Day Three Point Five

By S. Q. Neemie -
published February 8, 2021
4251 words

Julio finally manages to pick up his girlfriend, but instead of hot straight sex in the backseat of his uncle’s car, he ends up finger-fucking his future brother-in-law.

So, I’ll be honest–I was pretty fuck-dazed after I dropped Miguel and his cop-friend off. Like, things were kinda ramping up, right? It’s one thing to watch a pair of bros giving beejers in the backseat–it’s another fucking thing to have your own throat rearranged by your cousin’s python. So I was feeling kinda unsure of myself and really wanting to avoid checking my boxers because it kinda felt like I may have unloaded some pre on the fly when I was pole-gargling Miguel, which would mean I was into sucking down my cousin, which would mean–

Fuck. No way, man. Nothing can just make you gay, right? Born that way and all that shit, yeah?


I was saved from having to think about it more when my phone rang. It was my girl Angelina. I grinned in relief and punched the speakerphone button.

“Fuck, babe, you have no idea how glad I am to hear from you,” I said.

Hola, Julio,” she said. “You driving your tio’s car, right? I need a ride.”

This is how Angelina is–right to the point. My grin got wider. “Fuck,” I said eagerly. “Fuck, yes. That’s just what I need. I gotta see you.”

“O…kay,” she said. “I’ll text you where I’m at. Don’t go slow, okay?”

“No fucking worries there,” I growled, and pointed the car back toward the downtown area.

“Gonna get laid,” I sang to myself as I drove, rubbing my crotch through my pants to pump the little guy up in preparation. “Gonna get me some sweet snatch.” Dorky, I know, but I was lost in getting ready for some real, manly, pussy-sex. Trouble was, it wasn’t really working. I mean, my dick was definitely interested, but it wasn’t exactly jumping up. Not the way that Miguel’s dick had leaped out of his boxers, so heavy and hard it was like a fucking nightstick slapping his abs–

“Jesus fuck!” I shouted, nearly driving the car off the road. That thought of Miguel’s hefty cock, and the memory of it worming its way down my throat, had brought my cock from interested to 100% attentive. Fuck, was I gay now? Like, had there been some sort of on/off switch in my fucking throat that Miguel had pressed when he was digging around there with his cockstaff or something?

No. No fucking way, I told myself. That’s not how it works, right? Just get some pussy and things will be back to normal. And then nut up and tell Hector that you’re done with driving his queermobile forever.

I turned into the parking lot where Angelina had told me to pick her up, and swore again when I saw that she was standing there with her kid brother. Pedro was just out of high school and waiting for college to start in the fall. He and Angelina hardly ever even spoke to each other, so it was really strange to see them together. They looked a little alike, I guess, but they’re hella different, really. Angelina is all telling shit how it is, but it’s hard to get a lot of information out of Pedro. I mean, I guess I never really tried, but some dudes are just a little more closed off, right?

“What’s this?” I said to Angelina as I pulled up, rolling down the window and looking pointedly at Francisco.

“Don’t ask,” said Mariangel, rolling her eyes. “We’re playing hooky on some family bullshit and we both need a ride, okay? Now, hurry up. I need you to take me to the nail salon. I’ve got an appointment.”

“The salon–aw, fuck, c’mon,” I said as they climbed into the car–Mariangel in front, Francisco in the backseat. “I’m working, babe, I can’t just sit around and wait for you to get your nails done.”

She gave me a look that said don’t you talk back to me. “You said you were getting hella tips, yeah? So take an hour off and do a favor for your girl. People will still need rides after.”

“But, babe, I was hoping to–” I said, sliding my hand onto her knee.

She knocked it away. “I know you aren’t trying to get in my pants with my brother in the car,” she said. “Now drive.”

I gritted my teeth and put the car into gear. I guess this explains how guys like my tio Hector wind up with women like my tia Lupe, huh? Angelina was the same way as my tia, always saying what goes and not taking any backtalk, and fuck but I took it, too, just like Hector does.

The salon’s parking lot was full so we parked around the side, in a space that was almost an alleyway between the brick buildings. I was grinding my teeth by the time we parked, still trying to figure out a way that I could stick it into Angelina and get my manhood back. But before I could even suggest that maybe Pedro could walk home from there, Angelina was opening the door.

“Kay, don’t leave, all right?” she said, grabbing her purse and stepping out of the car before I even put it into park. “They might be faster than normal and I don’t want to wait. Bye!” She waggled her already-painted nails at me as she crossed in front of the car toward the salon. A second later she was out of sight.

I sighed and let my head sag back into the headrest. “Fuck me,” I said.

“She’s such a bitch,” said Pedro from the back seat.

I met his eyes in the rear-view mirror. Pedro was as short of me, which I guess made me like him a little more. He’d been a chubby guy for a long time, but just this last year something had switched over and he had started putting on some muscle and had leaned up a bit. His face still had a bit of baby fat, and his two buck teeth kinda gave him a dorky vibe, but he was getting to be a dude in his own right. I started thinking maybe I should give him more of a chance, since probably wasn’t the brat he was when Angelina and I first started dating. Still–

“Watch it, amigo,” I said, growling a bit so he’d know I was serious. “That’s my girl you’re talking about.”

“Fuck, whatever,” he mumbled, putting his forehead on the window. “Just think you can probably do better, that’s all.”

“Something bugging you, ese?” I asked, turning around in my seat. “Only that’s my girl, yeah? And your sister. There a reason you’re being so disrespectful right now?”

Fuck, I sounded just like Hector. And Pedro acted just like I would if Hector had said those words to me.

“Forget I brought it up, man,” he said. “Angelina’s–gret. You’re great. Everything’s fucking great.”

“Jesus, dude,” I said, watching the way he was staring out the window. “What the hell is up with you?”

“Nothing,” he mumbled.

“C’mon, ese,” I said. “I’m gonna be your brother at some point, yeah? Lemme know what’s up.”

“Fine,” he almost whispered. “My girlfriend and I broke up today, okay? She said I wasn’t manly enough, which was a fucking kick in the balls and as a result I don’t want to sit here making nice little conversation about you and my sister, you feel me?”

“Damn,” I said. I could see there were tears forming in his eyes, but he wasn’t gonna let them fall or anything. And I respected that, right? I’ve been there myself. “I’m sorry, dude, I didn’t know.”

He rubbed his eye angrily and said, “Whatever. It doesn’t fucking matter.”

I felt like probably I should let it go, give him some dignity and all, but my mouth seemed to be on automatic. “What’s that bullshit about not being manly enough, dude? You look plenty manly to me.”

Fuck, what was that? I thought, kicking myself. Would I have said manly like that before I got my tonsils knocked around by Miguel’s beefy pinga? But Pedro didn’t seem to notice.

“I don’t fucking know, dude,” he said. “I think she was just making shit up. But Jesus–how am I supposed to ever talk to a girl again, knowing that I’m probably not–aw, just, fuck it.” He punched the car door and looked out the window again, biting his lip.

“Watch it, hermano, this isn’t my car,” I said, but I was feeling him, you know? It cuts your legs out from under you, when a girl tells you you’re not a man. I mean, he and I were probably feeling the same, with me worried that gargling my cousin’s piece made me less of a dude, and him with his girl troubles. I guess I kind of wanted to help.

Hermano,” he said, almost but not quite rolling his eyes.

And that kind of touched me, on top of everything, right? Because from his tone, it sounded like maybe he wanted to believe we were hermanos–I mean, at heart. So I decided to go all in. “Yeah, man–at least, as good as,” I said. “Look, lemme at least try, yeah?” The car was already parked so I just hopped out of the front seat and slid into the back seat next to him.

He gave me a look like he thought I was fucking loco but I could take it. I wanted to help, and he was looking like a fucking kicked puppy, so it was all right if he thought I was being a little strange. I settled into the seat beside him and gave him a look. “So, the bitch said you’re not manly, huh? Well, show me.”

“What?” he said, blinking.

“Your game, man,” I said. “How you approach a girl and all. Show me, and I’ll let you know if it’s manly or not.”

Pedro snorted. “That’s stupid, dude.”

“No it’s not,” I said, and–get this–the fucker blushed and looked away. Like he was worried he crossed a line, defying me, right? And here’s the real kicker, but it looked–cute. Fucking adorable, really. I know what you’re gonna say about it and all, but that blush and head-duck thing he did got me all charged up in his direction. And–fuck it, I know what it sounds like but my dick must have started thinking that maybe I could get my manhood back from Angelina’s brother as easily as I could get it from her. I mean, it wasn’t like it was a conscious thought or anything, but–fuck, I was chubbing up in my pants, sitting next to my future brother-in-law, that at least was clear.

I know. It sounds queer writing it, but–fuck, that was the way it went down.

So Pedro gave me this little look, under his dark eyelashes, and that was enough to get me jonesing for it even more than before. “So–what?” he said. “Just, act like you’re a girl or something?”

“Yeah, show me,” I said, and my breathing was coming out all heavy and shit, just from that.

He turned a quarter of the way toward me and bit his lip. “Um, hey,” he said with a tiny smile.

I snorted, and he grinned sheepishly. “That’s it?” I asked.

“It’s a little weird, man,” he said. “I can’t think of you as a girl.”

Well, that made me happy and I felt a little growl deep in my throat, but I didn’t let it into my voice. “You gotta show some confidence, dude,” I said, knowing I was being a hypocrite, really, but I was lost in the moment, you know? “See, if it was me I’d lead with ‘hey,’ but it’d be more like this.” I put my hand on his knee and shifted closer to him. I hit him with full-on eye contact and let my mouth quirk up a bit. “Hey,” I said softly.

He squirmed a little uncomfortably, but not so much that he pulled his knee away from my hand. “Um, yeah, that’s baller,” he stammered. “I-I-I see what you mean. About being confident.”

“Just that easy, bro,” I said. I shifted closer to him, not breaking eye contact. My hand slid slightly down his knee so I was rubbing his inner thigh, and he gulped and looked like he wasn’t sure whether or not to be freaked out.

“You nervous, ese?” I asked, still all smooth and sexual. I don’t know where I was pulling all this game from because I’m usually pretty bad with girls and seduction and shit. So it was probably just the atmosphere thingy doing its bit, but at that point I didn’t care. I was straight-up owning it, you know? And it felt fucking good to be the master for once, even if it was with a dude. Especially if it was a dude.

“N-no,” he said. I grinned and let my hand drift up his leg.

“That’s good,” I said, still all oiled sex with my voice. With my free hand, I reached up and brushed his cheek slightly.

“Dude,” he said, breathing hard, “am I still the girl here?”

My hand slid down his face to hold his chin with my thumb and forefinger. “You tell me, hermano,” I said, and then kissed him softly on the lips.

And honestly, I meant for it to just be that, a little kiss–I mean, as much as I was deciding anything, since I was just sort of going along with my fucking instinct by that point. But Pedro kinda leaned into it with this little moan, and that took me all the way there and I answered him by filling up his mouth with my tongue, going from zero to fucking tounge-deep gay all in a second. And that fucking fucker future bro-in-law of mine took it, like he was fucking waiting for it or something, and my fucking dick slammed up so hard I think I gained an inch or two. So we started making out like fiends, him gripping my shoulders and pressing his hot body against mine while my tongue explored those dorky adorable buck teeth of his.

Well, with all our making out we got twisted up in the back seat, so I pulled away from him, still panting and with him looking up at me with those half-dazed brown eyes, and I fucking wanted him more than I’ve ever fucking wanted anything. So I shifted back onto the seat. “Fuck, Pedro, go with me on this,” I said all in a growl, then I hauled his ass off of his seat and onto my lap. He had to duck a little to keep from banging his head on the roof of the car, but it seemed like he liked it too, because he moaned a bit and turned his head to follow my face, like he couldn’t stand not kissing me for very long. Well, that fucking melted my heart, not gonna lie, and so I wrapped my arms around his waist and gave him a tight squeeze. I know, fucking romantic shit, but the movement also rubbed my elbow along the cock threatening to break free in his pants. He groaned and shifted on me, his jeans-wrapped asscheeks rubbing me through my own pants, and I realized this hot little fucker’s got me so wound up that I could burst in my pants right fucking then.

I wasn’t ready to be done, though, so I shifted him up onto my thigh a little and broke the kiss. “Fuck, show me your pinga, hermano,” I growled. “I wanna see it.”

He did his cute little blush-duck and said, “It’s–n-n-not very big, dude.”

Well, that cute little stammer almost did it for me, right then, so I just growled at him again and he sorta half grinned, half gulped and started fiddling with his belt. In a second he’d got his jeans down to his knees and his bare ass was straddling my leg and I got a good look at my future bro’s cock. And fuck, yeah, he’s right that it’s not the biggest, but it’s the fucking most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen on a dude, all chubby and good-sized and hard and just–cute. Cute like my cute little bro’s face, like his compact newly-muscled body, like his tight round little ass–

I shook my head. Where did that come from? Better to keep focused on his cock, right? “Jack it, man,” I said, swallowing hard. “I wanna see you get off.”

He blushed again but he reached down and started pulling on himself, whimpering a little as he did. I started rubbing his thigh as he did and he shuddered as I brushed his leg hairs, shifting around on my lap and reminding me I had my own cock to take care of. Not looking away from his hand slowly going up and down on his flesh balloon, I dug under his ass to open up my own fly. Shit, though, the heat and the hairiness of his ass got me going even more and the next thing I knew I was stroking his lightly furred ass-globes while my hard dick fought its way through my fly and wedged itself right at the base of his fucking ass crack.

He wailed “OOOoooh” when my pre-smeared dick nestled between his cheeks, nosing at his taint as my finger drifted toward the top of the inviting valley of his ass. His hand started beating faster on his dick, causing him to roll his hips over my lap in a way that almost made me lose my fucking mind.

“Can you feel how much I want you, babe?” I grunted, my spongy cockhead flexing desperately into the soft grip of his cheeks as they nipped and kissed it. He just whined again and kept squirming as I let my raging cock pulse at him, my finger drifting all by its fucking self to that hot cleft between my bro’s round ass-cheeks. Fuck, I’ve never really thought too much about assholes, but I suddenly wanted my fingers up in Pedro’s chute more than I’ve ever wanted to finger a chick, and a second later I’m pulling my middle finger out of my drooling mouth and shoving it up to the root up my future bro-in-law. Pedro howled and has to slam his hands against the roof of the car to keep from bucking all the way off me, leaving me free to finally wrap my hands around his cute and straining, pre-streaming cock.

“Oh fuck, Julio,” moaned Pedro, his thighs trembling over my lap, his asshole gripping my finger like it was hungry for it. I dug deeper inside of him, my knuckle grazing the side of my cockhead, still smearing cock-snot around the base of his ass. My hand was pistoning so fast up and down that little handful of cock that I could feel the heat of it, and Pedro was fucking shoving up into my hand, then whimpering as he pushed backward into my finger. All that squirming was massaging my cockhead like a hand and a mouth combined, and I felt my balls draw up into my cum as I started beating him off harder, ignoring his cries as I clenched my own ass against the rising waves of pleasure boiling in my crotch.

Pedro came a split second before I did, howling at the car’s roof while his thighs flexed and his ass gripped my finger like it was trying to break it off. His cum shot straight up like a fucking fountain, splattering both our faces and necks. My own cock burst off as I felt his cum-drops splash on my lips like rain, and I fucking unloaded–spurt after spurt into his ass-cleft while my finger kept sliding inside of him, carrying my slimy load up into him one fingerful at a time.

My fucking cum was long, and I threw my head back on the top of the carseat as I moaned, unloaded, and finger-fucked all at the same time. Pedro’s cum was shorter but he had two more of them, jerking and moaning on my lap as his cum drops flew through the air like it was a fucking Las Vegas fountain show or something.

At last we crashed, sprawling on the back seat like we were in a bed somewhere behind a locked door and not in a fucking public parking lot. Pedro was looking dazed, like I’d fucked the sense out of him, and that was a cute enough look on him that instead of pulling up my pants I just reached up and pulled our cummy faces together for another intense, bro makeout session.

Jesus, Julio,” he panted when I’d finished licking the cum off most of his face and he’d even lapped up a couple drops from my moustache, “what the fuck just happened there?”

I looked at the cummy mess on my shirt and shrugged. “I guess I’m gay now?” I said, then shook my head. “No! No, man. This was just–just–”

“Getting to know–” said Pedro, biting his bottom lip.

“Right! Getting to know my future hermano, and–taking it–too–”

“Helping me with my confidence,” said Pedro.

“Yeah, man–yeah! Helping you out there,” I said, hoping the relief in my voice wasn’t too loud.

“Yeah!” he said with a grin. A goofy, cute, fuckable grin that–

“Yeah,” I said, pushing him off my lap and not looking at him. “You–you good now? With the girls? Feeling, um, feeling confident and all that shit?”

“Um–fuck,” he said. “Yeah. Fucking confident. Totally manly for the chicas now. Thanks, um, hermano.

Well, that word jolted right through me and I stole a little look at him and and he did the same thing at the same time and the fucker started giggling, which fucking set me off too, and the next thing I know the two of us are laughing like maniacs, holding our sides as we rolled around on the cummy back seats of tio Hector’s car.

“Well, man, what now?” he asked after the giggles passed and we were wiping our eyes.

I sighed and grabbed the cleaning wipes Hector had left me from the little pocket I keep them in and handed them to him. “We clean this up before your sister gets back, chaco.” He nodded and pulled out a couple wipes and got too it.

“Hey, hermano?” he asked at one point, when I was back up at the front of the car and wiping off some cum that had somehow splattered on the rear-view mirror.

“Yeah, hermano?” I said back, and fuck it felt natural and sorta fizzy to call him that.

“I think I might need to build myself up before I can date again,” he said. I shot him a sharp glance through the rear-view and saw that he was bent over on the back of the seat as he wiped down the back window, giving me a view of the ass of his jeans which I knew were damp from my recent cum.

“Do you think we could meet up sometime and work on my confidence some more?” he asked, and the fucker shook his ass at me. I swallowed hard, pulling on my fucking bow-tie.

I opened my mouth to answer but suddenly Angelina was back, opening the passenger door and sliding into the seat, carefully holding her hands out so that her newly-painted nails didn’t touch anything. “Jesus, that took forever,” she said. “Was it really boring out here?”

“It was–fine,” I sort of squeaked, desperately looking around to make sure there weren’t any tell-tale signs of cum anywhere. In the back seat, Pedro scrambled to sit back down, pulling his seatbelt on.

“Whoof, it stinks in here,” said Angelina, waving her manicured hand in front of her face and grimacing. “Pedro, you been farting up mi novio’s car?”

Pedro flipped her off behind her back. I scowled at him through the rear-view mirror and he gave me a shit-eating grin, slowly waving his middle finger back and forth as he did.

Fuck, but the fucker was cute.

“Well, drive,” said Angelina, giving me a look. “Let’s get some fucking air in here.” She started rolling down the windows as I turned on the car and pulled out of the parking spot.

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