Mind Command app. Part 1: The hot straight neighbor

By Time Stop/hypno fetish
published March 30, 2021
3285 words

Alex downloads an app that allows him to stop the time and mess up with hot stright guys by sending them commands.

Hello, everyone! This is my very first story in this sit, I hope you enjoy it reading it, the same way I enjoyed writing it. I’m open to feedback. Thank you!

I have been a huge fan for a while of mind control/time stop stories where shy gay guys mess up with hot straight lads. The first time I met Jonathan was one year ago, when he and his family moved in to the same building, I have lived my whole life, shortly after that we started talking and became friends. I have known I am gay myself since I was 14, but have never been able to have a boyfriend since all guys I have fallen in love with are straight. Off course I have known some gay guys and caught feelings, but they ended up playing me fool or cheating on me, so it has been difficult to “get laid” to put it in some way, one of the main reasons for that it’s because I’m not a social media fit model or think I am a bad person for having the tastes I have. Anyway, I was browsing some forums of male time stop and mind control fetish in order to find some hot story or porn video about it, however, I ended up finding a link that redirected me to the app store, where there was an app called Mind Command, which called my attention because of the thumbnail, which was a cartoonish hypnotized guy.

I read the app’s description and, apparently, it was a camera related item, where you were supposed to take a picture of your Commanded Subject and, with some scientific crap I did not understand, it would make me able to control him through written commands like messages that would be “send” at the moment of “taking a photo.” I decided to download it, just for fun. I thought it would be one of those games where the commands made the photo move or something like that or it would just put spiral eyes and badly photoshopped drool on the photo, and put ridiculous bullets saying “master” “I’m your slave” and that kind of basic things in this world.

That was yesterday. Today, Jonathan invited me to join him to an improvised game with some guys from the neighborhood and friends we had in common. He texted me and asked me to let him chill a little bit before the game. I live with my mom but she always leaves to work early in the morning, so it wasn’t a problem to invite Jonathan over. Just a few minutes later he was ringing at my door. I opened it and there he was, this hot man, wearing a short sleeves orange soccer jersey, white shorts and matching tube socks with grey cleats, his hair was wet and messy, so I guessed he had just taken a shower, which made him look sexier. He greeted me with a charm smile. “Hey Alex! How’s it going dude?” He really looked happy to see me and that made me happy as well. “Hi Jonathan, I’m fine but not as well you man” I answered, he gave a little laugh and I invited him to come in. Although Jonathan was a really nice guy and potential boyfriend material, I tried to keep my distance, since I’m one of those people that catch feelings from the slightest show of affection and, indeed that wouldn’t have been a problem with Jonathan… If he didn’t have a girlfriend already. Yep! he was straight too and I wasn’t willing to suffer again, so I decided to just admire him like the sexy lad he is and keep my feelings in the shadows to preserve the friendship.

I live in a place where soccer is one of the most loved sports. It is played everywhere by a lot of people, especially young hot men, including Jonathan, my hot neighbor. He is a 21 years old man. He is 6.2 ft tall, has hazel eyes, a caramel tanned supple skin, the sides of his head shaved and a long brown hair comb on top. Jonathan also has a skinny, but still fit body complexion that, combined with a boyish hairless face, except for his thick dark brown eyebrows, off course, made him a really hot stud.

We entered my room and I sat onto my bed, while Jonathan sit down on the floor. We started chatting about trivial things and stuff and, in a quick second, he made a comment about a gay guy from the neighborhood. “Yeah, I’m telling you dude, that guy has a crush on me! hahaha And don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against gay people but ya’ know, I don’t feel quite comfortable when I’m close them. It’s like I’m some kind of prey or some shit like that.” That annoyed me a little bit, since I inferred, through little puns like that one, that he believed that gay men are some kind of stalkers or some promiscuous predators, which is true in some cases, but it’s not the overall community, anyway, there was still a relatively long time to go before the game started, so we kept chatting casually.

Suddenly, Jonathan’s phone rang, it was a message from his girlfriend, Nath, asking him to send her a picture of him in is soccer uniform, because she thought that he looked really cute, you are not the only one, Nath. He stood up and asked me to take him a picture with my phone because it had better quality, according to him, so I agreed and he walked to one side of the room and posed, putting his arm in an L shape and giving a thumbs up and smiling… That damn smile made me crazy! I was about to take the photo with the normal phone’s camera when, in a sparkle reveal, I remembered the app I downloaded yesterday and thought “Meh, why not?” and opened it quickly. It looked like the normal camera but with a text box at the bottom of the screen. I wrote FREEZE on it and tapped on the white circle above the text box, like if I was taking a photo with the actual camera. It made the sound of one of those vintage analog cameras. He looked perfect, yeah… what a surprise.

However, he kept posing, like if he didn’t hear that loud noise my cellphone just made. “Hey dude, Jonathan, I already take the picture” I said, but he didn’t respond. “C´mon man, stop joking!” I said again in a little chuckle and slapping his shoulder slightly, not answer at all! “Nah, this can’t be possible. Can it?” I waved my hand in front of him, still no answer. Then, I placed one of my index fingers underneath his nose, he was still breathing and blinked every so often. However, I couldn’t believe it yet, so, there was only a way to confirm this is real… I opened his mouth a little bit, by pulling his chin and, a few seconds later, a small thread of drool fell onto his jersey! “Oh…my…God!! This shit is real!” I cried out loud and excited.

Before keep going, a little of context: Several weeks ago, Jonathan invited me to a sleepover, where we talked and joked for a while, before falling asleep. The next morning, when I got up, I saw that Jonathan was trying to remove the pillowcase where I was sleeping. When I asked him why he did that, he told me that he hated drool stains since they were disgusting to him and that it bothered him when someone else and even himself, once in a while, stained his things with that substance. So, the fact that he was doing something that, in normal circumstances, would have grossed him out, really turned me on!

I moved closer to him, grabbed the sides of his neck and made out with him wildly! I made a really deep exploration of his mouth with my tongue. It was really warm and wet inside his mouth and his tongue was so soft, it still had a little toothpaste flavor to it! Once I finished with his mouth, for now, I started licking his chin, his cheeks and his neck, while another drool thread fell out from his mouth. I stopped for a second and thought “I can’t do this to him, he’s my friend!” But after seeing him standing there, turned into a drooling mess, I decided that I would take this opportunity to fulfill my mind control fantasies! “Sorry Jonathan, but it’s your fault for being that fucking sexy, dude.”

I grabbed my phone again and explored the app once again, in order to know how to get the most out of it. In that process I learned that I could set commands with a tack, as if it were a post it, which generated that this command would overlap the others in case of tapping it again. After setting FREEZE as Main Command, I aimed the camera again towards Jonathan, wrote TURN AROUND, tapped on the white circle and he did it, he turned around 180 degree to the right and ended up staring at the wall, he looked so foolish; I laughed of it and approached him. I placed my hands onto his waist, under his shirt and began to kiss his nape and the back side of his arms, then raised his orange jersey, kissed his back from top to bottom, until I reached the elastic of his underwear, which protruded a little over his white soccer shorts.

Then I opened my hands fully and grabbed his butt, his round, perfect bubble butt. I couldn’t help it, I really wanted to do that since the very first time I say this guy. I knelt behind him and stroked his ass, while kissing the small of his back, which had a very little taste of soap and smelled of clean laundry, which turned me on more, as I was turning this freshly bathed man into a disaster. At this point I made a decision; I was really going to fuck the shit out of my friend senseless! A faint dripping sound interrupted my thoughts, faint drops of Jonathan’s drool falling on the floor.

I grabbed my phone, aimed the camera at him and sent the command GO TO BED’S FOOTBOARD SLAT. he turned on his feet again and walked in the direction of my bed, when he arrived to the bed’s footboard slat, he stood there while he kept his thumb up. I went to the laundry room and brought a bucket, then I took the phone and commanded Jonathan to PUT HIS ARMS AT HIS SIDES. Once he did it, I pushed him from the back and he fell forward onto the bed. I walked up to the side of his shoulder and, I adjusted his head in such a way that it was turned to one side and, in addition, his face was on the edge, then I placed the bucket in such a way that it collected all the saliva that fell from his smiling mouth. this will be important later.

I placed myself behind his feet, grabbed his white shorts waistband and sliced them out of his legs in on fluid movement, without removing his socks or his cleats, neither his underwear which, to my surprise, were a pair of magenta briefs with gray waistband. “What a gay choice for a straight man who complains about gays, huh?” I said to him, who remained silent. Then, I gently laid on top of him and, with my teeth, grabbed the elastic of his briefs and tried to pull them towards his feet, only reaching the middle of his thighs. From that point I pulled them off his legs just in the same way I did it with the white soccer shorts. I took my friend’s magenta briefs and took a huge sniff of them, they smelled of fresh clean laundry, of course. I folded them and put them in my pocket, to have a souvenir of this great day.

Then I laid on him again, putting my nose directly on his buttcheeks. Again, I sensed the smell of body soap. “Someone likes his little hole clean, huh, buddy?” I whispered on his pink butthole, which was mostly hairless except for a few thin brown hairs surrounding it. I started rimming his hole with soft strokes on the edges and, progressively, moved on to devouring and savoring that ass like a beast. Once I felt like I was running out of air I lifted my head, inhaled heavily and took a look at Jonathan’s face, who kept his adorable smile and was still drooling inside the bucket. This was just the beginning.

I went to the bathroom and took out my 5-ounce enema syringe and filled it with the saliva from the bucket and then, with warm water that I put to heat earlier, when I went to the laundry area, which was close to the kitchen, for the bucket. “Oh yeah man! You’ll be filled with that saliva that disgusts you so much, damn I love this too much!” I exclaimed excitedly as I began to insert the syringe into Jonathan’s anus until it reached the finger flange, without pushing the plunger, instead I grabbed the cell phone, zoomed on my friend and sent the command DEEPTHROAT. In that moment I lowered my zipper, took out my penis soaked in precum and began to introduce it in his mouth, which began to absorb my cock to the bottom of his throat. Simultaneously I began to push and pull the syringe without pulling it off and, rather, to continue preparing Jonathan’s ass.

As long as my erection kept growing bigger and bigger, I pounded this lad’s face harder and faster, until I came a huge load of jizz inside his mouth. In the very moment I came, I pushed the plunger, emptying the whole syringe’s content inside my friend’s rectum, then pulled out my dick from his mouth, which was now fully open and dripping with saliva and cum. I positioned myself onto Jonathan’s tights, placing my knees at his sides. Here comes the best!

With one hand I was holding the sex toy in place, with the other one, I took my phone and commanded my hot neighbor to FEEL MAXIMUM ECSTATIC PLEASURE DURING CARNAL PENETRATION. In one fluid movement I pulled the syringe out and inserted my cock inside his hole, without chance to the liquid inside to leak out. In that very same moment Jonathan lifted the upper part of his body and rested his hands in front of him onto the bed, arching his back upwards, while letting out a great moan of pleasure. "OooooOOOOHH, FUuuuuUUUcK MaAan!!! Yelled Jonathan in very loud. “OoooOOWWHHH YEAH! Fuck my virgin straight AAAASs!!” panted heavily the 6 feet tall soccer stud. “AaaaWWW Alex!! YeaAAAHh! Rock my damn guUts, FUUUUUUUCK!!” Hearing my friend going crazy because of my penis made me hornier, I was about to cum! “Ooooh Jonathan, your ass is so FUcking tight!! I’m gonna cum dude!” I said, breathlessly. "Fuck yeaahh, dude! Keep filling my tight jock ass!! Panted the hot neighbor, breathless too and soaked in sweat, a few threads of liquid leaked from Jonathan’s butt.

I think my friend’s controlled mind was synchronized with mine, because when I was about to cum hard, he let out a really loud scream and his body twitched so bad I literally thought I broke him. "AAAAArrrGGGGGGHhh, FAaaaaAAAaAAaCkk!! Shouted Jonathan, clenching his teeth and cumming a huge load of jizz on the bed’s cover. Because of the soccer lad’s anus squeezing my penis I came a huge load of semen inside him "AAAGggHH Yeahhh, Fuuuckk you MAaaN!!! I looked at my already messed up friend, who had his gaze lost in space, sweating and panting heavily, as if he was going to faint at any moment.

Due to exhaustion, Jonathan fell forward, face down, causing his ass to raise up and my cock to pop out. Jonathan was stopped in time again immediately and, as soon as he finished falling on the bed, his ass became a powerful spray of that liquid mixture of water, saliva, semen and … well, one or two small particles of shit, it was a rectum after all. Fortunately, I reacted in time and got out of the way of that intense jet of bodily fluids, even so, my bed, the floor of the room and, of course, Jonathan’s lower body, including his white socks and cleats were not so well freed. they ended up wet and stained with that transparent brown liquid.

At that moment I looked at my cell phone clock and realized that there were barely 15 minutes left until the game started and one of the star players was a disaster, a sexy disaster, by the way. I searched in my closet and found a pair of white tube socks that were much alike the ones Jonathan was wearing, without the butt fluid stains, of course.

I did my best to clean his legs and cleats, which I took them off so I could change his socks. I looked at the time again and there were only ten minutes left to go! So, I opened the Mind Command app, zoomed at Jonathan, and sent the command RETURN TO STARTING POSITION. As soon as I tapped the white spot on the screen, he got up from the bed, walked to the wall where he was a few moments ago, resuming the pose for the photo for his girlfriend, with the thumbs up and his tender smile, with the not so small difference that he was now half-naked, with dried drool on his face, sweaty and with some traces of butt fluid on his upper inner thighs. I took the white shorts and put them directly on his bare legs, since his briefs were my trophy. Finally, I quickly put on my soccer uniform, five minutes to go! I grabbed the phone, detached the FREEZE command and commanded my friend to UNFREEZE!

As soon as the movement returned to Jonathan, I cut off any possibility for him to ask any question, by telling him that there were only three minutes left until the game started! “But what th-? …” When he tried to ask, puzzled, I replied “If you’re worried about the photo, I’ll send it to you after the game. Now let’s go! Let’s go!” As we headed to the green area where we were going to play, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Jonathan was always adjusting his shorts, as if he was missing something, in addition to keep sniffing around him. “Hey dude, how old’s this building” He asked “I dunno man, why?” I answered. “I think the pipes are rotten, man”.

Damn! I wanted to kiss him so badly in that moment! His unawareness about what just happened made him really sexy, but i already had my fun moment with him, for today, so I limited myself to nod to his comments and smiling deviously when he wasn’t looking.

Oh, Mind Commander, you have changed my life…

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