Mind Command Part 5: Messing up with the cute freshman nerdy boy

By Time Stop/hypno fetish
published June 9, 2021
3951 words

While waiting for his friends, Alex sees an opportunity to have a little fun with a nerdy boy.

Hello everybody! I recently came up with this story practically out of nowhere and wanted to take advantage of the ray of creativity to write and publish it. I hope, as always, you enjoy it!

After Jonathan’s brief episode of sudden fatigue, which was no surprise after that super orgasm, he recovered and the party continued like nothing, until 9 at night, when he said that he felt a bit tired and, moreover, she had to go to bed early, for the trip with Nath would be the next day, early in the morning. As for Michelle’s panties, I temporarily disconnected the internet from her house, in case she wanted to do a streaming. The next day, I went to the women’s underwear section of a nearby clothing store. As expected, several people looked at me weird, including the employees who I told them were for my “girlfriend”, who had liked the set and wanted to give it to her for her birthday, the very gullible helped me.

Once I got the same panties that I had used to play with Jonathan, I went to his house and rang the bell, told Michelle and her parents that when I had accompanied Jonathan to bring his gifts, I left my wallet with my driver’s license in so, since they have some confidence in me, they let me go inside. At that moment, Michelle came in, asking if she could help me, to which answered her “yes.” I told her the wallet would possibly be behind the bed and that my hands were very large, unlike hers, which were thinner and could enter easily. She leaned over and, in that moment, I immobilized her with the app, went to her room discreetly and put the underwear in the box, then went back to Jonathan’s room and put my wallet behind the bed, resumed the time for her and she managed to grab the wallet with her hand, I thanked her and went home.

It’s been two weeks from Jonathan’s birthday, as usually, I haven’t used the app much, being busy with school’s stuff and hanging out with my friends, including Matt, who I’ve been tempted with a few times, but who I’ve decided to leave alone, to avoid feeling guilty later, for now. Today, at lunchtime, I was alone because my friends were in class, while I already had the rest of the afternoon free, so I was waiting for them. I was watching social media in my phone, when in my feedback appeared a photo of Jonathan in his birthday trip, he was shirtless and waring swim shorts and dark glasses, he looked really hot there. Suddenly, a quick movement threw me off the track. I looked to the side and saw a boy on roller skates, he was wearing Azure blue shorts that reached mid-thighs and a light-gray tank top as it was a hot day, as well as a red helmet and a set of knee and elbow pads. He was carrying his backpack and a blueprint holder, which means that this boy may well be an architecture or engineering student.

From where I was standing, I noticed that the boy was thin in build with some muscle mass, a twink. I followed him with my eyes until I saw that he was heading towards a sector where there was practically no one, due to the intense heat. I was a bit hot after seeing that photo of Jonathan on his trip, because it reminded me of everything I did to him in his room, so I was hard and that boy made me curious. In that moment I took my phone out, opened the app and commanded him to FREEZE. After he stood still, I ordered him through the app to meet me in one empty classroom at the east wing of the university, which was mostly empty by this time of the day. He resumed his skating but changed direction, heading east.

The mentioned place was not that far, however, it took me a few minutes to get there, as I was walking. When I got to the classroom, the boy was already there, in front of the teacher’s desk. I walked to the opposite side of the desk until I was facing the boy. “Hi cutie, what’s up?” I asked the guy, who was indeed handsome. Now that he is closer, I can detail him better. His skin is light tan, with some freckles on the bridge of his nose and the top of his cheekbones, as well as on his shoulders. In addition, he wore black thick frame glasses and braces, which could be seen since his mouth was slightly open.

“Damn it! He looks really cute, yet too young to be enjoyable.” I said loudly, suspecting he was underage so, I went to his backside and opened his backpack looking for any documentation. Once I found his wallet, I opened it and grabbed his driver’s license, which apart from telling me his name, showed me his age: Xavier, 19 years old. Next to his license was his college ID, which confirmed my suspicions about his major, which was Architecture and in which he was a first-year student. “Aw! Are you a freshman? So adorable, much more when you look so nerdy!” I exclaimed while putting his wallet back in his backpack and stared at his honey-colored eyes with greenish tints behind those glasses.

“You know, Xavier? I think such a cute freshman like you needs a proper initiation to this place… My initiation! Do you get it?” He didn’t answer “So… Let’s get started, okey baby?” I said while sliding slowly my finger down his chest on his gray tank top. With my other hand’s Index finger, I opened his mouth a little bit more, sliding it inside, rubbing his tongue, teeth and braces and then pulling it out, completely wet with Xavier’s saliva. His lips were a little bit dry, maybe because of the rollerblading trip, so I spread said saliva on his lips from one corner to the other until they glowed.

TAKE OFF YOUR BACKPACK AND BLUEPRINTER HOLDER, I commanded him, causing Xavier to let both items to fall to the ground. “That’s better, buddy! Now your body can have some fun…” I grabbed his shoulders and put my lips onto his, starting an intense kiss. My tongue ran over his lips and then inside his mouth, which was warm and had a slight mint and cinnamon taste, a bubblegum flavor, sweet and somewhat intense. While making out with this first-year student, I caressed some strands of his short wavy, dark brown colored hair on the back part of his head.

My hand started to slide down his neck, then his back and reaching his ass which, despite not being as prominent as that of the other guys I’ve messed with, was still firm and round. I squeezed it with both hands, going down slightly to his quadriceps and up again, lifting the sleeve of his shorts a little bit. After a few more moments of ass groping, I let my hand to slide in Xavier’s shirt, caressing his wet back, by sweat. Simultaneously, I freed his mouth and kissed his neck intensely, then his sharp but yet soft jawline and up to his face, kissing his cheeks and licking his freckles, crooking his glasses with my nose, giving Xavier an untidy look.

Once I was done with the face, I lowered my hands down the sides of his torso and took the bottom of his shirt, lifting it up to the armpits level, holding it with the inside of his limp arms and exposing his flat pecs, his brown nipples and his abdomen barely marked but flat and defined around the edges. I started a kissing trail on his sternum, going down one of his sides and making a stop on one of his nipples, which I started licking and sucking until it hardened. At that moment I grabbed my cell phone and sent him the same command that I used with my neighbor, the one that made all the reactions of his body to my movements be stored in his brain until I ordered him to release them. Then I continued my trail of his torso, going down to the navel and going up again, this time on the opposite side and sucking on the other nipple, returning again to the sternum.

After kissing Xavier’s torso, I placed my hands on his thighs, one on each side, and began to slide them up, reaching underneath his shorts, feeling the nylon, from which they were made, on the back of my hands and what seemed to be a mesh with the fingertips. I ventured to find out what was underneath that mesh when… "Wow! Who would have thought a young man with such an innocent look would be so bold?” Xavier wasn’t wearing any underwear! Or at least that seemed to be the case, because when I put my fingers under the mesh of his shorts completely, reaching his butt cheeks, I did not feel any fabric, something that excited me greatly.

His ass was sweaty from being in the sun before and his skin was really smooth and surprisingly hairless, which was somewhat surprising for a guy over 18 years old. Simultaneously, I was rubbing my face into his crotch, sniffing the scent of sweat and nylon, which means his shorts were new. Also, I could feel his penis, which was semi-erect. "Mmmm… You’re liking it, right, buddy?” With each rub of my face on his cock I felt that it was getting harder and harder.

My own penis was already hard from groping this freshman boy so much and I really wanted to move forward, so I grabbed the elastic of his shorts and started pulling down, revealing the lower part of his abdomen, his pubic area without hair and that was pretty obvious that he had recently waxed and, finally, his huge hard cock and balls. “Oh! You seem to have action a lot right, Xavier?” I told him as I finished pulling his shorts down to his ankles.

I turned my head up, noticing a small trickle of drool coming out of his mouth and falling on his sternum, which added to the fact that his glasses were crooked, made him look like a fool who was dazzled by a fly. That seemed a bit funny to me and I looked right in front of me again, admiring that huge cock that I began to slowly insert into my mouth. His glans was a bit more pointed than Jonathan’s and his shaft was a bit thicker, making it a bit difficult to get it all into my mouth, I felt his cock throb with my tongue.

While I was putting Xavier’s penis in and out of my mouth, I had pulled my own member through the fly of my pants and began to masturbate at a pace that it was neither too slow nor too fast, but at the same speed as the blowjob I gave this nerd. As I accelerated the speed of the blowjob, the handjob’s did as well, making me feel the cumshot closer and closer. Without me expecting it, I felt a big pulse inside my mouth and a thick liquid that tried to pass through my esophagus and almost made me gag, causing me to pull out Xavier’s cock, that immediately ejaculated a last jet of semen on my chin, leaving my whole mouth full of his milk.

That made me cough a bit, expelling much of the jizz from my mouth and swallowing a small amount, which lowered my arousal a bit, but not completely. Once recovered, I decided to take revenge on this aspiring architect, so I grabbed him by the back and by the stomach. I pushed the upper part of his body forward with the hand that was resting on his back and was pressing on his abdomen, so that the boy was bent over the desk and I could have better accessibility to his ass, for which I also spread a little his legs open. The latter was made difficult by both the shorts and the skates, which squeaked when moving the wheels perpendicular to their direction. So, I raised his foot a little, removing the shorts from that leg and lowering it a little further from the other.

I took his hands and placed them on his back, making him look helpless, which I found very sexy. I looked around him and saw his backpack on the ground, wondering if there was something interesting inside that I could use to have more fun with Xavier. I went for it and opened it, finding in my exploration two notebooks, some pens, a calculator, ruler and, to my surprise… A can of whipped cream!

"What? Why are you carrying this with you, man?” I asked, laughing at how rare it was to find a can of whipped cream in an architecture student’s backpack and, even more so, how convenient it was under the current circumstances. As I was grabbing the can, I placed my face on Xavier’s butt, getting to take a sniff of his body odor, which was one of perspiration and new clothes. Once I let that smell stick in my mind, my erection got bigger and harder, making me ready to go, for which I took the whipped cream.

After taking out the cap off, I sprayed a little amount that looked like a meringue on my tongue, then I got closer to Xavier’s ass and placed my oral muscle in his butt hole, squashing that meringue over the area, then spreading the white substance through several licks. It was a mix between the sweet taste of the cream and Xavier’s sweat, which became more intense as the speed and force of the licks increased, until my tongue got tired.

Once I separated my face from that ass, to take a breath and rest, I noticed that the inside of her buttocks shone due to the greasy consistency of the cream. I stood up and slowly masturbated my penis, from which precum started to come out, to prepare myself for the main course. I was thinking of making Xavier feel pleasure from the penetration but, I decided not to do it since, unlike the previous times, I only froze this boy but not the immediate environment, which would mean that if he yells someone can hear him, putting me in in trouble.

My cock was already lubricated with precum and with a little of the cream, I decided to see Xavier’s face and noticed that his mouth had been half-open, from the kissing session before, allowing drool to come out of it and spilling over the desk. In addition, the fact that he had the blank stare and the wry glasses on him made it seem as if he were in a deep trance, something that was not far from reality.

I sprinkled some whipped cream in my mouth again and leaned over him until I reached his mouth, kissing him again and spreading the cream over his teeth, tongue, and inner cheeks. At the same time, I began to slowly insert my cock into his anus, which was very tight and warm, but I was still able to penetrate slowly but fluidly thanks to the fact that both my shaft and Xavier’s entrance were well lubricated. While I was making out with him, I was pushing my shaft deep into his rectum to the base, feeling my meat being sucked into his freshman butt.

Something funny about this occasion was that, being Xavier on skates, he moved slightly back and forth as I fucked him, making me come up with a new idea for more exciting. I stopped making out with him, causing a white river of saliva to flow out of his mouth and stain the desk, then I passed my forearm under his chest, lifting his upper body and holding him against mine. He was slightly shorter than the other guys I’d been with, 5 ft with 6 inches tall, which made his head end up resting on top of my chest.

With the two of us settled in, I looked down and noticed that his cock was hard again, which was an indication that his body was feeling everything that was doing to him. How sexy! On second thought, I did want this boy to enjoy himself but I still didn’t want him to make noise so I took out my cell phone again, opened the Mind Command app and began to create a custom command, which consisted of feeling all the accumulated sensations when I ordered him. I wanted him to do it silently, but I still wanted to be something passionate, so I detailed in the description that, at the moment of orgasm, he practically “melted” in my arms and “fell in love” madly for me, I titled it MARSHMALLOW CUMSHOT.

I began to ram Xavier faster while kissing his shoulder and then his neck until I reached his jaw, which I licked from the beginning of his ear to the corner of his mouth, from which a thin thread of drool fell. After that, he caressed his pecs with one hand while massaging his nipple with the other. “Mmm … Dude, you turn me on so much!” I gasped in agitation from how fast and intensely I was fucking him, feeling my ejaculation getting closer and closer.

At that moment I felt an intense warm tingling in my stomach that spread throughout my body, at the same time that the cum was expelled from my penis inside his butt, feeling several spasms in my body. Once I recovered from my orgasm, I slowly pulled my penis out of Xavier’s ass, which was left a little open and wet from his sweat, my saliva, and the whipped cream I used to rim him. Just a few seconds later, the first-year student splashed out all the jizz I left inside his rectum with a loud fart, leaving a puddle of brown-tinged semen with a few droplets of whipped cream on the ground.

Right after that, I moved to the other end of the room with the whipped cream’s can and stripped my clothes off until I was naked, wearing only my socks and spraying a large amount of the topping on the front of my torso. I grabbed my phone, framed on Xavier with the app’s camera, typed MARSHMALLOW CUMSHOT and tapped the white button, keeping an eye out for what would happen. The Architecture student slowly turned around to face my direction, gave a wicked smile, and began to slowly skate towards me.

Just a few feet from the desk, the shorts that hung from his ankle got caught in one of the skates, causing the boy to fall on the ground on all fours. I was momentarily concerned, until Xavier lifted his face up, bit his lower lip provocatively, and quickly crawled over to me. Once he got to where I was, he pounced on me, throwing me to the ground, and began to rub all over my body, running his hands over all the surfaces of it and rubbing his legs down my lower body, as if he wanted to climb me. The nerdy looking boy was panting heavily, rubbing his face on my chest and neck, dropping his glasses and releasing a large amount of cum onto my pubic area, which he was humping on. I could feel his body twitch and twist on me, getting all smeared with the whipped cream that I had applied on my torso.

With my hand, I grabbed Xavier’s helmet from one of its vents and pulled up, lifting his head from my chest and allowing me to see his face, which was reddened, sweaty and stained with white cream and dried drool, as well as having his eyes crossed with the eyelids somewhat drooping from fatigue. I kissed him intensely once more, moving my hips to stimulate his penis a little more, which worked as I felt more warm liquid in my abdomen along with a new contraction from Xavier, who collapsed on me while panting even more heavily.

"Now you really are a very deviant nerd, man … Damn, your ass was so, so tight! I hope you enjoyed my initiation to this university, Xavier. Have good luck, buddy! …” I said panting. Then I grabbed the boy by his armpits, slowly pushed him away from me and laid him on his back onto the floor. His eyes were barely open and his body glowed from both the sweat and the whipped cream that he had smeared, his tank top had many damp spots, which were not a problem since they could pass as perspiration.

Once I was dressed again and, with the phone in my hands, I framed Xavier and ordered him to RETURN TO THE STARTING POSITION. He got up slowly and skidded very slowly to the desk, resuming his relaxed position from the beginning. I bent down and took his shorts, which were a bit dirty, shook it a little and put Xavier’s other foot back inside the garment and sliding it up until the elastic was on his waist. I put the blueprint holder and backpack on him, without the whipped cream, of course … Hey, I was hungry! As a last detail, I went for his glasses and put them on his face.

Finally, I commanded him to regain consciousness once he returned to the point on campus where I first froze him, so he turned around and skidded out of the classroom until he reached the point near the cafeteria where I had seen him pass. This time I ran after him since I didn’t want to miss his reaction when he woke up.

At that point, I watched as he lost his balance and fell to the ground, this time on his back, as if someone had pushed him. I approached him quickly to help him. “Hey, are you okay?! Looks like you fell really hard.” I asked in a worried tone “What it is to know how to act, you guys!” I said mentally, as I put his arm around my neck and led him to a shaded area so he could recover. “Thank you …” He was trying to remember what my name was, despite not having seen me before. “Alex …” I interrupted “Nice to meet you …” I mimicked his previous pause. “Xavier, nice to meet you too… Uff! I don’t know what happened to me, suddenly I was going to leave these things where one of my companions-” he said pointing towards the blueprints holder. "When out of nowhere … I don’t know, I felt very exhausted you know? As if I had run from the outskirts of the city to here … Thanks for helping me, Alex, I’ll go leave this where my partner, see you later! " Said the freshman, pulling away on his skates with difficulty, which made me feel a little guilty because he seems to be a nice person, but at the same time, having perverted this innocent young man had me a little turned on.

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