Building a Species: Bonding

By ArdanWolfe
published May 2, 2021
3378 words

Billy wakes up and moves from denial of what happened to him, to fear when he finds himself sireing his own hybrid. Not only that, but he finds his mind wandering to places he does not understand.

Part 1: Processing

Kaa Vailo had retreated to his ship after giving birth. Though in the moment the of the birthing the alien felt extreme horniness, then orgasmic relief, now he needed to recover. At first the Krin wanted to be by his spawn’s side when the Terran hybrid awoke. But as the telepathic bonds began to form Kaa Vailo probed into Billy’s mind and realized he would not be very receptive to the news. Once the alien was back at full strength he could use the telepathic bond to reassure and relax his hybrid offspring.

Back on the Earth’s surface Billy awoke in a drunken haze, and groggily recalled the events of the evening. But he quickly shook it off as a bizarre dream. Until he heard a voice resonate in his head that was not his own. Even from a distant orbit, the telepathic bonds had grown strong enough to allow for some contact, though Kaa Vailo would need to limit communication to recover.

Billy: “Tha hell…’at was not my voice.”

Kaa: “No, it was mine. I am Kaa Vailo, your Krin sire.”

Billy: “Huh?”

Kaa: “I am weak from gestating and birthing you, so I will take a few days to recover on my ship. I will return as soon as I can. For now, I would warn you to be careful. The hybridization will take some time to set and stabilize. I must go for now, but I will be at your side soon, Billy, my Alpha.”

Though throughly confused, Billy beamed with pride at being called an Alpha. He knew he was rugged, sturdy, virile, and many other traits of masculinity. Yet in his probing Kaa Vailo found that with this masculinity came a level of toxicity that he would need to remove from the man that he would take as his life mate. So as Billy sauntered to the bathroom to take his first leak, and relive his morning wood he glimpsed himself in the mirror. His long scraggly beard had always been a symbol of his machoness, but now it looked so unkempt. For the first time he found himself trimming and clipping it, still having that country lumberjack look, but now neat. Unknown to the man, it was his maker who planted the idea in his mind. Just to test the bonds of suggestion he could implant into his hybrid.

Chalking the voice in his head to an alcoholic delusion, Billy went about his day as normal. It wasn’t until he entered his work, at the local Lowe’s, that someone pointed out his bizarre new look.

Coworker: “Dude, didn’t take ya fer one o’ them costume weirdos.”

Billy: “The heck ya talkin’ bout?”

Coworker: “Them demon contacts and fairy boy ears.”

With that Billy made his way to the employee bathroom. While shaving he completely missed his pure black eyes and pointed ears.

Billy: “The hell is happenin’ ta me?! I gotta still be drunk….but Frank is seein’ this shit too.”

When his supervisor saw Billy, he told the husky male to “take the crap off” or he could stay in the back and unload shipments. Billy hated unloading, it was monotonous work, and his beer baby stomach was making the physical labor more….laboring. But, as he could not “take off” his new features the bulky man resigned to work in the back. At first the work was as difficult as Billy expected, but as the shift went on the he found that his stomach actually felt lighter and his arms seemed less tired. When the shift ended Billy felt more energetic and restless than when the day began. He visited his favorite bar and played pool well into the night, realizing he had downed enough beer to equal a case he was shocked that he just had a slight buzz. Still feeling like he had steam to burn when the bar closed, Billy’s toxic traits bubbled up and he drove around to find a Terran ‘female’ to assist him in wearing down his energy reserves. On a corner frequented by night workers Billy found one that was acceptable for the job.

Part 2: Unintended Hybrid

Jessica was the name the street worker introduced herself as to Billy. Though to the hairy hulk the name didn’t matter, his concern was an odd overwhelming need to breed. Though he initially thought a nice blowjob in the truck would do, he found himself pulling into his driveway.

Jessica: “Awe ain’t you just a sweet boy, bringing me home, actin’ like I’m some proper dame.”

Billy: “You won’t be actin’ like any proper dame tonight.” He joked.

While the two made their way into the house, the spaceship orbiting thousands of miles above began to initialize scanning.

Computer: “Master Vailo, your hybrid has returned to his domicile.”

Kaa: “Thank you for the update.”

The alien’s response was meek as he was still in a rough state. He had not expected the process to demand so much from him, and leave him drained for so long.

Computer: “He is not alone. There is a Terran female with him. Scans indicate elevated hormone levels from your specimen. It would seem your specimen is going to attempt to copulate with the female.”

Kaa: “Well his seminal fluids are probably still resisting the change to their new function, this will probably be the last time his seed is capable of procreation, before it becomes a method of mutation. Besides, I am to weak for an altercation.”

Back on Earth, Jessica had stripped down and crawled between the meaty legs, still constricted in the tight jeans. Playfully teasing the button and zipper, the woman soon released the massive nine inch monster. The eagerness in her face melted as she looked up to Billy.

Jessica: “Hunny, you alright? Yer turnin’ kinda greenish.”

Billy: “Nah, probably jist all the liquor catchin’ up ta me.”

Jessica: “Don’t go gettin’ all sick over me.”

Billy: “Well if ya quit yappin’ and get ta workin’ on it I’ll bust quick an’ ya won’t have to worry bout me gettin’ sick.”

The female rolled her eyes, but the boy was paying, and his dick wasn’t the worst thing she’d put in her mouth. After a few moments she pulled up, and with an almost annoyed tone asked Billy again if he was unwell.

Jessica: “Ya sure yer alright? Maybe that liquor gave ya limp dick….”

Billy: “Nah, ya jist need to work it better. If yer exceptin’ ma money, yer gonna need ta do better’n that.”

The woman huffed at the man’s criticism of her ability to pleasure a cock. But wanting her money she was determined to get a rise from this stocky country boy. Knowing that he was horny as the two rushed into the house, Billy was confused as to why his dick refused to cooperate. Sure the street worker was not the most attractive woman he could be with, but a screw is a screw. He laid back, closed his eyes and pictured Jenny May, the one he had wanted since junior high. Her blonde hair pulled into a braid, her perfect hourglass shape with big tits, and an ass for days. It was almost as cute as Frank’s perky little bubble butt. What the fuck, Billy tensed realizing the image in his head changed. Now he was looking at his coworker, the one who had joked about his new appearance. Frank wasn’t an unattractive guy, Billy admitted. In fact if he ever did think about anything with a dude, it probably would be someone like his coworker.

The strawberry blonde boy had his hair cut short, not quite a buzz cut, but close. His blue eyes were so light they looked like ice. He kept his beard short, just as a thin outline of his jaw, chin, and juicy lips…what the hell?! Billy couldn’t believe that he was not just thinking about a guy while getting a blowjob, but that he was actually really observing every detail he knew about his twenty-two year old coworker. But for some reason this seemed to do the trick, and Billy was being to rise to full mast.

Unknown to the bulky man, the reason was miles above him. Kaa Vailo knew if he was going to have his hybrid as his Alpha and mate then he would have to start by changing his affection for the Terran females. If he could make a Terran male seem a more appealing prospect to Billy, then he could move onto opening the hybrid’s mind to accepting an alien species. Suddenly the computer snapped Kaa Vailo from his telepathic manipulations.

Computer: “Master Vailo, you must cease arousing your hybrid. He is preparing to absorb that Terran female, and we are still not sure how that specific type of Terran will mutate.”

Back on the Earth, the image of Frank’s perfectly rounded ass stretching and bouncing in the tight jeans that he always wore played in vivid detail in Billy’s mind. Though the country boy was fighting to assure himself that he was straight, and insisting that it was just because even his male coworker was more attractive than the female giving him a blowjob. But, Billy was quickly pulled out of his own thoughts as he dick began to feel weird. There was a bit of a burning, stinging sensation from his piss slit. He also felt extremely wet, more like he pissed himself than pre-cum. When his cockhead felt invaded, he assumed by her tongue, the hybrid’s eyes shot open. His mouth fell open in horror. His cockhead was inflated to the size of a bowling ball, and the head of the female seemed to be inside. Though Billy was revolted by the sight, his cock continued to consume the woman. At first Jessica struggled against the process, but soon the seminal fluid sedated her. Billy spread his legs to make room for his adult human sized cock. As the female was pushed down into the expanding nutsac, Billy screamed in an orgasmic bliss.

The gestation process for this hybrid took much longer than Billy’s. In the same manner that happened during his hybridization, Billy’s mutated testicles expelled tendrils that sunk into Jessica. The first change of the mutation hardened the muscles, and increased their mass. Next testosterone was pumped into her, causing hair to grow from her underarms, crotch, legs, chest, and face. Her softer face hardened and her jaw squared off. The testosterone caused the hair on her head to fall out completely. Her squishy stomach hardened into lightly defined abs. Inside her uterus twisted and mutated until it became a prostate, her ovaries descended and dropped. In spasming convulsions they popped out of her contracting gape and became testicles similar to Billy’s and Kaa Vailo’s. Then her clit expand and twisted in shape until it became a full eight inch cock.

Computer: “Master Vailo, you may wish to review my latest scans of your hybrid.”

The still weakened alien had enough strength to make it to the chair before his computer.

Kaa: “Display.”

The computer produced an image like an ultrasound, just far more detailed.

Kaa: “I thought you said he had ingested a Terran female?”

Computer: “Indeed. Please hold for scans taken over the last seventeen hours….”

The computer the put together a slide show of Jessica’s hybridization.

Kaa: “So…Terran females respond to the process drastically different, by becoming Terran male and then being made into a hybrid.”

Part 3: Intercourse

For thirty-six hours Jessie incubated, first becoming male, then gaining the pointed ears, coal black eyes, and a soft blue tint to his skin. Finally Billy felt the sensation of reaching a climax, but instead of nut, he ejaculated his newborn hybrid. And Billy himself had undergone his own continued transformation during this time. He now had near lime green skin, and his stomach although still rounded, was less jiggly fat and more muscle. Not only did Billy need to recuperate, but as the transformation was far more rigorous on Jessie, he too slumbered.

At nine-thirty a loud pounding filled the house. Billy nearly jumped out of his skin, then looking at the clock realized that he was supposed to have been at work an hour and a half earlier. Though still weak he rushed down to the door. As he reached the bottom of the staircase he could hear a voice shouting.

Voice: “Billy, dude, tha fuck are ya? Dude, ya were suppose ta be at work at eight. HELLO?!”

Billy froze, instantly recognizing the voice belonged to Frank. He started to become aroused even though he was terrified of being discovered in his current form. Deep in his subconscious he wanted the boy to find him, see his new slightly more built, naked body. To see the boy eye him up and down.

Frank: “BILLY?! Fuckin’ hell, Dude, Jed is gonna be pissed if yer jist playin’ hookie.”

Billy: “Frank, I think I got in ta somethin’ foul. I’m not in good shape, Bud.”

Frank: “I’ll say, ya definitely sound ill. Yer voice is funny.”

Billy hadn’t noticed but his already baritone voice had deepened a few more octaves. As the Hybrid Alpha his voice had to be commanding, and carry.

Frank: " ‘kay well Imma jist tell Jed ya ain’t feelin’ too hot. Ya gonna be alright?"

Billy: “I could definitely do with a drink.”

The hybrid chuckled, but was caught totally off guard by the younger man’s response.

Frank: “Sure thing, Dude. After work I’ll swing by the liquor store. I’m off fer a few days, could do with a good buzz myself.”

How was Billy going to conceal his nearly neon skin and coal black eyes? But he didn’t even have time to protest the proposal as Frank had quickly dashed back to his truck to return to work before he too found himself in trouble. Resigned to figure out a plan later the exhausted man returned to his bedroom. He looked down at the bald headed, masculinized version of the person he had brought home just under two days ago. The worry of how this new Jessie would respond to his alterations faded, as Billy thought to himself that this new man should be thankful for his new form. Male Jessie was far hotter than Jessica. What the hell, no…I’m straight?! Billy tried to demand his sexuality conform to his will. Jessie snored lightly, and his face seemed content. Though Billy wanted to cling to his dying heterosexuality, he could not deny the pale blue skinned male was attractive. He was to drained to just stay standing, so the green hybrid crawled into the bed beside his spawn. Quickly falling asleep, hours passed and Billy woke only when he felt something brushing against him.

In his sleep the bulky man had begun to grind against the smaller male. Billy’s erect nine inches had made it’s way between the muscular ass cheeks of the newborn hybrid. Though his energy was still low, Billy was horny. Jessie’s skin had darkened a bit more to a robin’s egg blue and was silky soft to Billy’s touch. Trying hard to avoid admitting his lust, the Alpha hybrid tried to roll around to face the other direction. But as he moved his crotch away, the strong and meaty hand of the second hybrid twisted around him.

Jessie: “Stay.”

Billy: “Uh…oh yer…awake? How…how do ya feel?”

Jessie: “Horny. See?”

The blue hybrid pulled the lime green one’s hand around to his newly made crotch which was nearly eleven inches and solidly erect. Billy was almost jealous of the shaft he gripped in his hand. The fortunate thing for the Alpha was his cock was definitely thicker. The new hybrid growled in pleasure at his sire’s touch. Billy couldn’t help but impulsively stroke, this skin too was incredibly soft.

Billy: “Uh…so ya notice anythin’…different?”

Jessie: “Yeah, bein’ horny this way feels much nicer. No wonder ya guys always want yer things played with. It’s intense and so fuckin’ pleasurable.”

Billy: “Uh-huh, so nothing bout the fact that….ya know, ya gotta yer own dick now?”

Jessie: “Well it’s weird fer sure….but I feel so much better. It’s like I can see myself through yer eyes. Like I know ya wanna pretend yer straight, but I can see ya wanna fuck me now more than ya did when I was a woman. Like I hear her thoughts in my head.”

Billy: “Great…now everyone’s in ma head.”

Jessie: “The creator says if ya quiet yer mind ya can hear our thoughts too.”

Billy: “Creator?”

Jessie: “Yeah that alien guy. He told me I was cured of all my crap….ya know working the streets I had some…well…”

Billy: “And ya were jist gonna fuck with me?! Give ma dick some disease?”

Jessie: “Look I was in it fer a quick buck. But the Creator says now I am rid of all that crap. Here just relax and let me show you something.”

Billy was still confused, but as he let his thoughts calm he saw an image in his mind. It was himself, in his new hybrid form. Well he was freaked out by his change, the thoughts going through his head were of how hot, and dominant he looked. After a few moments he realized the thoughts were how Jessie was seeing him. The newly made male saw his sire as strong, beautiful, manly. Jessie saw his sire as a kind of father figure, yet also lusted for Billy. As all of these thoughts flooded Billy’s head he became uncontrollably aroused.

Billy: “But wait….can my dick even work right anymore?”

Kaa: “You can have intercourse, my Alpha. I am not fully sure what the results will be with your new hybrid species. For my race, intercourse creates a clan bond. The telepathic link becomes permanent no matter how far apart the two individuals go. The one mounting deposits his DNA within the one being mounted and thus become clan brothers. Where the mounted becomes submissive to their Alpha’s will. I suppose your race would say it makes the two family.”

Billy was unsure if he wanted to forever share his mind with another, but in his aroused state his leaking fluids had lubed up his cock. With a lustful grinding, Jessie had wet his hole, and with a forceful effort impaled himself on his Alpha’s cock.

Billy: “Huuuuuu..oh fuck….damn, even on the inside yer so soft. Shit…yer hole is so tight.”

Jessie: “Ahhhh oouuuu….damn yer so big, Daddy. Oh yeah…own that ass.”

Billy pumped away, and determined to show he was Alpha, he had manged to will his cock longer than his spawn’s.

Jessie: “Hooooo shit…Uhhhh fuck yer fillin’ me up. Holy hell…I’ve never had such a huge cock.”

Billy had forgotten that his hand was still massaging Jessie’s newly grown cock, until it gushed it’s pre-cum. The slippery liquid made the rigid rod even more silky to the touch. Finally Billy let his inhibitions go and began kissing Jessie’s neck as he continued to pump his ass.

Jessie: “Oh…..ah…whoa what..oh….fuck my nuts are….OHHH FUUUCK!”

Jessie’s large dick tensed in Billy’s hand and then convulsed as it soaked the sheets, Billy’s hand, and Jessie’s stomach. The blue hybrid’s ass also contracted and clamped down on his Alpha’s cock. This put Billy over the edge.

Billy: “Hoooooly hell….oh that’s so fucking tight. Ohhh GOOOOOD SHITTT.”

As the green hybrid’s DNA surged within the newer hybrid, Jessie knew he would follow his Alpha’s every command. Both men jumped as a knocking echoed into the room from downstairs.

Billy: “Shit, Frank….I forgot!”

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