Day Five

By S. Q. Neemie -
published May 3, 2021
6273 words

Julio goes to a family dinner, but an unexpected visitor motivates his uncle to take him for a ride in the car.

So, I was freaked following all that going down, right? Like, all of the stuff I’d done so far was sort of–me not taking the driver’s seat, you know? Letting myself get pushed around, even if that meant being pushed around down my own primo’s dick. But spraying my stuff all over Pedro’s ass–no matter how fucking tight that ass was–well, it was kinda taking things to the next level. I mean, there wasn’t anyone there but me pushing me to keep sticking my fingers all up in him and fucking holding my girl’s little bro while he came all over my–

Shit, man–I wasn’t just freaked, I was fucked up about it all. Even if it turned out I did have a surprising amount of game when it came to seducing dudes?

Damn–didn’t want to think about that too much.

So I kinda just chilled the day after it all went down. I didn’t have a shift at the gas station or anything for once, and Hector was taking the Bentley for his own Luber trips since it was Saturday, so there wasn’t much to to do but hang out on the couch and try not to think of all the fucking weirdness that had happened to me since I started driving my tio’s car.

It would have been a hell of a lot easier keeping my cool if Pedro hadn’t got my number somehow–must have bugged Angelina for it–and kept texting me. I should have just fucking told him to get lost–and believe me, I wanted to–but fuck he was just a kid, really, and it wasn’t his fault my tio’s got a pervert air conditioner in his car, and besides it was me that was finger fucking him the day before, so if he still wanted to say hola after that it’s not like I could really treat him like some slut I hand-fucked and then kicked to the curb, right? I owed the guy more than that, at least.

So he said hola and I said hola and then he asked me what I was doing and I told him jack shit, hoping that my tone would sort of carry across to him that I wasn’t ready to start talking like lovers or anything with him, and then the guy had the nerve to fucking write I really like that you’re gonna be my cuando man and that got me fucking boned, thinking about his short little self being my brother someday, and I had the weirdest urge to pull it out of my basketball shorts and take a picture for him. Just, remind him what his future bro was packing. See if he liked it, see if he had access to Angelina’s dad’s car and could drive over and–

So I took a fucking cold shower, because I needed to shut all that down, right? I mean, how could I be planning on getting married to Angelina and thinking about sticking it deep to her baby bro at the same time? It was weirding me out, especially because the cold shower didn’t really work, since even shivering under the spray I was looking down over my body and cock and thinking, maybe a picture now would be even better.

So I was all messed up and wondering if I’d switched over to being gay forever without noticing it, and a little freaked out that thought didn’t freak me out as much as it should, so I put my phone away and focused on playing Xbox and drinking beer for the rest of the day. My papa yelled at me when he got home because I didn’t even try to do the usual shit I need to do on my days off around the house, like the laundry, but I figured a slob for a son’s maybe better than a son cheating on his girl with his girl’s brother, maybe? Not the sort of thing I want to ask my papa for clarification about, anyway.

So the next day was Sunday and I was going out of my mind hoping to talk to Hector and see if there wasn’t some way to reverse the fucking queer journey his little unit started in my pants. On Sunday the whole familia get together at my abuela’s after Mass, so I figured I’d see him at least, and abuela’s always got Hector fixing stuff around the house, so there’d be plenty of chances to pick up a hammer and pretend like I was helping while I got him to tell me what to do next. I’m usually the last one to my abuela’s house, because I sleep in through Mass if I can help it, but that day I dragged my ass out of bed to sit through the whole service, wearing that stupid frilly shirt of Miguel’s Hector picked out for me since the laundry wasn’t done for any of my other shirts, just to make sure I’d be at abuela’s early enough to catch Hector and get him alone.

There’s always about 30 of us at my abuela’s house on Sunday, and half of those are kids, so there’s lots of screaming and people talking loudly and radios blaring and stuff. I always liked that about abuela’s house when I was a kid, but that day I had a mission and all the distractions were making me sweat. I couldn’t see Hector anywhere, so I grabbed my tia Lupe and asked her.

“He’s in the crawlspace, nino,” she said, patting my cheek. “Mama thinks a rat sprung a trap in there. Go help get the table together, okay?” She handed me a stack of paper plates.

“I’ll go help Hector,” I said.

“No, table,” she said, pointing me toward the huge table my abuela has that takes up most of her house and swatting my butt to get me going. I guess I should have told her off or something, but tia Lupe isn’t someone you can just mouth off to.

I could see I was gonna be running errands for the women in the kitchen all day if I didn’t do something quick, so when the doorbell rang I plopped the plates down on the table and shouted “I’ll get it!” before all my cousins could go charging off to see who it was.

I was feeling all proud of myself when I stepped away from the noisy kitchen, but my grin fell off my face pretty quick when I got to the door and saw who was standing on the other side of the beat-up screen door. It was Pedro, looking half scared and half determined and holding a fucking book.

“Jesus!” I squeaked, yanking open the door and grabbing him by the shoulder to pull him inside. There’s a little nook between the living room and the stairs in my abuela’s house, and I pushed him into it so no one could see him. “What the hell are you doing here, ese?” I snapped at him.

His cheeks went a little pink and he waved the book at me. “You left this at my house. I’m just returning it.”

I stared at the book, which I’d never seen before. “Really, amigo?” I hissed. “That was your plan?”

He blushed a little more but didn’t drop his eyes. “I wanted to see you,” he said.

“Jesus, man,” I groaned, grabbing his shoulders but not sure if I should shake him or fucking plant one on him, you know? Like, it was cute he was trying to worm his way into being around me, like he just assumed what was going on between us was some stupid rom-com-level shit and not two straight dudes getting turned around by whatever chemical was in the Bentley’s air unit. But he needed to take a hint, too, because I still had to get my head around everything and confront Hector and that was hard enough without Pedro grinning shyly at me with those dumb adorable rabbit teeth of his.

And of course Lupe came around the corner just then, and I jumped about twelve feet backward so it didn’t look like I was, you know, holding the dude under the stairs. But of course me jumping back like I was scared of being found out looked a hell of a lot more guilty than if I’d just stood there breathing in Pedro’s air, so the next minute I could feel my own self blushing while Lupe looked back and forth between me and Pedro, her hands on her hips.

Quien es, Julito?” she asked, scowling.

“Sorry, Lupe,” I mumbled. “This is Pedro. He’s–Angelina’s brother.”

The scowl on Lupe’s face softened up a little, and she turned to Pedro and said, “Ai! So the famous Angelina is joining us today? But where is she?”

“She’s–” Pedro shot a look at me.

“She’s coming, tia,” I said, but then sort of lost my nerve when Lupe turned toward me. “I mean, she wants to come. But she’s–”

“She’s sick,” said Pedro. “Suddenly.”

“Yeah,” I said, hoping my sigh of relief wasn’t obvious. “Pedro’s just here to–tell me. And return my book.”

Pedro held up the stupid book he’d brought and smiled another one of those dorky smiles at Lupe, and I could see it was working on her, though she scowled and turned back to me, “When did you ever read a book, nino?”

“Hey, c’mon, tia,” I said. “I read.”

Lupe turned her full gaze on Pedro and he started squirming like everyone does when Lupe gives them that look. “You sure she’s sick? She’s not at home thinking she’s too good for this family, is she?”

“No–no, Senora,” said Pedro, obviously shitting his pants. “She wanted to come, really.”

“It’s true, tia,” I said.

Lupe looked back and forth between us, and her scowl came back. “There’s something here you’re not telling me. Digame. Now.”

We probably would have ended up telling her everything, too, as embarrassing and weird as that would have been, because I’ve never seen anyone not crack when Lupe wants them too, but at that moment Hector came into the room, all dusty from the crawlspace with his church shirt sleeves rolled halfway up his huge forearms. Pedro, seeing him come in, scuttled over to me from where he was standing, like I was the only one that was going to protect him or something.

“What’s this?” said Hector, looking back and forth between the three of us.

Lupe indicated Pedro. “This is Julio’s novia’s brother. She’s apparently too ‘sick’ to join us, so she sent him instead.” She didn’t do the quotes in the air for “sick” like an Anglo tia might, but it was there in her voice, for sure.

“I’m just the messenger,” Pedro squeaked, staring up at Hector like a rabbit in a trap.

Hector scowled at Pedro and me. Like I’ve said, Hector is as scary as a bear sometimes, and Pedro must have felt the full force of it, because the fucking idiot grabbed my hand, as if that wouldn’t give everything away all at once. Fortunately, by the way we were standing tia Lupe couldn’t see Pedro hanging on to me, but Hector saw it and his scowl got darker.

“So when will we see Angelina?” demanded Lupe, her hands back on her hips.

“Lupe,” said Hector in his deepest, rumbliest voice, “I found a rat in the crawlspace, just like Mama said. She’s pretty upset about it. Think you can go talk her down?”

For a second it looked like Lupe was going to insist on staying, but just then there was a crash from the kitchen and that did the trick. She headed off towards the kitchen, nodding at Pedro as she did and saying, “You’ll stay for dinner, si?” in a voice that said she was definitely planning on getting him alone and drilling him for information about Angelina, and Pedro was going to do what she said, no matter what.

I didn’t have a chance to breathe a sigh of relief before Hector was on me, grabbing me by the front of my shirt and pushing me against the wall. “What the hell is going on on, nino?” he growled. “Spill it!”

“Hey, let go,” I said, trying to push his iron-hard arms away, even though it’s basically impossible to do that and I knew it. “It’s not my fault!”

Pedro rushed up to help me out, but Hector just held him off with one hand while he kept me on my tiptoes with the other hand he had wrapped in my shirt.

“You are not going to deny your tia a wedding,” growled Hector, right into my face. “She’s been talking about it for months.”

“I didn’t ask for this, tio!” I spluttered, still pulling on his wrists. I’ve told you that my tio Hector’s kind of sexy, right? I mean, sexy in the sense of I just noticed him being sexy since I started springing it for dudes or whatever. Well, his movie-star face and moustache and everything was freaking me out almost as much as how fucking strong he is when he wants to be, and all I wanted to do was to get away from him so I could sort out all the wild stuff going on in my stomach when I looked at him. But Hector wasn’t going to let me squirm away from him, so I just sort of spluttered and said, “It’s your fault anyway, tio! You’re the one who put that little gay-maker in your fucking auto, man!”

That got him, and he looked instantly guilty and let go of me, stepping a half step back but still scowling. “I told you to turn it off if there was family in the car,” he said, but he sort of mumbled it.

“So I forgot, man,” I said, getting a little hot with what I’d wanted to say for a while. “I’ve never driven a fucking queermobile before! Maybe you could have given me a little more training before letting me loose on the world, huh?”

“What are you guys talking about?” said Pedro, looking back and forth between Hector and me with wide eyes.

“I just gotta know how to fix it, tio,” I said. “I can’t turn it off, man. You have to know what I can do about it.”

Hector looked at Pedro and me, and then sighed. “Madre Dios,” he said, rubbing the bridge of his nose. Turning to me, he indicated Pedro with a short nod. “You want to fuck this chico? Even out of the car?”

“Um…yeah,” I said. “I mean. Yeah. I guess. I mean, we sort of already–” Hector scowled at me and I swallowed. “Yeah, I do. Sorry, tio.”

Hector turned on Pedro, and–well, to be fair, kind of cool, Pedro looked like he was going to be sick but he held his ground. “And you? You want to fuck my sobrino?”

And this time, the fucker didn’t even flinch with Hector staring down at him. “Yeah,” said Pedro with this shit-eating grin at me. “Yeah. A lot.”

Well, that got me all weird in my pants, but I couldn’t really look at Pedro because I was keeping an eye on Hector. He was staring off into the distance, chewing on his moustache, until finally he said, “Fine. Fine. We can fix this. You two will do what I say?”

“Yes,” said Pedro at the same time I said, “Sure, tio.”

“And you will never,” he said, looming over me and honestly looking scarier than I have ever seen anyone look in my life, “NEVER tell your tia what we’re about to do?”

“Jesus, tio, I said, stepping backward and running right into Pedro. “I don’t want anyone to know anything about this.”

“All right,” said Hector, looking defeated and angry all at the same time. “Go get my keys, Julio. They’re by the TV. I’ll meet you out in the driveway.”

“What’s–what’s happening?” whispered Pedro to me as he jogged to keep up with me as I sprinted to my abuela’s den to get Hector’s keys from the little plate on top of the TV.

“Look, man, that–that stuff we did in the car the other day, that was weird, right?” I asked.

“I guess so,” he said.

“Like, it isn’t something you would ever do, normally?” I said. “You’re into girls and all that shit?”

He shrugged. “I thought I was,” he said as we walked into the den. “I guess I just thought I was one of those guys who finds out he’s into guys too?”

“Yeah, that shit doesn’t exist,” I said, grabbing Hector’s keys and heading back to the living room in the same moment. “So, the short of it is there’s this–god, I don’t even know how to say it. Sort of gay-making thing in Hector’s car? Some sort of chemical in the air?”

He stopped walking, forcing me to grab him by the arm and pull him along. “That’s not possible,” he said.

“Don’t tell me that,” I grumbled. “I’m the one who had his fingers up your ass, remember?”

“Fuck, yeah you did,” he said in this wondering little voice, like he was remembering something really good, and I figured I’d better hurry because even that tone in his voice was enough to get me boning up all over again.

We met Hector in the driveway, and I threw him the keys as he growled at us, “The two of you, in the back seat.”

“C’mon, tio, let me ride in front,” I said. “I don’t think we should be next to–”

“Back. Seat.” He practically barked it, and I scooted my ass to get in the car, Pedro right behind me.

My primo Miguel was out in the yard shooting around a football with some of the other cousins when we got in the car, and he jogged over when he saw us. “Hey, let me come too,” he said as Hector got in the driver’s seat.

“No,” said Hector, all growly and flat.

“C’mon, Papa,” said Hector, leaning against the window. “It’s boring as shit here. Julio there owes me another ride, anyway.” he winked at me.

I thought Hector was going to have a fucking heart attack right there, he looked so mad. He scowled at me through the rear-view mirror.“Shut it, Miguel,” I muttered.

“No, nino,” said Hector to Miguel, rolling up the window in Miguel’s face. “You stay. Help your mama with dinner. We’ll be back in–” He looked at me and Pedro through the rear-view mirror and sighed. “We’ll be back.” He threw the car into reverse and pulled out of the driveway, leaving Miguel, who scowled at us as we drove away.

Hector drove us to the highway, a permanent frown on his face. Pedro and I sat in the back seat, kind of not looking at each other, till Pedro suddenly said, “This is a joke, right? There’s no fucking way that a chemical could–”

“No talking,” growled Hector as he merged into the flow of traffic. He leaned over and flipped open the glove compartment, exposing the ugly mess of wires of the atmosphere-maker, and turned it on.

“What the hell is–” started Pedro, but Hector just growled like a fucking mastiff and Pedro closed his mouth fast.

I was half expecting the turned-on atmosphere-maker to, you know, turn the gay up to a thousand, but nothing felt different or anything. Maybe I was already as gay as I was gonna get? Hector left the glove compartment open and looked straight into my eyes through the rear-view mirror even as the Bentley flew down the freeway. “Now kiss him,” he said.

“Fuck, tio,” I said, getting all red-faced again. “I don’t want to do that with you watching.”

“Do it, Julio,” said Hector.

And–fuck, I guess I already had popped my dude-kissing cherry, several times over, right? So it didn’t make much sense for me to get all freaked about it now. So I half-turned to Pedro and said, “You okay with this, babe?” and I just had enough time for it to hit my brain that I’d called him babe without even thinking about it when Pedro grabbed my face in his hands and started kissing me like he’d been dying to do it all fucking day.

And, Jesus, but it wasn’t too long till I was giving it back to him in kind, you know what I mean? The whole romantic slobberfest, pulling on his hips like I couldn’t stand not having him in my same space, all that shit. Like I was in bliss making out with my cute lil’ future bro-in-law, not even thinking about a thing but his lips and his hips and how it could be that all my blood was rushing to my head and my dick all at the same time, right? Except at one point in our make-out I felt the car pulling off on an exit, and when I looked up I could see that we were driving into some kind of stockyard, one of those big fenced-off areas with miles of warehouses.

Hector slowed as we pulled in the gate, leaning over so the guard standing on duty could get a good look at his face. The guard took one look at him and got this huge knowing grin on his face, like Hector showing up was the funniest and best thing to happen to him all week, and waved us in. What that all met hit me about two seconds later, and I pulled away from Pedro and practically shrieked, “You’ve done this before, tio??

“Quiet,” growled Hector. “I’m trying to help you, comprende?”

“Yeah, but–Jesus!” I splutteres. “How deep does all this go, man?”

Hector didn’t answer. He pulled us deep into the yard and then turned behind an empty barn-looking thing. He turned off the Bentley and sighed. “All right,” he said after a moment. “Let’s get this over with. Out of the car, ninos.”

He was out the door before I could say anything. Pedro pulled away from me and gave me this little look that sort of made my stomach flip over, so I growled “C’mon,” almost as deep as Hector had and we got out too. If I was thinking getting away from the atmosphere-maker would turn down the party going on in my pants, the enormous tent in front of my crotch when I stepped out of the car made it pretty clear that wasn’t going to happen.

Hector was standing in front of the car and not looking at either of us. “All right, just–do it,” he said, swinging his arms and looking guilty. I got a glimpse of his bulge as he swung his arms and–fuck! It hit me hard because I could see by the thick pulsing python stretching the front of his soft work pants that my tio Hector was into this scene and trying not to fucking show it.

Well, if I wasn’t already mind-blown by the whole day that pretty much did it, and I just stood there with my mouth hanging open staring at my tio’s bulge. I think Pedro was looking at me hopefully but I was fucking gone. My brain just wasn’t up to figuring out that my fucking movie star tio was getting boned–and fuck, judging from the curve of his bulge getting that thing up was like weight-lifting or something–and that he wanted me to straight up fuck my girl’s brother in the open air.

It was all a little much, you know?

Hector caught me staring at him and sighed. “You want to get this out of your system or not, sobrino?” he growled.

I nodded, still staring.

Hector gave me a once-over and grunted. “Jesus, mijo,” he said. “You need me to do everything?” He stepped up to Pedro and grabbed him by the waist. Pedro made this nervous little squeak as Hector leaned over him and the next minute Hector had stripped off Pedro’s pants and briefs like they weren’t even trying that hard to stay on. So now I had a view of my muscly tio bending over my future hermano with his hairy round little ass all innocent and sexy in the open air and my dick was jumping around in my pants like I’d stuffed a squirrel down there and it was trying to get out.

“Fuck!” said Pedro, grabbing Hector’s shoulders as Hector’s huge hands gripped his thighs and pushed him gently up and over the Bentley’s hood. Hector pressed Pedro’s legs up so that the fucker’s sneakers were pointed up to heaven then gave me this slow look like, Well? as he ran his huge hands down the underside of Pedro’s thighs while Pedro whimpered.

Well, that got me moving because it looked like Hector was thinking about plowing my hermano himself, and–Jesus, the kid could be a brat and all but I didn’t want to watch him get split in two by the fire hydrant Hector was carrying around in his pants, you know? It’d be a lot better for him if the first dude up his chute wasn’t, you know, a fucking donkey hybrid like apparently my tio is. If anyone’s dick was gonna get gripped by that hot crack, it’d be better all round of it was mine, right?

That’s me–always trying to help out.

So I got myself out of my pants pretty quick, and pushed myself between Hector and Pedro, even though it raised all the hair on my ass to have my bear of a tio standing behind me so close I could feel his breath on the back of my neck. But I didn’t really have a lot of time to think about that either, because the sight of Pedro lying on the hood of the car with his legs all up and ready for me got all the blood pumping in my dick pulsing in overtime.

Pedro bit his lip when I lined my cock up with his hot, tight chute, and even though I was dying to just plow into my future lil’ bro, the look on his face stopped me. “Am I gonna hurt you, babe?” I asked.

“He won’t if he’s prepared properly,” growled Hector from behind me, and then he did the wildest thing. He got down on his knees and shoved his head between my legs and started fucking licking Pedro’s exposed ass. I yelped and half-crawled up the car hood as my exposed butt basically rode Hector’s forehead, which meant that my dick grazed Pedro’s own straining cock and we both gasped at the same time. I got my hands down on the hood on either side of Pedro just in time to keep from falling completely over, and Pedro grabbed my forearms as he whimpered at Hector’s tongue-lashing. Now that I was crouching over Pedro, Hector used the extra space to dive deeper into Pedro’s ass, growling as he tongue-speared the tight, round globes.

“Fuck!” I shouted, half because of my the way my tio’s hair was tickling my balls and half because of the way Pedro squeezed my forearms and wailed as Hector ate him out. His cute cock was straining so hard it was pushing my own rock-hard cock back and forth, and fuck if I wasn’t starting to stream precum from just the situation.

“It feels–so–weird,” gasped Pedro, biting his lip and squirming. And props to the kid, because even though he was obviously going through something the fucker didn’t break eye contact with me once, even as he gasped and oohed like he was on the wildest roller coaster ride of his life. I was just starting to think that I could stare into my future cunado’s big brown eyes forever, when Hector pulled out of him with a wet smacking sound and growled, “He’s ready,”–basically, right into both our asses.

I didn’t move for a second, still watching Pedro’s eyes. “You want me too, hermano?” I whispered.

“Oh, Jesus, Julio,” he whined, biting his lip again. “Fuck me. Please.”

Well, I didn’t need a ton more encouragement than that, you know? The next second I had my feet on the ground and my dickhead nosing at his hot, slobbery asshole. Fuck, but it was intense. Even without pushing in the curves of my little future bro’s ass was nipping at my swollen cockhead, and Pedro’s bare legs pressed against my chest like he was fucking trying to hug me and pull me in at the same time.

I took a deep breath and muttered “Here goes,” because at the last second I remembered I was a straight dude just trying to get Hector’s chemicals out of my system or whatever, but the next moment I forgot everything except how fucking right it felt as I slid my iron-hard dick slowly into the muscly hole of Pedro’s ass. Fuck! My whole life I said shit about things being gay or talking about dudes taking it up the ass like it was a bad thing, but fucking let me tell you, I was fucking wrong about that. Pushing your dick up into your buddy has got to be the fucking best feeling in the world, and Pedro took it like a fucking little hero, wriggling his ass down over my flexing cock when I didn’t move fast enough to fill him up. Jesus, if I’d known how fucking choice having a guy’s ass wrapped around my cock would be–and not just any guy’s ass, but the one connected to my fucking cute, annoying, soon-to-be-brother–well, let’s just say I wouldn’t have lost my cherry to a girl.

I must have had my mind blown by all the electric sensations running up and down my dick, because even though I was going slow it seemed like in no time at all I was pressing my pubes up against Pedro’s globes and my dick was all the way in him. Pedro and I just sort of sat there for a second, staring at each other all wide-eyed like we weren’t sure what to do next, as my dick pulsed and tried to buck inside his velvety smooth, clenching chute.

“Well?” said Hector from behind us. “You going to do this, or what?”

I had kind of forgotten that Hector was there. “Fuck, bro,” I whispered, still staring at Pedro’s eyes. “Kind of a problem, but I think I love you, hermano.”

Madre dios,” growled Hector, and he slapped me across the ass so hard you could hear the echo of the slap across the warehouse yard. I yowled and bucked my hips up into Pedro’s ass, and I swear my trapped dick grew another fucking inch, it was straining so hard. The movement flipped me over into fuck mode, though, and the next second I was sawing into Pedro’s ass, drawing my dick halfway out of his ass and slamming back into him while he grunted and wailed, holding onto my forearms for dear life while the power of my strokes pushed him back and forth across the hood of the Bentley. The squeaky, metallic sound of Pedro’s ass and back polishing the car’s hood as I pounded into him was loud enough I bet the pervert guard could hear it.

I was banging into him and feeling my balls starting to pull up into my cum when suddenly Pedro started saying, “Oh my god oh my god” over and over and gripping my forearms so tight he was leaving welts. The kid bucked once or twice, his ass gripping my dick like it was gonna wrench it off, and then suddenly Pedro exploded, his untouched dick spouting what seemed like fucking quarts of cream all over his belly. I’ve never seen anyone cum that much, even in porn. But my future cute fucking bro is a fucking firehose.

I stopped for just a second to watch the spectacle of all that cum running off my bro’s body and to catch my fucking breath, and the next thing I know there was Hector again behind me, only this time he had his spit-wet finger pressing on my asshole and–fuck, I learned a shitload about what my body likes that day, because instead of fighting it my ass pulled my tio’s finger up inside me like I’d been fucking designed to take it. Hector’s finger flipped some switch deep in my ass and I fucking lost my mind, slamming my dick into Pedro and shouting things that werent really words as my dick tried to fuck into Pedro at the same time my ass tried to get fucked on Hector’s finger.

“Shit!” I finally howled and my dick started spouting, pumping shot after shot into Pedro’s hot ass. I know it’s fucking impossible but I swear that Pedro’s ass pulsed around my cumming dick in exactly the same pattern I could feel my own ass gripping my tio’s finger. I rode the crest of my cum and then collapsed on top of Pedro’s cum-glazed body. The two of us lay on the hood for a second as Hector pulled his finger out of my ass–and fuck, that was a weird thing because my ass fucking missed it when it was gone.

Hector let us sit there for a second, dripping cum. At last he said, “All right, ninos. You get it all out of your system?”

Pedro snorted into my neck, and that started me giggling, and pretty soon the two of us were laughing exhaustedly as we held one another. We were laughing hard enough we couldn’t keep our balance on the car hood, so we slowly slid off the Bentley onto the dusty ground below, holding each other and shaking with giggles like we were fucking kids or something. Hector looked down at us with a scowl, his massive arms folded across his chest.

“It may take some time to kick in,” he growled, when we’d stopped giggling and were just sitting there with our sweaty heads leaning on each other. “In the meantime, you ninos get your pants back on and grab the cleaning rags. I want my baby polished before we leave here, comprende?” He then turned around and looked pointedly away from us.

“Hey, Julio,” whispered Pedro as he pulled himself to his feet. “Do you think it worked?” He put out his hand and helped me up.

“Shit, I don’t know,” I said. “I won’t need to come again for a while, at least. I think I blew my balls out. But–probably, man. This is fucking weird but I think Hector’s done this before, so it must have worked on someone? I dunno.”

“Okay,” said Pedro.

And fuck–I know I was all for getting rid of my new gay status and shit, but Pedro sounding like he was chill with not being into–well, me–anymore kind of stung, so I said, “You’re really all right with it, bro?” And my voice was maybe a little more needy than I wanted it to be.

Pedro gave me this big-ass smile and said, “Dude, hermano, if you don’t want to be into dudes anymore you should probably stop holding my hand.”

I looked down and realized I’d never let go from when he had helped me up and went all shades of red. “Oh, sorry, bro,” I said, dropping his hand.

Pedro grinned wider. He gave Hector’s back a sly look and then kissed me quickly on the lips. Then he turned away toward the car to get the cleaning supplies.

I watched his cute, cum-streaked ass walk away and even though my balls had been spent my exhausted dick started to harden. “Fuck me,” I groaned, then started after him.

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