Bottom For Bottom

By Freckleman64
published April 23, 2021
7543 words
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Two bottoms and no top? That’s no fun at any party. Meanwhile, the curse is starting to change Willem in more ways than one, and a surprise encounter leads to confrontation between Jake and Willem.

Hey guys! I know that my last chapter was hidden due to Safe Mode, so if you don’t have an account then you couldn’t read it. If that’s true for you and you’ve decided to continue reading my story regardless, the information you’ll need to know from the last chapter that impacts the overarching story is basically just that Willem decided not to have sex with Jake again because he didn’t want to mess up their friendship. Otherwise, you should be able to follow right along!

Willem braced himself against the bathroom wall, his wetsuit pooled around his ankles. He could hear the waves crashing outside as the man behind him moaned in his ear. Willem’s cock jumped each time the man pounded him, leaking precum onto the sandy bathroom floor. The buzzing rippled throughout his body as his clouded mind shut out everything except for the pleasure coming from his ass.

“Fuck… dude, you’re so tight,” moaned the buff Indian guy as he plowed Willem’s hole.

Willem lifted his right leg and stuck his ass out slightly. “Oh… that’s it, right there… ugh, just like that.”

He squeezed his hole on the guy’s cock, making him moan. “Bro, you’re so fucking good at this. Shit.”

Willem giggled, his face pressed up against the wall as he enjoyed the assault on his prostate.

He WAS good at this.

The last couple of weeks had been a whirlwind of bathroom hookups and clandestine encounters. Willem was racing through the curse at breakneck speed, already past the halfway mark and well on his way to the 60s. In the past week alone he’d fucked the butcher, the baker, and the weird hipster who sells candles at the Farmer’s Market on Melrose.

The weird thing that Willem was starting to notice was that the more he got fucked, the more he wanted. It was like having sex only fueled his desire for even more, wilder sex. He was starting to grow bored if there wasn’t at least a little danger involved. It didn’t matter if the guy seemed a little sketchy or they were doing it in a public place. The risk of getting caught only made it hotter.

The last guy he had fucked had been so vanilla he’d been bored to tears. He’d met him at the Gelson’s in Westwood in the canned goods aisle. The guy refused to fuck Willem in the grocery store bathroom like a normal person, instead insisting that Willem come back to his place where he made him listen to a Carly Rae Jepsen record he owned on vinyl. Willem had ridden him on his living room couch, finally getting a load out of the guy while Carly Rae crooned in the background. Then the guy had insisted on giving Willem his number! As if.

Willem moaned as the man who was currently fucking him grabbed him by the neck and started lightly choking him as he pounded his hole.

Fuck yeah. Now THAT was more like it. Willem was also learning that the rougher the sex, the more he got off. The buzzing in his body seemed to enjoy a little bit of pain, as though it gave the pleasure more context. He reached up and squeezed the guy’s hand around his throat, signaling him to choke him harder. The man took the signal, choking him harder as he thrust his cock deeper and deeper into Willem’s hole.

“Oh fuck… oh fuck, I’m gonna cum dude…”

Willem moaned as he felt the man shudder behind him. A smile crept across his face as he felt the familiar trickle of cum filling his hole. He would never get tired of being bred. It made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside, plus it helped keep the itching in his hole at bay way longer if he still had cum inside him. Sometimes he didn’t even care or notice if he got off, just so long as he got his fill.

The Indian guy pulled out of Willem, shoving his deflated cock back into his board shorts as the pink glow faded from around his body. “Jesus, man. That was fucking wild. I never do shit like this.”

Willem pulled his wetsuit back up, nodding insincerely. “Oh yeah, me too. This is like, totally out of left field for me.”

The guy nodded. “Rad.”

They stared at each other awkwardly for a moment.

“Well, I’ve gotta get back to my friend…” said Willem.

“Yeah, cool cool cool. I’ll see you around!” the guy said, giving Willem a fistbump.

“You too, uh… man,” said Willem, obviously having forgotten the man’s name (or perhaps never having gotten it in the first place).

The guy gave him the hang loose sign, then unlocked the bathroom door and headed back out onto the beach.

Willem raised his eyebrows as he locked the door after him, then turned back to check himself out in the mirror. Guys could be so weird sometimes after sex. There should be some sort of etiquette for casual hookups in the bathroom at Santa Monica beach. Oh, well.

This would normally be the time where Willem would do his post-fuck check-in, going over the boring old memories in his hiding place. But honestly, with how many guys he was fucking in any one day, it was easier to just do one big check-in at the end of the night. If he remembered it.

It was all so much work, anyway. Plus, what was the point? With all the men that Willem was fucking, the buzzing was starting to feel ever-present. Not that he minded. He’d long since stopped fighting how good it felt dancing across his skin, warming him up, and making his head feel lighter and unburdened.

After he was satisfied with his appearance, Willem went back out onto the beach. He found Jake sitting on the towel by the lifeguard stand where he’d left him. He was wearing a wetsuit of his own and staring at Willem with an annoyed look on his face.

“I thought you were going to teach me how to surf,” he said sullenly.

“What? It was just a quickie.”

Jake rolled his eyes. Willem scoffed. “Don’t be like that. Now come on, grab your board and let’s hit the waves. There’s plenty of beach breaks right now for you to practice on.”

Things had gone back to normal between Willem and Jake, for the most part. They’d been hanging out in WeHo a lot, which was Willem’s idea. He figured it was the quickest way to speed things up and meet all of the guys he needed to fuck. Jake had suggested switching things up by having Willem teach him how to surf, so they’d spent the last few mornings at the beach catching the early morning swell.

It felt good for Willem to be out on the water again—he’d sort of forgotten about it, to be honest with how dick-crazy he’d been for the last month and a half. As he paddled out onto the water, feeling the sun on his face and smelling the salt air coming off of the water, he felt a sense of lightness within him that he hadn’t felt in a long time. He looked over at Jake, watching as the boy’s knees wobbled while he tried to balance on the board.

Willem grinned. Jake’s lanky frame was a lot of things, but graceful was not one of them.

They spent the next few hours catching waves, with Willem instructing Jake on how to paddle at the right angle to catch a green wave. By the end of it, Jake was finally starting to get the hang of it, and had even managed to stay up on the board for several seconds before wiping out.

They headed back to Jake’s apartment afterward to shower and change. Willem plopped down on Jake’s couch, checking his phone. He tossed it on the cushion next to him and groaned in annoyance.

“I’m so fucking bored. Do you wanna do something?”

Jake walked out of his bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. Willem’s eyes watched as a bead of water traveled through the sparse hair on his chest towards his stomach.

“We could watch a movie,” said Jake. “I still haven’t seen the new Marvel film, I think it’s on Disney+.”

Willem could feel his hole throbbing as he stared at Jake’s pale torso. He blinked. He’d already gone down that road. No need to make that mistake again.

Willem pouted. “Ugh, that’s so boring. I’m tired of staying in, I wanna go out.”

“Didn’t you and your friends used to just sit around and get high all the time?”

“Pot is so high school. I’m onto bigger and better things. Why don’t we go to a club or something?”

Jake raised an eyebrow. “What, like a gay club? You sure you want people to see you with a bunch of queers?”

Willem shrugged. “It’s not like anyone’s gonna know me there. Plus, if you want dick, go where the dicks are. Come on, what do you say?”

Jake sighed, scratching his hair. “I don’t know… I’m not really into the idea of going out just for you to ditch me to go home with some twink from Los Feliz.”

“I promise I won’t ditch you there,” said Willem solemnly. “Only bathroom sex tonight, I promise.” He clasped his hands together. “Please?”

Jake shook his head, smiling. “Fine. But you’re buying.”

Willem clapped his hands excitedly. “That’s what I’m talking about!”

Willem put on a plain grey t-shirt and a pair of jeans while Jake wore the floral button-down he’d worn the night that Willem first got cursed. They headed to West Hollywood, joining the throng of Friday-night clubgoers traipsing around on the sidewalk outside the bars. The first club they went to had go-go boys in tight briefs dancing up on platforms in the midst of a sea of sweaty gays. Jake used his fake ID to get the two of them drinks at the bar while Willem scanned the crowd for the signature pink haze.

“I don’t know what you like, so I just got you something sweet,” Jake said, leaning close to Willem’s ear to talk over the pounding music.

Willem sipped his drink, his eyes traveling from man to man as he looked for his next target. He saw plenty of guys that made his hole throb, from the leather daddy with the black mustache to the blond twink in a crop top and booty shorts. But while Willem would gladly open his legs for any of these guys, none of them were the man he was looking for. He needed to find the next guy that the curse had chosen, otherwise tonight would be a total bust.

After a few minutes of searching, Willem finished his drink and set it down on the bar. He walked over to Jake, who was busy dancing with the crop top twink. “Let’s get out of here,” he said, grabbing Jake’s arm and pulling him away.

“Why? I was having fun,” said Jake, looking sadly back at the twink as the guy waved flirtily goodbye.

“He’s not here,” said Willem. “Let’s try someplace else.”

Jake rolled his eyes. “We’re not just here for you to find dick, you know.”

“I know that. But you can have fun at any bar, they’re all the same. Let’s just try a few more places.”

They ended up going to two more bars, each with the same result. Despite the hundreds of gay men all crammed inside a tight space (and almost certainly breaking fire code), not one of them had the special pink glow that Willem was looking for. By the time they got to the third bar, Jake had had enough.

“If you wanna leave, that’s fine. But I’m staying here and I’m gonna have a good time,” said Jake.

Willem sighed. “Ugh, fine. I’ll just wait till tomorrow.”

“You could try to have fun too, you know,” said Jake. He reached his hand out. “Come on, let’s dance.”

Willem rolled his eyes, then put his hand in Jake’s as Jake pulled him out onto the dance floor. The speakers were pumping out a remix of a Lady Gaga song, filling the club with throbbing bass beats and auto-tuned vocals. Willem started to relax, dancing along to the music with Jake as he felt a warm energy start to flow throughout his body. At first he thought it was the giddy feeling he got from the buzzing, but he soon realized that the buzzing was actually quiet for once.

He started laughing as he watched Jake’s ungraceful figure trying to dance to the rhythm.

“You really suck at this!” he shouted over the music.

“I just need practice!” Jake shouted back as he shimmied his hips.

Willem was about to say that no amount of practice could possibly help when something out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. He looked up at the stage at the back of the room to see several go-go dancers coming out from behind the curtain. Apparently, this must have been a cowboy-themed bar, as the three men wore jeans, cowboy boots, and cowboy hats. None of them had shirts on, but they all had smooth chests with rippling muscles and bulging pecs.

Willem stared at the man in the back right, a guy with short sandy blond hair the same color as Willem’s. He was smooth and pale but had a chest like a shelf along with 8-pack abs. Willem’s cock began to leak as he saw the man become enveloped in a pink light that stood out amongst the bright white stage lights. The buzzing came back in full force, humming underneath Willem’s skin like a radiator kicking in.

Jake stopped dancing, watching Willem as he stared open-mouthed at the stage. His shoulders slumped as he looked over at the glistening bodies of the go-go boys on the stage.

“I’ll be right back,” said Willem as he pushed through the crowd towards the stage. He looked up at the cowboy as he danced onstage, rolling his hips and undulating his pelvis. The man knew how to move his body as sexily as possible, making every ab muscle ripple as he rolled his body to the beat of the music.

Willem could feel the buzzing sizzling throughout his body. He needed to have this man inside him as soon as possible. Sure, he’d fucked some pretty hot guys in his time, but this guy was gorgeous. He stared openmouthed at the go-go boy as he continued to shake his ass for the crowd.

After a few minutes of ogling, he blinked dumbly, shaking his head as he came back to his senses. He patted his pockets. Cash, he needed cash. He pulled out his wallet to find it empty. Fuck, he really needed to start carrying cash for moments exactly like these. He pushed back through the crowd to find Jake sipping a drink at the bar.

“Jake! Do you have any cash on you?”

Jake raised an eyebrow. “What for?”

“The go-go boy. Come on, please, I’ll pay you back.”

Jake sighed. He pulled out his wallet. “I only have a $20-”

“Great, thanks!” Willem plucked the bill out of his hand and headed back over to the stage. He waved the $20 bill in the air, trying to get the go-go boy’s attention. One of the other cowboys spotted Willem and started walking toward him, but he waved him away in annoyance. Finally he got the attention of the blond cowboy, who came sauntering over to him.

The cowboy took the $20, then grabbed Willem’s hand and started running it down his abs. Willem squealed as he felt the go-go boy run his fingers over the bulge in his jeans. Fuck, he needed that thing in him NOW. After a minute of groping, the go-go boy shoved the $20 in his jeans and turned to walk away.

“Wait!” shouted Willem. “That’s it?”

The cowboy turned around and laughed when he saw the pout on Willem’s face. He leaned down and grabbed the back of Willem’s head, kissing Willem on the lips. Willem grabbed his cowboy hat and kissed him back passionately, his tongue entering the man’s mouth as they made out. The cowboy was surprised for a second, but then responded to Willem’s passion in kind. He pulled Willem closer into him as their tongues battled.

The crowd cheered at the sight of Willem making out with the go-go boy. Willem could feel the buzzing surging through his body towards his brain, making him see white.

The go-go boy finally broke the kiss for air. “Wow,” he said breathlessly. “That was fucking hot.”

“You should see what else I can do,” Willem said, winking.

Ten minutes later they were alone in the bathroom of the club, passionately making out in one of the stalls. Willem’s mouth was crushed against the cowboy’s soft lips. He reached his hand into the man’s pants and grasped his cock, stroking it in his hand as the man moaned. He sucked on the cowboy’s neck, still stroking him as he rubbed his cock up against the guy’s muscular frame.

“Fuck me…” moaned the cowboy as he ran his fingers through Willem’s curls.

Willem pulled away from the cowboy’s neck. “I thought you were gonna fuck me,” he said, his brow furrowed.

The cowboy made a face. “What? No, I’m a bottom.”

Willem groaned. “I’m a bottom too.”

The cowboy frowned. “Damn. Too bad.”

He patted Willem’s chest, then turned to unlock the door to the stall.

“Wait!” said Willem. “You’re not just gonna leave?”

The cowboy raised an eyebrow. “What are we gonna do, bump pussies together?”

Willem blushed. “Well, can’t you just, I don’t know… fuck me anyway?”

The cowboy rolled his eyes. “Listen, honey. There’s a thousand tops out there. I’m sure we can both find someone to satisfy us.”

He turned to leave, the pink haze still blaring brightly around him. The buzzing surged painfully beneath Willem’s skin.

“Wait!” he shouted again. “What if you let me blow you?”

The cowboy shrugged. “Eh, I’m not really that into getting head. Mostly just looking to get piped, you know?”

Willem watched as he left the bathroom. He was too shocked to even say anything. He had never been rejected before! The audacity of it. And this guy was so much bigger and more muscular than Willem, why on earth would he think Willem was a top?

Willem slinked out of the bathroom, his face red with embarrassment as he rejoined the crowd. He looked around, but the go-go boy was nowhere to be seen. He found Jake standing near the bar where he’d left him.

“That was fast. Did he shout ‘yee-haw’ when he came?”

“No,” Willem said sullenly. “He wouldn’t even fuck me! Can you believe it?”

“That not everybody in the world wants to fuck you? Shocking!”

Willem pouted. “He said that he was a bottom too.”

“Yikes,” said Jake. “What are you gonna do?”

“I have no fucking clue! First Carly Rae Jepsen guy, now this… am I losing my touch? I mean, seriously—since when is it so much work to get a guy to fuck you? I mean, I’m fuckable, right?”

Jake shrugged. “Sure. I mean, when you take your clothes off, yeah.”

Willem frowned. “What are you talking about? My clothes look fine.”

“You’re wearing an oversized t-shirt and a pair of baggy jeans to a club. You dress like you’re ashamed of your body. If you’re trying to slut it up, you could stand to dress the part.”

Willem looked down at his outfit, frowning. “How?”

Jake smirked, an evil glint in his eye. “I have a couple of ideas.”

The next morning Jake dragged Willem over to a gay men’s fashion boutique in WeHo. Willem took one look at the mannequin in the window wearing the diamond-studded choker and crop top that said “Daddy” and raised an eyebrow at Jake. “Really?”

Jake shrugged. “You wanted to seduce the cowboy. Maybe start by not dressing like the cast of Silicon Valley.”

“I’m not exactly trying to broadcast ‘I take it up the ass” to the whole world,” said Willem.

“You don’t have to go over the top. You just need a few pairs of shorts that actually fit your ass. And maybe a few tank tops. And a jockstrap, definitely.”

Willem furrowed his brow. “Like for sports?”

Jake laughed. “No. Definitely not for sports.”

Willem looked around the store as Jake picked out some clothes for him to try on. He could feel his brain getting nice and cloudy as he took in all of the skimpy clothing and pictures of men in their underwear on the walls. He had to admit, the sight of all of this gay paraphernalia was seriously turning him on.

“All right, start with this,” said Jake, shoving a pile of clothes in Willem’s hands. “I’m going to go look through the sale rack.”

Willem headed into the changing room, trying on the assortment of clothes that Jake had picked out for him. The first thing was a black mesh tank top, which showed off Willem’s tan skin and abs. He looked at himself in the mirror. “Fuck, I look good,” he said, running his hands across his body.

He tried on the next article of clothing, which was a pair of metallic gold short shorts that stretched tight across his ass. He turned profile in the mirror, running his hands over his bubble butt as he gave it a gentle squeeze. He moaned slightly.

The buzzing definitely liked this.

The last thing he tried on was an electric blue jockstrap with the words “TROPHY BOY” written on the waistband. He pulled off the short shorts and his plaid boxers and stepped into the jockstrap, sliding the two neon yellow bands in the back over his ample cheeks. He looked at himself in the mirror again, admiring the way the small blue pouch encapsulated his genitals but left his bubble butt exposed.

“Oh, hell yeah,” he said, rubbing his ass in the mirror.

There was a knock at the door. “Willem? I’ve got some more stuff for you.”

Willem opened the door and pulled Jake in, shutting it behind him.

“Jake, you have to check this out,” he said, lifting the mesh tank top to show off his ass. “This is fucking genius. It’s such easy access! Why didn’t you tell me about these before?”

Jake stared at Willem’s ass, his eyes glued to the boy’s bubble butt.

“I mean, seriously. Who knew that jockstraps could make your ass look so fucking good? That cowboy will take one look at my ass and beg to stick his dick in it.”

Jake stared slack-jawed as Willem reached back and played with his cheeks, still checking himself out in the mirror. He swallowed, his cock starting to harden in his pants.

“Do you have any more in there?”

Jake looked up at Willem to see him staring expectantly at the pile of clothes he was holding. He shoved them in Willem’s hands and grabbed the doorknob.

“I’m gonna go look around some more,” said Jake as he quickly exited the dressing room. He shut the door, then leaned against it as his heart pounded.

“Shit,” he whispered to himself. “Stop this. This isn’t good for you…”

Suddenly he heard Willem squeal. “LEATHER? Fuck yeah!”

By the time they headed out to the bar that night, Willem had fully embraced his new look. He wore the mesh tank top with the gold short shorts, the top band of his jockstrap peeking out for anyone to see anytime he bent over on the dance floor.

“What do you want to drink?” Jake asked as they walked inside.

Willem shook his head. “I need to stay sharp. I’ve got a cowboy to ride.”

This time, when the go-go boys came out onstage, Willem was ready. He immediately pulled out a $20, waving it at the blond cowboy. When the cowboy went to take the bill from Willem’s hand, Willem pulled it back.

“How much for a lap dance?” he asked with a smirk.

“This isn’t a strip club,” said the cowboy. “I don’t do lap dances.”

Willem pulled out three $100 bills. “How about now?” he asked, batting his eyelashes.

The go-go dancer took Willem to the dancers’ changing room in the back, locking the door behind him. “My boss would kill me if he knew I was doing this,” he said as he pulled up a chair. “Okay. Have a seat.”

Willem shook his head, giggling. “No, silly. I’M giving YOU the lap dance.”

The cowboy raised his eyebrow. “Well, that’s a first. But all right, I’m down.” He sat on the chair putting his hands behind his head. “You’ve got 20 minutes. Better make the most of it.”

Willem had never given a lap dance before, but he knew it didn’t matter—all he needed to do was let the buzzing take over and it would handle the rest. He put his hands on the back of the chair as he straddled the cowboy’s lap, grinding his bubble butt into the man’s crotch. He spread his legs on either side of him as he rubbed his ass back and forth on the cowboy’s bulge. He smiled as he heard the cowboy groan, then run his hands up his smooth thighs towards his bubble butt.

Willem grabbed the man’s hands and pinned them to his sides. “No touching,” he said playfully as he ran a finger down the cowboy’s abs. “That’s my job,” he whispered in his ear.

He leaned back and pulled off his mesh tank top, exposing his smooth, tan skin to the go-go boy. He ran his fingers through his blond curls, his hips swaying up and down on the cowboy’s lap. The cowboy looked down to see Willem’s jockstrap peeking out of his short shorts.

He bit his lip. “Fuck.”

Willem stood up and pulled his shorts down, exposing his jockstrap-encased ass. He ran his thumb through the upper band of his jockstrap, letting it snap against his skin with a loud “thwack”. He turned around, letting the cowboy check out his naked ass in the jockstrap. He bent over, his tight pink hole inches away from the man’s face. He knew he had him when he heard the man gasp.

Willem stood up and turned around, then took off the man’s cowboy hat and set it on the counter next to them as he leaned down to kiss him. The man kissed him back hungrily, pulling him back onto his lap. Willem could feel the man’s cock bulging through his jeans, poking Willem right on the entrance to his exposed hole.

“Why don’t you get a little more comfortable?” he asked, pinching the cowboy’s nipples. He rubbed his ass on the man’s bulge, making him moan. “All this scratchy fabric is getting in the way.”

He got down on his knees in front of the chair as he reached for the button to the man’s jeans. The cowboy leaned his head back, moaning as Willem unzipped his pants and began to pull them slowly down his thighs. Willem gasped when the man’s hard cock popped out, slapping the man on the stomach and flicking a string of precum toward his belly button.

Willem stood up again, enjoying the feeling of the cowboy’s eyes on his mostly naked body. If there was one thing Willem was starting to realize about himself, it was that he was a bit of an exhibitionist. He could just imagine how hot it would feel to be up on that stage, dancing in his jockstrap in front of all those people, shaking his ass for a bunch of strange men…

He moaned softly as he sat back down on the cowboy’s lap, the man’s bare cock now squeezed in between his giant cheeks. The two men grunted together as Willem slowly moved his ass back and forth against the cowboy’s hard dick, getting his hole slick with the man’s precum. Willem ran his fingertips across the cowboy’s smooth chest, riding him slowly as the man’s cock head rubbed up against his hole again and again.

After a few minutes of this blissful torture, Willem leaned into the cowboy’s ear and purred, “Are you ready to fuck me now?”

The man nodded profusely. Willem closed his eyes, moaning in ecstasy as he felt the cowboy’s dick finally slide inside him. He wrapped his arms around the cowboy’s neck, letting himself sink down further on the man’s rigid piece of meat. He moaned in pleasure as he felt the cowboy take one of his nipples into his mouth, sucking on it as he fucked the blond surfer boy in his jockstrap.

In his lust-fueled haze, Willem looked over at the cowboy hat sitting on the counter and giggled as something in his cheesecloth brain told him to put it on. He reached over placed it on his head before leaning down to kiss the man again. He rode the cowboy slowly, savoring the feeling of having a cock inside of his tight hole once again. His cock was leaking through his jockstrap, soaking through the pouch and leaking out onto the cowboy’s abs. He leaned back, bouncing on the man’s dick in just the right position to hit his prostate.

“Oh shit, oh fuck, I’m gonna cum…” moaned the cowboy. Willem rode him faster, eager to milk the cowboy of his cream. He threw his head back and moaned as his cock started to spurt into his jockstrap, filling the pouch with cum. He could feel the cowboy’s dick pulsing into him as he bounced on it again and again. Willem squeezed his asshole on the cowboy’s dick, trying to get out every last drop.

He rested on the cowboy’s lap as he came down from the orgasm. The cowboy leaned his head against Willem’s chest, breathing heavily as he held Willem’s supple cheeks in his hands.

“Wow,” he said breathlessly. “You are so fucking hot.”

Willem giggled. “I know, right?” he said. He pulled off of his dick and started to get dressed.

“Would you ever wanna flip flop sometime?” asked the cowboy as he pulled his jeans back on. “Return the favor?”

As Willem’s mind began to regain just the slightest bit of clarity, he saw a vision of himself with an even further shrunken cock. He shuddered. “Yeah, no thanks. I’m strictly a bottom. But this was fun!”

He kissed the cowboy on the cheek and slipped back out into the bar, trying his best not to look like someone who had just gotten fucked in the backroom. Although what did he care? It’s not like any of the guys here wouldn’t kill to be in his place. He should feel proud.

He found Jake standing by the entrance to the bar with a sullen look on his face.

“Hey!” he said cheerily. “Operation: Jockstrap was a success. Wanna dance? First round’s on me.”

Jake shook his head. “Not really. I think I wanna get out of here.”

Willem frowned. “But it’s only like 9 o’clock. We still have the rest of the night to-”

“I’m just not in the mood, okay?”

Willem raised his eyebrows. “Okay, fine. Let’s just go home. We can watch a dumb movie or something, whatever.”

He followed Jake out of the bar, trying his best not to feel sorry for himself. At least he’d gotten what he came for.

As they walked down the sidewalk towards Jake’s car, Willem wrapped his arms around himself. The mesh tank top and short shorts had felt fun in theory, but that night was starting to get cold. He wished he’d brought a jacket.

“Holy shit…” said a voice from behind him.

Willem turned to see his friend Josh staring at him in shock, taking in the ridiculousness of Willem’s outfit. He instantly blushed, his hands going to pull his shorts down in order to try and cover more of his bare thighs.

“What the fuck happened to you?” asked Dan, who was sitting with Josh and Adam at an outdoor table.

“Hey guys… uh, what are you doing here?” asked Willem.

“We’re getting tacos at Guisados,” said Josh. “What the fuck are you doing here? Especially dressed like that. You look like a fucking 70s porn star.”

Dan cracked up. Willem turned red, the high from his fuck with the cowboy having completely dissipated. All of the guilt and shame from getting fucked that had long since gone away came roaring back at the sight of his friends gawking at him.

Jake grabbed his arm. “Come on, Willem. Let’s just get out of here.”

“Oh, shit,” said Josh, covering his mouth with his fist. “Is Jake your boyfriend now? Yo, I should have known something was up that night you ran out of the Uber after him. I just never would have thought you were a fag.”

Jake took a step towards Josh. “Shut the hell up, man.”

“Are you kidding me?” said Josh. The muscular ginger boy sneered up at Jake dismissively. “You really think you can take me?”

“I think you should watch your fucking mouth,” said Jake.

“Jake, stop,” said Willem.

Jake turned to him. “He’s calling you a faggot! After the way they all just dropped you, you’re really gonna put up with that?”

“Tell your boyfriend to calm the fuck down,” said Josh. “He doesn’t want to start something he can’t finish.

“He’s not my boyfriend,” Willem said defensively. “It’s not… this isn’t what it looks like… we were just at a costume party. I’m not a fag, man. Jake and I are just friends.”

Jake looked at Willem, his eyes full of hurt.

Josh laughed. “Well, going to a costume party is pretty gay in the first place, so-”

“You know what else is gay?” snapped Jake. “Sticking your dick in another guy.” He looked at Adam and Dan, who avoided eye contact. “Yeah, I know the three of you think that somehow you’re still straight because you’ve never sucked a dick or had anything up your ass, but you’re just as faggy as the rest of us.”

“Watch your fucking mouth, man,” said Josh sternly.

“Yeah? Maybe I don’t want to. Maybe I want to tell everybody that the three of you fucked Willem and that you’re as queer as a three-dollar bill.”

“Jake!” Willem shouted. “Stop it, right the fuck now.”

Josh put his face close to Jake’s, scowling at him. “You tell anybody and I’ll fucking beat the shit out of you. Faggot.”

The word was barely out of Josh’s mouth before Jake’s fist connected with his face. Dan and Adam watched in shock as Josh fell to the ground, clutching his cheek in agony.

“What the fuck!” shouted Willem. He grabbed Jake’s hand and pulled him away as quickly as he could, racing down the street. He looked back to see the twins crouched on the ground next to Josh, helping him to his feet. He kept running with Jake back to his car, his heart pounding in his chest.

Willem threw open the door to Jake’s car and dove into the passenger’s seat, slamming the door shut behind him. “Fucking drive!” he shouted to Jake as Jake fumbled with the keys. Finally Jake managed to start the car, pulling out into the street.

“What the hell were you thinking?” Willem asked angrily as they drove back to Jake’s apartment.

Jake gripped the wheel so tightly his knuckles turned white. “I don’t know!” he shouted. “I wasn’t thinking. I was trying to defend you.”

“I don’t need you to defend me,” Willem spat out.

“And why shouldn’t I?”

“Because you’re not my fucking boyfriend!”

Jake ground his teeth. “Of course I’m not. I couldn’t be, could I? Because you’re not actually gay, even though you fuck every guy you come across.”

Willem glared at him. “That is not fair. You know I don’t have any choice-”

“You have a fucking choice, Willem,” Jake snapped at him. “I’m so tired of hearing you complain, acting like you don’t have any free will anymore. The truth is that you like it. You get off on it. You’re happy this curse happened to you, aren’t you? You were a slut with women before the curse and you’re a slut with men now. The only difference is now you have an excuse.”

He pulled up to his apartment and jammed the gear shifter into park. “Just admit it. You like being a fucking whore!”

He threw open his car door and stormed off. Willem followed after him angrily.

“You know what I think, Jake?” he asked as Jake shoved his key in the front door to his apartment.

Jake laughed ruefully. “What’s that, I wonder? Your head’s been so empty lately I’m surprised you can even string a sentence together.”

Jake opened the door and turned on the living room lights.

Willem planted himself in front of him, blocking Jake’s entry to the apartment. “I don’t think you’re mad because I’m fucking all these different guys. I think you’re just mad because the only person I’m not fucking is you!”

Jake scoffed. “As if I’d wanna have sex with you after all the guys who’ve had their go at you.”

“Don’t lie to me,” said Willem. “I know you think about me. I know you jerk off thinking about the times we fucked.”

Jake fell silent for a moment. “You’re wrong,” he said quietly.

Willem laughed snidely. “Don’t kid yourself, Jake. I see the way you look at me.”

“So what if I still want to fuck you?” said Jake. “You wanted to fuck me too. Even though you didn’t have to, you still wanted it.”

“Yeah, I did. But unlike you, I can separate sex and emotion. I know that just because you have sex with someone doesn’t mean that it has to mean anything. I don’t expect anything from the guys that I fuck other than a good time.”

“Neither do I!” said Jake. “I don’t expect anything from you at all. And I can too separate sex and emotion.”

Willem rolled his eyes. “Yeah right, Jake. How many guys have you slept with besides me?”

Jake was silent.

“You see?”

“I’ll prove it to you,” said Jake.

Willem laughed. “What, are you gonna go out and find some twink at the bar and bring him back to this dump of an apartment?”

Jake grabbed Willem, crushing his lips against the surfer boy’s. Willem broke the kiss, putting his hands against Jake’s chest. “Jake… that’s not what I meant. You know this isn’t a good idea.”

“I don’t care,” Jake whispered as he kissed Willem again. “I want you. And I know you want me too.”

He kissed Willem’s neck, holding the boy’s head by his blond curls. Willem moaned. “Jake… oh fuck, Jake…”

He grabbed Jake’s wavy brown hair and pulled his lips back to his, kissing the taller boy passionately. He moaned into Jake’s mouth as he felt Jake’s hands sliding underneath his mesh tank top and rubbing his nipples. He reached down and shucked off his short shorts, leaving his ass hanging out of his electric blue jockstrap. He grabbed Jake’s hand and put it on his ass, moaning as the taller boy squeezed and kneaded his cheeks.

Unlike the first two times they had sex, there was nothing gentle about the way that Jake was handling Willem. Willem could feel the anger coming off of him—the way he bit his lip, the way he pulled his hair, the aggressiveness of his kiss. He was giving Willem exactly what Willem had become accustomed to, and Willem found himself gladly submitting to this new version of Jake.

Jake grabbed Willem’s thighs, scooping him up and holding him in his arms as they continued crushing their bodies against each other. Willem wrapped his legs around Jake’s waist, holding the back of his neck and grinding his ass into the boy’s pelvis as they made out. He felt Jake pushing him up against the wall, pinning him there as he thrust against him.

“Tell me what you want,” Jake growled as he kissed Willem’s neck.

“Oh, fuck Jake…” moaned Willem.

Jake nipped his neck, making him cry out. “I want to hear you say it.”

“Oh God, just fuck me…”

Jaked reached down and unzipped his jeans, pulling his cock out and thrusting it up into Willem’s still-wet hole.

Willem cried out in pleasure, holding Jake’s head against his chest as he felt the boy penetrate him. Jake fucked him roughly against the wall, grunting as he thrust his cock inside him again and again. He spit in his hand, reaching down to stroke Willem’s cock as his bucking hips slammed against him.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” moaned Willem as Jake’s hand jerked him slowly in time with his thrusts.

“Yeah? You like that?” said Jake, watching intently as Willem’s face contorted with pleasure.

“Yes… oh God, yes…” said Willem as he closed his eyes, giving into Jake’s touch.

He didn’t have the buzzing heightening the sensations of the fuck, but he honestly didn’t need it. The pure adrenaline racing through his veins was enough to send him to heaven all on its own. Willem was blinded with pleasure, the feeling of his cock and prostate being stimulated at the same time too much for him to bear.

“Open your eyes,” he heard a voice say through the clouds. “LOOK AT ME.”

His eyes snapped open to see Jake staring intently at him. “I want you to look in my eyes as I cum inside you.”

Just that was enough to send Willem over the edge, causing his cock to start shooting cum all over Jake’s hand. While he’d had enough anal orgasms to last a lifetime, there was something entirely different about feeling Jake stroking him while he came. It was like his cock and his prostate were working together to send electric spasms of pleasure rippling throughout his body.

He watched as Jake’s face contorted, his lip trembling and his eyebrows creasing as he came. Willem couldn’t look away, couldn’t tear his eyes off of Jake’s face as he watched the man ejaculate inside him. Jake grunted several times, crying out as he buried his cock inside of Willem in three sharp thrusts.

Willem continued to watch Jake as he came down from his orgasm, breathing heavily as his eyes came back into focus. He unwrapped his legs from around Jake’s waist, allowing Jake to set him gently back down on the floor again. They stared at each other for a moment in silence.

“You see?” said Jake. “I told you. Sex and emotion—two different things.”

Willem blinked. “Yeah,” he said, swallowing. “I guess you were right.”

Jake nodded at him. “I’m uh… gonna get cleaned up,” he said.

Willem stared after him as he walked off to the bathroom. He sat down against the wall, his eyes still staring off at nothing in particular.

“Yep,” he said to himself. “Two different things.”

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