Building A Species: Colonization

By ArdanWolfe
published May 5, 2021
3569 words

Billy invites his guest in, unaware of the hybrid’s intentions. Kaa Vailo returns to the farm house and a second Alpha is sired.

Part 1: Intended Assimilation

Jessie: “Who, Daddy Alpha?”

Billy: “Someun from work. Shit, he can’t see me…us like this. We look like….”

Jessie: “Yer a sexy Alpha beast. He’d be lucky ta receive pleasure from you. In fact, why not turn him, Daddy Alpha?”

Billy: “Cuz he’s not a fairy boy, ’ats why.”

Jessie: “I wouldn’t call you a fairy boy, Daddy Alpha, but yer definitely a big ol’ gay bear.”

Billy: “I may have stroked ya, but it don’t mean…”

Jessie: “Ya couldn’t get it up at all fer Jessica, but ya nutted in ma ass in less than fifteen minutes. And, Daddy Alpha, we share thoughts, remember? Ya perked right up when you realized who was here. Ya want this Frank guy, badly. I’m almost jealous. Though if he looks like your mind’s rendition he is cute.”

As the two hybrids conversed the pounding on the door intensified. And with their enhanced hearing the hybrids could make out what should have been muffled shouts.

Frank: “Ayy, Billy, ya there? Dude, I brought the beer an’ whiskey.”

The furry, bulky hybrid sprang up and pulled a bathrobe around himself. Then he darted to the door, leaving Jessie to relax on the bed and telepathically observe the interaction happening downstairs. Billy messed his slightly shaggy brown hair as he ran to the door, in an attempt to hide his new skin pigmentation. Outside Frank was preparing to just give up, assuming the ill Billy had fallen asleep. The door flung open and a very unwell looking hulk stood in the doorway.

Frank: “Dude, ya look terrible. Ya sure it’s smart ta be drinkin’ ?”

Billy: “I definitely need a drink after the past few days.”

Frank: “Well I gotcha covered, Dude. So let me mix…”

Billy: “Naw, ya bought the drinks, and brought ’em here ta me. Least I could do is make her drink.”

Frank: “Well I was just gonna have some of the beers…”

Billy had grabbed the beer case and brown paper bag from his guest, and invited him in. Unknown to the young man there was a whole exchange going on that he was not a part of.

Jessie: “Daddy Alpha, you should make him something strong…make it easy to over take him.”

Billy: “I’m not druggin’ him!”

Kaa: “Do you still have some of your seminal fluid on your penis?”

Billy: “And here ya are again, this is all yer doin’.”

As Billy was having his invisible argument, Frank adjusted on the sofa and cocked his head to talk to his host.

Frank: “How those drinks comin’ along, Dude? Ya sure yer okay to be up? I have no problem being the one ta get ’em.”

Billy: “Naw, naw it’s fine, I’ll be right over with ‘em. Put somethin’ on the T.V.”

Kaa: “Look, your seminal fluids is not technically drugging this boy. As it has your DNA it will create a bond of telepathic persuasion. It won’t be like the bonds you, Jessie, and I share, but will make him slightly more susceptible to your will. You must make a choice quickly though or he will catch you.”

In a flustered state Billy grabbed two glasses from the cabinet. Reaching under his modest coverings he coated his fingers in the sticky remnants of his mutated cum. Then flicking some into a glass, he cracked open a beer and places his fingers above the glass, as he poured the golden liquid over them to wash the remaining fluid into the glass. In the second glass he poured some whiskey for himself, he was going to need some liquid courage for what he was going to attempt.

Plopping down on the couch, Billy handed Frank the beer. There was an old golf game playing in the background, but Billy was focused on his guest. He didn’t know if he would be caught in his deception.

Frank: “Hmmm taste is a bit off.”

Billy: “Oh?”

Frank: “Yeah, must be really fresh. I never had one taste so potent. Maybe its different in a glass then straight outta the can.”

Billy: “Sorry, is it really nasty?”

Frank: “Who said nasty. It’s strong, but ’at don’t mean I’m a bitch boy who can’t down it.”

The two sat and drank in silence for a while, watching the television. Though they got along alright, Billy and Frank were not necessarily friends. So the interaction between them was a bit awkward. Finally Jessie, not being able to take the silence and inaction, chimed in Billy’s mind.

Jessie: “Do somethin’.”

Billy: “Like what?”

Jessie: “Open yer bathrobe and say it’s hot.”

Billy: “It’s not. It’s actually pretty cool down here, if I open my bathrobe he’s gonna freak.”

Jessie: “Do it, we gotta test yer persuasion. Ya know ya want to. I can feel it.”

Billy groaned his annoyance out loud, causing the strawberry blonde boy to look at the green hybrid with a confused expression. It was now or never, Billy thought. He loosened the string of his bathrobe and exposed his toned, hairy chest.

Billy: “Sorry, gettin’ a bit warm in here.”

Frank nodded.

Frank: “Yeah, it was a bit chilly a minute ago, but yer right. It’s getting a tad stuffy in here.”

Billy was sure Frank was either lying out of awkwardness, or the hybrid’s cum was doing it’s job of persuading, as the livingroom was still cool. The green hybrid had to test which was the truth.

Billy: “We’re all guys here. If yer hot take off yer shirt, Boy, and be comfortable.”

Then to the larger, older male’s pleased surprise, Frank followed the command. Pulling his tight black shirt over his head, he smirked a bit as he saw the other man look him over. Frank wasn’t exactly skinny, but he was slim. Just the lightest hint of tone to his arms and upper chest. His stomach, while not as round as Billy’s had a cute little belly starting. A thin patch of strawberry blonde chest hair was situated in an upside down triangle shape between the two tiny nipples and the slight outie belly button. He was even prettier than Billy could have imagined. The green hybrid wondered how far he would be able to persuade his guest to go.

Rising to get the next round of drinks, Billy allowed the the loosely tied bathrobe to fall open. Though not prominently displayed, the flowing fabric did give peeks of the stockier man’s crotch. Frank quickly averted his gaze after his first accidental viewing. Billy decided that he would test his mental hold over the younger man.

Billy: “Sorry ’bout that. Though we’re both men here so nothing to be shy fer.”

Frank: “True enough. Though I think I’ll be leavin’ my britches on.”

The boy chuckled, clearly still retaining some self control, but Billy had noticed the boy was no longer shying away from taking a few looks at the bigger male’s cock. Then it was Frank’s turn to break the awkward silence.

Frank: “Dude, ya look like a fucking cucumber.”

Billy: “Oh? Wantin’ to have a refreshing snack in yer mouth, huh?”

Frank: “Nothin’ yer offerin’.”

Billy: “Yeah, yeah…you know you want this big Alpha cucumber.”

The two men chuckled, but Billy’s dominance took hold once more and so Frank responded in a way that he never would have if not under the hybrid’s influence.

Frank: “Well if I were a knob smoker, I suppose yer not too shabby. I suppose I wouldn’t mind bein’ yer trophy boy.”

Billy was aroused by the boy’s response, so much so that the slit of his mushroom head was dribbling. Turning away from his unassuming guest, the green male moved the cup under his bathrobe and caught a good amount of his pre-cum. Pouring the stout liquid over it he returned the cup to his guest. Strangely as he watched the strawberry blonde guzzle the beer, Billy realized four drinks in and he didn’t even have the faintest buzz.

Kaa: “Your new body’s metabolism quickly burns off the effects of intoxication. It’s a bad habit anyway.”

Billy was only annoyed for a split second realizing that he actually appreciated being sober for the events unfolding in his living room.

Billy: “So ya think I’d be yer sugar daddy an’ be takin’ care of ya? Nah, nah yer purdy and all, but ya gotta pull yer own weight.”

Frank: “Oh, so then why’d I want ta be all fairy boy fer ya? If yer not even gonna spoil me?”

Billy: “Oh you’d be spoilt a’ight, getting yer bouncy little bubble serviced.”

Frank: “How’s ’at fer me? Yer the one that’s be getting the pleasure in that scenario.”

Billy: “Well yer not a fairy boy, so guess you’ll just have to wonder bout it. I mean, I’d show ya how, but….”

Frank: “What the heck…..Billy are ya tellin’ me yer some fairy boy?”

Billy: “I’m as fairy boy as you.”

With that Frank’s fate was sealed. Questions began flooding his mind, could he? did it feel good? was Billy really gay? Suddenly the young male realized how beefy his thirty- three year old coworker was. He was this wall of fur and fatty muscle. He had definitely cleaned up recently, because before today the scraggly beard looked like a rat’s nest. But now it seemed…refined even. His defined jaw and slightly hardened facial features were very attractive. He could have any mate he wanted….and yet, Frank realized the look in his coworker’s eyes was one mixed with adoration and lust. Deciding to test Billy, and tease him at the same time, Frank stood up, unbuttoned his jeans and let them tumble to the ground. Now wearing only tight boxer briefs, the young male turned exposing his perky bubble butt to Billy.

Billy: “What’er ya doin’?”

Frank: “Gettin’ comfortable. So, say I was wonderin’ how ya would make my back end feel good…then what?”

Billy: “Then I’d say be careful what ya ask fer. At some point I’ma take ya serious and once ya get Alpha dick like this there’s no goin’ back.”

Frank: “Well look, I’ve had a lot of beer, and not a lot of sex, so if I was willing to give ya a taste of my juicy bubble butt, what would ya do fer me?”

Billy: “Oh, you’d git yer nut…an’ more.”

Frank: “And no one can hear about this….”

Billy: “Why, who ya think would say somethin’ ta me and not eat my fist?”

Suddenly Frank felt a calmness, Billy was right, even if someone did discover a sexual escapade between the two men, no one would dare call Billy a fairy boy. Knowing that his persuasion abilities had nearly taken completely over, Billy decided to push the envelope.

Billy: “So are ya takin’ yer underwear off so we can get this goin’?”

Frank: “Shit yeah.”

The young strawberry blonde pulled the waistband of his boxers and slowly, seductively pulled them down. As the pale skin of the round ass became more and more exposed Billy dove forward and playfully nibbled the slightly fuzzy globes. Frank moaned at the sensation of his virgin ass being teased. As the underwear fell and pooled around Frank’s ankles, Billy took a cheek in each hand and spread them apart. For a split second Billy paused, if he did this he could no longer deny the truth, he was completely gay. Then the tightest pink pucker the Alpha had ever seen winked invitingly, wantingly….an Billy couldn’t resist. His tongue entered the warm, virgin hole and both men moaned. Frank had never felt such electric sensations, and Billy was surprised how delicious the salty, fleshy ass tasted. For twenty minutes the green hybrid enjoyed his meal, and opened the hole, wetting it as deep as he tongue could reach. But, at this point Frank’s legs were becoming wobbly, so Billy allowed the boy a reprieve to sit on the couch. As Frank turned, Billy’s jaw dropped. Fully erect the smaller male had to be sporting at least ten inches, and it was twice as thick as Billy’s own. The musk of pre-cum, sweat, and general horniness rose from it, and Billy pulled Frank down to the couch and took as much of the massive rod in his mouth as he could.

Frank: “Hoooo, shit. Dude, how are ya so good at suckin’ dick….no chick has ever made it that far dow…..HHHHHAAA.”

Encouraged by the praise, the bulky Alpha forced his way down to the base. His tongue lashed out and trickled the dangling nuts below.

Frank: “Ohhhhhhooo, damn no one has been able to that. Ohhhh fuck.”

As with the perky ass, the green hybrid worked the fat pole for nearly fifteen minutes. Finally when Billy’s cock began to ache from being so hard he quickly bent down further and re-lube the eager hole with saliva.

Billy: “Are ya ready fer me?”

Frank: “Jist…be gentle.”

Billy: " ’course, ya need ta enjoy it too."

Teasing the pucker, and adding the extra lube of pre-cum, Billy slowly pushed in. As the fat mushroom head popped inside the smaller male both men moaned. Taking it slow, at first Frank just felt an uncomfortable pressure, but then the hybrid cock found his sensitive spot.

Frank: “What’z ‘at? Damn….that feels…really fuckin’ good.”

Billy: “Yeah ya do….damn yer tight.”

Frank: “Well yeah, yer the first guy ta be inside me.”

Billy rhythmically pumped in and out of the younger male, only picking up the pace when encouraged by Frank. Unlike with Jessie, this was for the submissive boy’s pleasure more than the Alpha’s. Seeing Frank’s face scrunch in pleasure and bliss was making Billy leak within the tight hole.

Frank: “Hhuua…damn….fuck….yer…an ass….Billy….makin’ me like it so much….now this is the only sex I’m gonna want.”

Billy: “And ya can have it as much as ya want. My cock is always at yer service.”

Frank: “I’m gettin’ close. Go faster.”

Picking up the pace, it only took a few thrust before Frank burst. Cum spewed all up Billy’s furry green torso, and the remaining fluid arched and splattered down on Frank lightly furred chest. With the contractions in the boy’s ass intensifying, Billy lost control.

Billy: “Wrrrahhhhh fuck….I’M… CUMMMMMIN’!”

Frank: “Ohhhh whoooooa shit….holy hell..I felt all yer load.”

Popping off the cock, Frank instinctively went down to suck it. As the slit widened the strawberry blonde did not even fight the ingestion process. Billy looked on with an affectionate expression, this was a hybrid he fully intended to happen.

Part 2: Return to Earth

From his spaceship above Kaa Vailo felt every second of his Alpha’s bliss. And the computer scan showed the images of events to its master. It did chime in a mild concern.

Computer: “Master Vailo, while we know that sex post hybridization creates the same bond as Krin sex, I am unable to analyze how pre-hybridization intercourse may affect the process.”

Kaa: “Well I suppose this will be how we find out. So far Billy has preformed two hybridizations that we have not accounted for. The first one turned out well, so perhaps this one will be a good change as well. Though I am surprised at his recovery. I just now have the strength to return to Earth, and yet the hybrid is about to sire his second offspring.”

Computer: “Master Vailo, you are nearly five hundred and seventy years old. While relatively young in a Krin lifespan, birthing is more draining than it would be for a Krin of Billy’s thirty-three years.”

Kaa: “Ah indeed. But even he is not inexcusable. I shall have to sire other Alphas to aide him in converting the Terrans.”

Computer: “Why is this, Master Vailo?”

Kaa: “Well from Krin history that I’ve been reading from before your programming, when our ancestors reproduced with hybridization only the Alphas could sire proper offspring. Second generation hybrids offspring were sterile. So any turned by the hybrids Jessie and Frank will not have enough Krin DNA to produce hybrids. Perhaps due to copulation before hybridization Frank will be able to produce fertile hybrid offspring, but we will not know until he is birthed in three days.”

Computer: “Very well, Master Vailo. Shall I scan for a viable candidate?”

Kaa: “No, well not yet. I’m sure I’ll need plenty more Alphas. But for my second one, I have someone in particular in mind.”

The Krin once more donned his spacesuit and ejected from the ship. Within two hours he stood before the farm house of his first Alpha. Entering the cerulean blue alien observed his Alpha on the couch. Billy laid, lovingly rubbing is enormous nutsac. Kaa Vailo smiled at the sight of his offspring gestating his own hybrid.

Billy: “Oh…hey, uh..”

Kaa: “You may call me Kaa Vailo, I know Jessie calls me creator, but you seem uncomfortable with that title. I do view you in the way your species views a child, but I am aware you call another ‘father’. So you can just address me by name.”

Billy: “So what’er ya doin’ back here?”

Kaa: “The one you call ‘father’ is sick, is he not?”

Billy: “Yeah, Pa’s been sick fer a while now.”

Kaa: “I may have a solu…”

Billy: “Nuh-uh…not my Pa.”

Kaa: “Oh, you seem to be mistaken about who makes the decisions. Your an Alpha and your clan will follow your every command. But, I am the Origin, I have not forced my will upon you, do not make me. Your father will be healed by the process. He shall be restored greater than he was before. He too shall be an Alpha, and form a clan of his own. For now, just focus on gestating a new offspring to your clan.”

Before Billy could protest, the alien was ascending the stairs. In the hall Jessie stood with a wavering look.

Jessie: “My Alpha says yer not to touch his Pa.”

Kaa: “He finds it odd that I birthed him and now seek to birth his father. This is a strange concept. I am going to make his father well again. Our intimacy does not mean there will be intimacy between the two Alphas….though once some of these odd Terran stigmas are removed perhaps your Alpha will be intrigued to procreate with another. Now, go to your Alpha, he will be weakened by a second birthing, and he’ll need the comfort of his clan.”

With that, Jessie abandoned his post in the hall to join his Alpha in the livingroom. Kaa Vailo proceeded to the far bedroom. Opening the door, the alien looked on to a sight that saddened him. On a small bed lie a nearly skeletal body, with an IV hooked up. The room had an air of decay, and hopelessness.

Man: “B…Bi..Billy…finally…come to…visit your old…man? You’re to….tall to be….my caregiver.”

Kaa: “No, I am here with a proposal. If I offered a sure way to end your alignments…”

Man: “You’re here…to end…my life?”

Kaa: “Oh no. I am here to cure you.”

Man: “That’s…not possible…I was given two months…to live.”

Kaa: “My treatment is far different than anything you have tried up to this point. And, I can guarantee it’s success.”

Man: “Wha…what’s the…catch?”

Kaa: “If you agree than once the process begins you will not be able to change your mind.”

Man: “And this…. process?”

Kaa: “Will leave you altered. For the better, but altered no less.”

Man: “How….long….will this give…me?”

Kaa: “Years, several.”

Man: “”

Kaa Vailo crossed the room, discarding the suit along the way. As he passed by the moon lit window, the man saw that this being was not human.

Man: “What are…you?”

Kaa: “A being that can help. All will become clear, I promise.”

The Krin was close enough that his penis fell over the sickly man’s head. As before with the man’s son, the expanding cock took in the top of the head….then swallowed down to the neck. And, twenty minutes later the man’s toes slipped inside the engorged cock. Sliding down to the nutsac, the tendrils reached out. As they connected to the ghostly pale skin of the man, Kaa Vailo began to probe the thoughts of his future Alpha. The man’s name was Edward, but he went by Eddie. Eddie was filled with cancer from years of smoking, drinking, and eating horribly processed foods. The removal of this killer organism would take nearly a day just on it’s own. This hybridization would be far more rigorous than Billy’s had been.

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