Why not let the whole cruise enjoy Mike

By Nebulae
published April 29, 2021
3348 words

Mike really doesn’t learn

I was very pleased with myself. This had not only been extremely hot but it surely had taught Mike the lesson he so sorely needed. I went back to my hut an freshened up. You bet I had a great shower. The image of Terry going to town on Mike’s ass was good for years of rubbing one out.

I got dressed and went to the cafeteria. I could eat a horse after all that exertion. As I sat down I overheard two crew members talking. “Have you seen our personal trainer in the gym today”? I leaned in to hear them better and could not help smiling. “Yeah man, that looked desperate”. “I didn’t know he was so hard up for cash that he had to resort to this”. What did they mean? What was Mike doing?

I finished quickly and went to the gym. At first I was reassured when I saw Mike doing jumping jacks for this kind of overweight guy who clearly couldn’t be less interested in working out himself. He was sitting on the floor at eye level with Mike’s crotch bouncing all over the place inside the thin, stretchy satin shorts.

Mike however didn’t look as distressed as I thought he would be. As he finished his jumping jacks he paused right in front of the guys face and made a point to adjust his package. Clearly he meant for the guy to get a good look. What was happening. As Mike squatted down, letting his heavy meat and ball test the stretchiness of the shorts fully, I noticed the cardboard box next to him. Was he still selling those crap insoles?

Sure enough he was. I walked up behind him so he wouldn’t notice me to hear what he was saying. “You know you can’t be selfish”. I heard Mike say to the guy. “you have bought the insoles for yourself and your boyfriend but what about your family members”? “Don’t they deserve to be free of back pain and bad knees”?

This guy really was unbelievable. He was turning the humiliation into a business opportunity. “I used to have pain right here” I heard Mike say as he took the guy’s hand and directed it to his knee. The guy was by now salivating and ordered 4 more pair of insoles right there. “Thanks man, you won’t regret it”. I heard Mike say cheerfully.

He made his sale so there was no more use for this target and Mike jumped up, turned around and stopped dead in his tracks when he came face to face with me. “I didn’t see you there”. Mike tried. His voice was shaking. He clearly hadn’t expected me.

“Why did I do the things I did to you”? I asked him in a whisper as I moved in closer. “Because you wanted to teach me a lesson for being homophobic and taking advantage of faggots”. Mike answered truthfully. His eyes to the ground and his head hanging low.

“That’s right”. I answered calmly. “Knowing that, do you think I’m pleased with what I just now witnessed”? I hissed. Mike only shook his head and I could see his body starting to tremble slightly. “I’m sorry man, I will give him his money back”. Mike tried.

“Too late”. I responded. “Stand here and stay still”. I commanded. I walked around him to the guy who hadn’t moved. Mike’s ass was only a few inches from his face as Mike and I were talking so he was still enjoying the view. “What is your name”. I asked him. “john” he said as he tore his gaze away from the round mounds of Mike’s perfect ass.

“well John”. “What would you like to do to or with Mike here” I continued mysteriously. “What would be your wildest fantasy”. I could see the guy looking puzzled. “just think of me as the one that can grant you that wish”. “Mike here just now used all of his sex appeal to get you to buy 6 pairs of shitty insoles”. I said. “But did he actually put out for the 600 dollars you spent”? “No” John responded as he started to look back to Mike with a small hint of resentment.

“it would be only fair for him to actually give you something right”? Is convinced John further. “I mean he did implicitly put sex on the table”. “He did, didn’t he”. John now agreed more strongly. “now I will ask you again”. “What wish can I grant you”.

“I want to suck his dick”. John said softly expecting me to go back on my word and tell him it was all a joke. But it was no joke. “Turn around and face John”. I ordered Mike. “Please man, don’t do this, we are in public”. Mike pleaded. “as I told you Mike; too late”. “Now we can’t expect John here to suck on a limp dick now can we”. I continued. “So first get your dick hard for him”. I ordered Mike.

“I’m sorry man, I’m sorry” Mike tried at me and John. John who was still sitting on the floor at eye level with was just about to go down was transfixed and didn’t hear or want to hear Mike’s pleas for mercy. But since I had ordered him and Mike was still unable to resist my commands, his pleas coincided with his right hand starting tot massage his package.

Mike saw it was no use and just let his head hang down in shame as he massaged his dick to full mast. And a few minutes later he removed his hand to display the hard throbbing shaft of his ample dick slowly bopping up and down in his shorts. “Now pull down your shorts all the way to the ground, stand back up straight again and don’t move”. I ordered. And Mike complied. I wanted to tell John to go ahead and suck Mikes dick but there was no need. Even before Mike had completely straightened back up, John had grabbed both of Mike’s ass cheeks, pulled him forward and he had Mike’s dick so far down his throat that he bumped his nose on Mike’s abbs.

Mike gasped in surprise and horror at the same time as john started to seriously suck. Licking all the way down the shaft, circling his tongue around the sensitive head before going all the way down again. John clearly was an expert. Mike however wasn’t allowing himself to actually feel the nice sensation that comes with an expert blowjob like this.

“this is the best blowjob you have ever had”. I whispered in Mike’s ear. Which is probably not far from the truth. “You will get sexually aroused like you have never thought possible”. I continued. “But you are not allowed to cum without my permission even though every cell in your body is about to erupt with sexual release”.

This had the wanted effect. Mike started to breathe more deeply even moaning a little. And as the sexual tension in his body grew his skin started glisten from the heat. His breathing intensified more and more. John was back to licking Mike’s shaft up and down again and I could see the pre-cum oozing form Mike’s piss slit.

“That’s enough”. I said to a clearly disappointed John. “He is not allowed to blow his rod just yet”. I explained to John. Holding Mike’s throbbing dick with one hand, John gave a final lick to taste some of the fluid dripping from Mike’s dick. “Did you enjoy that”? I asked. “fuck yeah” John panted. “That was worth every cent of that 600 bucks”. “He can keep those insoles”. “This was much better”. With that John got up kissed Mike on the lips and left.

“you are allowed to move again”. I said to Mike. He immediately dropped to his knees and hands. Spitting on the ground to get rid of John’s kiss but also still very much on the edge of blowing his load. His dick still pulsating with no release, his body sweating and Mike breathing like he had just ran a marathon. “Please let me cum sir”. He finally spoke between gasping for air.

“No” I said sadistically. Get up and put your shorts back on. Mike did as ordered and with some effort got his piece of hard man meat back into the skimpy shorts. Not that this made it any less obnoxious. The pre cum was still going and besides the his dick stretching and tenting those poor little shorts to maximum capacity, the big dark stain was growing by the minute.

Mike was looking down at this with clear desperation in his eyes. “I learned my lesson now really”. Mike said as he lifted his head to me. “I will do whatever you want even without you commanding it if only you let me leave before anybody walks into the gym”. Mike said trembling with a mixture of arousal and fear.

Only then did I look around the gym and noticed that, besides Mike, John and I, it had been completely empty. Then I remembered this was the day of the traditional afternoon pool party. Everybody had already been pumping up their bodied this morning to get ready for it. This was only one of the main events on board during the gay cruise. A catwalk was built over the pool for several performances. Around and in the pool all guests would by now be dancing and partying. Cocktail in hand. This gave me an idea.

“You are right Mike”. “It’s time to get you back to your hut”. I said in a reassuring voice. “But what about this”. Mike pointed to his huge masting dick. “May I please cum sir”. He said desperately.

“Yes you may but not just yet”. So focused was Mike on cumming that he gave me two separate facial expressions within that short sentence. He went from relief tot disappointment in less than a second. Very funny to watch.

“Come with me” I ordered him. “Walk straight up and half a meter behind me”. I added. Mike looked confused for a second but again had no choice but to follow. As we walked out of the gym I took a right turn. Not the way to Mike’s hut. “Where are we going”? Mike asked clearly fearing what I was going to do now.

I didn’t answer and continued to walk up the stairs. I looked back at Mike to see his eye darting from left to right in terror that anyone would see him in this condition. As we went up another staircase and we still hadn’t encountered anyone the wheels in Mike’s head started to turn. What was happening, where was everybody? “Fuck, you are not seriously taking me to the pool party”. I heard Mike exclaim behind me. I stopped, turned around an Mike stopped too, half a meter away as I ordered. “You know you have more brains then I give you credit for”. I responded sarcastically.

Mike eyes were moving rapidly. Trying to think of a way out of this situation. He had been trying to plead with me but by now he knew that had no effect. “You can fuck me whenever you want” He finally spat out. “Well that is not much of an offer” I answered. “I can fuck you now just by ordering you”. “I will do it out of my own free will”. Mike cleverly added. “That will be different”. “you will know that I have a choice and I choose for you to put your big hard manly penis inside of me”.

Mike was clearly desperate. He was actually flirting with me to prevent me form displaying him in this condition to more than 2.000 gay guests and not to mention several hundred members of the crew.

“You have opened my eyes to the fun of gay sex” I would like to show you but I have to remain at half a meter”. Mike said with a mocking pouting lip. “You are released of the half a meter order” I said and Mike started to move towards me. I was not worried because my order never to hurt me was still in place. “Please let me be your lover”. Mike whispered seductively as he pressed his soft lips on mine. Only to be followed a moment later by his chest and pelvis pushing softly into mine.

Now I can act as if I was unmoved by this, knowing it was pure bull shit and only meant to prevent the inevitable. But boy did his body and his mouth feel great. His lips were softer than I had imagined. His mouth lingered on mine as I felt his lips parting slightly. I did the same and our tongues found each other in passion. I guess the amount of sexual tension that was still present gave Mike the strength to do something that was so against his nature.

He took my hand and placed it on his firm ass and I grabbed hold. Mike panted and moaned out of ecstasy. And truth be told so did I. I felt his beautiful hard manhood grind into mine and I almost lost it. Mikes hands were all over me and we slid along the wall kissing and groping each other. What I didn’t know that Mike had a plan. I hadn’t noticed the open door to one of the storage rooms and the moving along the wall was not us being passionate but was him pushing met towards that door.

As soon as we reached it he pushed me inside and slammed the door shut and turned the key. He almost got away with it too. I was startled for a fraction of a second and I could hear him running away. “STOP AND STAND STILL” I shouted being painfully aware that Mike hadn’t done anything that would hurt me so he had made this plan on the spot to get away within the constraints I had placed on him. Very clever I thought to myself.

“TURN AROUND, WALK BACK TO HIS DOOR AND OPEN IT”. I wasn’t sure that Mike heard me. There was no way of knowing until he opened the door. Luckily for me only a few seconds later I heard the lock and the door opened. Before me stood Mike now scared shitless for what I would do after this attempt to escape my power over him.

I slowly walked up to him. “Very clever” I said wickedly. With that I grabbed his shirt at the collar and with one angry pull ripped it from his body. I could hear Mike’s breath flutter. I walked around him as I traced his upper body with my fingers. “I really did enjoy us making out” Mike tried. “Save it” I spat back at him. Which was followed by as small scared whimper from mike. He knew he had screwed up. More than before he was at my mercy.

I grabbed the back of his shorts and with some effort shredded them. Pieces of fabric were all around us and the only thing remaining on mike was the waistband and some material hanging from his dick like a coat rack.

I pulled the elastic waistband down hooking his dick and pulling it down only to have it bounce back up violently when the strength of the penis won the battle with the elasticity of the waistband.

I grabbed his hard dick, wet with his essence. “Follow me”. “No please, please”. Mike was back to pleading but I had no sympathy for him at this point. We reached the backstage area of the pool party. The DJ and dancers were in between sets and there was nobody there. The music was still playing and I could see the guests in full numbers enjoying themselves when I peeked out of the curtain.

“What are you going to do to me”. Mike said as tears ran down his defeated face again. “I’m going to give the audience their moneys worth” I said aggressively. “You have swindled many of them not only John. Why would he be the only one to get something extra”. “You are going to wait here till I announce you”. “When I do you will come to me you are going to give the show of a lifetime. Anything the crowd wants you will do”. “You will have your hardon the entire time and still only can release when I allow you to”. “Do you understand”.

“I will get you for this you fucking pervert fagot asshole”. Mike started threatening. “Oh and another thing”. I ignored him. “You will be clear that you are straight but thanking everyone who deems you worthy to grope, fuck, suck etcetera etcetera”. I grinned wickedly. “You will keep your composure, look handsome and manly”. “All sexual acts you will undergo while loudly moaning and encouraging the ones doing it”.

Having years of stage experience I knew how to turn down the music and turn up the microphone that was on the stand ready to be used and stepped through the curtain onto the stage.

“Are you ready for a surprise act”? There was a murmur amongst the guests. “I SAID ARE YOU READY FOR A SURPRISE ACT”? Warming up the crowd. This was met with lout cheering from all. “Now it’s time to get sexy” I continued seductively. “Don’t worry it’s not me”. Which met with just the right amount of laughing.

“There is a straight guy here on the ship that has been selling you stuff you don’t need”. “Who am I talking about”? I swear half the crowd was screaming Mike’s name. “That’s right”. “And why do we buy his shit”? “Because he is hot right”. “And he made you feel like intimacy was a possibility right”? This was met with more cheering and laughter.

“Now I had a good talk with dear Mike and he feels guilty for taking advantage of you guys”. “So with no further delay, please put your hands together for MIKE”. The crowd started to booh loudly until Mike came through the curtain. Fully naked, his hard dick swinging from side to side as he walked towards me. There was a brief gasp followed by the entire place exploding in laughter, cheering, whistling, stomping the floor. It was crazy.

Mike got into position beside me clearly this was a mental overflow moment for him. He didn’t know how to react or look so he just stood there looking in the distance. This gave him a rugged look that was perfect for the moment.

“Now guys, Mike has agreed to do and let you do anything you ask to him but you can’t hurt him beyond repair”. “HAVE FUN”. I walked back over the stage and turned around to look at the action. It didn’t take more that a few minutes before the first brave guest was fucking Mike on all fours. That encouraged others to start groping and sucking his dick.

I went to the cafeteria to finally get something to eat and didn’t return for an hour. At which time I stopped the action and make Mike finally shoot his load in front of everybody. His entire body was covered with semen. His ass had been fucked so many times it refused to close up and out of the gaping hole that was his anus cum was dripping out.

I wonder if he finally learned his lesson. I tell you I was the most popular member of the crew after that. Didn’t see Mike around a lot though.

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