Getting even, Mike’s first ordeal

By Nebulae
published February 16, 2021
6945 words

Money hungry personal trainer gets humiliated

Mike was the last person I expected to volunteer as crew on a gay cruise. I met him last season on a one of the Caribbean cruises of Princess cruises. I had been an onboard entertainer for several years. I specialize in magic shows and since my career wasn’t going anywhere Cruise Ship entertainment was the best option for a steady income. Honestly I was probably getting too old to make it in one of the big Las Vegas shows now anyway. In my late 40s and gay. Not exactly the best resume but I was good at my job. From close up magic to the big show illusions, I can do it all.

Mike was the onboard personal trainer. Completely obsessed with making as much money as possible and he didn’t have any reservations using his looks to entice middle aged ladies to buy all kinds of shit they didn’t need. Nutritional products, ankle weights, you name it he sold it with a big fat commission for himself.

I must say the guy was kind of an asshole. Cocky and a complete homophobe. He had it out for the cruise director Tristan. A flamboyant and really nice guy, he would get the brunt of Mike’s ‘jokes’. As soon as Tristan’s back was turned he would make demeaning comments to me about him. You might ask yourself, why in my presence since I’m gay myself. Well, I wasn’t really out back then. Afraid of what it would do to what was left of my career. So Mike thought he could confide in me. Which didn’t help me to come out any time soon. I regret my cowardly attitude afterwards. I should have said something and at least protected Tristan.

So that is why I was surprised to see Mike in his usual role as personal trainer but now on a gay cruise. The crew can sign up for such a cruise purely on a voluntary basis so what was going on.

As soon as Mike saw me he was clearly relieved and happy to see me at embarkation time. He came right up to me and whispered ‘So glad I’m not the only straight guy here’. I started to set him straight but some old habits die hard and like a coward again I just shrugged. Mike didn’t seem to be interested in my response and kept going. “you must ask yourself what I’m doing here”. Surprising me with that little piece of insight into my brain. “I heard these gay guys have a shitload of free spending money and I didn’t make as much this season as I thought”. “I’m getting married”. He continued. “And I promised my girl a great wedding”. “So you see I kind of need this last cruise to make the remainder of what I need”. He continued on about a load of insoles that he got cheap from China to be sold on this cruise as orthopedic wonder item. “you’ll have better luck telling them their ass looks great when you use them” I responded without thinking. He looked at me bewildered for a moment and then burst out laughing so loud he drew the attention of the other crew waiting to board. “You are fucking right” he yelled. ”That is a much better idea”. “I’ll even tell them I’m using them right now and allow those perverts a look at my ass”. “I will sell out like crazy”.

That hit me hard. The word ‘pervert’. And I had just given him an extra incentive to cheat my gay family out of money. I felt bad and also I felt an anger build inside me. Right there and then I decided not to tell him about me, not because I was afraid. All memories about his shit and attitude came back to me talking to him for just a few minutes. I knew this needed a special plan to get even with this guy and knock him down a few pegs.

Luckily a small group of friends of mine from NYC booked the cruise so I had backup. For now though I needed him to keep trusting me. So I went along with his insulting theories about how to approach ‘faggots’ to get the most out of them without ever having to actually be touched by any of them. Because ‘can you imagine?’. I watched as he shivered with abject repulsion at the idea. I couldn’t help but put my ‘faggot’ hand on his arm to get his attention and to frankly make him stop talking. “I believe we are boarding now”. I said.

I wasted no time finding my friends once the ship was boarded. I didn’t have anything to do till the show tonight anyway. I filled them in and about my desire to get even. “make sure this is not just about your frustration about not coming out when you had the chance”. Steve suggested. That wasn’t it. I would have come out right away this time, but there was something I had to do about the situation. Not just because of my anger but for all the gay family members he definitely had tortured in the past. But they convinced me to take a few days and observe him to make sure he hadn’t actually improved. I didn’t think so, but at least this would give me the chance to complete my plan in the meantime.

Naturally I wasn’t proven wrong in the following days. I had plenty of time see what he was up to while working out. He would spot any guy working out alone and chat him up. Making direct eye contact and then looking away in a fake attempt to convey coyness. Most of them fell for it hook and sinker. Trotting around in his work out shorts and shirt. Both just ever so slightly too tight. But not so much as to show off his goods. Only to showcase his perfect form. Which was, I must admit impressive. He was selling his insoles like crazy. Every time I would see him chatting intensely always followed by him turning around, letting his hands glide over the two mounds of his buttocks. Tracing his crack with the tips of his fingers before turning around with a “see what it does for your butt” look on his face. I felt disgusted that he used my suggestion, that I made in passing to sell these mere pieces of plastic for a hundred dollars a set. As soon as the deal was made though he would immediately leave his ‘customer’ alone to find his next victim.

I had seen enough and my plan was fully formed. It didn’t take long to convince my friends especially when they heard what their role would be.

Steve, his husband Mitchel and the for ever single Omar rented one of the private boardrooms that night and I went to work on Mike. I found him just after a sale to an older gentleman. He had the man sit down on the floor after finishing some abdominal exercises. So when Mike did his little turn around to show off his ass, it was only two inches from the man’s nose. Turning back to face him and make the sale I could swear the man was able to smell Mike’s package. That was how close he came. But only for a second though. Not a chance that any of them would ever touch him, even if it would be accidentally. The gentleman was fit, great body, grey hair and a boner the size of the empire state building by the time Mike was finished.

“made another sale I see” I said walking up to him. “Yeah man, did you see his dick?” “I got out of there just in time before the fag creamed himself in his shorts” Mike said laughing and tucking away his money.

“Why do you keep selling yourself short” I asked him. He looked at me bewildered. He thought he was making money hand over fist. “the real money is at the private events”. “These guys have cash to burn man”. I continued in as straight sounding voice as I could. “What do you mean”. Mike said, clearly interested. “Well, take tonight for instance”. “I have a gig in a private boarding room where three of them are having dinner”. “I’m asked to provide some light entertainment”. I could see Mike was flinching at my mention of ‘light entertainment’. He probably thought all gays are only having sex parties all the time. “Nothing funny mind you”. “in and out in 15 minutes and I make a thousand dollars”. “I do have to share that with my assistant though”. “But you don’t have an assistant” Mike interjected. “True, I have to find one before tonight”. I paused for a crucial moment. This was it. Was Mike going to go for the bait or not. “What would as assistant have to do?” Was the first thing Mike said after a minute or so. I had him. In my mind I was cheering loudly. “Just handing me props and stuff”. “It’s really simple, I’m sure I’ll find someone before tonight”. I casually replied.

“Why not me?” Mike said under his breath as if we were plotting some kind of conspiracy. I took a fake moment to think about that. “I guess, yeah why not?” I said. I had him.

I set a time to go over some of the tricks with him later that afternoon so he would be prepared for the ‘show’. Mike was focused. Wanting to do a good job especially when I told him there would be at least four or five more of these private show this cruise.

He was right on time to head off to the setup with my friends waiting in anticipation. He had listened to me when I said what to wear. A pair of black trainers, skinny black jeans and a form fitting white t-shirt. I’m not one of those ‘high hat and sparkly vest’ type of magicians. I always wear a tailored fashionable suit. And my assistant had to look sharp as well but it had to be clear who the lead of the show is.

We arrived in the boardroom where dinner was well underway. Steve, Mitch and Omar played their roles perfectly. They introduced themselves as if I hadn’t known hem for ages. Mike was his usual flirtatious self. So all was well and ready to go.

I did some close up magic tricks and Mike handed me anything from a deck of cards to elastic bands. My friends seemed genuinely impressed with my magic skills. I then realized I probably never performed for them before. It’s my job so when I’m out with the guys the last thing I want to do is do more magic. They were so much into my act that Omar almost missed his que. After I had stolen his watch. He was supposed to make his special request. Just in time he blurted out. “Do you also do hypnosis”. Finally, and not a moment too late. Our show was almost over. “Yes I do” I said. “Hypnotize one of us then” Omar suggested. I distracted them by spraying two decks of cards all over the table, quickly turned around to Mike and whispered “I have no idea how to do hypnotism” “You have to volunteer to be hypnotized and go along with it otherwise they will think I’m a fake, tell everyone and our gigs for the rest of the cruise are history”.

I didn’t wait for Mike to answer and turned back around to the table. “And now for hypnosis!” I yelled. “Who will be my volunteer”. Of course the guys knew they were not allowed to volunteer. They did a perfect job in pointing to each other to do it without any of them even contemplating saying yes. “I could feel Mike shifting uneasy behind me, but finally he stepped forward and said “If you guys are too chicken shit I will do it”. Naturally my friends were more than happy to be chicken shit and agreed whole heartedly for Mike to be hypnotized.

I placed Mike on a chair facing the table, dimed the lights and started. “listen to my voice and my voice alone” I said in a low but determined voice while swinging my old watch in from of his eyes. “follow the movement of the watch and let your mind go blank”. “you are starting to feel relaxed and comfortable”. “The world is fading away as you keep your eyes on the watch and only listening to my voice”. You could have heard a pin drop in the room. Only the slow motion of the ship and the steady sound of the ship’s engine far below us could be noticed. This actually helped me to put Mike under. After only a few minutes I could see his eyes flutter. He clearly had trouble keeping them open. Just a few more minutes to go. “you are getting sleepy”. “Just give in to it, you are feeling happy and relaxed”. “You want to close your eyes now, content to only listen to my voice and my commands”.

Mike was under my spell. He was sitting in the chair slumped down slightly and with a smile on his full lips. My friends were still completely silent. “Did it work?” Mitch finally whispered. “Why don’t we find out” I said.

“Mike, can you hear me” I asked. “yessss” Mike answered with a slur. “I will ask you a question and you will answer truthfully”. “Why did you come on this cruise Mike?”. “To get as much money out of these faggots as possible”. Mike instantly responded. “that is no proof” Steve said. “He might also say that without being hypnotized”. “I don’t think so” I said, “but let’s go a bit further”.

“I want you to stand up” I instructed. Mike immediately got up from his chair. “Mike remember to answer truthfully”. I said. “What if another guy would touch and play with your dick, what would your response be”. “I would kick his teeth out” Mike responded in a monotone voice. “I’m instructing you to stand still no matter what I do”. “Do you understand?” I said. Mike gave a short and sweet ‘yes’.

I went to stand to the right of Mike and gave a quick glance to the guys who were almost bursting out in a mixture of nerves and laughter, anticipating what I was going to do. I placed my right hand on Mike’s shoulder and with the fingers of my left hand I traced down. Starting from the cleavage between his impressive pecs, over his abs and resting for a moment on his belt. I looked up to see if there was any reaction to Mike’s expression. There was none. He stood completely still as instructed. I slid my hand down gently cupped the large bulge visible in his skinny jeans. There was an audible gasp form the guys at the table as I started massaging His penis and balls.

I felt the weight and warmth of his manhood as I was playing to my heart’s content. I must say this felt great. I increased the massage. Making it more intense. Really gripping his package. Lifting it up, pushing it down. I could feel his dick and balls as separate entities beneath my grip being pushed, mangled and manhandled. “Mike, are you enjoying being groped by a gay man?” I asked. Mike responded with a short ‘no’. “then why am I able to go on”. I asked while now almost violently gripping his crotch. “you instructed me to stand still”. I let his bulge go and turned to the guys. “I thing we can conclude that he is thoroughly hypnotized, right guys”? I said in triumph. They were all three sitting there with their jaw dropped to the table before snapping out of it and screaming. They couldn’t believe that it had actually worked. I couldn’t believe I had just been playing with Mike’s balls and dick for several minutes. It was so hot and I was sure my boner was visible through my pants.

“Ok, guys, settle down, I promised you a show and that is wat you are going to get”. The guys got quiet again. I hadn’t told them what I was going to do now. So the anticipation was almost more that they could bare.

“Mike sit back down and listen to my instructions”. Mike did as instructed. “When I snap my fingers you will wake up, convinced that no time has passed and that I wasn’t able to hypnotize you”. “You will be totally yourself again”.. “But you will still be completely under my spell, doing whatever I ask you to do”. “Also whenever I say the word “Alaska’ you will immediately be asleep again, waiting for my instructions”. “Lastly you will now always address me with sir”. “show me you understand by repeating my instructions”. Mike repeated my instructions perfectly so after one quick and all telling glance back to the guys who were at the edge of their seats, I snapped my finger and Mike opened his eyes.

I had my back to him addressing the audience. “I now will give the volunteer my last instructions to him only as so not to have you be hypnotized as well” I stated with the grand gestures of a ring master. I turned back to Mike and whispered in his ear. “I know you are not under, but as discussed, play along as if you are hypnotized”. Mike nodded.

“What do you want our volunteer to do first to convince you that he is completely under my spell?” I asked the guys. Mike turned his head in shock to me. Who know what gay men would have him do. He wasn’t cool with this part of the show. “What the fuck man” he whispered through his teeth. I ignored him. “Do bodybuilder posing for us” Omar yelled.

I was determined to see how far he was willing to go for some cash. So I just looked at him and didn’t actually order him to do anything. So he was free to refuse. He glared at me for a few seconds and then got up from his chair, raised his arms in the air and flexed his biceps. After a few awkward seconds he turned sideways to strike a pose showing his triceps. “Why don’t we show some appreciation for his efforts”. I suggested. With that I took a heap of paper napkins in the table and turned to Mike. “This is a stack of twenty dollar bills”. I said. “I will divide this amongst our guests to give to you when you do a good job”. Mike couldn’t believe his luck. Not only five hundred dollars but there must be at least thirty bills here.

By this time the guys at the table were cheering Mike on to give more of an effort. And without any instructions from me Mike went to work to earn those napkins. The guys were screaming with laughter as they waved one of the napkins for Mike to come and collect. The grateful thank you from Mike when he collected the worthless napkin, thinking it was a twenty dollar bill. After they had all given him one napkin for his posing, Omar felt confident enough to take it a step further. “Why don’t you take your shirt off so we can actually see those muscles you are showing” he hollered. With his statement he held three napkins in the air for Mike to collect if he was to take his shirt off. Mike looked over at me, but I held my mouth shut. Would he go for it? He wasn’t being forced to do it by my instructions. “I have three more of these if you let me take it off for you” Omar continued. I could see the wheels turning in Mike’s head. The money was enticing. He reluctantly walked over to Omar who couldn’t believe his luck. Mike grabbed the ‘money’ from Omar’s hand and lifted up his arms expecting Omar to lift the shirt over his head quickly. But no, Omar had another idea. He placed his hands on Mike’s belt and slid them under his shirt. Mike gasped in shock. Moving his hands up coursing every inch of Mike’s torso, the shirt slowly lifted up with him. There was a pause when he reached Mike’s tits. Omar looked Mike in the eyes as he cupped both pecs and let out a passionate sigh.

This was too much for Mike to handle. “Get your fucking hands off me you fruit”. He yelled. This was my cue to intervene. “Stop talking Mike and stand still”. I said in a matter of fact tone. Mike opened his mouth to object but to his horror no words came out. I could see the conflict happening inside of Mike’s confused mind. He was certainly not ok with this but somehow he couldn’t do anything about it. Omar in the meantime, was abusing the moment fully. He slid his hands around Mike’s torso to his back and stepped closer to Mike. As he lifted Mike’s shirt in the back by working his hands form the small of his back all the way up to Mike’s upper back he got so close that their lips were almost touching.

“you are a fine piece of meat”. Omar sighed as his thumbs came back forward to stroke Mike’s armpits. He slowly moved his hands up along Mike’s still raised arms. Moving back slightly to let Mike’s shirt pass over his head. Finally his hands reached Mike’s hands and Omar folded his fingers around Mike’s hands. And as a final act of humiliation he placed the gentlest of kisses on Mike’s lips. He lifted the shirt form the top of Mike’s hands, turning around saying. “I will take this with me as a trophy”. He took the six napkins from the table, turned back to Mike and with a wicked grin stuffed them deep in Mike’s front pocket. I’m sure he hot a little feel of side dick while doing that. Mike at the same time was fuming. I could see the anger in his eyes.

“You are able to move and talk again”. I instructed him. “What the fuck!” “What the fuck man!”. Mike was out of his mind with anger. Spitting on the floor to get rid of the kiss. The reaction answered my question if he was actually able to witness what was happening under my spell. The Answer was obviously yes. “I’m done man”. “You should be glad that I don’t report this”. “you are all sick man” Mike screamed as he was starting to leave.

“ALASKA” I yelled. And with that Mike’s eyes closed and he slept where he stood. “that was intense” Mitch stated. “Yes, but luckily he won’t remember in a few seconds”. I said. I turned to Mike and said “When I snap my fingers you will wake up and only remember that you are doing some innocent posing, completely dressed, for which you are receiving a shit load of money”. “you will feel uncomfortable that the guys are touching you but you remember agreeing to this because of the money they are paying”.

“Now take off the rest of your clothes, only leaving on your underwear”. “You did follow my instructions by wearing skin tight white shorts right?”. “yes sir”. Mike responded while kicking off his shoes and socks. The guys at the table were relaxing a bit now seeing he was still completely under my control. And their focus was totally on the events that were developing before their eyes as Mike started to unbuckle his belt. He stood up straight as he unbuttoned his fly and pushed his pants down to his ankles before stepping out of them. Now he stood there in all his glory. And what glory it was. Mike obviously never skips leg day. His entire body is perfectly proportioned and we all took a moment to soak it in. He was wearing the tight white shorts in which the outline of his package was clearly visible.

The silence was broken by a soft “Damn” by Omar.

“yes damn indeed” I said. Never having seen Mike without his clothes before I never realized just how amazing his body was. I knew he had a handsome face but wow this was just perfection. Remembering that I had only minutes before played with that dick, had me adjust mine to prevent it from tearing my pants.

I snapped my finger and Mike awoke to move to his next flexing pose as if he was still fully clothed. The guys didn’t waste any time holding up napkins. Mike tried to avoid too much touching by holding out his hand to get the ‘money’ but the guys caught on and held the napkins over the table so Mike would have to come close. “Now I know I promised you that you are allowed to touch me, but no funny business guys”. Mike stated before moving in to get his money. At first the guys only touched his arms or legs, but after a few napkins, Mitch was the first one to put his hand on Mike’s ass. Mike’s body cramped up. Clearly he had the intention to jump back but his body was unable to do so because I had ordered him to let the guys touch him.

Before Mike could respond to tell Mitch off Steve, overwhelmed with sexual tension, couldn’t contain himself any longer and grabbed Mike’s bugling crotch. Mike gasped and to his own amazement was still unable to move. He must have thought he was freezing in shock, not because of my instructions. “Please stop touching my dick man”. “This is not cool”. “I know I agreed to the touching, but I never thought you would do something like this”. Steve didn’t listen and was massaging away. Grabbing the length of Mike’s shaft through his underwear.

“STOP TOUCHING ME”. Mike was starting to lose it. He couldn’t understand why he hadn’t moved. Mitch at the same time was pushing the fabric of his underwear into the crack of Mike’s ass. Mike looked up at me for rescue as he was being fondled and groped by two gay men. The desperation in his eyes was amazing to see. So was the movement of his bulge. His dick being pushed and squeezed underneath the thin fabric. “HELP ME MAN”. He yelled at me. “Well you seem to be enjoying yourself otherwise you would have stayed clothed”. I responded. At that moment Mike looked down and realized all his clothes were gone except for the last little piece of skin tight underwear. “I never, I never”. He started to stammer. “What have you never?” I asked in fake bewilderment. “I’m sure I never agreed to this” Mike stated trying to convince himself. “Sure you did” I responded. With that any doubt left his mind. He had voluntarily taken off all his clothes. “and it is not nice to do that and not expect for these healthy viral men to act on that”. “You don’t want to be a cock tease”. I stated again. And again I could see the change in Mike’s attitude. My instruction was not to be a cock tease. He had clearly brought this on himself so he had to suffer the consequences.

Steve didn’t need any further encouragement. He put one of his hands on the front of Mike’s leg and teasingly slow started to move upward. Mike looked down and back at me. “Please man, please”. He was pleading. But Steve’s fingers had already reached the point where Mike’s underwear was covering his leg and with a small push inward and upward Steve’s fingertips were inside and moving up. “Stop, please don’t do this”. Mike was desperate not to have his manhood touched for the first time by another man. Leave alone a gay one. But his pleas had no effect on Steve. By now his hand was completely covered by the leg of Mike’s underwear. Steve’s fingertips had reached the groin area. Steve lingered there for a moment and moved his hand around to stroke Mike’s upper thighs. Giving Mike a sparkle of hope that Steve would withdraw his hand after that. That he wouldn’t go any further. But I could see Steve’s wicked grin. This was just meant to do just that, give Mike the idea that this violation would stop.

Steve moved his hand back to the front and to Mike’s horror past his groin where he quickly grabbed the entire shaft of Mike’s large dick. Mike let out a outstretched ‘noooo’ as he felt his penis being massaged.

“looks like you are enjoying this”. I stated and Mike’s eyes shot up at me in anger. “No way man”. He spat out. But he didn’t realize that his mind was under my control and this was not an observation but another order. “He is getting hard”. Steve yelled in amazement and enthusiasm. As Mike looked down, there was no denying that his body was following my instructions. Before Steve’s hand had covered most of the shaft of his penis with only the head sticking out. But now it was way past that. I couldn’t believe that Mike’s already big and thick manhood was a grower and a shower. But is was true. With Steve’s grip still firmly around his dick, his white underwear was starting to resemble a tent. Steve did his job manipulating Mike’s dick. Making it point in any and all directions while pumping like a madman.

“you got to be kidding me”. Mike couldn’t wrap his head around what was happening. He had the biggest boner he had ever seen and even though he loathed what was happening, He couldn’t deny that the way this guy was working his penis felt good.

“That’s enough”. I suddenly interjected. Step back Mike and stop acting like such a cheap whore. That released Mike from my earlier instruction not to move and he rushed back from the table. This caught Steve by surprise. His hand was still gripping Mike’s penis and when his hand vacated Mike’s underwear so suddenly he took Mike’s dick with him. As Mike jumped further back his hard cock bumping up and down outside the leg of his underwear. The guys at the table let out an admiring ‘oooh’ and applauded spontaneously this sudden strip act.

Mike worked his manhood back into his underwear with some difficulty. And it did nothing to diminish his exposure. The outline of his hard dick was clearly visible. Laying to one side it reached his hip easily. He stood there uneasy. I hadn’t given him permission to put his clothes back on and that was not going to happen either.

Are you ready for the last chapter Mike? I asked “No” he answered truthfully. Dreading what other depravities he would have to endure.

“you really are a magnificent specimen” I stated as I looked him up and down lustfully. “you really have an amazing dick man”. I would like to see it. Mike by now knew I had done something to him and was trying with all his might to resist me. “Show me your beautiful penis Mike”. I ordered him now more firmly. His right hand started to move towards de waistband of his underwear. But it was not as automatic as before. I could see the strain on his face. Fighting the urge to push his waistband out, grip his penis with his other hand and whip it out. If he would show it to me he would have done right by me. Right by sir. I moved closer to him. “you can not resist my orders”. Your mind is mine. “Now take out your dick and present it to me as a good boy”. I hissed at him. This was too much for him to handle. His left hand reached into his shorts and as his right hand pulled the front of his underwear down, he presented his still hard penis to me.

“You are seeking my approval don’t you”. I said. “yes sir”. “So go ahead, I’m waiting, ask me if you are doing well”. Mike didn’t know how to respond but after only a few seconds he surprised me with “Is my penis pleasing to you sir?” “I don’t know yet” I responded. “Why don’t do a little strip show for us and perhaps I will enjoy it” I said.

With that Mike moved his hands up to his pecs and started playing with his niples. His dick was still out. The base supported by the lowered waistband of his underwear. He was moving to unheard music as he was swaying his hips from side to side. Making his dick bounce and sway with him.

“ you are pleasing boy”. I reassured Mike. “thank you sir”. Mike said. No longer in control of his words, only seeking my approval. “why don’t you remove the underwear”. I suggested. Normally this would not have been an order. But adhering to it would meet with my approval so even a suggestion was no longer just that. It now was an order. Mike pushed is underwear down and was now completely naked.

“you no longer have to please me Mike” I said. “you have to stand still there and follow my orders”. “Poor Omar has been left out of the fun”. Even though I had seen him stroking his dick under the table, he had yet to cop a feel himself. “Don’t order me to be fondled by him please”. Mike pleaded. “Don’t worry, you won’t get fondled” I assured Mike. I turned to Omar. “Omar, how would you like to fuck this straight boy for the first time”. “Pop his cherry so to speak”. Even before Omar could respond a naked Mike couldn’t take it anymore. “NO, I MEAN IT, NO”. “I will find you and kill you all if you do that”.

I walked over to Mike who could not move. “Open your mouth a little” I ordered him and Mike’s lips parted ever so slightly. I pushed a long kiss on his mouth, my tongue invading his mouth. Kissing his neck and finally moving down I got on my knees took his hard manhood in my hand and placed my mouth over the big red head. I sucked on it a few times, got back up and said. “So you know I’m verry gay as well”. “this was all a setup to get you back for being an asshole and homophobe”. “And I loved being the first man ever to taste your dick”. Mike just grunted in anger and gave me a stare that should gave turned me into ashes. “ But know that you will not be able to make good on your threat”. “you won’t remember this evening by tomorrow morning”. “you see hypnosis is very real”.

“But now to finalize the evening you will experience the joy of being fucked”. “And I do mean joy”. I order you not only to comply but to physically feel only pleasure from being fucked”. “At the same time your mind will remain completely straight and aware what is going on”. “Now get on the table on your back, lift up those legs and open your hole to be royally fucked by Omar”.

I could hear a flutter in Mike’s breath. Was he crying? His head was hanging down so I had to bend down to look into his face and yes, I could see tears running down his face as Mike could only obey and walk over to the table. As he got on his back he lifted his legs up in the air and spread them as wide as he could. Omar needed no incentive. His huge dick was out and positioning himself at the end of the table.

“now Mike, describe what you feel and what is happening to you out loud while you are being fucked for the first time”. I ordered him.

“I’m on my back and I can feel the cold air on my anus”. Mike started. “I’m afraid what will happen next and afraid that it will hurt too much”. “I hope I won’t feel any enjoyment because that would seriously mess with my identity”. Mike went on.

As Omar lined up his dick he placed the head of against Mike’s shute. “Oh god I can feel the tip of his dick against my vigin hole” Mike sobbed. “Please don’t fuck me”. “I’m a real man, this hole is not meant to be entered by another man”. Mike was doing an excellent job of explaining what wat going on in his head.

Omar pushed forward and with and audible ‘pop’ he passed the muscle ring of the anus. “Oh god, he is inside me. I can feel him opening my hole, he is filling me up”. “it feels so big, why is it giving me a boner”. “God this is humiliating”. “Being raped is one thing, but having my dick betray me like this is unbearable”. “Fuck he is not done, he is pushing his hard cock deeper inside”. “I don’t think I can handle this”. “It’s too big”. “why is my cock throbbing?” “I feel like I’m going to cum”. “That can not happen”. “focus Mike, focus, you will not ejaculate”.

I was loving Mike describing alle his thoughts and feelings. It made the whole thing even hotter to watch. Omar by now was thrusting hard in and out of Mike’s ass. Mike was only moaning and keep repeating to himself not to come.

Then the door opened and one of the waiters entered the room. I had completely forgotten that this was a dinner and obviously there would be a waiter at some point in time. I recognized him. This was one of the basketball playing buddies of Mike. Obviously straight as well. Mike saw him too and the guy instantly recognized Mike. “This is so fucking humiliating”. “I play basketball with him and he is seeing how I’m being fucked in my ass by a faggot”. Mike said, still describing everything he was feeling.

The waiter was obviously uneasy with the scene. “No worries man”. “I have seen stranger things on this cruise” he reassured Mike. But Mike had let his guard down. Distracted by the sudden appearance of his basketball buddy. Now no longer willing himself not to come, all restraints were gone and he shot his load. Not just any load. I could see the pulsating motions rolling over his dick. The first one landed above Mike’s head on the table and the four that followed covered most of his chest and abdomen. “Fuck, I have never come this hard”. “Look at the amount of loads I’m releasing”. Mike was panting.

“Hé good for you buddy” his basketball buddy said. “But I;m not into this man” and he left the room.

“no , no don’t go” Mike spat out too late. His buddy was already gone with the image in his head of Mike on his back on the table shooting load after load while being fucked in the ass.

Omar pulled his dick out. “Oh god, I feel so empty”. “my ass is twitching”. “there is all this room now”. Mike was still reporting. for the final humiliation. Omar quickly moved up the side of the table and shot his load on the only place that was still dry. Right in Mike’s face. Since Mike was still contemplating his emptiness his open mouth caught one of the loads in full. That actually shut him up for a few seconds. Only to go on about the taste in his mouth. I felt that was about it and told him to shut up and return to being himself.

There was a brief silence, followed by Mike starting to cry. It was time to put him under again. With my “Alaska” code I put him to sleep. I whiped his memory of everything that had happened. As far as he knew he had spent the evening looking at a movie in his hut. Bur obviously I left him with some instructions andI snapped a few pictures of him there naked, covered with cum, legs still in the air and a rock hard dick. You never know when that could come in handy. He might not remember but we would certainly never forget.

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