Jeff's Meat Meets Magic

By Razz TFs -
published April 29, 2021
6390 words

Andy invites Jeff over for a one-on-one size comparison. It leads to all of the fun you see in the tags.

Andy got back home around 5pm on Saturday.

During their shower, he and Spencer discovered that Andy had grown a little more muscular in addition to his dick getting bigger. He was firmly in the twunk category now, with obvious abs and impressive biceps. Still small compared to Spencer, of course. Andy had been scared to undergo any more changes, and this sort of unexpected side-effect was exactly why. But, he was happy that the growth didn’t go overboard; he liked his newly found tone and definition. Spencer did too, judging from how he gently soaped him up and rinsed him off. Andy also enjoyed washing off Spencer — massaging those huge pec-tits, lightly teasing a nipple before moving down his hairy stomach and hefting his massive package into the spray.

After they were both clean and with level heads, they mutually decided it was good to have some time apart to adjust to their changes. The part of Andy that was waiting for Spencer to freak out or get angry eventually decided it wasn’t going to happen and relaxed. He truly seemed to enjoy what had happened to him. Only time would tell how he adjusted.

When Andy got back to his place, there was a package waiting for him at the door. Odd. He hadn’t ordered anything. Then he realized: it had the same shipping label style as the store that sold the magic prostate toy! He rushed inside and ripped the packaging open.


Oh, wow.

And this all came with a notecard, too? Of course, it was the same mysterious patron, he signed his username. Oh. There’s a real name, too. Wayne. And thank God, some explanations…

Spencer wondered if he’d feel different once Andy left, but he didn’t. Looking in the mirror, he still saw a sexy fucker who could bed any cock he desired. He couldn’t believe that he was lucky enough to have a big ass and a big dick of his own. Well, only one of those was his real focus but still. And his tits? Lips? Icing.

Honestly, Spencer was relieved to be enjoying himself as he played with his backside. Whether he always was or the toy made him this way, there was no denying how gay he was now. The idea of a butch woman pegging him was pretty hot, too, but none of the women who usually hit on him at the gym could compare to a night with Andy. Oh fuck, Andy. Andy might’ve ruined him for sex.

Topping simply wasn’t an option for Spencer anymore. Even if he found some bottom who could take a more-than-13-inch cock, there was no way he was getting hard enough to do any normal penetration of his own. And why would he, since his hole felt a million times better? That didn’t mean that his dick had lost all sensation; Spencer kept playing with himself, slapping the floppy dong around his thighs and laughing. It was weirdly hot to have that much weight shaking around.

Through the distractions, he managed to get new body measurements so he could order some clothes. He didn’t have a ton of spare cash, but he had very limited options for going in public otherwise. The models on the clothing sites were all smoking hot, and Spencer found himself wondering what they were hiding under their pants. He had been so focused on Andy, he hadn’t thought about other men fucking him. His hole— his pussy tingled at the thought.

Spencer put on some workout shorts that were stretched thin over his endowments, emphasizing his insane bulge and insaner ass. Most of his t-shirts had effectively become crop tops with his shelf of a chest. Some ended up looking like sports bras keeping his tits in place. Watching himself dress and undress in the mirror, he couldn’t get sex off his mind. What would it be like with someone other than Andy? The idea was too alluring to shake, and soon Spencer was setting up an app profile. He didn’t know whether to go less or more on details, but he tried to take good pictures. They all showed off his ass and/or tits (some even had crack or cleavage), but the last also hinted at his bulge. The messages came in quickly.


“HOT u got face pix”

“lol r those implants??? jeez”

“i would fuk you harder than uve ever been fuked befor”

“please fart on my face daddy”

"wait i know you say youre a bottom but how big is your dick bc that bulge looks… 🤤

“no way this real. you have pics without photoshop? i bet you still sexy, good face”

“HAHAHAHA You look ridiculous dude, Tell the surgeon to take the implants out. Both sets!”

“bro i gotta fuck that ass, crazy hot shit”

And on and on. Spencer chuckled at some of the responses to his massive ass. He kept scrolling through accounts, picking some of the nicer repliers and even some non-believers to continue chatting and sending private pics. A part of him couldn’t believe that he was doing this, but another part knew that a body like his demanded to be seen, appreciated, used.

Sunday morning he went to a stranger’s place for a hookup. The guy was much hotter online than in person, but Spencer kept a polite composure and let him bust a quick, disappointing nut a minute after pushing into Spencer’s hole. He left quickly, annoyed, and ghosted after that.

Would anyone else be ready for a quick Sunday fuck? Probably. How would they feel about sloppy seconds? Back to the apps he went.

Andy had much better luck with his Sunday plans. Following the note from Wayne, Saturday night he had invited Jeff to come over the next morning, and right on time the doorbell rang.

“Hey Jeff,” Andy said after opening the door, welcoming him inside. The burly man was in casual, boot cut jeans (over muddy work boots that he politely took off at the door) and a band t-shirt for some metal group written in an illegible font.

“Howdy Andy, what’s the occasion?” Jeff accepted the glass of water Andy offered him and they went to the living room. “I got to thinkin’ on the way over, I said I’d come over without knowin’ why.”

This is why Andy trusted Wayne’s magic. It just worked! He smiled and lounged back on his recliner while Jeff took to the couch. “I’m wearing clingy basketball shorts,” Andy said casually. “Look for yourself.”

Once Jeff finally noticed the massive bulge and obvious tube of cock pushing into Andy’s shorts, it was like his eyes were bugging out of his head. Andy actually laughed at the ridiculous expression, but that made Jeff’s face drop before he joined in.

“You almost got me,” Jeff said with a weak chuckle.

“C’mon, Jeff, are you gonna whip yours out?”

Jeff frowned and made as if to leave. “Why? I don’t wanna compare against a dildo, or a fake sleeve, or whatever you’ve got stuffin’ yer pants.”

“Just do it. First thing you told me is that you aren’t shy about your cock.”

Rather than argue, Jeff stood up to unbutton his jeans, pulling them down to expose his hefty package. Really, it was gorgeous.

Andy smirked, knowing what was ahead. “Go ahead and get out of those pants. Get comfy, Jeff.”

Jeff didn’t even pretend to protest, which surprised Andy since he expected Jeff to exude dominance and reject this sort of submission. Instead, Jeff was soon standing in front of the couch in only a t-shirt, his sizable softie threatening to thicken up into a full-on erection at any moment. Him being so cooperative encouraged Andy to loosen up. Jeff towered over Andy by half a foot, and even considering Andy’s recent (modest) gains in muscle mass, the bear of a man probably had about a hundred pounds on him.

That was when Andy decided to finally reveal the prize. He stood up from his recliner and unceremoniously dropped the basketball shorts, revealing his own flaccid cock. The only time Jeff had seen Andy naked, the smaller man had been 6.5 inches throbbing hard and not impressive while soft. Shock played across Jeff’s face as he realized that Andy’s flaccid dick was now over eight inches long — outpacing his own hardest length. Andy aligned their cocks much like Jeff had previously, and as the two men rubbed them together, both were getting harder, thicker, and more sensitive. Andy panted into the nape of Jeff’s neck, wondering how far he could go without protest. He smelled like lumber and dirt.

“It’s… real…” Jeff whispered reverently, unable to look away from how much Andy outsized him.

“Yeah, I was laughing at your reaction,” Andy said with a smile, letting go of their cocks to remove first his own shirt, then Jeff’s. The dumbfounded man absent-mindedly lifted his arms as he processed what he saw.

“It’s fucking massive, Andy,” Jeff said, redundantly.

“I know! I found a way to change dick size, like, for real.” Andy continued stroking his hands up and down Jeff’s body since he seemed to like it as much as Andy did. He was growing more and more confident that Jeff wanted to be manhandled.

“Y-you did?” Jeff looked more hopeful than Andy had ever seen.

Andy loved hearing the quiver in Jeff’s deep voice, knowing he was drawing that out of him. He continued, “Yeah—it’s magic. Who knew that was real, right?”

And then it was like a dam burst.

“MAGIC! YES! MAGIC MAGIC MAGIC! I CAN TELL YOU!” Jeff was yelling much too loudly.

“What the fuck, Jeff? What about magic? Tell me what?” Andy was confused, trying to calm him down. Even Wayne hadn’t predicted this sort of reaction.

“Magic curse! I can tell ya ’bout my curse.”

Andy balked, stopping short his exploration of Jeff’s body. “What?”

“You… don’t gotta stop. That felt good.” Jeff blushed from under his scraggly beard.

Andy and Jeff looked between themselves, and they were both fully erect. Andy had gone back to frotting their cocks together; he just couldn’t deny that it felt amazing to have a hyper-sensitive dick so much bigger than Jeff’s, who was otherwise a very large man. Andy also loved how he was baby smooth below the nose, including shaving his pubes and ass, compared to the absolute forest of dark hair covering Jeff all over. The contrast between them was fucking hot. It certainly felt hot, as their lengths were burning and throbbing alongside each other, leaking a mess of pre between them.

“Wow,” Jeff whispered. “That’s gotta be, what, ten-and-a-half inches long?”

“You’re really good at that.”

“Part of the curse.” Jeff frowned.

And then Jeff went on to explain that ten years ago he had been a really shitty guy to pretty much everyone he knew. As he dove more into an explanation, Andy stopped his ministrations and sat with him as they both relaxed on the couch. They insisted on being in each other’s space as Jeff told his story, cuddling in the nude.

Apparently, Jeff had always been a big-dicked bottom, but he used to seek out tops with smaller dicks to mock and humiliate as he fucked himself onto them. It might’ve been his kink, but it wasn’t always his partner’s, and he knows that sometimes he was mean about it. He also tended to ghost people after they fucked once, in part because he was young and immature. Well, of course, the last of those tops turned out to be a witch, and he cursed Jeff never to top, to bottom only for people with a larger cock than his own, and to get fucked no more than once by each different dick. Jeff always knew sizes precisely once he touched another dick so he knew how he compared, but it was hard to find a constant stream of cocks that were large enough. He would sometimes go many months without finding a viable partner, let alone actually having sex. Surprisingly, not every big-dicked boy wanted to fuck Jeff, and those rejections were the toughest to deal with.

“So, what, does the curse force those men away from you after you have sex once?” Andy asked quietly, horrified that Jeff had dealt with something so bad for so long. It sounded tragically lonely. The larger man seemed much more resigned, perhaps even accepting of his fate. Andy hoped Spencer didn’t think he deserved to be stuck that way forever.

“I dunno. I’ve only hooked up with strangers since, and they ghost me no matter what I say. I ain’t never known the person well enough… until now. Andy, please, please say you’re gonna fuck me. I cain’t see a cock like yours without knowin’ how it feels.” At those words, he reached to Andy’s lap and began teasing the sensitive length.

Andy moaned quietly. He hadn’t expected Jeff to beg for it, but neither did he expect him to have a previous run-in with magic. In fact, the story was sobering enough to remind Andy that magic might not be all fun and games. A decade of that restriction on sex life?

“Yeah, yeah Jeff, I’ll fuck you if that’s what you want. I just hope the curse isn’t so strong that it makes me avoid you.” Andy’s voice still had a tinge of sadness to it that he tried to mask.

“It’s what I need, Andy. And I hope it don’t, I don’t think it will. This feels different.”

Andy thought about Wayne’s instructions and figured now was as good a time as any to broach the topic. “So… about the magic I still have access to. I can’t fix your curse, but I’ll talk to my magic friend. However, I can propose an alternative that you may or may not like.”

Jeff dropped his hands, looking curious.

“You can’t realistically make everyone around you have bigger dicks,” Andy explained after realizing the motivation behind Jeff’s growth competition, in a chastising voice. “But, what if yours…”

Jeff’s eyes lit up. “What if mine was smaller? Oh wow, yeah. I reckon I do wish for something a little more average, since I gotta live with this curse.” He laughed. “I never thought I’d say that! I always loved being big, but yeah… it ain’t serving me much like this, is it?”

Andy disentangled himself and retrieved a smaller box from the package he got earlier. He handed it to Jeff. “Have you ever tried one of these?”

He read the label. “A chastity cage? No. Why?”

Andy grinned. “You know, some men say that if they keep themselves locked up constantly, including overnight and when they orgasm, that over time their dicks get smaller.”

Jeff looked skeptical. “Andy, maybe the other guys on the team are doofy, but I know that ain’t how it works. Maybe for a bit, but it’d swell right back up if you let it free.”

“You’re probably right, I don’t really know for sure. But this one is magical, so it does actually work the way I said, permanently. Do you want to put it on before I fuck you?” Andy asked. And he was asking, not requiring like Wayne had instructed. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar, his grandma always said.

Jeff really seemed into the idea. “Fuck, I ain’t been able to have sex in months. It’ll be good to be smaller. More opportunity. Yeah, let’s do it!”

Still both naked, Andy brought Jeff back to his bedroom so they could stand in front of the full-body mirror on his sliding closet door. Once Jeff was less erect, Andy fitted the inky black ring and matching cage into place. It was barely big enough to hold him down without pinching. Andy noticed that the metal cage was shaped like a spring, so he figured it would contract in size on its own.

“It’s tight,” Jeff mumbled.

“Too tight? Does it hurt?”

“Naw… ’s weird, though…”

Andy wanted Jeff to be sure. “If I lock you in, that’s the last of your 8-inch dick. Are you sure you really want a smaller cock? There’s no going back.”

Jeff shivered as reality set in. “Yes! Being this big has only caused me problems.” Jeff’s eyes were dead serious. “This feels right.”

Andy leaned down to put the lock in place and turned the key to pull it out. The key came with a chain that was long enough for him to clasp around his neck.

“Oh, wow, yeah it’s definitely magic.” Jeff must have felt something activate.

“So how small do you want to get?” Andy asked, curious for Jeff’s input since he was so agreeable. More than likely, the cage would do whatever magic it wanted and he was just along for the ride.

“I dunno, ’bout six inches or so? That seems pretty average, so my options are more open.”

“Okay, well I won’t take the cage off until you ask me. You’ve gotta keep it on until you come at least once, but then it’s up to you.”

“Sooo, what now?” Jeff asked innocently, leaning more into Andy’s personal space and crowding the cute twunk.

“Well,” Andy said, taking a deep breath. “Now you can set some boundaries for me before I abso-fucking-lutely go to town on your body.” While Jeff had gotten into the cage, Andy had gotten hard again, and the massive tool was jutting right out of his crotch and toward Jeff’s.

Jeff blushed, but also grinned lasciviously. “Oh, you’re such a cutie. But I’m so ready to see if you know how to use that particular tool.”

With a snort, Andy said, “Spencer seemed to think so,” and Jeff’s eyes shot wide open.

“Okay, well, you asked for my boundaries and there ain’t too many,” Jeff drawled slowly, persevering through that new information. “My safeword’s ‘trombone’ but if you shout out any instrument I’ll check in with ya before we continue. I like surprises, so as long as you got good intentions we’re gonna have fun.”

“Speaking of surprises, you only ever talk about your dick, so this bubble butt is actually kind of surprising me.” Andy reached around Jeff, smacking one cheek and feeling the muscle that had to come from a lot of time at the gym.

“What, you didn’t notice my big caboose?” Jeff asked, fake pouting. “I worked hard to make that thing and try to entice more men my way.”

“More like, I thought you were either straight or a top and I was trying not to leer. You’re big all over,” Andy replied, also palming his meaty chest. “And soon, you won’t be…” he continued, his hand drifting down the bear’s hairy torso, rubbing his belly, then finally teasing the cage.

“Fuck…” Jeff whispered, closing his eyes.

Andy guided him into a sitting position on the bed, turning Jeff’s head to kiss him as he straddled the larger man’s lap. He couldn’t believe that he had pegged Jeff as a straight guy. At least Wayne was closer to being right, but Andy’s poor judgment had Wayne believing that Jeff needed to be forced into this kind of submission. Andy had been a little nervous about the process, but Wayne’s ideas had seemed foolproof on paper. Thankfully, it didn’t even come to that. Andy felt infinitely happier about fucking Jeff if it took no convincing or cajoling.

“So do most of the men who fuck you also mock your dick for being smaller?” Andy asked, his own massive cock pushing up against Jeff’s belly and leaking a bit of pre onto his pecs. He was more or less sitting on Jeff’s cage.

“I wish,” he replied with a groan. “They usually have me beat on a technicality, a centimeter or two, and consider me an equal. Sometimes I was still thicker. Nothing like this beauty,” he said reverently.

While Andy had once felt intimidated by Jeff’s stature, he was now seeing him as more of a teddy bear. He pushed the larger man onto his back and squeezed his dick between them as they kissed. They rolled around and made out in bed for a while, getting to know each other’s bodies with their hands, arms, legs. Andy jolted whenever he felt his package press against the hard metal of the cage. Jeff’s larger body seemed to melt whenever Andy’s smaller one curled around it possessively.

“You need to be taken care of, Daddy?” Andy asked in his lilting voice.

“Uh huh, yeah,” Jeff answered gruffly, his eyebrows turned up in need. “Please, please, touch me!”

“Oh you ask so nicely…”

Andy soon had his lubed fingers probing between the hairy cheeks and around Jeff’s entrance as the bigger man was on all fours.

“Oooooh, Andy, yessssss,” he cooed.

“How long has it been since someone really played with your hole? Not just fucked it, but fingered you loose?”

“Oh, oh!” Jeff moaned deeply as Andy’s fingers entered him and prodded around inside, seeking their prize and changing the pressure. “Too, too long!”

“I figure, if I just ram into you with my fat log, you won’t fully appreciate it. No, no, I want you to really feel every fucking millimeter of my massive cock, Daddy.” Andy withdrew his two fingers to lube and insert a third, keeping a smooth motion to his stroking, gently stretching out Jeff’s hole. “Inside and out!” he said with a smack to one cheek.

“Thaaaaank youuuuu,” Jeff groaned, throwing his face into the pillows and sticking his ass up even more. Maybe it was the special lube Wayne had included in the package, but Jeff was opening up even easier than Spencer had.

“You ever been fisted, Jeff?” Andy asked calmly, hiding the fact that he was ramrod hard and dripping more pre from the sight of Jeff’s easily-opened ass.

“Nuh-uh,” he groaned in the negative, leaning his face to the side to explain, “Never tried, usually by now I’m beggin’ to get plowed.”

“Cause you really got the hole for it. I don’t wanna say loose, but… flexible. Stretchy?” Andy moved his fingers to emphasize how pliable he was. “I mean, Jeff, pardon my French but you got a real Daddy cunt here.”

Jeff didn’t reply as Andy pulled out then gently pushed all four fingers inside, smoothing his thumb around the outside and stretching the hole easily. Then without warning Andy tucked his thumb in as well, he and smoothly slipped his fist inside up to the wrist.

“Whoooooaaaaa!” Jeff yelled. It seemed like he lost control of his body for a bit; Andy had to quickly use his other hand to stabilize his hips as the large man flailed in place. “FUUUUUUCKING, HOOO MY GOD!”

Andy was enjoying the show, and he trusted Jeff enough to use his safeword if he really needed it. Instead of letting him adjust slowly, Andy immediately opened his hand, stroking his fingers around inside, gently flexing his thumb and wrist and stretching him even more. The skin was smooth like butter and stretchy as rubber through the thick, goopy lube.

“Guuuuhhhhhhhhhhh,” Jeff groaned mindlessly, literally drooling as his body went slack in Andy’s arms.

What was astounding was that Andy still hadn’t gotten as deep as his cock would go, but nevertheless he pulled his hand back out with a wet slopping sound. The gaping hole was slow to close and was less of a pucker and more of a gash.

“You think you’re ready?” Andy asked, mostly rhetorically. The drooling cunt in front of him certainly looked ready. Fuck, the lube was thick enough to look like he’d already been creamed.

“Oh God, yes, yes!” Jeff was loose and uncoordinated in bed.

Andy navigated into a better position and aligned his crotch with Jeff’s raised ass, slapping his fat erection between the wobbling cheeks and into a mess of lube. He gathered more in his hands and slickened up his entire length while Jeff attempted to twerk his ass around the throbbing beast. His muscly butt wasn’t as fat as Spencer’s by a long shot, but now that the muscles were fully relaxed it did its job effectively, driving Andy to get situated and start fucking in earnest.

Finally he had lined his pre-dribbling dick up with Jeff’s pliable hole. Unlike Spencer’s surprisingly tight tunnel, Jeff was… soft. Andy squealed in delight at the different sensation as he slid inside. Jeff similarly groaned in approval, unable to do much more than flail his hands a bit while Andy speared him open.

Andy hadn’t stretched Jeff out to the full dimensions of his cock, but regardless the skin moved around like silicone. As he pushed deeper and deeper, Jeff’s groans got more and more guttural.

“You like that, don’t you Jeff? Like my cock rearranging your guts?”

“Awwww, yeah, yeahhhhhhh!”

“Feel how deep I am? How wide you’re stretched? I’m not even all the way in yet.”

“Really?!” Jeff groaned as Andy slid in another quarter inch.

“Really.” Andy thrusted out and back in, pushing forward another half inch.

“Oh!” Jeff grunted in surprise.

“I can’t see the cage, but I bet you’re leaking, aren’t you?” Andy asked.

“’S alllll down my thighs,” Jeff drawled in amazement. “You’re gonna… gonna milk me dry, huh?”

“Dunno about dry for a fiend like you, Jeff,” he chuckled, reaching around to grope his balls. Andy pulled back and thrust in again, gaining another quarter inch of depth before he encountered a sort of wall.

“Uh—?” Jeff paused in confusion at the sensation and Andy slowed down.

“Yeah, gotta focus here a sec,” Andy said, using his leverage with the remaining length to try and point his erect dick around inside Jeff.

“Whuuuhhh, oh, ummmmm?”

“Don’t worry, Jeff, just getting more intimately acquainted in here.” Andy gave a couple gentle half-thrusts before deciding that he needed a different angle. “On your back.”

Andy suddenly withdrew himself and Jeff gasped at the sudden change in pressure. Like, he wished some oxygen masks would deploy from the ceiling because, whew. Shakily he rolled over onto his back, reflexively pulling his legs up and holding under the knees.

“Mmm, you’re cute, Jeff. I love me a good bottom bear. Especially one in such an adorable cage.” It was visibly smaller, if only by a bit. Andy also silently noted that it was no longer jet black, so the magic must’ve gotten to work. The gray continued losing darkness; still, he doubted Jeff would’ve even thought to notice the color.

Then Andy was on Jeff again, pressing their chests together and going in for a deep kiss, threading his arms under Jeff’s to hold his head still. He pressed his lithe, smooth muscles against the beefy body of the bear below, tasting the faintest hint of whiskey on Jeff’s tongue. Jeff was eager to get the deepest dicking of his life and began begging for more.

And Andy gave it to him. He leaned back and used the first nine inches to thrust in and out a few times, warming him up again, before slowing down once more to explore the shape of the deeper recesses. And this time, as he got a much more secure angle, Andy found a way to thrust inside and push the tip of his dick beyond that fabled “second hole” that amounted to a turn in the gut.

Jeff was completely beyond language as he looked down and saw a slight bulge in his lower belly that had to be Andy’s dick. He was arrested by a whole series of new sensations, and he brought one hand to pet the bulge and saw Andy twitch. All the while, the pressure against his prostate had only grown, and he was constantly trying to flex parts of his hole around Andy’s cock to amp it up.

“God, Jeff, your cunt is milking the fuck out of my cock right now,” Andy groaned. “You ready for this last inch, you bottom bitch Daddy slut?”

Jeff’s eyes were rolling, his head nodding, and Andy lined up his thrust perfectly and pushed insistently forward, sliding the entirety of his cock head over that ridge and, coupled with the uncontrolled muscles sporadically flexing around the rest of his length, he finally let loose and groaned from the release, pumping a large load deep into Jeff’s gut.

Jeff continued to squirm and convulse, impaled on Andy’s cock (his hand felt it jut forward another inch and the bulge was crazy) and completely at his mercy. He expected his dick to be begging to get hard; he imagined the cage would be uncomfortable and shitty once he got erect. Instead, he’d chubbed only to the point of tightness, without getting painful. The pleasure didn’t let up, and he had been drooling pre (or watery cum) out of the cage for quite a while, in fact.

Andy grinned, realizing the metal was a much lighter gray now — obviously smaller. He wondered how small Jeff was already, and how much smaller he’d get.

Eventually, Andy carefully extricated himself from Jeff’s hole. As soon as he did, a wave of dread washed over him; he realized that, no matter what he did in life, he would never, ever, under any circumstances, put his cock in Jeff’s asshole again. Fuck, it had been such an amazing session, but Andy knew immediately that he didn’t cherish it enough. Jeff was really special, and Andy wouldn’t get to… well… okay, once the shock wore off Andy realized that he wasn’t truly devastated. It was a pretty specific curse. No more cock, but that didn’t mean Andy couldn’t fuck him. Immediately, Andy had his plan.

“So, how’d you rate my ability to use my big meat?” Andy asked cockily.

He stroked his weighty dick, squeezing the last drop of cum out onto his finger, feeding it to Jeff who didn’t protest.

“Fuuuuuuckin’ A, Andy! That’s a magic dick.”

“Well that’s not all I know about pleasing men.”

Then Andy backed up a bit and lowered himself between Jeff’s legs, ignoring the cock cage and his dangling balls in favor of pushing his thighs up and feasting his eyes on that beautiful hole. Cunt, really. Andy was right on the money. He’d really fucked him open, and Jeff wasn’t eager to close back up. Tempted by the sight, Andy leaned in for a taste, and soon he was face-first between Jeff’s asscheeks, lapping into the entrance and tonguing around inside the loose ring as far as he could. In his mind, he was gonna eat the load out of Jeff’s cunt but there was no way… it was just a mess of lube and Jeff’s juices and Andy couldn’t really tell anything apart. No, instead, he just gave Jeff a good tongue bath, riding him through another type of ass pleasure as he was still lost, speechless, writhing in bed. All the while, he continued drooling fluid from the cage, now dripping across Andy’s face. Andy had no clue exactly what the chastity cage did other than the size changes, but it wasn’t much of a surprise that hyper-extended orgasms were a part of it considering what he’d seen so far.

Eventually Andy got a little tired with his tongue and swapped back to his trusty right hand. Re-lubed and ready to go, Jeff was even easier to fist this time around. The big bear’s volume ramped up from quiet groans of pleasure to literal screaming. Andy lubed up his entire right arm, and with careful movements around Jeff’s easily flexible cunt, he managed to fit his entire forearm, right up to the elbow!

“Fuck, Jeff, this cunt was made for much more than just cock,” Andy said in awe. “Do you see this? You’re swallowing half my goddamn arm!”

Jeff was delirious with pleasure and unable to vocalize, but he looked proud when he glanced between his legs and saw what Andy was doing. He was just riding the feeling, unable to believe that his body was letting him do these things he’d never tried before. It had to be part of the magic, right?

Eventually, though, Andy noticed that the chastity cage was at last a pearlescent white, and holding a much smaller package than before. He finally let up on his assault of Jeff’s ass, slowly withdrawing his arm and fist and massaging the skin gently along the way. The well-stretched ring of muscle lazily drooped when Andy’s hand pulled out instead of snapping tight, and Jeff let out a small moan of need.

“So, how was that, Jeff?” Andy asked in a chipper voice, laying down next to the bigger man.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck,” he replied.

Andy just laughed. “A good fuck, though? I had fun.”

Jeff turned to Andy in bed so he could look him in the eyes. “Andy, the best, that was the best sex I ever had, bar none. Hell yes I had fun! I didn’t know… I never even considered fisting.”

Andy’s laugh died a little. “Well, I’m glad you liked it. As soon as I came inside you, I knew I’d never be able to fuck you that way again. So your curse is still in effect.”

“Oh yeah! Did my dick get any smaller?” he asked, looking down at his own package for the first time. Instead of seeing the large black spring-shaped cage, it was compressed down to just a little white metal cap! His balls hadn’t changed, still nice low-hangers the size of small eggs, but it was clear that his dick was nowhere near its former glory. Jeff froze, his eyes growing wide.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure you shrank right past 6 inches and kept going,” Andy said nervously. He wasn’t sure how Jeff would react, given how much his self-identity had been tied to the size of his dick.

“Holy shit. Uh, Andy, I gotta see this. Can you… can you grab the key and let me out?” He didn’t sound horrified…

Andy wasted no time, because he wanted to see its new size for himself. He eagerly leaned down to unlock the cage without taking the key off his neck and let Jeff free. Not too long ago, the first time Andy saw Jeff in the buff, he was jealous. Jeff’s thick eight-incher was intimidating. Now Andy had to keep himself from laughing at the sight. Jeff’s balls massively outsized his dick, evidence of the size that was lost. His cock had dwindled down and down, losing inch after inch in the cage while riding continuous waves of pleasure from being fucked and fisted. Now, after all the magic was gone from the cage, Jeff was only left with a two-inch dinkie.

“Well,” Andy announced before leaning back. “No one is gonna mistake you for a top ever again, Jeffie boy.”

When Jeff saw it for the first time he squeezed his hole reflexively and dribbled a bit of pre. “I’m tiny!” he moaned.

“Didn’t you say your kink was size difference? Well now I’ve got eight inches over you.”

“Oh God…”

Andy reached down to play with Jeff’s still-large balls and twiddle his little cocklet. “This is cute, and it makes more sense, don’t you agree? I’m the top with the cock, and you’re the bottom with the clit.”

At hearing his once-proud dick now being called a clit, Jeff squirted another bit of pre and moaned in erotic despair.

The two men eventually decided that a shower was in order. Occasionally Jeff or Andy would grab the other so they could compare sizes again. Both of them were getting off on the differences between their bodies. And now that they weren’t overcome with lust they could chat as well, which is how Andy learned that while Jeff wouldn’t have called himself tight, he’d never had that easy of a time opening up his hole. Apparently there were some extra effects that Wayne neglected to mention, but that didn’t really surprise Andy, and Jeff seemed satisfied anyway. Who wouldn’t be? Andy was getting a little randy again just thinking about how far Jeff could be pushed, teasing his loose hole with two fingers and drawing a smile out of the larger man.

At that moment, though, they heard Andy’s doorbell. Andy, curious, quickly rinsed and got out of the shower, grabbing a towel and padding over to the door. He checked the peephole and immediately opened it when he saw Spencer waiting on the other side.

“Hey, sexy, what’s up?” Andy asked seductively.

Spencer’s face immediately split into a grin. “Hey bro! Damn…” He gave Andy the once over, clearly pleased to see the dripping twunk and the obvious bulge in his loose towel. “Andy, can we, uh, talk?”

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