned with hard muscle.

“Omicron says “Let’s play with your friend in the flowery shirt.”

And his friend Todd appeared in his work gear.

“Jarod, let’s play a game with your friend Todd. You’re going to determine his star sign and with it, his life. You can use your credit to help him out or leave him to his fate.”

Jarod watched a new slot machine game load before his eyes. He pulled the lever and saw the star signs spin around. The first one was 3 Pisces with 2 virgo. And he couldn’t help watching his friend’s image shrink down a bit. His shirt turning into a sleeveless tank as he became skinnier and allowed his bud to hold him close. Had Todd just become a gay twink?

Appalled by the state of affairs, Jarod bet again until something more fitting rolled through.

4 Sagittarius and 1 Aries turned his pal into a gregarious garish loud-mouthed gym hunk who thought he was God’s gift to all men.

Jarod could have settled on any one of these, but he played until he hit 5 in a row, and luckily for him it landed on Taurus.

He watched the already muscled hunk grow thicker. Particularly noticing how much his neck became a bull neck, his chest puffing out into solid pecs and his arms expanding and stretching with better pumped bi’s and tri’s. This guy was hot, and he knew it.

His arm round a girl and Jarod’s arm round his other. This dude oozed sex appeal to every gender.

“Jarod, we want to help you out here. You need to answer the questions we ask, and your answer will become your truth. Each answer will have an impact on your credits. “Who do you find most attractive? “Todd ($200) or Tiffany (-$100).

Well that was an easy one for Jarod as he selected Todd. He had no problem admitting he was attracted to his bull of a bud.

“Last week, did you “fuck Todd’s beefy ass ($200)”, “suck Matt’s 10” donkey cock ($300)” or “did you do both ($600)”?

Jarod couldn’t win here. He decided not to answer and let the randomiser select fucking Todd.

“Shit bruh! It’s makin’ me gay” Jarod said to the empty room as he felt his attraction for his pal grow beyond any desire he’d known for a woman.

“Jarod, how long have you and Todd been fucking? “2 months ($50)”, “3 years” ($150) or “since your first year at college ($400)”?”

Jarod chose the highest grossing answer, after all, what else did he have to loose at this point. He felt a sweep happen through his mind. Old memories being re-written with fresher memories layering on top of the old. It was at college that he realised just how much he liked guys, all through his first encounter with Todd.

After realising that Todd loved Jarod’s beefy build, and particularly his well-endowed package in Todd’s rear, Jarod finally felt at peace with himself.

Memories of being felt up in the club, dancing with loads of random hot dudes and getting off with Todd filled his mind.

“Why did Todd start working out? “Because he was fat ($50)”, “because he couldn’t get enough of your muscle ($150)” or “because he had a bodybuilding Dad ($200)”?”

Jarod chose the one about him and his muscles turning Todd beefy, and another facebook photo appeared on his profile to the boards enjoyment.

One where a lighter haired Todd stood skinny before the hunk he’d just met in his first week of college. The hot Jock locked eyes with the skinny dude and then the jock, Jarod, made his move, swept Todd off his feet and made out with his captive lad.

This formative memory was at the forefront of Jarod’s mind. Before that day, he’d always thought of himself as straight, but he was definitely more into guys than girls, although he’d never said no to a girl who was willing.

Now a muscled hunk, the board had more fun in store for Todd.

“Jarod, Pi would like you to give Todd a new job. Is he a “pornstar” ($400), a “‘Go go’ boy ($500)” or a “Flight attendant ($100)”?”

Why Jarod didn’t choose the safe option of flight attendant he didn’t know. For some reason he chose the “’Go go’ boy” option and he watched as his fucker lost his inhibitions and shirt as the image before him morphed into the next photo where Todd had been dancing to the rhythm on top of Jarod’s sturdy shoulders.

Jarod found himself desperately enjoying this image, and started playing with his substantial cock and balls. He was getting horny now.

Omicron – so, have you seen his Kensey score is now a 5? Sigma – Now that’s what I call a hot transformation Iota – I’d love to lick his pits clean Pi – watch this A further image popped up.

“Pi offers you a further $400 to become a gay muscle slut. He says “go on fucker, you know you’re horny. Do you accept or reject”

Jarod was horny, but he wasn’t going to let this game fuck with him either. After all, he’d managed to get away lightly compared to his mates.

“Jarod, Kappa invites you to allow him to make your life one full of hot sporty men for $500 plus an extra inch on your penis (and an extra point on the Kensey scale to match the bros in your life).

“Who cares about the Kensey scale, fuck I’m up for a life with sports men in it.”

And Jarod’s photos lost all women, and hot hunks filled their spaces instead. Girls breasts hardened into thick pecs, their backs broadening and their hair receding. Their clits pushed hard against their pussies until they broke through and large fondle friendly fuck flags flopped into their boxer briefs and jock straps. Their dainty arms thickening and rolling with hard pumped bicep brilliance.

Pi – so how come he accepted your requests to make him gay Kaps? Kappa – Because he was to straight to know about the Kensey scale, and to dumb to figure it out. Omicron – I love a dumb muscle slut Pi – but he’s not a dumb muscle slut, he just didn’t figure that Kensey shit out

“Jarod, Pi has sponsored the next game. It’s called Topping and Tailing. You have to get the highest result possible, and then you’ll become a top. Should you score low, you’ll be a bottom. If you run out of credits, you can always transfer 1 IQ point for $50.”

Jarod was now horny, mostly gay and wanting to party. And so he was eager to play this new game. He noticed the stakes were much higher and he gambled hard. The icons seemed to be male heroes of ancient Greece, all of them naked with their thick muscled bodies on display. Adonis, the beefy stallion, Hercules, with his gargantuan muscles, and Achilles were obviously tops, while Jason, Narcisis, the beautiful hunk and Perseus, were all displayed in meaty naked glory offering their butts for filling.

After gambling half of his substantial credit away, Jarod felt something happening to him. His butt inflated pushing him higher from his seat. And to his horror, his meaty arms started shrinking down to swimmers arms.

PI - OMG, our hunk is a hot twink now. And did you see what happened to his skinny friend? Sigma - Looks like our boy found a top to fill his aching hole

Across the city, Jarod’s friend Grant was overcome by a strange feeling. His tall girlfriend walked in with a coffee in hand to see her boringly average boyfriend’s body pulsate with energy. She cried out, dropping the coffe, as Grant’s face started reshaping, his flesh expanding and reforming as his clothes grew tighter on his thick body. Was he taller, or was something wrong with her own perspective. She was used to towering over everyone in her life, but now he was growing in height, and was she shrinking? Her bosom receeding back into two flat pecs, as her clit pushed out of her cunt, becoming a 3 inch penis as his butt ballooned. His new abs and skinny frame were the perfect compliment to his studly boyfriend frame.

Kappa - I love this moment. Alpha - Fuck you PI, Jarod was much hotter as the size of his friend.

Of course Jarod wasn’t looking at his profile page, but he was aware of the new need to have his arse filled with a man, and he was in shock after having seen his arms deflate.

He continued to play the game, betting the rest of his money, and all he gained was more of a need to be fucked.

“Jarod, you have run out of credit. You are now able to leave the game, unless you want to convert IQ points for credit? 1IQ point = $50.”

Jarod then saw a digit with an arrow either side of it, and he decided it was worth 10 IQ points to gamble on being a top. His arse was so empty and he knew he needed a thick cock to satisfy him. His bud Trent…. “No, I’m gonna be a fucking top!” He declared to the empty room and as he played he found himself winning.

By the end of his credit, he’d managed to gain a more top heavy preference while being versatile.

His muscles started inflating with years of hard muscle again, his veins visible once more, and his personality becoming primarily dominant, with a thrill for giving his arse to another man. Once more he was the hot hunk he’d been moments before, although his now bubbled butt gained a new inconsistant yearning, and looked as inviting as ever. His now hulking gay top of a friend remained the same size in the picture, while Jarod returned to his previous size and stature.

A notification pinged through. “Jarod, you’ve nearly finished the game, but before you go, there are a few extra offers and gifts which the board would like to offer you.

“First, as you have no credit left you walk away with no money. Omicron offers you the last kensey point for 10 IQ points. Accept or reject”

Jarod figured that this Kensey thing was worth having so he clicked accept, feeling a rush of warm fuzz filling his mind and his enlarged cock.

The board also want to offer you a lucrative income from a new job. You’re options are “A fitness coach to Celebs, with the ability to grow their bodies and turn them gay” Accept or reject”.

Jarod thought perhaps he’d missed the second option, but couldn’t care less. Of course that was the job of his dreams.

"Jarod, thanks for playing Circe slots today. Congratulations on being one of our lucky winners.”

Alpha - I’ll be looking this kid up shortly PI - me to i wanna get my mouth around his meaty schlong Omicron - Yet another job well done Kappa - Looks like we’ve got another victim ready for our fun…

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