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Persona Notebook - Part 1

By Oddballs -
published July 24, 2021
3952 words

Charlie is a college student with a huge crush for his stern and serious teacher, Mr Dover. One day, he boys a notebook with some weird instructions in it. After doodling in the notebook, Charlie shows up to class the next day in for a very erotic surprise!

“So, which brings us back to when Galileo was first confronted by the Catholic Church…” Professor Dover says as he stands in front of the university classroom with a textbook in his hand and a dry-erase marker in the other. He stands in front of the class, wearing his usual long-sleeve shirt with a long tie clipped to his line of buttons, along with some formal trousers. He pushes his fine spectacles to the bridge of his nose as he looks over the room of college students.

At the left mid-section of the crowd of young minds, sits a cute, innocent, pudgy, unassuming young man as he watches the handsome teacher before him. His legs brush together as he watches his long-time crush down there, at the board, illustrating whatever historical nonsense he’ll go on about. Almost drooling in dreamland, his desk conceals a boner.

Charlie has always loved Prof Dover’s lectures - not that he ever paid attention to the lessons or even what this class is about – something about history or English? All Charlie can do is watch that mouth… And that rump… And his body language… And undressing him with his eyes. The man is a complete stud! What would make him even better is if he taught while he was naked… Or masturbating in front of everybody… Or even doing strip-teases… Or just sitting on Charlie’s lap and begging him to rape him.


“Huh?” Charlie wakes up from staring at the teacher. He glances around and notices a few people or snickering at him. “I’m sorry, what?”

“I called your name several times already.” Prof Dover tells him sternly. “But I see your attention span is as short-sighted as ever.”

“Okay, sorry… What was the question?”

“At what point and why did the Church start to refute the science of Astronomy?”

“Agh, um… Because… The priests didn’t like space?”

A bunch of students roll their eyes and shift again at Charlie’s weak-ass response.

“Pitiful.” Prof Dover shakes his head and points to another student “Felicia?”

“Because the Protestants found that Copernicus’s work and research contradticted the bible. Therefore, the Catholic church followed suit in rejecting Galileo’s research because it threatened their stance.”

“That is correct.” Prof Dover says he goes on.

“Fuck…” Charlie mumbled as he zones out at himself. “Hate it when I do that…”

Charlie frowns as he flips through his old notebook as he walks down the sidewalk off-campus. His pages are full of notes from classes that didn’t drain the blood from his brain to his penis, or a bunch of sketches of Prof Dover in homoerotic poses with dirty speech bubbles.

“Agghh… Guess I’ll need to get a new journal. Buuuut…” He checks his bank account and sees his budget has gotten very low again. He’ll barely have enough money to buy last-minute groceries before he gets paid again. “Well… Let’s see what they have at Value Village.” He tells himself before walking into the conveniently located thrift store.

Charlie browses the randomized shelves containing various supplies and doodads. He can’t remember the last time Value Village carried any pencils or erasers or notebooks, but the ones anywhere else would take a bigger chunk out of his wallet than he cares for – he recently needed to help his brother with a large payment he couldn’t afford, so he’s hanging by a thread financially.

Looking over the many discarded items, something shiny catches his eye “Ooh” He checks it out and raises his eyebrows at a rustic golden-brown leather book with silver trims.

“Persona Notebook?” Charlie says as he checks it out. “Guess that means it’s personal? Heh…” It looks clean, its pages are blank, and there’s a small label on the bottom of the back cover:


“Neat.” Charlie says as he checks it out. Looking at the price and seeing it as .89 cents. “Jackpot!” He smiles to himself as he goes to pay for it.

Once home and one bowl of Top Ramen later, Charlie takes out his new pre-owned journal and opens through the blank paper. There’s absolutely nothing written on any of pages. It’s nearly mint, not one single mark on it, not even any indication of age. Did someone just toss it as soon as they bought it from its original store?

After checking out the front page, he notices something he didn’t bother to look at back at Value Village. It appears to be a list of ‘rules’, or instructions?

  1. Sketch the person you wish to enchant.
  2. Write their name however it is legally established.
  3. Jot down any and all notions you wish to add about them under the illustration.
  4. You are able to draw up to 5 people for complete effect of the notebook.
  5. Any changes you illustrate will be temporary if written with any medium other than ink.
  6. To make the changes permanent, draw in pen.
  7. Be aware; this notebook cannot do the impossible.
  8. Depending on what manner of notes is written, the notes may or may not take effect immediately, but changes can take from seconds to hours to happen.
  9. To completely erase any and all changes and sketches, simply tear the page out of the notebook.
  10. Be warned: once a page has been torn out of the notebook, it will be as if the happenstance has never happened.

The more Charlie reads these ‘rules’, the more this is looking a LOT like Death Note. So what, is this some sort of ‘Person Note’? “Iiiiii really don’t get this.” Charlie rolls his eyes.

“Buuut… On the off-chance this is for real…” Charlie smiles as he takes a pencil and puts it to the first page.

Professor… Benjamin… Dover…

Once he wrote down the name, he started drawing the circles and lines of a basic human figure. The pencil traces along the lines of the figure before Charlie starts to draw in the finer details – from Prof Dover’s finely groomed hair, his glasses, his austere expression, and from the neck down…

Charlie drools as he greedily draws in the finely toned body of his crush – supposedly. He’s never seen Prof Dover naked, but he’s fantasized about it plenty. He gives his drawing thick nipples and fine pecs. His cock pushes against his pants as he fills in the torso with subtle abs and a layer of pencil strokes for a thick layer of body hair.

Just for giggles, Charlie draws in a skimpy speedo that accentuates the bulge and even a side-sketch next to pelvis of the figure’s rump, showing it really riding up the buttcrack. He finishes up the arms and legs and adding a fine layer of hair on all four limbs. Just for kicks, he takes out a gold metallic pen, and fills in the speedo bulge and butt with shiny color, which sticks out beautifully in the lewd drawing.

Charlie looks at his sketch – like so many vulgar, perverted sketches he’s drawn over the years, seeing a hot man like Prof Dover gives him such a rush, wishing this could be so real!

Ah, but the notebook also says that there needs to be a few notes. Idly masturbating, Charlie jots down a few things about his ‘character’.

-professional stripper

-loves to dance in public

-likes to show off

-somewhat narcissistic

As men goes, Charlie likes them smug, confident, with hilarious short comings aside from the fact that a guy like that can back that up. They’re at least fun to watch; most men in porn are so fake and sultry.

“Great.” Charlie says as he looks down at his boner. “Now I need to take care of THIS.” He chuckles as he strokes himself. Putting his homework aside, he opens up his laptop to turn on his favorite sexy music video: Sexy And I Know It by LMFAO. It’s his all time favorite song. He loves how sexy it is and how those guys in the video flaunt their bodies and sexuality all over it. He would LOVE to see a gay version of this.

The geeky pervert moans as he pumps his cock up and down, pinching one of his nipples as he sits back in his chair and watching LMFAO and the gang of speedo and thong boys bounce their bulges around. Charlie huffs and ooks like a horny monkey as he brings himself to climax over his round fat belly. “Ohhh! OOOH! Oohh!” He spasms and shakes as his cum splatters all over himself and even squirts over his shoulder. “Fuck… Hoohhh yeah…” He glances at his drawing of Prof Dover.

Damn. Wouldn’t it be hot for him to do a strip tease…

The next morning, Charlie shows up for class as always, sitting in his usual seat and waits for his professor to come in and begin today’s lecture. It was seemingly ordinary day as the students filed in, mumbling and chatting amongst themselves as they always do. Charlie just gets his notes and his homework, almost paying absolutely no mind to his little fantasy last night. Glancing at the clock, almost waiting for the big hand to land on 12, as Prof Dover is always punctual. Charlie really wishes he can see Prof Dover naked – it’d give him a bunch of all new fantasies.

“Alright, class.” Says Prof Dover. The entire classroom stops talking as usual… He sets his satchel aside and goes to the whiteboard to write up the topic for the say, as per usual. Charlie’s eyes immediately goes to that butt. Prof Dover may be getting up there in age, but his clothing really outlines his body… In fact, today his clothes seem a lot tighter than usual… In fact, it looks like his clothes are just barely clinging on to him. What size is he wearing??

Prof Dover puts down the marker after writing on the board. Instead of a topic they usually go over, however, Prof Dover has written:


“Wait what?” Charlie blinks. “Party Boy?” He asks to himself with an estranged look. The other students mumble amongst themselves as they stare at him with confusion.

“Now I know most of you are expecting…” Prof Dover leans his rump on his desk casually and spreads his legs. Students sort of ponder as Prof Dover takes on this odd pattern of posture; he’s usually so strict and rigid, but something seems… Off? It’s like he’s relaxed yet cocky… “For me to pick up where we left off on Galileo. But I don’t want to talk about that. I was watching a video last night.”

He picks up his phone and taps it once. His serious mouth curls into a cocky smile as his right foot starts tapping the floor and his hips start bopping in tune with a coming playful rhythm coming from his phone. Charlie raises his brow as he recognizes the provocative melody.

It’s ‘Sexy And I Know It’ by LMFAO.

“And it went a little something like this.” Prof Dover bites his lip as his hands go to behind his head and starts to gyrate his pelvis and rocks his legs as he gets lewd and frisky in front of his desk. All the students gap as they watch him totally loosen up right before their eyes. “Yeah~” He shrugs off his formal jacket, loosening his tie and thrusting his crotch about below “Yeeaah~”

“No way…” Charlie mumbles with disbelief, “No way, no way, no way, no way.” He hastily takes his phone out and starts recording.

“{When I walk on by}” Prof Dover lip-syncs as he points at his students the “{Girls be looking like damn he fly}” He grins as his hands fold on his lap as he serves his body seductively in a circle before his hips makes his bulge jump up and down, “{I pimp to the beat, Walking down the street in my new LaFreak,}” His arms pump back and his pelvis gives a very big THRUST “{Yeah}”

“{This is how I roll}” Prof Dover twirls and puts his hands on the back of his head and arching his back, showing the stunned class the very thorough contours of his butt from his trousers while tucking his thumbs into the straps of his suspenders and letting them dangle from his belt, seductively circling his hips while his hands roam down his sides and presents his rump before he swerves back around to display his front and tuck his hands into the button-gaps of his polyester shirt. “{Animal print, pants outta control}” In one hard YANK, Prof Dover rips his shirt open to show his torso protected with an undershirt, showing the class a muscular outline of his well built muscles.

“{It’s Redfoo with the big afro, and like Bruce Leroy I got the glow. Yo!}” Prof Dover flaps off his polyester long-sleeve and throws it between his thighs and grabs the other end, rolling his hips as he flosses his undercarriage with his fine white office top.

Charlie’s hand already goes to his rock solid tent between his legs, positioning his phone to stand on from his textbook while also checking around him to make sure no one can see him playing with himself.

(HHHHH!) With the loud, breath-like huff in the song, the entranced professor synchronizes both his lips and his groove to the song, his pelvis rolling up every time the song goes ‘Girl look at that body’ and his rear swooping down from the hot breath sound.

“{Girl look at that body}” (HHHHH!) “{Girl look at that body}” (HHHHH!) “{Girl look at that body}” (HHHHH!)

“{I-I,}” Prof Dover throws away his shirt and starts manhandling his pecs “{I work out!}” His hands go behind his head and he starts doing squats, his leg power pushing him up with each lyric and going back down on each hot breath sound (HHHHH!) “{Girl look at that body}” (HHHHH!) “{Girl look at that body}” (HHHHH!) Girl look at that body*}” (HHHHH!) “{I-I,}” Prof Dover flexes both arms up and grins with a nod “{I work out!}”

“{When I walk in the spot}” Prof Dover lip-syncs as he party-marches on the spot, “{This is what I see} Okaaay~” His hand peels off his undershirt, and exposes his hairy torso to everyone! He proudly shows his manly chest and abs as he grabs the back of his head and starts kicking and twerking wildly on the spot! “{Everybody stops and they starin’ at, me I got, passion in my pants and I ain’t afraid to show it}” At this point, he gives long swooping side-to-side thrusts of his groin “{Show it, show it, show it}”

Prof Dover then finger-gun points the students and gives a serious nod of his chin “{I’m sexy and I know it}” He mouths as he pretends a finger-shot at them. Prof Dover strides over to a random student desk and starts to lap dance her desk. She snickers and laughs as he freak-dances her before he whips off and hitches up a leg onto another student’s desk and pumps his groin up and down “{I’m sexy and I know it}” He goes from desk to desk, giving one student to another a glimpse of his sweaty, trim figure before striding back up front. The students woop and laugh and cheer as he snaps his suspenders back over his sculpted shoulders, strapping his beastly pecs like the party animal he is.

“{Yeah! When I’m at the mall}” Prof Dover continues to seduce the audience, lip-syncing the entire time with a very cocky grin on his face “{Security just can’t fight them all}” He twirls around and rolls his whole bum in front – the students scramble as they see his hands roam both buns in circles! “{And when I’m at the beach,}” He mouths as he looks over his shoulder and made everyone gasp and scoff out loud as he FLASHES them his bare butt! “{I’m in a speedo trying to tan my cheeks}” He flexes ass “{Whaaat?}” His booty gives a single roll before his trousers go back up to shield his rump and he flips back up.

“Oh Jesus” Charlie nearly came just from seeing that butt-swerve alone, immediately releasing his cock before it unloads too soon.

“{This is how I roll,}” Prof Dover syncs as one hand grabs and grips his package and makes his genitals BULGE in his pants “{Come on ladies, it’s time to go}” He manhandles his cock and flops it in circles “{We headed to the bar, baby don’t be nervous - no shoes,}” He opens his thighs out “{No shirt,}” His chest BOUNCES up and his arms flex up for a Hercules pose “{And I still get service, Watch!}” He flips a nearby chair in a flash of a blink and grooves his groin with his legs straddling the chair from the front.

(HHHHH!) At the next hard huff noise, Prof Dover starts pushing his pelvis up and humping the air – this time, with a growing tent that everyone can now see “{Girl look at that body}” His bottom dips back down before slowly elevating back up, repeating this gesture with the next horny chorus. (HHHHH!) “{Girl look at that body}” (HHHHH!) “{Girl look at that body}” All the while, Prof Dover showcasing an uncharacteristically suave smirk.

“{I-I, I work out}” Prof Dover then flips onto the chair, his back arching, and showing his big educated butt covered in his trousers as he straddles the chair and hump undulates his lower body over it, as if he was making sweet, hot love to someone beneath him. (HHHHH!) “{Girl look at that body}” (HHHHH!) “{Girl look at that body}” (HHHHH!) “{Girl look at that body}”

“{I-I, I work out}” The half naked teacher kicks the chair away from him and fwips back to his students, his hands in his pockets, his pants billowing like crazy as he gets his legs all wild again.

“{When I walk in the spot}” He lip-synchs as he acts as if his trousers are about to explode. “{This is what I see}” In a fluid jump-flip, the teacher manages to kick off both shoes without even touching them! With his hands grasping fabric of his pants, he starts undulating his pelvis again. “{Everybody stops and they starin at, me I got, passion in my pants and I ain’t afraid to show it, show it, show it, show it…}” With one flop of his torso, his strong arms RIP his pants into two halves, showing he’s wearing classic white boxers covered in red hearts, held up by his suspenders, and his socks being held up by calf-straps!

“{I’m sexy and I know it}” Prof Dover swings his arms and fists up and down in a monkey-style dance, really shoving and thrusting his pelvis around. Charlie can barely keep himself together as he brings a hankerchief up to his nose incase it starts bleeding. Prof Dover’s bulge is just FLYING around in his boxers!

“{Ay!}” The teacher bites his tongue very hungrily as he clips both suspenders off the front. He gives a sexy spin, bopping his rump back and forth and tugging the suspenders from the front, giving himself a tantalizing wedgie as he gyrates his hips and wiggles his booty in front of the horny students. “{I’m sexy and I know it}” His hands go back and starts giving himself some hard spankings and making his flossing rear bounce and flex

“{Check it out}” Both hands seize BOTH cheeks firmly before his legs give him another twirl and his hands grasp the front of his shorts. “{Check it out}”

Charlie’s eyes widen as he watches. Is Dover gonna-

In one move, Prof Dover YANKS his shorts off, showing off a very skimpy speedo – a bright and shiny golden speedo in the exact size as the sketch in the notebook… And before he could think, Charlie catches those white and heart-pattern boxers in his hand and looks right at his professor’s almost naked body, with his hands once again behind his head and his legs spread.

“{Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah!}” Prof Dover’s man-package flops rapidly as he shakes his hips left and right. The students continue to yell and laugh as they hoot and holler at their horny professor “{Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah!}” He says as he flops his free-swinging bulge up and down again.

Prof Dover then immediately whips around and starts shaking his ass, both bubbly cheeks jiggling opposite each other as he wags the hell out of his booty! “{Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah!}” Charlie coughs and grabs his rigid tent as he watches Prof Dover’s surprisingly supple buttcheeks dance in his speedo, just gazing in total awe of that pseudo-wedgie riding up his crush’s crazy crack! “{Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah yeah!}”

“{Do the wiggle, man!}” He sang as he dances back around, tucking his pinkies on either side of his speedo’s straps and bouncing his legs around as he wiggles and jumbles his genitals around in his pouch, making it leap and bounce before snapping them back on. “{I do the wiggle, man!}” Charlie gaps as he sees Prof Dover stride directly for HIM before the grinning 40-year-old party boy whips around, hitches a foot on the desk and starts twerking in his face!

“{Yeah! I’m sexy and I know it}” Prof Dover smirks as he claps his bikini-buns at Charlie before moving on to bouncing his bulge directly into a different student’s face!

“{Ay! Yeah!}” Prof Dover struts around goes back to his desk before pulling out a baton and starts to hump it like a pony, grinning and rolling his bulge around on the short pole.

(HHHHH!) “{Girl look at that body}” (HHHHH!) “{Girl look at that body}” (HHHHH!) “{Girl look at that body}” (HHHHH!)

“{I-I, I work out}” Prof Dover turns and starts pushing the baton under his buttcheeks and rolls it up and down his booty. He smacks it around and swinging his rear around and alternates humping the short pole and rubbing between his cheeks.

(HHHHH!) “{Girl look at that body}” (HHHHH!) “{Girl look at that body}” (HHHHH!) “{Girl look at that body}” (HHHHH!)

“{I-I, I work out}” The song echoes the last lyric as Prof Dover tosses away the baton and starts gyrating his body and feeling himself up. The teacher’s dong-hammock dangles and wiggles freely with his energetic hips and jumping on the spot like a naked yoga instructor, giving his class one last look of his ass, and whips his head over his shoulder.

“{I’m sexy and I know it…}” He concludes with a finishing pose: Hiking his leg up on a desk and letting his round manhood pouch hang between his thighs and giving a very horny smile at the ramped up college students.

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